38 Creative And Useful Summer Wedding Favors Ideas In 2024

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Summer weddings are bursting with sunshine, laughter, and… sometimes, a touch of sweat! But with the heat comes a unique challenge: choosing wedding favors that are both interesting and fit the season. Take it easy on it! Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of our best summer wedding favors for your guests, from outdoor essentials to personalized keepsakes or even items that will suit anyone. Check it out now!

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Outdoor Wedding Favors for a Summer Celebration

16. Sparklers Wedding Favor

Sparklers Summer Wedding Favors
Sparklers Wedding Favor – cheap summer wedding favors

Reference price: $7.56/ pack of 10 on Etsy

Liven up your summer wedding exit with these sparklers, a fun and festive favor that won’t break the bank! These cheap summer wedding favors come with customizable labels. Choose from a white or Kraft background and personalize them with your names and wedding date for a special touch. Light up your big day – literally! – with these sparklers and create a lasting memory for you and your guests.

17. Sunscreen Favors With Carabiner

Sunscreen Favors With Carabiner
Sunscreen Favors With Carabiner

Reference price: $2.90 on weddingfavorsmarket

Even though sunscreen should be used at all times of the year, it is more crucial in the summer. Infused with natural ingredients like Natural Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Sunflower Oil, the SPF 30 sunscreen in each bottle will heal and soothe skin exposed to the sun.

Each sunscreen bottle can also include a unique message of up to three lines of text. These favors with a carabiner are simple to attach to a backpack, purse, or beach bag, ensuring that your visitors always have it with them.

18. Pure Honey Sticks Favor

Pure Honey Stick: useful wedding favors for summer
Pure Honey Sticks Favor

Reference price: $73.84/ set of 12 on Etsy

In the heat of summer, nothing beats a honey stick. These summer wedding favors will surely be a hit with your guests. The flavor of this honey is sweet and subtle. It is naturally free of cholesterol, salt, gluten, and fat and is prepared from 100% domestic U.S. Grade A Raw Honey. The tags in each favor can be personalized with the couple’s name to create a unique feel for your guests.

19. Parasols

Parasols Summer Wedding Favors
Parasols Wedding Favors For Summer

Reference price: $8.50 on Etsy

Even if the sky is supposed to be clear on the wedding day, these summer wedding favor ideas will be helpful. Parasols (also called umbrellas) provide much-needed shade and look funny in pictures.

White paper umbrellas that open to a 32″ diameter will provide welcome relief from the sun for your guests. Each white wedding umbrella has a bamboo structure, making it lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand the wind. Then bring them to the beach, the hill, or the garden for your wedding or party.

20. Knots and Crosses Game Favor

Knots and Crosses Game Summer Wedding Favors
Knots and Crosses Game Favor

Reference price: $7.50 on Etsy

Any marriage, just like every other relationship, needs a healthy dose of playful banter. Thanks to this Knots and Crosses Game Favor, each of your guests and loved ones will be able to let their inner gamer out. This thoughtful favor gives your guests a taste of the Irish Highlands, which doubles as a great game of knots and crosses.

Each party favor consists of a small hessian bag decorated with a classic knot, crosses lines/grid, and is filled with nine randomly placed stones bearing crosses. And a blank label for you to put whatever text you want, whether it be the event’s name and date or the name of all the guests.

21. Bug Spray

Bug Spray Wedding Favors For Summer
Bug Spray Wedding Favors For Summer

Reference price: $175.00/ 40 bottles on Etsy

As summer wedding party favors, you can give each of your guests an insect spray bottle. The insect repellent has a pleasant, clean scent. The catnip and citronella oil combination is made entirely from natural ingredients like lemongrass, lavender, cedarwood, citronella, patchouli, and more. Zero DEET was used in its production.

It’s compact enough to put in their handbag and effective enough to use anywhere there are many bugs. They will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives.

22. Wedding Popcorn Bags

Wedding Popcorn Bags: lovely summer wedding party favors
Wedding Popcorn Bags

Reference price: $30.00/ 12 bags on Etsy

Fun and sweets wedding favors are just a bag away! These convenient, lightweight, and disposable zip pouch bags are perfect for creating delicious on-the-go popcorn treats. Easily fill these lightweight and disposable zip pouch bags with your favorite popcorn flavor (traditional, caramel, cheddar, etc.), and you’re all set. You can choose the colors and wording for your personalized favor bags to ensure a perfect match for your special event.

23. Beach Balls

Beach Balls Summer Wedding Favor Ideas
Beach Balls Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Want to make sure your July wedding guests have something to do all summer long? How about some interactive and entertaining favors? You can’t go wrong with beach balls! These July wedding favors will surely add a touch of playful energy to your outdoor celebration.

24. Drawstring Favor Bag

Drawstring Favor Bag: thoughtful wedding favors for summer
Drawstring Favor Bag

Reference price: $70.00/ 20 bags on Etsy

Elegant wedding favors for out-of-town guests? Look no further than drawstring bags!

Made of lightweight satin with two drawstrings for convenience, these versatile bags are both stylish and practical. They use high-quality ink pigments for the screen printing process, so the design will last a long time and the bags can be washed as often as you like. You can even add a few extra mementos from your trip to personalize them further and turn them into a delightful welcome bag.

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Personalized Summer Wedding Favors That Make a Statement

1. Customized Wine Cork Stopper

Customized Wine Cork Stopper
Customized Wine Cork Stopper

Reference price: $14.50 on Etsy

As summer wedding favor ideas, you can’t go wrong with these wine cork stoppers and the shot class. These personalized cork wine bottle stoppers can be engraved with a design of your choice. They are crafted from genuine cork and natural wood, ensuring the engraved design will last a lifetime without fading or wearing away.

A pop-up “thank you” card with an Instagrammable picture attached to this favor is a creative way to thank your guests for coming to your big day.

2. Personalized Koozies

Personalized Koozies Summer Wedding Favors
Personalized Koozies

Your guests will appreciate having a koozie to keep their drinks cool, whether tailgating at a football game, lounging on the beach, or playing golf at home. Buy these personalized can coolers in bulk to give your friends and family a great way to drink in style.

A custom can cooler is a practical and thoughtful keepsake for your guests to treasure for years to come. They’re entertaining, inexpensive, and guaranteed to add a touch of magic to an already unforgettable occasion!

3. Leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag Summer Wedding Favors
Leather Luggage Tag

Your out-of-town guests will appreciate receiving baggage tags as wedding favors for summer when they leave. You may personalize your visitors’ baggage with a meaningful statement or monogram, and they’ll greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

This stylish leather baggage tag features a removable ID card, a privacy flap, and a leather buckle. This tag is crafted from full-grain leather, so it will age gracefully as you explore the world.

4. Customized Sunglasses

Customized Sunglasses Summer Wedding Favors
Customized Sunglasses

Reference price: $6.75 on Etsy

It’s impossible to go wrong with sunglasses as summer wedding party favors if you’re having your wedding on the beach this summer. The text, typeface, and even the forms of these sunglasses can be altered to your liking.

They are not hand-painted but rather personalized with high-quality vinyl. Every pair of sunglasses provides defense against 100% of UVA and 100% UVB rays, or UV 400 protection. These valuable gifts will show your guests how much you care about them.

5. Wood Beer Bottle Opener

Wood Beer Bottle Opener Summer Wedding Favors
Wood Beer Bottle Opener

With these gorgeous bottle openers, your wedding guests can continue the party at their homes. It’s crafted from finely sliced hardwoods, including American Maple and Walnut. At its core is a bottle opener made from thick, industrial-grade stainless steel, giving it a solid, weighty feel and excellent prying force.

Personalize them with your name and wedding date so that every time your guests go for a bottle of their favorite beer, they will be reminded of their beautiful time at your wedding reception.

6. Succulent Wedding Favor With Personalized Tag

Succulent Wedding Favor With Personalized Tag
Succulent Wedding Favor With Personalized Tag

While not the most common choice for DIY summer wedding favors, gifting small potted plants offers a unique twist. These little guys not only enhance air quality and reduce stress for your guests, but the addition of adorable, customized tags like “You had me at aloe” will ensure they leave your wedding with a smile.

7. Summer Hat Favor

Summer Hat: useful wedding favors for summer
Summer Hat

Create even more excitement for your summer wedding shower by providing each of your guests with an incredibly stunning summer hat favor. Now they can walk on the beach before, after, or during your wedding, while wearing sand-inspired clothes and a hat they will be proud to show off for the rest of their lives.

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8. Personalized Tote Bags

Personalized Tote Bags: cool summer wedding favors
Personalized Tote Bags

Reference price: $9.90 on Etsy

The trendy beach bag is constructed from linen and canvas. Maintains cold temperatures in the hot beach sun. This fashionable beach bag will protect their valuables from the sand. Beach days and picnics will be much more enjoyable when personalized tote bags are added to their summer plans.

9. Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate: lovely summer wedding party favors
Chocolate Wedding Favors

Reference price: $18.17/ 50 counts on Amazon

Your guests will love receiving this chocolate as a wedding favor for summer! You can add a personal touch by choosing gold or silver foil and writing names on the wrapper. It would be best if you didn’t leave it out for too long in the summer.

They’re crafted from milk chocolate that’s just as creamy as smooth. Only the highest quality natural substances and flavors have been used. This is a lovely way to personalize your wedding table. It will be perfect for stuffing favor boxes and goody bags at weddings or parties.

10. Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion

Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion: thoughtful wedding favors for summer
Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion – DIY summer wedding favors

These custom aloe vera gel lotions are perfect for creating refreshing do-it-yourself summer wedding favors! The unique aloe mix will help heal your guests and family’s sunburned skin after a fun day of celebrating. The reusable containers are easy to open and close, perfect for on-the-go soothing.

Don’t forget to personalize them with custom labels! These labels are made with waterproof vinyl and eco-friendly inks, so you can change the colors, add text, or even upload a full-color photo to create unique designs that reflect your wedding theme.

11. Custom Cocktail Bottle Wedding Favor

Custom Cocktail Bottle Summer Wedding Favors
Custom Cocktail Bottle Wedding Favor

Reference price: $3.72 on Etsy

Creating a custom drink for your guests to take home with them is one of the unique wedding favors for summer. Prepare the drink and place it in a discarded bottle. The front labels can be customized with their name and other details in gray and gold ink. Then, add your wedding monogram or logo to it.

12. Wedding Wooden Coasters

Wedding Wooden Coasters
Wedding Wooden Coasters

Reference price: $49.90/ 10pcs on Etsy

People love these handmade hardwood coasters for hot summer days when they don’t want to leave water marks. Beautiful natural aspen wood slices sourced ethically and sustainably from the Northern New Mexico Mountains.

Each slice of wood is cut and engraved using solar energy for extra eco-friendliness. You can customize these wood coasters for your special day using various colors and text options.

13. Custom Wedding Flip Flops

Custom Wedding Flip Flops: cute summer wedding favors
Custom Wedding Flip Flops

Reference price: $9.00/ pair on Etsy

After a long day of celebrating in dress shoes, your guests will appreciate the chance to relax in something more comfortable. Especially for a June wedding, these unique flip-flops are a perfect and thoughtful option. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a beach ceremony, these comfy sandals will be a welcome treat.

These June wedding favors can be personalized with names, initials, or a short message, making them an extra special keepsake. Guests can wear them long after the wedding, and they’re sure to be a hit with everyone!

14. Personalized Rustic Sandalwood Fan

Personalized Rustic Sandalwood Fan
Personalized Rustic Sandalwood Fan

Reference price: $39.90/ 24pcs on Etsy

Hand fans are unique summer wedding favors since they allow attendees to stay calm and collected during the ceremony. The high-quality Sandalwood and laser engraving on those Wedding Fans guarantee they will be treasured for generations.

They may be customized with the couple’s name and used for future weddings or beach vacations all summer. They are ready to use right out of the box to spruce up your nuptial. Thus, consider these cute items for your guests at your summer wedding.

15. Personalized Stainless Straw

Personalized Stainless Straw: lovely summer wedding party favors
Personalized Stainless Straw

Reference price: $20.99 on Etsy

Instead of worrying about the plastic straw debate, consider switching to stainless steel straws. This set includes a set of four stainless steel straws, a cleaning brush, and one custom-made reusable (waterproof lined) straw pouch.

Straw residue can be a pain to clean up, but this product’s 100% cotton exterior and waterproof, food-grade inner have you covered. Also, the pouch can be personalized with the guest’s name to make it more unique and special. When your guests return home, they’ll be reminded of your wonderful day thanks to a unique souvenir of you and your new husband or wife.

Functional Summer Wedding Favors for Everyone

25. Floral Lollipops

Floral Lollipops Summer Wedding Favors
Floral Lollipops Summer Wedding Favors

Reference price: $20.00/ a dozen on Etsy

Foodies, this is for you! If you’re planning a floral-themed event, consider handing out these lollipops as sweet wedding favors. Champagne and roses, crisp rosemary and mint, zesty lemon, and thyme are the eight tastes in each package. And if you’re looking for DIY summer wedding favor ideas, this is one of the possibilities that may work.

26. Olive Oil Wedding Favor

Olive Oil Summer Wedding Favors
Olive Oil Wedding Favor

Summer is the perfect season for DIY summer wedding favor ideas, like crafting personalized gifts in the kitchen. A small bottle of extra virgin olive oil is a great starting point. By adding your own creative touch, you can transform them into unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that your wedding guests will cherish taking home.

27. Heart Tea Bags

Heart Tea Bags Summer Wedding Favor Ideas
Heart Tea Bags Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Reference price: $36,55/ 12 teabags on brewinghearts

These heart-shaped tea bags could be used as wedding favors for summer wedding. We appreciate the sincerity and attention to detail that has been shown.

The herbal teas used are all organic and natural, and they are blended by hand. This item is intended for personal use. Formulated with care to aid concentration, ease anxiety, and promote a peaceful state of mind. Utilizing the healing properties of flowers and herbs to help them feel calm, centered, and rejuvenated.

28. Leaf Tea Sampler

Leaf Tea Sampler: useful wedding favors for summer
Leaf Tea Sampler

Reference price: $49.98/ 25pcs on Etsy

These personalized glass tea jars filled with a delightful tea sampler are perfect for creating elegant wedding favors your guests can enjoy the day after the wedding. This gift caters to a variety of tastes, whether your guests are seasoned tea connoisseurs or just starting to explore the world of teas. The jute rope bow ties on the name tags add a touch of rustic elegance, making these a truly special keepsake.

29. Whale-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Whale Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons
Whale-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Reference price: $35.30/ set of 3 on Amazon

You get your guests interested in cooking this summer by giving them these whale-shaped measuring spoons. When your guests use these cute spoons, they’ll remember how much fun they had at your wedding.

30. We Tied The Knot Shot Glasses

We Tied The Knot Shot Glasses
We Tied The Knot Shot Glasses

Reference price: $62.99/ 10pcs on Etsy

Glass is a perfect way to mark a great event. Shot glasses may be delicate, but they’re built to endure, so your guests may enjoy them for years to come. All glasses have engravings and seem frosted white. In order to help your guests remember that the two of you recently tied the knot, consider having your names engraved on these glasses.

31. Fun Guitar Picks

Fun Guitar Picks Summer Wedding Favors
Fun Guitar Picks Summer Wedding Party Favors

Reference price: $0.60 on Personalization Mall

Struggling to find unique wedding favors for men? We have a solution that might surprise you: personalized guitar picks! While guitar picks might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you start planning favors, they can be incredibly sentimental if music has played a significant role in your relationship.

Keep in mind that the most memorable wedding favors are the ones that are meaningful to you. You can put a picture of the happy couple on the front with the wedding date on the reverse.

32. Mini Coffee Bags Favors

Mini Coffee Bags Favors: cute summer wedding favors
Mini Coffee Bags Favors: cute summer wedding favors

Reference price: $64.00/ 40 count box on wildlandcoffee

Consider this the cutest summer wedding favors for guests if you plan a camp- or outdoor-themed wedding. These practical bags aren’t instant coffee, so don’t be fooled. They’re delicious, too. Your dedication to each other is beautifully reflected in your spending so much time outside (and love coffee).

33. Camp Mugs

Camp Mugs Wedding: summer wedding party favors
Wedding Camp Mugs – summer wedding party favors

While mugs typically evoke feelings of winter warmth, camp mugs offer a fun twist for your summer wedding, taking guests back to carefree summer camp days! These aren’t just any wedding favors for men (or anyone!), they’re practical and nostalgic keepsakes. We’re confident your guests will reach for these ingenious mugs every morning to enjoy their favorite beverages, keeping your special day a happy memory.

34. Mini Mason Jars

Mason Jars Summer Wedding Favor Ideas
Mason Jars Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favor etiquette suggests offering a miniature, dedicated version of the glass or personalizing the serving glasses for a more appropriate take-home option. So, if you have a custom cocktail bar at your wedding, you may consider making each mini glass used to serve the drinks into keepsake summer wedding party favors.

35. Pear Soaps

Pear Soaps Wedding Favors For Summer
Wedding Pear Soaps Favors

Reference price: $14.29/ set of 4 on myweddingfavors

Wedding favors for guests with a creative hidden message, such as these adorable pear-shaped soaps packed in a gift box with the words “The perfect pair,” are among the most memorable. This sweet-scented soap will give visitors’ baths a luxurious feel that they will like.

36. Limoncello Wedding Favor

As DIY summer wedding favors, the newlyweds might give out Limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur. It came in personalized bottles with a cute thank-you card on the back and was tied with a beautiful ribbon.

37. Sugar Scrubs

The Sugar Scrubs: thoughtful wedding favors for summer
The Sugar Scrubs: thoughtful wedding favors for summer

Reference price: $70.00/ set of 10 on Etsy

Wedding favor etiquette suggests giving something your guests will use and appreciate. These handcrafted California sugar scrubs tick all the boxes! Made with all-natural, vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free ingredients, these scrubs are a thoughtful and practical way to end your wedding celebration.

Items are packed in recycled paper crinkles inside corrugated cardboard boxes. The plastic containers are safe to reuse or recycle since they do not contain the hormone disruptor bisphenol A (BPA). In addition, your message will appear on the front side of the label. Your guests will appreciate these sugar scrubs because of their practicality.

38. S’mores

S'mores Summer Wedding Party Favors
S’mores Summer Wedding Party Favors

S’mores are the best wedding favors for summer. Not only can personalized wedding favors add a special touch to the big day, but they can also keep guests’ blood sugar levels stable while they dance all night.

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The ideas above are hoped to help you choose the perfect summer wedding favors for your guests. As you can see, Viva Wedding Photography offers a wide variety of presents, and these are some of the best. It’s kind of you to include a handwritten letter with the card you think they’ll like the best.

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