38 Creative Personalized Wedding Favors (2024 Gift Guides)

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Your wedding favors can be more meaningful if you engrave them with your initials as a couple and the date of your wedding rather than just giving out generic candles or playing cards. These personalized wedding favors for your delightful guests will be kept in their memories long after the ceremony has concluded. It will be a great way to show your love and appreciation to them as they are a part of your happiest day. Continue reading to get inspired by Viva Wedding Photography‘s list of unique ideas that are sure to amaze your guests.

Unique Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas As Keepsakes For Your Guests

1. Mini Champagne Bottle Favors

Mini Champagne Bottle For Personalized Favors
Mini Champagne Bottle For Personalized Favors

Start your list with a customized mini champagne bottle that will be an excellent idea for your guests. Consider choosing the classic flavors to please their taste. Color these bottles in your favorite tone to have a perfect match with your wedding theme for a more unified touch.

2. Photo Wine Label

Wine Label For Personalized Wedding Favors
Unique Wine Label For Wedding Favor

Along with champagne favors, giving your guests a customized photo wine bottle is the best way to win their hearts. These stickers can withstand moisture and can’t be scratched. Printed in full color and with high-quality photos, these photos will last a lifetime.

Also, the labels’ permanent adhesive can be accessed with a superficial peel of the protective film. The remarkable thing is that they may keep these bottles as stunning decor items in their home when they have finished drinking.

Reference price: $7.25 per set of 6 labels, available on Zazzle

3. Personalized Playing Cards Wedding Favors

Playing Cards Personalized Wedding Favors
Playing Cards For Personalized Wedding Souvenirs

As an adorable keepsake for your guests, getting them a personalized playing card box will be perfect for them to cherish for a lifetime. Personalized labels with the couple’s name can be attached to the clear plastic box that holds each deck of floral-patterned playing cards. The back of the playing cards features a floral design and is imprinted on white glossy material.

You could get inspired by your wedding theme or favorite symbols to customize these cards, making them eye-catching personalized wedding favors. Moreover, include a tiny “Thank You” card to complete your one-of-a-kind gift.

Reference price: $28.95, available on Etsy.

4. Customized Scarf Favors

Unique Scarf Favors For Guests At Wedding
Unique Scarf Favors For Guests At Wedding

Your guests will never forget these beautiful, one-of-a-kind scarves. Also, these wedding favors in fall have your initials or names embroidered, which will be the main thing your guests will notice.

The Pashmina used to make these scarves is both eco-friendly and airy. So, if you’re having a wedding outside, give your guests something to keep them warm during the ceremony. Furthermore, this scarf’s simple but endearing style means that visitors can continue to put it to good use long after the wedding.

Reference price: $2.89 for each scarf, available on Etsy.

5. Tattoos Stickers

Temporary Tattoos – Personalized Wedding Favors
Temporary Tattoos For Personalized Wedding Souvenirs

To make your wedding day more memorable for your guests, get each of them an adorable tattoo sticker as one of the funny wedding favors. Customize these stickers with your favorite wedding photos to make them even more stunning when applied to their hands. What makes them stand out is how simple they are to apply and remove after 24 hours.

6. Customized Matches

Customized Matches For Personalized Wedding Favors
Customized Matches For Wedding Favor

Due to its singular design and meaningful symbolism, this matchbox is an ideal wedding favor. Elegant matchboxes that may have a personalized touch with a monogram, names, wedding dates, or a place have foil stamping on both sides.

With that in mind, each stick will represent your wishes for your guests, such as good fortune or better health, so that they will appreciate it more for a lifetime. Let’s invite guests to light matches at the dinner party to create a sparkling, fairy-tale place setting for the wedding. Also, they will always take it along as a lovely memento because it is easy to carry.

Reference price: $75.00/ 50 matchboxes on Foxblossom.

7. Bottle Openers

Leather Bottle Opener For Personalized Wedding Favor
Personalized Bottle Openers For Wedding Favor

Include some rustic-inspired bottle openers for your personalized wedding souvenirs that will be a hit on your day. They are constructed of sturdy stainless steel with faux leather wrapping securely stitched to their core. Your custom design is laser engraved into the leather surface of bottle openers for a lasting, enduring impression that will never wear off.

Besides, these valuable bottle openers might also be stunning keychains, so your guests will always take them along. For an extra personalized touch, include a piece of leather with your wedding date and different fun quotes.

Reference price: $12.50 on Etsy.

8. CDs

personalized wedding favors 8
Personalized CDs Wedding Favor

It is clear that listening to an old song or having a music-inspired gift will be a great way to recall all the happy memories. That’s why you should get your guests a piece CD as your personalized wedding favors; that will be a perfect choice.

Any text, image, playlist name, or wedding date can be added to your artwork to make it more meaningful. Even if they get home after your celebration, your guests will still enjoy your most incredible life moments through your wedding songs.

Reference price: $18.99/CD, available on Etsy.

9. Colorful Canvas Print

Canvas Print For Personalized Wedding Favors
Sentimental Canvas Print For Personalized Favors

Giving stunning wall art when it comes to wedding gifts for guests is indispensable. So, this canvas print will never fail to show your gratitude to your guests because of its unique design and meaning. This charming art will represent a romantic place setting and a happy life that your guests deserve to have.

10. Sunflower Wall Art

Sunflower Canvas Prints For Personalized Wedding Favors
Sunflower Mason For Unique Wedding Favor

If you’re worried about keeping your flowers fresh until you give them to your guests, this wall art will be the perfect choice for personalized wedding favors. Shine like the sun so this lovely sunflower canvas will be an ideal keepsake for your guest. Moreover, personalize it with some meaningful quotes or messages to add an extra special touch to your adorable guests.

11. “This Is Us” Canvas Print

Daisy Flowers Canvas For Personalized Wedding Favors
Daisy Flowers Canvas Print For Personalized Wedding Souvenirs

Looking for something adorable and affordable for your guests after your wedding? Then this white flower-themed wall art will never fail to make them “wow.” To make it a stunning decor item for your wedding guests’ homes, personalize it with the name, wedding date, or even a meaningful message for them.

12. Mini Painted Canvas

Mini Handcrafted Canvas For Personalized Wedding Favors
Unique Mini Handcrafted Canvas For Wedding Favor

Go beyond these canvas prints above; let your wedding guests try and make their own personalized favors. Prepare mini blank canvas, watercolors, and paintbrush on the guests’ book table so they can pick one and start drawing. As a result, they will have a lovely handcrafted canvas to take home and keep as the perfect souvenir.

13. Mini Potted Succulent

Mini Potted Succulent For Personalized Wedding Favors
Mini Potted Succulent For Personalized Wedding Souvenirs

Mini-potted succulents offer a unique and long-lasting wedding favor that your guests will truly appreciate. These low-maintenance beauties are easy to care for, making them perfect for even the busiest green thumbs. Each time guests see their little plant thriving, it will be a sweet reminder of the happiness and fun they shared on your wedding day.

14. Personalized Candle Wedding Favor

Personalized Wedding Favors With Candle
Personalized Wedding Favors With Candle

These hand-poured soy wax candles offer a unique twist on a traditional favor, making them ideal for creating unique wedding favors your family and friends will love. Made with clean-burning essential oils and fragrances, these candles are free from artificial colors, fragrances, and harsh chemicals. Choose from relaxing flower-inspired scents like lavender or rose to create a truly tranquil ambiance.

You may choose from flower-inspired scents, such as lavender or rose, to assist them in relaxing and feeling comfortable. Moreover, customize the label with your name and wedding day to make it more stunning.

Reference price: $10.00/ boxed wedding favor (including candles, boxes, and matches) on Etsy.

15. Wedding Coffee Chocolate Favor

Coffee Chocolate Wedding Favor
Coffee Chocolate Wedding Favor

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your wedding guests, consider this stunning coffee chocolate set. Give your guests something they’ll remember with this classy gift box filled with delectable treats.

An assortment of coffees, a personalized Madlen chocolate, and a decorative butterfly-themed spoon are all included in a single gift box. To make this box even more unique, you can print your name on a card attached to the box.

Reference price: $10.02/ box on Etsy.

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DIY Wedding Favors That Show Your Thoughtfulness To Guests

16. Homemade Jam Favors

Homemade Jam For Personalized Wedding Favours
Homemade Jam For Personalized Wedding Favours

Along with tasting coffee to start a new day, giving your wedding guests a DIY jam will be a fantastic idea to make their breakfast more memorable. No matter which straw jam you make, store it in a tiny mason jar with a personalized label to make it more appealing on the serving tray. There is one fabric topper, one raffia ribbon of your choice, and one jam flavor in each jar. Therefore, add this sweet idea to your list regarding personalized wedding souvenirs.

Reference price: $147.75/ 50pcs on Etsy.

17. Apple Butter Favors

This new caramel apple butter will be a fantastic idea for personalized wedding favours that are a little out of the ordinary. Moreover, it is one of the most accessible butter options you might make for your guests via video instruction. Thus, include a tiny ingredient note and a “Thank you” card to make it the perfect take-home treat for your guests.

18. DIY Cooking Salt Jar

DIY Cooking Salt For Personalized Wedding Favors
DIY Cooking Salt For Wedding Favor

A homemade jar of seasoned salt will be a perfect addition to healthy daily meals for your guests as one of the unique wedding favors. Especially if your guests love to cook, they will appreciate your thoughts when preparing these high-quality seasonings.

19. Custom Wedding Cookies

Custom Cookies For Personalized Wedding Favors
Custom Cookies For Personalized Wedding Favours

These lovely wedding cookies could be homemade edible wedding favors for your guests. All of the ingredients and decorations for these cookies are prepared from scratch. The cookie batter is made with almond extract, fresh eggs, and real butter. Royal frosting complements the softly crispy, sweet, and buttery dough. Royal icing, also known as meringue, is a special kind of white icing that, once dry, takes on a glossy, hard, matte appearance.

They are both traditional and personalized sweet treats that will capture their hearts at first sight. Pack them in glassine paper to keep them clean and fresh until your guests take them home and taste them.

Reference price: $72.00/ 12 cookies on Etsy.

20. Treats for the Pups

Treats for the Pups For Custome Wedding Favor
Treats for the Pups For Custome Wedding Favor

Giving personalized gifts to your guests or furry friends will be a great idea to show your thoughts. These favor bags are handcrafted by hand with plenty of affection. Organic, human-grade ingredients made fresh per order, goodies that can be tailored to your pet’s preferences. Pair these packs of dog biscuits with your personalized favors as a bonus gift that will be a hit on your wedding day.

Reference price: $30.00/ 10 mini favor bags on Etsy.

21. Flavored Popcorn

Flavored Popcorn Favors For Personalized Wedding Favors
Flavored Popcorn Favors For Personalized Wedding Favours

When searching for wedding favors in bulk, consider offering a delightful twist on a classic treat: mini-flavored popcorn! This unique favor allows you to tantalize your guests’ taste buds and create a memorable send-off. Move beyond the standard butter and salt by offering a variety of exciting flavors, like decadent caramel or spice mixtures.

To make these gift bags stand out from the crowd, put a personalized label on them with the couple’s name. In addition, you can make the favor bags look even cuter by using a piece of curling ribbon in a complementary color.

Reference price: You can also order these popcorn favors on Etsy for $35.99/ 12 bags.

22. Homemade Pickle Favors

When it comes to personalized wedding souvenirs, it is a great chance to surprise your guests with your hidden talent. Making these handmade pickle jars is quite challenging because you need to spend more time choosing the fresh ingredients and waiting for them to ferment. Watch the video instruction on pickles above to make some tasty treats as dinner party gifts. So your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when receiving these fresh pickle jars.

The mini jars would seem even more heartfelt if you tied each one with a ribbon in a color scheme that matched the wedding’s decor. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when receiving these fresh favors.

23. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Favors

Pretzel Chocolate For Personalized Wedding Favors
Pretzel Chocolate For Personalized Wedding Favors

One of the sweet favors for the guests to take home is this bag of pretzel chocolate sticks. You may choose from the delicious cookie sticks and then cover them with white or dark melting chocolate.

To make them more appealing, add some toppings, such as sugar candies or chocolate chips, and wrap them in glassine paper to keep them fresh until serving them to your guests. Black and white favors like these are a fun way to round out your wedding aesthetic.

Reference price: You can also buy it on Etsy for $32.00/ a dozen.

24. S’mores Kit

S’mores Kits For Unique Favors For Wedding
S’mores Kits For Unique Favors For Wedding

For unique wedding favors, all you need is an S’mores kit, which includes marshmallows, chocolate bars, and cookies. It goes wonderfully with a variety of flavors, but it will really win over your visitors when served with a mug of hot chocolate or coffee. So, it’s a sweet, easy-to-make, and delicious option for the wedding gift list.

Make some room on the counter for these welcome personalized gifts. We all want our events to leave our guests with a lasting impression. So, to make it more special, add the couple’s names and the wedding date to the label. Your guests will have a delightful experience with these wedding gifts.

Reference price: $143.40/ 60pcs on Etsy.

25. Mini Gumball Machine

Mini Gumball Machine Favors – DIY personalized wedding favors
Mini Gumball Machine Favors – DIY personalized wedding favors

This interesting mini gumball machine will be one of the wedding souvenirs that will no doubt please your guests. Not only will it be a cute gift for them to take home, but it will be a big surprise for their children at home.

Fill these empty machines with your preferred sweets (gumballs, perhaps?) and a fantastic wedding favor tag to make them more memorable. Each little gumball machine favor has a retro design inspired by the classic machines that used to be commonplace in soda stores, complete with white and silvery details. Accessorize them with ribbons, tags, and charms to have a perfect match with your dinner party’s aesthetic.

Reference price: $3.8 for each empty gumball machine on weddingshop.theknot.

26. Customized Tree Seedling Wedding Favor

Tree Seedling For Personalized Favors
Tree Seedling For Personalized Wedding Favors

The symbolic value of trees makes them a great starting point for an almost limitless variety of artistic inspirations. Expansion, persistence, life, rebirth, basis, stability, love, passion, motivation. Tree seedlings are an easy, inexpensive, and thoughtful way to motivate your guests at any event.

Along with giving your guests a lovely succulent pot, a DIY tree seedling will also be an excellent choice for your personalized wedding favors. No matter the type of tree you choose, ensure they are easy to grow, so your guests may take care of them without any particular requirement. Tie and wrap them into a canvas bag to make them more appealing.

Reference price: $115.00/ set of 12 on Etsy.

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Practical Personalized Wedding Souvenirs For Your Adorable Guests

27. Couple Of Leather Luggage Tags

Leather Luggage Tag For Personalized Favors
Leather Luggage Tag For Personalized Favors

These tags are used almost daily because they are one of the must-have items for those who love traveling. It’s a sturdy clip that works with any suitcase. Identifying information such as name, phone number, and address can be recorded on the included paper and stored in the pocket’s cover. Alternatively, your guests may include a business card.

It’s fantastic for a variety of reasons. So that’s why these handcrafted leather tags will bring an impressive touch to your guests. Moreover, engrave the couple’s initials to make them the perfect custom wedding favors they have ever received.

Reference price: $11.00 on Etsy.

28. Custom Sunscreen Wedding Keychain

Custom Sunscreen Wedding For Cheap Wedding Favors
Custom Sunscreen Wedding For Cheap Wedding Favors

Combine the custom sunscreen wedding and keychain into personalized gifts for your guests that will no doubt surprise them. With their colorful foil designs, these sunscreen bottles are the perfect accessory for a summertime beach party in your backyard. Lightweight SPF 30 sunscreen mixed with organic ingredients to heal and soothe sun-exposed skin is contained in each 1.5 oz container of sunscreen.

To make them become unique wedding favors, personalize them with the couple’s name, wedding date, and even a fun message to remind them to apply sunscreen daily. These reusable bottles are the ideal size for carrying on a trip and come equipped with convenient carabiner attachments.

Reference price: $45.00/ set of 12 pcs on Etsy.

29. Customized Masks For Wedding

Customized Masks For Wedding Favor
Customized Masks For Wedding Favors

Masks are essential if you plan to have a wedding during the COVID. So giving your guests customized masks for weddings will not only keep them safe but also make them look fashionable. These masks are comfortable to wear all day because of the air vents, adjustable ear straps, and PM 2.5 filter pocket made from 100% cotton.

A mask that can be used multiple times and washed to indicate how well an ink or toner will hold up to repeated use. Moreover, include a tiny satin bag to store these unique masks for your guests if they want to keep them as lovely souvenirs.

Reference price: $107.00/ 25pcs (including print satin bag) on Etsy.

30. Moscow Mule Mug

Personalized Moscow Mule Mugs Wedding Favor
Personalized Moscow Mule Mugs Wedding Favor

With the crystal champagne glasses used to serve your guests, get them these personalized Moscow mule mugs that will no doubt make them wow. These copper cups are constructed from FDA-approved food-grade copper, so your guests may drink worry-free.

Stun guests with the enticing Moscow mule mug gift set. They are eye-catching and valuable gifts for your guests to keep forever.

Reference price: $59.99/ set of 4 cups, available on Amazon.

31. Custom Wedding Flip Flops

Custom Flip Flops For Personalized Wedding Favors
Custom Wedding Flip Flops For Guests

When it comes to useful wedding favors, giving your guests custom flip-flops is a great way to please them, especially at a beach wedding. Flip-flops, which are often crafted from latex, are renowned for their luxurious softness and ease of wear.

Your guests might use these flip-flops during your ceremony instead of high heels or shoes that feel uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Moreover, customize them with the color that matches your wedding theme and add the couple’s initials and wedding day for more special.

Reference price: $98.19/ 12 pairs on Etsy.

32. Blankets

Blankets For Personalized Wedding Favors
Blankets For Personalized Favors

As the temperature dips, ensure your guests stay cozy throughout your special day with these adorable fleece blankets – a thoughtful and unique personalized wedding favor they’ll appreciate. The soft and snuggly fleece material provides welcome warmth during your outdoor ceremony or chilly reception. They’ll likely use these cozy blankets at home, creating a lasting reminder of your special day every time they snuggle up.

33. Sleep Masks

Personalized Sleep Masks Wedding Favors For Guests
Sleeping Customized Masks For Wedding Favors

Along with customized masks for weddings, these cute sleeping masks will be one of the useful wedding favors for your guests. Made from high-quality silk material, these items will help them sleep well and keep their skin clean.

Personalize the name of each guest on them to create a lasting impression. They will always remember your wedding every time they use this lovely mask.

Reference price: $4.99 for each sleeping mask on Etsy.

34. Bath Salt Favors

Personalized Bath Salt Favors Wedding
Personalized Bath Salt Wedding Favor

Taking care of your guests’ bath time will be a fantastic choice for personalized wedding favors. Favors of rose-scented bath salt in labeled test tubes can add a special touch to your reception table.

Stick a tiny custom label with the couple’s name and wedding day and tie it with a ribbon to make it an extra special touch. Also, keep in mind that you should place an order in bulk if they take more than one tube.

Reference price: $160.00/ 100pcs on Etsy.

35. Tins of Lip Balm

Tins of Lip Balm For Personalized Favors
Tins of Lip Balm For Personalized Favors

Giving your guests these unique lip balm sticks will no doubt make them wow, even if you plan to have winter wedding favors. All-natural ingredients including butter, beeswax, vitamin E, and aloe vera are encased in a white tube inside a lip balm stick.

Consider choosing the classic type that will be perfect for both males and females. Moreover, customizing a sticker with your messages or your couple’s name is a lovely way to say “thank you” to your guests.

Reference price: $14.76/ set of 12, on Etsy.

36. Soap Bars

Personalized Soap Bars Favors For Wedding
Personalized Soap Bars Favors For Wedding

Along with the flower-scented bath salts, these soap bars will be one of the custom wedding favors in bulk for your guests. These bars of soap are produced using a goat milk soap basis and scented with essential oils. Clear cellophane and twine are used to package these soap treats.

You can make a more impression by attaching a tag with your couple’s name and “thank you.” Your guests will appreciate your affection and thoughtfulness through these favors.

Reference price: $36.00/ set of 10 on Etsy.

37. Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favors

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favors
Customized Hand Sanitizer Favors

Spread happiness, not the illness. Take your wedding favors to the next level with these unique wedding favors: personalized hand sanitizer bottles! The citrus-scented sanitizer gels included in these chic miniature bottles are great for reducing the spread of germs and bacteria on your special day. Each bottle of hand sanitizer has a label bearing the couple’s names to make it even more unique.

Reference price: $40.25/ set of 12 bottles on Zazzle

38. Customized Shot Glasses

Personalized Shot Glasses For Wedding Favors
Personalized Shot Glasses For Wedding Favors

Imagine your guests taking home your unique square shot glasses with your initials engraved on them. It’s impossible for any of your wedding guests to leave without taking away some personal memento from the day. With customized square shot glasses, you can give your tablescapes a wonderfully understated flair.

Reference price: $7.99/ each on Etsy

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We hope our Viva Wedding Photography post will be a helpful source for you when looking for personalized wedding favors. There are different kinds of favors that you may pick more than one idea to give your guests as a thoughtful way to say “thank you” to them. Last but not least, include a sweet card or note in each gift that will be a kind gesture.

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