The 31 Best 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts You Should Know

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To show your mate how much you care, a little gift is often all that’s required. The heartfelt 4th wedding anniversary gifts are sure to bring a tear to their eyes on this memorable day. Get stuck in what the best thing to offer your spouse or a happy couple? Viva Wedding Photography has produced a list of the top 4th anniversary items to pick from.

What Is The 4th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

Traditional GiftFruit or flowers
Modern GiftAppliances
GemstoneBlue topaz
ColorBlue or green

The 4th wedding anniversary symbolizes the beauty and maturity of your love. It is traditionally marked by fruit or flowers, which show the freshness and sweetness of your bond. You can make your spouse feel special by giving them a bouquet of the same flowers that you had on your wedding day, or by growing a garden together that will bloom with time. You can also choose a more modern gift of appliances, which can make your home life easier and more fun. Appliances can also express your appreciation for your spouse’s role in your household.

This occasion is also a great opportunity to explore some unique 4th anniversary gift ideas that will surprise and delight your partner. You can look for gifts that incorporate the color theme of blue and green, or the gemstone of the year: blue topaz. Blue topaz is known as the feeling stone, as it is linked with deep emotions, communication, and compassion. These are the qualities that make your marriage happy and strong. You can also brighten up your gift by choosing ruffled geraniums, which are the flowers of the 4th wedding anniversary. Ruffled geraniums are lively and cheerful, and they can add some color and joy to your home and your mood.

4th wedding anniversary symbol
4th Wedding Anniversary Symbol

Best 4 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional and Modern for 2024

Noteworthy 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

1. Teak Fruit Bowl

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him - Teak Fruit Bowl
4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Teak Fruit Bowl

One of the best 4th wedding anniversary gifts for husband is a fruit basket. The natural materials used to craft the bowl are of the highest quality, guaranteeing lightness. This centerpiece is perfect for any area in the house, but it especially shines in the kitchen, office, library, or classroom. This beautiful fruit dish may also be arranged by yourself. Let’s put seasonal and permanent decorations in the bowl. It will make him glad you included some of his favorite fruits.

2. DIY Flower Garden

Flower Garden for 4th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Flower Garden for 4th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A little humor to add to the 4 year anniversary gift for him is this indoor flower garden. It maintains a traditional feel as an homage to the custom of giving flowers. He’ll be able to plant some flowers in his room thanks to the seeds included in the package.

3. “We Decided On Forever” Canvas Prints

Four year anniversary gift - Canvas Prints
“We Decided On Forever” Canvas Prints

Giving him this artwork is like telling him you want to take your relationship to the next level. This gesture symbolizes unconditional love and heart-centered energy. This personalized canvas artwork is sure to please your hubby!

4. Birth Flower Candle

Birth Flower Candle as 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Birth Flower Candle

Everybody indeed likes candles, and they’re an easy way to show your appreciation for someone. This birth flower candle would be perfect for lighting during a romantic home-cooked anniversary meal.

These candles are handmade with cruelty-free soy wax & essential oil blends that are scented with the flower corresponding to your birth month. The design is finished with a gorgeous, simplistic floral silhouette and would be a wonderful gift for him or a charming addition to your home.

5. “When I Saw You I Fell In Love” Canvas Print

“When I Saw You I Fell In Love” Canvas Print for 4 Year Anniversary Gift
“When I Saw You I Fell In Love” Canvas Print

Sunflowers are one of the most popular 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas since they are easy to care for. However, when it comes to anniversaries, fresh flowers may not be accessible throughout winter. A canvas print with a sunflower pattern is an excellent option if that’s the case.

6. Floral Neckties

Unique 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Floral Ties
Floral Ties

Add a splash of color to his formal attire with this attractive necktie with flower motifs. The satin polyester used to make these ties is of the highest quality, giving them a luxurious sheen almost indistinguishable from real silk. These finely designed ties will help him achieve the refined appearance he desires.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker for 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Bluetooth Speaker

It’s great to have your own home with your favorite songs playing. This Bluetooth speaker provides a high-quality listening experience. As a result, it is sure to evoke some passionate moments with your spouse. A blue topaz speaker would go well with the theme of the fourth wedding anniversary. Have a romantic dinner and your first dance together on this speaker on your fourth wedding anniversary.

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8. Portable Barbeque

Portable barbeque for 4 year anniversary gift
Portable barbeque for 4-year anniversary gift for him

When not in use, this stainless steel grill can be folded to resemble a vintage suitcase. Nevertheless, when you open it, you’ll find a wonderful surprise. It’s the ideal tool for your spouse to throw a great barbecue at home. We do not doubt that he will treasure these unique 4th-anniversary gift ideas for many years to come.

9. Foot Massage Machine

Foot Massage Machine as 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Foot Massage Machine

How well do you understand your partner’s needs? Something he may enjoy after a hard day of work. He probably has to hurt his feet; maybe this state-of-the-art foot massager would help him. This leg and foot massager employs a deeply kneading Shiatsu technique, which has been shown to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, speed healing, and alleviate pain. He’ll appreciate this gift because it shows how much you care for his health.

10. Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer for Four Year Anniversary Gift
Beard Trimmer

Treat your partner with something he needs but wouldn’t splurge on himself. Luxury grooming equipment is one of the best 4th wedding anniversary gifts for husband. This trimmer is fast and simple to use, with a comfortable grip. It also features high-tech titanium blades that cut with precision and last longer. He will appreciate this gift that makes grooming those hard-to-reach areas a breeze.

11. Wired Gaming Headset

4 Year Anniversary Gift - Wired Gaming Headset
Wired Gaming Headset

Gamers, let us know! This quality headset is good for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. He can fully immerse himself in the game with an adjustable headband and noise-canceling microphone. He might jump around like a kid if you buy him this item.

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Meaningful 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

12. Floral Arrangement

Hydrangeas Flower as 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Hydrangeas Flower

If you’re planning on giving her flowers as 4-year wedding anniversary gifts, this arrangement artistically includes white hydrangeas will be a great choice. It’s because hydrangeas are traditionally associated with four-year wedding anniversaries. You can rely on a high-end florist to provide a beautiful arrangement your spouse will adore.

13. Floral Satin Robe

4 Year Anniversary Gift - Floral Satin Robe
Floral Satin Robe

Not only is it as gorgeous as it looks, but the high-quality fabric makes it comfortable for her. It has seven customizable flower combinations. This gorgeous satin gown is one of the ideal 4th wedding anniversary gifts for her.

14. Personalized Flower Bracelet

Personalized Flower Bracelet as 4th wedding anniversary gifts for girlfriend
Personalized Flower Bracelet as 4th wedding anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Looking for a lovely accessory for your lady? Consider this flower bracelet as an anniversary present to make her amazed. Charms for each month of your partner’s birth, each with a little piece of their birthstone. Your wife will be overjoyed when she receives these unique 4th anniversary gift ideas.

15. Casual Beauty Necklace

Beauty Flower Necklace for 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Beauty Flower Necklace

Take a look at this lovely pendant if you’re looking for a gorgeous yearly anniversary present that will make her say wow. A 20-inch white gold necklace is adorned with various diamonds in all shapes and sizes. These sentimental 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas are sure to bring tears to her eyes.

16. Embroidered Bouquet Replica

Unique 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Embroidered Bouquet Replica
Embroidered Bouquet Replica

Forget the typical gifts and go for something more special. A 4th year anniversary gift that will show your love and thoughtfulness is a replica of your partner’s wedding bouquet. This gift will evoke the memories of your big day and make her feel cherished. She will keep it as a precious souvenir of your journey together.

17. Decadent Chocolate Fondue

Decadent Chocolate Sweet For 4 Year Anniversary Gift
Decadent Chocolate Sweet For 4th Year Anniversary Gift

If your wife is a chocolate lover, she will adore this decadent chocolate fondue. This indulgent dessert is made with the finest Belgian chocolate, melted to perfection, and ready to dip. Whether you choose fresh fruits, marshmallows, or cookies, this fondue will make every bite a delight. Surprise your wife with this delicious treat after a romantic dinner, and watch her smile.

18. Plant the Packaging Floral Candles

Floral Candles Gifts For 4-year Anniversary Gifts
Floral Candles Gifts

These fragrant floral candles are a lovely present for someone you care about. With seed-infused packaging and soy source, the candles are created from a renewable resource. Consequently, they are undoubtedly eco-friendly 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

19. Adjustable Stand for Kitchen

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Adjustable Stand for Kitchen
Adjustable Stand for Kitchen

This stand makes following recipes on her phone or tablet simpler. It has a stylus, so she won’t get flour on the screen. It can also be taken anywhere thanks to its small footprint and low weight. She can stow it away like a big wallet by folding it in half. It has a modern, fashionable look and is available in a rainbow of hues. She will be touched by the little things you do to show you care about her.

20. Robotic Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum – 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Four year anniversary gift – Robotic Vacuum

Modern 4th year anniversary gift ideas like self-cleaning vacuums make chores a whole lot simpler. Cleaning the home would take less time and effort. Your wife now has more time to spend with you, whether cooking, chatting, or going out.

21. Personal Wine Chiller

Personal Wine Chiller as 4 Year Anniversary Gift
Personal Wine Chiller

Wine tastes best when served in a perfectly chilled wine glass. This clever container will keep her wine cold while she’s in the kitchen preparing dinner. She doesn’t have to worry about her wine becoming heated, thanks to the extra-cold stemware.

22. Coffee And Espresso Machine

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Coffee And Espresso Machine
Coffee And Espresso Machine

Does your partner like a cup of coffee? If that’s the case, this coffee maker will be one of the finest 4-year wedding anniversary gifts she’s ever gotten. Having a cup of hot coffee and creating wonderful memories would be lovely. Using this automatic espresso machine, she may make Espresso, Americano, or hot water with the touch of a button in no more than 90 seconds.

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Unique 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

23. Personalized Sunflower Canvas Prints

Personalized Home Decor for 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Home Decor Fourth Anniversary Gift About Flower Theme

This canvas print is a beautiful reminder of your special day and the memories you made. You can personalize it with your own initials or wedding date, making it even more meaningful and unique. This gift will show your love and celebrate your journey together.

24. Personalized Throw Pillow

Personalized Couple Pillow 4-year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Couple Pillow for Unique 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized pillow that celebrates your 4th anniversary. This gift is both cozy and creative, as you can design it with your own special touch. A custom throw pillow is the perfect way to snuggle up with your partner on the couch or in bed and cherish your precious memories.

25. Lemon Couple Mugs

Couple fruit mugs for 4 year anniversary gift traditional and modern
Couple Fruit Mugs

A 4 year anniversary gift traditional and modern that will brighten up your day is a pair of lemon couple mugs. This gift is a nod to the traditional theme of fruit and flowers, but with a modern twist. Whether you sip tea, coffee, or lemonade, these mugs will make you and your partner feel refreshed and happy.

26. Fruit Wine

Fruite Wine – 4-year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Fruit Wine for 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Nothing delights a wine lover more than a fruit wine that tantalizes their taste buds. This fruit wine is the ultimate gift for your partner who appreciates the finer things in life. You may include a bottle of varietal wine, a nice set of wine glasses, or a decanter to make it perfect.

27. Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker – 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Pizza maker for 4 year anniversary gift

Pizza is a favorite, but preparing it at home may be tricky since regular ovens don’t create a crisp crust. This pizza oven solves the problem. With its high-powered twin heating elements and integrated baking stone, it can whip up delicious brick-oven-style pizzas in a flash, usually in under ten minutes. If you cook your dough on a hot pizza stone, it will taste as if it came from a wood-fired oven.

28. Fancy Wine Refrigerator

Fancy Wine Refrigerator – 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Fancy Wine Refrigerator

If you want to spoil a wine-loving couple with a four year anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with this appliance. A wine fridge is perfect for keeping their bottles chilled and ready for any occasion.

Unlike an automatic defrost system, the frost-free, fan-forced cooling system maintains a more stable internal temperature. The LED display on the digital thermostat enables precise temperature settings and monitoring even from outside the home. After a power failure, the thermostat will return to its previous setting and sound an alert if the door is open.

29. 2-slice Toaster

2-slice Toaster – 4-year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Four year anniversary gift – 2-slice Toaster

With a toaster in the kitchen, there’s no need to rush through breakfast. This kitchen gadget has a high quality that sets it apart from the others. It provides you with more possibilities to eat toast and sip coffee together. Only the 10 to 10.5-inch slots could contain two sandwich pieces without feeling cramped. Celebrating the fourth year of marriage with a blue topaz toaster would be appropriate.

30. Smart Indoor Garden

Smart Indoor Garden for 4-year Anniversary Gifts
Smart Indoor Garden

A smart indoor garden is a wonderful way to combine 4 year anniversary gift traditional and modern. This gift is ideal for your spouse who loves gardening and cooking. It allows you to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and indoor fruit trees in your own home. You can also enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your plants in your kitchen or living room. This gift is not only trendy and functional, but also eco-friendly and healthy.

31. Blue Topaz Couple Ring Set

4th wedding anniversary gifts - Ring set
Blue Topaz Couple Ring Set

What better gift could you give your favorite couple on their anniversary than a pair of rings? This pair of silver and blue topaz rings will remind them how much they care about each other. When they get this gift, they will be amazed because it looks cute and deeply meaningful.

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This day isn’t just about the presents, so don’t forget to spend it doing something you and your partner like. You and your significant other should take a day off and spend it together. We wish you a very happy anniversary celebration and choose unique 4th wedding anniversary gifts for yourself. If not enough, Let’s find more anniversary gift suggestions on Viva Wedding Photography‘s website.

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