Unique 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him, Her, or Them

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Celebrating 16 years of marriage is a remarkable milestone that deserves a special recognition. You and your partner have been through a lot together, and you have always supported each other with love and gratitude. You deserve to treat each other with some amazing gifts that celebrate your bond.

That’s why Viva Wedding Photography has created a comprehensive list of both modern and traditional 16th wedding anniversary gifts. No matter what your style or preference is, we have something for you. These ideas below will inspire you to create some new memories with your loved one. Keep reading and get ready to be amazed.

What is 16 Years of Marriage Called?

Traditional GiftWax
Modern GiftSilver Holloware
ColorSilver or Emerald Green

According to the traditional anniversary gift list, 16 years of marriage is called the wax anniversary. Wax is more than just a material, it is a symbol of the light and warmth that you share with your partner in a blissful marriage. You can express your love with wax anniversary gifts, such as romantic candles, cozy waxed jackets, or natural beeswax products.

If you prefer something more modern, you can opt for silver hollowware. These are silver items that have a hollow space inside, such as bowls, pitchers, or trays. Silver is a precious metal that reflects the elegance and refinement of your relationship, as well as the strength and durability of your marriage bond.

Symbol Of Gifts For 16th Wedding Anniversary
Symbol Of Gifts For 16th Wedding Anniversary

Another way to celebrate your 16th anniversary is with gemstones, especially peridot. Peridot is a green stone that radiates harmony, compassion, and loyalty. These are the qualities that make your marriage so special and beautiful.

The flower that represents 16 years of marriage is the statice flower, also called sea lavender. These flowers may not be as popular as roses, but they have a unique meaning for this anniversary: they invite you to recall and cherish past moments. Statice flowers are also known for their longevity, as they can be dried and preserved easily.

32 Best 16th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Any Couple

16 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

1. Anniversary Gift Personalized Candle

16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts -Personalized Candle
Personalized Candle

A gorgeous natural wax candle is perfect for your husband if he enjoys flames. The candle is made from the signature blend of the best aroma oils and eco-friendly, American-grown soy wax. It enhances the room’s romantic atmosphere for relaxing and refreshing date evenings. Moreover, putting a thoughtful remark on the candle’s back makes it a one-of-a-kind present.

2. Personalized Mini Celebration Box

Mini Celebration Box For 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Mini Celebration Box For 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

To make your anniversary date night more memorable, it is indispensable candlelight – one of the low-cost 16th wedding anniversary gifts for him. Customize the box with his name, wedding day, or even your special message for an impressive touch. Hence, it will create a pleasant ambiance for your unforgettable anniversary date.

3. Venus Bust Candle White

Venus Bust Candle White as 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Venus Bust Candle White

A candle is one of the traditional wax anniversary gifts that symbolize the warmth and light of your marriage. Think about his taste and select a high-quality brand that can create any unique shape that will amaze your husband. In addition, add your message card to complement your thoughtful gift idea.

4. Splatter Dots Candle

Thoughtful Splatter Dots Candle for 16th Anniversary Gift
Thoughtful Splatter Dots Candle

When it comes to an anniversary gift’s essential, a splatter dots candle is bound to come in handy. Displayed in a vibrant glass jar, this handmade wax and aroma oil has an incredible scent that will please your husband whenever he uses it at home or the workplace.

5. Sharp Cuff links

Sharp Cuff Links Gift For 16 Year Anniversary
Sharp Cuff Links Gift For 16 Year Anniversary

Along with the traditional symbol of this year, a piece of silver cufflinks is one of his perfect anniversary gifts. The eye-catching color and unique design are notable, making them ideal for any suit collection. Moreover, place them into a customized wooden gift box with his name for an impressive touch.

6. Silver Wallet Insert Card

16th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him
- Silver Wallet Insert Card
Gift For Him On 16th Anniversary Silver Wallet Insert Card

If you’re looking for something your husband always takes along, look no further than this unique silver card. As a thoughtful 16th anniversary present, this customized card with your special message will be a keepsake to remind him of how you appreciate him after 16 years of marriage. It’s crafted from anodized aluminum, which is robust but lightweight, and the laser engraving will never wear out.

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7. Personalized Silverware

Personalized Silverware For 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Personalized Silverware

This personalized silver dinnerware is a gift that both you and your husband will adore. It matches the modern symbol of the 16th wedding anniversary, which is silver. Each item has an engraved name, wedding day, or special message that will draw everyone’s attention when you set the table. This 16 year anniversary gift will surely make him chuckle every time he uses it.

8. Silver Stainless Steel Round Hip Flask

16 Year Anniversary Gift - Silver Stainless Steel Round Hip Flask
Fantastic 16th Anniversary Gift Silver Stainless Steel Round Hip Flask

The wax with the silver hollowares will be the modern anniversary gifts for him on this year’s anniversary. Aside from being a stylish addition to your wardrobe, this round hip flask made of silver stainless steel is also a practical and stealthy way to keep some of his favorite whiskey or brandy on hand whenever needed. This one will become his favorite flask because of its portability to take to work or a picnic. Customize his name or wedding day on the cover for a unique touch.

9. Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Cocktail Masterclass For Gift For 16 Year Anniversary

For a more adventurous and fun way to spice up your husband’s experience, you can choose something from our list of unique 16th wedding anniversary gifts, instead of the traditional ones. How about a cocktail-making class? In this class, he will learn the basics of mixology and how to craft a perfect cocktail. After this awesome class, he can set up his own bar at home and impress his family and friends with his cocktail skills.

10. Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Personalized For 16th Anniversary Gift
Canvas Prints Personalized

Give your husband a customized canvas print that will be a great idea to express your love and thoughts to him. All you need to do is choose your favorite photos and put them into a frame, then engrave names and wedding dates to create a unique look. Hence, what could be a more thoughtful present for him than this stunning wall art?

11. Personalized Song Lyrics Wall Art

Gifts For 16th Wedding Anniversary With Song Lyrics On Canvas
Song Lyrics On Canvas

The day you said “I do” was a fairy tale come true. And you can relive that magic with this customized song lyric on your sweet 16th anniversary. With your wedding date and name engraved on it, you can honor your anniversaries as a precious landmark in your romance.

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16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

12. Honey Beeswax Gift Set

Honey Beeswax Set For Wax Anniversary Gifts
Honey Beeswax Set

This gift package of honey and beeswax is the perfect gift for 16th wedding anniversary for your wife! It comes complete with a beeswax candle, lip balm, and skin cream for all the benefits of genuine honey. So it will keep your honey smiling all day long.

13. Photo Engraved Silver Necklace

16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Photo Engraved Silver Necklace
Photo Engraved Silver Necklace

A necklace with a unique picture etched for your wife is the perfect way to show her how much you care. This 16 year anniversary gift for wife is a stunning piece of jewelry that showcases your love story. She will adore this thoughtful gift that captures all the wonderful memories you have made together.

14. Chic Scented Candle

Wax Anniversary Gifts - Chic Scented Candle
Chic Scented Candle For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Nothing says “I love you” like a fragrant candle that will fill her senses with delight. These wax gifts for 16th anniversary are a thoughtful way to show her how much you appreciate her.

The candle is made with natural, organic soybean wax and pure essential oils that have health benefits and a refreshing aroma. The essential oils of ginger and white tea will boost her immunity and mood. The rich scent of the candle will also help her unwind after a long day and sleep better at night.

15. Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Silver Earrings For 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

What could be a more perfect present for your wife than these stunning silver earrings? These stud earrings are sophisticated, with gemstones to enhance their radiance. Hence, this exquisite piece of jewelry will remain beautiful for her whole life.

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16. Hypernature Scented Candle Set

Wax Anniversary Gifts - Hypernature Scented Candle Gift Set
Women 16-Year Anniversary Hypernature Scented Candle Gift Set

One of the best 16th wedding anniversary gifts for her that you can give to your wife is the perfect smell candle sets. These candle sets are ideal for your wife who often suffers from insomnia, as they can help her relax and sleep better.

These candles are made of pure white coconut wax and beeswax, which burn with a cotton wick in a glass tumbler. Furthermore, these candles have a hyper-nature scent that will soothe her nerves and freshen up the air in your home. Therefore, these candle sets are not only a thoughtful and romantic gift, but also a beneficial and practical one.

17. Wax Tablets

A great way to impress your wife is to give her these handmade wax sachets as an ornament to place in a lingerie drawer. Each solid wax has different components, such as dried botanicals, essential oils, or soy wax. Moreover, you can customize it with her favorite flowers or fruits to make it more unique. Hence, because of their lovely aroma, they would be one of her favorite items as gifts for 16th wedding anniversary.

18. Anniversary Map Candle

Wax Anniversary Gifts With Map Candle
16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts With Map Candle

This candle is a beautiful 16 year anniversary gift to freshen the air at home. It smells like joyful champagne and has the cutest design. Moreover, the heart-shaped location map and the couple’s names and wedding dates are unique points that will surprise your wife.

19. Silverware Bookmark

Silverware Bookmark for 16 Year Anniversary Gift
Silverware Bookmark Wedding Anniversary Gifts 16 Years

If your wife is a book lover, she will appreciate this silverware bookmark that will keep her place in her favorite novels. This bookmark is crafted from antique silverware that has been engraved with a romantic message “You find me in the forest”. It is more than just a tool, it is a token of your love and connection. Your wife will feel your presence every time she reads her book.

20. 16th Anniversary Wall Art

Couple's Photos Wall Art For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Customized Couple’s Photos Wall Art

This stunning wall art features your favorite picture and the wedding date with your wife as the unique 16 year wedding anniversary gift. Moreover, include your heartfelt wedding quote to make a great keepsake to capture all her happy days with you. Therefore, you will surely impress her with this original idea for your special day.

21. Beautiful Love Story Wall Art

Beautiful Personalized Gift For 16th Anniversary Gift
Beautiful Personalized Gift For 16-Year Gift For Wife

Custom canvas artwork is always the perfect keepsake to mark relationships, especially with a customized couple’s name and wedding day. This piece of art is a must-have for your wife. Hence, she will undoubtedly adore it and appreciate it as the most thoughtful she’s ever received.

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16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

22. Stamping Wax Seals Kit

Kit for Stamping Wax Seals For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Kit for Stamping Wax Seals For 16 Year Anniversary Gift

A wax seal stamp kit is one of the classic and charming 16th wedding anniversary gifts for couple who enjoy adding their personal touch to invitations or gift cards. This kit comes with a stamp, a wax warmer, tweezers, tea candles, two metallic pens, and wax beads. With this kit, your parents or special couple can write a love letter with a custom wax seal to show their appreciation to their loved ones.

23. Candle-Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Candle Making Workshop Gift For 16 year Anniversary

If your favorite couple loves to get creative and discover new things, they will enjoy this unforgettable candle scent workshop. In this master class, they will learn how to make their own candles with natural ingredients and fragrances. They will also have the opportunity to customize their candles with their favorite scent and color. This is a fun and relaxing way for them to express their personality and bond with each other.

24. Personalized Silver Tray

16 Year Anniversary Gift - Personalized Silver Tray
Personalized 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Silver Tray

Offer your couple a modern silver tray to make your list more interesting. It featured a sophisticated pearl border and engraved couple’s name or your message, making it stunning when displayed on the dinner table. Hence, this personalized tray is bound to come in handy regarding wedding anniversary essentials.

25. Beautiful Bowl

Beautiful Silver Bowl For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Beautiful Silver Bowl For 16 Year Anniversary Gift

This multipurpose silver bowl will catch the eye of couples looking for 16th wedding anniversary gifts. Because of its unusual anniversary gift each year, it would be perfect for serving their favorite dish at a dinner party. Moreover, they can use it as the stunning centerpiece on the table in their dining room.

26. Fab Frame

Silver Frame For 16th Anniversary Gift For Couple
Silver Frame For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Make your friends smile with this fab frame. The frame is made of high-quality wood and has a sleek silver finish. It also has a stand and a hook, so they can place it on their desk or hang it on their wall. The quote can be customized to suit their personality and humor.

27. Diptyque

Diptyque Candle Wax For 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Diptyque Candle Wax For 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

What could be a more perfect combination than wine and candlelight for your special couple? They will adore them for a long time if they enjoy wine or receive friendly environmental items.

Used wine bottles are sterilized, trimmed by hand, and then repurposed into vessels for long-burning candles. Each candle will have a distinct kind of wine, including cabernet, champagne, chardonnay, rosé, and pinot grigio. Let’s light it up as a toast to celebrate their 16 years of marriage.

28. 16th Anniversary Metal Heart Pebble Gift

16th Anniversary Present - Metal Heart Pebble Gift
16th Anniversary Present Metal Heart Pebble Gift

Give your couple a unique token of their love that will express your thoughts and care for them. Moreover, most thoughtfully, this mental heart pebble will brighten their day and remind them of their everlasting love for their other half.

29. Silver Vase

Silver Vase For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Silver Vase For 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Consider giving silver holloware to surprise her with this stunning silver vase of bouquet flowers. Elegant and minimal, these vases are a must-have for any style-conscious home. Combine with candles or a bold sculpture to emphasize their impact.

Produced with a ceramic glaze that looks like silver. Vases are a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room and make wonderful centerpieces. As a tribute to your love and gratitude to them, include a special message to surprise them when they receive this thoughtful gift.

30. Vintage Spoon Ring Dishes

16th Anniversary Gift With Vintage Spoon Ring Dishes Gifts
16th Anniversary With Vintage Spoon Ring Dishes Gifts

These lovely Mr. and Mrs. embossed spoon ring dishes are the ideal 16th wedding anniversary gifts for couple. Because of their charming design, they will be the eye-catching item on the couple’s nightstand to store their rings and other tiny jewelry. Hence, what a thoughtful present that they will appreciate how much thought you put into it.

31. Monogrammed Wine Cooler

Monogrammed Wine Cooler For 16th Anniversary Gift
Monogrammed Wine Cooler For 16th Anniversary Gift

A wine cooler is a modern and elegant 16th wedding anniversary gift for friends that you don’t want to miss. This gift stands out for its engraved initials and slim design that will dazzle your couple. Besides, it is made of stainless steel with an ultra-shiny silver finish that will keep their bottles cool for hours. Thus, you can combine it with their favorite wine and let them have a blast on their anniversary.

32. Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print for 16 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print 16-Year Anniversary Wall Art For Couple

Remember the wedding day and how joyful you were on the couple’s special day. Give something to recall the first wedding song or the most memorable day in their life that will be a great choice to impress them. So this canvas of song lyrics is the perfect way to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary.

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Choosing anniversary gifts for your spouse or couple is more challenging than you think. It means you should give them something that will delight them and last for a long time. So our handpicked collection of 16th wedding anniversary gifts from Viva Wedding Photography will touch their heart. If you found this post helpful, please rate it with 5 stars and leave a comment.

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