The Most Delightful Spring Wedding Favors Ideas In 2024

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Spring is a time of renewal and reborn, and it’s the best time for a married couple to start a new season together. A wedding in the spring is a beautiful event because of the lush greenery and blossoming flowers. So, spring wedding favors for the guests should be distinctive. As such, Viva Wedding Photography has put together a list of ideas below to give you a lot of inspiration. We’ve also divided up the categories so that they fit your needs. Go on reading!

Edible Spring Wedding Favor Ideas

1. Blooming Lollipops

Spring Wedding Favors Blooming Lollipops
Wedding Blooming Lollipops

These lollipops, in a range of pastel colors, are not only visually appealing but also rather tasty. They come in combinations like lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil, and some of them even have seeds within. After you’ve finished eating them, you may use its stick to start new plants.

2. Heart-shaped Stroopwafel Favors

Heart-shaped Stroopwafel Favors For Your Guests
Heart-shaped Stroopwafel Favors For Your Guests

When do stroopwafels taste the best? When presented as a wedding treat in the spring! We can guarantee that these wedding favors will be a hit with guests that enjoy sweets.

3. Honey Jar Wedding Favors

Honey Jar Spring Wedding Favors
Honey Jar Wedding Favors

The wedding favors for spring wedding you offer out will seem even more Instagram-worthy if you use a clever play on words (like “meant to bee”) in the design. Your visitors will appreciate these sweet small jars of honey, and they’ll look great on display.

4. Cupcakes

Cupcakes Spring Wedding Favor Ideas
Cupcakes Wedding Favor Ideas

We promise that no one will be disappointed if they are given a box of mini cupcakes as they leave the wedding. These brightly colored cupcakes are sure to be a favorite with everyone.

5. Cookies Favor

The Cookies Favor For March wedding favors
The Cookies Favor

You can’t go wrong with these gifts since guests will appreciate having a tasty treat as they leave. Gingerbread, oatmeal raisin, or biscotti could be cozier options for March wedding favors, while the weather is still chilly.

And for April, flower-themed ones make a fitting and lovely option. There’s just one “drawback” to the floral-themed cookies: they’re almost too gorgeous to eat.

7. Chocolate Bar Favors

Chocolate Spring Wedding Favors
Wedding Chocolate Favors

The ideal spring wedding favor ideas that combine both aesthetics and practicality, and this one does just that. Dried flowers are used to encase chocolates, and the mini tags can be customized. We are sure that people would appreciate these wedding gifts for guests.

8. Wedding Tea Favors

Wedding Tea Favors - March wedding favors
Wedding Tea Favors – March wedding favors

These charming jars filled with loose-leaf teas make for the ideal March wedding favors, beautifully complementing any natural-themed gifts. Especially for cool evenings after events, hot tea favors become a comforting and practical choice. Guests can unwind with a soothing cup of tea after the festivities, and the charming jars themselves serve as a lasting reminder of your wedding day.

9. Truffle Chocolate Bag

Truffle Chocolate Bag Spring Wedding Favors
Truffle Chocolate Bag

Chocolate truffles in little bags make a simple but elegant favor. We suggest tastes that are reminiscent of spring, such as rosewater, Earl Grey, or white chocolate mixed with fresh fruit. As a one-of-a-kind favor, you may package these mouth-watering goodies in an elegant organza bag or a petite box decorated with a spring motif.

10. Ice Cream Wedding Favors

Ice Cream for April wedding favors
Ice Cream

Frozen desserts are a must at any celebration, and spring weddings are no exception! On an April afternoon, when the weather might be warmer, these refreshing treats are a perfect way to keep guests cool and happy.

Customize the ice cream pints with a variety of flavors to please everyone. You can also add a personalized touch by including a custom message or picture on the packaging, making these sweet treats even more memorable as April wedding favors.

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11. Butterfly Candy Box

Butterfly Candy Box
Butterfly Candy Box – DIY spring wedding favors

These charming butterfly candy boxes are an adorable project for creating DIY spring wedding favors. It will provide an attractive touch to your elegant wedding table decor. Your visitors will truly appreciate this thoughtful gift!

12. Fresh Fruit Mini Basket

Fresh Fruit Mini Basket for April wedding favors
Fresh Fruit Mini Basket for April wedding favors

At a forest outdoor wedding or a wedding in a garden, a variety of berries is a perfect choice. The bright colors will stand out against the neutral background of the little basket or carton your visitors will take home with them.

Take advantage of the wider selection of fresh spring fruits available in April – from plump strawberries and juicy blueberries to refreshing melon slices and tangy kiwi – to create a healthy favor anyone will love. If your cake has berries in it, this is a terrific themed favor to go along with the dessert as one of the thoughtful April wedding favors!

13. Mini Champagne Bottles

Mini Champagne Bottles
Mini Champagne Bottles

A bottle of champagne is the classic symbol of a happy occasion. Mini champagne bottles are great wedding favors for spring wedding that your visitors may take home. If you want to add a special touch to your wedding, you may wrap a ribbon around each bottle or have custom sticker labels.

14. Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts Favor For Spring Wedding
Pop Tarts Favor For Spring Wedding

Most people, whether they’ll admit it or not, will always have a soft spot for Pop-Tarts! They’re a fun and nostalgic treat that can be dressed up for a wedding.

If you want to make them more adult-friendly, you may ask your baker to add a combination of flavors like brown sugar and apple or even decadent fillings like chocolate hazelnut. Pop Tarts are a lighter and more playful option for a potentially warmer climate, ideal for April wedding favors where guests might appreciate a sweet treat that’s not too heavy.

15. Macarons

Spring Wedding Macarons Favor
Spring Wedding Macarons Favor

Macarons, the French pastries, have recently emerged as a trendy choice for wedding gifts. You may make them look any way you choose, and they taste just as good. But we recommend putting a couple in a lovely box or bag and giving them as gifts.

16. Olive Oil Favors

Olive Oil Spring Wedding Favors
Olive Oil Favors

These little olive oil bottles are such practical wedding favors. Guests will be delighted to take home these high-quality oils, suitable for elevating their culinary creations – a gift that keeps on giving well after the wedding celebrations have ended.

17. Mix Nut Favors

Mix Nut Spring Wedding Favors
DIY Mix Nut

Snacks like mixed nuts are always a good choice for DIY spring wedding favors. You may wow your visitors by handing them these trail mix packets, which include a delicious variety of roasted nuts and even some chocolate. Inexpensive and tasty, they’re the perfect edible favor for your visitors.

18. Hershey Kisses

The Hershey Kisses
The Hershey Kisses

When it comes to finding cheap spring wedding favors, you can’t go wrong with classic treats! Just like genuine love, chocolate is something that almost everyone craves. Here’s where Hershey’s kisses come in as the perfect solution. They’re a budget-friendly option that still feels special, and you can personalize them even further with adorable spring-themed stickers featuring your names or wedding date.

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Practical & Nature-Inspired Spring Wedding Favors

19. Leaf Olive Tree Branch Favor

Leaf Olive Tree Branch Favor
Leaf Olive Tree Branch Favor

These olive tree favors are a great alternative to flowers if you want to do something green. They look very adorable in the small burlap bags, and they may be utilized as décor after the wedding.

20. Mini Succulents

Mini Succulents Spring Wedding Favors
Mini Succulents – Spring wedding party favors

Mini succulents are terrific DIY spring wedding party favors since they need less care than flowers and yet make a beautiful presentation. Decorate small pots with spring themes (think pastel colors, floral patterns, or even tiny butterflies) to add a personalized touch. They’ll look delightful at the wedding entrance and even more so on display in guests’ homes.

21. Animal Magnets

Animal Magnets Spring Wedding Favors
Animal Magnets

Wedding favors for spring wedding don’t get cuter than these animal magnets. It can be used on anything, even your wedding cake. It can also be used to hold invitations, menus, or food labels. You can package these magnets in elegant muslin drawstring bags that are imprinted with your wedding details. These magnets are certain to bring joy to your loved ones and friends.

22. Floral Pressed Glass Mason Jar

Floral Pressed Glass Mason Jar
Floral Pressed Glass Mason Jar

Featuring a beautiful embossed flower pattern that evokes a vintage feel, these jars are the fit vessels for creating unique spring-themed wedding favors. You may fill them with sweets or beautiful bath salts with flowers.

23. “Two Peas in a Pod” Salt and Pepper Shakers

"Two Peas in a Pod" Salt and Pepper Shakers
“Two Peas in a Pod” Salt and Pepper Shakers

These adorable pea-shaped salt and pepper shakers are perfect for a spring wedding since peas are a seasonal food. Your usage of the expression “two peas in a pod” is a cute way to joke about your recent marriage.

24. Flower Coaster

Flower Coaster Spring Wedding Favors
Flower Coaster

For a flower wedding favor that blooms beyond the big day, consider these chic floral-shaped coasters. Ideal for a spring wedding, they offer a lasting alternative to fresh flowers. Their aesthetic appeal is undeniable, and they’re sure to be a coveted keepsake your guests will eagerly take home.

25. Bud Vase Favors

Bud Vase Spring Wedding Favors
Bud Vase Favors

These vases, which come in a lovely selection of vibrant hues, are a fantastic way to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space. But the usefulness does not end there! When filled with dried flowers, these versatile vases make excellent sping-themed wedding favors. Your loved ones would be delighted to take home a piece of your spring celebration!

26. Colorful Tile Bowls

Colorful Tile Bowls
Colorful Tile Bowls

These bowls, with their stunning uniqueness and vibrant color blocks, are ideal as spring-themed wedding favors. They’re sure to catch every guest’s eye and are a suitable choice for a modern wedding setting.

27. Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers Spring Wedding Favor Ideas
Reed Diffusers – Practical wedding favors

Reed diffusers are a modern alternative to the traditional candle favor. The scent is still great, and the cute little jars may be used for decoration everywhere in the house.

28. Personalized Matchbox

Personalized Matchbox Wedding favors For Spring Wedding
Personalized Matchbox

The personalized spring wedding matchbox is the ideal accessory. Adding a photo or a personal statement will make it that much more meaningful. Use it as a table decoration and as a wedding favor at the same time. It’s the kind of useful present that gets used and appreciated over and over again.

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29. Charmed Butterfly Soap

Charmed Butterfly Soap
Charmed Butterfly Soap

One of the nicest DIY spring wedding favors for guests is one that is both pretty and useful. Simply shape them using a silicone mold in the shape of a butterfly, then embellish them with dried flowers to make them uniquely yours. Soap with a pleasant floral aroma, packaged in a lovely gift box, ready to be given as a token of gratitude.

30. Small Oyster Shell Ring Dishes

Small Oyster Shell Ring Dishes
Small Oyster Shell Ring Dishes

Oyster shells have been painted and shaped into little rings, creating a unique alternative to the classic ring dish ideas. They will look beautiful to display, and they are ideal for a wedding with a boho theme.

31. Miniature Watering Cans

Miniature Watering Cans
Miniature Watering Cans

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than with favors that evoke the spirit of the season? Miniature watering cans are ideal March wedding favors, especially considering that planting season often starts in March. Add some dried flowers or herbs for pops of color and a touch of garden charm, or fill them with candy (or even floral lollipops) for a sweet surprise.

32. Pashminas

Pashminas Spring Wedding Favor Ideas
Pashminas Spring Wedding Favor Ideas

Weather in the spring is unpredictable, as it may swing from being warm and bright throughout the day to being cold and cloudy when the sun goes down. Pashminas in soft pastel tones make a charming addition to the decor when draped over guest chairs.

33. Decorative White Leaf Flower Vase

Decorative White Leaf Flower Vase For Your Guest
Decorative White Leaf Flower Vase For Your Guest

This little white vase in the form of a leaf is a chic and unique wedding favor, ideal for a ceremony in the spring. This porcelain leaf vase may serve as a centerpiece for the table or as a guest take-home gift thanks to its sleek contemporary design, beautiful textural details, and bright white finish. Guests at your wedding will appreciate receiving this as a memento to remember the special day.

34. Fascinating Orchid Tealight Holder

Fascinating Orchid Tealight Holder
Fascinating Orchid Tealight Holder

Orchids have a lovely smell that would be perfect for a spring wedding. Therefore, these fascinating orchid tealight holders would be ideal spring wedding party favors. They offer a sophisticated touch without breaking the bank.

35. Personalized Spring Wedding Picture Frame

Personalized Spring Wedding Picture Frame
Personalized Spring Wedding Picture Frame

What better way to always remember your wedding than the greatest photo of themselves on that day? Guests will be more amazed when they see their photo presented in a gorgeous glass frame adorned with pressed flower petals. This keepsake is the combination of the joy of spring and the warmth of love!

36. Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws
Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Give your guests one of these reusable straws as a kind gesture that will also save the environment. For a greener wedding in the spring, look no further than these options.

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