21 Floral Wedding Invitations for Your Romantic Celebration

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Floral wedding invitations are a timeless classic for a reason. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic garden soirée or a rustic barn celebration, floral designs offer a versatile and elegant way to announce your upcoming nuptials. In this article from Viva Wedding Photography, we’ll explore the latest trends, design ideas, and expert tips for choosing the perfect invitations to set the tone for your unforgettable celebration.

Simple Floral Wedding Invites

1. Minimalist floral invitation design

Simple floral wedding invitations
Simple floral wedding invitation ideas (Source: Wedding Wire)

If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic for your wedding invitations but still want to incorporate a touch of floral elegance, this design is ideal. Featuring a delicate sketch of two flowering branches alongside graceful calligraphy, these invitations embody understated beauty.

2. Acrylic wedding invitations

Acrylic wedding invitations with floral designs
Acrylic wedding invitations with floral designs (Source: Cutting Edge Prints)

Imagine your guests receiving an invitation that speaks of understated elegance,  a whisper of the beauty that awaits them on your special day. This floral acrylic invitation does just that. With its delicate floral accents adorning the translucent acrylic, this invitation is a modern piece that embodies simplicity and sophistication. The soft, neutral tones create a romantic ambiance, while the minimalist design allows your names and wedding details to take center stage.

3. Muted floral wedding invitations

Muted flower-themed wedding invitations
Muted flower-themed wedding invitations (Source: The Knot)

These invitations feature delicate watercolor blooms in a serene palette of blues and greens, creating a tranquil and romantic ambiance. The minimalist layout and graceful script complement the floral accents, resulting in a design that is both sophisticated and unassuming. Ideal for couples looking for a classy yet simple wedding invite.

4. Arch wedding invitations with floral illustrations

Simple floral wedding invitations in the arch shape
Simple floral wedding invitations in the arch shape (Source: BB Letters)

Celebrate your love with the enchanting allure of this arch wedding invitation design. These invitations feature a graceful archway motif adorned with delicate floral details, evoking a sense of romance and timeless elegance. The soft, muted color palette exudes sophistication, while the intricate botanical illustrations add a touch of whimsy and charm. The clean lines and minimalist layout ensure that your wedding details are presented with utmost clarity, creating an invitation that is both visually stunning and informative. 

5. Floral monogram wedding invitation

monogram floral wedding invitations
Simple floral wedding invite ideas (Source: fioribelle)

Love is in bloom, and so are your wedding invitations! These floral monogram wedding invitations are like a sneak peek into your secret garden of love. With a delicate wreath of flowers framing your initials, it’s simple, chic, and oh-so-romantic. The whisper of grey blooms against the crisp white background is like a love letter in itself, hinting at the elegance and joy of your upcoming celebration. Trust us, your guests will be smitten before they even open the envelope!

Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations

6. Delicate lilac invites

Lilac Floral Wedding Invitations
Lilac flower-themed wedding invitations (Source: Eyestigmatic Design)

As a wedding planner, I’ve seen countless invitations, but these lilac wedding invitations with floral designs always take my breath away. Delicate watercolor lilacs cascade down the side, creating a sense of movement and life, while the classic typeface and minimalist layout exude timeless elegance. The soft hues of lavender and green evoke a sense of tranquility, setting the perfect tone for a celebration filled with love and joy.

7. Pink watercolor floral wedding invitations

Elegant floral wedding invites with watercolor flowers
Elegant wedding invites with watercolor flowers (Source: EI’s Cards)

There’s so much to love about these pink watercolor invites. With their delicate blooms cascading across the page, they’re practically a bouquet in an envelope. The soft pink watercolor wash whispers of sweet love, while the classic typography keeps things classy. 

8. Classic anemone and peony design

Floral wedding invitations with peony design
Floral wedding invites with peony design (Source: Hitched)

If you’re planning a formal wedding, these elegant floral invitations will perfectly complement your sophisticated event. The delicate colors of blush, white, and muted green create a soft and romantic ambiance, ideal for a springtime celebration in a garden setting.

9. Boho pastel floral invitations

Wedding invitations with floral designs in boho style
Wedding invitations with floral designs in boho style (Source: Wedding Wire)

If you’re dreaming of bohemian wedding invitations with a touch of floral flair, look no further. This stationery suite features beautifully painted orchids, roses, and dried greenery with a sun-kissed, vintage effect. The contrast between the muted floral elements and the pastel background, along with the sophisticated font, creates a fresh and modern bohemian aesthetic.

10. Pink wisteria wedding invites

Watercolor floral wedding invitations in soft pink
Watercolor floral wedding invitations in soft pink (Source: Hitched)

If you’re dreaming of a spring or summer garden wedding, these wisteria invitations will set the scene perfectly. The design is like a fairytale come to life. With delicate wisteria blossoms cascading down the page, they’re practically a garden in an envelope. The soft pink and green hues whisper romance and elegance, while the classic typography adds a touch of sophistication.

11. Watercolor hydrangea invitations

elegant floral wedding invitations with Hydrangea
Hydrangea wedding invite idea (Source: EI’s Cards)

Consider these wedding invitations that showcase beautiful watercolor hydrangeas if you’re thinking of incorporating hydrangeas into your centerpieces or floral arrangements. With soft blue petals and delicate greenery, these invitations are the perfect blend of elegance and charm. 

12. Deckled-edge floral wedding invitations

Deckled-edge floral wedding invitations
Vintage flower-themed wedding invitations (Source: Etsy)

Feast your eyes on these deckled-edge nuptial invites, the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern elegance. Their pastel flower flourishes, and ethereal blue hues make them look like a love poem. With their whimsical deckled edges, polished font, and monogrammed accents, these invitations scream “sophisticated celebration.”

13. Letterpress floral invites

Letterpress wedding invitations with floral designs
Letterpress wedding invitations with floral designs (Source: Annie Brougham)

Choose letterpress invitations for a more refined and elegant design. Perfect for a classic church wedding or a romantic garden affair, these invitations are sure to set the tone for an unforgettable day. Just a heads up, though – with these beauties, your guests might just want to frame them instead of RSVPing!

14. Summer meadow invitations

Elegant floral wedding invitations for summer events
Elegant floral wedding invitations for summer events (Source: Loom Weddings)

This wedding stationery suite has a delightful and enchanting quality. This piece showcases beautifully drawn flowers and leaves, exuding an elegant and delicate charm. The understated color scheme makes it versatile, allowing it to complement a wide range of wedding themes.

Bright Flower-Themed Wedding Invitations

15. Rustic sunflower invites

Rustic floral wedding invites with sunflowers
Rustic wedding invitation ideas with sunflowers (Source: Etsy)

Sunflowers are cherished symbols in various cultures. In Greek culture, they stand for devotion and love, whereas in Chinese culture, they are a symbol of vigor, prosperity, and longevity. Their vibrant energy makes them a popular choice for rustic weddings. These invitations, adorned with a trio of sunflowers, perfectly capture the spirit of a bright and joyful celebration.

16. Tropical Oasis wedding invitations

Bright floral wedding invitations with tropical flowers
Bright floral wedding invitations with tropical flowers (Source: The Knot)

Planning a tropical beach wedding? These floral invitations, with their vibrant hibiscus flowers and lush greenery, are the perfect way to invite guests to your sunny celebration. The playful mix of casual calligraphy and modern typography perfectly captures the carefree spirit of a destination wedding, leaving your guests excited for the fun to come.

17. Wildflower invites

flower-themed wedding invitations with wildflowers
Floral wedding invite ideas with wildflowers (Source: Etsy)

If you’re looking for a modern twist on floral invitations, this wildflower design is a perfect choice for a stylish summer wedding. A delicate botanical motif complements the clean lines of a modern font, highlighting your essential wedding details. The beautiful design extends to the rest of the suite, including the RSVP card, enclosure card, and other stationery items, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing look for your celebration.

Floral Wedding Invitations in Dark Tones

18. Navy blue floral invites

floral wedding invitations for winter events
Flower-inspired wedding invitations for winter events (Source: Wedding Wire)

Floral designs aren’t limited to spring weddings. The deep navy blue and red color scheme of these floral invitations makes them perfect for a fall or winter celebration. The vibrant pink, white, and red peonies stand out beautifully against the dark blue backdrop, creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

19. Two-tone dark teal invitations

Floral wedding invitations in dark teal
Floral wedding invitations in dark teal (Source: Wedding Wire)

These invitations make a bold impression with a single, oversized floral motif in a striking dark teal. The two-tone color scheme, combined with a classic serif font for the wedding details, creates a sophisticated and contemporary look.

20. Burgundy rose invites

Burgundy floral wedding invites
Burgundy floral wedding invite ideas (Source: Beacon Lane Wedding Invitations)

Embrace the dramatic elegance of burgundy rose wedding invites. These invitations create a striking statement with deep burgundy tones paired with classic ivory accents. The intricate floral illustrations and vintage botanical prints evoke a sense of timeless romance. This invitation suite is perfect for couples seeking a wedding invitation with a moodier aesthetic and a touch of drama. I like how the pattern continues onto the envelopes, giving your guests a delightful surprise as they open them.

21. Gothic purple floral wedding invitations

Gothic-inspired wedding invitations with floral designs
Gothic-inspired wedding invitations with floral patterns (Source: Hitched)

Floral motifs can also take on a gothic style, as seen by this invitation set.  Enveloped in an air of mystery and romance, the Gothic Purple Floral Wedding Invitation sets a dramatic tone for your special day. Deep, rich hues of purple and black create an alluring backdrop for a cascade of lush, moody florals.

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Choosing the perfect floral wedding invitations is a crucial step in setting the tone and ambiance for your special day. With a wide array of styles, colors, and designs, you can easily find invitations that reflect your unique love story and wedding theme. Viva Wedding Photography believes that wedding invitations are not just pieces of paper but a glimpse into the beauty and joy that await your guests on your big day. So, let your creativity bloom, and choose a design that captures the essence of your love story.

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