The 70 Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couples

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When wedding anniversaries knock on the door, it’s time to celebrate a couple’s journey of love and commitment. Whether it’s their first year of marriage or their golden anniversary, there’s no better way to express your happiness than thoughtful wedding anniversary wishes for couple. Anniversary wishes are especially meaningful as they have the power to encapsulate all of the sincere sentiments and beloved memories that have been built up over the years.

In this article from Viva Wedding Photography, we have compiled a collection of anniversary greetings, helping you find the right words to share your happiness, admiration, and positive emotions with your special twain. With these romantic, heartwarming, and funny ideas, you will surely warm the cockles of the couple’s hearts and put a smile on their faces.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

wedding anniversary wishes for couple
Happy wedding anniversary greetings for a couple – Photo by: Emerald Bridal

Romantic anniversary wishes are a beautiful way to slow down, reconnect, and reignite the flame of love in the midst of a chaotic and busy world. They make the couple feel enveloped in a warm embrace of love, fostering the bond that initially brought them together. Choose any of the happy anniversary messages from the following, and let it bring the couple delight in their special day.

1. To a couple whose love is as dazzling as the stars, happy anniversary! I pray that the chapter of your everlasting love story is filled with more passion, compassion, and unshakeable commitment.

2. Happy anniversary to a couple who embodies the very meaning of the word “commitment.” I hope this special day finds you surrounded by love, laughter, and endless happiness.

3. Sending you my sincere wishes on your wedding anniversary. I hope your partnership continues to inspire you and that the bonds of your love continue to strengthen over time. Here’s to the start of many more wonderful times ahead!

4. On this special day, I want to honor my favorite couple’s magnificent journey. May your anniversary serve as a constant reminder of the beautiful bond you share and the joy you bring to each other’s lives. Congratulations on your anniversary!

5. To the couple whose love only gets stronger with the passage of time, I want to send you both my best wedding anniversary wishes. Hope your celebration is packed with unending happiness and treasured memories. Happy anniversary!

6. May your love and partnership grow stronger as you celebrate another year of your beautiful life together. Congratulations on your anniversary!

7. I hope the two of you celebrate this anniversary with many more years of laughter, lovely memories, and memorable moments. May you both continue to be each other’s anchor and comfort zone. Best wishes on your anniversary!

8. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on reaching yet another significant milestone in your incredible journey together. May the love you share together be a guiding star, illuminating your way toward a life filled with joy and contentment. Happy anniversary!

wedding anniversary messages for a couple
Sending a romantic wedding anniversary message for a couple – Photo by: Vogue

9. Warm wishes and anniversary greetings to a dream couple who has mastered the art of loving and being loved. I pray for you both a deep and abiding bond of love that lasts a lifetime. Happy anniversary!

10. Celebrate the union of two lives that are intimately linked by love and commitment. This year’s anniversary will be a wonderful celebration of the romantic feeling that has blossomed between you and a testament to your happy future. Happy anniversary!

11. Congratulations on your anniversary, you two! Your love story is like something out of a fairytale. Wishing your lives will be full of amazing moments and that your hearts remain in perfect rhythm. I hope that your anniversary is as magical as your love!

12. Sincere congratulations and best wishes to you both on your wedding anniversary. Wishing the flame of your love will continue to burn brighter with each passing year, bringing more warmth, passion, and wonderful memories into your lives. Happy anniversary!

13. Congratulations, you two, whose love is like a melody full of happiness and harmony. I want to send you wedding anniversary wishes for a life where the rhythm of love resonates within the depths of your hearts. Your love song will be sure on repeat in your journey!

14. On your anniversary, you both inspire me with your love and your commitment to one another. How lucky you are to have each other as lovers, yet more than that, bosom friends. Happy anniversary!

15. Wishing a delightful anniversary to you both, who know how to keep the spark alive in your relationship. The flame of your ever-growing love is a beacon that shines brightly even on the cloudiest of days. May your marriage continue to be full of excitement, romance, and passion for many more years to come!

Cute Anniversary Wishes for Couple

wedding anniversary wishes
One can’t miss out on these adorable wedding anniversary wishes – Photo by: The Knot

Cute wishes recognize the sweetness and charm in a couple’s connection, which helps to send a feeling of warmth and happiness to the recipient. Therefore, we give you some happy wedding anniversary wishes to a couple, making their special day an amazing event filled with love and cuteness!

16. Best wishes on your anniversary; you two are the sweetest! You two will always serve as an example to me of what a happy marriage may be like. Your unwavering affection is my driving force and greatest source of happiness. I hope you two have a wonderful life together, filled with lots of love and cute moments.

17. You two are still the cutest pair I’ve ever known; congrats on another year! I’m so glad I was able to see a glimpse of your love journey, which is like something out of a fairytale. Happy anniversary, you lovely couple!

18. On this special day, I want to express my best wedding anniversary wishes to the most extraordinary pair I know. I hope that wherever you go, you two will find a limitless amount of cuteness and sweetness.

19. Congratulations on another year of love that is sweeter than candy and more precious than any gemstone. As you celebrate this special day, may you both will always treasure and cherish each other. You two are absolutely gorgeous together, and I hope the rest of your lives are filled with wonderful experiences and happiness.

20. On the occasion of your anniversary, I wish you, the loveliest pair ever, an abundance of hugs, kisses, and blessings. Because of the love that you both have for each other, the world is a better place. Happy anniversary!

21. Happy wedding anniversary wishes to a couple whose attachment is as endearing as a teddy bear and as sweet as honey. Wishing you a happy anniversary with touching moments and memories that will stay with you forever.

22. Joyful thoughts of you two keep popping into my head on this beautiful day. Your passionate love, which can warm the cockles of any person’s heart, is so adorable. I hope that this particular day is loaded to the brim with love and happiness.

Cute wedding anniversary wishes for couple
Cute wedding anniversary wishes for couple will bring smiles to their faces – Photo by: CNN

23. Congratulations on your anniversary to my favorite pair, whose love inspires others to exclaim, “Aww.” The sweet things you do and your affectionate bond have a way of making people’s hearts melt. Cheers to a life filled with love and adorable moments!

24. Happy anniversary to the lovely pair who exemplify cuteness and tenderness. Your unwavering enthusiasm is like a breeze that fills our hearts with joy. I wish for you both that the road ahead is paved with wonderful experiences.

25. Congratulations on your anniversary, you adorable people whose love is as warm as the sun and as sugary as cotton candy. Your smiles, laughing, and delightful antics make everyone around you happy. Here’s to another year of adorableness!

26. Congratulations, you two lovebirds, on the occasion of your anniversary! Your love story is just like something out of a fairy tale; it’s full of sweetness and allure. May the beautiful bond you two share with each other continue to flourish and blossom, bringing you both endless joy and fulfillment. 

27. Sending the cutest pair in the world a deluge of sweet wedding anniversary wishes on your special day! May your days be abundantly blessed with delightful surprises, heartwarming cuddles, and a lifetime brimming with boundless love.

28. Congratulations, two adorable people whose love is as priceless as a diamond. The world is a better place because of your affectionate actions and precious moments. Have a day filled with anniversary wishes!

29. Happy anniversary to the couple who always puts a smile on everyone’s face! You two together are like a ray of sunshine that makes every moment happier and brighter.

30. May your anniversary day be the cutest love tale ever told. Your partnership is an inspiration, and your bond is the perfect combination of sweetness and tenderness. Happy anniversary to the most adorable pair!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couple

funny wedding anniversary wishes for couples
Add a touch of humor to your anniversary wishes – Photo by: Brides

Funny wishes encourage a couple to have fun on their trip together and appreciate the hilarious things they have in common. They add a bit of fun to the party, which makes the anniversary even more memorable and fun. So, make their celebration a day full of joy and laughter by sending them one of the funny wedding anniversary wishes below.

31. Happy anniversary to the wonderful pair who have shown that love is not just about putting up with one other’s eccentricities but also about laughing at them. You two are living proof that love can be found in laughter. Maintain your sense of humor, and take pleasure in this momentous occasion.

32. Happy anniversary to the funniest pair, who, after all these years, still find each other’s bad jokes hilarious. May joy and happiness accompany you two always in the relationship you share together.

33. Congrats on surviving one more whole year of wedded bliss! It’s a real credit to both your sense of humor and your capacity for tolerance. I hope this anniversary brings you both lots of joy, laughing, and amusing moments to look back on.

34. I want to send the best wedding anniversary message for a couple who are adorable yet also crazy. Your love story has all the makings of a Disney movie. Have a wonderful anniversary, and may your love last forever.

humor wedding anniversary wishes
Funny wedding anniversary wishes for couple – Photo by: Wedding Journal

35. Here’s to the cutest couple who can uncover laughter and joy in even the most ordinary moments of married life. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary that is full of funny stories, radiant smiles, and belly laughs.

36. Happy anniversary to the best couple who can still laugh it off together no matter what happens – whether the dishwasher overflows or the dog eats the anniversary cake. I’m crossing my fingers that this isn’t the last of your comical experiences!

37. I’d like to congratulate you on making it through another year of marriage without trying to smother each other with pillows. Both your love and sense of humor are really amazing. Best wishes on your anniversary!

38. Wishing the love and humor in your relationship remain constant as you celebrate this milestone anniversary. Always keep your sense of humor in your marriage since you never know when one of you is going to forget to take out the garbage. Happy anniversary!

39. Happy anniversary to two incredible people who still manage to make each other laugh even when the world feels like a never-ending sitcom. May your lives together be filled with belly-achingly humorous moments.

40. You two have been a comical and loving force for another year – congratulations! Delightful inside jokes, lighthearted conversation, and belly laughs are in order for today. You two are the life of the party, so keep making everyone laugh!

Inspirational Anniversary Wishes for Couple

Happy wedding anniversary wishes to a couple
Wedding anniversary wishes words show how their love had inspired you – Photo by: The Brewery London

Greetings of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration for a couple’s anniversary are highly valued because of the positive impact they can have on the pair and their relationship. Some of the most motivational wedding anniversary wishes to a couple, pushing them toward greater joy and success, are listed below.

41. To a couple whose love story has inspired us all, happy anniversary!  Your unwavering loyalty and faithfulness are absolutely admirable. May your path be blessed with endless love and inspiration.

42. On your anniversary, I would want to honor the inspiring model of love and tenacity that the two of you have set for others. I am in awe of your undying commitment to each other as a couple. You two are a testament to the transformative power of love. Happy anniversary!

43. Congratulations on another year of cultivating a solid and meaningful partnership. Because of your love and harmony, those around you are motivated to work deeper on their own relationships. May this joyous occasion serve as a constant reminder of the strength of your marriage and the boundless potential it holds. 

44. Happy anniversary to a pair who so beautifully represents authentic love. Your loyalty, trust, and support for one another are a true inspiration. I hope that your anniversary party is just as exciting as the first day of your wonderful life together.

Inspirational wedding anniversary message for a couple
Inspirational wedding anniversary message for a couple – Photo by: CNBC

45. Congratulations on the anniversary of a couple whose love and kindness never cease to inspire us. Your devotion to one another is proof that true love has no limits. May this milestone reflect the joy and fulfillment that your love brings.

46. Happy anniversary to a pair whose love is a shining example of what love can do. Your ability to keep going when things get hard is truly amazing. I hope this date will remind you how strong you are and show you how much love keeps you going.

47. As you celebrate another year of being together, I am inspired by the depth of your love and the beauty of your relationship. Your love should serve as inspiration to value each minute spent together. Happy anniversary, and may your love will endure through the ages.

48. Happy anniversary, and best hopes for a long and happy marriage! Your relationship has grown stronger and deeper as you have been through many ups and downs together. May this special day remind you of the beautiful legacy you are creating.

49. Happy anniversary to a couple who show us that love is a journey of change and growth. Your ability to grow together, learn from each other, and accept the different aspects of each other is really impressive. Here’s to many more years of love and evolution together.

Advance Wedding Anniversary Message to a Couple

send happy anniversary wishes to a couple before the celebration date
You can send happy anniversary wishes to a couple before the celebration date – Photo by: CNBC

Sending a couple of good wishes in advance shows how much you look forward to sharing their joy as they prepare to celebrate their accomplishments and love. Before the anniversary even arrives, you may make the happy couple feel special and loved by giving them your best wishes and affection. Below are some of the advance wedding anniversary wishes that you can send to a couple:

50. Sending you both lots of love and warm wishes on your forthcoming anniversary. May your love continue to be the foundation of your marriage, and may it continue to grow stronger with each passing year.

51. Happy early anniversary to you both! I wish you nothing but happiness and excitement as you look forward to your wedding anniversary day. May this special occasion bring you plenty of joy and wonderful memories.

52. I wanted to send you my warmest wedding anniversary wishes for your upcoming celebration. I wish your enthusiasm and love to grow and thrive with each passing year. Congratulations in advance on this significant occasion!

53. Sending you both lots of love and warm wishes on your upcoming anniversary. May your bond continue to be filled with love, laughter, and happiness. Here’s to more years of togetherness.

Advance wedding anniversary message for a couple
Advance wedding anniversary wishes for couple – Photo by: Focus on the Family

54. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary in advance! I hope that the beautiful melody of your love song will go on and on forever. 

55. Wishing you a joyous anniversary in advance!  As your special day comes, I wanted you to know how much your love inspires people around you. May this occasion bring you as much happiness as your relationship deserves.

56. My sincere congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. You two are a model of what an authentic companionship should be like. In anticipation, best wishes on reaching this important milestone!

57. Congratulations in advance on the approaching anniversary of your marriage. Your love and commitment are truly motivational examples. I hope you celebrate today as a way to look back on the great journey you’ve been on together.

58. Your wonderful day is coming up, so I wanted to send you my best wedding anniversary wishes in advance. May the years only strengthen your love and faithfulness for each other. Happy early anniversary!

59. Sending heartfelt wishes to the lovely couple in anticipation of their upcoming anniversary! Wishing you joy and enthusiasm in the days leading up to your celebration. Cheers to sharing in each other’s lives for the rest of eternity.

Belated Anniversary Wishes for Couple

It's fine to send wedding anniversary wishes for couple a little late
It’s fine to send wedding anniversary wishes a little late if you have a reluctant reason – Photo by: Brides

Even though it’s a little late, belated wedding anniversary wishes to a couple are still important because they show thoughtfulness, sincerity, and a true desire to celebrate the couple’s special day. A belated wish will present an apology from the bottom of your hearts for the delay and tell the pair how much you care about their anniversary. Check out a few of them here:

60. Belated anniversary wishes to the adorable couple! Please accept my apologies for the delay in greetings, and know that the sincerity of my congrats has not diminished in the least. May the light of your love never dims and that it fills you with happiness throughout the year.

61. Please accept my belated congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to let you know that the story of your love has inspired me. Wishing the coming year is packed with innumerable blessings and precious moments for you both. 

62. A little late is better than never! Belated wedding anniversary wishes to such a wonderful pair! You are both classics, and I wish that your celebration was marked by lots of joy, affection, and happy recollections.

63. Since I was unable to attend your anniversary celebration, please accept my apologies and belated best wishes. I hope that your love brings you nothing but happiness and pleasure. 

64. Happy belated anniversary to a couple who clearly has figured out how to keep the fire burning. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your anniversary celebration. Best wishes for many more happy years together.

65. Please accept my heartfelt but late wedding anniversary greetings. Your dedication is remarkable, and I hope your anniversary was as lovely as your love story.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes to a couple
Send belated wedding anniversary wishes for couple when you couldn’t make it on time – Photo by: Byron Bay Weddings

66. Apology for the belated wishes, but I just couldn’t help but acknowledge the love that you both share. Even if it’s a bit late, I still want to wish you a happy anniversary! May every step of your journey together be replete with boundless happiness and precious memories.

67. Even though my wedding wishes are a little late, please know that I thought of you and wished you well on your special day. May the love you have for each other keep making your lives better every day. Happy belated anniversary!

68. Congratulations on your anniversary, you two adorable people who can make even the most mundane situation seem humorous. Your shared sense of humor is what keeps your relationship exciting and fun. I apologize for the delay, and I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

69. Belated wedding anniversary wishes to the couple who deserve all the joy in the world. Even though I missed the day, your love and dedication will live on. May your journey together be blessed with eternal love and treasured moments. Happy belated anniversary!

70. Please accept my anniversary greetings, which are a little late but come from the bottom of my heart. Your love and commitment are something to look up to. May you make a lot of new happy memories in the coming year. Happy anniversary! 

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A wedding anniversary message for a couple has the capacity to convey your deepest feelings and gratitude for the impact their love story has had on your life. Their significance in your journey should be recognized, whether in terms of the laughs you’ve shared or the memories you’ve made together. 

Whether you choose a funny or sentimental wedding anniversary wish, the most important thing is that it comes from a place of love. So go ahead, pick your favorite message from Viva Wedding Photography‘s list, and make your twain feel special on their anniversary day!

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