Privacy Policy

Viva Wedding Photography takes online privacy seriously and values the concerns of its user community. The following privacy policy describes the personal information we collect and how we use it. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us!

You Have the Choice to Provide Us with Information.

We may get information, including personal information, directly from you if you choose to give it to us. For example, when you sign up for our newsletters or participate in promotions or surveys on the site, you may provide us with your name and contact information (like an email address), date of birth, or other information.

You can also give personally identifiable information about yourself when you use forums, discussions, or other interactive services on the site. Please be aware that the information you submit may be read or collected by anyone who visits the site. Consequently, you should avoid publishing any sensitive or personal information that you would not want to be accessible to the public.

How will we utilize the information we collect?

First, we will use the information we gather to make your experience as a user better. This is done by keeping track of how many times each section of the site is visited. This lets us know what kinds of information our visitors find most useful and where we can make changes. This kind of evaluation is based only on traffic as a whole, not on what each user reads. In other words, we keep track of how many people visit a certain article or area each week but not what each user reads.

We also reserve the right to give advertisers and sponsors aggregated traffic data. To make sure that stays completely free for users, we have to show advertisers that a certain number of people are looking at their ads. We do not share information that could be used to find out who our users are, and we will not give your contact information to a third party unless you give us permission when you sign up. In addition, if required by law, we may disclose information about our users.

How will that information be gathered by

We will use two different kinds of technology to gather data for use in the aggregate. The first one is called a “cookie.” This is a safe version of the file that we will automatically save to your hard drive when you visit the site so we can recognize you the next time you come back.

Cookies can not get into your hard drive without your permission, send viruses to it, or delete files. Most browsers let you reject cookies or get a warning before accepting one. However, if you reject a cookie from, you may not be able to get to some parts of the site. Please be aware that if you click on a link or ad, our advertisers and other sites to which we link may place their own cookies on your computer or collect personally identifiable information about you. This policy does not cover other websites that are linked to

Second, we will automatically keep track of some information about each user’s computer. This includes the IP address (your computer’s special signature), operating system, browser software, Internet service provider, and a general location. This computer information, including traffic patterns, will be evaluated in aggregate to give us a broad picture of our visitors’ origins. We will not try to link an IP address to a specific user.

How can you safeguard your personal information?

We will do everything we can to keep your personal information private, but you should also follow the best methods to make sure no one gets access to your information without your knowledge. Please remember that any information you post on a message board becomes public and can be found and used by other people. So, for your own safety, be careful when you publish information that could be used to find you.

Your agreement to these conditions

By accessing and using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions. Please do not use our website if you do not agree with this policy. We can change this privacy statement at any time, so make sure to check back often. By continuing to use after the terms have been changed and posted, you agree to be bound by the new terms.

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