Anniversary gifts by year – Latest Traditional and Modern List Guide

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Best wishes for another year with your loved one! Life is better with stronger attachments and shared family memories. We are here to help you select the ideal anniversary marriage gift. Every year you commemorate your celebration, you’ll create a new memory to cherish. So, if you want to present particular anniversary gifts by year, check out the Viva Wedding Photography site to get what you need.

Anniversary Gifts By Year Meaning

Happy Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Happy Anniversary Gifts By Year

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is such a beautiful way to honor the incredible journey of love and commitment between two people. As time passes, each anniversary becomes a special milestone, celebrating not just the years but the incredible moments and unwavering love we’ve shared. The tradition of exchanging anniversary gifts by year is such a special way to celebrate! Each carefully chosen gift becomes a beautiful symbol of the couple’s unique journey together.

These wedding anniversary gifts are truly special, as they symbolize the beautiful journey you both have shared. They go beyond material possessions and instead reflect the deep emotional connection that has grown stronger over time. Celebrating wedding anniversaries with special traditions throughout the years adds a lovely touch to the journey of marriage. It’s a way to honor the commitment, growth, and cherished memories that make the adventure of matrimony so special.

Summary List of Anniversary Wedding Themes By Year

Anniversary Gifts By Year
YearTraditional ThemeModern ThemeGemstoneFlower
4thFruit/FlowersAppliancesBlue TopazGeranium
6thIronWoodAmethystCalla Lily
7thCopper/WoolDesk SetsOnyxFreesia
8thBronze/PotteryLinen/ LaceTourmalineClematis
9thWillow/PotteryLeatherLapis LazuliPoppy
10thTin/AluminumDiamond JewelryDiamondDaffodil
11thSteelFashion JewelryTurquoiseMorning Glories
14thIvoryGold JewelryOpalDahlia
16thWaxSilver HollowarePeridotStatice
17thFurnitureCarnelianRed Carnation
18thPorcelainCat’s Eye 
35thCoralJadeEmerald Coral Rose
45thSapphireBlue Iris
50thGoldYellow Rose and Violet
55thEmeraldAlexandritesCalla lily

Which years are most commonly celebrated as milestone anniversaries for marriages? As we mentioned before, every year of marriage brings incredible achievements. To celebrate a strong and fulfilling marriage, certain years hold special meaning.

Starting with the first milestone anniversary after five years of marriage, couples can look forward to celebrating special milestones every five years: the tenth, fifteenth, twenty-first, twenty-fifth, and thirtieth anniversaries. Typically, the tradition is to celebrate milestone anniversaries every ten years after the third decade of marriage (such as the 40th, 50th, 60th anniversary, and so on).

On the other hand, most couples also like to celebrate their first anniversary specially. It’s totally up to you and your spouse to decide how much you want to celebrate each anniversary! It’s all about what feels right for you. We think that every year should have.

Anniversary Gifts By Year 1-100: Traditional and Modern Guide

1st wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Paper
  • Modern gift: Clocks
  • Gemstone: Gold
  • Color: Gold/yellow
  • Flower: Carnations
Custome Canvas Print -1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Custome Canvas Print -1st Gift For Anniversary By Year

As you begin your exciting journey of the first year of marriage, the symbolic 1st-anniversary gifts hold deep layers of meaning. In a traditional sense, paper is often seen as a symbol of a fresh start, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with a couple’s unique love story.  How about giving a wonderfully crafted personalized journal? It’s the perfect place to keep love notes and shared dreams safe and sound!

In a modern twist, clocks symbolize the timeless nature of love, with each tick and tock echoing the enduring commitment made in the first year. As a beautiful wall clock bearing a heartfelt message combines classic and contemporary design elements, it becomes an ideal modern first-anniversary present idea, encapsulating the spirit of shared moments with each tick.

Love Clock Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Love Clock Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

If you look into what gold means, you’ll find that it stands for warmth and wealth, which is a lot like how valuable a first-year marriage is. Along these lines, the chosen flower, the carnation, stands for deep love and respect. If you want to give a gift that is both beautiful and meaningful, think about giving a gold-dipped carnation. With a mix of classic symbols and modern expressions, these first-anniversary gift ideas beautifully capture the essence of the couple’s journey and serve as a lasting reminder of how love has grown in the first year.

2nd-anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Cotton
  • Modern gift: China
  • Gemstone: Garnet
  • Color: Red/Linen White
  • Flower: Cosmos
Cotton Earing 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Cotton Earrings 2nd Wedding Yearly Anniversary Gifts

For a long time, cotton has been a sign of tradition for the 2nd anniversary. Like the intertwining threads of a tapestry, this natural fiber weaves together the stories, experiences, and aspirations of two souls embarking on a shared life. Consider gifting a set of luxurious cotton sheets, weaving comfort into the fabric of everyday existence.

With a touch of modernity, let’s explore the fascinating world of China and its captivating symbolism. This beautiful material captures the true spirit of love, gracefully blending with the idea of strength. A China couple mug would make a great gift if your spouse loves having a cup of coffee in the morning

Couple Mug 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Couple Mug 2nd Gift For Anniversary By Year

When we go deeper into the meanings of gemstones, we find that garnet represents intense feelings of devotion and love. These materials, when combined with the cosmic flowers, will form a stunning representation of the couple’s journey.

3-year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Leather
  • Modern gift: Crystal or glass
  • Gemstone: Pearls or jade
  • Color: White or jade green
  • Flower: Sunflowers
Leather Suitcase Box – Great Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Leather Suitcase Box – Great Gift For Anniversary By Year

The traditional leather symbol represents the everlasting power of a strengthening tie as a married couple enters their third year of joyous union. Gifts made of high-quality leather, such as a personalized wallet, are ideal for the third anniversary because they are functional and classic.

As a modern theme, crystal or glass stands for the transparency and delicate nature of a growing marriage. An exquisite and contemporary third-anniversary present option that commemorates the important moments in your journey together would be a fragile crystal vase.

3D Anniversary Tower – Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
3D Anniversary Tower – Yearly Anniversary Gifts

Let’s explore the wonderful symbolism behind the gemstone pearl and the sunflower, which represent purity, wisdom, and the warmth of adoration. When you’re looking for the perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift for your wife or husband, why not consider a beautiful pearl necklace? It’s a classic choice that symbolizes everlasting love. Add a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to celebrate the wonderful growth of your union!

4-year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Fruit or flowers
  • Modern gift: Appliances
  • Gemstone: Blue topaz
  • Color: Blue or green
  • Flower: Geranium
Grow Your Blueberry Jam – Anniversary Gifts By Year
Grow Your Blueberry Jam – Anniversary Gifts By Year

Celebrating the fourth year of marriage is such a special milestone! In traditional cultures, fruit and flowers are often seen as symbols of growth and beauty in a relationship. They represent the blossoming nature of love and add a touch of sweetness to the connection.

The modern theme is all about including appliances that are practical and essential for a harmonious household. How about surprising your loved one with a stunning bouquet of geraniums? They symbolize the perfect blend of delicacy and strength, just like love itself.

Looking to add a modern twist to your home? Why not surprise your spouse with a delightful kitchen appliance that brings both functionality and joy to your shared space? The blue topaz is such a lovely gemstone! It’s known for its association with love and communication, making it a meaningful and eye-catching addition to any collection.

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5th wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Wood
  • Modern gift: Silverware
  • Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Color: Blue or pink
  • Flower: Daisy
Personalized Note Wedding Keepsake Frame
Personalized Note Wedding Keepsake Frame

The fifth wedding anniversary is such a special milestone to reflect on the meaningful growth and stability of your marriage throughout the years. Wood, an emblem of unwavering commitment and timeless union, has stood as a traditional symbol of 5th-anniversary marriage throughout the ages. Presenting wood as a cherished offering is a testament to the profound appreciation and reverence bestowed upon this enduring bond.

Meanwhile, the modern theme proudly showcases silverware, symbolizing the growth in elegance and togetherness over the past five years. It’s such a special occasion, so why not make it even more memorable by choosing a gift that blends the best of both worlds—classic and modern? Both a silver ring and a keepsake frame are wonderful choices for 5th wedding anniversary gifts!

Fashion Jewelry For 5th Anniversary Gifts By Year
Fashion Jewelry – 5th Gift For Anniversary By Year

As you look for anniversary gifts by year for husband or wife, consider the profound significance of their symbols. The sapphire, a gemstone associated with this accomplishment, highlights the importance and sincerity of your partnership. A daisy, a delicate and happy symbol of innocence and loyalty, is a good metaphor for the love that has blossomed over the last five years. A beautiful way to remember the incredible journey shared on this joyous fifth wedding anniversary is with an heirloom-quality wooden item or a modern silverware masterpiece, presented annually.

6 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Iron
  • Modern gift: Wood
  • Gemstone: Amethyst or turquoise
  • Color: Purple
  • Flower: Calla lilies
Photo Canvas Print Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Photo Canvas Print Happy 6th Wedding Yearly Anniversary Gifts

In the sixth year of marriage, you get to celebrate the symbolic traditional and modern use of iron and wood! Iron symbolizes the incredible strength of a marriage that has been built and strengthened over time, while wood represents the beautiful growth and adaptability that naturally occurs within a relationship. How about considering a lovely 6th anniversary gift of an iron sculpture for your home or a beautifully hand-carved wooden item as a nod to tradition?

On the other side, the amethyst gemstone is known for its beautiful deep purple hue and is often associated with feelings of calmness and clarity. Pair this with the lovely calla lily, a flower that symbolizes magnificent beauty, to create a truly meaningful and romantic anniversary celebration. We love how this combination of traditional and modern elements shows the many sides of a long-lasting commitment.

7-year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Wool or copper
  • Modern gift: Desk sets
  • Gemstone: Onyx or yellow sapphire
  • Color: Onyx or yellow
  • Flower: Freesia
Custom Desktop Plaque – Gift For Anniversary By Year
Custom Desktop Plaque – Gift For Anniversary By Year

Did you know that copper and wool are the traditional symbols for the seventh year of marriage? Copper represents durability, while wool symbolizes warmth and comfort. It’s a lovely way to celebrate your seventh anniversary! These materials highlight the lasting bond of a relationship and the warm moments enjoyed together.

How about considering a copper-themed gift or a luxurious woolen item? These options truly showcase the thoughtfulness behind a traditional anniversary present. If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your workspace, why not consider a stylish desk set? It’s a great way to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal!

Hey there! Did you know that Onyx, a beautiful gemstone, is believed to help with emotional balance? And guess what? It pairs amazingly well with freesia, a lovely flower that symbolizes friendship and trust. Together, they make the perfect meaningful 7-year wedding anniversary gifts! Congratulations on reaching your seventh-year celebration! It’s truly amazing to see the love and shared experiences that have shaped your journey together.

8-year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Bronze or Pottery
  • Modern gift: Linens or lace
  • Gemstone: Tourmaline
  • Color: Tourmaline or bronze
  • Flower: Clematis
Bronze Belt Buckle 8th Anniversary Gift By Year
Bronze Belt Buckle 8th Anniversary Gifts By Year

Bronze or pottery becomes a symbol in the eighth year of marriage, representing the durability and adaptability of a committed union. These materials stand for the meticulously molded base that has been built up over time. Giving a piece of handcrafted pottery or a sculpture made of bronze is a great way to show respect for tradition.

On the more contemporary side, linen and lace represent the delicate yet everlasting character of a dedicated connection. A lace-trimmed item or a set of plush linen bedding can elevate any space. The clematis flower, a symbol of elegance and creativity, and the tourmaline gemstone, a stone thought to inspire confidence and creativity, are both beautiful and significant additions to your 8th-anniversary gifts.

9-year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Willow or pottery
  • Modern gift: Leather
  • Gemstone: Lapis lazuli
  • Color: Green
  • Flower: Poppy
Willow Tree Art Print Anniversary Gifts By Year
Willow Tree Art Print Gift For Anniversary By Year

Congratulations on reaching the ninth year of your journey together! During this special milestone, the traditional symbols of willow or pottery beautifully represent the strength and flexibility that have defined your relationship. How about considering a lovely handmade pottery piece or a beautiful artistic item crafted from willow? They would make such thoughtful 9 year wedding anniversary gifts!

Leather, the modern theme, represents durability and resilience, showcasing the lasting strength of your love. Why not surprise your spouse with a lovely leather accessory or a thoughtful gift that perfectly complements their unique style? The lapis lazuli gemstone and the vibrant poppy flower are both wonderful choices for your milestone celebration! The lapis lazuli is known for its association with truth and wisdom, while the poppy represents remembrance and deep affection.

10 year wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Tin or aluminum
  • Modern gift: Diamond Jewelry
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Color: Silver
  • Flower: Daffodil
Tin Candle 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Tin Candle 10th Wedding Yearly Anniversary Gifts

Wow, congratulations on reaching such a special milestone in your love and partnership! The 10th anniversary is truly a remarkable occasion, filled with unique symbols that perfectly capture the beautiful journey of your marriage. The traditional symbol, tin or aluminum, represents the strength and adaptability that are important for a long-lasting relationship.

How about searching for a beautiful piece of tin or aluminum art that would make a perfect anniversary gift for your wife or husband? It could symbolize the incredible strength that you both have developed over the past decade of shared experiences.

In the modern age, diamonds are truly remarkable, symbolizing the enduring strength of your love. A stunning piece of diamond jewelry is more than just a gift – it’s a beautiful way to express your deep commitment.

10th Diamond Jewelry Gift For Anniversary By Year
10th Diamond Jewelry Gift For Anniversary By Year

Explore the fascinating world of gemstones! In celebration of your 10th anniversary, we are thrilled to introduce the jewelry diamond. This precious stone beautifully reflects the everlasting sparkle of your relationship. How about considering a beautiful diamond-themed gift like an elegant necklace or a pair of earrings?

It would be a lovely way to commemorate the special milestone you and your spouse are celebrating. Adding to the beauty of these precious stones are lovely daffodils, the perfect flower for this special occasion. As you search for 10th anniversary gifts, why not think about including some lovely daffodils in your gift? They could be a beautiful bouquet or a thoughtful addition to an arrangement.

11 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Steel
  • Modern gift: Fashion Jewelry
  • Gemstone: Turquoise
  • Color: Yellow
  • Flower: Morning Glories
Silver Anniversary Charm Necklace 11th Anniversary Gift For Her
Silver Anniversary Charm Necklace 11th Anniversary Gift For Her

When a marriage enters its eleventh year, the traditional symbol of steel serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining strong and resilient in the face of adversity. This demonstrates the unbreakable bond between spouses. A beautifully crafted steel piece with sentimental significance would be a timeless 11th anniversary gift.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry is a trendy item that never fails to turn heads. A well-chosen piece of fashion jewelry, perhaps set with a turquoise gemstone that denotes love and wealth, might meaningfully commemorate the years spent together.

Celebrating the 11th anniversary with morning glories—the flower most commonly associated with love—provides an opportunity to find gifts that express the essence of a strong and elegant union that has evolved and persisted.

12 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Silk or linen
  • Modern gift: Pearls
  • Gemstone: Jade
  • Color: Oyster white
  • Flower: Peony
Watercolour Scraft Gift For Anniversary By Year
Watercolour Scraft Gift For Anniversary By Year

As the happy couple enters their twelfth year of marriage, traditional silk or linen symbolizes a long-lasting marriage’s seamless and interdependent nature. When presented as 12th-anniversary gifts, sophisticated bedding, clothing, or other articles crafted from silk or linen serve as a tangible expression of comfort and the journey shared over a dozen years. Pearls, which symbolize knowledge accumulated throughout time, lend a modern touch. A pearl necklace or bracelet chosen for its timeless elegance would make a great gift.

Adding jade, a gemstone associated with good fortune and protection, raises the piece to a higher degree of significance. Incorporate the peony, a flower representing richness and success, into your celebration to make the 12th anniversary a lovely reflection of the union’s blossoming beauty and wealth.

13 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Lace
  • Modern gift: Textile or furs
  • Gemstone: Citrine
  • Color: White
  • Flower: Chrysanthemum
Handmade Flower 13th Wedding Gift For Anniversary By Year
Handmade Flower 13th Wedding Gift For Anniversary By Year

The delicate lace brought to the traditional 13th anniversary represents a long-lasting marriage’s complicated and interwoven structure. Discover classic lace gifts that honor the magic of everlasting love, whether magnificent clothes or home décor items.

Adding sumptuous textiles or furs to a modern piece symbolizes the safety and stability of a committed pair. Include citrine in the celebration, a gemstone associated with prosperity and good vibrations. The chrysanthemum, a flower that denotes joy and loyalty, is the perfect complement to the 13th wedding anniversary gifts, resulting in a celebration that artistically combines old and contemporary, showcasing the depth and vigor of enduring love.

14 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Ivory
  • Modern gift: Gold
  • Gemstone: Ruby
  • Color: Ivory or Opal
  • Flower: Dahlia
Dream Bracelet Elephant Gift For Anniversary By Year
Dream Bracelet Elephant Gift For Anniversary By Year

Being married for fourteen years is a significant life achievement, and the symbols commemorated on this anniversary emphasize the significance and splendor of such a long-term commitment. Despite ethical problems, ivory remains a traditional symbol of a long-standing engagement, owing to its distinctiveness and rarity. For a more ethical choice, choose ivory-colored items or those made from alternative materials. Gold jewelry, a sign of power and wealth, is the focus of this modern 14th anniversary.

An opal gemstone set in finely chosen gold jewelry—a symbol of love and passion—would make an outstanding gift. Dahlias, a sign of elegance and sophistication, are an ideal complement to the celebration. Merging elements from the past and present to portray the enduring beauty of a love that has flourished over the last fourteen years is a poignant expression captured in 14th-anniversary gifts.

15th anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Crystals
  • Modern gift: Watches
  • Gemstone: Ruby
  • Color: Bronze
  • Flower: Rose
Gift For Anniversary By Year Crystal Rose
Gift For Anniversary By Year Crystal Rose

As you reach this incredible milestone of 15 years of matrimony, it’s time to celebrate in style! The traditional symbol of crystal is here to remind you of the clarity and brilliance that have defined your beautiful union. Just like the ethereal beauty of a crystal, marriage embodies a harmonious blend of resilience and openness. As you search for the perfect 15th-anniversary gift, you might want to consider a stunning crystal vase or a lovely set of crystal wine glasses.

On the modern theme, the watch stands as a symbol of the precious moments spent together. The ticking hands of a watch represent time and the commitment to cherish each shared moment. If you’re stuck for ideas for a 15th anniversary present for your husband, consider getting them a beautiful watch that symbolizes the journey you’ve taken together and compliments their style.

Luxury Gift For 15th Anniversary Gifts By Year
Gold-plated Watch For 15th Anniversary Gifts By Year

A lively symbol of everlasting passion and love, ruby is the gemstone linked with the fifteenth anniversary. Choose a stunning piece of jewelry to showcase this luminous stone and add it to your celebration. The conventional and gemstone emblems round up the trinity of celebration with the addition of the rose, a timeless symbol of love. 

Add this emblem by surprise to the one you love with a beautiful bouquet of ruby red roses; these 15th-anniversary gift ideas beautifully encapsulate the enduring love and commitment celebrated at this significant milestone.

16 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Wax
  • Modern gift: Silver Holloware
  • Gemstone: Peridot
  • Color: Silver or Emerald Green
  • Flower: Statice
anniversary gifts by year silver holloware

The traditional symbol of wax, which couples often use when celebrating their sixteenth anniversary, stands for the adaptability and strength needed to shape a marriage that will last a lifetime. The ability to adjust has been a key factor in the relationship’s longevity.

Crafted candles or other wax-based items that make the recipient feel close could be a nice traditional present. Contemporary silver hollowware, such as graceful silver vessels and dinnerware, is a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty. A thoughtfully chosen item can represent the priceless times we had together.

The peridot gemstone, linked to balance and clarity, is a meaningful addition. To honor a love that has endured for sixteen years with grace and strength, you might want to use statice, the flower that represents memory, in your celebration. This would strike the ideal balance 16th wedding anniversary gifts.

17 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Furniture
  • Modern gift: Furniture
  • Gemstone: Carnelian
  • Color: Yellow
  • Flower: Red Carnation
anniversary gifts by year furniture

Your home, which you have built together over 17 years of marriage, is surely one of your most cherished sanctuaries. For your 17th anniversary, receiving gifts of furniture that can beautifully furnish your home would be wonderful.

You can choose from various traditional and modern pieces that perfectly complement your style and make your space even more cozy and inviting. Creating a beautiful backyard sanctuary for the two of you to enjoy sounds absolutely wonderful! We’re thrilled to hear about your exciting project. Why not fill those beautiful new vases with some lovely fluffy red carnations?

Alternatively, you could stick to the theme and use sunshine-hued embellishments in the year’s yellow color. As you look for the right 17th wedding anniversary gifts, let the meanings of furniture and carnelian represent the strength and warmth of your shared journey. Either way, it will look fantastic!

18 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Porcelain
  • Modern gift: Porcelain
  • Gemstone: Cat’s Eye
  • Color: Blue
  • Flower: None
anniversary gifts by year porcelain

By the time a marriage reaches its eighteenth year, the traditional and modern symbol of porcelain captures the delicate and beautiful nature of your relationship, which has gracefully withstood the test of time. Porcelain gifts, whether it’s a beautiful set of dinnerware or a stunning piece of art, represent the timeless beauty of your love.

Conversely, the cat’s eye gemstone is often linked to good luck and intuition. It’s a special symbol of the deep connection and intuition that have grown over 18 years together. How about considering a lovely piece of cat’s eye jewelry? It would make one of the most meaningful 18th anniversary gifts!

19 year anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Bronze
  • Modern gift: Bronze
  • Gemstone: Aquamarine
  • Color: Bronze
  • Flower: Chrysanthemum
anniversary gifts by year: bronze

The 19th year of marriage brings forth symbols that stand for the strength and depth of a long-lasting connection. A connection that has endured for almost twenty years is a testament to the strength and resiliency of bronze, the traditional and modern emblem. To honor your deep bond, consider giving a bronze sculpture or decorative item as a meaningful present.

Aquamarine, a gemstone linked with calm and clarity, brings a contemporary style to the party. An exquisite and thoughtful gift can be an aquamarine piece of jewelry. Chrysanthemums are flowers that stand for loyalty and eternal life. Add them to your celebration. When looking for 19th anniversary gift ideas, let bronze and aquamarine’s timeless beauty and peace guide you. These are two elements that have grown stronger with each year of marriage.

20th wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: China
  • Modern gift: Platinum
  • Gemstone: Emerald or yellow diamond
  • Color: White
  • Flower: Aster
Premium Porcelain Vase Yearly Anniversary Gifts 
Premium Porcelain Vase

Celebrating two decades of love and companionship! The traditional symbol of China for your 20th anniversary beautifully reflects the delicate and enduring nature of your marriage. When you’re looking for the perfect anniversary wedding gift for your spouse, consider exploring beautifully crafted china dinnerware or personalized china keepsakes.

These 20th anniversary gift ideas are a wonderful way to celebrate your special occasion! They symbolize the strength and resilience of your union and are thoughtful and meaningful ideas that honor the journey of shared memories and growth.

Champagne Glasses 20th Anniversary Gifts By Year For Him
Champagne Glasses 20th Anniversary Gifts By Year For Him

Platinum takes the spotlight in the modern world, symbolizing the special and long-lasting nature of a twenty-year commitment. A beautiful piece of platinum jewelry, like a ring or necklace, would make a wonderful gift for your spouse on their twentieth anniversary!

Not only does this precious metal symbolize everlasting love, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any outfit! Celebrate the incredible milestone of two decades of marriage by giving a gift that represents both strength and beauty. Choose a present that beautifully blends modern and traditional elements, capturing the essence of this special occasion.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

  • Traditional gift: Silver
  • Modern gift: Silver
  • Gemstone: Silver jubilee
  • Color: Silver
  • Flower: Iris
Silver Watch – Silver Gift For Anniversary By Year
Silver Watch – Silver Gift For Anniversary By Year

With the thrilling journey of commemorating a 25th wedding anniversary, the symbolic gifts, both modern and traditional, lend depth to this momentous occasion. Silver, the customary 25th-anniversary gift, is a lovely symbol of a couple’s marriage’s unadulterated love and stability.

Whether it’s a delicate piece of jewelry or a treasured memento, a silver treasure represents the strength and radiance of a love that has endured for twenty-five years. At the same time, the modern style reflects this idea, highlighting silver’s enduring significance as a symbol of enduring love. Silver, a precious metal that reflects the importance of their journey, can inspire couples in their quest for 25th-anniversary gift ideas with its shining allure.

Candle Modern 25th Yearly Anniversary Gifts 
Candle Modern 25th Anniversary Gifts By Year

If we look closer at the symbolic tapestry, we can see that the gemstone for the silver jubilee fits in perfectly with the 25th anniversary motif. The silver-colored iris is a symbol of precious feelings and happy marriage times. Irises are a lyrical option among anniversary presents since they represent the depth of thought and experience gained over the past 25 years.

Irises, a flower that exquisitely captures the everlasting beauty and growth seen in a quarter-century of marriage, have deep symbolic meaning that couples seeking anniversary presents for their spouses can learn about.

30th wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Pearls
  • Modern gift: Diamond
  • Gemstone: Pearl jubilee
  • Color: Green
  • Flower: Lily
Jewelry Necklace 30th Anniversary Gift By Year
Jewelry Necklace 30th Yearly Anniversary Gifts

30th anniversary gifts, both modern and traditional, bring forth a complex web of symbolism. The traditional pearl gift represents the timeless elegance only possible after thirty years of marriage. They symbolize the beautiful moments and layers of love that have developed along the way. If you’re looking for a special gift idea for a 30th anniversary, consider the timeless beauty of a pearl-inspired token. It’s a wonderful way to express the depth and sophistication of a lasting union.

Diamond Jewelry Luxury On 30th Yearly Anniversary Gifts 
Diamond Jewelry Luxury On 30th Anniversary Gifts By Year

At the same time, the modern motif uses the radiance of diamonds to commemorate the occasion, which is 30 years old. The magnificent stones represent the unwavering strength and perseverance that have been evident over the thirty years of this union. Diamonds are a timeless and dazzling anniversary gift that symbolizes a couple’s dedication to one another and the eternal romance of marriage.

The pearl jubilee is a beautiful gemstone linked to this special milestone. It beautifully captures the essence of a 30-year marriage, where love flourishes and thrives. And the lily, a beautiful and timeless flower, truly captures the spirit of devotion and commitment. Whether you choose a timeless pearl piece or a modern diamond creation, these anniversary gifts by year are lovely reminders of the incredible journey celebrated on your special 30th wedding anniversary.

35th wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Coral
  • Modern gift: Jade
  • Gemstone: Emerald
  • Color: Coral Rose
Traditional 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Traditional 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Coral is truly special in the world of tradition, symbolizing the stability and safety that surround the 35th anniversary. When you’re searching for the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse, consider the timeless beauty of coral. Nowadays, jade is the star of the show as the modern theme for this momentous occasion. Embracing the beautiful complexities of a long-lasting marriage requires the ability to adapt and be flexible, just like the bright hues of this exquisite stone.

Modern 35 Year Anniversary Gift
Modern 35 Year Anniversary Gift

The emerald, a gemstone associated with this landmark that stands for renewal and advancement, is a fitting reflection of a marriage that has endured for 35 years. The coral rose, on the other hand, is a lovely emblem of the everlasting love and passion that grow in a marriage.

While looking for 35th wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse, consider the deeper meanings of these symbols. You can choose a classic piece with emerald and coral accents or a more modern design with jade accents. Either way, these anniversary gifts by year are lovely reminders of the amazing journey marked on this special occasion.

40th wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Ruby
  • Modern gift: Ruby
  • Gemstone: Ruby
  • Color: Ruby red
  • Flower: Gladiolus
40th Wedding Gift For Anniversary By Year For Middle Ages Women
40th Wedding Gift For Anniversary By Year For Middle Ages Women

In the beautiful world of tradition and modernity, the stunning ruby shines brilliantly as the ideal symbol for a joyous 40th wedding anniversary. This lovely gemstone represents the profound love and strength that have deepened your connection over time.

As you embark on the exciting journey of finding the perfect anniversary gift for your beloved spouse, let’s take a moment to admire the timeless charm of ruby. It represents the deep and enduring flame that has sparked your incredible journey together. A gift that beautifully combines traditional and modern elements, like a breathtaking piece highlighting the vibrant red allure of rubies, becomes a heartfelt symbol of everlasting love.

The Metal Foundry 40th Ruby Anniversary Gift By Year
The Metal Foundry 40th Ruby Gift For Anniversary By Year

The gladiolus is a lovely and resilient flower that frequently symbolizes the maturity, sincerity, and moral character that define a long-lasting marriage. When selecting the perfect anniversary gift, why not consider the timeless elegance of a classic ruby piece or the contemporary allure of a modern creation that artfully incorporates the vibrant hues of the gladiolus?

These magnificent wedding anniversary gifts—carefully chosen to mark the momentous occasion of a 40th wedding anniversary—serve as exquisite expressions of the remarkable journey the couple has shared.

45th wedding anniversary gift themes

  • Traditional gift: Sapphire
  • Modern gift: Sapphire
  • Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Color: Blue
  • Flower: Blue iris
Traditional Gift For 45th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gift For 45th Wedding Anniversary

The celebration of 45 years of marriage, maturing elegantly similar to premium wine, revolves around the color blue. Elegant sapphires are revered as traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts because they encapsulate the very nature of this commemorative anniversary. Sapphires, which are rich in symbolic meanings such as sincerity, faithfulness, and intelligence, symbolize the virtues that have contributed to this momentous occasion in your marriage.

45th wedding anniversary gifts adorned with sapphires, such as rings, bracelets, or pendants, as well as sapphire-inspired furnishings and apparel, are only the beginning of the endless options. Symbolizing the good fortune that has encircled your time together, each sapphire gift will become a treasured memento.

Modern 45 Year Anniversary Gift Recommendation
Modern 45 Year Anniversary Gift Recommendation

As one might expect, the color scheme dutifully adheres to the captivating theme of vivid blues. In the absence of a prescribed botanical selection for this significant occasion, we humbly propose the inclusion of the resplendent blue iris. This exquisite and enchanting blossom, intertwined with the commemoration of the 45th anniversary, serves as a poignant emblem of unwavering faith, boundless hope, and indomitable courage.

When embarking on the quest for the perfect anniversary gift to honor your beloved spouse, one must not overlook the captivating allure and profound symbolism encapsulated within the resplendent blue iris.

50th wedding anniversary gifts

  • Traditional gift: Gold
  • Modern gift: Gold
  • Gemstone: Golden Jubilee
  • Color: Gold
  • Flower: Yellow roses
Necklace – Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift By Year
Necklace – Golden Wedding Yearly Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations! You’ve finally reached the long-awaited golden year, which is definitely a remarkable achievement. Did you know that gold is not only a traditional gift for the 25th anniversary, but also for the 50th anniversary? Symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and the enduring richness of a beautiful half-century union, gold becomes a wonderful way to express deep and lasting love.

The incredible beauty and timeless value of gold make it the perfect symbol for this fantastic accomplishment. If you’re looking for a traditional touch, consider a lovely gold locket that can hold a precious memento from your marriage. And if you prefer a more modern twist, you could try dipping roses in gold. They’re both great options to add a special touch to your 50th wedding anniversary gifts!

Gold Brass Plate – Meaningful 50th Yearly Anniversary Gifts 
Gold Brass Plate – Meaningful 50th Yearly Anniversary Gifts

Should you find yourself in search of further alternatives, this particular year has been graced with the presence of two distinct floral offerings: the resplendent yellow roses and the delicate violets. When you’re thinking about anniversary gifts by year, yellow roses or violets are a wonderful choice!

They have a timeless elegance that can beautifully convey your enduring love and appreciation. Their harmonious union creates a visual symphony that captivates the senses, much like the profound bond shared between you and your beloved spouse.

55th wedding anniversary gifts

  • Traditional gift: Emerald
  • Modern gift: Emerald
  • Gemstone: Alexandrites
  • Color: Emerald
  • Flower: Calla lily
Cozy Emerald Green Throw Blanket
Cozy Emerald Green Throw Blanket

Emerald, a resplendent gemstone of unparalleled allure, has long been regarded as the quintessential symbol of love and devotion. Its timeless beauty and captivating hue have made it a traditional and modern gift for couples commemorating their 55th year of married bliss. It symbolizes genuine love, an unwavering commitment, and profound admiration.

Give the gift of emerald jewelry, an accessory in this beautiful green shade, or a decorative item with emerald elements to celebrate this tradition. The genuine love that has grown between you two over the past 55 years will be beautifully displayed in each emerald present.

Modern 55th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea
Modern 55th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

An extraordinary 55th anniversary is a cause for celebrating love and devotion that has stood the test of time. The beautiful Alexandrite jewel was chosen to honor this amazing accomplishment. This stone, which has withstood the test of time and evolved with the times, is renowned for its dazzling sheen and remains appealing. The “green goddess” calla lily is a beautiful flower that represents the rebirth of love and purity in a relationship that has grown and gotten stronger over the past 55 years.

60th wedding anniversary gifts

  • Traditional gift: Diamond
  • Modern gift: Diamond
  • Gemstone: Diamond Jubilee
  • Color: Diamond white
  • Flower: Orchid
Plush Blanket Wedding Anniversary Gift By Year
Plush Blanket Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

And finally, we’ve reached the best milestone on our list of anniversary gifts by year — the diamond wedding anniversary. It takes unwavering love, unending patience, and an unstoppable bond to sustain a relationship for sixty years and counting. That is why the most precious and difficult-to-get stone is the perfect token of this monumental wedding anniversary.

Diamonds in all their forms: as timeless traditional symbols, as modern presents, as a token of honor, and even as the official color of the year in diamond-white. A beautiful piece of diamond jewelry, like a necklace or earrings, would be a wonderful 60th anniversary gift of your appreciation for reaching this milestone.

Dimond Jewelry Gift For Anniversary By Year
Diamond Jewelry Gift For Anniversary By Year

In addition, one may find solace in the delicate beauty of a blossoming flower, drawing inspiration from its ephemeral existence. The exquisite orchid, with its delicate allure, is a poignant emblem of unparalleled beauty, a quality that resonates profoundly with the remarkable journey of a 60-year union.

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Finding unique anniversary gifts by year that fit the person is never easy. So, Viva Wedding Photography has given you these ideas to save you time and effort. We hope that they will help you. We expect that these suggestions will be useful to you. Wishing you and your loved ones an unforgettable wedding anniversary!

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