36 Lesbian Wedding Gifts: Meaningful Ideas To Celebrate Love

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On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Since then, tens of thousands of gay and lesbian couples have tied the knot, and the number is rising. Lesbian wedding invitations are rising, so you may soon get one.

So, what do you get the newlyweds as a perfect gift on their special day? Look no further than our selection of the most incredible lesbian wedding gifts. Viva Wedding Photography provides unique offerings for LGBT married couples.

Sentimental Wedding Gifts For Lesbian Couples

1. Bride and Bride Cake Pops

The Bride and Bride Cake Pops Lesbian Wedding Gifts
The Bride and Bride Cake Pops for the lesbian wedding gift

Every wedding reception needs cake, so cake pops are a must. To express congratulations to the newlyweds, getting these bride and bride cake pops as lesbian wedding gifts are excellent and helpful gift idea.

  • What we love:

Each Cake Pop is presented in its own cellophane wrapper, with a bow and a customized tag, and produced using premium chocolate and components.

  • Where to buy: TheLollicakesBakery shop on Esty, $43,77

2. Cotton Robes

Cotton Robes - Gifts For Lesbian Wedding
Cotton Robes for lesbian wedding gift ideas

Buy a set of luxurious Turkish cotton robes to wear together at home. These spa-like products are thin yet wealthy all at the same time. After the wedding, they may relax with these robes you gave them as lesbian wedding gifts.

  • What we love:

100% Premium Ringspun Cotton was used to make this robe. A pile weaves cotton fabric with an uncut pile on the inside and a cut pile on the outside, making a terry velour with a soft and luxurious feel… Soft and stylish! You can choose a kimono or a shawl collar.

  • Where to buy: Amazon, $33,0

3. “This Is Us” Canvas Print

"This Is Us" Canvas Print - Lesbian Wedding Gifts
“This Is Us” Canvas Print for lesbian couple wedding gifts

Canvas prints are a great choice to commemorate a wedding day for your loved ones. It is about time that you put this perfect wedding gift in your shopping cart! Oh Canvas crafted this one-of-a-kind wall art for your lesbian couple’s special occasions. With a genuine declaration of love that says “This Is Us” and a wedding date that will always be remembered.

  • What we love:

The canvas is wrapped around a solid hardwood frame. The colors on this canvas gallery wrap are rich and vibrant. Colorfast inks contain pigments that are resistant to fading. The printing was done on a high-quality cotton canvas. Canvas prints will keep their beautiful appearance for many years.

  • Where to buy: Oh Canvas, $39.95

4. Customized Star Map Canvas Print

Customized Star Map Canvas Print Lesbian Wedding Gifts
Customized Star Map Canvas Print for the unique lesbian wedding gift

Personalize the night sky star map print as an original lesbian wedding gift. Their first date may be chosen, the night they met, the first kiss, or even the wedding day! Simply enter the wedding date and name of the lesbian couple, and they’ll print the special night sky on that day.

  • What we love:

The watercolor style used in this canvas wall art poster, along with the numerous customization options, make it fantastic. Watercolor map canvas prints are very unique among other night sky personalized star maps.

  • Where to buy: Oh Canvas, $35.95

5. Two Brides Card

Two Brides Card - Gifts For Lesbian Wedding
Two Brides Card for Gifts For Lesbian Wedding

The cards created for these two brides are beautiful. They will be grateful to you for giving them these unique lesbian wedding gifts.

  • What we love:

This elegant wedding anniversary card with a silhouette of two women in love is a beautiful way to show how much you care. Write your own romantic words on the inside for your newlywed couples. Each bride wears a floor-length dress, but one has a veil, and the other has a tiara and a bouquet.

  • Where to buy: Zazzle, £2.04

6. Rainbow Pride Inclusivity Coasters

Customized Coasters for lesbian couples
Customized Coasters for lesbian couples

Rainbow coasters are an impressive option when shopping for lesbian wedding gifts. The newlyweds will be delighted to have this unique piece of art in their homes. It’s a novel way to enhance lesbian couples’ rooms!

  • What we love:

They’re nonslip, thanks to the cork backing and high-quality MDF construction.

  • Where to buy: MyQueerGifts shop, $4,99

7. Canvas Print of Churches

Canvas Prints of Churches - Wedding Gift For Lesbian Couple
Canvas Print of Churches for Wedding Gift For Lesbian Couple

Giving something unique and valuable to your lesbian couple is a good way to spend time. This artwork and the phrase “Let No One Separate” with the customized wedding date and the lesbian couple’s names make for a meaningful and memorable lesbian wedding gift. Seeing it will be a constant reminder of their destiny as a female couple.

  • What we love:

This product has a matte finish that is weather-resistant and won’t warp, fade, scratch, or crack. In addition, anti-yellowing materials will prevent this wedding present from oxidizing.

  • Where to buy: Oh Canvas, $35.95

8. Personalized Memory Book

Personalized Memory Book for lesbian couple wedding gifts
Personalized Memory Book for lesbian couple wedding gifts

This book would be one of the most excellent lesbian wedding gift ideas without a doubt. A customized memory book that contains a couple’s most treasured memories would make even the most jaded of romantics fall head over heels in love with the gift idea.

  • What we love:

A scrapbook that you make yourself and design the way you want. You can use one of the designer templates or your own. It comes in different colors and sizes, which makes it great for Wedding Guest Books, Adventures, photo albums, hen parties, and Christenings, among other things.

  • Where to buy: Balloonelle store on Esty, $28,77

9. Date Night Fondue Set

Romantic Candle - Lesbian Wedding Gifts
Romantic Candle for Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas

The couple that dips together stays together. With this fondue set with a romantic theme, date night becomes a gastronomic adventure. With this heart-shaped kit for ravenous fans of savory and sweet treats, you may dip your way into romance.

  • What we love:

First, put crusty bread, fresh vegetables, or treats that can be dipped on the acacia wood surface. Put the savory or sweet treat your lover likes best in the heart-shaped pan and wait for it to get hot. You can now use the two arrow skewers given to play, eat, and share each piece that has been dipped.

  • Where to buy: Get this perfect wedding gift on Uncommon Goods, for $68,09

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10. LGBT Blanket

Blanket for Lesbian Wedding Gifts
LGBT Blanket for Lesbian Couples

It is almost pleasant when the pair spends the whole night curled up in a weighted blanket. Cuddling up on the couch with a loved one is fun in the fall and winter. This is the most thoughtful and appropriate wedding gift for lesbian couple.

  • What we love:

Give your home a design element that stands out but is also useful and comfortable. This throw blanket feels like soft silk and is perfect for relaxing on the couch on cool nights.

  • Where to buy: Amazon, $39,65

11. Neon Rainbow Light

Neon Rainbow Light - Lesbian Wedding Gifts
Neon Rainbow Light for Lesbian Wedding Gifts

Isn’t this light wonderful with its brilliant rainbow hues? This charming light would be a great addition to any room in the house, but it would be most effective in the bedroom. The greatest thing is that it would be an excellent gift idea for a lesbian family member or a friend.

  • What we love:

Rainbow design in sweet neon that stands out – an excellent way to make rainbows with light. The back of the lamp has a hole that lets you hang it on the wall or put it on a table. Use 3 AA batteries (not included) or a USB adapter to turn it on.

  • Where to buy: Buy this gift idea for the happy couple at Brand: QING YUN on Amazon

12. Custom Pillow Cases

Wifey Pillows Cases for lesbian gifts
Custom Pillow Cases for lesbian gifts

These wifey pillows for the wives are adorable as well. You have your choice of numerous sizes in cotton fabrics which make them beautiful wedding gift ideas for lesbians.

  • What we love:

Every single pillowcase for the lesbian couple is made by hand with care. Each drawing is made by hand with textile paint and brushes, so it is very soft on the skin (unlike the print technique)

  • Where to buy: These lesbian wedding gift ideas are at CreativePillowLV store on Esty, $24,62

13. Hers and Hers Wine Tumbler Set

Hers and Hers Wine Tumbler Set as lesbian couple wedding gifts
Hers and Hers Wine Tumbler Set as wedding gifts

The “Mrs. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” wine tumbler sets include 4 pieces: straws, brush cleaners, toxin-free lids, and stainless steel tumblers. Moreover, you can use them as coffee mugs also. It would be one of the funniest and most practical same-sex wedding gifts.

  • What we love:

The exterior of these wine tumblers will always be cool and condensation-free, keeping them dry to the touch.

  • Where to buy: Brand: No Limit To Love on Amazon

14. Champagne Glass Flutes

Champagne Glass Flutes for Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas
Champagne Glass Flutes for Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas

This is a great time to show both brides your love and support. These flutes are perfect wedding gift ideas when the happy couple raises a glass. You may customize them by writing lesbian couples’ names and the wedding date on them. The most memorable thing is that you can even choose the color of the glitter to go with their wedding colors!

  • What we love:

You can get champagne glasses made specifically for you. You can utilize the colors from your unique wedding in this pattern. You can paint names and the wedding date to suit the occasion.

  • Where to buy: Amazon, $190,07

15. LGBT Rainbow Chunky Knit Throw

Rainbow Chunky Knit Throw - Lesbian Wedding Gifts
Rainbow Chunky Knit Throw for a unique lesbian wedding gift

A rainbow chunky knit throw is a lovely lesbian wedding gift. It’s made of luxurious Merino Wool and comes in various colors and patterns. Let’s make it an ideal gift for lesbian newlyweds!

  • What we love:

Comfortable and delicate touch. Merino wool is super smooth and cuddly, giving you a sense of pure comfort and warmth. These blankets are not scratchy and are comfortable to touch.

  • Where to buy: Knit4Fashion store on Esty, $40,56

16. LGBT Welcome Mat

LGBT Welcome Mat for wedding gift ideas
LGBT Welcome Mat for wedding gift ideas

Use this cute mat as a unique lesbian wedding gift to dress up their front door. This humorous doormat is ideal for a lesbian couple to use to welcome visitors to their home. Depending on the location, it may be either inside or outside the front entrance.

  • What we love:

These are made from organic coconut husk fibers, known for their ability to remove dirt. With features like being durable, easy to clean, and non-slip, you can add a playful touch to lesbian couples while still making it worthwhile.

  • Where to buy: Amazon, $15.85

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Trendy Lesbian Wedding Gifts In 2024

17. Bedside Water Carafe

Bedside Water Carafe for a lesbian wedding gift
Bedside Water Carafe for a lesbian wedding gift

Ensure you don’t offer the pair too many mugs or champagne flutes. Yet, this bedside water carafe is one of the most thoughtful lesbian couple wedding gifts!

  • What we love:

The tumbler and carafe were made by hand and fit together to make a sculpture of a sleeping person. The round tumbler with the stylized face fits into the hole and acts as a stopper to keep your drink cold until the following day.

  • Where to buy: Created by Erdem Akan at Uncommon Goods, $121,48

18. LGBT Double Hammock

Comfy Double Hammock - Lesbian Wedding Gifts
Comfy Double Hammock – Lesbian Wedding Gifts

Whether you know the lesbian couple well, you may know if they have a place for a double hammock. This hammock is an excellent wedding gift for couples to relax with a drink, a book, or Netflix.

  • What we love:

Two strong hooks and two 3m-long (9.8ft.) straps are included for a quick and easy setup. You don’t have to be an expert at hammocks to do this. Just hang it from your hammock stand.

  • Where to buy: Visit the Ohuhu Store on Amazon

19. Mini Coffee Maker

Mini Coffee Maker - Gifts For Lesbian Wedding
Mini Coffee Maker for Gifts For Lesbian Wedding

This Mini Coffee Maker is the ideal lesbian wedding gift who like coffee in the morning. It is sleek, fashionable, and just 5 inches wide, so it won’t take up much space in the kitchen.

  • What we love:

The drip tray is easy to take out and clean and can hold travel mugs up to 7 inches tall. Also, the coffee maker turns off 90 seconds after you’ve made your last cup.

  • Where to buy: Keurig Store on Amazon, $69.64

20. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy for lesbian wedding gift ideas
Bamboo Bathtub Caddy for lesbian wedding gift ideas

Married couples always love relaxing baths. You may offer them a unique and sensual bathing experience with this bathtub caddy tray. It’s made of bamboo, which is robust, water-resistant, and good for the environment. It can hold wine, candles, body wash, and other products.

  • What we love:

This bathtub tray is made of strong, high-quality bamboo and is made entirely of bamboo. It can be used in the bath because it is naturally waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew.

  • Where to buy: Buy at SereneLife Store on Amazon, $39.99

21. Mature Lesbian Bedroom Print

Mature Lesbian Bedroom Print as a thoughtful wedding gift
Mature Lesbian Bedroom Print as wedding gifts

This bedroom print is obviously for a specific kind of lesbian couple. We’re sure it’s one of the most hilarious lesbian wedding gifts you’ve ever seen.

  • What we love:

These prints are made with archival ink on Fine Art Grade Non-Fade paper to ensure they look great for many years.

  • Where to buy: TheFaceCreations on Esty, $16,25

22. Lesbian Love Battleship Game

Lesbian Couples Love Battleship Game for wedding gifts
Lesbian Couples Love Battleship Game for wedding gifts

The Lesbian Love Battleship Game is exquisitely produced with watercolor pictures. It is like giving a lesbian couple a toy but with more mystery and passion. Let’s make it the perfect gift for female couple pals heading on their honeymoon.

  • What we love:

There is no need to sit down and read lengthy rule papers because the Love Battleship game is based on the traditional Battleship game regulations.

  • Where to buy: OpenMity on Esty, $31,74

23. Edible Massage Oil

Edible Massage Oil - Gifts For Lesbian Wedding
Edible Massage Oil for Gifts For Lesbian Wedding

Since it can be used in many ways, edible massage oil is usually one of our top picks for lesbian couple gifts. This after-shower oil has all the good and no sticky stuff, so you may massage or lick it.

  • What we love:

It has many natural oils, including hemp seed, vitamin E, almond, grape seed, and many others. Besides, it is profoundly hydrating and penetrating. This is a natural expert massage therapist glide.

  • Where to buy: Earthly Body Store on Amazon, $19.99

24. Stylish Camera

Stylish Camera - Wedding Gift For Lesbian Couple
Stylish Camera For Wedding Gift For Lesbian Couple

You may make the day of a lesbian couple by giving them compact cameras as wedding gifts. Thus, providing them with a camera will allow them to record all of the memorable moments even if it is at the engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, or other special occasions.

  • What we love:

It is a Yashica camera made in Japan in the 1970s. It has a 50 mm lens with a cover. Aside from that, it works well and looks classic.

  • Where to buy: VintageZoeFinds store on Esty, $84,02

25. Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Cork Stopper

Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Cork Stopper
Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Cork Stopper

This steel vertical corkscrew with a cork stopper comes from the kitchenware gold standard. Women are well-versed in the joys of fine wine and will love this lesbian wedding gift.

  • What we love:

Rapid up-and-down motion allows any wine bottle to be opened in only three seconds. The leverage provided by the extra-long handle’s smooth, non-slip grip makes for a comfortable grasp. One additional non-stick screw is included for extended use. Using the supplied foil cutter, remove foil from wine bottles in a tidy and secure manner.

  • Where to buy: You may buy this thoughtful wedding gift at KEISSCO Store on Amazon

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26. LGBT Suncatchers

4-Piece Rainbow Suncatchers Lesbian Wedding Gifts
4-Piece Rainbow Suncatchers for lesbian wedding gift ideas

This 4-piece Rainbow Suncatcher is a beautiful lesbian wedding gift. They produce a rainbow prism effect on the floor and walls when used in the sun. In a new couple’s bedroom, they will convey positive vibes and a sense of lightness.

  • What we love:

A string of colored beads and a transparent crystal ball, super shine, clear crystal laser cut, and extremely stunning quality are also included.

  • Where to buy: Amazon, $9.99

27. Heart-Shaped Pattern Sleeping Mask

Heart-Shaped Pattern Sleeping Mask is a wonderful idea
Heart-Shaped Pattern Sleeping Mask is a wonderful idea

These heart-shaped sleeping masks as wedding gifts for lesbian couples will offer a good eye covering. The fleece-lined sleeping mask will keep light out of their eyes as they sleep. Thus, their love and quality of life will be enhanced with these products.

  • What we love:

The hearts are filled with organic dried wheat and lavender and can be heated in the microwave or frozen. You can look at it to rest your tired eyes, practice mindfulness or meditation, or relax sore muscles. This heart is made of GOTS organic cotton on the front and 100% black silk on the back, so it feels very soft against the skin.

  • Where to buy: This wedding gift is available at STEPHANIE ANN shop on Not On The High St, £27

28. Kitchenware

Kitchenware is the perfect gift for Female Couples
Kitchenware is the perfect gift for Female Couples

One of the best lesbian couple wedding gifts is a piece of kitchenware. If they had spare time, they spent it in the kitchen. Then they should try out new baking techniques. Lesbian couples might use the wedding gift by cooking or baking during the weekend.

  • What we love:

Wedding gift ideas for the kitchen that are safe, non-toxic, heat-resistant, non-stick, durable, easy to clean, and good for the environment.

  • Where to buy: You may buy this wedding gift on eBay for $4.99

29. Heart-shaped Waffle Machine

Heart-shaped Waffle Machine for newlywed couples
Heart-shaped Waffle Machine for newlywed couples

It’s not a mistake; the form of the waffle looks like a heart. Try to think of something that hasn’t been done before with it, such as a romantic breakfast in bed for the two of you. The happy couple will love and be super comfy with this good wedding gift on their special day.

  • What we love:

It was constructed using high-quality aluminum alloy, was suitable for use with food, and was designed to be taken apart and cleaned quickly and easily. Non-stick and simple to clean, thanks to the surface coating. The long handle is comfortable to hold and insulates well against heat while being fully operable.

  • Where to buy: Amazon, $23.61

30. Kitchen Blender

Kitchen Blender - Wedding Gift For Lesbian Couple
Kitchen Blender For Wedding Gift For Lesbian Couples

Blenders are essential for making smoothies, soups, and sauces. The blender is one of the ideal same-sex wedding gifts for health-conscious people. Depending on your budget and relationship with them, consider giving them this item.

  • What we love:

Thanks to its powerful motor and sophisticated motor control system, this appliance can easily blend everything, from fibrous, nutrient-dense vegetables to frozen fruits and nuts.

  • Where to buy: Add this wedding gift to your cart at KitchenAid, $1,199

31. Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime Subscription as the perfect wedding gift
Amazon Prime Subscription for the thoughtful wedding gift

This wedding present might be given to lesbian couples or family members who are getting married. Free online storage for your images is only one of the many perks of being a Prime member. Discover more amazing things by purchasing this Amazon Prime Subscription now!

  • What we love:

Amazon Prime is a paid service that gives users access to services unavailable to the average Amazon customer or cost extra. This includes free shipping in one or two days, the ability to play music and videos, and other perks.

  • Where to buy: This wedding gift is available on Amazon, for $14,99/month

32. Skincare Products

Skincare Products For a lesbian wedding gift
Skincare Products For a lesbian wedding gift

As lesbian wedding gifts, they’ll be pleased if they get to use their favorite skincare items. Consider the skin type and current skincare routine of the person you will give these.

  • What we love:

You may make your face a clay mask with this beautiful mix of clay grains and powders. It will leave your skin feeling clean, detoxified, soft, and glowing. Mix this organic powder to boost vitamins, antioxidants, and natural hydration.

  • Where to buy: Get these wedding gift ideas at CottonandFeather on Esty, $34,39

33. Private Cooking Class

Book a Private Class for Two as a wedding present
Book a Private Class for Two as a wedding present

The female couple may learn cooking, ceramics, painting, or winemaking to prepare for their happy life together with this lesbian wedding gift. The newlywed couple will enjoy their private cooking session since they can try their dishes.

34. Tattoo Gift

A Tattoo Gift Voucher Lesbian Wedding Gifts
Tattoo Wedding Gift Vouchers for lesbian couples

Do you know lesbian couples who are well-known for their love of tattoos? Getting a new tattoo can be both a thrilling and expensive process. Giving a lesbian wedding gift voucher to a local tattoo shop for your friend is a kind gesture.

  • What we love:

It is High Quality and 100% Brand New. In addition, it is quick, simple, safe, and non-toxic.

  • Where to buy: Purchase these unique gifts for your female couple at SeasonSticker on Etsy for $3,81

35. Gift Box

Gift Box - Gifts For Lesbian Wedding
Gift Box For Gifts For Lesbian Wedding

This lesbian gift basket is perfect for spoiling the bride-to-be. They’ll love this lesbian wedding gift box since it has a beautiful tea towel and other treats!

  • What we love:

This gift box has a large pine box including calligraphy to soy candles—neutral Basket Fill. Besides, your order comes with a free notecard, a matching envelope, and a wax seal. You can get the notecard blank with your handwritten message, the wedding date, or the couple’s initials.

  • Where to buy: Buy these wedding gift ideas at Marigold And Grey for $129.00

36. Mrs. and Mrs. Fork

Mrs. and Mrs. Fork lesbian wedding gifts
Mrs. and Mrs. Fork for lesbian wedding gift ideas

Find fun and surprises for the brides at a lesbian wedding. You can count on this Mrs. and Mrs. fork set being a big success. This hand-made, silverware-based design will surely be a hit with any modern-day lesbian couple.

  • What we love:

They are hand-stamped on ancient silver plate cutlery. Furthermore, the item is wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve with cream ribbon and is ready as fun lesbian wedding gifts.

  • Where to buy: Get this wedding gift at Junkgirls, $48.00

Things You Must Know Before Attending A Same-Sex Wedding

Do adhere to the couple’s chosen language

Neither every bride nor every groom wants to be referred to as a bride. If you’re unsure what to say, use their names as guidance. It’s nicer to ask, “Where’s Amy?” than to ask, “Where’s the bride?”. So, please stick to this guideline once the wedding is over.

Don’t ask when or how the lesbian couple will procreate

This is a stupid and ridiculous question for sure; not funny! Not every married couple wants children and those who make very personal choices. If you don’t get it, don’t ask for it.

Read more:

Choosing lesbian wedding gifts has never been an easy task. It will be less of a hassle if you follow a few simple rules. You must know precisely what to offer a lesbian to select the perfect present. With the list from Viva Wedding Photography, we hope to help you choose the best presents for your favorite lesbian couple. Follow us for more unique gifts for your loved ones on a special day.

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