38 Charming Fall Wedding Favors For Your Loved Ones (2024)

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Are you stuck on looking for fall wedding favors? There’s no reason to worry. Fortunately, Viva Wedding Photography has already done most of the legwork for you. The best part is that they’re all reasonably priced but still elegant and beautiful. Therefore, you won’t have to slash your catering budget to afford them. Just keep reading!

Homemade Fall Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

1. Mini Jar Of Honey

Mini Jar Of Honey Fall Wedding Favors
Mini Jar Of Honey

These honey jars aren’t just cute; they’ll provide a delicious taste to whatever cup of tea or baked product. You may put your name and wedding date on their labels to make them even more unique.

2. Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin Candles Autumn Wedding Favors
Pumpkin Candles Autumn Wedding Favors

Mini pumpkin candles are a beautiful way to use the season’s harvest as fall wedding favor ideas. Their aroma will take guests to a peaceful autumnal setting. We are sure they will appreciate these gifts.

3. Maple Candy

What’s better than a candy-filled gift bag? Pure maple syrup is used to make this organic maple candy, making it a better choice for those looking to cut down on their sweet tooth without giving up the taste.

4. Cider Donuts

Cider Donuts Fall Wedding Favors
Cider Donuts Fall Wedding Favors

You may get these delicious donuts from a local bakery or do it yourself (local goods are always unique). And then you might put them in these lovely “donut mind if I do” boxes that you can personalize.

5. Mini Bottle Of Maple Syrup

Mini Bottle Of Maple Syrup October Wedding Favors
Mini Bottle Of Maple Syrup

This maple leaf-shaped bottle and its rich, seasonal hues make this wedding favor scream autumn. These maple syrup favors will add to the rustic tone of your wedding and look lovely on display. Your guests will be grateful for the ideal addition to their breakfast, and each mouthful will remind them of the good times they had at your wedding.

6. Sachet Of Mulling Spices

Sachet Of Mulling Spices Autumn Wedding Favors
Sachet Of Mulling Spices

You don’t have to look any further for tasty fall wedding favors that people of all ages can enjoy. This package of cinnamon, allspice, orange, and cloves is great for making apple cider for kids or mulled wine for adults. Also, every sachet comes with easy-to-follow instructions for how to make the drink so that families can make it together.

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7. Tea Leaves Favors

Tea Leaves Fall Wedding Favor Ideas
Tea Leaves Favors

Even on the coldest days, your guests will stay warm and toasty with these glass tubes full of loose tea leaves. Use a flavor like “Apple Cinnamon” to make your guests feel like it’s fall, or buy a variety of teas for the best display at your wedding.

8. Rustic Potpourri Favor

Rustic Potpourri Fall Wedding Favors
Rustic Potpourri Favor

Potpourri is a great way to bring the aromas of autumn into a home. The vanilla, clove, and nutmeg-scented potpourri are packaged in a stylish glass jar with a rope ribbon. There’s no better way to bring your rustic and earthy wedding theme to life than with these items.

9. Sunflower Seed Packet

Sunflower Seed Packet Fall Wedding Favors
Sunflower Seed Packet Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Did you know that October is the most fantastic time of year to grow sunflowers? You may introduce your wedding guests to a healthy new pastime with these seed packets: gardening. It’s a reminder of the good times at your fall wedding.

10. Chocolate Pretzels

Fall Wedding Party Favors Chocolate Pretzels
Wedding Chocolate Pretzels

The combination of two delicious sweets, especially when done in autumnal hues and sprinkled with little pumpkin sprinkles, is a certain hit. Since they are sealed in separate packages, gifting is a breeze.

11. Hot Cocoa Wedding Favor

Hot Cocoa Autumn Wedding Favors
Hot Cocoa Wedding Favor

This is one of our favorite fall wedding favor ideas because it will be the most useful if your wedding is held later in the season. Once the hot chocolate mix and marshmallows are spooned into the bags, seal them with a personalized sticker and display them.

12. Marshmallow Pops

Instead of s’mores, the signature dessert at your wedding could be a new version of the classic taste combination. When it comes to what you can put on top of your marshmallow pops, the options are endless. Making these is a lot of fun, and your guests will have a great time choosing their favorites.

13. Pecan-Brittle Favors

Pecan-Brittle Fall Wedding Favors
Pecan-Brittle Favors

As fall wedding party favors, guests at this wedding might be given pecan brittle which is a comforting snack. We’re sure that these snacks will be a big hit with your guests.

14. Handmade Lip Balms

Because of the chilly weather, guests at this wedding will be given handmade lip balms in various flavors, including lemon, vanilla, cardamom coffee, and natural beeswax. No one left with chapped lips!

15. Caramel-dipped Apples

A Caramel-dipped Apple Fall Wedding Favor Ideas
A Caramel-dipped Apple

We have a great idea for the wedding had an autumnal theme! When guests would be leaving at the end of the night, chocolate- and caramel-covered apples were placed in wonderful boxes and offered to them as fall wedding favor ideas to take home. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness through this gift.

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Unique Fall Wedding Favors Ideas You Should Know

16. Mini Hand Sanitizer

Mini Hand Sanitizer Fall Wedding Favors
Mini Hand Sanitizer

With these practical autumn wedding favors, you can keep germs away. For your visitors’ convenience, the bottle is tiny enough to be carried about in a pocket or handbag. Additionally, you may put these personalized small sanitizers in your welcome bag, position them in guest rooms, or place them at each table setting.

17. Wooden Tealight Holder

Wooden Tealight Holder Fall Wedding Party Favors
Wooden Tealight Holder

These handcrafted tealight holders with dried flower decorations are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere on a cold night. In addition to handing them to your guests, try lighting them during the reception as rustic wedding favors.

18. Rustic Pumpkin Custom Canvas

Rustic Pumpkin Custom Canvas Autumn Wedding Favors
Rustic Pumpkin Custom Canvas

This rustic canvas painting is the ideal way to say “thank you” to your guests and will fit your country-themed wedding. For the most fabulous fall wedding favors for guests, you can also insert a picture of them in the window-shaped entrance.

19. Fall Foliage Matchboxes

Fall Foliage Matchboxes Fall Wedding Favors
Fall Foliage Matchboxes

If you’re having an autumn party, these chic matchboxes will come in useful for lighting candles or starting a campfire. When your visitors light a match on your big day, they’ll be reminded of the occasion!

20. Striped Socks

Striped Socks October Wedding Favors
Striped Socks Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Anyone’s closet should include a pair of soft socks. They are, of course, great for relaxing at home. We are confident that these are one of the nicest fall wedding favors. You can give your guests in the autumn a pair of socks in a range of neutral colors so they may match the event’s theme.

21. Pumpkin Spice Hand Lotion

Pumpkin Spice Hand Lotion Fall Wedding Party Favors
Pumpkin Spice Hand Lotion

The fall’s decreased air temperature inevitably leads to dry skin. You may give your guests a pleasant scent and softer skin at your wedding with these pumpkin spice hand lotions. Moreover, because of the lotion’s compact size, visitors may easily bring it along.

22. Miniature Stag

Miniature Stag Fall Wedding Party Favors
Miniature Stag October Wedding Favors

This little stag, like other forest animals that are celebrated in the fall, is a good choice for a wedding in the fall. The newlyweds might decide to combine these fall wedding party favors with personlized guests’ name cards that they then use to decorate each guest’s table setting at the reception.

23. Mini Lanterns

Mini Lanterns Autumn Wedding Favors
Mini Lanterns October Wedding Favors

You may pretend you’re spending the night in the woods on a cool autumn evening by lighting up the area with these little lanterns. We are certain that guests’ homes and your reception venue will look great with these chic favors. You may choose from a variety of colors for the lanterns to fit your wedding decor. Each order comes with a gift box decorated with ribbon, a tea light candle, a flower, and a thank-you tag.

24. Personalized Pet Photo Canvas Print

October Wedding Favors Canvas Print
Personalized Pet Photo Canvas Print

This may be a great custom wedding present for guests if they have a beloved pet. We guarantee that when your guests get this present, they will be thoroughly impressed.

25. Handwoven Plaid Blanket

Handwoven Plaid Blanket Fall Wedding Favors
Handwoven Plaid Blanket

Warming up will be a priority for your guests when the weather becomes a little chillier. Throw blankets are a great way to keep them warm in the fall. Because of the comfort provided by the cotton material, your visitors will be unable to bear to part with it.

26. Antler Bottle Openers

Antler Bottle Openers Fall Wedding Favor Ideas
Antler Bottle Openers

This antler bottle opener is the perfect accessory for fall. The sophisticated minimalism of the design ensures that your visitors will want to show it off.

27. Mason Jar Mug

Mason Jar Mug Fall Wedding Favors
Mason Jar Mug

In addition to serving beverages in these jars during cocktail hour, visitors may take the glassware home with them to keep refilling them throughout the night. They might also enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a warm glass of apple cider at night with this 16-ounce mason jar mug.

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28. Rustic Pencils

Rustic Pencils Autumn Wedding Favors
Rustic Pencils October Wedding Favors

The writing tools that look like tree trunks are fun decor for any autumn workspace. We’re sure it will be a present that fits your aesthetic wedding while also helping save the environment.

29. Gold Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper

Gold Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper October Wedding Favors
Gold Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper

They are one of our top fall wedding favors because of their high-quality material and attractive appearance. You won’t be able to find anything more fitting for this season or more stunning than these gold leaf-shape wine bottle stoppers.

30. Vintage Luggage Favor Boxes

Vintage Luggage Autumn Wedding Favors Boxes
Vintage Luggage Favor Boxes

We believe you’ll be pleased with purchasing these retro-inspired luggage boxes. The autumn flavors may be brought back with only a simple filling of your favorite sweets in these boxes. It’s hard to see anybody turning down one of these cute suitcases.

31. Fall Chocolate Bars

October Wedding Favors Chocolate Bars
Fall Chocolate Bars

These milk chocolate bars are excellent autumn wedding favors, covered in leaf-print packaging. Guests may enjoy them after the main meal or take them home for their children.

32. Apple Cider

Apple Cider Fall Wedding Favors
Apple Cider Fall Wedding Party Favors

To liven things up without alienating non-drinkers, sparkling apple cider is a fantastic choice. It will bring back lovely memories for your guests at your fall wedding.

33. Fall Cookie Cutters

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas Cookie Cutters
Fall Cookie Cutters

Autumn cookie cutters are a better gift for visitors than fall sweets. These cookie cutters are a hit with bakers of all skill levels. The leaf shapes may be customized by each participant. We are sure that your kid guests will love this more than ever.

34. Fall Coasters

Coasters Fall Wedding Favors For Guests
Coasters October Wedding Favors

Give your guests fall wedding favor ideas that they will appreciate: seasonal coasters. These practical items will prevent leaving water trails that annoy your guests.

35. Moccasin Favors

The Moccasin Fall Wedding Favors For Guests
The Moccasin Favors

What could be better than a pair of plush slippers in this weather? Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they also look good on both men and women. We think these fall wedding party favors will show your guests how much you care about them.

36. Postcard Favors

Postcard Fall Wedding Favors
Postcard Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

At this outdoor fall wedding, guests prefer being sent home with postcards that included the ceremony and reception locations. It will be better appreciated by those who are passionate about art.

37. Fall Magnets

Fall Magnets Fall Wedding Party Favors
Fall Magnets Fall Wedding Party Favors

You need to look no further if you want to gift a favor that your guests will use for years to come. These lovely maple leaf magnets will help you. When your guests put these magnets on their fridges, they’ll remember all the enjoyable parts of your party. They can also use them to stick your wedding photos on as great keepsakes.

38. Farmhouse Wall Art Decor

Farmhouse Wall Art Decor Fall Wedding Favors For Guests
Farmhouse Wall Art Decor

As fall wedding party favors, you can’t go wrong with these canvas prints. People who like to decorate their homes can recognize the depth in your present giving. To make your gift personal, consider including the names of each of your guests.

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These creative fall wedding favors may be utilized in any style, theme, or venue of the fall wedding. The visitors will recognize your efforts and appreciate the present you give. We at Viva Wedding Photography hope that these ideas will be helpful. Wishing you a very happy and wonderful wedding ceremony with your loved ones!

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