44 Best 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts to Mark Your Love

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Are you struggling to find the perfect 6th wedding anniversary gifts? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this post, we have carefully curated a list of the best gifts for her, him, and couples to help you find the ideal present. This gift guide from Viva Wedding Photography might make your anniversary celebration even more special and memorable, marking the joyous milestone of your six years of togetherness.

Traditional GiftIron
Modern GiftWood
FlowerCalla Lily
The 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Symbol

Iron Anniversary Gifts for Your Strong and Lasting Love

Six years of marriage is a remarkable achievement, and an iron gift is more than just a token of appreciation. It symbolizes the solid and lasting bond that you and your spouse have forged since you said “I do”. Whether you want to stick to the traditional symbol of iron, or mix it up with some other materials, we have something for everyone.

1. Iron Flowers

Iron Flowers For 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Iron Flowers Best 6th Year Anniversary Gifts

Along with traditional peach or cream blooms, a wide variety of vibrant options are available for celebrating your sixth wedding anniversary with your wife. This exquisite ornament is a stunning finishing touch for your iron anniversary celebration. It’s an intricate design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a perfect gift to symbolize the strength and durability of your relationship.

2. Iron Jewelry Box

Iron Anniversary Gifts - Iron Jewellery Box
Iron Jewellery Box 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re searching for the perfect 6th anniversary gift, a beautiful iron jewelry box is an excellent choice. It exudes elegance and sophistication, and its classic aesthetic design ensures it will remain timeless and cherished for years. An iron jewelry box perfectly expresses your love and commitment to your partner while giving them a practical and useful gift.

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3. Iron Heart

Best 6- Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Customized Iron Heart
Customized Iron Heart Iron Anniversary Gifts

This iron heart-shaped stand is one of the perfect iron anniversary gifts. It is engraved with the names or initials of the couple. In addition, you can also customize your anniversary date at the bottom. You can add your pictures in the heart to make it more interesting. Let’s try this great gift idea for your loved one.

4. Iron Cookware

Iron Cookware as 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Iron Cookware – 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For the wife who loves to cook, this cast-iron cookware set is a practical and thoughtful gift that she’s sure to treasure. Whether she’s preparing a morning frittata, baking delicious brownies, or making cornbread, this versatile cookware set is perfect for a wide range of dishes. Its durability and heat retention properties make it ideal for cooking at home, and its stylish design ensures it looks great in any kitchen.

Viva Wedding Tip

Before using the pan for the first time, season it. This will help to keep food off the surface and make cleaning easier. Rub a tiny amount of vegetable oil onto the pan’s surface and bake it in the oven at a high temperature for about an hour to season it.

5. Beautiful Iron Earrings

Beautiful Iron Earrings for 6th Anniversary Gift
Beautiful Iron Earrings for Iron Anniversary Gifts

While iron may not be the first material that comes to mind when thinking of jewelry, these stunning earrings prove that they can be just as beautiful and elegant as any other precious metal. Their unique design and exquisite craftsmanship will impress and make her feel loved and cherished. These earrings are one of the best iron anniversary gifts you can give to your wife.

6. Iron Heart Dish

Iron Heart Dish for 6 year wedding anniversary gifts
Iron Anniversary Gifts – Iron Heart Dish

This beautiful iron dish is perfect for holding all her jewelry and trinkets, and its elegant design will look great on any dresser or vanity. Plus, it can be personalized with her name or a special message, making it an even more meaningful and memorable gift.

7. Iron Bracelet

Iron Bracelet – iron anniversary gifts
Iron Bracelet – 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If your wife is a collector of jewelry, then these elegant iron bracelets will make the perfect gift to celebrate your sixth wedding anniversary. Not only are they beautiful and stylish, but they are also made of durable iron, which symbolizes the strength and longevity of your marriage. Your wife is sure to love these bracelets and wear them proudly as a reminder of the love and commitment you share.

8. Iron Rose

Iron Anniversary Gifts - Iron Rose
Iron Rose – Sixth Anniversary Gift For Her

Iron gifts are a classic choice for a sixth anniversary, and nothing says “I love you” like this stunning iron rose bouquet. Not only is it a beautiful and unique gift, but it also represents the strength and durability of your marriage, just like the iron it is made from. This gift will last a lifetime, just like the love you share with your wife. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness and the symbolic gesture of this gift, and it will serve as a daily reminder of your love and commitment to each other.

9. Custom Desktop Plaque

Desktop Plaque for 6th Year Anniversary Gift
Custom Photo Desktop Plaque Sixth Anniversary Gifts

It’s hard to believe you’ve been married for six years and have a solid marriage connection. This classic iron gift for him has everything that may be personalized with your name and your wedding date. In honor of your endless six years of marriage, this desk plaque is an item you should consider.

10. Iron Bookmark

6th Anniversary Gift – Iron Bookmarks
6th Anniversary Perfect Gift For Husband – Iron Bookmark

If your husband enjoys reading, these would be wonderful iron anniversary gifts for him. In addition, some love phrases will be inscribed on the metal bookmark to give it a more personal touch.

11. Key Ring or Charm

Key Ring for Iron Anniversary Gifts
Key Ring Sixth Anniversary Gift For Husband

Looking for simple yet attractive 6 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband? Look no further than this customizable keyring! You can add your initials or any other design that you prefer to make it more special.

12. Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Bookend

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Book End
Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Book End

Large or small, many men have a book collection that may be displayed on the shelf. These iron bookends have an industrial-chic style that might be used in home design or the workplace. Despite their traditional appearance, these products have modern and magnificent beauty that fits any home style.

13. Golf Iron Bottle Opener

Iron Anniversary Gifts - Bottle Opener
Iron anniversary gifts – Golf Iron Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is an essential accessory for every man cave. These elegant and practical bottle openers are made of engraved cast iron to fit the anniversary theme. We are sure that it is the best option if you’re looking for a 6th year anniversary gift for husband who likes golf.

14. Iron Table Lamp

Iron Table Lamp as 6th Anniversary Gift
Iron lamp for 6 year anniversary gift

A great way to celebrate your sixth anniversary is to enhance the lighting in your husband’s office or family room. This industrial-style lamp is a perfect gift and complements various interior design styles.

15. Handmade Iron Belt Buckle

Iron Belt Buckle as Iron Anniversary Gifts
Belt Buckle for Iron Anniversary Gifts

Nothing says “I love you” like a belt buckle that celebrates your six years of marriage. These iron gifts for him are not only durable and stylish, but also meaningful. The buckle features the Roman numerals for six, symbolizing your lasting bond. It’s a gift that will make him smile every time he wears it.

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16. Iron Figure Candles

Iron Figure Candles Romantic for 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Iron Figure Candles Romantic

Trying to find the greatest iron gifts? This is where you’ll discover the information you need. There are iron-figure candles that burst into the light. We believe that they are a novel way to mark the sixth anniversary.

17. Iron Sweetheart Statuette

Iron Sweetheart Statuette – 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Iron Sweetheart Statuette – 6 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband

Personalized iron gifts are a popular choice for couples celebrating their sixth anniversary. This exquisite sculpture is a wonderful example of rustic folk art that fits perfectly within this theme. Whether displayed on a mantel or as a centerpiece, this sculpture is a timeless and meaningful gift that symbolizes the strength and durability of your relationship.

18. Iron Heart Candle Holder Bottle Stopper

Iron Anniversary Gifts - Heart Candle Holder Bottle Stopper
Heart Candle Holder Bottle Stopper

Add a touch of elegance to your romantic dinner for two with this iron bottle stopper. Not only is it a functional tool for preserving your favorite wines, but it also serves as a stylish decorative element on your table. Its versatile design makes it suitable for serving food, adding a unique touch to your dining experience. This bottle stopper is the perfect addition to your special evening.

19. Hair Care Holder

Hair Care Holder – 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Hair Care Holder – 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Transform your daily hair styling routine into a work of art with this handmade metal holder. Not only does it provide a beautiful and stylish way to store your straightener or curling iron, but it also keeps your countertops clutter-free and organized. This thoughtful and unique gift will surely be appreciated by any couple who values beauty and functionality in their home.

20. Floral Cast Iron Teapot Kettle

Floral Cast Iron Teapot Kettle for Iron Anniversary Gifts
Iron Teapot Kettle – 6 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband

Instead of the usual cast iron kitchenware, why not surprise your favorite couple with something different for their sixth anniversary? Iron gifts are the traditional choice for this occasion, but they don’t have to be boring. Show them how much you care with this stunning purple teapot that matches the color theme of the 6th anniversary. This teapot will brighten up their mornings and remind them of your thoughtful gesture.

21. Hanging Wall Bar and Cork Collection Display

6th Anniversary Gift - Hanging Wall Bar and Cork Collection Display
Hanging Wall Bar and Cork Collection Display

For those who like to pop the cork on a bottle of wine or champagne whenever there’s a reason to celebrate, this 6th year anniversary gift is the perfect way to remember those special occasions forever. This iron wall mount showcases a cork collection and has space for bottles and stemware. It’s a kind and unique gift that will be remembered for years, not just on the sixth anniversary.

22. “Iron Always Love You” 6th Anniversary Card

Happy 6th Anniversary Card for Iron Anniversary Gifts
Happy 6th Anniversary Card

This card is a witty and sweet way to celebrate your 6th anniversary with your wife. Based on the traditional symbol, the card features a clever and original illustration of two irons holding hands and smiling, with the words “Iron always love you. Happy 6th Anniversary” in a stylish font. It is blank inside, so you can write your own personal message that expresses your love and appreciation for your wife.

Wood Gifts for Celebrating Your Love’s Growth and Maturity

23. Wooden Watch

Wooden Watch for 6th Year Anniversary Gift
Wooden Watch – Gifts For Six Year Anniversary

To find a modern and stylish 6th anniversary gift for your husband, consider giving him this beautiful wooden watch. The watch complements his formal attire and adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to his overall look.

24. Wooden Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

Wooden Beer Bottle Opener for 6 Year Anniversary Gift
Wooden Beer Personalized Bottle Opener

What kind of beer does your hubby enjoy? We are sure he’ll adore this beautiful, handy wooden beer caddy. It’s made from reclaimed redwood beams and is of remarkable quality. He will use this helpful and special gift to transport beer to summer parties and barbeques.

25. Wooden Sugar Scoops

Wooden Sugar Scoops for Best 6- Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Wooden Sugar Scoops

These beautiful sugar scoops are perfect if you’re looking for a unique and practical gift for your significant other’s 6th anniversary. They will be a delightful addition to your kitchen and put a fresh spin on the tradition of giving sweet presents on wedding anniversaries.

Viva Wedding Tip

Apply a little layer of food-grade mineral oil on the scoop on a regular basis to help protect it and keep it looking good.

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26. Personalized 6th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print

6th Anniversary Gift - Personalized 6th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print
Personalized 6th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print

Your marriage has lasted six years now. This artwork will be one of the best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts for her. Besides the assertion that it is “Our 6th Anniversary,” this personalized canvas contains the length of your solid marriage relationship. It’s also a method to express your everlasting devotion to them.

27. Family Tree Milestones Desktop Plaque

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Desktop Plaque
Personalized Family Tree Milestones Desktop Plaque

Celebrate 6 years of love and togetherness with a thoughtful and personalized 6th anniversary gift, such as these desktop plaques bearing your family name. These plaques are a great way to honor your family and make for a meaningful and lasting present.

28. Personalized Rustic Serving Tray

Personalized Tray – 6 Year Anniversary Gift
Personalized wooden tray for 6 year wedding anniversary gifts for couple

This rustic wood serving platter is ideal for displaying party snacks or desserts during movie nights. It may also be engraved with a family name, making it one of the best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts for couples to receive.

29. You and Me Puzzle Pieces Wood Ornament

Puzzle Pieces Wood Ornament as 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Puzzle Pieces Wood Ornament

This ornament is a gorgeous and tailor-made gift that features two wooden puzzle pieces. You can engrave your own message on the back of the ornament. Just like the puzzle pieces that snap together to create a masterpiece, your relationship is a flawless match. As you mark your sixth anniversary, this ornament will beautify your Christmas tree or your home with a lovey-dovey touch. And if anyone asks, you can always say you solved the puzzle of love!

30. Mahogany Thumb Piano

Mahogany Thumb Piano for 6th Anniversary Gift
Mahogany Thumb Piano for 6 Year Anniversary Gift

This is a thumb piano, a charming instrument that you can play with your thumb. It comes with a songbook that guides you through classic tunes like “You are my sunshine,” “Kumbaya,” and “Happy Birthday.” The mahogany keys produce a warm and soothing sound that fills the air with magic, reflecting the joy of your six-year journey together.

31. Wooden Perpetual Calendar

Best 6- Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Wooden Perpetual Calendar
Wooden Perpetual Calendar

Keep track of time and celebrate every day with the wooden perpetual calendar. Its wooden frame symbolizes the strength and durability of your love in the face of any obstacles. With its infinite design, this calendar records your wonderful memories, accomplishments, and the promises you’ve made to each other during your six-year journey together. Plus, unlike your phone or computer, it never runs out of batteries or needs updating!

32. Wooden Reading Valet

Wooden Reading Valet is one of the best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts
Wooden Reading Valet

Treat yourself and your partner to a cozy and enjoyable reading session with the wooden reading valet. These 6 year wedding anniversary gifts for couple are a handy accessory that keeps your book, glasses, drink, phone, or anything else you need close by. It has a wooden triangular shape that fits on any surface. This smart and considerate gift is meant to enhance your comfort and happiness as a pair.

33. Chess and Checkers Maple Board Game

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts Maple Board Game
Maple Board Game

This is a classic and elegant board game that challenges your strategic thinking and skills. It contains 32 chess pieces (16 in natural wood and 16 in painted wood) and 24 checkers (12 in natural wood and 12 in painted wood) inside a sturdy maple wood cabinet with a handy storage drawer.

The cabinet also serves as the game board, with a refined wood inlay that enhances the beauty of the set. Whether you want to play chess or checkers, this set will offer you hours of fun and entertainment with your partner or friends. And if you lose, you can always blame it on the wood!

Unique 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couple

34. Calla Lily Flower Bouquet

Calla Lily Flower Bouquet for 6th Year Anniversary Gift
Calla Lily Flower Bouquet Best 6th Year Anniversary Gifts

Surprise your partner with a stunning bouquet of calla lilies, one of the most 6 year wedding anniversary gifts for her. These flowers are not only gorgeous but also meaningful. They signify love, admiration, and appreciation, which are the emotions you want to share on your sixth anniversary. This sweet and considerate gesture will overjoy your partner, and it will demonstrate how much you treasure her in your life.

35. Personalised Set Of 4 Love Heart Slate Coasters

Coasters is one of the 6 year wedding anniversary gifts
Personalized Traditional Gifts Heart Slate Coasters

Show your sweetheart how much you cherish your years together with these adorable heart-shaped coasters. They are the perfect anniversary gifts by year, as each one has a different number and material engraved on it. The coasters have a vintage vibe with their rough edges, and they also protect your table from scratches with their rubber feet.

36. Amethyst Eternity Necklace

6 Year Anniversary Gift - Amethyst Traditional Gift Necklace
Amethyst Traditional Gemstone Necklace

If you are looking for 6 year wedding anniversary gifts for her, you might want to skip the popular gemstone jewelry and opt for something more unique. For your sixth wedding anniversary, surprise your wife with a necklace in sterling silver with oval amethysts. This beautiful piece will make her shine brighter than any diamond.

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37. Leather Watch for Men and Women

Leather Watch for 6th Year Anniversary Gift
Leather Watch for Men and Women

Are you looking for the ideal 6th year anniversary gift for both men and women? These watches are an excellent choice. With various leather straps and stainless steel casings available in various colors, you can find a design that fits your loved one’s style. Plus, a watch is a timeless and practical gift that will be cherished for years.

38. Fondue For Two

Fondue For Two as Best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts
Fondue For Two – 6th Year Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your six years of love with this elegant fondue pot. It’s an anniversary gift by year that reflects your marital journey thanks to its durability and convenience. It also has a smart fire put underneath that warms up your favorite dips in no time.

39. Cooling Bead Bracelet

Cooling Bead Bracelet for 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Cooling Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is a wonder of nature, crafted from stone beads that have a refreshing touch. Whether you need to beat the heat or calm your nerves, this bracelet will do the trick. It targets your inner-wrist pulse point, where it can lower your body temperature and relax your mind. It is a gift of simplicity and significance, a token of your love and appreciation.

40. Lavender & Amethyst Stress Relief Gift Set

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Stress Relief Gift Set
Lavender & Amethyst Stress Relief Gift Set

Indulge your partner with this 6 year anniversary gift set that features the calming aroma of lavender and the healing power of amethyst. This set includes a candle, an essential oil, a crystal, and a jar of bath salts, all designed to create a relaxing ambiance. This gift is perfect for transforming your home into a spa oasis.

41. Artisansmx Natural Agate Stone Bookends

Agate Stone Bookends for 6th Anniversary Gift
Agate Stone Bookends

These bookends are one of the best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts for couple that you can find. They are made of natural agate stone, which is a type of quartz that has beautiful patterns and colors. Each pair of bookends is unique and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mexico. They are a great gift for book lovers or anyone who appreciates natural beauty.

42. Calla Lily Marble Box

Calla Lily Marble Box as 6th Year Anniversary Gift
Calla Lily Marble Box

The Calla lily is the flower of the sixth anniversary, so how about a trinket box that looks like a bouquet? This lovely box has two Calla lilies on the lid, as if they were just picked from the garden. The gold brass and white enamel make the flowers shine and sparkle. Make your spouse smile by putting something special inside, like a shiny ring or a sweet note.

43. Jar Lavender Grow Kit

6 Year Anniversary Gift - Jar Lavender Grow Kit
Jar Lavender Grow Kit

Purple is the color of love and passion, so the lavender grow kit is one of the best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts you can give to your partner. This kit lets you grow your own lavender at home, filling your space with its lovely scent and color. All you need is a jar, some water, and a sunny spot.

44. Geode Desktop Clock

Geode Desktop Clock for the Best 6- year wedding anniversary gifts
Geode Desktop Clock

This chic desktop clock is a gem of nature, crafted from Brazilian agate and geode stone. It has a flair for beauty, and the purple hue matches this anniversary’s color. The clock runs on batteries and is quiet, so it won’t bother your partner’s work or rest.

FAQs about 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What is 6th anniversary called?

Iron is the name of the 6th anniversary, and it stands for the resilience and durability of a couple that has overcome the initial challenges of marriage. Some classic gifts for this occasion are iron accessories, iron artworks, or iron utensils. A contemporary option is wood, which symbolizes the solid and stable nature of the relationship.

What is the gift for the 6th year of marriage?

The 6th year of marriage is a special occasion that deserves a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Depending on your preference, you can choose from different traditional, modern, or unique gifts that symbolize the qualities of your relationship. Some of the most popular gifts are iron, wood, amethyst, calla lily, and purple.

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In essence, celebrating your 6-year anniversary goes beyond mere gift-giving. It’s about commemorating the years of love, growth, and resilience you’ve shared as a couple. Whether you opt for traditional symbols or modern interpretations, the essence lies in the heartfelt sentiment and the appreciation of the beautiful journey you’ve embarked on together. Viva Wedding Photography hopes the list of 6 year wedding anniversary gifts can help you find the perfect tokens to mark this milestone and create lasting memories for many more years to come.

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