63 Best Wedding Gifts For Guests That Will Delight Them

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After all, you want your guests to remember your wedding even after the event has passed. Thus, save the memory of your big day eternally by giving the best wedding gifts for guests that they’ll treasure for years to come. Do not know where to start?

Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of over 66 wedding favors to show them how much your care is. Browse this article and make your significant occasion the most memorable ever!

Practical Wedding Gifts For Guests

1. Olive Oil Bottles

Olive Oil Bottles Popular Wedding Favor Idea
Olive Oil Bottles Popular Wedding Favor Idea

This is one of the best wedding gifts for guests in Greece. If you serve olive oil in bottles with personalized tags, your wedding day will be the best since these olive oil bottles will make your guests happy and impressed.

The olives are picked by hand, cold-pressed, and mashed for 15 minutes on the same day. This makes the olive oil full of flavor with a light bitter taste, a delicate smell of freshly ground olives, and a unique deep green color.

Reference Price: $857,08 at MelirritosGaia store on Esty

Tips: Each Oil bottle of cashew has personalized tags

2. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars - Wedding Gifts For Guests
Chocolate Bars For Perfect Wedding Favor Idea

A customized label on a chocolate bar is an undoubtedly practical and popular wedding guest gift. Besides, it is entirely up to you whether to use dark or milk chocolate because the bars are guaranteed success for those with a sweet tooth.

Wrappers for these 40g chocolate bars are personalized with each guest’s name and information about the bride and groom, the wedding date, and a special message from the happy couple. Besides, a wide range of colors is available for the packaging to match any aesthetic.

Reference Price: £3.25 on Not On The High Street

3. Fruit Carton

Fruit Carton - Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests
Fruit Carton Wedding Favors

Use this opportunity to put your home garden to good use by making your fruits become the best personalized wedding favors. Guests would appreciate receiving fruits from your garden. For an easier way, you may obtain your favorites from a local farmer.

4. Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers - Wedding Souvenirs For Guests
Bottle Openers For Wedding Souvenirs For Guests
View on Amazon

Most of your guests will likely use bottle openers every week, which means they’ll be reminded of your wedding whenever they open a can.

This lovely bottle opener in an ancient design is the perfect wedding favor if you’re going for a vintage, antique, or shabby chic theme. This present can be given confidently because everyone wants to take it home.

Reference Price: $8.48 on Amazon

Tips: The purple satin ribbon and personalized gift tag are sold separately.

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5. Wedding Comb Favor

Wedding Date Comb Perfect Favor
Wedding Date Comb Perfect Favor

Finding the most incredible wedding souvenirs for guests is more challenging. But with these excellent personalized combs, you may solve that general problem. This is a perfect way to go since everyone likes receiving presents and handouts that enhance their look.

The combs can be used for your hair, beard, or anything else you can think of! It may be customized with your initials, name, text, or anything else! LASER is the text. It is permanently engraved into the wood!

Reference Price: $12,53 at EngraveMyMemories on Esty

6. Hand Fans

Hand Fans - Wedding Mementos For Guests
Hand Fans For Wedding Mementos For Guests

These brightly colored, handcrafted fans are made to keep guests cool during summertime weddings. They are also ideal for the photo booth accessory on your best day. Personalizing these fans with your wedding date or initial is a great way to take your practical gift to the next level.

Reference Price: $1,59 on Forever Wedding Favors

Tips: You can order these cheap fans in one of six colors, and a white tag with the recipient’s name is attached to each one.

7. Wedding Parasol

Wedding Parasol - Wedding Guest Gift Ideas
Wedding Parasol For Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

In search of lovely wedding favors for guests? With a delicate parasol, they’ll keep your guests comfortable and cool in the shade, and they’ll also look cute in your wedding photos.

A wedding umbrella has a hardwood shaft, bamboo ribs, and a high-quality tissue paper covering. Besides, the canopy of this umbrella is silky to the touch. The sun umbrellas made of paper are delicate, small, and easy to carry and store.

Reference Price: $8.69 – $27.80 at FTVOGUE Store on Amazon

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8. Personalized Matches

Personalized Matches Wedding Favors
Personalized Matches Wedding Favors

Who among us wouldn’t benefit from having a spare matchbook on hand? Although these are the most practical wedding gifts for groomsmen, personal touches tend to make them extra special and unique.

The beauty of being simple is that great wedding matchbox favors can be personalized with the names of the happy couple and their wedding date in color-editable gold script.

Reference Price: $36.13 on Zazzle

9. Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks - Wedding Gifts For Guests
Sleep Masks For Wedding Gifts For Guests

There’s nothing quite like the gift of sleep, which is why silky-smooth sleep masks are the perfect wedding gifts for parents to get. Customize them with the guests’ names to make your favors more memorable.

The lovely script of her name is printed in gold, silver, or rose gold foil or black letters on a soft satin mask. It also features a removable and adjustable black strap for secure wearing.

Reference Price: $9,22 at ModParty on Esty

10. Letter and Leather Luggage Tags

Personalized Wedding Favors Letter and Leather Luggage Tags
Personalized Wedding Favors Letter and Leather Luggage Tags

These tags (in various backgrounds and text color combinations) are beautiful wedding favors for guests that they may use immediately. Bonded leather makes this an incredibly high-quality product that is handcrafted.

  • Suitable for all bags and suitcases.
  • It comes with a secure paper ID card on which you can write your details, or you may insert a business card.
  • Size: 2.4″ x 4.7″ (6×12 cm)
  • True craftsmanship and high quality are on display.

Reference Price: $9,84 at AGIOTAGE on Esty

11. Sunscreen Favors

Sunscreen Favors - Useful Wedding Mementos For Guests
Sunscreen Favors For Useful Wedding Mementos For Guests

These small sunscreens are adorable and functional—especially if you’re planning a tropical destination wedding or an outdoor summer event. The carabiners fastened to the lanyards guarantee that your visitors will never lose them. As a result, these are great summer wedding favors that nobody can think about!

  • The dimensions are 1.75″W x 4.5″H. 1.5 ounces of sunscreen, a bottle, and a carabiner are included.
  • SPF 30
  • Customize labels

Reference Price: $4.12 – $5.08 at Beau Coup

12. Custom Wedding Flip Flops

Custom Wedding Flip Flops For Fun Wedding Favor Ideas
Custom Wedding Flip Flops For Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

These flip-flops are perfect if you’re seeking small gift ideas for wedding guests that will make their experience much more delightful. They’re also great for displaying at a seaside wedding reception entrance.

Reference Price: $50,00 at Reception Flip Flops

13. Personalized Lip Balms

Personalized Lip Balms
Personalized Lip Balms

When it comes to lip balm, there’s no such thing as too much of it. Because they’re so few, you can keep one in your pocket, backpack, and bedside table. It’s time to keep your lips hydrated everywhere you go.

Natural and organic components such as organic cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and pure Canadian beeswax are used in each balm’s hand-pouring without synthetic flavors or dyes.

Reference Price: $19,01 at FREEYASOAPCO on Esty

14. Personalized Water Bottle Label

Personalized Water Bottle Label
Personalized Water Bottle Label

Since water is something that everyone needs, you might give these personalized bottles as favors. Water is also one of the most fantastic wedding gifts for guests for outdoor weddings in the summer heat. Besides, the greenery and gold hexagons on this water bottle label template can be changed in any way you want.

Reference Price: $3,22 at MarryMePaperBoutique on Esty

Tips: Templett is a web-based template editor that lets you quickly change your template. There is a free version that you can try out.

15. After-Meal Mint Favors

After-Meal Mint Perfect Wedding Favor Idea
After-Meal Mint Perfect Wedding Favor Idea

You can’t go wrong with these after-meal mint favors while looking for small wedding gifts for guests. After a delicious meal, your guests will appreciate your assistance in refreshing their breath.

To make them extra special, you should personalize the stickers on them. Stickers for favors are simple to use and ideal for small mint boxes. The couple’s information is below this adorable Engage Mint design. Labels that wrap around have the same message on both sides.

Reference Price: $10,25 at StickEmUpLabels on Esty

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16. Pashmina

Shawls - Gifts For Wedding Guests
Shawls For Wedding Gifts For Guests

This one-of-a-kind keepsake will remind visitors of your best day with all the warmth and affection you feel. Ladies will love this basic shawl they may reuse on subsequent occasions if the weather is chilly.

You will receive the following:

  • 10 pashmina shawls in ivory
  • 10 nude pashmina shawls
  • 10 champagne pashmina shawls
  • 1 Haley Basket

Reference Price: $185,00 for 30 pashminas at Reception Flip Flops

17. The Measuring Tape

The Measuring Tape - Wedding Party Favors
The Measuring Tape For Best Wedding Party Favors

These measuring tapes are one-of-a-kind wedding souvenirs for guests that are both practical and memorable. They’ll be more stunning when they come engraved with your name and the wedding date.

It has measurements in feet, inches, and centimeters, and you can use any of the store’s many wedding favor stickers to make it your own.

Reference Price: £1.98 at Hitched Shop

18. S’mores

S'mores - Useful Wedding Favors For Guests
S’mores For Useful Wedding Favors For Guests

Make edible kits for your guests to enjoy, complete with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, and watch their faces light up with excitement. No food can transport people back to their youth like these edible wedding favors.

19. Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kits - Wedding Mementos For Guests
Cocktail Kits For Wedding Mementos For Guests

Send visitors the ideal Moscow Mules ingredients, and they’ll be thrilled with their favorite drinks. You should consider sending these small gift ideas for wedding guests to celebrate your most special day of the year!

A great balance of sweet heat and spice, this syrup is made from excellent, small-batch ginger syrup and lime concentrate.

Reference Price: $23,92 on Amazon

20. The Whisks

The Whisks - Wedding Souvenirs For Guests
The Whisks For Wedding Souvenirs For Guests

These best wedding gifts for guests are tiny, practical, and personal all at the same time. Pink silicone whisks are the perfect way to give people a taste of your new life together. They’ll be a big hit with a cupcake or other tiny sweet treat.

BPA-free stainless-steel whisk with pink silicon coating. A clear display box, an insert adorned in multi-colored roses, and a matched belly band are included in the gift presentation.

Reference Price: $3,68 at My Wedding Favors

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Homemade Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests

21. DIY Mini Honey Jars

DIY Mini Honey Jars - Wedding Party Favors
DIY Mini Honey Jars For Wedding Party Favors

Your guests can take home the unique wedding favor ideas available: a small and cute jar of honey! These favors, complete with honey dippers and a sweet slogan, are guaranteed to have everyone talking about your memorable celebration.

22. Handmade Wooden Keychains

Gifts For Wedding Guests Wooden Keychains
Handmade Wooden Keychains

Keychains are unique DIY wedding mementos for guests that they will appreciate. Add a personal touch to yours by incorporating exciting designs and the initial letter of each guest’s name on the invitation.

23. DIY Bowl Floral Arrangements

Wedding Gifts For Guests Floral Arrangements
DIY Bowl Floral Arrangements

Give your guests a bowl of colorful flowers as a thank-you signal. For a reasonable price, you may get the pots at a thrift shop—they’ll look stunning in each place setting!

24. Homemade Lavender Soap

There is no other scent that is as relaxing as lavender. So, send your guests a little aromatherapy! You can still fill your party or wedding venue with an aroma that expresses elegance and passion. These soaps are easy to make with the guide as the perfect wedding favors for guests.

25. DIY Palo Santo Bundles

Wedding Gifts For Guests Palo Santo Bundles
DIY Palo Santo Bundles For Popular Wedding Favor Idea

If you’re planning a boho wedding, these palo santo favors will be a perfect addition to your list. Guests may take these fall wedding favors home to spread positive energy and a joyful vibe.

26. DIY Seed Packets

Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests Seed Packets
DIY Seed Packets Wedding Favors

Make a selection of the most attractive seed packs you can find, embellish them with velvet ribbons, and you’re done! You’ll have lovely custom wedding gifts for guests that are ready instantly and fit your budget. These seed packets will provide the finishing touch to your wedding theme with nature.

27. Homemade Popcorn Favors

Use printable tags and little jars to hand out popcorn to your guests so they may enjoy it as soon as they return home after the wedding. If you’re getting married in the autumn and want to provide your guests with some extra sweet treats, consider making caramel-covered popcorn.

28. DIY Floral Resin Heart Magnets

custom wedding gifts for guests Heart Magnets
DIY Floral Resin Heart Magnets

These petal-filled, heart-shaped magnets are just charming in every way. Your guests will be reminded of your wedding every time they glance at their refrigerators, thanks to the use of resin in their creation. What valuable DIY wedding souvenirs for guests!

29. DIY Resin Photo Coasters

Wedding Mementos For Guests Coasters
DIY Resin Photo Coasters

Mason jar lids can be turned into the loveliest coasters ever. Of course, each item will include images of you and your love. These DIY photo coasters would be the best gift for a wedding photographer ever.

30. Handmade Book Flowers

Handmade Book Flowers - Gifts For Wedding Guests
Handmade Book Flowers

Using the pages of old paperback books (which are cost-effective!), you can create these stunning flowers as wedding souvenirs for guests.

31. DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes

Gifts For Wedding Guests Dishes
DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes

If your wedding appears as something out of an Anthropologie catalog, look no further than these easy-to-make oyster shell trinket dishes for inspiration. You may use used oyster shells and paint them beautiful patterns, thereby creating a magnificent ring dish.

32. Handmade Message In A Bottle Favors

Wedding Guest Gift Ideas Bottle Favors
Handmade Message in a Bottle Favors

If your wedding theme is beachy, it is highly recommended that you make these messages in bottle wedding souvenirs for guests on your big day. If you want to include a tale within the letter, you may write about how you and your significant other first met.

33. DIY Beer Can Planters

DIY Beer Can Planters Wedding Guest Gift Ideas
DIY Beer Can Planters

Do you genuinely appreciate craft beers and the cool cans in which they are packaged? So you may grow these very cool planters that everyone who attends your wedding would love to see. They are considered the best wedding gift for grandparents ever!

34. Homemade Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs

Natural bath bombs are the perfect small gift ideas for wedding guests since they can take one home and feel relaxed in no time. Making your own bath bombs from scratch might sound complicated, but it’s quite simple. Making your own bath bombs using everyday household items is a simple weekend activity.

35. DIY Wedding Pretzels Favor Bags

DIY Wedding Pretzels Wedding Gifts For Guests
DIY Wedding Pretzels Edible Wedding Favors

Aren’t these pretzel rod favors just delightful? Some unique wedding favors for guests have a hidden creative significance, such as these homemade wedding pretzels packed in a gift box or paper bag that says “Knot tied.”

36. DIY Terra Cotta Succulent Favors

Wedding Gifts For Guests Succulent
DIY Terra Cotta Succulent Favors

Give little terra cotta pots a trendy, painted pattern, and then fill them with genuine succulents to create a miniature succulent garden. How creative and meaningful these winter wedding favors are!

37. Handmade Scented Sachets

Handmade Scented Sachets - DIY Wedding Guest Gift Ideas
Handmade Scented Sachets For DIY Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

Using essential oils and beautiful fabric, you may create sachets for your guests to take home after your wedding. Since scents are linked to memories, they will be reminded of your special day every time they use these best wedding gifts for guests.

38. DIY Kids’ Coloring Sheets & Crayons

DIY Kids’ Coloring Sheets & Crayons
DIY Kids’ Coloring Sheets & Crayons

It is not appropriate for adults at a wedding to enjoy all of the pleasure! Keep the small ones occupied with their goodies, which include coloring papers and a pack of crayons for them to use.

39. DIY Mini Champagne Bottles

Champagne Favors - Wedding Gifts For Guests
DIY Mini Champagne Bottles

Let’s get the party started! Send each of your guests home with a little bottle of champagne, which they may use to toast their special occasions later. You may personalize the sticker with their names, your wedding hashtag, or a date.

40. Golden Nugget Photo Holder

Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests Photo Holder
Wedding Gifts For Guests Photo Holder

When it comes to wedding souvenirs for guests, a gold nugget picture holder can be the perfect choice if you have a photo booth during your reception. That’s a beautiful way to keep them thinking about your wedding for years to come!

41. Homemade Limoncello

Homemade Limoncello - DIY Wedding Gifts For Guests
Homemade Limoncello ForDIY Wedding Gifts For Guests

Making little bottles of homemade limoncello, a favorite dessert drink of almost visitors is the ultimate post-wedding treat. Insert tags of your names and sweet words to take your wedding guest gift ideas to the next level.

42. Candle Favors

Making your own wedding favors is a fun way to enjoy life’s most significant moments. It’s not as hard as you might think to make these candles. You can do it at home after watching the video, even if it’s your first time. The gifts you make are sure to delight your guests at your wedding. You can also use them as favors for your bridal shower or engagement party.

43. Vases

Vases - Wedding Gifts For Guests
Vases For Wedding Favors For Guest

Looking for a simple method to reuse your wedding flowers? One person should be assigned to tear down centerpieces and bouquets after the evening and deposit them into glass bottles. It’s a beautiful way to ensure that your guests take home a tangible reminder of the big day as spring wedding favors.

44. Mini Artwork

Mini Artwork - Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests
Mini Artwork For Small Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Get the assistance of an artistically inclined friend or a local artist to construct mini artworks like those. Guests will appreciate knowing that you put your heart into making them.

45. Recipe Books

Recipe Books - Wedding Favors For Guest
Recipe Books For Wedding Favors For Guest

Putting together a collection of your favorite recipes and sharing them with your closest friends and family is an excellent way to express your affection.

Unique Wedding Favors That Will Delight Your Guests

46. Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers - Wedding Guest Gift Ideas
Pressed Flowers For Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

Using calligraphy, write your guests’ names and seating assignments into framed pressed flowers, and you’ve created one-of-a-kind place cards and wedding souvenirs for guests all in one.

Indeed, these are genuine, dried flowers. Your guests will be able to keep and utilize their favors forever.

Reference Price: $1,02 at Mesnet on Esty

Tips: This is customization! You may write the bride and groom’s names and dates as in the main picture. It is also a good idea to leave the tags blank. So you may handwrite your guests’ names on the tag and utilize these flowers as place setting favors/place card favors.

47. Personalized Mugs

Wedding Date Personalized Mugs
Wedding Date Personalized Mugs

Are you planning a camp-themed party? These mugs, imprinted with your and your spouse’s initials, are cute wedding favors for guests. After your big day, they’ll be able to use their custom wedding gifts for guests for many years.

Reference Price: $16,06 at PrintableSky on Esty

Tips: You may also customize colors if these in this store aren’t quite right for you.

48. Mini Bubble Wands

Mini Bubble Wands Gifts For Wedding Guests
Mini Bubble Wands Personalized Wedding Favors

Let these little bubble wands add some excitement to your wedding celebrations. If you’re having a reception, guests would be thrilled to use this as a send-off gift for you before you go on your honeymoon. These gifts for wedding guests are a lot of fun to give out.

In addition to the 24 soap bubbles, you will also get 24 stickers, either made just for you or made in advance:

  • Name & Date
  • Love is in the air
  • Nice that you are there
  • Love is in the Air
  • We get married, please blow

Reference Price: $5,51 for 24 soap bubbles at Bl4ckPrintDE on Esty

49. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos For Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests
Temporary Tattoos For Small Gift Ideas For Wedding Guests

Is it possible to tell what makes a good photo booth photograph? A bunch of your closest buddies has tattoos of your and your love’s faces on their bodies.

  • Tattoo designs range in size from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
  • Your skin is completely safe!
  • Remove the transparent part of the tattoo and apply the rest to your skin, then use a moist towel or napkin for 60 seconds and let it dry for a few minutes.
  • To remove it, use hot water and soap.

Reference Price: $1,61 at ByStudio14 on Esty

50. Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls - Gifts For Wedding Guests
Worry Dolls – Wedding Gifts For Guests

“Worry dolls” are a significant element of Guatemalan culture, and they are often given as tokens of peace and love to those who receive them. We think this perfect wedding favor idea be more meaningful to the receiver if they understand its meaning.

Put your little doll under your pillow and confide in all your problems. Your doll will solve all your problems when you wake up in the morning.

Reference Price: $9,95 at Notsocks

51. Beaded Photo Frame

Beaded Photo Frame Wedding Favors For Guest
Beaded Photo Frame Unique Wedding Favor

You may create an impression at your wedding with a photo frame and place card holder adorned with beads. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding souvenirs that guests will cherish for a long time.

  • This exquisitely crafted photo frame is approximately 3 inches by 4 inches in size.
  • Shiny brushed-gold patina.
  • The back has a velvety-black finish.
  • Allows for horizontal or vertical photographs Size: 2 3/4-inch by 1 3/4-inch.

Reference Price: You may buy at Kate Aspen Store on Amazon

52. Personalized Metallic Foil Playing Cards

Wedding Favors For Guest Metallic Foil Playing Cards
Personalized Metallic Foil Playing Cards

You may customize this deck of cards with labels that you paste on the case for a fun and quirky take on a traditional card game.

With this brilliant metallic foil customized label, you can choose the right color and design to put on the top of the card case. You may make it unique by adding your guests’ names and wedding dates.

Reference Price: You may buy on Event Blossom

53. Lotto Tickets

Gifts For Wedding Guests - Lotto Tickets
Wedding Gifts For Guests For Lotto Tickets

You can’t go wrong with lottery tickets as unique wedding favor ideas. Put the lottery tickets in a classy envelope ($1 each) or give them along with a tasty treat.

You may put the names and dates you want, or any other two lines of text, in the box for personalization. It is perfect for wedding favors like lottery tickets or scratch-offs!

Reference Price: You may buy a personalized kraft brown favor bag at PlumGroveDesign on Esty for $22,89

54. Sparkler Wedding Favors

Sparkler Wedding Gifts For Guests
Sparkler Wedding Gifts For Guests

Some unique wedding favor ideas welcome your guests to the festivities. With this sparkler wedding favor idea, your guests will have happy memories of your perfect day. The adorable handmade tags provide a special touch to your thoughtful present.

Besides, these tags are personalized and available in either Kraft or white cards.

Reference Price: You may buy a personalized sparkler wedding favor tag at DaisyDesignsBespoke on Esty for $7,55

55. Macrame Keychain

Macrame Keychain - Unique Wedding Souvenirs For Guests
Macrame Keychain – Unique Wedding Souvenirs For Guests

Add this macrame keychain to your boho wedding theme accessories. In keeping with your wedding’s theme, this keychain is a great way to say “thank you” or propose to your closest friends and family.

These vellum-tagged macramé keychains are a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind favor. In addition, their size makes them ideal for sitting on or next to a dinner plate at the table. Complements boho and rustic styles nicely.

Reference Price: $2,62 at EcoLovelyStore on Esty

56. Spoon Wedding Favor

Spoon Perfect Wedding Favor Idea
Spoon Perfect Wedding Favor Idea

Make your guests feel like kings and queens when they get these spoons as unique wedding guest gift ideas. It’s all up to you whether these spoons are gleaming antique silver or even antique gold.

  • Material: Metal-Gold
  • Length: 4.52 inches – 11.5 cm
  • Width: 0.59 inch – 1.5 cm
  • Available colors: Silver and gold
  • Do not wash it in the dishwasher for a delicate surface but for long-term durability.
  • Colors may change to match your Theme.

Reference Price: $1,99 at HandMadeByBtr on Esty

57. Heart-Shaped Favor Box

Heart-Shaped Box Wedding Mementos For Guests
Heart-Shaped Box Best Wedding Favors

With this heart-shaped box as a thoughtful favor, you may share a bit of your heart with your guests and loved ones on your wedding day. Place it on your souvenir table and fill it with sweets, chocolates, mints, or other tiny items to surprise them all.

Reference Price: $1,83 at PinkdesignGifts on Esty

58. Customized Sunglasses

Customized Sunglasses For Unique Wedding Favors For Guests
Customized Sunglasses For Unique Wedding Favors For Guests

These personalized sunglasses will add a special touch to your wedding day and make it even more memorable. Consider how many hilarious photographs you can take with everyone at your wedding who is wearing these cool wedding favor ideas.

These white plastic glasses offer 400UV protection. The glasses have a gold UV sticker. The sunglasses can be personalized with an elegant metallic sticker showing guests’ names and the event date—white stickers with gold or silver text mixed in with sunglasses.

Reference Price: $0,62 at Ellas Wedding Favors

59. Tealight Holder

Tealight Holder - Unique Gifts For Wedding Guests
Unique Gifts Tealight Holder

This exquisite tealight holder is sure to wow your guests. There’s no better way to enjoy life’s most significant moments with your friends and family than with a present that evokes the rustic atmosphere of your wedding and brings back happy memories. If you love this idea, read more about rustic wedding favors here!

On the other hand, green eucalyptus and white bunny tails dried flowers adorn this wooden candle holder with a personalized name tag.

Reference Price: $138,34 for 50pcs at Mesnet on Esty

60. Personalized Engraved Bamboo Straws

Wedding Gifts For Guests Bamboo Straws
Personalized Engraved Bamboo Straws Perfect Wedding Favor Idea

These environmentally friendly items make perfect presents for your beloved ones at your wedding. Personalize each engraved bamboo straw, and you’re bound to make memento keepsakes that last for years.

The straws are made from natural bamboo stalks, with nothing added or taken away. Each straw comes from a single bamboo stem and is different in color, thickness, texture, and size. No chemicals or pesticides are used when these straws are grown or cleaned. There are also no chemicals used in the process of engraving. It also uses coffee to color the text or logo that is engraved.

Reference Price: $28,69 at Gift4Angel on Esty

Tips: They are machine washable and reusable. When properly cared for, the straws can endure for months.

61. Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Bottle Stopper Best Wedding Favor Ideas
Wine Bottle Stopper Best Wedding Favor Ideas

You can be sure your guests will cherish this lovely wine bottle stopper for years. It’s packaged beautifully in a bow and a gift tag box. Every time they open a bottle of wine with this stopper, they’ll be reminded of your wedding day.

When you block the bottle mouth with this wine stopper, the heart-shaped plug makes an airtight seal. This keeps air from getting into the bottle and keeps your wine tasting as good as the day you opened it.

Reference Price: You may buy at Brand: Boao on Amazon for $3.99

62. Lego-themed Wedding Favor Set

Lego-themed Best Wedding Favors Set
Lego-themed Best Wedding Favors Set

Guests will be thrilled with this Lego-themed wedding favor set. This one includes a little bride and groom with a bouquet and golden rings. There’s even a bridal arch with heart pieces and flowers included! For Lego enthusiasts, these are the ideal wedding favors for kids.

Reference Price: $10,06 at LammidgeDesigns on Esty

63. CDs

CDs - Unique Wedding Souvenirs For Guests
CDs For Unique Wedding Souvenirs For Guests

Preparing a playlist of your wedding’s finest hits and burning them onto CDs will allow your guests to continue to party long after they have left the dance floor.

Besides, these CD/DVD cases with your choice custom of front and back printing. Using recycled brown kraft paper, each item is individually crafted.

Reference Price: $37,47 for 50 Square Envelopes at TheRosehipShop on Esty

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It is a nice gesture to give your guests a favor since that makes them enjoy and remember your wedding day. We hope this article will help you choose the perfect wedding gifts for guests they’ll never forget. As you can see, Viva Wedding Photography offers a wide variety of presents, and these are some of the best ideas. Do not forget to attach a heartfelt message from the bottom of your heart; you may show them how much you care with this small detail!

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