What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite?

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Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have of your special day, setting the tone for the celebration to come. But with so many options available, “what to include in a wedding invitation suite?” This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential elements of a wedding invitation suite,  from must-have details to creative additions.  We’ll help you craft beautiful and informative invitations that ensure all your guests have the information they need to celebrate with you!

Unsure what to include in your wedding invitation suite? This informative guide details the essential elements and optional inserts to create a beautiful and informative suite for your guests.

Traditional Elements to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite

1. Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation is What to include in a wedding invitation suite
What to include in wedding invitation inserts (Source: Vintage Prints)

Don’t underestimate the importance of your wedding invitations. They’re the first impression for your guests and ensure everyone has the key information. Focus on clearly conveying the four essential elements: who’s getting married (couple’s names), what type of event it is (wedding ceremony and/or reception), the date and time, and the exact location.

2. RSVP Card

RSVP card is among must-have wedding invitation components
Must-have wedding invitation components (Source: Paper Divas)

While online RSVPs offer convenience for both you and your guests, a paper RSVP card is still a must when it comes to what to include in a wedding invitation suite. It caters to guests who might not be comfortable or familiar with online methods (like older guests), ensuring a higher response rate. Plus, a physical card allows you to personalize the experience. If your invitation itself is minimalist, the RSVP card can be a fun opportunity to inject some personality with creative wording or playful fonts.

Viva Wedding Tip

Consider adding checkboxes on the response cards to provide meal choices such as chicken, fish, steak, vegetarian options, etc.

3. Details Card

Details card is what to include in a wedding invitation suite
Details card is what to include in wedding invitation inserts (Source: TimberWink Studio)

Not all wedding invitations have ample room for every detail you might want to share with your guests. A details card is a lifesaver in such situations, allowing you to provide additional information without compromising the elegance and focus of the main invitation. It’s the perfect place to showcase your wedding website URL,  mention the dress code, or include information on accommodations, especially for destination weddings.

However, including a details card is entirely up to you. If your invitation has ample space and incorporates a clear, concise design, you might not need one. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure all the necessary information reaches your guests in a visually appealing way. 

4. Outer Envelope

The outer envelope is what to include in a wedding invitation suite
The outer envelope is what to include in a wedding invitation suite (Source: Jubilee Paper)

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most crucial wedding invitation components! The outer envelope keeps all your beautiful invitation pieces together, ensuring they arrive safely at your guests’ doorsteps. Whether you rely on trusty postal services or use any other delivery method, a sturdy outer envelope is an essential part of your wedding invitation suite.

5. Addressed RSVP Envelope

Addressed RSVP Envelope is what to include in wedding invitation inserts
The addressed RSVP envelope is an insert to include in wedding invitations (Source: A Fabulous Fate)

This smaller envelope serves a specific purpose – housing the RSVP card. Pre-stamp it and include your return address on the front for effortless guest response. This dedicated return path makes it simple for your guests to send back their RSVPs with a joyful “Yes!”

6. Postage

And the last essential piece of what to include in a wedding invitation suite is a postage stamp. Ensure your invitations arrive by properly addressing and stamping the outer envelope. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your invitation suite, you might need additional postage. It’s wise to weigh a sample envelope with all inserts included at the post office to determine the required postage.

Postage stamps are what to include in a wedding invitation suite
Postage stamps are essential wedding invitation components (Source: Fine Day Press)

When mailing your invitations, consider requesting hand-cancellation for your stamps. While all stamps require cancellation to prevent reuse, machine cancellation can leave unsightly marks on your beautiful envelopes. Hand-cancellation ensures a clean, professional look. Additionally, if your return address is located on the back flap (a common practice for wedding invitations), a machine sorter might struggle to identify the correct side for cancellation, making hand-cancellation necessary in those cases too.

What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite: Optional Elements

We’ve covered the must-have elements; now, let’s explore the optional additions that can elevate your wedding invitation suite. These inserts provide flexibility to incorporate more information, especially if your wedding has unique features or requires additional guest guidance. Remember, the formality of your event and the amount of information you need to convey will determine which inserts are most suitable.

7. Inner Envelope

An inner envelope offers a double benefit. It safeguards your beautiful wedding invitation set during mailing. But more importantly, it provides a dedicated space to list the names of your invited guests.

Inner envelope is among the optional wedding invitation components
The inner envelope is an optional wedding invitation component (Source: Martha Stewart)

If your guest will be accompanied by another person, include both of their names. If they can bring a plus-one, their name and a generic guest’s name should be on the envelope, such as “Robert Smith and Guest.” If there isn’t a plus-one, just include the guest’s name.

This is also how you can indicate if children are invited or not. For families you’d like to invite with children, address the envelope to “The Smiths.” If your wedding is an adults-only event, address it specifically to the attending adults, such as “Wiliam and Tiffany Smith.” This ensures clarity and avoids any misunderstandings about who is included in the invitation.

8. Reception Card

Reception Card is what to include in a wedding invitation suite
Details on a reception card (Source: Aerialist Press)

If your reception isn’t held at the same location as your ceremony, a reception card is what to include in wedding invitation inserts. This insert clarifies the reception’s details, including the venue address and time. The wording can also provide a hint about the formality of the event. For instance, “Breakfast Reception” suggests a more casual morning celebration, while simply “Reception” implies a more traditional afternoon or evening event.

9. Accommodations Card

Accommodations Card is what to include in wedding invitation inserts
Weeding invitation components can include an accommodation card (Source: Etsy)

Planning a destination wedding or having out-of-town guests? An accommodations card simplifies guest travel arrangements. This piece provides the name and address of the hotel where you’ve secured a room block, along with any special booking codes or deadlines to take advantage of discounted rates. By including this thoughtful detail, you’re helping your guests find comfortable accommodations and ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

10. Weekend Events Card

A weekend events card is what to include in a wedding invitation suite
A weekend events card is what to include in a wedding invitation suite (Source: The Sundae Creative)

Destination weddings and events with many out-of-town guests often feature additional celebrations throughout the wedding weekend. If you’re planning a welcome cocktail party, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch, or other gatherings, include a weekend event card in your invitation suite to clearly inform the times and locations of these optional events. This will help your guests decide which activities they’d like to attend and plan their trip accordingly.

11. Directions Card

Directions card is among wedding invitation components
Directions card is among wedding invitation components (Source: Brides)

While some guests may rely on GPS navigation, a directions card can be a valuable addition, especially for out-of-town guests or those unfamiliar with the area. This insert is particularly helpful for weddings held in rural locations with limited cell service or for venues that might be tricky to find. Even a simple, well-written description with landmarks can ensure everyone arrives on time and stress-free. For a charming touch, consider including a hand-drawn map or incorporating local landmarks into your directions.

12. Envelope Liner

An envelope liner is what to include in a wedding invitation suite
An envelope liner is what to include in a wedding invitation suite (Source: Brides)

Envelope liners are a fantastic way to enhance the visual appeal of your envelope’s interior. They act as charming patterned pockets that bring a delightful touch to the overall appearance.

13. Invitation Wrapper 

The invitation wrapper is what to include in wedding invitation inserts
The invitation wrapper is what to include in wedding invitation inserts (Source: Designed With Amore)

After assembling your beautiful invitation suite, consider adding a finishing touch with an invitation wrapper. This could be a belly band or a silk ribbon, both designed to hold all the pieces neatly together. Opt for a color that complements your overall design, and consider a simple jewel or botanical embellishment for a touch of extra elegance.

14. Wax Seal

A wax seal is what to include in a wedding invitation suite
A wax seal is one of the wedding invitation components (Source: Creative Custom Prints by Tabitha)

Consider adding a wax seal to your invitation suite for a truly personalized touch. This classic element works particularly well with belly bands, vellum inner envelopes, or folded invitations. Choose a wax seal design that incorporates your monogram or a meaningful symbol for an extra special detail that reflects your unique style.

What To Not Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite?

Double-check what to include in wedding invitation inserts
Double-check what to include in wedding invitation inserts (Source: Betty Lu Paperie)

While you’ll find wedding stationery with various numbers of enclosure cards, it’s important to distinguish what falls under the “invitation suite” specifically. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: any wedding paper that doesn’t share the same envelope with your actual invitation (like save-the-dates, thank-you notes, or wedding programs) isn’t considered part of the invitation suite itself. These additional elements belong to the broader category of “wedding stationery.”

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Now that you’ve known the essential components and creative options of what to include in a wedding invitation suite, you can create a set that reflects your unique style and informs your guests seamlessly. Remember, proofing is essential to ensure accuracy. And don’t be afraid to personalize your invitation wording to add a unique touch. With careful planning and this guide from Viva Wedding Photography, you can design an invitation suite that beautifully announces your upcoming nuptials!

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