30 Perfect 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts (2024 Updated)

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Cheers to your third year of marriage. Are you finding some ways to express your love? If this is the case, giving a gift is the ideal token of your affection. Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of great 3rd wedding anniversary gifts to help you get started. Make your way through these choices! So your loved ones will shed a tear when tearing out the wrapping paper in no time.

What Is The Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Symbol?

Traditional GiftLeather
Modern GiftCrystal
ColorWhite or jade green

Traditional Symbol – Leather

Traditional Symbol – 3rd wedding anniversary gifts
Traditional Symbol – Leather gifts for third anniversary

Leather goods are considered the traditional gifts for this year. Leather is the best choice for the third wedding anniversary gift since it is flexible and long-lasting. It protects and warms and represents a dedicated couple who have been together for a long time.

Modern Symbol – Crystal

Modern Three year anniversary gift – Crystal Symbol
Modern 3 Year Anniversary Present – Crystal Symbol

Crystal and glass are the dazzling symbols of the third wedding anniversary, and they have a deep significance for the couples who celebrate this occasion. They represent the clear and pure love that the partners share, as well as the preciousness of their connection. They also inspire the couples to be tender and attentive with each other, and to treasure their relationship. That’s why crystal and glass are the perfect 3rd year anniversary gift for your spouse, as they will show them how much you value and respect your marriage.

The 3rd Wedding Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gifts

Heartfelt 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

1. Leather Slim Wallet

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Leather Slim Wallet
Leather Slim Wallet – 3 Year Aniversary Gift Traditional

Men like to carry all they need in their wallets, not backpacks. Hence, a high-quality wallet is a great 3 year anniversary present. This wallet is made from genuine, top-notch leather. The thin-fold wallet is built to last because of its premium leather, sturdy construction, and careful attention to detail.

2. Personalized Leather Accessories

Personalized leather accessories for 3 year anniversary gift traditional
Personalized Leather Accessories

These unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for him are perfect if your spouse enjoys a good craft. Soft in appearance, its design is a shining example of understated sophistication. Given that full-grain worn leather is utilized, the finished product may appear atypical in color, surface, and other natural dimensions.

However, these variations are to be expected and celebrated. Personalize this keychain with both your name and the date you got married. It’s a meaningful present that he will treasure for a long time.

3. Leather Passport Holder & Surprise Getaway

3 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional - Passport Holder & Surprise Getaway
3 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional – Passport Holder & Surprise Getaway

Find a natural spot far from the city to spend a restful vacation. Let them get out of town to spend more time with you. Therefore, you should give them a leather passport holder and a plane ticket. This leather passport holder is made from high-quality material, so he may use it for other trips later.

4. Leather Catchall Valet Tray

Leather Catchall Valet Tray as 3rd Year Anniversary Gift
Leather Catchall Valet Tray

Everyone finds that a neat arrangement is quite difficult. If your husband needs help keeping his stuff in order, get him a leather valet tray. They are great 3-year anniversary gifts for him.

Conveniently sized and compact enough to fit in a purse, thanks to the riveted corners. Traveling with it would be easy because of how light it is. When not in use, the tray may be folded and stowed away in the high-quality microfiber leather valet box, which features metal snaps at each of its four corners for easy storage and transport.

5. 3-Year Together Wall Art

Canvas Print Gift For Three year anniversary gift
Canvas Print Gift For 3-Year Together Wall Art

A personalized canvas print with your unique writing is a terrific addition to any house. You may personalize it with your 3 favorite photos and wedding date to make it more meaningful! This is an option for one of the unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts you should consider.

6. Personalized Leather Dopp Kit Bag

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit Bag as Unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts
Personalized Leather Dopp Kit Bag

Leather toiletry bags are also a 3 year anniversary gift traditional for a spouse. This bag is a great way to keep his things from taking over your bathroom counter.

This handcrafted bag’s supple and durable full-grain leather construction is unmatched. It’s made of high-quality leather to last a long time. The construction is solid, with straight and taut seams and cleanly finished seams and edges. The zipper is also in excellent shape.

The bag’s sleek silhouette and lightweight construction make it a favorite among both sexes. This timeless elegance will complement any ensemble and work perfectly at any event.

7. Anniversary Star Map Canvas Print

3rd Year Anniversary Gift - Crystal Star Map Canvas Print
Star Map Canvas Print

If you’re looking for a gift to celebrate your marriage’s third anniversary, a canvas print of the stars in the night sky is a safe bet. A personalized star map with your wedding picture is the most fantastic gift. It’s a meaningful gift to remind you about the big day.

8. Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses – 3 Year Anniversary Present For Husband
Wine glasses for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Does he often have a bottle of wine with a friend as a way to unwind? Or does he never have a meal without a glass of red wine? If so, his best 3rd anniversary present would be these wine glasses. This collection is hand blown by Mexican artisans using recycled glass. The traditional shape of the glasses, combined with a vibrant yellow color scheme, makes taco night a celebration. Make it a wonderful present with his favorite chardonnay or Merlot bottle.

9. Crystal Pen

Crystal Pen Three Year Anniversary Gift Modern
Crystal Pen Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Modern

A modern pen that aids in preserving a calm and orderly working atmosphere. Crystalline technology manufactured over a thousand transparent crystals packed within this pen. With a range of colors, he’ll efficiently choose the right one for his workspace. These items will be unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for your hubby.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Consider presenting the pen in a beautiful gift box or adding a special touch, such as a ribbon or a handwritten note, to make the gift feel even more special and thoughtful.

10. Crystal Cufflinks

Crystal Cufflinks 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him
Crystal Cufflinks 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

These cufflinks may not be for everyone, but the real man will go wild for these eye-catching jewelry pieces. Thanks to this eye-catching accessory, his favorite clothes are about to get a significant style upgrade. Cufflinks feature clear crystals and a black acrylic center. These cufflinks come in a beautiful box, making them an excellent present.

11. The Metal Foundry

The Metal Foundry for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts
The Metal Foundry

Look at this modern pattern, an excellent product to commemorate the third anniversary! This sundial is a one-of-a-kind present that can be shown indoors and outdoors. Each sundial is made by skilled artisans who use solid brass to create works of simplicity, elegance, and longevity. You may customize it with your heartfelt messages or wedding date to create a personal vibe!

12. The Heart Vase

Heart Vase – 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him
Modern Heart Vase

As the best three year anniversary gift, this heart vase is lovely and thoughtful. The smooth lines give it an alluringly blurred look, and the broad shape shows the flowers in full glory. Despite its simple form, this heart-shaped vase exudes an air of refined simplicity that begs to be adorned with flowers, odd objects, or anything else whimsical. Put it on display anyplace to show how much you like it when the unexpected meets the elegance.

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Stunning 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

13. Leather Flowers On Stems

Leather Flowers On Stems for Three year anniversary gift
Leather Flowers On Stems

Are you looking for something fresh that fits the anniversary year’s theme? Consider these leather flowers as a 3 year anniversary gift traditional for your wife. Naturally, these blooms will convey your heartfelt gratitude to her.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Look for flowers that are well-crafted and made with high-quality leather. The flowers should be durable and able to withstand regular handling.

14. Personalized Travel Jewelry Case

Unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts - Personalized Travel Jewelry Case
Jewelry case for 3rd wedding anniversary traditional and modern gifts

Your wife may be one who constantly changes up her jewelry. Hence, she may enjoy a handcrafted jewelry organizer because it will provide her with a place to keep all her favorite jewelry pieces in one place. With this leather bag’s help, she can organize better and carry her accessories wherever she goes. It unquestionably would be a perfect 3rd wedding anniversary traditional and modern gifts for any woman who likes jewelry and cosmetics, as it incorporates the leather theme and can hold crystal or glass jewelry. This gift will show your wife how much you care about her style and comfort.

15. Leather Leaf Earrings

Leather Leaf Earrings for 3 year anniversary gift traditional
Leather Leaf Earrings for 3 year anniversary gift traditional

Does the lady in your life like unique and innovative accessories? If that’s the case, these lovely earrings will make ideal leather 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for her. If she knows you made it by hand, she’ll love it more than her other earrings.

16. Personalized Canvas Print

Personalized Canvas Print – Three year anniversary gift
Personalized Canvas Print – Three Year Anniversary Gift

If you’re at a loss for words when expressing your love to your lover, the phrase “You have my whole love for my whole life” will do the talking for you. You must put a thoughtful sentence like this on your wall to show your spouse how much you appreciate her. Because it includes a picture of you, this personalized wall art is all the more meaningful.

17. Natural Crystal Candle Holder

Natural Crystal Candle Holder for 3rd year anniversary gift
Natural Crystal Candle Holder

You never know what your wife needs unless you take her out for a drink of wine and some candles in the evening. In this set, candles made from amethyst are naturally scented with bergamot and violet, while those made from an aquamarine smell like the ocean. You can extend the candle’s crystalline glow by inserting a tea light once the wax has been burned down.

18. Crystals Birthstone Jewelry

Crystals Birthstone Jewelry as 3 year anniversary present
Crystals Birthstone Jewelry

To include the theme of crystal glass in your 3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife, you may utilize birthstone jewelry as a pendant piece. If you want to give a gift that is both distinctive and sophisticated at the same time, this is a great option.

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19. Personalized Swarovski Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal Wine Glasses – Best 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Crystal Wine Glasses – Best 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Swarovski crystal wine glasses with a stylish, ultra-modern hand-cut style suit various occasions. They have elegance, and everyone who drinks from these glasses will appreciate their wine more. In addition to this upcoming anniversary celebration, they may keep them in reserve for other special occasions.

20. Coaster Set

Coaster set for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for girlfriend
Coaster set for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Everyone who appreciates a hot or cold beverage, such as coffee, tea, or beer, needs a coaster. Then, 3 year anniversary present for a wife on a budget might be as simple as a set of crystal coasters. In addition to their attractive design, they include a broad, thick surface area that can hold a wide range of beverage containers.

21. Gold Tennis Bracelet

Gold Tennis Bracelet Blink Crystal for 3rd Year Anniversary Gift
Gold Tennis Bracelet Blink Crystal

This well-made crystal tennis bracelet may become her ageless classic accessory. It is gold-plated and set with many diamonds to make her shine and look more beautiful. With this luxury 3rd year anniversary gift for your wife, you may show her how deeply you care.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

It’s important to get the right size for a tennis bracelet to ensure that it fits comfortably and looks great. If you’re not sure what size to get, you can measure her wrist or ask a jeweler for advice.

22. Women’s Crystal Bracelet Watch

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Women’s Crystal Bracelet Watch
Women’s Crystal Bracelet Watch

Nothing sparkles like crystal, especially when it comes to 3rd year anniversary gift. It’s the perfect choice for those who love both rose gold and silver jewelry. This crystal-encrusted bracelet is a stunning way to celebrate your third wedding anniversary with your wife. It will make you both shine with elegance and style. Plus, the watch will help her stay on track with her busy day. This gift is a beautiful blend of glamour and functionality.

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Thoughtful 3 Year Anniversary Present Ideas For Couples

23. Leather Anniversary Custom Music Sheet

Leather Anniversary Custom Music Sheet as 3 year anniversary gift traditional
Leather Anniversary Custom Music Sheet

This canvas wall art includes music sheets from your favorite songs or wedding dances. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles for this lovely third wedding anniversary gift to make it become the most meaningful home decor.

24. Engraved Leather Picture Frame

3 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional - Engraved Leather Picture Frame
Engraved Leather Picture Frame

Consider getting them a leather photo frame to show off their favorite picture of the two of them. It’s a great way to keep track of the time you’ve spent with your loved one. Hence, you should give them to your loved ones to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

25. Personalized Couple Bracelets

Personalized Couple Bracelets for Unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts
Personalized Couple Bracelets

These trendy bracelets come in black or brown leather with metal finishes as a single piece or a pair. This bracelet is composed of top-notch stainless steel, making it hypoallergenic, rustproof, colorfast, and perfect for all-day wear. So there is no doubt that this is one of the best leather gifts for third anniversary any couple can’t ignore.

26. Lovely Crystal Flutes

Lovely Crystal Flutes – Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Lovely Crystal Flutes

The exquisite design incorporates an eternal flame, a touching reminder of your everlasting love for one another. Each couple builds their own unique set of memories around these iconic landmarks of love and holds on to them forever. So get out the fine bottle of champagne and serve it in these lovely crystal flutes. What gift could be more beautiful and practical than this?

27. Personalized Crystal Hearts & Silverplated Photo Frame

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Crystal Hearts & Silverplated Photo Frame
Personalized Crystal Hearts & Silverplated Photo Frame

The white frame has a swirling motif of double love hearts on the left-hand side, which brings visually appealable. Each of the beautiful hearts is adorned with a dazzling array of gemstones. These crystal-encrusted presents are the best 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for couples who want to save their best moments.

28. Crystal Paperweight Sculpture Keepsake

3 Year Anniversary Present - Crystal Paperweight Sculpture Keepsake
3rd Wedding Anniversary Crystal Paperweight Sculpture Keepsake

A heart-shaped gift is a great way to show someone how much you care about them. Moreover, you may ask the producer to write messages inside the crystal. You could give them this crystal sculpture for their third wedding anniversary as a creative gift.

29. Crystal 3D Tower Portrait

Crystal 3D Tower Portrait - 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Crystal 3D Tower Portrait

This crystal 3D tower portrait is one of the most unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for couples. For a more distinctive look, engrave your favorite photo of the couple on this crystal-like cube. We are confident they’ll love it and gladly show it off in their home.

30. Modern Contemporary Accent Table Lamp

Table lamp as three year anniversary gift
Table lamp as three year anniversary gift

This crystal table light and USB charger are perfect gifts for your other half if they are often on their phones. The lighting will provide a romantic touch to the space. Moreover, its bottom half may be used as a rechargeable battery.

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For the third anniversary of your marriage, above are some great gifts to offer your loved ones! We’ve categorized our 3rd wedding anniversary gifts as modern and traditional products. Include a card with heartfelt words to make this the ideal present! Viva Wedding Photography hopes you have a wonderful and memorable third anniversary with your spouse or family.

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