30+ Best Rustic Wedding Favors That Will Be Cherished (2024)

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Rustic weddings always have a unique way of making everyone feel at home with their natural and genuine vibe. To ensure a seamless experience, it is crucial that all elements, including wedding favors, reflect this theme. For your special day, Viva Wedding Photography has put together a guide to rustic wedding favors, complete with ideas for DIY delights, budget-friendly finds, and personalized unique options to inspire you! Read on and discover the perfect way to thank your guests with country charm.

DIY Rustic Wedding Favors Anyone Can Make

Let’s get crafty! Here, we’ll explore some delightful DIY wedding favors for a rustic wedding. With a touch of creativity and readily available materials, these projects are perfect for creating gifts that make each guest feel your sincerity.

1. Glass Vases With Rope

Glass Vases With Rope
Glass Vases With Rope

Subtle glass bud vases embellished with twine provide an air of elegance. It’s easy – just tie a knot in the middle of the twine and wrap it around the vase’s neck. Vases may be filled with various plant decorations, such as flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, stones, and other vase fillers. Afterward, guests may take their vases home as a memento of the lovely wedding they just attended.

2. Succulent Planters Made from Recycled Tin Cans

Succulents – Rustic Wedding Favors
Succulents – Rustic Wedding Favors

Give new life to used tin cans by transforming them into adorable succulent planters. Here’s the eco-friendly magic: remove labels and paint the cans. Add drainage holes by poking small holes in the bottom so the seedlings can stay healthy.

Succulents are our favorite since they are so simple to care for. Additionally, they don’t need much watering, making them a vintage wedding favor that your guests may enjoy when they return to their homes. And on top of that, they’re just too cute!

3. Pinecone Fire Starter

Pinecone Fire Starter For DIY rustic wedding favors
Pinecone Fire Starter For DIY rustic wedding favors

These handcrafted pinecone fire starters could be the ideal DIY rustic wedding favors. Gather natural materials like pinecones and dry tinder, both of which may be found at craft stores. Soak the pinecones in melted wax (beeswax or paraffin) and then coat them in tinder.

This favor is ideal for a winter wedding, particularly a rustic one, since it’s simple to prepare and festive to present. Guests who enjoy relaxing evenings in front of the fire will appreciate these rustic fire starters.

4. Homemade Birdseed Favor

Birdseed favors are not only environmentally responsible but also lovely! Just a few weeks before the big day, start making the birdseed hearts and ask your visitors to email pictures of their feathered friends enjoying them!

5. Rustic Twig Pencil Favors

Rustic Twig Pencil Favors
Rustic Twig Pencil Favors

The rustic twig pencil may be placed on a large piece of paper or on a writing wall, inviting your guests to pen their heartfelt messages. Just tie a piece of twine or ribbon around the base of the pencil and secure it with a small dab of hot glue, and it’s ready to go. Since your guests may take home the same memento they used to write you a note, these rustic wedding party favors are one-of-a-kind.

Available: 12,79$ at the OldAntiquesHut store on Esty

6. Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats – Rustic Wedding Favors
Sweet Treats Forr Rustic Wedding Favors

Are you in search of a delectable favor? These tasty treats dipped in chocolate, are perfect for use as rustic wedding favor ideas. The smooth chocolate coating brings an element of sophistication to these delightful confections. Moreover, you can tailor them to your taste by selecting your preferred recipe and adding a personal twist with fun shapes or custom labels. Certainly, one glance at these charming sweets, and you’re bound to be smitten.

7. Customized Honey Stick

Customized Honey Stick
Customized Honey Stick

They deserve a lot of credit for trying to attend your big day. A personalized honey stick is a lovely way to show your visitors how much you appreciate them. Fill pre-made sticks with local honey (support local beekeepers!) and adorn them with custom labels featuring your names and wedding date.

8. DIY Jam Favors

DIY Jam Favors - Rustic wedding favors DIY
DIY Jam Favors

Let your cooking talent bubble over with DIY jam favors. Pick a fruit that’s in season, whip up a batch of sweet, homemade jam, and fill up cute little mason jars. Decorate them with personalized labels and a touch of twine for a rustic presentation. Your guests will love spreading these country-themed wedding favors on their morning toast!

9. Personalized Seed Bombs with Wildflowers

Craving a touch of “grow” in your wedding favors? Look no further than personalized seed bombs bursting with vibrant wildflowers!

These little balls of life are a unique and eco-friendly way to share your love of nature. Simply mix wildflower seeds with clay and compost, mold them into spheres using the instructions above. These will surely be lovely rustic favors for wedding to leave your guests feeling relaxed and reminded of your day.

10. DIY Lavender Sachets with Dried Flowers

Rustic wedding favors DIY - Lavender Sachets with Dried Flowers
DIY Lavender Sachets with Dried Flowers

Add a touch of calming fragrance to your wedding favors with homemade lavender sachets. Create stunning keepsakes with flower fabric scraps and dried lavender that your guests will cherish.

11. Prettily Packaged Lollipops

Prettily Packaged Lollipops
Prettily Packaged Lollipops

A delightful way to enjoy the natural component is with lollipops crafted from edible honeysuckle flowers. Lollipops made from hyssop that is grown organically and strung on wooden sticks are adorned with jute and your choice of ribbon color. Also, you can make this sugar and glucose syrup hard candy ahead of time and keep it in the fridge for up to two months.

Delightful Rustic Wedding Favors on a Budget

Discover a variety of bulk-buyable vintage wedding favors in this list now! These choices are full of natural beauty and will guarantee that your guests will have a wonderful memento of your wedding without any financial burden.

12. Rustic Circular Wood Holders

Rustic Circular Wood Holders
Rustic Circular Wood Holders

Rustic weddings are defined by their natural and organic appearance. These rustic wood sets are the closest thing you’ll find. Additionally, guests may take these rustic wedding favors home with them as souvenirs of your weddings and tokens of their appreciation.

Available: 4,05$ for a set of 4 pcs on Famous Favors

13. Seed Packets

Seed Packets – Rustic Wedding Favors
Seed Packets For Rustic Wedding Favors

Consider letting your love blossom into a flower garden. You may personalize these cute seed packs by adding your personal touch. As the flowers bloom, your guests will remember your wedding day.

Available: You may buy Paper Bag Kraft on Amazon

14. Candy Bag

Burlap Baggies – Rustic Wedding Favor Ideas
Burlap Baggies for Rustic Wedding Favor Ideas

A delicious treat like chocolate, candies, or cookies cooked from scratch is impossible for guests to refuse. Make your rustic wedding party favors and give them a touch of country charm by presenting them in these rustic lace and burlap bags.

15. Personalized Matchboxes

Personalized Matchboxes For rustic wedding favors for guests
Personalized Matchboxes For rustic wedding favors for guests

These charming rustic favors are a delightful twist on a traditional wedding gift. They’re a wonderful way to show your guests a glimpse into the things you and your partner love to share. Plus, the convenience of buying them makes them a perfect choice for rustic wedding favors in bulk.

Available: 0,41$ at the BeforeTheRings store on Esty

Viva Wedding Tip

Since matchboxes are a standard size, you can personalize them with custom labels! Simply peel and stick your labels onto the matchbox.

16. Mini-lanterns

Mini-lanterns – Rustic Wedding Party Favors

Stunning as they are as a wedding favor, these whimsical lanterns will be the focal point of your rustic tablescape. Their delicate and endearing light will set the mood for your occasion in a most enchanted way. Guests will be impressed by both the beauty of these delightful keepsakes to take home and enjoy.

Available: 40,90$ for a set of 6 psc at the Brand: LampLust on Amazon

17. Hessian Burlap Lace Cutlery Holder Pouch

Hessian Burlap Lace Cutlery Holder Pouch
Hessian Burlap Lace Cutlery Holder Pouch

With this holder pouch, your cutlery may have a themed cover, too. All four sides of this linen and lace silverware cover are stitched, and the front is trimmed with lace. Its rustic charm and vibrant colors make it perfect for weddings, birthdays, showers, receptions, and any other special event.

Available: 234,18$ for 240 pcs at the Aliexpress

18. Rustic Mint Rolls

Rustic Mint Rolls – Rustic Wedding Favors
Rustic Mint Rolls For Rustic Wedding Favors

These charming mints are a delightful way to end a hearty reception feast on a cool and refreshing note. They’re also a fantastic option for rustic wedding favors in bulk. You can make them uniquely yours by adding your names and the wedding date. To further personalize your wedding, you may choose the color of the paper and flowers to fit your theme. This thoughtful touch ensures your guests leave with a sweet reminder of your wedding day, long after the last dance.

Pricing: Referenced Price by Baby Essentials By Mel on Etsy

  • 24-99 Favors = $1.80 ea
  • 100-199 Favors = $1.70 ea
  • 200-299 Favors = $1.60 ea
  • 300+ Favors = $1.50 ea

19. All-Natural Herb Soap

All-Natural Herb Soap
All-Natural Herb Soap

These fragrant soap bars are the perfect rustic favors for weddings, crafted with love using simple ingredients like a soap base, essential oils, herbs, and a silicone mold. Opt for natural and environmentally friendly ingredients to ensure your favors are kind to the earth. Wrapping them in pouches made from recycled fabrics adds a delightful touch!

Instead of using artificial fragrances that could irritate the skin, these soaps get their unique scent from a blend of essential oils. Besides their pleasant smell, essential oils have many other uses.

Available: 5,92$ at the Smile Boutiques store on Esty

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20. Custom Playing Card Favors

Custom Playing Card Favors – Rustic Monogram
Custom Playing Card Favors For Rustic Monogram

Infuse your country wedding with a playful touch by offering these charming custom playing card favors! Featuring a beautiful rustic wood design and a monogram in elegant rose gold foil, these cards are a delightful keepsake for guests of all ages.

For an extra special touch, personalize the cards with your initials to create a unique memento of your celebration. Each set comes conveniently packaged in a clear plastic box, making them easy for guests to take home and enjoy long after the wedding festivities conclude.

Available: 4,85$ Hitchedshop Store

21. Honey Pots and Dippers

Honey Pots and Dippers
Honey Pots and Dippers

Send your guests home buzzing with delight by offering them jars of delicious local honey – a charming way to tell them they’re the sweetest! These adorable wedding favors come in sets of 20 personalized miniature honey jars, each holding 2 ounces of pure goodness.

Each jar is beautifully packaged with a personalized label, twine, and ribbon, making them ready to be gifted. So, this option will make your wedding preparations a lot easier.

Available: 87,34$ for 20 honey Jar at the Natural Honey Bee store on Esty

Unforgettable Unique Rustic Wedding Favors

Want to truly wow your guests with unforgettable rustic favors? These distinctive keepsakes stray from the normal, offering a personalized touch and a guaranteed conversation starter for your guests.

22. Country-Themed Photo Booth with Instant Cameras

Country-Themed Photo Booth with Instant Cameras
Country-Themed Photo Booth with Instant Cameras

Why not transform your rustic wedding into a memory-making hotspot with a country-themed photo booth? Guests of all ages will be grinning from ear to ear as they capture silly and heartwarming moments with a playful selection of props like straw hats, bandanas, and vintage-inspired signs.

Combine this interactive fun with instant cameras. So your guests can snap their pics, write a message on the back, and bring those specials back home. It’s a fun way to make sure everyone remembers your big day for a long time

23. Rustic Engraved Spoons

Rustic Engraved Spoons for Rustic wedding favors ideas
Rustic Engraved Spoons

Beautifully engraved wooden spoons are a practical and charming country wedding favors. They going from your wedding celebration straight to a guest’s cozy kitchen, becoming a cherished utensil for many years. Personalize them with your initials, wedding date, or a short message for a subtle yet thoughtful touch that adds a unique charm to your rustic wedding favors.

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24. Rustic Burlap Tote

Rustic Burlap Tote for  Rustic Wedding Favors
Rustic Burlap Tote

Vintage-inspired burlap bags made of 100% jute cloth accentuate the rustic feel of your wedding. Your name and wedding date may be embroidered or printed on the imprint space. These are rustic wedding favors for guests that guests will cherish and use for years to come because of their practicality, strength, and durability.

Available: 9,25$ MarriageGift store on Esty

Viva Wedding Tip

Most vendors let you personalize your burlap totes with any text and font. Add your names, date, or a special message for a unique touch.

25. Good Luck Horseshoes

Good Luck Horseshoes – Rustic Wedding Party Favors
Good Luck Horseshoes

Are you looking for a method to provide your rustic wedding favors to guests? These horseshoes may also serve as decorative accents for your table! By waving them off on your wedding day with this time-honored emblem of good fortune, you may convey to your guests how grateful you are to have them there to participate in your big day.

Available: 60,66$ for 24pcs at the Aokbean store on Amazon

26. Compass Wedding Favors

Compass Wedding Favors – rustic wedding favors for guests
Compass Wedding Favors For rustic wedding favors for guests

This navigator is an excellent choice if you’re looking for rustic wedding party favors that are beautiful and functional. When the event ends, hang it on a twig or distribute it throughout the area to create a spooky atmosphere. Even with apps that provide directions, a compass’ accuracy remains unassailably high.

Available: 9,34$/pcs on Aliexpress

27. Custom Olive Oil

Custom Olive Oil – Rustic Wedding Favors
Custom Olive Oil For Rustic Wedding Favors

Mini olive oil wedding favors are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence at your wedding. From northern California’s finest olive oils, this product is distributed abroad to people aware of olive oil’s health benefits and value.

Available: 291,86$/35pcs at The Greek Pantry store on Esty

28. Antler Bottle Openers

Antler Bottle Openers For Rustic Wedding Party Favors
Antler Bottle Openers For Rustic Wedding Party Favors

You may bring a touch of nature into your home with this Antler Bottle Opener. Your guests will be happy to carry these rustic wedding favors along with the bottle of wine you’ve lovingly put on their tables, thanks to its practicality and beautiful elegance. The guests will remember your wedding for the rest of their lives!

Available: 22,65$ at the WildliebeDesigns store on Esty

29. Mini Maple Syrup

Mini Maple Syrup – rustic wedding favors for guests
Mini Maple Syrup

Local maple syrup is a delicious way to show your guests how much you care, and it is especially fitting for a wedding held in the autumn. Smooth and all-natural, this maple syrup will elevate the flavor of pancakes, waffles, desserts, drinks, and more.

Available: 9.99$ on Amazon

30. Glittery Hand Fans In Gold

Glittery Hand Fans In Gold
Glittery Hand Fans In Gold

Glittery gold hand fans make rustic wedding favor ideas and are perfect for a rustic-themed wedding. These vintage-inspired fans are a terrific way to keep your guests cool and comfortable during your outdoor wedding.

Available: 32,36$ at the ModParty store on Esty

31. Custom Engraved Wood Coaster

Custom Engraved Wood Coaster
Custom Engraved Wood Coaster

Infuse your wedding with a touch of nature by offering these charming custom-engraved wooden coasters! Each coaster is crafted from a natural wood slice, making them truly unique keepsakes for your guests. The unpolished surface not only adds a rustic touch, but also provides excellent protection for your guests’ furniture from moisture and heat from mugs or glasses.

Available: You may buy on Lasers Make it Awesome

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32. Personalized Wine Corks

Personalized Wine Corks – rustic wedding favors for guests
Personalized Wine Corks

These vintage wine corks make personalized wedding favors that leave the best impression on your guests. You have the option of selecting from a variety of designs, which will assist you in putting your unique stamp on the present.

Available: 13,95$ at the Wood Present Studio

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So, unleash your creativity, embrace the spirit of the country theme, and find the ideal rustic wedding favors to express your appreciation for the appearance of dear guests! We at Viva Wedding Photography hope that this curated list has been helpful in narrowing down your rustic wedding favor options. No matter which path you choose, let these favors be a cherished reminder of your love story for your guests.

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