30 Best Ideas For 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts In 2023

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Congratulations! It’s been 365 days so far and counting! Now that you’ve made it through your first year of marriage, you should rejoice! You’re probably here because you’re on the hunt for a fantastic item for your spouse or favorite pair. If so, you’re in the right place. Viva Wedding Photography made a list of the best 1st wedding anniversary gifts. Read on to find the right present!

What Are Gifts To Give On The First Wedding Anniversary?

  • Traditional Gift: Paper
  • Modern Gift: Clocks
  • Color: Gold or Yellow
  • Gemstone: Gold
  • Flower: Carnation
Traditional Paper Anniversary 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Traditional Paper Anniversary 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 1st Anniversary Gifts

Traditional first anniversary presents for couples are items made from paper. The years ahead are compared with the paintbrushes you will use to decorate these pages. Therefore, the paper-inspired gifts on this year’s anniversary will represent a blank slate to create a new life together. And that’s why paper makes such a good symbol: dedication is like the beginning of your marriage, and it may endure a lifetime with the proper care. So consider something like a handwritten letter, diary, or recipe book that will serve as a milestone in your lives together. 

Modern Gift For First Wedding Anniversary

There are other options besides paper. Clocks or watches are modern first wedding anniversary gifts to present the passage of time and the inevitable changes and difficulties that go with it. There is no doubt in your mind that your spouse adores this present, which they love to wear every day.

Other 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gold is also a metal-inspired present you can find on this year’s anniversary in any jewelry item. Lastly, carnations are the flower theme for the first-anniversary celebration.

In this post, we suggest vast choices of gift ideas, from traditional and modern ones to more innovative products. Scroll down to see what is the best item in your situation!

Creative 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

1. The First Anniversary Print T-Shirt

The First Anniversary Print T-Shirt
The First Anniversary Print T-Shirt

Reference price: $19,95 on Amazon

You may mark 1st wedding anniversary gifts for your husband by giving him a personalized t-shirt with “one year together” on it to serve as a mental souvenir of your time together. Made of 100% high-quality cotton that will deliver the best comfort and soft touch for him daily use. Wearing this t-shirt outside on your most fantastic day will show the world how happy you two are.

2. Personalized Leather Bracelet

Personalized Leather Bracelet thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts for him
Personalized Leather Bracelet

Reference price: $39,99 on Amazon

The simplicity and elegance of this item make it the perfect 1st-anniversary gift for him. This simple yet authentic handmade leather is made of high-quality genuine leather that will give him super comfortable and easy to wear. Hence, this leather bracelet would be a fantastic present if you know a man who values how a fine piece of jewelry complements his style.

3. Funny Boobies and Beer Holder

thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts for him Beer Holder
Funny Nana’s Boobies and Beer Holder

Reference price: $13,91 on Amazon

A woman’s physique inspired the design of this unique beer bottle. Indeed, males aren’t interested in anything but beer and women! Therefore, the gag holder would be one of the best joke 1st wedding anniversary gifts.

4. A Milion Dollar Blanket

Funny Blanket - First Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Funny Blanket – First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $26,98 on Amazon

Nothing will make him feel more comfortable and snug than cuddling up within a cool million bucks. Designed to appear just like a $1,000,000 bill, this silky throw blanket makes him dream big in comfort. So, with the Million Dollar Blanket, he may be able to dream of one day gaining fame and fortune. When he receives a million-dollar blanket, your guy will enjoy the comfort of this naughty present.

5. A Casual Men’s Watch

Luxury Watch Paper Anniversary Gift
Luxury Watch Paper Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $32,77 on Amazon

To show him how much you cherish your time together, give him an exceptionally unique anniversary gift by the year. This watch is one of their excellent first wedding anniversary gifts for him. This casual men’s watch features a high-polish stainless steel case and brown matching strap, paired with the minimalist analog dial, so this delicate watch looks far more expensive than it is. Moreover, the authentic leather band will deliver a super soft and perfectly fit around his wrist and be ideal for being water-resistant, splash, and rain resistant.

Hence, your guy will believe it’s the most up-to-date present you could give him for your 1st anniversary because of its luxurious appearance and excellent performance.

6. Luxury Cocktail Bar Set

Luxury Cocktail Bar Set 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Luxury Cocktail Bar Set 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $29,99 on Amazon (11 pieces)

Whether you’re a professional mixologist or have never mixed a drink before, this bartender kit provides everything you need to create your own drinks in the comfort of your home. This is one of the best gifts you can give to a guy who loves concocting new glasses as a modern paper anniversary gift.

All pieces of this kit are made of high-quality stainless steel, so they are dishwasher safe, have high abrasion resistance, and are rust-proof. With this stylish wooden stand, your guests will be attracted by this unique home decor. Time to share your drinks with your friends and family!

7. Wild Man Grooming Kit

Wild Man Grooming Kit thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts for him
Wild Man Grooming Kit

Reference price: $69,99 on Uncommon Good

This luxurious quartet of shaving necessities will assist you in achieving the ideal anniversary gift for your loved ones. Since this woodsy grooming kit offers a bounty of great-smelling goods for male grooming, it will leave your husband’s jawline clean and hair-free after each use. Moreover, the products are created entirely of botanical components and 100 percent pure essential oils, so they are very gentle on the skin and ready to deliver a deep clean.

8. Wedding Invitation Cufflinks

Wedding Invitation Cufflinks thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts for him
Wedding Invitation Cufflinks

Reference price: $79,00 on Paper Anniversary

Possibly unexpectedly, here is yet a one-of-a-kind paper accessory. The little fragments of your wedding invitations that make up these unique cufflinks are touching. Stylish and long-lasting, this paper-themed gift will allow your special someone to always carry your love with them. They are packaged in a beautiful memento box and are ready to be given as soon as he opens them. Such a sentimental and personal gift for him on your one-year anniversary!

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Stunning First Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

9. Funny Anniversary Mug For Her

best 1st anniversary gift for wife Mug
Wedding Anniversary Quarantine Mug

Reference price: $13,99 on Amazon

Gifts like mugs are often appreciated by women who like coffee in the morning. Consider 1st anniversary gifts like mugs with sayings to make the occasion more memorable. These unique coffee mugs can withstand low to high temperatures and have an outstanding print quality that will last a long time. We know she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and usefulness of this gift.

10. The “Do You Know Your Husband?” Book

Do You Know Your Husband? book best 1st anniversary gifts
Do You Know Your Husband? book

Reference price: $5,86 on Amazon

This book of questions is an excellent way for newlyweds to get to know one another better. She could surprise you with all the knowledge she’s gained over the last year. Even though she may not be able to answer all of them, she will have a fantastic time trying. This will be a gag 1st wedding anniversary gift for her.

11. Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet best 1st anniversary gifts
Paper Flower Bouquet

You may combine the contemporary and timeless meanings of flowers and paper by making a paper flower arrangement. It’s a simple yet elegant paper anniversary gift that will last a lifetime.

12. DIY Watchmaking Kit

DIY Watchmaking Kit best 1st anniversary gifts
DIY Watchmaking Kit

Reference price: $195,00 on Uncommon Good

As your wife’s first wedding anniversary gift, consider purchasing her a fashionable watch. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give her. Its design is simple but elegant, so she can wear it to work and out simultaneously. Hence, in three hours, let’s make your mechanical watch from scratch with this easy-to-follow kit.

13. 1st Anniversary Photo Canvas Art Print

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts Photo Canvas Art Print
First Wedding Anniversary Gifts Photo Canvas Art Print

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

Win back your wife’s affections with this personalized picture canvas print, which elevates traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts to a new level. The phrase “When I saw you, I fell in love” will show how much she means to you without saying. We are confident she will be delighted to have it and proudly display it in her bedroom.

14. Funny “Happy Anniversary” Paper Toilet

Funny Paper best 1st anniversary gift for wife
Funny Paper 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $12,99 on Amazon

Give her this toilet paper roll to thank her for always caring for her! You may add sweet or funny messages to make them more memorable. Each role is proudly made and uses soy-based environment-friendly ink for highly-pigmented, biodegradable, and vibrant prints that won’t run off. Hence, this gift includes 1 full-size 2-ply 500, printed sheets toilet paper roll with a cute gift box, making it a delightful paper anniversary gift for her.

15. Classic Hourglass Timer

Classic Hourglass Timer first year anniversary gifts clock
Classic Hourglass Timer

Reference price: $59,99 on Amazon

Not every clock indeed is the same. Your lady would love having this stylish sand timer on her coffee or console table. Add a special touch by adding their names, the date of their wedding, and a touching phrase like “our love is timeless.”

This giant 1-hour sand timer is made of premium Pure Zinc Alloy, matched with the stylish bronzed process, which will give your office home a classy touch. The remarkable thing is the hourglass has a two-layer rotation with 360° adjustable. And it’s bound to amaze and impress your guests. Also, the hourglass will come in a gorgeous satin-lined gift box, so you won’t have to worry about packaging it.

16. Mesmerizing Rose Memento

Mesmerizing Rose Memento best 1st anniversary gift for wife
Galaxy Enchanted Rose

Reference price: $10,73 on Amazon

When selecting an appropriate anniversary present, there is no absolute “right” or “wrong” – just what your spouse would value. These gorgeous flowers from Beauty and the Beast will surely put a smile on the face of any Disney enthusiast. Each is a work of art, from the carefully placed bright fairy lights to the intricately carved wooden base. Its allusions to the passage of time and eternity also make a passing reference to the current first-anniversary motif.

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Thoughtful First Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

17. Personalized Couple Mug

Best Husband Ever Custom Mug
Best Custom Marble Couple Mug

Reference price: $23,97 on Amazon

Mornings will be made brighter with this ceramic present! Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or your favorite drink from a pair of mugs with a personalized message to remind you of good times. These high-quality handmade ceramic mugs are unique 1st-anniversary gifts for a couple; you may show them how much you care about their routines and habits by giving them this gift.

18. Photo Collage Pillow For Couple

Photo Collage Pillow For Couple
Photo Collage Pillow For Couple

Reference price: $34,95  on Etsy

What’s the secret to a happy marriage full of affection? The finest first anniversary gift you can give your partner is a personalized photo collage pillow. After a year of marriage, this will be a terrific place to unwind and warm up. With this pillow, you can always have a reminder of your love close by.

19. Custom Couple Photo And Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Custom Couple Photo And Song Lyrics Canvas Print
Custom Couple Photo And Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

Your partner needs to know that you’ll always be there for him, no matter how hard life gets. This piece of art is an excellent way to celebrate this anniversary. Adding your wedding song or a favorite song to make it more meaningful! This is a keepsake of your wedding day that you may cherish for years.

20. Custom 3D Photo Lamp

Custom 3D Photo Lamp
Custom 3D Photo Lamp

Reference price: $26,99 on Amazon

A customized picture light is a perfect way to express “I love you.” With a 3D plate and an engraving on the base, the lamp may be engraved with an image of you and your partner. This night light is suitable for bedrooms, baby rooms, or bars, so they fall in love with it. Warning: This unique present may cause the pair to burst into tears when they see it.

21. Better Together Custom Wine

Better Together Custom Wine
Better Together Custom Wine

Reference price: $89,95 on Amazon

You and your spouse may arrange a special evening to commemorate your 1st wedding anniversary gifts. However, you can’t have a genuine celebration without a great bottle of wine or even a couple of wine glasses! Obtain this romantic customized wine gift set on your first or every subsequent anniversary so that you and your spouse will always have something unique to celebrate another year of marriage together.

22. Tube Clock

Tube Clock - First Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Tube Clock – First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $269,00 on Amazon

This retro-looking clock is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The tubes are only used when necessary, thanks to a motion sensor that activates the light. Not only is it a present to mark the occasion, but it also serves as a one-of-a-kind decor for the living space.

These tube clocks have a built-in motion sensor, which turns off nixie tubes when nobody is near the clock. So this unique feature prolongs the lifespan of tubes and saves energy.

23. The Funny Happy Card

Funny Couple Card
The Funny Couple Card

Why not commemorate the paper anniversary with a piece of funny paper? These first wedding anniversary gifts will be a hit with any couple that enjoys a good laugh. This adorable card’s humorous message will keep them giggling for another year.

24. Personalized Milestones Map

Personalized Milestones Map
Personalized Milestones Map

Reference price: $60,00 on Custom Family Gifts

Proudly show off your conquests and celebrate your nomadic life with this elegant milestones map. A present might be a memento of the trip you and your partner have taken together over the last year. Include your name and a tagline at the bottom of the page if you like to make a brilliant gift for your well-traveled couples.

25. Unique Sundial Gift

Luxury Sundial 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Luxury Sundial 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $155,00 on Amazon

Gifting this lovely sundial as the first wedding anniversary gift will definitely grab people’s attention! This sundial fits in with the anniversary year’s modern theme. These sundials are handmade by skillful craftsmen from high-quality cast aluminum to last forever! In addition, the timeless style of the piece makes it an excellent addition to any garden or outdoor space.

26. Tickets for a Special Experience

Tickets for a Special Experience
Tickets for a Special Experience

You might give each other a spiritual gift such as this one. For the 1st anniversary, consider tickets for a getaway or a night at the theater as a great choice. It will also provide freshness to the relationship between the two of you.

27. Meaningful Sheet Music

Meaningful Sheet Music 1st wedding anniversary gifts
Meaningful Sheet Music

Reference price: $129,00 on Canvas Vows

The day they got married was probably the best day of their relationship, and they’ll both want to remember it for the rest of their lives. This beautiful high-quality canvas features gold sheet music printing for a touch of luxury to their interior design. Pick their favorite song that has special meaning for them, such as the first dance song they shared on their wedding day. So this canvas is the perfect choice to recognize the first years of marriage!

28. Text Time Statement Clock

Text Time Statement Clock Paper anniversary gifts
Text Time Statement Clock

Reference price: $249,99 on Amazon

This watch is unique because of presenting the time in words. Modern design is given a dose of nostalgia thanks to the use of flip tiles in the display. This statement clock is made of a high-quality bamboo frame with PVC flips, so it is perfect for any room and can be used as a floating shelf. Because of its size and attractive bamboo frame may serve as a table centerpiece or wall hanging. We are sure that the receiver would love this.

29. Cute Matching Underwear

Cute Matching Underwear funny 1st wedding anniversary gifts
Cute Matching Underwear

Reference price: $39,90 on Amazon

A pair of matching underpants would be a wonderful present for any couple that enjoys sharing a good chuckle. Depending on how lighthearted you want your gift to be, choose from a wide variety of designs, hues, and neutrals. If you’re going to help them construct a wardrobe of matching underwear, you may even sign them up for a subscription.

30. Monthly Book Subscription

Monthly Book Subscription funny paper anniversary gifts
Monthly Book Subscription

It would be best to consider getting this book subscription for your particular couple. They’ll get a new adult novel and some bookish treats sent to their door every month. They may indulge in much-needed me-time while expanding their horizons with fresh reading material.

Tips To Get the Right Paper Anniversary Gift

  • Show How Well You Know About Your Lover

    Show How Well You Know About Him
    Show How Well You Know About Him

Paper anniversary gifts should be based on your spouse’s hobbies and interests. You might choose anything based on your profession, a hobby, or a sport.

  • Choose a Gift with the Number “1”

    Tips To Make The Right Choice
    Tips To Make The Right Choice

1st Wedding Anniversary is a great holiday for couples; the number “1” is also a lucky starting number for couples to start everything in a relationship. As a reminder of how seriously you take this start time, you should buy presents with this number on them. For many years, that present will remind them of their most beautiful and happiest times together.

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1st wedding anniversary gifts don’t need to be expensive. More durable presents are given in later years to symbolize the marriage’s growth. Make your thing romantic and loving, whether it’s a joke or a simple gesture! Viva Wedding Photography wishes you the best of luck finding the perfect item for your spouse.

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