The 26 Best Rustic Wedding Decorations Idea To Nail Your Day

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It is a fact that when mentioning the rustic concept, people will think about the warm feeling of returning home. That’s why rustic wedding decorations are the most popular choice nowadays to bring this cozy vibe to their day. What better way to begin a new life with your spouse than by capturing the sentiments of home from the wedding? Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of ideas to make your day remarkable. Keep reading to find the best option for your day.

Rustic Wedding Decoration Color

Rustic Wedding Decoration Color
Rustic Wedding Decoration Color

Rustic colors include greens, browns, greys, and autumnal hues. It presents the richness of natural and cozy feelings. The rich green of the leaves and the warm orange of the sunset will not disappoint you because they give a warm touch to the wedding theme inspired by a natural environment. Hence, this color palette is always a hit, whether you’re getting married in any venue.

Rustic Wedding Decorations For Reception

The wedding reception is where the couples exchange vows, so making this area remarkable is a perfect idea. And there is no better way to do it than by having unique rustic wedding theme reception.

Rustic Wedding Decorations Reception
Rustic Wedding Decorations Reception

The best wedding design reception comes down to escort cards, table arrangements, drink stations, etc. All these pieces combine a perfect wedding backyard decor that will impress any guest. Keep reading these ideas below and find the best one.

1. Wedding Escort Card Display

Wedding Escort Card Rustic Wedding Decorations
Wedding Escort Card Display With Rustic Decor Idea

Displays of escort cards are an excellent way to show off your artistic side. The garden-inspired wall of the venue is covered in local wildflowers. Each watercolor card will direct guests to their tables. Also, it may be used as a gorgeous photo booth backdrop for rustic wedding ideas.

2. Twinkly Wedding Light

If without some twinkling light, no romantic dinner would be complete. That’s why twinkly lights and rustic weddings perfectly match your wedding night. Because the sparkling light will create a beautiful scene that your guests will adore.

Rustic Decor For Wedding Twinkly Light Idea
Wedding Rustic Twinkly Light Idea Decoration

You will never go wrong with this to decorate any place, from a barn to your backyard. Those dark wood high beams will match with lighting and accents for the rustic decor for weddings.

3. Rustic Bar Station Display

From signature drinks to beer stations, you will generate a type of drink bar that fits your ideas. So choose wine, beer, and one or two unique cocktails to serve your guests during the ceremony.

Bar or Drink Station Rustic Wedding Decorations
Bar or Drink Station Display For Rustic Wedding Ideas

It’s fun to add a variation to the standard bar by having a beer-tasting center, no matter how you lean. With the addition of some greenery, you will create a stunning drink display.

4. Stunning Wedding Cakes Stand

The wedding cake design will reflect your love and the wedding theme. So if couples have decided to have rustic wedding decorations, let’s consider a cake inspired by nature.

Wedding Cakes Stand Rustic Wedding Decorations
Wedding Cakes Stand Decoration In Rustic Style

Boho wedding cakes will have many ways to stand out. For example, put some berries, blossoms, and other nature-inspired elements to create some hit points on this cake. Also, add a personal touch to make it unique so your guests will adore these simple delights.

5. Floral Arrangements

Florals at a rustic wedding, which is one of the best things, can be a little more unstructured and natural. Because they make up a significant part of the wedding table and reception, think about what you’re looking for and the flowers you would like to use now.

Rustic Decor For Wedding Floral Arrangements
Rustic Decor For Wedding Floral Arrangements

Baby’s breath, sunflowers, spray roses, and lots of greenery are some examples of how you will get inspiration from. To match the rustic wedding theme, place them above a wooden tray or a box that will create an elegant touch on your table.

Rustic Decor Wedding Ceremony

Rustic Decor Wedding Ceremony
Rustic Decor Wedding Ceremony

A rustic wedding theme can be held anywhere, no matter if you do not have a big budget. It’s all about the embellishments! That’s why creating the scene for your wedding ceremony is one of the essential parts. With so many options out there, these ideas below will assist you in making decisions.

6. Rustic Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign Decorations For Rustic Wedding Theme
Welcome Sign Decorations For Rustic Wedding Decorations

Dress up your entrance with this simple wooden welcome sign. This rustic decor for the wedding sign will greet your guests with a warm welcome at the ceremony. Engrave your name and wedding date to bring the personal touch to your special day.

7. Wooden Backdrops

Rustic Wedding Decorations Wooden Backdrops For Ceremony
Rustic Wedding With Wooden Backdrops For Ceremony

Many wooden backgrounds have been chosen for rustic wedding decorations. They present a simple aesthetic with flowers, monograms, and fairy lights. With a simple wooden frame and a piece of fabric draped, exchanging your vows will be a memorable moment.

8. Rustic Soft Drapery Backdrops

Soft Drapery Backdrops Rustic Wedding Decorations
Soft, Rustic Drapery Backdrops For Wedding Decor

Consider using a curtain backdrop to bring a more delicate tone to your day. Beautiful and light drapery is used to create this stunning, elegant backdrop. Moreover, these candles and lanterns are the perfect addition to the rustic decor for a wedding backdrop.

9. Personalized Rustic Backdrops

Personalized Rustic Wedding Decorations Backdrops
Personalized Rustic Wedding Backdrops Ideas

It will be the ideal choice if you highlight your backdrop at the wedding with this unique design. Use a lighting quote or monogram for your rustic wedding theme that will attract your guests’ attention.

10. Wedding Ceremony Seating

Ceremony Seating For Rustic Decor For Wedding
Ceremony Seating For Rustic Decor For Wedding

When having an outdoor ceremony, the key is to let the natural splendor of the surroundings shine, even on the wedding chairs. No matter whether you use benches, church pews, or even covered hay bales, your guests will adore this elegant look that

11. Rustic Ceremony Arches

It is essential to create a focal point for your ceremony. There is no better way to do that than by adding a rustic ceremony arch. Combining wood, birch logs, flowers, or even ancient doors will create a stunning arch for your day.

Rustic Wedding Decorations For Ceremony Arches
Rustic Wedding Decorations For Ceremony Arches

Couples using this rustic arch will make their ceremony stand out, ranging from modest to ornate. Dress with some pampas grass or dried flowers to complete the unique look.

12. Romantic Wedding Arch

Romantic Wedding Arch For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Romantic Wedding Arch For Rustic Wedding Decorations

Drape chiffon with flower accents over a constructed arch will get a charming effect. Go beyond a natural look; these vivid blossoms with foliage are the ideal complement you should include on your list.

13. Wedding Aisle Runners

Wedding Rustic Decor Ideas For Aisle Runners
Wedding Rustic Decor Ideas For Aisle Runners

This wedding aisle decor makes it easy to start your wedding day. It will add a sophisticated touch to a rustic wedding decorations ceremony and any wedding venue. This makes the entrance a dreamy flush of earthy blooms and wildflower meadows. Emerge with a row of wooden chairs that will create a feeling of the rustic design concept.

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Rustic Decor For Wedding Dinner Table

Rustic Decor For Wedding Dinner Table
Rustic Decor For Wedding Dinner Table

14. Glamour Wedding Table

Glamour Wedding Table For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Glamour Wedding Table For Rustic Theme Ideas

Considering how to decorate your table with farm or barn charms? For a sophisticated and classy look, use bark, vases, tree slices, and burlap to create a natural table runner. Moreover, the wooden bark tree light holders and hessian will brighten your table to create a warm feeling.

15. Table Runner

Table Runner Rustic Wedding Decorations
Table Runner Decoration In A Rustic Idea

Regarding rustic wedding decorations, linen concepts will be the most popular choice because couples will use bright print linen to make the table stand out and create an earthy moss runner.

16. Mismatched Colorful Bottles

Colorful Bottles For Wedding Rustic Decorations Table
Colorful Bottles For Wedding Rustic Decorations Table

Use natural bark containers, buckets, or colorful bottles as centerpieces to create an elegant touch on this table. Choose brown card baggage tags for place settings and succulents as favors. Hence, it will be the most straightforward decoration idea whether you have an outdoor or indoor wedding.

17. Rustic Centerpieces

Rustic Wedding Decorations For Centerpieces Ideas
Rustic Decor For Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Try to make something different on your wedding day by adding a piece of the wooden centerpiece to the rust wedding table. Moreover, adding a tiny vase with white flowers will create a hit point that will attract the attention of your guests.

18. Wedding Table Numbers

Rustic Wedding Decorations Table Numbers
Rustic Wedding Table Numbers Decoration Idea

One of the details on the table that is always ignored is the wedding table number. It will surely please your guests because these eye-catching items have a unique design. Choose a piece of wood and then engrave the number to complete its stunning look. Make sure your table numbers are visible to your guests, no matter how you display them.

19. Rustic Lanterns And Candles Decor

Rustic Decor For Wedding Lanterns And Candles
Rustic Decor For Wedding Lanterns And Candles

With gorgeous candlelight and lanterns, they will add brightness to your wedding table. Many couples will go for birch candle holders, while others opt for a more classic votive design. Because they are an essential part of farmhouse wedding decor, you should include this idea in your table decoration list.

20. Wedding Table Garland

Rustic Wedding Decorations Table Garland Ideas
Rustic Wedding Table Garland Ideas

Table garlands are one of the most adorable centerpiece ideas. They’re lovely since they don’t block the entrance across the table. Hence, these low-lying plant blooms look lovely running down the center of a table and bring your table to life on your big day.

21. Classical Chair Back Decorations

Since seating is such a critical feature of your ceremony and reception venue. So you should think about how you display your chair. With this in mind, it would be a great chance to combine the rustic style to arrange the wedding chairs.

Rustic Wedding Decorations For Chair Back
Rustic Wedding For Chair Back Decoration

Place a tiny bouquet on one side of the row chair to create a wedding aisle. Hence, starting the rustic wedding chair decor list could be the most straightforward idea.

22. Wood Chair For Bride and Groom

There are countless ways to make your wedding chairs stand out from the rest of your guests. From flower garlands to “bride” and “groom” banners or whatever you want.

Chair Back With Baby’s Breath For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Chair Back Decor With Baby’s Breath For Rustic Wedding

The blooms are already tied to this essential signage, so all you have to do is drape the piece over the backs of the chairs. As a result, it’s beautiful to see how lovely a couple could be with these customized chairs.

23. Simple Chair Back With Flowers

Simple Chair Back Flowers For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Simple Chair Back Flowers For Rustic Wedding

Flower petals are another simple way to jazz up your chairs. Drape a piece of white cloth and tie a tiny flower on the back will make your chair stunning. Moreover, they will add beautiful pops of color to your rustic chic wedding aisle that will attract your attention! Consider it one of your favorite ideas for rustic decor for weddings.

24. Chair Decor With Burlap And Lace

Rustic Wedding Decorations Chair With Burlap And Lace
Wedding Chair Decor With Rustic Burlap And Lace

Burlap and lace are the peaks of all things natural for a rustic wedding theme. Make a stunning reception chair by tying the two textiles together in a soft and delicate bow. That’s why this is the most straightforward idea, but it gives an elegant touch to your day.

25. Chair Back With Baby’s Breath

Chair Back Decor With Baby’s Breath For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Chair Back Decor With Baby’s Breath For Rustic Wedding

Baby’s breath is a gentler alternative to bright blooms. They add an elegant touch to rustic decor for weddings! This lightness will give the gathering room purity and refresh your guests. Consider it one of your favorite ideas for a wedding decor checklist.

26. Wedding Mason Jars Chair Decor

Rustic Wedding Decorations Mason Jars For Chair
Rustic Decor Mason Jars For Chair Decor Idea

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive statement than fabric, mason jars are an excellent option for chair decoration. Use twine or rope to hang the jars off the sides of your chairs. Also, fill them with flowers to create beautiful rustic wedding ideas. This idea is easy to make and affordable within your budget.

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Starting to plan your rustic wedding decorations will not be a problem anymore when you come to this post. If you’ve been wasting time on many online sources, this post will help your dream come true. Holding a rustic celebration is perfect for showing your style and vibe. Viva Wedding Photography has rounded up a list of ideas to make your decision easier. We hope you will find this post helpful.

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