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Wedding photographers have a challenging job. They have to be in the center of one of the most stressful days of your life and make it appear wonderful. Plus they have to carry a lot of heavy equipment in the heat, of course. That’s why a lovely small present must say thank you after your wedding is important. Who knows, it may be the difference between a lovely picture and a not-so-one. To help you out, Viva Wedding has compiled a guide to great ideas for a gift for wedding photographer.

Gift For Wedding Photographer That Related To Their Work

1. DJI Phantom 3 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

DJI Phantom 3 4K UHD Video Camera Drone
DJI Phantom 3 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

This is the future, and you’ve just arrived! Help the wedding photographer catch some amazing photos with this drone camera that can fly up to 15 kilometers. It can record high-quality 4K video as well. While the price may seem costly at first, consider all the things a wedding photographer can do with this camera.

2. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug Gift For Wedding Photographer
Camera Lens Coffee Mug

The list’s most desired wedding photographer gift is a stylish thermos. Unlike other cool thermoses, this one is shaped like a camera lens. Any wedding photographer will appreciate receiving this as a present. The lens cap doubles as a lid, preventing coffee from spilling out.

3. “I Shoot People”  Coffee Mug

"I Shoot People"  Coffee Mug
“I Shoot People”  Coffee Mug

Caffeine in the morning? Why not have some fun with it and drink from a mug with a silly design? This ceramic mug is certain to make any photographer laugh out loud. A camera and the words “I shoot people” decorate the side of this mug. Get it? They will have the most fun with wordplay. On those days when they need a dose of caffeine, this mug can contain a lot of the photographer’s favorite hot beverage.

4. Fabulous Photographer Wine Bottle Holder

Fabulous Photographer Wine Bottle Holder
Fabulous Photographer Wine Bottle Holder

Fantastic photographer figure, complete with a camera on a tripod and a model stand. As if he were a vintage photographer, he’s carrying a flash in his left hand. It’s multifunctional, serving as both a foil cutter and a vacuum stopper for your wine bottle. This gift for wedding photographer will make them cherish it for years.

5. Ball Camera

Ball Camera Gift For Wedding Photographer
Ball Camera Wedding Photographer Gift

This remarkable ball camera makes use of 36 smartphone camera sensors, which are positioned around the outside of the ball and protected by foam. They may catch the whole scenario by just picking up the ball and tossing it into the air.

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6. Book: “Extraordinary Everyday Photography”

Book: “Extraordinary Everyday Photography”
Book: “Extraordinary Everyday Photography”

This book helps them find the unexpected in familiar themes. Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring inspire photographers to slow down, see, and react to what they see. Photographs were shot by the writers using DSLRs, small digital cameras, and even iPhones. These examples show how a photographer’s eye and creative vision are more important than technology.

7. Black Rapid RS-Sport 2

Black Rapid RS-Sport 2 Gift For Wedding Photographer
Black Rapid RS-Sport 2

Very high-quality camera strap that they can use for all of the wedding pictures. The strap may be used to move and secure the camera in the desired position. Superior products with innovative designs for photographers on the move. We are certain that it would be the most perfect wedding photographer gift.

8. Lens Bag

Lens Bag Gift For Wedding Photographer
Lens Bag Gift Ideas For Photographers

This is the first camera lens bag that was specifically designed to be worn while taking photographs. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your camera and three to six lenses organized and within easy reach. And it collapses into a little package for easy transport and storage.

9. Ring Flash

Ring Flash Gift For Wedding Photographer
Ring Flash Gift Ideas For Photographers

The ring flash uses its built-in flash/strobe to replicate the expensive studio lighting systems’ stunning ring flash effect. The usage of a ring flash has traditionally been applied to fashion and portrait photography.

10. Photographer T-Shirt

The Photographer T-Shirt Gift For Wedding Photographer
The Photographer T-Shirt

Photographers that capture your wedding will appreciate any expression of your gratitude. Having the gesture of appreciation be related to their work will make it all the more meaningful. This shirt, which comes in a wide range of sizes, would be an excellent and inexpensive thank-you gift for wedding photographer who catches a happy couple on their wedding day.

11. 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC Memory Card

64GB Extreme Pro SDXC Memory Card
64GB Extreme Pro SDXC Memory Card

If you need a lot of space and lightning-fast transfer speeds, go no further than the SanDisk 64GB ExtremePro SDXC card. You shouldn’t waste your time or money on the speedier cards if the receiver just uses a simple point-and-shoot camera.

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Great Wedding Photographer Gift Ideas To Say Thank You

12. Capture Life Necklace

Capture Life Necklace
Capture Life Necklace

This necklace is gorgeous and well-priced. You may personalize it with an inscription of your choice to show your gratitude. Its cute camera charm and laser-etched blank are included in its stainless steel construction. The included tiny personalized wedding favor box makes this the ideal gesture of thanks to your wedding photographer.

13. Thank You Angel Figure

Thank You Angel Figure Gift For Wedding Photographer
Thank You Angel Figure

Beautiful hand-carved angel statue from a willow tree painted in soft acrylics. She has wire wings and a thank sign. Even while not everyone would appreciate this present, that’s part of what makes it special. This stunning statue is a wonderful gift for wedding photographer to express thanks for a job well done.

14. Personalized Wine Label

Personalized Wine Label
Personalized Wine Label

It’s best to go with something you know your wedding photographer would like if you’re at a loss. Give them a bottle of their favorite booze with a personalized label as a gesture of your thanks.

15. Thanks Candles

Thanks Candle Gift For Wedding Photographer
Thanks Candle Gift Ideas For Photographers

Conversely, there are many gift ideas for photographers if your wedding photographer is a close friend. Put a smile on their face with a handwritten message of gratitude and a fragrant “thank you” candle.

16. Camera Wooden Pencil Holder

Camera Wooden Pencil Holder
Camera Wooden Pencil Holder

Howdy, and welcome to the fantastic camera-shaped desk organizer. This camera pen holder is a fun, inexpensive wedding photographer gift to show your photographer how pleased you are with the work they did on your wedding day.

17. Classic Cologne

Classic Cologne Gift For Wedding Photographer
Classic Cologne Gift For Wedding Photographer

Provide him with comfort that he may utilize whenever he wants. Classic and elegant, this scent may be worn either daily or to the workplace because of its blend of iris, sandalwood, and leather.

18. Personalized Pet Photo Canvas Prints

Personalized Pet Photo Canvas Prints
Personalized Pet Photo Canvas Prints

We’re certain they’ll like this canvas print if they have any dogs. To make this present more meaningful, you may inquire about their pet’s name. They will appreciate the thought and care you put into this present.

19. Camera Cufflinks

Camera Cufflinks Gift For Wedding Photographer
Camera Cufflinks Wedding Photographer Gift

For the digital photographer in your life, these charming cufflinks with a camera would make a fantastic gift for wedding photographer. Silver plating ensures that it will look great with any dressy or professional outfit.

20. Photo-opoly

Photo-opoly Gift For Wedding Photographer
Photo-opoly Gift Ideas For Photographers

Pop up, and enjoy yourself fully in this great game. Gather 22 of your favorite images for a fun party game at a wedding, or other celebration. Detailed guidelines are provided to let you construct your game as you choose.

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21. Photographer Recycled Metal Sculpture

Photographer Recycled Metal Sculpture
Photographer Recycled Metal Sculpture

This is the most original and amazing gift for wedding photographer has ever gotten. If you give him this, he will always think of you as the most loyal and devoted customer he’s ever had. It is crafted from reclaimed spark plugs and other metal scraps. This is a one-of-a-kind present for the photographer who took your favorite shots during the wedding.

22. Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Recycled Glass Tree Globes
Recycled Glass Tree Globes

The person who is photographing your wedding for you will like this bright glass decoration. Gifts like these are sure to be appreciated by the recipient if they possess any artistic sense. They may put it on display in either their house or their workplace.

23. A Luxurious Leather Journal

A Luxurious Leather Journal
A Luxurious Leather Journal

Can’t decide what gift for wedding photographer to purchase? Something useful can never go wrong. Send them a high-end leather diary to show your gratitude.

24. Turntable Cheese Board

Turntable Cheese Board Gift For Wedding Photographer
Turntable Cheese Board

What about something certain to put a smile on his face? A cheese cutter that looks like a record is hidden on this turntable-style cheese board. He may also display it proudly at parties. This is a wonderful gift for the music enthusiast.

25. The Stainless Steel Bracelet

The Stainless Steel Bracelet
The Stainless Steel Bracelet

Unlike other jewelry, bracelets are unique and emotional gift ideas for photographers. Moreover, it’s a present to show thanks to people you cherish.

26. Key-shaped Bottle Openers

Key-shaped Bottle Openers Gift For Wedding Photographer
Key-shaped Bottle Openers

Who says that something functional can’t be pretty? These bottle openers in the form of keys are classic in design and will appeal to a wide variety of preferences. Wedding photographers can put these on their key rings or bar carts to open drinks. Your fantastic celebration will be remembered each time they crack up a bottle.

27. Black Leather Strap Quartz Watch

Black Leather Strap Quartz Watch
Black Leather Strap Quartz Watch

You can’t go wrong with this suggestion for a classic wedding photographer gift. This is an everyday-appropriate look that isn’t boring, either. The sleek black face and leather band make this watch seem both classic and trendy. Show your thank you to the wedding photographer by engraving a message on the back.

28. Farmhouse Custom Canvas Prints

Farmhouse Custom Canvas Prints
Farmhouse Custom Canvas Prints

Choose a present that honors their love of the outdoors if they have always shown an exploratory mindset. This personalized print with the inspirational words “may your journey always lead you home” is the ideal option.

29. Golf Gift Set

Golf Gift Set Gift For Wedding Photographer
Golf Gift Set Gift Ideas For Photographers

If they want to spend their Sundays golfing, they will be delighted to get these unique gift ideas for photographers. Personalized golf balls, tees, and pencils are stored in a handsome oak box that may be used for years to come. A thoughtful token of appreciation for the photographer who captured your big day.

30. Fancy Monogrammed Scarves

Fancy Monogrammed Scarves Gift For Wedding Photographer
Fancy Monogrammed Scarves

Thank your photographer in style by giving them a scarf with his or her initials engraved on a leather tag. It’s undoubtedly a high-end gift since it’s made of ultra-soft lambswool. In particular, it suits a winter wedding.

31. Monthly Beer Deliveries

Monthly Beer Deliveries Gift For Wedding Photographer
Monthly Beer Deliveries

It’s a nice touch to provide your wedding photographer with a thoughtful gift at the rehearsal dinner or first look. However, a subscription service is a great option if you want to give a present that keeps on giving. They can get 3 months of craft beer from 5 different breweries with this gift card. They get to try out 10 new brews with every shipment.

32. Personalized Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Glass Gift Set
Personalized Whiskey Glass Gift Set

The finest presents are often the simplest ones. This combination of two whiskey glasses and a whiskey stone is the perfect wedding photographer gift. They’ll adore seeing their name inscribed on each piece of this set while enjoying cold drinks.

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Photographers likely put in many hours to capture your wedding in such a stunning manner. They’re the ones who assist you document the big day’s most memorable moments. You should carefully prepare a gift for wedding photographer to show your gratitude. Don’t stress too much about whether they will like your present. If they know how much effort you put into choosing the presents, we think they’ll value them even more. Viva Wedding hopes the ideas above will help you get inspired.

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