30 Sweet Gifts For Wedding Officiants That They’ll Treasure

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Gifts for wedding officiants take on a special significance as we consider the artisans behind the scenes, orchestrating the symphony of love on a couple’s big day. The act of expressing gratitude towards these extraordinary individuals transcends the limitations of mere words, for it is in such moments that thoughtful tokens of appreciation might assume their deep significance. When you find pondering upon the notion of selecting truly significant officiant gifts for the esteemed individuals who preside over matrimonial ceremonies, you might not help but be drawn to the timeless allure encapsulated within the masterful works of Viva Wedding Photography.

Join us on a captivating journey to unravel the most exquisite ways of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to those who officiate our extraordinary matrimonial celebrations.

What Exactly Does A Wedding Officiant Do?

A wedding officiant is most often recognized as conducting the ceremony of the special day. However, it is just a portion of their responsibilities. During the months leading up to the wedding day, an officiant, whether secular or religious, collaborates with the couple to design the ceremony, which may include personal vows, readings, music choices, and other elements. They may also provide pre-marital counseling services.

Wedding officiant
Wedding Officiant

Officiants in your state must be lawfully ordained to conduct marriages in your state, and they must be familiar with the laws of your jurisdiction as they relate to the marriage license. During your wedding ceremony on a special day, your officiant will complete and sign the marriage license (together with witnesses) and return it to the county clerk’s office for processing and certification. Because you are not legally getting married until you get your marriage license, the wedding officiant plays a critical part in this process—something that may seem inconsequential at first glance.

30 Ideas Of Thank You Gifts For Wedding Officiants

Meaningful Gifts For Wedding Officiants

1. Engraved Keepsake Box

Personalized Keepsake Box - gift ideas for wedding officiant
Personalized Keepsake Box – Gift For Wedding Officiant Gift Family Member

With their beautiful design, these keepsake boxes would be excellent wedding gifts for officiant that could be used all year long. Since no two pieces of wood are alike, your box’s color and grain pattern will differ. This one-of-a-kind keepsake chest has a sliding top, a grooved handle, and a hidden magnetic closure.

Each memento box is laser-cut from solid wood and individually stained to preserve the design for generations. It’s just as stunning and long-lasting as the cherished recollections it will preserve. You may also personalize the lid with a design of your choice, such as a heart, cross, or olive branch. Additionally, customized notes may be included on the interior of the boxes.

Reference price: $150.00 on Etsy.

2. Thank You, Scented Candle

Thank you Candle – officiant gift ideas
Officiant gifts for officiant – Thank you, Candle 

Various officiant thank you gift ideas may be found to suit their needs, like this gift. These scents will bring an unwinding feel to them after a hard-working day. We are sure that these gratitude candles in multiple scents and a handwritten letter from the heart will delight them.

3. Wooden Cross

Wooden Cross gift for wedding officiant family member
Wooden Crosse Gift Ideas For Wedding Officiant

Having their name printed on this rustic wedding officiant gift informs them that you appreciate all they’ve done for you, including assisting you with your wedding planner. This gift seems simple, but it is an excellent option for gratitude to your wedding officiant.

4. Embroidered White Pocket Handkerchief

wedding gifts for officiant Handkerchief
Officiant Gifts With Embroidered White Pocket Handkerchief

A gift as this embroidered white pocket handkerchief is a nice touch. Here’s another suggestion among our gifts for wedding officiants to add to your collection of wedding day accessories. And, who knows, maybe they’ll be relieved to have something to wipe their tears with once you and your partner get officially married.

5. Wooden Magnet

gift for wedding officiant family member Magnet
Officiant Gifts With Wooden Thank You Magnet

If you have a personal connection (like family) to the officiant, you may want to consider a personalized wedding favor.  In search of the most incredible officiant gifts for family member to show how grateful you are? Consider these thank-you wooden magnets! Not only are they always helpful, but they are meaningful. You may add your wedding date or a heartfelt thank you card on the back.

6. Customized Necklace

gifts for wedding officiants Necklace
Officiant gifts for officiant – The Customized Necklace

Choosing a customized necklace to tie it all together is a good start. It will make one of the most beautiful gifts for wedding officiants who loves accessories. Make it become a one-of-the-kind item by adding her name to it! She’ll remember all the good times at your wedding party with you whenever she puts this charming piece of jewelry on.

Reference price: $11.99 on ebay.

7. Officiant Scratch-off Card

wedding gifts for officiant scratch-off card
Officiant Gifts with Officiant scratch-off card

Your officiant feels the love and more couples find out about their services. Lastly, there’s no better gift than a scratch-off card. Letting a close friend or family member celebrate your wedding is one of the most emotional aspects of your life. This wonderful scratch-off card will be a meaningful gift for wedding officiant family member that he or she will remember for years to come.

8. Chocolate Cookies

Even a small token of your appreciation lets them know that you value their contribution to your extra special day. The sweetest way to say thank and express gratitude is with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Putting in the time and effort to make a gift for officiant will mean so much more to the recipient.

9. Spa Gift Boxes

Spa Gift Boxes
Spa Officiant Gift Boxes

After a hard day at work, who doesn’t like taking a nice, relaxing bath with goods that allow them to unwind and forget about everything happening around them? That explains why these wonderful wedding gifts for officiant show your thoughtfulness.

This spa package includes a scented hand-poured soy candle with a cotton wick, a moisturizing lavender sugar scrub, lavender shower steamers, mouth-water caramels, and decorative matches. The option of a handwritten card bearing your own personalized message is also given. Thus consider this officiant gift box to give them the feeling of being in a high-class spa.

Reference price: $46.00 on Etsy.

10. Personalized Label Wine

Personalized Label Wine – gift ideas for wedding officiant
Personalized Label Wine –  The best wedding officiant gifts

A gift with a thank-you message is a nice touch. If you’re genuinely stumped with ideas, go with gifts for wedding officiants you already know they’ll like. What gift could there be for someone with an endless passion for winelover than premium bottles of wine with custom labels? Personalized labels reading “Thank you for officiating!” come highly recommended.

11. Ceramic Hand Planter

Ceramic Hand Planter – Officiant Gift Ideas
Ceramic Hand Planter – Officiant Gifts Ideas

Please give her a token of appreciation for all her work as your funny wedding officiant. You don’t need much more than this ceramic hand planter to make her feel appreciated and cherished.

This planter was made to complement various decor styles, including industrial, modern, and rustic. We’re confident it will be a charming accent for her workspace.

Reference price: $58.50, available on Etsy ads.

12. Tie Pins

Tie Pins – Wedding Gifts For Officiant
Tie Pins – Wedding Gifts For Officiant

The gift can be a small token of appreciation, like this gift. Choosing tie pins to tie it all together is a good start. These tie pins are one of the most fabulous officiant gift ideas if he wears a tie bar during the ceremony. The tie pin is subtle but eye-catching, the perfect accessory to complete their sharp looks.

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Funny Wedding Gifts For Officiant

13. Custom Cufflinks

Gift For Wedding Officiant Family Member Cufflinks
Officiant Gifts With Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

If you’re looking for a gift that’ll express your gratitude, cufflinks are a great choice. This humorous present—custom cufflinks with an image of their pet—is guaranteed to be well-received. A real photo of their pet is engraved onto each of these cuff links. Let the family and close friend keep their pet for as long as they like.

These cufflinks are a high-quality metal. This is the ideal wedding officiant gift who adores animals. Gifting these during the rehearsal dinner will ensure they have something to wear on your wedding day.

Reference price: $37.99 on Etsy

14. Pet Canvas Print

Gift Ideas For Wedding Officiant Canvas Print
Officiant Gifts With Adorable Pet Canvas Print

If he/she is a pet lover, there’s no need to search further than this fantastic, cheerful officiant gift. These personalized canvas prints with their pet name and photos are just as hilarious as they are adorable.

Also, it can show that you care about them. By adding their dogs’ names and collecting pictures of them, your wedding officiant will appreciate your dedication. They’ll hang it up as a keepsake and admire it every day.

Reference price: $41.95 on Oh Canvas

15. A Wine Glass

A Wine Glass Gift For Wedding Officiant Family Member
Officiant Gifts With A Wine Glass

You may choose a personalized wedding gift if you have a personal connection to the officiant. Personalized officiant wedding gifts will show him how much you care. These custom-made glasses, made of high-quality crystal glass without lead, are excellent officiant gift ideas who love dogs.

Two adult Boston Terrier silhouettes are etched on the exterior of each stemless glass, and the breed’s name is inscribed into the base. This set sure to bring a smile to your celebrant’s face when they are receiving it.

Reference price: $29.98/ set of 2 on Etsy

16. Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Officiant Gift Ideas Glass Tree Globes
Officiant Gift with Relationships Recycled Glass Tree Globes

This brightly colored glass ornament would make a lovely gift for wedding officiant family member. These beautiful glass globes are made from 100% recyclable material and are trunked on the inside to hold colorful paint sprays.

Used window glass from vehicles, homes, and workplaces is melted down and reassembled into spheres. Broken glass is melted in a furnace and then blown into stunning sculptures that symbolize love, loyalty, and unity. Whether your funny officiant is a close to you like your sister, brother, or groomsmen, they will delight when getting this stunning home decor piece.

Reference price: $61.04 on Uncommon Goods

17. Thank You T-Shirt

A T-Shirt – Wedding Gifts For Officiant
A T-Shirt – Officiant Gifts Ideas

What is a good gift for a wedding officiant to say “thank you” in the most straightforward way? You don’t need to look any further if you have this shirt. Show your wedding officiant how much you treasure him by gift giving your officiant this unique “Thank you” T-shirt. This heavyweight tee is a must-have, thanks to its timeless style, soft fabric, and roomy cut.

It’s made from cotton, so it looks good on both sexes. The hems of the bottom and sleeves are double-needle sewn for strength. Every time he wears it, he’ll remember that great time doing a crucial part of your big day.

Reference price: $21.20 on Zazzle

18. Chocolate Cigars

Chocolate Cigars – Gifts For Wedding Officiants
Chocolate Cigars – Gift For Wedding Officiant Family Member

As an alternative to genuine cigars that people may smoke, these chocolate cigars are much more delicious to eat! Using Piedmont IGP Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts, this chocolate cigar truffle is enhanced with crunchy caramel pieces. Then, two different kinds of chocolate—milk and dark—are folded together into a cigar shape.

To enjoy, slice it up and pair it with some whiskey, red wine, or a go-to amaro. These chocolate cigars will be unique and funny gifts for wedding officiants that brighten their days.

Reference price: $8.00 on Ditalia

19. Beer Mug Keychain

Gift Ideas For Wedding Officiant Keychain
Officiant Gift with Beer Mug Keychain

If you’re on a tight budget, consider getting a simple keychain. This is the thoughtful way to go if you want to surprise your wedding officiant with an impressive officiant gift. Whether they like beer or not, this great gift will make them laugh, no matter what. The Resin Beer Mug Charm is 3 cm by 4 cm in size. The chain is forged from an alloy of metals. We’re sure your sense of humor will be praised through this wedding officiant gift.

Reference price: $7.54 on Etsy

20. Socks

Funny Gifts For Wedding Officiants Socks
Funny Gifts For Wedding Officiant Socks

Your wedding officiant enjoys smoking cigars and has a passion for them? I’m sure he can’t help but smile when he sees these Smoke Stacks men’s cotton dress socks, which are sure to become a fast favorite.

These men’s cotton dress socks will be the perfect finishing touch to his outfit. These socks are great for lounging around the house or at the workplace. The sweat-resistant, breathable Turkish cotton construction and non-slip weave ensure that his feet remain dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Reference price: $10.00 on Socksnsocks

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Practical Officiant Gifts For Family Member

21. Throw Blanket

Personalized Hobby Blanket - Gifts For Wedding Officiants
Personalized Favorite Hobby Blanket – Gifts For Wedding Officiant

It would be great to gift your officiant a gift they can use for a long time to show your appreciation. This premium material blanket will keep them cozy all winter long. The beautiful way it looks can also be a showpiece in their home.

You may customize this plush 50″ by 60″ blanket with a laser-etched leatherette patch. Personalize this wedding patch by engraving the name of the officiant or a heartfelt personalization of message. That gift for wedding officiant is one they will remember and value forever.

Reference price: $82.00 on Etsy

22. Travel Coffee Mug

Travel Mug – Gifts For Wedding Officiants
Travel Mug – Gifts For Wedding Officiant

A sleek travel mug will allow them to drink their favorite coffee on the go, which may be just what they need after a night wedding party! The lid is made of rubber, which will keep their drink from spilling.

This cup was crafted using renewable resources and is compostable or recyclable. The go-to travel officiant mug will be a sustainable replacement for disposable cups in the cafe or their home kitchen. And because it is small and easy to carry, this will be their favorite for a long time.

Reference price: $19.95 on Etsy

23. Personalized Money Clip

Personalized Money Clip – Gifts For Wedding Officiants
Personalized Money Clip – Useful Gifts For Wedding Officiant

These money clips are much more excellent than metal money clips, even though they do the same job. There are three colors to choose from: black with gold engraving, brown with black embossing, and grey with black embossing. The money clip can hold two cards and some cash. It closes magnetically so that nothing falls out.

Made by hand from genuine full-grain leather, this item is distinguished by its distinctive grain patterns. A pleasant-smelling and opulent-feeling leather conditioner is rubbed into the hide. Besides, the officiant thank you gift cards and their initials printed on opposite sides will add a personal touch that he/she is always happy when using it.

Reference price: $26.50 on Etsy

24. Charming Bracelet

A Bracelet – Gift For Wedding Officiant Family Member
A Bracelet – Useful Wedding Gifts For Officiant

A simple bracelet with a subtle knot design is elegant and keeps your officiant reminded of his wedding day. When it comes to great gift ideas for a wedding officiant, jewelry must be on your list. This delicate and understated bracelet is made from tiny, round, faceted Aquamarine beads.

This bracelet’s understated elegance makes it suitable for casual and dressy occasions. This will quickly become one of her go-to pieces of jewelry.

Reference price: $61.64 on Etsy

25. Steak Seasoning Set

Steak Seasoning Set – Officiant Gift Ideas
Steak Seasoning Set – Gift For Wedding Officiant Family Member

Steaks are the best present for anybody who appreciates them in any shape or form. This set of steak seasonings and rubs has 4 steak seasonings with different tastes. This one-of-a-kind quartet of hand-mixed spices and herbs, influenced by some of the world’s most profound flavors, will elevate your steak to new heights.

You must not forget the rub. Before cooking, rub your protein all over with more spice than you think you’ll need. Bake, fry, roast, or grill as suggested, and your meat will be perfectly cooked and full of flavor every time. If your wedding officiant likes steak, consider gift giving them this great gift set to enjoy later.

Reference price: $17.99 on Thoughtfully

26. Shoe Polisher

Shoe Polisher – Gift Ideas For Wedding Officiant
Shoe Polish – Officiant Gifts Ideas

A shoe polisher can also be a lovely gift, as officiants wear dress shoes to many places. This practical item is perfect for those who always use dress shoes for various events. This shoe polish will assist them in keeping their dress shoes shining and in excellent condition for future weddings and other events! So you can see why they make such fantastic gifts for wedding officiants.

27. Farmhouse Wall Art Decor

Wedding Gifts For Officiant Wall Art Decor
Red Barn and Couple Truck Farmhouse Wall Art Decor

If your wedding officiant appreciates rustic furnishings, you may consider this Farmhouse canvas print. You might thank them for a job well done by including their name on it. It can bring back warm memories associated with your wedding day.

28. Leather Notebook

Leather Notebook – Wedding Gifts For Officiant
Leather Notebook – Gift Ideas For Wedding Officiant

If you’re looking for a gift that’ll express your gratitude, the leather notebook is a great choice.  You can’t go wrong with something sentimental as gift for wedding officiant family member. Offer them a magnificent leather notebook as a token of appreciation for helping you craft a memorable ceremony. Also, the cover is made of high-quality leather so that it can be used for a long time.

29. Personalized Stationery Set

Personalized Stationery Set Gifts For Wedding Officiants
Officiant Gift with Personalized Stationery Set

The best wedding officiant will appreciate this customized stationery to send letters and notes to family, close friends, and other loved ones throughout the wedding ceremony. They can reorganize their stuff and keep track of critical essentials like pens and notepads. Therefore, we can be confident that they will continue using this present for a long time.

30. Pine Wood Picture Frame

Pine Wood Photo Frame
Pine Wood Photo Frame

This Pine Wood Photo Frame is a great gift for wedding officiant. This picture frame is made of pine wood, which is strong and will last for a long time. It will protect and show off memories from your big day. It has a classic look with clean lines and natural wood grain that will go with any style of home decor. It will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Reference price: $3,75 on Etsy.

31. Officiant Necklace

Beautiful necklace for your wedding officiant gift
“A truly amazing wedding officiant” necklace

Packaged in a beautiful box with the inscription “A truly amazing wedding officiant,” the present promises to be one that is both heartfelt and unique. When you open the package, you’ll see a necklace that’s anything but run-of-the-mill: it’s made up of two intricately constructed rings that nestle within one another.

These entwined rings represent the bond of friendship and love that the officiant at a wedding creates between the couple. This necklace was made with love and care and is more than simply a pretty accessory; it’s a meaningful gift for wedding officiant.

32. Personalized Wooden Pen

One of the best gifts for wedding officiant: Pen With an Personalized Box
Pen With an Personalized Box – nice gifts for wedding officiant

The ornate wooden box is embellished with a meticulously crafted engraving, showcasing not only the distinguished officiant’s name but also a deeply heartfelt message of gratitude. In a graceful display of sentimentality, the names of the happy couple and the indelible wedding date are meticulously etched upon the surface of the exquisite box, lending it a truly personalized touch.

The meticulous attention to detail imbues the pen with a sense of profound significance, elevating it from a mere writing instrument to a cherished wedding officiant gift. It becomes a tangible symbol of gratitude, a testament to the deep bond formed on that momentous occasion.

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No rule says you have to give your best wedding officiant a great gift. But they help you organize an event and provide emotional support. So, doing so is an excellent way to thank them for the critical part they played in your big day. Hence, Viva Wedding Photography hopes our great gifts for wedding officiants will help you. Also, check out our blog for other wedding, anniversary, and engagement tips!

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