39 Most Shiny 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Love

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If you’ve been together for a long time, now is the time to show your spouse how much you value them. We all know that celebrating the ninth wedding anniversary is a big deal, and it’d be better to offer them the most thoughtful present.

Lucky for you! When it comes to the shiniest 9th wedding anniversary gifts, we have collected the most considerate products in this article. If you love to learn more about what to offer the one you love, do not pass up this Viva Wedding Photography guide below for inspiration.

What Is The 9th Anniversary Gift Traditional and Modern?

Traditional GiftWillow or pottery
Modern GiftLeather
GemstoneLapis lazuli

On the ninth anniversary, you should give your partner pottery and willow wood as a traditional gift. Pottery represents a natural material that has been refined and perfected over a long time to become an appealing product. At the same time, willow wood is a common part of wicker and rattan furniture or home decor.

Along with traditional 9 year anniversary gift, leather products are the modern gift for this year. They are warm, flexible, and durable and only improve with age. Accordingly, they embody the strength and adaptability of your partnership.

Our 39 Best 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

1. Leather Sophisticated Cuff Links

Leather Sophisticated Cuff Links for the ninth wedding anniversary
Leather Sophisticated Cuff Links for the nine year anniversary gift

Cufflinks made of leather are a practical and great gift for your husband. The best antique tan full-grain leather, hand-punched and placed in a grade stainless steel set, creates beautiful works of art. The mounting is made from solid stainless steel and meticulously machined to ensure longevity and a refined appearance. These 9th wedding anniversary gifts will be more valuable and long-lasting due to leather usage. It may also be customized by adding his initials on the front and back.

2. Sentimental Serving Bowl

Ceramic Serving Bowl for pottery anniversary gifts
Ceramic Serving Bowl for pottery anniversary gifts

Are you looking for a thoughtful pottery and willow anniversary gift? Consider these uniquely designed bowls to enjoy life’s biggest moments! Bowls are produced by a ceramicist who immortalizes the beauty of real flowers. This item uses real rosemary, thyme, and baby’s breath to make impressions in the clay, which then fires twice within her kiln and paints by hand.

3. Unique Wooden Watch

Unique Wooden Watch for modern ninth anniversary theme
Unique Wooden Watch

As we all know, there is a fantastic phrase about the special bond between a guy and his watch: “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” – Ian Fleming.

If you are looking for 9th wedding anniversary gifts for husband, sending a watch is never the wrong idea. This recommendation is superior because it was made from an oak beer barrel. It would undoubtedly appeal to your man’s eyes first seeing it.

4. God Blessed The Broken Road Canvas Print

God Blessed The Broken Road Canvas Print
God Blessed The Broken Road Canvas Print

Do you know why this is a one-of-a-kind nine year anniversary gift? Looking at the significant detail in the painting with the phrase “God Blessed The Broken Road that led me straight to you”! Doing it every morning can remind you and your spouse how much love you both have for each other.

5. Chic Ceramic Diffuser

Chic Ceramic Diffuser for the ninth anniversary gift
Chic Ceramic Diffuser for the nine year anniversary gift

Who doesn’t want to relax with essential oils in their home? Therefore, consider this chic diffuser the perfect product when seeking a thoughtful pottery anniversary gift for him. The stone diffuser is a gorgeous addition to any home and gives a pleasant aroma. The matte porcelain exterior and sculptural form makes it suitable for display. After a long day at work, its calming aroma will help him release all his stress.

6. Willow Wood Pen

Willow Wood Pen for the ninth anniversary gift
Willow Wood Pen for the ninth anniversary gift

We are sure that this unique pen is one of the greatest willow gifts for him. It’ll remind the day that you were both sitting there at the coffee table and writing on the wedding planner. On top of its beautiful and elegant appearance, it’s made from fallen trees. It indicates that your purchase will not only thrill your love but also have no harmful effect on the environment.

7. Smart Leather Wallet For Husband

Leather Wallet for modern ninth anniversary themes
Leather Wallet for 9 year wedding anniversary gift

A new wallet is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care for them. This is a great pick with a slim, attractive, smart card tray that can be withdrawn. Besides, the truth that leather has been the modern 9 year wedding anniversary gift for him makes this wallet more special and ideal to be given.

8. Custom Photo Canvas Print

Custom Photo Canvas Print
Custom Photo Canvas Print

It’s hard to think of a more thoughtful anniversary gift by year than a personalized canvas print because it’s easy to frame and display attractively in any room. So it’s not a lie that the perfect gift you can offer your gorgeous man is this ninth-anniversary artwork.

9. Personalized Leather Catchall Tray

Leather Catchall Tray for ninth anniversary gift
Leather Catchall Tray for 9 year anniversary gift

This leather tray is large enough to hold his sunglasses, wallet, keys, AirPods, etc. High-quality, genuine cowhide leather is linked with elegant and durable stitching to create a sleek appearance and a sturdy body. Specifically, it may be personalized and big enough for both couples to use conveniently.

10. Leather Passport Holder

Leather Passport Holder for the 9th anniversary gift
Leather Passport Holder

Does your partner use almost time on the plane? If yes, leather passport holders are the finest 9th wedding anniversary gifts for a guy who travels often. Your husband will never forget his critical documents with the help of this product. It can accommodate up to eight credit cards, cash, and essential travel documents.

11. Brown Oak Bark Leather Belt

custom leather belt for ninth anniversary gifts
Custom leather belt

This leather belt is one of the trendiest 9th wedding anniversary gifts he’ll wear daily this year. It is made from England’s last remaining ancient oak bark tannery and was created with quality in mind. It is sturdy and practical. This meaningful gift is simple in design. Its rustic look will lend a distinctive touch to his day-to-day life.

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9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her That She’ll Love

12. Porcelain Necklace

Porcelain Necklace for celebrating nine years together
Porcelain Necklace for celebrating nine years together

If you are finding something girly for your wife, this necklace is a great item she may wear again and again. It’s made of a combination of gold and porcelain pendants with a traditional painted pattern. Therefore, it is a lifelong 9th wedding anniversary gifts for her you should consider.

13. Bible Quote Pottery Bowls

Bible Quote Pottery Bowls for 9 year anniversary gift ideas
Bible Quote Pottery Bowls

Do you know that shelter, comfort, and security are essential for a happy home? And those factors are all included in this pottery bowl. Then what better way to symbolize them than with hand-thrown bowls? Accordingly, another excellent option for pottery anniversary gifts for your wife is this suggestion.

14. State Spoon Rest

Stoneware Spoon Rest for the 9th anniversary gift
Stoneware Spoon Rest

As some unique 9th wedding anniversary gifts for a home decor lover, you can’t go wrong with matching things. As a result, a clay serving tray with a willow spoon is an excellent choice this year. The spoon rests in the shapes of eleven US states, carved by hand from earthenware. They have been made to be stable and have three different finishes that are safe for use with food.

Each rest is a one-of-a-kind, practical work of art, with the state’s name and a tiny leaf from the state tree stamped on the reverse. They are also convenient for storing rings next to the bathroom mirror or necklaces in the bedroom dresser.

15. Personalized 9 Years Of Marriage Canvas

Personalized 9 Years Of Marriage Canvas
Personalized 9 Years Of Marriage Canvas

This anniversary is a significant achievement, and then you should highlight it to them. Add names, pictures, and anniversary dates to our art counting canvas. Show them how far they’ve gone as a couple after 9 years of marriage. Also, let them know they have a long way to go in reaching their goals.

16. Stunning Gemstone Necklace

blue lapis lazuli necklace gift ideas
Blue lapis lazuli necklace gift ideas

What makes this jewelry an impressive 9th wedding anniversary present for her? Depending on your wife’s hobby, you may choose a gold or sterling silver chain with a spiritual stone pendant.

This beautifully finished piece is lapis lazuli, which is associated with the ninth anniversary stone and might help you trust your own decision since you will better understand your inner self.

17. Ceramic Candle

Ceramic Candle for perfect gift ideas
Ceramic Candle for perfect gift ideas

A pottery candle is one of the simplest pottery anniversary gifts that can simultaneously bring useful and joyful things. Storm clouds above the Appalachian Mountains are conjured up by this aromatic soy candle housed in a repurposed Black Mountain vase. With this decoration in your house, she’ll feel like she’s in a five-star spa relaxing when the aroma of these candles fills the room.

18. Monogram Weekend Bag

Monogram Weekend Bag for 9 year anniversary gifts
Monogram Weekend Bag

This leather weekend bag is a great pick if your lady appreciates stylish but practical presents. The bag’s exterior is stitched with heavy-duty, contrast-colored nylon thread, and full-grain buff-calf leather was used throughout.

The double-rolled leather handles of the dark brown bag are rolled for convenience. If she wants to throw it over her shoulder, there is a removable and adjustable shoulder strap made of reinforced leather, complete with a slide leather cushion. This elegant, spacious bag has places for clothes, shoes, and laptops, so she is not worried about having to bring many things.

19. Pottery Ball Earrings

Ball Ceramic Earring
Ball Ceramic Earring

These pottery ball earrings will make a lovely addition to your wife’s collection. In addition, the sterling silver is hand-dipped and brushed with gold. Each pair comes in blue, yellow, and green pastel hues with a sheen of gold around the edge to make them look more vibrant. We are sure that your wife will treasure these cute 9th wedding anniversary gifts for her without a doubt!

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20. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket for the perfect anniversary gift
Leather Jacket

This nine year anniversary gift for her is made of ultra-soft leather and is fashionable simultaneously. It has a tight waist, little line ornamentation, and a matte finish. The best part is that the original moto jackets inspire this modern leather jacket.

21. Leather Ballet Flats

Leather Ballet Flats for the 9th anniversary gift
Leather Ballet Flats for the 9th anniversary gift

Leather shoes are a great modern 9th anniversary gift to give your wife. If she couldn’t wear those shoes on the biggest day of her life, this is an excellent occasion to help her do that. Actions like those can turn your affection into a more significant love than ever!

22. Leather Earrings

Leather Earing – 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Leather Earring – 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Try gifting sterling silver and leather jewelry while your budget is limited, yet you still want to offer a modest leather present. These double-layered leather leaf earrings with an elegant touch dangle on a chain with reconstituted turquoise beads are unique 9th wedding anniversary gifts.

23. Luxe Jewelry Storage And Travel Cube

Luxe Jewelry Storage and Travel Cube
Luxe Jewelry Storage and Travel Cube

These are great traditional gifts for 9th wedding anniversary for a jewelry lover. Luxe jewelry storage helps your wife’s accessories be neat and tangle-free. That’s why they are portable and luxurious to bring together wherever she goes confidently.

Unique 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

24. The Kissing Mugs

The Kissing Mugs for modern gifts
The Kissing Mugs for pottery anniversary gift for him

Instead of choosing boring pottery anniversary gifts, get these stunning and funny his-and-hers mugs as a more useful item. Set these adorable kissing mugs “face to face.” Each other’s curves will be perfectly accommodated as they passionately embrace lips. This is such a cute gesture of affection for their significant other.

The handle is shaped like a heart, and its body is joined to the cup simply and sophisticatedly. It is a great option for attractive couples. A passionate embrace. This is such a cute gesture of affection for your significant other.

25. Willow Tree Promise Musical Figure

Willow Tree Promise Musical Figure for 9 year anniversary gifts
Willow Tree Promise Musical Figure for 9 year anniversary gift

Celebrate your 9th anniversary with a willow anniversary gift that sings to your heart. This exquisite gift box contains a “Promise” figurine from Willow Tree, a musical sculpture that captures the essence of love and commitment. We are sure the couples will drop some happy tears and place the gift in the most attractive corner of their home.

26. Dragon Willow Bonsai Tree

Dragon Willow Bonsai Tree for 9th anniversary gifts
Dragon Willow Bonsai Tree

Taking care of a willow tree together might be a fun and meaningful way to make long-lasting memories. However, if they are novices, do not be afraid! This willow bonsai grows quickly and is easy to care for. With this willow anniversary gift, the receiver will look back on enjoy reminiscence for many years to come.

27. 9th Anniversary Canvas Print

canvas print for 9 year anniversary gift ideas
Canvas print for 9 year wedding anniversary gift

When it comes to marriage life, 9 years may feel significant, though it’s only the beginning of a long and happy union. Offer something that can not only treasure the time you have been together but also encourage them to continue creating more satisfying times together as well! Consider this lovely artwork. It is thus an excellent addition to any house in style. As a result, they will feel special with a 9th-anniversary canvas print.

28. Stoneware Salt Pig

Cute Pig Ceramic for 9 year anniversary gift ideas
Cute Pig Ceramic

Take a look at these adorably charming tiny salt pigs, these are excellent 9th wedding anniversary gifts for cooking-loving couples. The most convenient thing is each salt pig comes with a porcelain spoon. It’s smooth with a blue or pink glaze inside, and it’s the perfect place to put your indispensable food ingredient.

29. Personalized Wedding Bowls

Pottery Personalized Wedding Bowls for 9th anniversary gifts
Pottery Personalized Wedding Bowls

This pair of stunning wedding bowls will take you back to the wedding date due to their beautiful design. You may personalize them by inscribing them with a message of your heart on those pottery anniversary gifts. The perfect thing is that they have various color options and are dishwasher-safe.

30. Anniversary Custom Music Sheet

Anniversary Custom Music Sheet – Gifts For 9 Year Anniversary
Anniversary Custom Music Sheet

This leather engraved music sheet is for this year’s anniversary as a reminder of your wedding day in the past. Your first dance song can also become a lovely 9 year wedding anniversary gift when printed on this canvas.

31. Personalized Wedding Photo Album

Photo Wedding Leather Cover for nine year anniversary
Photo Wedding Leather Cover

There is no better way to mark nine anniversary years than to relive some of your most memorable experiences together. A leather scrapbook loaded with treasured flashbacks is the perfect way to do this. It lets you personalize the cover by choosing up to three initials and photos that will appear on the front.

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32. Leather Photo Frame

full grain leather photo frame for 9th anniversary gifts
full grain leather photo frame for 9th anniversary gifts

As a 9 year wedding anniversary gift, this picture frame would be ideal for you and your spouse to enjoy! It will surely be a thoughtful and heartfelt approach to showing someone how much you care about them.

33. Stamped Leather Coasters

Leather Coasters - 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Leather Coasters

Just a little piece of leather and a few easy crafting supplies are all you need to make these simple yet luxurious DIY coasters! We’re confident your spouse will treasure them for many years to come.

34. Couple’s Leather Bracelet Set

Couple Leather Bracelets for the 9th anniversary gift
Couple Leather Bracelets

Unlike a shirt or jacket, a leather bracelet can show devotion to your loved one in the warmest way. You may create and customize these 9th wedding anniversary gifts with your message to look and feel as you desire.

35. Porcelain Hummingbird Feeder

Porcelain Hummingbird Feeder gift ideas
Porcelain Hummingbird Feeder gift ideas

How about some nine years of gardening-themed gifts? This cute hummingbird feeder is a bright lawn ornament handcrafted from classic-style porcelain and decorated with wildflowers. It will surely be a hit and bring more little fliers to their garden.

36. Leather Multi-Device Wireless Charger

Leather Multi-Device Wireless Charger
Leather Multi-Device Wireless Charger

It’s the ninth year of your stable and loving marriage, so give them something valuable product they can use at the dinner party. Consider this sleek, multi-device wireless charger that is handcrafted from genuine leather. With this wireless charger, you can charge three devices to the fullest battery. As well as being compatible with a wide variety of phones and works with wireless earphones.

37. Keep Reality Away Magnetic Bookmark

Keep Reality Away Magnetic Bookmark
Keep Reality Away Magnetic Bookmark

Think about giving these helpful products to your favorite couple as 9th wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate this occasion. These bookmarks are great for a bookworm couple to read books at the side table with a morning coffee. They are made of leather, which fits with the theme of this happy anniversary.

38. Wine Chiller

Wine Chiller for the nine anniversary gift ideas
Wine Chiller

This porcelain wine cooler combines two great tastes: art and wine. Besides, it has a beautiful wraparound design and may be well-cleaned in the dishwasher. This remarkable product can keep a regular wine bottle chilled for up to two hours.

39. Best Gift For Couple Canvas Print

Best Gift For Couple Canvas Print
Best Gift For Couple Canvas Print

If you care about them, you should ensure they know how significant a nine anniversary is. Get married repeatedly with this counting canvas, which you can personalize with names, a picture, and the date. They have gone a long way in their 9 years of marriage, so it’s important to point that out to them.

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Keeping a relationship happy for the past nine years is an achievement not everyone can do. Therefore, the presents for this significant day must be chosen carefully. We hope the above list of 9th wedding anniversary gifts will help you. Follow other Viva Wedding Photography articles for more information about the wedding, anniversary, or engagement.

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