The 33 Best Rustic Wedding Decorations To Nail Your Day

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It is a fact that when mentioning the rustic concept, people will think about the warm feeling of returning home. That’s why rustic wedding decorations are the most popular choice nowadays to bring this cozy vibe to their big day. What better way to begin a new life with your spouse than by capturing the sentiments of home from the nuptials? Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of ideas to make your day remarkable. Keep reading to find the best option for your wedding day.

Rustic Wedding Theme Color Palette

Rustic Wedding Decoration Color palette
Common color palette for rustic wedding decoration

Rustic colors include greens, browns, greys, and autumnal hues. It presents the richness of natural and cozy feelings. The rich green of the leaves and the warm orange of the sunset will not disappoint you because they give a warm touch to the wedding theme inspired by a natural environment. Hence, this color palette is always a hit, whether you’re getting married in any venue. So, keep these colors in mind when choosing decor elements to creat a harmonious look for your big day.

Rustic Wedding Decorations for Ceremony

Rustic wedding decor ideas for the ceremony
Rustic wedding decor ideas for the ceremony

A rustic wedding can be held anywhere, no matter if you do not have a big budget. It’s all about the embellishments! That’s why creating the scene for your wedding ceremony is one of the essential parts. With so many options out there, these ideas below will assist you in making decisions.

1. Wooden welcome sign

Rustic decor for wedding signs
Rustic decor for wedding signs (Source: Pinterest)

Dress up your entrance with this simple wooden welcome sign. This rustic decor for the wedding sign will greet your guests with a warm welcome at the ceremony. Engrave your name and wedding date to bring a personal touch to your special day. Whether nestled amid wildflowers or adorned with delicate greenery, a wooden welcome sign adds a personalized touch that perfectly introduces the rustic elegance of your special day.

2. Pallet wall backdrop

Rustic wedding decoration ideas with a pallet wall
Rustic wedding decoration ideas with a pallet wall (Source: Pinterest)

Transform your wedding ceremony into a picturesque setting with the rustic allure of a pallet wall backdrop. The juxtaposition of weathered wood against the natural surroundings creates a captivating visual backdrop for your vows. Pallet walls offer a versatile canvas for floral arrangements, hanging greenery, or even personalized signage, allowing you to infuse your unique style into the rustic tapestry of your ceremony.

3. Wooden arch with soft drapery

Soft Drapery Backdrops for Rustic Wedding Decorations
Wedding arch decorated in rustic style (Source: Pinterest)

Elevate the romance of your wedding ceremony with a wooden arch adorned with soft drapery. This exquisite combination merges the rugged charm of wood with the delicate elegance of flowing fabric, creating a captivating focal point for exchanging vows.

Couples using this rustic arch will make their ceremony stand out, ranging from modest to ornate. Dress with some pampas grass or dried flowers to complete the unique look of your rustic wedding decor.

4. Mason jars aisle

Outdoor rustic wedding decor with mason jars
Outdoor rustic wedding decor with mason jars (Source: The Knot)

Infuse rustic charm into every step of your ceremony with an aisle lined with mason jars. These quintessential rustic containers, filled with wildflowers or softly glowing candles, create a whimsical and romantic pathway for you and your guests. The simplicity of mason jars perfectly complements the natural surroundings, making them an ideal wedding aisle decor for an outdoor rustic ceremony.

5. Natural aisle runner

rustic wedding decorations with an earthy aisle runner
Earthy wedding aisle runners (Source: Brides)

Celebrate the union of nature and love by incorporating a natural aisle runner into your rustic wedding decorations. Whether it’s a path of lush greenery, petals scattered on the ground, or a soft carpet of fallen leaves, a natural aisle runner adds an organic and earthy touch to your ceremony. This rustic choice invites you and your guests to connect with the environment, fostering a sense of harmony and tranquility throughout your ceremony.

6. Open-air chapel

outdoor rustic wedding decor with an open-air chapel
Open-air chapel for outdoor weddings (Source: Weddings In Arkansas)

Picture exchanging vows beneath a canopy of trees, with the soft rustle of leaves and the gentle hum of the breeze providing a natural serenade. An open-air chapel beautifully merges the sacredness of the ceremony with the surrounding landscape, creating a serene and intimate affair for your outdoor rustic wedding decor. Whether nestled in a forest clearing, a garden, or a vineyard, an open-air chapel allows you to embrace the rustic beauty of the great outdoors as you declare your love.

7. X-Back ceremony chairs

Rustic wedding decoration ideas with X-back chairs
Rustic wedding decoration ideas with X-back chairs (Source: Lucida Photography)

These classic and rustic chairs not only provide comfort for your guests but also add a touch of elegance to the ceremony space. The distinctive X-back design complements various rustic themes, from vintage to farmhouse chic. Arrange these chairs in a harmonious pattern to create a visually appealing setup that frames the focal point of your ceremony.

8. Wooden pallet photo gallery

rustic wedding decorations with a wooden pallet photo gallery
Photos are displayed on a wooden pallet (Source: Elegant Wedding Invites)

Immerse your rustic wedding decorations in a nostalgic journey with a wooden pallet photo gallery. Transform weathered pallets into a captivating display of your journey as a couple, showcasing cherished moments captured in time. Each photograph tells a story, and when arranged on these rustic canvases, they create a visual narrative that adds a personal touch to your celebration.

9. Rustic chalkboard wedding sign

Chalkboard nuptial sign with rustic wedding theme
Chalkboard nuptial sign with rustic wedding theme (Source: The Knot)

Add a touch of rustic charm and personalized flair to your rustic wedding decor ideas with a wooden chalkboard wedding sign. Whether guiding guests to the ceremony location, detailing the schedule of events, or simply welcoming them to your celebration, a chalkboard sign becomes a versatile and visually appealing element.

10. Rustic blanket station

Rustic wedding ideas for blanket stations
Rustic wedding ideas for blanket stations (Source: Pinterest)

Embrace the cozy and communal spirit of a rustic event with a thoughtful touch—a blanket station. As the sun sets and the air becomes cooler, provide your guests warmth and comfort by offering a selection of soft blankets. Arrange these blankets in rustic crates or baskets, creating a station that invites guests to snuggle up and enjoy the celebration under the starry sky.

Rustic Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Rustic Wedding Reception Decor Ideas
Rustic wedding decorations for the reception

The best wedding design reception comes down to escort cards, table arrangements, drink stations, etc. All these pieces combine a perfect wedding backyard decor that will impress any guest. Keep reading these ideas below and find the best one.

11. Nuptial escort card display

Escort card display with rustic wedding theme
Escort card display with rustic wedding theme (Source: Pinterest)

Displays of escort cards are an excellent way to show off your artistic side. The garden-inspired wall of the venue is covered in local wildflowers. Each watercolor card will direct guests to their tables. This charming and interactive display not only guides guests to their seats but also becomes a focal point that sets the tone for the rest of the evening, seamlessly blending functionality with rustic elegance.

12. Twinkly string light

String light for rustic wedding decor
String light for indoor wedding reception (Source: Pinterest)

Without some twinkling light, no romantic dinner would be complete. That’s why twinkly lights and rustic weddings perfectly match your wedding night. Drape these delicate lights across the ceiling or weave them through the foliage to create a warm and romantic ambiance.

The soft glow of the lights adds a touch of whimsy to your celebration, making it feel like a fairytale under the stars. Whether suspended above the dance floor or twinkling over dining tables, these string lights bring a sense of intimacy and charm to your rustic wedding decor.

13. Wine spools as cocktail tables

cocktail tables with the rustic wedding theme
Wine spools can be used as cocktail tables (Source: Pinterest)

Using oversized wine spools during cocktail hour is a simple and effective way to incorporate the rustic wedding theme. What’s even better is that they don’t require the expense of tablecloths. To emphasize the style, leave them bare and top them with a lantern for a simple centerpiece.

14. A barrel bar station

rustic wedding decoration ideas with barrel bar station
Barrel bar station for rustic weddings (Source: Pinterest)

Repurposed barrels serve as the foundation for a stylish and functional bar, creating a focal point that seamlessly blends with other rustic wedding decoration ideas. Whether serving signature drinks or showcasing an array of beverages, the barrel bar station adds a touch of authenticity and charm to your reception. Enhance the rustic vibe by accessorizing with wooden signage, greenery, and ambient lighting, creating a welcoming space for toasts, laughter, and celebration.

15. Hanging lanterns

rustic wedding decor with hanging lanterns
Rustic wedding reception with hanging lanterns (Source: India Home Loan Limited)

Illuminate your rustic wedding decor with the romantic glow of hanging lanterns adorned with candles. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, suspend these enchanting fixtures from beams, trees, or canopies. The combination of rustic lanterns and flickering candlelight adds a touch of old-world charm to your reception space, evoking a sense of intimacy and coziness.

16. Hanging woven rattan pendant lights

Rustic wedding decorations with woven rattan pendants
Rustic wedding decorations with woven rattan pendants (Source: Brides)

Elevate the aesthetics of your rustic wedding ideas with the perfect fusion of nature-inspired elements. Hanging woven rattan pendant lights paired with lush greenery create a stunning visual tableau that seamlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary elegance. Hang these intricate pendants as nuptial installations to cast a soft, warm glow over the reception area.

17. Draped ceiling

rustic wedding reception decor with draped ceiling
The draped ceiling for indoor wedding reception (Source: Amazon)

Flowing fabric, elegantly draped from the ceiling, creates a dreamy and intimate atmosphere, adding a touch of luxury to your rustic wedding reception decor. Whether using sheer fabrics for an ethereal feel or opting for heavier textures for a cozy vibe, a draped ceiling becomes a canvas for setting the tone of your reception. Consider hanging string lights above the fabric to create a cozy ambiance illuminating the tables.

18. Simple fabric chair covers

Rustic wedding decor ideas with simple chair covers
Rustic wedding decor ideas with simple chair covers (Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)

Choose earthy tones or soft neutrals to complement the natural surroundings, creating a cohesive and stylish look. The simplicity of these chair covers allows for versatility, making it easy to personalize your reception space while providing your guests with a comfortable and visually pleasing seating experience.

19. Wood chair for bride and groom

Chair Back With Baby’s Breath For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Chair back decor with baby’s breath (Source: Pinterest)

There are countless ways to make your wedding chairs stand out from the rest of other rustic wedding decoration ideas. From flower garlands to “bride” and “groom” banners or whatever you want. Like this one, the blooms are already tied to this essential signage, so all you have to do is drape the piece over the backs of the chairs. As a result, it’s beautiful to see how lovely a couple could be with these customized chairs.

20. Windows menu sign

Rustic wedding ideas with an old window menu
Rustic wedding ideas with an old window menu (Source: Artsy Pretty Plants)

Repurpose vintage windows as a unique canvas to display your reception menu. Whether painted, engraved, or adorned with calligraphy, the window menu sign becomes a focal point, adding the tone for your celebration. Hang it near the entrance or as part of your dining area to guide guests while adding a nostalgic and personalized element to your reception decor.

21. Rustic wedding lounge area

Outdoor rustic wedding decor for lounge area
Outdoor rustic wedding decor for lounge area (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

Create a cozy and intimate atmosphere within the reception by incorporating a rustic wedding lounge area. Lounge spaces adorned with plush seating, soft throws, and rustic décor elements provide a welcoming retreat for guests to relax and socialize. From vintage sofas to wooden pallet furniture, the rustic lounge area serves as a stylish and comfortable extension of your celebration.

22. Wooden wedding guestbook

Rustic decor for wedding guestbooks
Rustic decor for wedding guestbooks (Source: kiss the bride magazine)

Crafted from rustic wood, this unique guestbook becomes a cherished keepsake adorned with heartfelt messages from your loved ones. Consider incorporating personalized engravings, your initials, or a meaningful quote to infuse the wooden guestbook with a touch of your personality.

23. Ladder favors station

rustic wedding reception decor with a ladder favors station
Favor station ideas with ladder (Source: Pinterest)

Add a whimsical touch to your rustic wedding reception decor with a ladder favors station. Repurpose a vintage ladder as a creative display for your wedding favors. Consider hanging small pouches, mason jars, or other containers filled with thoughtful tokens for your guests to enjoy.

24. Semi-naked wedding cake

 rustic wedding cakes
Wedding Cakes In Rustic Style (Source: Pinterest)

This trendy and rustic cake style features a thin layer of frosting, allowing the natural beauty of the cake layers to peek through. The semi-naked cake exudes a rustic charm that complements various wedding themes, from barn weddings to outdoor celebrations. Decorate it with fresh flowers, berries, or greenery to add a touch of nature, creating a visually striking centerpiece that also delights the taste buds.

25. Rustic dessert table

Rustic wedding reception decor for dessert tables
Rustic wedding reception decor for dessert tables (Source: Smarty Had A Party!)

Indulge your guests in a delightful array of sweet treats with a rustic dessert table that becomes a visual feast. Combine elements like wooden crates, burlap table runners, and antique trays to showcase an assortment of desserts. Also, incorporate natural elements like flowers and greenery to enhance the rustic charm, creating a delectable and visually appealing spread that adds a sweet touch to your wedding reception.

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations

26. Floral centerpieces

Rustic wedding centerpieces with flowers
Rustic wedding centerpieces with flowers (Source: Pinterest)

Florals at a rustic wedding, which is one of the best things, can be a little more unstructured and natural. Because they make up a significant part of the wedding table and reception, think about what you’re looking for and the flowers you would like to use now.

Baby’s breath, sunflowers, spray roses, and lots of greenery are some examples of how you will get inspiration from. To match the rustic wedding theme, place them above a wooden tray or a box that will create an elegant touch on your table.

27. Glamour wedding table

Glamour Wedding Table For Rustic Wedding Decorations
Glamour wedding table in rustic style (Source: Pinterest)

Considering how to decorate your table with farm or barn charms? For a sophisticated and classy look, use bark, vases, tree slices, and burlap to create a natural table runner. Moreover, the wooden bark tree light holders and hessian will brighten your table to create a warm feeling.

28. Wooden table names

rustic wedding table decorations with wooden sign
Wedding table sign in rustic style (Source: Pinterest)

Incorporating small details, such as using rustic wooden table names, can truly enhance the overall look of your rustic wedding table decorations. You have the option to use table names made of wood, such as the ones shown here. Or, you could choose wooden card holders to hold paper or card table names instead. Adding a wooden element to your table names is a delightful finishing touch, regardless of your choice.

29. Log placemats

rustic wedding table decorations with tree trunk placemats
Tablescape with tree trunk placemats (Source: Dress It Yourself)

We can’t help but obsess over tree trunk placemats. The chunky appearance of these decorations creates a bold and rustic statement. When combined with fresh green foliage, they enhance the natural and outdoorsy ambiance. This demonstrates that wedding table decorations can look stunning without being overly expensive.

30. Macramé table runners

rustic wedding decoration ideas with macramé table runners
Macramé table runners for wedding reception table (Source: Etsy)

Although macramé is often associated with boho-themed weddings, it is actually one of our favorite rustic wedding decoration ideas. The combination of the two themes is highly effective. If you desire a whimsical and chic ambiance for your rustic wedding, macramé is the perfect choice.

The cream macramé provides a stunning contrast against the dark oak, primely illustrating how vibrant colors can enhance the visual impact of a rustic theme.

31. Greenery table garland

rustic decor for wedding tables with greenery garland
Rustic wedding table garland ideas (Source: Pinterest)

If you prefer a more traditional and rustic decor for wedding tables, consider using foliage instead of macramé. You can use either real foliage or faux leaves, as both options will create a visually appealing result. You might discover that certain decorative rental companies offer faux foliage for rent at very affordable prices.

32. Tablescape with flowers & jars

rustic wedding centerpieces with flowers and jars
Wedding centerpieces with flowers and jars (Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to wedding tablescapes, opting for a rustic theme allows you to embrace the art of mixing and matching fully. We adore how the jars and flowers on these tables have been artfully combined and coordinated. Selecting elements that share a similar vibe is important to achieve a cohesive and organized look for your rustic wedding centerpieces. This will prevent the overall design from appearing random or cluttered. On the contrary, it will have a stylish appearance.

33. Lanterns and candles centerpieces

Rustic wedding table decorations with lanterns and candles
Rustic wedding table decorations with lanterns and candles (Source: Pinterest)

The soft light emanating from the candles inside the lanterns adds a romantic touch to each table, accentuating the rustic charm of your celebration. Whether nestled among greenery, placed atop wooden slabs, or suspended from beams, the combination of lanterns and candles becomes a timeless and versatile choice that transforms your tables into dreamy and inviting focal points.t

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Starting to plan your rustic wedding decorations will not be a problem anymore when you come to this post. If you’ve been wasting time on many online sources, this post will help your dream come true. Holding a rustic celebration is perfect for showing your style and vibe. Viva Wedding Photography has rounded up a list of ideas to make your decision easier. We hope you will find this post helpful.

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