42 Best Edible Wedding Favors That Will Please Your Guests

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To let the party endure even after the cake has been cut, edible wedding favors are an excellent idea. They serve a dual purpose: a sweet (or savory!) thank you to your guests for sharing your wedding day, and a tasty treat they can enjoy long after the reception ends.

So it’s time to get inspired with our Viva Wedding Photography list of 42 ideas that will please your adorable guests, even if they are gourmets. One thing to remember is to ensure all served edibles stay fresh ahead of your big day.

DIY Edible Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Eat Up

1. Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples For Edible Wedding Favors
Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are always famous for cheap edible wedding favors because they are easy to make at home. Moreover, they can be customized with inspiration from the groom’s suit and bride’s dress to add an extra special touch. Serve these caramels in a pair to make them more appealing.

2. Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate Mix
Hot Chocolate Mix

One of the thoughtful edible fall wedding favors should be these mini glass hot chocolate mix tubs. In the winter, they are a welcome treat because of how warm and soothing they are. With that in mind, having a mug of hot chocolate during your fall wedding will warm your guests’ hearts.

3. Mini Pies

Mini Pies For Edible Wedding Favors
Mini Pies

Presenting your guests with a box of mini pies is a delightful way to create a memorable experience. Their minisize and the thoughtful consideration that goes into choosing seasonal flavors make them an ideal wedding favor, especially for an October party. By offering a variety of flavors like apple, rhubarb, or pumpkin, you not only cater to different tastes but also add an element of surprise that will charm your guests.

4. Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt For Edible Wedding Favors
Himalayan Salt Food Of Wedding Favors

Himalayan salt, with its stunning pink hue and distinctive mineral content, stands out as one of the more health-conscious food wedding favor ideas. While it may not be intended for immediate consumption, it can significantly enhance the flavor of various dishes or be used to create a luxurious bath soak. The health benefits and the touch of opulence it brings will ensure your guests cherish your thoughtful gift even more.

5. Homemade Salsa

Another of the easiest DIY edible wedding favors could be the jar of salsa. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all your guests, it’s wise to attach a note listing the ingredients, thereby preventing any allergic reactions. This idea would be more appropriate if you plan to have a garden-themed wedding celebration.

6. Cookie Mixes

Cookie Mixes For Best Edible Wedding Favors
Cookie Mixes

Making these cute cookie mix jars will be a way to make your guests’ hearts melt. Instead of giving the cooked cookies, why don’t you prepare a jar of all the necessary ingredients and instructions so they can make it home? Compared to pre-baked cookies that might lose their freshness over time, these offer a longer shelf life and allow guests to enjoy warm, fresh-baked cookies at their convenience.

7. Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts Edible Wedding Favors

Pop-tarts are one of the cheap edible wedding favors that will surely please your guests’ sweet teeth. It comes with simple brown sugar and apple ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about someone who may suffer from an allergy. Add some colorful candies and melted white chocolate to make them more appealing.

8. Freshly-Popped Pop-corn

Popcorn Bag For Edible Wedding Favors
Popcorn Bag For Guests As Wedding Favors

When it comes to easy-to-make food wedding favor ideas, a pop-corn bag will be one of your guests’ favorite snacks on the way home. Filled with fresh popcorn, this personalized bag with the names and wedding day will be a lovely “Thank You” to your guests.

9. Dry Sugar-Infused Almonds

Dry Sugar-Infused Almonds For Best Edible Wedding Favors
Dry Sugar-Infused Almonds

Give your guests a bag of dry sugar-infused almonds bag will be a thoughtful choice because it is a good healthy snack. The crunchy texture is satisfying, and the subtle sweetness caters to those who prefer less sugary treats. Compared to chocolate-covered almonds, dry-infused varieties offer a lighter option with a touch of sophistication.

10. Homemade Pickles Favor

Homemade Pickles For Edible Wedding Favors
Homemade Pickles Favor For Wedding

Regarding the homemade edible wedding favors, prepare some different pickle jars that will be a perfect addition to your guests’ daily meals. The crisp texture adds a satisfying bite, and pickling preserves vegetables for longer shelf life. To make sure they eat safely and properly, don’t forget to include the ingredients and instructions.

11. Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts For Edible Wedding Favors
Boiled Peanuts

Give your guests a flavor of the boiled peanuts that will be their favorite snack on their way home, or they can eat them while watching TV together. This is a inexpensive alternative that evokes a sense of tradition. Wrap them in glassine paper with a tiny note to make them more appealing and clean.

12. Homemade Limoncello Favor

Homemade Limoncello For Best Edible Wedding Favors
Homemade Limoncello Favor For Your Guests

No juice can beat a small limoncello bottle because it will refresh your guests’ taste after your wedding party. The smooth and refreshing citrus flavor is a perfect way to end a meal. Also, add a tiny personalized note with your name and wedding day to complete your wedding gifts for guests.

Viva Wedding’s Note

Be sure to check your local regulations regarding the production and serving of homemade alcohol.

13. Homemade Jam

Is strawberry jam one of the easiest DIY edible wedding favors? Unlike store-bought varieties, which often contain high levels of sugar and artificial additives, creating your own jam allows for customization of sweetness and the use of fresh, ripe strawberries. Each time they savor your jam at breakfast, they’ll be reminded of the thoughtfulness and care you put into their special gift.

14. Mini Mousse Glass

Mini Mousse Jars For Best Edible Wedding Favors
Mini Mousse Jars For Food Wedding Favors

If you find it hard to share the wedding cake with your guests, so why don’t you give everyone a cool mini glass of chocolate mousse after the wedding? It will ensure to please them with the delicious chocolate melting that will capture their hearts. Remember to keep it cool when serving your guests.

15. Caramels Candy

Edible Wedding Favor Of Caramels
Edible Wedding Favor Ideas With Caramels Candies

As a delicious edible treat for your guests, these rich, velvety caramel pieces would be perfect for an autumn wedding. Put your own spin on them by adding flavors your guests love, such caramel apple or chocolate sea salt. Put the last touch on these goodies by adding your wedding date or names on the labels and wrapping them in glassine paper for a truly exquisite presentation.

16. Meringues

Other cheap edible wedding favors should be these sweet meringues because all you need to make them is a mixture of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar. Serve them on the dessert table for your guests to eat as snacks during your wedding celebration, or wrap them in glassine paper for them to take home.

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Cheap Edible Wedding Favor Ideas In Bulk

17. Fruit-Freeze Ice Cream

Fruit-Freeze Ice Cream For Edible Wedding Favors
Fruit-Freeze Ice Cream

This summer wedding favor is a delicious and refreshing way to thank your guests for celebrating with you. You can personalize the popsicles with custom labels that match your wedding theme and flavors. Whether you choose fruity, floral, or champagne popsicles, your guests will love this cool treat.

18. Tea Tins

Tea Tins For Edible Wedding Favors
Tea Tins Favors For Guests After Wedding

Having afternoon tea after your wedding party will be a perfect choice to refresh the spirit. So that’s why giving your guests a high-quality tea box is one of the ideal food wedding favors to express your gratitude to them. Hence, include a tiny guidance note about how to brew the best tea flavor.

19. Donuts

Donuts For Edible Wedding Favors
Donuts For Edible Wedding Favor

Donuts are a delightful choice for food wedding favor ideas, sure to satisfy the sweet cravings of your guests. As for the popular sweet treat, diversify with different flavors and toppings, such as white and dark melting chocolate. Packaged in charming boxes, they’re not only a treat for the palate but also a convenient and sweet takeaway from your event.

20. Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce For Edible Wedding Favors
Hot Sauce

What could be a fantastic wedding favor for your guests than this hot sauce bottle? A perfect addition to their seasoning set that will spice up their daily meals. To make it more suitable for everyone, include a note showing the different spiciness levels.

21. Chewy Soft Pretzels

Chewy Soft Pretzels For Best Edible Wedding Favors
Chewy Soft Pretzels For Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

It is easy to find soft pretzels for any special event, so why don’t you include them in your food wedding favors for your adorable guests at your wedding? The special thing is the knot of this bread that symbolizes your lasting love with your other half or an enduring relationship with your guests.

22. Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar For Edible Wedding Favors
Chocolate Bar Food Favor For Wedding

A unique chocolate bar is one of the cheap edible wedding favors suitable for a fall wedding. As it is a low-cost option for your wedding date, your guests can take more than a piece of chocolate bar home. Pack a personalized “Thank you” note to show your gratitude for their attendance.

23. S’mores Kits

S'mores Kits For Edible Wedding Favors
S’mores Kits Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

No matter how old they are, guests at your wedding will love these cute S’mores kits. It will be more delicious if they enjoy it with hot coffee or chocolate after your wedding.

24. Gourmet Cotton Candy

Gourmet Cotton Candy For Edible Wedding Favors
Gourmet Cotton Candy For Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Sugar cotton candy is one of the popular treats for everyone, even the older, and it also is a perfect choice for wedding favors for kids. Diversify with different flavors, such as salted caramel or lemongrass, to please your guests’ sweet tooth. Add a tiny personalized note as a lovely “Thank you” to your guests for an extra special touch.

25. French Macarons

French Macarons For Edible Wedding Favors
French Macarons As The Edible Favor For Wedding

These delicious French macaroons, as cheap edible fall wedding favors, will capture your guests’ hearts because of their lovely design. So if you are looking for something as beautiful as it is tasty, this idea will never fail to make your guests “wow.” Pack a couple of macaroons in a glass box and tie a ribbon to add an extra special touch to it.

26. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup For Edible Wedding Favors
Maple Syrup For Best Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Looking for the perfect edible fall wedding favors for your guests? Then these unique bottles of maple syrup will no doubt surprise them. Moreover, these items will be an ideal addition to their daily pancakes and waffles breakfast. Hence, the special thing is these bottles have maple leaf-themed designs, making them adorable rustic wedding favors.

27. Rice Krispie Pops

Rice Krispie Pops For Edible Wedding Favors
Rice Krispie Pops For Wedding Favor Of Edible

There are endless ways to make your food wedding favors appealing, so these Rice Krispie pops are one of the excellent ideas. Give these treats to your guests so they can remember their old days happily.

28. Rock Candy

Rock Candy For Best Edible Wedding Favors
Rock Candy

These lovely sugar rock candies are one of the great ways to reflect your wedding theme because you can customize their colors. Moreover, these candy sticks will shine under the sun, making eye-catching treats for your adorable guests.

29. Lollipops

Lollipops For Edible Wedding Favors
Lollipops For Cheap Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Lollipops have been kids’ favorite for a long time, but now is the chance to make your guests fall in love with them too. The unique thing is the flowers pressed in the center, making them more attractive to your guests. Make sure to pack them in glassine paper until serving your guests.

30. Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies For Edible Wedding Favors
Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies offer a unique and interactive element to your wedding favors. Each guest will be treated to a personalized fortune, allowing you to share heartfelt wishes or expressions of gratitude in a fun and engaging way. It’s a simple yet impactful means to thank your guests.

31. Simple Baguettes

The Simple Baguettes For Edible Wedding Favors
The Simple Baguettes For Edible Favors

These simple baguettes will be the best edible wedding favors for your guests after a long wedding night of drinking and dancing. Wrap it in personalized white paper to keep it clean and fresh until serving to your starving guests.

32. Mini Pizza

A Mini Pizza Edible Wedding Favors
A Mini Pizza

Mini pizzas offer a delicious and customizable savory treat, perfect for a wedding favor. The variety of toppings allows you to cater to different preferences, while the bite-sized portions ensure guests won’t overindulge. To make it complete, personalize it with your favorite photos outside the box to add an extra special touch to it.

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Edible Wedding Favors That Won’t Melt For Guests Take Home

33. Sugary Churros

Sugary Churros For Edible Wedding Favors
Sugary Churros

Having a piece of sweet churros and taking it to each other on the way home will be the perfect edible wedding favors that won’t melt for your guests. Set them up at a wedding dessert bar, where they can add their favorite toppings.

34. Home-Brewed Beer

The Home-Brewed Beer For Edible Wedding Favors
The Home-Brewed Beer For Edible Wedding Favors That Won’t Melt

Raising a toast will be a great way to greet your guests at the beginning of your wedding. So to show your gratitude until they get home, let’s give a unique home-brewed beer as your best edible wedding favors. For a more special touch, personalize the label with your name and the date of your wedding to remind them of the happy times they had with you.

35. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans For Edible Wedding Favors
Coffee Beans

For coffee connoisseurs of all ages, there is nothing better than a good bag of beans. Gifted in beautiful bags and accompanied by a customized label or a practical measuring scoop, these beans are more than simply beans—they’re an experience in and of themselves. To top it off, include a guide on brewing the perfect cup, ensuring your guests can enjoy the ultimate coffee experience at home.

36. Mini Champagne Bottles

Mini Champagne Bottles For Edible Wedding Favors
Mini Champagne Bottles

Along with mini homemade beer bottles, offering the champagne ones to your guests will be the perfect edible wedding favors that won’t melt. They will be a big hit at the bar station, and they will fall in love and want to take one home. To make them more appealing, tie a ribbon and have a personalized label.

37. Local Honey

A Local Honey For Edible Wedding Favors That Won't Melt
A Local Honey

Local honey offers a delicious and healthy treat that’s perfect for guests of all ages. When selecting this favor, opt for a trusted brand and ensure it’s attractively packaged to truly captivate your guests. Moreover, by choosing local brand, you’ll be offering a richer flavor experience while supporting community beekeepers.

38. Apple Cider

Apple Cider For Edible Wedding Favors
Apple Cider

Tasting an apple cider bottle will warm your guests’ hearts when it comes to edible fall wedding favors. Moreover, serve it with a cup of hot cocoa and a sweet treat like chocolate bars that will please your adorable guests.

39. Local Spirits Cocktail

Local Spirits For Edible Wedding Favors That Won't Melt
Local Spirits Favor For Wedding Edible

Beyond the beer or champagne bottles, give your guests these local cocktails that will be the perfect edible wedding favor ideas. Consider choosing from classic flavors to please all your guests’ tastes when they get back home.

40. Fresh Fruit Basket

Fresh Fruit For Edible Wedding Favors
Fresh Fruit

If all these items above are already on your serving lists, giving a fresh fruit basket will be a great choice. They use these fruits in different ways, such as making juice, jams, or healthy snacks after guests take a small basket home. Keep in mind that they are fresh and clean when choosing fruits for food wedding favors.

41. Sparkling Wine Cans

Sparkling Wine Cans For Edible Wedding Favors
Sparkling Wine Cans For Edible Favors

For more convenience for your guests when enjoying wine after your wedding party, consider these mini wine cans. Choose the straw flavors to add a sweetness that will capture their hearts for the first time.

42. Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue Sauce For Edible Wedding Favors
Barbecue Sauce

Why don’t you prepare a unique barbecue sauce for your guests if they intend to have a BBQ party after your wedding? It will be more remarkable if this sauce comes from your secret recipe. Remember to include an ingredient note to ensure no one suffers from an allergy.

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There are endless ways to say “Thank You” to your guests because they attended your wedding day. Along with preparing the perfect celebration for them to share their happiness with you, giving them edible wedding favors is also a great idea. So you have come to the right place to get inspiration; Viva Wedding Photography has created a list of ideas to find the best ones and beyond.

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