How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost? The Average in 2024

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Planning your dream wedding? Wedding invitations are one of the first exciting steps, but navigating invitation costs can feel overwhelming. This article will be your guide! Viva Wedding Photography will break down “How much do wedding invitations cost?”, explore factors that influence the price, and offer creative tips to save your money without sacrificing style. So, get ready to send out stunning invitations that set the perfect tone for your special day!

1. How much do wedding invites cost?

how much do wedding invitations cost
The average cost of wedding invitations (Source: Rebecca Illustrated)

When budgeting for your wedding invitations, it’s important to consider the entire invitation suite, which goes beyond just the wedding invitations themselves. The suite typically starts with save-the-dates, which you send out well in advance to let guests know about your wedding date. These usually cost around $150. 

Then there are the formal invitations, which include RSVP cards and may also contain additional inserts like reception cards. These altogether average $240.

Finally, factor in the cost of day-of stationery, such as menus, programs, and place cards, which tend to cost around $140. By considering all these elements, you can get a more accurate idea of “How much do wedding invites cost?

2. Key factors affecting wedding invitation cost

2.1. Quantity of wedding invitations

The number of guests affects the average cost of wedding invitations
The number of guests affects the average cost of wedding invitations (Source: Paper Source)

When planning your wedding invites, one of the most obvious considerations is the expected guest list. It directly affects the cost of your invitations – the more people you invite, the more invitations you need to order and mail. If you’re on a tight budget, keeping your guest list on the smaller side can free up significant resources to allocate toward other priorities or allow you to splurge on specific aspects of the wedding that are most important to you.

2.2. Printing

Don’t underestimate the impact of printing on your invitation budget! Higher-quality printing techniques can make your invitations look stunning, but they’ll also come with a steeper price tag. In terms of printing, there are four major types: 

Digital printing

How much do wedding invites cost
Wedding invitation cost when using digital printing (Source: Black Bow Studio)

This method involves creating a digital file and simply hitting print. Since everything is digital and doesn’t require manual ink mixing, it’s the most budget-friendly printing choice for wedding invitations with a wide range of color options. With all four cards (invitation, RSVP, etc.), the average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests is somewhere between $500 and $800.

Offset printing and thermography.

How much do wedding invitations cost when using offset printing
How much do wedding invitations cost when using offset printing (Source: Paper Muse)

For a more luxurious look and feel, consider offset printing or thermography, but be prepared for a higher price tag. These methods typically start at $800 for 100 invitations and can go up to $1,800. Offset printing offers a similar flat print to digital printing but with a higher quality due to custom-mixed inks. It also allows for more precise color matching. Thermography is like offset printing, but it adds a raised textured element by layering a powder on top of the ink.

Letterpress printing

The average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests
Letterpress wedding invitations (Source: Dinglewood Design)

Letterpress invitations are elegant but come with a premium price tag. Starting at around $1,500 for 100 invitations, this traditional printing method requires custom presses for each design and color, which explains the higher cost compared to other options. Be prepared for an additional 25% cost increase for every extra color you choose for your invitations.


how much do wedding invitations cost when incorporating Engraving
Engraving wedding invitations (Source: White Ink Calligraphy)

For those wondering ‘How much do wedding invitations cost,’ keep in mind that engraving is the most expensive option. This type of print offers a classic and elegant embossed look. However, this elegance comes at a cost. Expect to pay at least $2,000 for 100 engraved invitations due to the labor-intensive process involved.

2.3. Decorative elements

In addition to printing, accents also play a role in determining the average cost of wedding invitations. The prices of several popular add-ons are listed below.

Foil stamping

how much do wedding invite cost when adding foil stamping
A wedding invitation suite with golden foil accents (Source: Cartalia Wedding)

Wedding invitations often incorporate foil accents for a touch of elegance. Traditionally, metallic accents in copper, gold, rose gold, and silver foil graced names or small details. This technique, called foil stamping, is a popular embellishment. Lately, a trendier option has emerged: full foil invitations. While undeniably chic, this method requires creating a special plate, making it pricier. Expect a hefty increase of $1,800 for a set of 100 invitations with full foil stamping. For a more budget-friendly option, consider using foil accents instead, which typically cost around $400 extra for 100 guests.

Blind debossing and embossing

How much do wedding invitations cost when adding embossing details
Embossed wedding invitations (Source: Hypegraph Invitations & Calligraphy)

Adding a touch of elegance to your wedding invitations with blind debossing or embossing will set you back $300 to $400 for 100 invites. This technique mimics letterpress but uses pressure instead of ink. With debossing, the design is pressed into the paper, creating a subtle indentation. Embossing does the opposite, raising the design for a textured effect. These methods are perfect for adding monograms, family crests, or other small details to your invitations.


the average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests
Edge-painted wedding invitations (Source: Albertine Press)

With an extra $150 on the average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests, you can add a touch of delightful surprise with painted edging. This involves hand-painting a thick layer of color directly onto the invitation’s edge, creating a detail that will instantly grab your guests’ attention as they open the envelope.

Wax seals

How much do wedding invitations cost when including wax seals
How much do wedding invitations cost when including wax seals (Source: Polina Perri)

There will be an additional cost of $200 to $300 per 100 wedding invitations for adding wax seals. Traditionally, wax seals involve pouring hot wax onto the envelope and stamping it with a design. However, modern alternatives exist! Self-adhesive raised stickers that mimic the look of wax seals offer a realistic and time-saving option.

Bevel cut

how much do wedding invites cost when being beveled
Beveled wedding invitations (Source: Albertine Press)

Want your invitations to stand out from the crowd? Consider a beveled cut! This technique involves cutting the invitation’s edge at a 45-degree angle and then painting it. This creates a visually striking edge that stands out more than a simple straight edge. It’s typically used only on the main wedding invitation and will add an extra $400 to the set of 100.

Insert cards

How much do wedding invitations cost when including insert cards
How much do wedding invites cost when including insert cards (Source: Brides)

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of insert cards! These additional pieces of paper provide essential details to your guests. Prices typically range from $150 to $500 per 100 cards, depending on your chosen printing method.

The most common insert card is a reception card, used when your reception venue differs from your ceremony location. You might also consider including insert cards for other events like a welcome party or post-wedding brunch, depending on your wedding program.

Envelope liners

How much do wedding invites cost when adding envelope liners
How much do wedding invitations cost when adding envelope liners (Source: Indy Bee Crafts)

The added cost of 100 wedding invitations typically ranges from $250 to $400 for envelope liners. Solid colors tend to be more affordable, while patterned liners add a bit more pizazz for a slightly higher price. Beyond aesthetics, envelope liners also act as a protective barrier, preventing dye transfer from colored envelopes to your beautiful invitations.

Remember, every little detail adds up! Before getting carried away with fancy extras, discuss which decorative elements are truly important to both you and your partner for your wedding invitations. This will help you decide what’s worth the extra expense and ensure your invitations stay within your budget.

2.4. Customization

the average cost of wedding invitations that being personalized
Illustrated wedding invitations (Source: Etsy)

While creating completely custom wedding invitations can be a stunning way to showcase your unique style, it’s important to be mindful of the budget. Hand-drawn designs and calligraphy, for example, require significant artist time and approval processes, which can significantly inflate the cost. Consider if these elements are worth the extra expense or if there might be more affordable ways to personalize your invitations.

2.5. Shipping

how much do wedding invitations cost when including shipping cost
Shipping cost for wedding invitations (Source: The Knot)

Don’t forget to factor in postage! This cost often gets overlooked when budgeting for wedding invitations. Since the weight of each invitation suite can vary, the exact shipping price depends on how much each one weighs. For 100 invitations, unexpected postage costs can add an extra $50-$60. While it might seem minor, it can add up quickly when combined with other invitation expenses. Consider getting your invitations weighed at the post office to get a more accurate estimate for your specific suite.

3. How to save on wedding invitation costs?

We understand that planning a wedding can be far from cheap, and invitations are just one piece of the puzzle. But don’t worry; you can still send out stunning invites without derailing your budget. To help you out, we’ve compiled 4 creative tips to create affordable wedding invitations without compromising the style.

  • Decide which elements are important to you.
Tip to minimize the average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests
Tip to minimize the average cost of wedding invitations for 100 guests (Source: Studio Nellcote)

The secret to finding the perfect wedding invitations lies in striking a balance between style and budget. Before diving into designs, take some time to discuss your dream look and what design elements are most important to you. Remember, guest count is a major factor too. You don’t want to skimp on invitations just to save money and miss out on inviting important people.  The good news is there are plenty of beautiful and affordable wedding invitation options available to suit your taste without breaking the bank!

  • Use the digital printing.
How much do wedding invitations cost when using the digital printing
Simple wedding invitations (Source: Designed with Amore)

Although wedding invitation costs can vary, digital-printed invitations offer a budget-friendly solution that beautifully captures the essence of your upcoming wedding day. In addition, many invitation websites offer gorgeous pre-designed suites that you can personalize with fonts and colors, saving you on custom design fees.

  • Opt for e-invites.

If you’re comfortable with a paperless approach, online invitations are a fantastic way to save money while still creating a stylish announcement for your wedding day.

  • Utilize your wedding website.
Wedding website can help you cut down the average cost of wedding invitations
Wedding website can help you cut down wedding invitation cost (Source: Paperless Post)

By including essential details like accommodation information and directions on your website, you can eliminate the need for separate enclosure cards that would add to the cost. Some vendors also offer all-in-one invitation options that combine the invitation, RSVP card, and envelope into a single sheet, reducing paper usage and overall costs.

  • DIY

If you’re crafty or have a design-savvy friend or family member, creating your own invitations can be a fun and budget-friendly option. Just be sure to factor in the cost of materials and printing.

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Your wedding invitations are more than just paper; they’re a reflection of your love story. By understanding “How much do wedding invitations cost?”, you choose the most suitable design for your invitations. Remember, the most important element is crafting an invitation that reflects your unique love story. By following these tips from Viva Wedding Photography, you can create beautiful and memorable invitations that set the stage for your special day, all without going over budget. Happy inviting!

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