37 Best Winter Wedding Favors That Guests Can Take Home

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Holding a wedding in the coldest season will be a challenge for you and even for your guests. So that’s why preparing the winter wedding favors will warm their hearts, and they will appreciate your thoughts. Hence, Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of the coziest ideas for you to nail your day perfectly. Check them out now!

Edible Wedding Winter Favors To Show Your Thoughtfulness

1. Hot Chocolate Spoons

Winter Wedding Favors Hot Chocolate Spoons
Hot Chocolate Spoons For Wedding Flavor

A great way to greet your guests at the entrance is by giving them some sweets. So, to make their hearts warm and please their sweet tooth, prepare some chocolate candies attached to a wooden spoon. Add some snowflake-shaped sugar candies to the serving tray for a more special touch to your winter wedding.

2. DIY S’mores Kit

DIY S'mores For Winter Wedding Favors
DIY S’mores Kit Christmas Wedding Favor

If you make by hand these winter wedding favors, your guests will be sure to appreciate your thoughts. So give them these cute S’mores kits is a perfect idea to boost their moods for your wedding day.

3. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds Winter Wedding Favors
Coffee Grounds Favors For Winter Wedding

When it comes to winter wedding favors, these coffee grounds bags will be a perfect choice. Having a cup of coffee is a great way to start a new day, so your guests will enjoy it in the morning after your late-night wedding. Hence, the important thing is to consider the standard coffee flavors to please all your guests.

4. Personalized Marshmallows

Personalized Marshmallows For Winter Wedding Favors
Personalized Marshmallows Wedding Treat For Guests

Have you ever considered serving personalized marshmallows as Christmas wedding favor for your guests? So engrave your name or wedding date on these marshmallows for an extra special touch. Moreover, include some hot chocolate and candy topping to make them more appealing.

5. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Sticks Winter Wedding Favors
Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Sticks For Guests As Wedding Flavors

It is clear that chocolate-covered pretzel sticks are one of the most popular ideas for wedding favors for kids ever. Prepare more colorful decor items such as sugar or fruit drops to attract your guests’ attention.

6. Maple Syrup Servings

Maple Syrup Servings Winter Wedding Favors
Maple Syrup Servings Favors For Winter Wedding

Wedding winter favors might be as simple as a bottle of maple syrup. They are also a perfect addition to daily meals because they can make your guests taste better. So that’s why it is a great way to show your care to your adorable guests even after the wedding has ended.

7. Pure Honey Favors

Pure Honey Stick For Winter Wedding Favors
Pure Honey Stick Favors For Winter Wedding

What could be a more thoughtful wedding favor for your guests than these pure honey kits? The tag “Meant to bee” message attached to these honey stick bags will be the eye-catching items on the serving tray. Along with the sweetness of honey, include some tea bags to warm your guests’ hearts.

8. Mini Champagne

Mini Champagne For Wedding Winter Favors
Mini Champagne Wedding Winter Favors

Giving your guests a glass of champagne at the beginning of your wedding is always a great way to greet them. So how about sending them unique bottles of champagne as winter wedding favors? This is absolutely a perfect choice for them to appreciate your thoughts and be reminded about your happy day. Personalize the label with your name or wedding day for a more unique touch.

9. Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Snowflake Sugar Cookies Winter Wedding Favors
Snowflake Sugar Cookies For Christmas Wedding Favors

Serving these handmade sugar snowflake-decorated cookies will be a hit with your guests with a sweet taste. Moreover, put them onto the glassine papers for a cute touch.

10. Winter-Themed Chocolate Bars

Winter-Themed Chocolate Bars For Winter Wedding Favors
Winter-Themed Chocolate Bars

It is clear that chocolate bars are always the traditional choice for any special event, even at a wedding. So why don’t you take this chance to make your chocolate label unique for your wedding winter favors? Hence, personalize your name or wedding day to complete its cute look.

11. Breakfast To-Go Favors

Thoughtful Breakfast For Winter Wedding Favors
Thoughtful Breakfast For Wedding Winter Favors

Prepare a mini breakfast baked cake as your winter wedding favors will be the perfect choice for your guests. If your wedding has ended late at night, a piece of cake is all their needs for the following day.

12. Snowflake Candy

Snowflake Candy Winter Wedding Favors
Snowflake Candy Favors For Winter Wedding

Nothing beats a box of lollipops for a sweet and simple Christmas wedding favor. This particular snowflake and glitter pattern will be the eye-catching items that will attract the attention of your guests.

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Keepsake Favors For Winter Wedding That Celebrate The Season

13. Mini Bamboo Cheeseboard and Spreader

Mini Bamboo Cheeseboard For Winter Wedding Flavors
Mini Bamboo Cheeseboard And Spreader For Winter Flavors

Nothing beats the taste of delicious cheese in the winter. So to take this experience to the next level, give your guests this unique cheese board with some of your personal touches. Moreover, the notable is that the bamboo board has a heart shape, making it the perfect item for your Christmas wedding favor.

14. Slice Wood Of Candle

Wooden Candle Stand For Winter Wedding Flavors
Wooden Candle Stand Wedding Favors In Winter

These unique wooden candles are perfect ideas for country-styled winter wedding flavors. The special thing is the slice-shaped wood, making them eye-catching items to display on their dinner table. Moreover, add some flowers and a small printed card with the names to complete your thoughtful gifts.

15. Snowflake Soap Favors

Snowflake Soap Winter Wedding Favors
Snowflake Soap Winter Wedding Favors

To reflect your winter wedding theme, a snowflake-inspired item will bring a lasting impression on your guests. We highly recommend these tiny handmade soaps for your favors for winter wedding in case you still don’t come up with any ideas. So, choose from some classic scenes, such as cinnamon and lavender… to make sure your guests will love it for a first-time.

16. Stainless Steel Whisk

Stainless Steel Whisk Winter Wedding Favors
Stainless Steel Whisk For Guests At Winter Wedding

It is clear that the winter season is the perfect time to bake for many special holidays. So give this stainless steel whisk to your guests as Christmas wedding favor that will be a big hit on your day. Moreover, the unique thing is there are little hearts in the middle, making it the perfect addition to their kitchen utensils.

17. 3D Christmast-Inspired Cookie Cutter

The Christmas-themed cut-out cookies are indispensable during the winter holiday, even for your winter wedding flavors. Your guests will appreciate it more if they know that you make these goodies by your hand. Moreover, pack them into glassine paper to make them more appealing.

18. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs For Winter Wedding Favors
Copper Moscow Mule Mugs For Wedding Flavors

Copper Moscow mule mugs are one of the excellent wedding winter favors since you will feel like winter is just right. Place them in order and add a tiny “Thank You” card to show your gratitude to your guests on your wedding day.

19. Snowflake Coasters

Crystal Snowflake Coasters For Winter Wedding Flavors
Crystal Snowflake Coasters For Christmas Wedding Flavors

These crystal snowflake coasters will be a lovely addition to any table setting because of their unique beauty. So after your wedding end, your guests will treasure these items as their mementos of your wedding memories. Hence, place them carefully in a box to make your gift special.

20. Cheers Antique Gold Bottle Opener

Cheers Antique Gold Bottle Opener For Winter Wedding Flavors
Cheers Antique Gold Bottle Opener For Wedding Flavors

Give your guests a stunning piece of bottle opener that will leave a lasting impression on them because of its durability. Moreover, add a tiny message note to make a perfect keepsake they can keep forever.

21. Personalized Christmas Tree Decor

Personalized Christmas Tree Decor For Winter Wedding Flavors
Personalized Christmas Tree Decor Flavor For Winter Wedding

With these lovely pieces of tree decor, you may express to your guests how much you value their attendance on your wedding day. These unique heart-shaped ornaments will be the perfect favors for winter wedding that will bring a personal touch to their Christmas tree.

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22. Pine Seedling Wedding Favor

Pine Seedling Winter Wedding Favors
Pine Seedling Winter Wedding Favors

Give your guests an alive item will be a unique idea because a pine seedling represents strong love growth. It is also an eco-friendly wedding favor or any celebration in the winter. For a more special touch, personalize the bottle’s label with your name or wedding day.

23. Snowflake Wine Stoppers

Snowflake Wine Stoppers Winter Wedding Favors
Snowflake Wine Stoppers For Flavors Of Winter Wedding

A snowflake-designed wine stopper is one of the fantastic wedding winter flavors for your guests. It is an adorable and practical gift that they will cherish for many years because of its durability. Moreover, wrap it in the transparent box with a ” Thank You” card to complete your thoughtful gift.

24. Cork Coasters

Wedding Cork Coasters For Winter Wedding Flavors
Wedding Cork Coasters For Christmas Wedding Flavors

With the crystal snowflake coasters, giving your guests these cork ones will also be a perfect alternative choice. For a more special touch, add meaningful words to make your Christmas wedding favor more stunning on their table setting and remind them about your wedding day.

25. Snowflake Place Card Holder

Snowflake Place Card Holder For Winter Wedding Flavors
Snowflake Place Card Holder

Snowflake-inspired items are always perfect when choosing a gift for any special occasion, even for your wedding winter flavors. So, along with the cookies or wine stoppers, these lovely place card holders will be one of the practical ideas that your winter wedding favors added.

26. Snowflake Ceramic Wine Charm

Snowflake Ceramic Wine Charm For Winter Wedding Flavors
Snowflake Ceramic Wine Charm Flavors For Winter Wedding

Another snowflake idea for your winter wedding favors should be these stunning white clay wine charms. Your guests can use them as a unique keychain or lovely decorative items for their champagne glasses. Personalize your name or wedding date on it to make it look stunning.

27. White Hexagon Mini Lanterns

White Hexagon Mini Lanterns For Winter Wedding Flavors
White Hexagon Mini Lanterns For Your Guests As Wedding Flavors

These little lanterns will make a lovely addition to any decorations, such as a home or wedding. So why don’t you give your guests these lovely lanterns as a stunning keepsake for their home? These items will undoubtedly warm their hearts even on the coldest winter day.

28. Bear Hug Salt And Pepper Shaker

Bear Hug Salt And Pepper Shaker For Winter Wedding Flavors
Bear Hug Salt And Pepper Shaker For Winter Wedding Flavors

One of the thoughtful ways to show your guests your gratitude for their attendance at your wedding is by giving them these lovely salt and pepper shakers. The remarkable thing is that these items have two porcelain bears hugging together, making them the perfect addition to their kitchenware. Moreover, place them in a wooden box to avoid any damage.

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Cozy Winter Wedding Favors That’ll Keep Your Guests Warm

29. Personalized Pashminas

Personalized Pashminas Favors For Winter Wedding
Personalized Pashminas Favors For Winter Wedding

Nothing beats snuggling up under a warm blanket on a cold winter day. So that’s why a pashmina wrapped in paper will be the perfect choice for Christmas wedding favor. Add a personalized tag for each gift and give it to your guests at the entrance as a warm welcome to your guests

30. A Pair Of Gloves

A Pair Of Gloves Winter Wedding Favors
A Pair Of Gloves For Wedding Flavors For Winter

Wedding gifts for guests with a couple of gloves are a kind gesture. Especially in the winter wedding, your guests will appreciate more your thoughtful gifts. Give them at the entrance of the reception area to make sure whenever they get cold, your glovers will warm their hands immediately.

31. Cozy Personalized Blankets

Cozy Personalized Blankets Winter Wedding Favors
Cozy Personalized Blankets Wedding Winter Favors

If you prefer an outdoor wedding ceremony, consider giving your guests these warm blankets as your winter wedding favors. For a more special touch, personalize your initials or wedding date on these blankets.

32. Aromatic Candles

Aromatic Candles For Winter Wedding Flavors
Aromatic Candles Christmas Wedding Favor

Feeling relaxed after a hard-working day with a fragrant candle will be a perfect idea for your list. Candles not only bring a pleasant aroma but also make the human spirit comfortable. So that’s why when it comes to the winter wedding flavor, this idea will never fail to make a huge impression on your guests.

33. Sock Favors

Cozy Sock Winter Wedding Favors
Cozy Sock Favors For Winter Wedding Favors

Along with a couple of gloves, a pair of cute socks for your guests will be a practical item for them to use after the wedding. Tie them with a red ribbon and add a small printed card of your wish to make them happy whenever they receive it.

34. Soft and Warm Slippers

Soft and Warm Slippers For Winter Wedding Flavors
Soft and Warm Slippers For Wedding Flavors In Winter

It is indispensable to give a pair of warm, soft slippers as your wedding winter favors for your guests. For a more unique touch, engrave your initials or wedding day on the slippers to remind them how much they love attending your celebration.

35. Tiny Flannel-Wrapped Cushion

Tiny Flannel-Wrapped Cushion For Winter Wedding Flavor
Tiny Flannel-Wrapped Cushion Flavors For Winter Wedding

This unique tiny cushion is sure to catch the eye of your guests when it comes to favors for winter wedding beyond traditional gloves. Because of its durability, it will be a practical gift to warm up their hands, heads, and feet. Moreover, include a tiny note about “Microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy” to ensure they use it appropriately.

36. Pine Cone Fire Starter

Pine Cone Fire Starter For Winter Wedding Favors
Pine Cone Fire Starter Christmas Flavor For Your Guests

A wedding during the Christmas holiday is the perfect chance to use these ornaments pinecones as table favors. After your wedding ends, your guests can use it as a firestarter for their fireplaces or fire pits on cold winter days. Wrap it in glassine paper and tie a red ribbon around it to match your winter wedding theme.

37. Seasonal Lip Balm

Seasonal Lip Balm For Winter Wedding Favors
Seasonal Lip Balm For Winter Flavors At Wedding

Taking care of skincare is a great way to show your thoughts and care to your guests. So give them a seasonal lip balm as one of your wedding winter favors that will always keep their lips moisturized during the winter season. Personalize the label with the names and your wedding day for an extra special touch.

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Choosing winter wedding favors for your guests will be a great way to show your thoughtfulness because they attended your wedding. Moreover, these items will probably remind them of the memorable memories they have had with you for a lifetime. So Viva Wedding Photography has rounded up a list for inspiration. No matter which gifts you choose, making them feel warm and happy is one of the essential things you should consider.

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