Best 32 Diamond 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

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Celebrating sixty years of marriage is a tremendous accomplishment and evidence of the incredible adventures you two have had. A magnificent love like yours deserves all the best wishes and ideal 60th wedding anniversary gifts. For this amazing diamond jubilee, Viva Wedding Photography has put together a super helpful list of gift ideas to honor any couple’s special day.

Symbols For 60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

This jubilee marks the 60th anniversary that deserves to be celebrated with a beautiful gemstone. Diamonds are one of the toughest materials that never fade and always dazzling to signify everlasting love. They represent brightness and faithfulness for an intense love because of their durability.

They will surely be a beautiful way to celebrate your enduring love with many suggested traditional and modern ideas below. After all, they are made solid and attractive over many years by withstanding tremendous strain.

Symbols For 60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Symbols For 60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Diamond white, with an opalescent tone, is the symbol color of the 60th anniversary gifts. Regarding the symbol flower, the white orchids represent strength, beauty, and love, making them the perfect alternative 60th anniversary gift idea for your parents or your other half.

There are plenty of fantastic off-theme options from the list below for those not into diamonds. Keep reading and get inspired.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

1. Personalized Scrabble Board

Personalized Scrabble Board - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents
Personalized Scrabble Board Sixtieth Anniversary Gift

It would be ideal to give your parents a fun board game called scrabble as a 60th anniversary wedding gift. They will be even more motivated to play this board game and win their spouse over in order to lighten the mood and liven up their anniversary date night. To give an extra unique touch, engrave their name and wedding date on a silver plaque.

2. Luxury Wooden Wine Box

Luxury Wooden Wine Box - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents
Luxury Wooden Wine Box 60th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

For luxurious 60th anniversary gifts for parents, consider one of the best wine box that can be used to store their favorite wine for years. This box features a banner at the top that you can engrave with your wishes. To complete this great gift, place their favorite bottle of wine so they will share a glass of wine with you when celebrating their day. Hence, the box is closed with a clasp on the side to ensure the safety of any bottle.

3. Crystal 60th Anniversary Mantel Clock

Crystal Mantel Clock For 60th wedding anniversary gift for parents
Crystal 60th Anniversary Mantel Clock For Parents

An anniversary clock is a must-have item for any great gift for parents 60th wedding anniversary. With that in mind, this clock features a mantel clock with a silver crystal border and the words “60th Anniversary” that will look fantastic when displayed in any home corner. So that’s why this clock will give high-quality, practical, uplifting presents and keepsakes at an affordable price.

4. Personalized Clock Photo Frame

Personalized Clock Photo Frame - gift for parents 60th wedding anniversary
Personalized Clock Photo Frame Gifts For 60th Wedding Anniversary

Let’s take your 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents to the next level! This amazing gift can be personalized with one of their favorite photos on a beautiful clock. This item exposes an appealing clock on the right and a photo frame on the left. Moreover, engrave any messages or your wishes above the frame to make it more unique. Hence, it’s ideal for a desk, bedroom table, mantelpiece, or any other room in the house.

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5. Old-Fashioned Glasses

Old-Fashioned Glasses For 60th anniversary gifts for parents
Old-Fashioned Glasses Perfect Gift On Sixtieth Anniversary

The 60th anniversary wedding gifts with old-fashioned glasses will be perfect for your parents. Handblown from 100% lead-free crystal glass, these one-of-a-kind diamond-shaped goblets give an elevated taste experience and an outstanding aesthetic. It is also a hint at the milestone’s diamond theme. They will appreciate adding these lovely glasses to their collection if they already have a bar cart.

6. Soft Blanket

Soft Blanket - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents
Soft Blanket 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This plush blanket with diamond stitching is in-theme and something your parents will use daily. Made of good quality soft cotton fabric on one side and velvety fleece on the other, it’s a fun excuse to cuddle. Thanks to your 60th anniversary gift for parents, these blankets will warm their hearts whenever they receive them.

7. Diamond-patterned Washable Carpet

Washable Carpet - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents
Washable Carpet For 60th Anniversary Gift

Washable carpets are such a great gift idea for any homeowner! Get your parents a lovely rug containing striking diamond designs that will make a statement in any room. One of the special things about this rug is that it is handmade, so it can also be washed in a machine, is safe for pets and kids, and come with a cushioned, non-slip rug pad. That’s why they would be the perfect 60th anniversary gifts for parents.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Take note of the color scheme of your parents’ home and try to choose a carpet color that complements it. This will show that you put some thought into the gift and want it to be a seamless addition to their home.

Think about the size of the room where the carpet will be placed. You want to ensure that the carpet you choose fits the space well and doesn’t overwhelm it.

8. Copper Bell Chime

Copper Bell Chime For 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents
Copper Bell Chime Traditional Gift On 60th Anniversary

Unique 60th wedding anniversary gifts from our list will be the copper bell chime. Its design is characterized by sleek, modern lines and an understated profile at home on any porch or balcony. Its spherical sail moves freely in the wind without touching the chime’s bottom pipes. It has a silver hanging ring at the top and a curving dome protecting the tubes inside.

With this in mind, this rustic bell will bring a whimsical touch to your parents’ home decoration. So they can hang it outside to hear the soothing jingle or bring it inside to make their home look beautiful.

9. Geometric Wall Planter

Geometric Wall Planter - 60th anniversary gift for parents
Geometric Wall Planter Gift Ideas On 60th Anniversary

A geometric diamond wall planter is one of the traditional 60th anniversary gift ideas. This decorative vessel features a waterproof resin body and is nestled in a plated wire frame that is unique and stylish. It can be used anywhere and will instantly elevate the aesthetic of your space.

If your parents are into bringing some green thumbs to their house, it is one of the great alternative options to fill a blank wall in their house. Moreover, these wall-mounted items can showcase miniature sculptures or imitation flowers. Indoor plants like small succulents, micro cacti, false succulents, faux sedums, or other plants or flowers all look great in this vessel.

10. Enchanted Diamond Rose

Enchanted Rose For Unique 60th wedding anniversary gifts
Enchanted Rose For Parent On Their Sixtieth Anniversary

Diamond-preserved rose flowers is a perfect alternative gift for parents 60th wedding anniversary. This natural white rose is coated in a glittering, high-gloss lacquer for the diamond anniversary gift. So getting them this exquisitely preserved rose to celebrate their ever-lasting love will be the best gift-giving moment.

11. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Personalized Diamond Champagne Flutes - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents
Personalized Champagne Flutes 60th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

If your parents is celebrating their diamond anniversary, these beautiful champagne flutes would be ideal 60th anniversary gifts. Engrave the words “Diamond Anniversary” at the top of the flutes and some fun quotes to give a very fashionable and modern look. Then, with them wrapped in a box as a gift option, they will cherish these treasures for a long time.

12. Meaningful Star Map

Meaningful Star Map - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for parents
Meaningful Star Map 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Custom star map art with the couple’s vows will be a thoughtful 60th wedding anniversary gift for parents. Moreover, personalize it with their name, wedding date, or even your poignant message to complete its unique look. With that in mind, stars are like diamonds, so this sky map canvas makes an excellent keepsake to bring back memories of their special occasion.

13. Potted Orchid

Potted Orchid For - 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents
Potted Orchid For Parents On 60th Anniversary Gift

What could be more beautiful than a bouquet of orchid flowers for your 60th wedding anniversary gifts list? Because they are one of the symbols, they will celebrate the ever-lasting love and beauty your parents deserve. So that’s why these gift ideas could endure for many years, and your favorite couple will appreciate the thought you put into it.

60th Anniversary Gifts For Wife/ Mother

14. Curved Ring

Diamond Ring - 60th anniversary gifts for her
Curved Ring For Wife On 60th Anniversary

Is there a better moment to give your wife the ring ideas as anniversary gifts by year than on the diamond anniversary? So giving her the curved bands as 60th wedding anniversary gifts would be a perfect choice. This wedding band is made from 14k white gold and is pavé-set with a total of 1/5 carat of diamonds for a classic and timeless look. It also has a subtle chevron shape that will create an elegant touch whenever she wears it on a special occasion.

15. Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Solitaire Pendant Necklace - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for wife
Solitaire Pendant Necklace 60th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Giving the set solitaire pendant necklace 60th anniversary gifts for her will make your other half happy. A beautiful white diamond in a round brilliant cut is held in place by four traditional prongs. Hung on a shiny bale, its extraordinary brilliance catches and holds the eye. This solitaire pendant is made of 14-karat white gold and is simple and sophisticated.

16. Salt And Pepper Diamond Twinkle Necklace

Salt and Pepper Necklace - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for wife
Salt and Pepper Necklace Gifts For 60th Wedding Anniversary

This simplistic necklace is one of the wedding anniversary gift ideas for the person you love the most after sixty years of marriage. Its pear-shaped, rose-cut salt and pepper diamond is hung from a delicate yellow gold chain. Get this necklace for your wife so she’ll treasure this handcrafted piece for a lifetime.

17. Checkered Silk Ribbon Scarf

Checkered Silk Ribbon Scarf - 60th anniversary gifts for wife
Checkered Silk Ribbon Scarf For Her On 60th Anniversary Gifts

60th anniversary wedding gifts with checkered silk neck scarfs will make your wife or your mom a fashion icon in the crowd. Silky and airy chiffon is used to create this beautiful garment. It is versatile and may be worn as a scarf or a shawl. Because of its diamond-like checkerboard pattern, this scarf will be a hit to match her daily outfits.

18. Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs - 60th anniversary gift ideas for wife
Diamond Studs For Wife On 60th Anniversary Gifts

Getting these diamond studs for your loved ones as 60th wedding anniversary gifts would be perfect. Because they are timeless jewelry pieces, these earrings will express your thoughts as you wish her good fortune. Put them in a personalized jewelry box to create an impressive display.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

Look for high-quality diamonds with a good cut, clarity, and color. These factors will determine the overall beauty and brilliance of the diamond, making it a standout piece of jewelry.

Consider the type of metal that she prefers. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are popular options for diamond studs. Choose a metal that complements the diamond and suits her skin tone.

19. Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for wife
Tennis Bracelet For Wife On 60th Anniversary Gifts

Have you seen the crystal tennis bracelet? It’s truly stunning and would make an exquisite choice for 60th anniversary gifts for her. Because it has the same appearance as the actual one but costs a fraction of the price. So you still want to express your feelings and thoughts to your wife after 60 years of marriage, and this tennis bracelet will catch her attention for the first time.

20. White Diamonds Perfume

White Diamonds Perfume - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for wife
White Diamonds Perfume Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When it comes to 60th wedding anniversary gifts, feel free to think beyond the box. So getting her this perfume to celebrate her anniversary is a great gift-giving moment. This bottle is a delicate floral aroma blend with a floral flavor that will likely become her new signature fragrance. Moreover, it is also embellished with diamond icons for added radiance.

21. Marquis Aquamarine Earrings

Marquise Aquamarine Earrings - 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Marquise Aquamarine Earrings 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Marquis earrings are jewels worthy of royalty’s 60th anniversary wedding gifts. They’re made of gold vermeil, a thick layer of gold over sterling silver with marquise-cut aquamarine stones. They’re also small and have a natural beauty to be worn daily, which is terrific because she’ll never want to remove them.

22. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board

Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board - 60th anniversary gifts for wife
Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board Gifts For 60th Wedding Anniversary

After sixty years of marriage, your mom or wife has passed down her treasured family recipe to future generations. Why not keep it on a cutting board made of walnut wood? Then find a handwritten copy of the recipe and engrave it with a laser tool onto a high-quality wood cutting board to make a keepsake that she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. You can’t go wrong with giving your loved ones this cutting board. It will undoubtedly spark conversation wherever it is displayed.

23. Diamond Wedding Anniversary Canvas

Custom Portrait Wall Art - 60th anniversary gifts for her
Custom Portrait Wall Art For Wife On 60th Anniversary

60th anniversary gifts with the custom arts will be the perfect keepsake in the home. This art will capture and recall all her happy moments. Choose from your favorite photos and print them on the canvas, adding your parent’s name and wedding date to complete its unique look. For an added special touch, have all the children and grandchildren who grew up in the house sign it.

24. Personalized Family Tree Wire Sculpture

Family Tree Wire Sculpture - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for wife
Personalized Family Tree Wire Sculpture For 60th Anniversary Gift

With this customized wall sculpture, you will express how much she has valued over the last six decades. The body and branches of this tree are made of twisted copper wire, while the leaves are made of green beads. The names of each family member are then sculpted out of wire and strung from the branches, making heartfelt 60th wedding anniversary gifts.

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60th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband/Father

25. Black Diamond Bracelet

Black Diamond Bracelet - 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Black Diamond Bracelet Gift For 60th Anniversary

The bracelet set with sterling silver and black diamonds will be the perfect 60th anniversary gift. If your husband or dad is not into gleaming diamonds, these black ones will complement his anniversary. Moreover, made of braided black rubber, it would be a chic addition for him if he is not interested in flashy jewelry.

26. Black Titanium Band

Black Titanium Band - 60th anniversary gifts for him
Black Titanium Band On 60th Anniversary

60th anniversary wedding gifts for him with a titanium black band are also a great choice. This ring features rows of black diamonds on the modern band design that will be an eye-catching item with a unique look. A total of 0.34 carats are housed in the 17 diamonds that make up this exquisite piece of jewelry. Use this opportunity to surprise him with a new valuable wedding band. 

27. Blue Dial Diamond Watch

Blue Dial Watch - 60th wedding anniversary gifts for husband
Blue Dial Watch Gift On 60th Anniversary

The stainless steel watch with a crystal dial is one of the traditional 60th anniversary gifts. This piece of timeless watch will recall all your time spent with your husband, so it is a great watch to honor your everlasting love. Moreover, it features a stainless steel case with silver accents and a regular blue face, making it a worthy treasure for him.

28. Laser Cut Tie Bar

Laser Cut Tie Bar Cufflinks - Unique 60th wedding anniversary gifts
Laser Cut Tie Bar Cufflinks 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A diamond patterned tie bar laser cut will be present for the diamond wedding anniversary. If your husband’s formal attire is incomplete without tie bars, these items will be the ideal gifts for his anniversary. Moreover, these laser-cut brass cufflinks feature diamond-shaped cut-outs as a great way to enjoy life’s biggest moments.

29. Smart Leather Wallet

Smart Leather Wallet - 60th anniversary gift ideas for friends
Smart Leather Wallet For Sixty Anniversary Gift

These smart leather wallets are some of the most useful 60th wedding anniversary gifts for your man. Moreover, this stylish wallet with an ejectable cardholder and a single click will always be safe in his hand. Then, put his initials on the outside to make it even more special for him every time he used it.

Viva Wedding Photography Tip

A high-quality leather wallet can last for years, even decades. Choose a wallet that is made with genuine leather and has a durable construction. A well-made wallet is functional and serves as a long-lasting reminder of your love.

30. Engraved Cut Crystal Diamond Whisky Tumblers

Engraved Cut Crystal Diamond Whisky Tumblers - 60th anniversary gifts for him
Engraved Cut Crystal Diamond Whisky Tumblers

Looking for unique anniversary gifts for him that he will appreciate your thoughts on? So consider these engraved 60th-anniversary whisky tumblers. Moreover, personalize each glass with the name and date of your wedding day, making it a fantastic keepsake when not in use. Also, place this set in a silk-lined box to add a bit of a luxury touch that he will cherish for a lifetime.

31. Customize Wine Bottle Stopper

Customize Wine Bottle Stopper - 60th anniversary gifts for him
Customize Wine Bottle Stopper On 60th Anniversary

With an extra personal touch, this unique wine bottle stopper will be a memorable anniversary gift that your spouse will love. To honor the event, engrave “60th Anniversary” on the top of the stopper and the wedding day in the center to complete its look. Thus, one of the 60th wedding anniversary gifts for wine enthusiasts should be on your list.

32. Diamond Ice Mold

Ice Mold - 60th Anniversary Wedding Gifts
Ice Mold 60th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

You must know that he loves to keep his drinks cool for up to an hour. So what better gift could there be for him than these good quality diamond ice cubes? Diamond ice cube trays are constructed from BPA-free, food-grade plastics. Ice cubes can be used without worry. Ice’s non-stick surface makes it simple to remove and recycle. Hence, these trays are a unique way to refresh their nightcap drinks and will be a lovely touch at his anniversary party.

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Diamonds are always on the top-notch of 60th wedding anniversary gifts; no matter what kind of presents you choose, they are endless ways to celebrate mature and enduring love. Even for those not into diamonds, there are plenty of fantastic off-theme gift ideas that Viva Wedding Photography has rounded up a list for your loved one. We hope you will find this post helpful.

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