35 Best 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him, Her & Couples

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Ah, the joyous occasion of celebrating a splendid fifth wedding anniversary! Such a momentous milestone deserves to be honored in the most delightful manner possible. And what better way to do so than by embarking on a quest to find the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gifts that encapsulate the essence of five years filled with love, devotion, and unwavering commitment?

In this post, Viva Wedding Photography will look at some of the top 5th anniversary gifts to assist you in selecting the ideal present.

What are the symbols for the 5th wedding anniversary?

  • Traditional: Wood
  • Modern: Silverware
  • Gem: Sapphire
  • Flower: Daisies
  • Colors: Blue and pink

When looking for the perfect five-year anniversary gifts, we can get inspiration from the many themes and symbols that are connected to this occasion. Wood is traditionally used on this special occasion because it carries a lot of symbolic meaning. It’s known for being strong and dependable, which makes it a great choice for these types of events. But silverware, with its lovely associations of elegance and sophistication, has quickly become a popular choice in modern times.

five year anniversary gifts - Woody Gifts

5 Year Anniversary Gift Symbol – Woody Gifts

Did you know that the five-year anniversary is not only a wonderful milestone, but it also has its own gemstone and flower? Keep an eye out for the magnificent sapphire, which is famed for its eternal beauty and elegance. Don’t forget about the tiny and lovely daisy, a flower that represents purity and innocence. These thoughtful and meaningful options will undoubtedly bring a sentimental touch to your 5th wedding anniversary.

There are so many wonderful ways to show love and appreciation! Looking for the best 5-year anniversary gift is such a fun and exciting adventure! It’s a chance to celebrate the incredible journey you and your loved one have been on together. From personalized wooden keepsakes to unforgettable experiences, there are so many amazing options to choose from.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

1. “Personalized Pieces of My Heart” Puzzle

“Personalized Pieces of My Heart for 5th wedding anniversary gifts” Puzzle
“Personalized Pieces of My Heart” Puzzle

You’re sure to win her heart with these adorable heart puzzle pieces. As you could expect, these products are great 5th anniversary gifts for her to show your lady how much you care. The personalized creations come in two sizes and are stained a lovely ombré blend of pink and red and incorporate quotations, jokes, milestones, and more from your life.

The heart-shaped parts provide a harrowing puzzle-solving experience, and the completed heart can be displayed for a lifetime.

Reference price: $94.36 on Uncommon Good 

2. Personalized Canvas Print

Personalized Canvas Print for five year anniversary gifts for her
Personalized Canvas Print for five year anniversary gifts for her

Are you at a loss for what to give her on your wood anniversary? It’ll be a lot easier with this fantastic canvas print. This brilliant wall painting might honor a milestone in your marriage quickly.

Reference price: $129.5 at Oh Canvas (The biggest size)

3. Heart-Shaped Wood Pendant Necklace

Heart-Shaped Wood Pendant Necklace for the 5th wedding anniversary gifts
Heart-Shaped Wood Pendant Necklace for the fifth anniversary

Buying jewelry for a traditional 5 year anniversary gift is always a good idea. This high-quality and meticulously crafted pendant, ordinarily oval, transforms into a heart locket with enough for two photographs when rotated. We are sure she will appreciate this lovely wooden heart necklace the first she sees it.

Reference price: $73.91 on Amazon

4. Wooden Roses

Wooden Roses Romantic for the five year anniversary gift
Wooden Roses Romantic for the five year anniversary gift

You might give her a present that lasts a lifetime with these wooden flowers. They will be meaningful long after your wood anniversary has passed. These flowers are made from wood shavings artistically arranged around the wood stem to resemble half-open rose bloom, making them long-lasting for a long time. We are confident she will proudly display these gorgeous roses on her vanity!

Reference price: $70,00 on Etsy

5. Personalised Wooden Heart Card

Personalized heart card 5th anniversary gifts
Personalized wood anniversary gifts

Are you looking for 5th wedding anniversary gifts to show how you treasure her without saying? Consider this beautiful heart card perfect for this significant milestone. The heart is made from wood engraved with the couple’s names and wedding anniversary.

Moreover, this beautiful laser-cut wooden heart, foil stamped with gold, dangles from the card’s design so you can take it down and display it as a memento or use it as a bookmark. This card also matches the traditional anniversary theme.

Reference price: $8.46 on Notonthehighstreet

6. Sapphire Necklace

Sapphire Necklace Modern 5th wedding anniversary gifts For Her
Sapphire Necklace Modern 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

As a sapphire jewelry 5 year anniversary gift, get her a stunning sapphire necklace. Its stylish and sophisticated look will make her the center of attention at any party. Please select from the various choices whether she likes gold or silver touch.

Reference price: $84.95 on Aden

7. Sapphire Bracelet

Sapphire Bracelet for the 5th wedding anniversary gifts
Sapphire Bracelet for the five year marriage anniversary

Whether you’re looking for something in a classic or timeless style, we’re thrilled to provide the perfect handcrafted piece of jewelry to match and exceed your expectations. Please give her a bracelet set with dazzling blue sapphires. She will look and feel sophisticated in this stunning bracelet made of sterling silver and sapphires.

This classic-style tennis bracelet features white diamonds and blue sapphires. All stones are prong set in 14k white gold. A double-locking clasp secures the bracelet. Further, it is embellished with appropriate gemstones for the anniversary theme. She may want to wear it at your fifth anniversary dinner party to show your appreciation.

Reference price: $1.799,99 on Amazon

8. Flatware Set

Flatware set Silverware for the meaningful date
Flatware set Silverware for the meaningful date

Items such as salad forks, dinner forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, and knives might be used every day. That’s why the flatware set was a must-have on our list of 5th wedding anniversary gifts for her.

This kitchen silverware set is made of 100% high-quality rust and bend-resistant stainless steel, sturdy and durable, healthy for everyday use, and dishwasher safe. Moreover, the mirror-finished surface has a smooth edge, no rough spots or cracks, and proper thickness and weight to hold comfortably.

Reference price: $14,38 on Amazon

9. Sapphire Eternity Ring

Sapphire Eternity Ring for the 5th wedding anniversary gifts
Sapphire Eternity Ring for the fifth anniversary gift

You can’t go wrong with the stunning sapphire ring as a five year anniversary gift for your wife. This ring is made of sterling silver and is plated in platinum. It has synthetic sapphire and infinite pieces of cubic zirconia. This gorgeous ring will almost certainly be appreciated for a long time.

Reference price: $2305.46 on Berry’s Jewellers

10. Silverware-inspired Jewelry

Silverware-inspired Jewelry for the best 5 year anniversary gift
Silverware-inspired Jewelry

The silverware’s endurance may be compared to a long-term romance in a certain way. As a result, it may turn out to be one of the most distinctive pieces of jewelry she has ever owned. Despite not being as shining as a diamond, we are confident it makes a great 5 year anniversary gift for the wife.

Reference price: $109,00 on Uncommon Good

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5th Anniversary Gifts For Him

11. Wedding Song Lyrics Wall Art

Wedding Song Lyrics Wall Art for 5th anniversary gifts
Wedding Song Lyrics Wall Art

You can’t go wrong with this piece of art featuring the lyrics to a wedding song as 5th anniversary gifts. Make it even better by adding your name, the words to your wedding song, and your wedding date. This item can go with almost any house style because of its rustic wood look.

Reference price: $129.5 on Oh Canvas (The biggest size)

12. Walnut Wood Watch

Walnut Wood Watch 5th wedding anniversary gifts
Walnut Wood Watch

Giving your husband a fashionable watch to remind him of you every time he wears it. This box watch is created by hand from genuine zebra wood, and no chemicals are used in the production process.

Moreover, this box will bring out the finest details from our finest selection of wood, and watchmakers bring all engineering together in a marvelous, one-of-a-kind timepiece. As a gift for your happy 5th anniversary, you can engrave it with particular words to make it a unique item.

Reference price: $200,32 on Wood Watch

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13. Custom Wood Tie Clip

Tie Clip 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Custom Wood Tie Clip

Keep his tie in place with this stylish tie clip. These tie clips are made of 100% high-quality stainless steel wrapped front and back with natural wood veneer. Moreover, the surface of the wood is then finished with a thin polish of natural beeswax for added protection and shine.

For more meaningful 5th wedding anniversary gifts for the husband, customize them with his name, wedding day, or something sentimental to remind him of his special day.

Reference price: $36,99 on Etsy

14. Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece

Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece 5th wedding anniversary gifts
Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece

Wooden art puzzles are always in style, and this one is no exception. This wooden puzzle is an excellent choice if you’re looking for attractive wall decor. This puzzle piece can be purchased to either hang on its own as a statement or to be used in a fun collage with other puzzle pieces. Besides this trendy design, you may engrave a charming message that will remind you of your love throughout your life together.

Reference price: $24,99 at Custom Photo Prints

15. To My Husband Photo Plaque

Photo Plaques for five year anniversary gifts
To My Husband Photo Plaque

Unique design and sweet words make this desk sign decor a great gift on that special occasion, reminding your husband of your love and appreciation. If this photo plaque is placed on the living room wall, it will look fabulous unquestionably. Moreover, this charming decor sign is versatile and fits into most aesthetic room decor styles; that’s how it will be a great 5th wedding anniversary gifts wood for him.

Reference price: $13,99 on Amazon

16. Personalised Wooden Wall Clock

Wooden Clock Gift For Husband with a special message
Wooden Clock Gift For Husband with a special message

Wall clocks are a popular 5 year anniversary gift for a hubby! This handmade solid wood wall clock is beautiful and fits all the homestyle. Moreover, the text and designs are printed directly onto the wood. No decals are used, ensuring that your sign will not peel, chip, or fade. We are sure that he will treasure this meaningful gift for years.

Reference price: $33,02 on Amazon

17. Elegance Knot Cufflinks

Silver Cuff Links Fifth Anniversary Gift For Guys
Silver Cuff Links Fifth Anniversary Gift For Guys

Knots signify your love over the last 5 years, making these cufflinks the best anniversary gift for him. This cufflink set features a knot pattern that looks great with formal shirts and tuxedos.

These cufflinks are handmade from specially formulated brass so give them to your husband. That will surprise him with their dedication to creating such fine detailing in the product. Your spouse might wear them to work or gatherings because they easily match almost any other accessory.

Reference price: $13.35 on Amazon

18. Silver Anniversary Hip Flask

Silver Anniversary Hip Flaskin 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband
Silver Anniversary Hip Flask for 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This pewter hip flask is a significant 5 year anniversary gift for someone who loves antiques but also looks elegant! This unique flask is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe and will not leave a metallic taste or lingering smell. Moreover, it is designed with a thick stainless steel lid, laser welded, and quality control, ensuring that wine or beverages will not be leaked or wasted.

Moreover, the pocket size is easy to carry, so it is suitable for traveling, fishing, hunting, camping, barbecuing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Hence, this keepsake will serve as a tribute to his many travels.

Reference price: $10,99 on Amazon

19. Silverware Ballpoint Red Pen

Silverware Ballpoint Red Pen
Silverware Ballpoint Red Pen to give him after half a decade

A silver ballpoint pen that can be personalized makes one of the best 5th wedding anniversary gifts. The wooden box elevates the already high-end nature of the item. Made of 100% high-quality brass with deep crimson red lacquer finished in silver chrome, this pen will bring premium quality and understated luxury to the person who loves writing daily. Whether as a casual or executive pen, his ballpoint will be admired by those around him.

Reference price: $31,99 on Amazon

20. Canvas Print Art

Canvas Print Art 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Canvas Print Art – 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It’s been five years since you married! This is a big event. Consider this custom canvas print if you’re searching for a unique gift for your spouse. Rather than just saying “our 5th anniversary,” this painting can also serve as a visual representation of your entire relationship. And most importantly, it’s a way to demonstrate your affection for him.

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

21. Pocket Watch

Silverware Pen Modernanniversary present For Him
Silverware Pen Modern Gift For Him On 5 Year Anniversary

Classic collections are timeless and attractive, making them the unique 5th wedding anniversary gifts. With this on-trend pocket watch, your husband can add a touch of elegance to his appearance. The gift box includes a pocket watch, a gold necklace chain, and a hook. Hence, the gold and silver design makes it a must-have for any gentleman’s collection.

Reference price: $21,99 on Amazon

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5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

22. Wall Wooden Map

Wall Wooden Map – 5 year Anniversary Gift For Couples
Wall Wooden Map – Best 5 Year Anniversary Gift For Couples

It’s fantastic that they can keep track of their travels using this wooden map! The DIY house project will add elegance and style to the couple’s living space, so the 3D wall art travel map is perfect! Moreover, this world map wall decor is crafted from superior quality, highly durable birch plywood, so each piece is easy to attach with special double-sided sticky tape included in the package. This item comes in 4 colors, 3 sizes, and 3 map options so that the pair may create their one-of-a-kind wall decor for their 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

Reference price: $194.41 on Amazon

23. Wooden Candle Lantern

Wooden Candle Lantern Gift For Couple On wood anniversary
Wooden Candle Lantern Gift For Couple On 5 Year Anniversary

Are you seeking some wooden 5th wedding anniversary gifts to fit this anniversary theme? This candle lantern will help you create a cozy atmosphere at home. It’s perfect for a formal dinner or an intimate gathering in a lounge or dining room.

Reference price: $30.41 on Amazon

24. Handprint Impression Plaques

Handprint Impression Plaques for the fifth anniversary
Handprint Impression Plaques

It’s beautiful to honor a marriage with these traditional 5th wedding anniversary gifts. Your child’s handprint etched into oak is a priceless keepsake. These wood-paneled handprint illusion plaques are stunning! If they do not have any children, you may still make a touching present using your fingerprints. It can be put on a bookshelf or other suitable display area in your home.

Reference price: $91.25 on MakeMeSomethingSpecial

25. Personalized Family Wall Art

Personalized Family Wall Art for a five year anniversary gift
Personalized Family Wall Art With Names Wooden

Consider this canvas painting with a wood theme door as a great five year anniversary gift! Add your name underneath your favorite picture to make it more personalized. Entirely handcrafted from high-quality rigid and laser-cut technology, this decor item is a unique, long-lasting, and personal keepsake to treasure. Every time you look at it, it will remind you of your passionate love.

Reference price: $129.5 on Amazon

26. Personalized Set Of Wooden Heart Coasters

Wooden Heart Coasters for the traditional gift
Personalized Set of Engraved Wooden Heart Coasters

What could be more relaxing than a cup of coffee on a personalized wooden coaster at the end of a long day? Let them have an excellent way to remember their fifth anniversary. Their coffee table also would look great with these traditional 5th anniversary gifts.

27. Rainbow Silverware Set

Rainbow Silverware Set for the five year anniversary gift
Rainbow Silverware Set for the five year anniversary gift

Rainbow flatware sets are colorful 5th wedding anniversary gifts. They will give each meal a unique touch for the couple. These silverware items are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, rainbow multicolor vacuum plasma surface, healthy and durable for everyday use, and dishwasher safe.

Moreover, they are non-toxic and tasteless, nickel and PBA-free, and have no harmful substances. Having them on the dinner table will enhance surface hardness, avoid the scratches on the flatware when using, and more that reveals both art and safety.

Reference price: $25,99 on Amazon (20 pieces)

28. Silver Interlocking Couple Rings

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Couple Rings
5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Couple Rings

A great modern fifth anniversary gift is a pair of silver rings for couples to enjoy life’s biggest moments. They will remind you how much you’ve loved each other over the previous five years.

Reference price: $239,00 on Etsy

29. Pure Silver Coin

Silver Couple Coin – Funny 5 year Anniversary Gift
Silver Couple Coin – Funny Five year Anniversary Gift

When it comes to the couple’s five year anniversary gift, it’s time to think out of the box. This handcrafted silver coin with a unique design will impress your loved ones. This elegant, long-lasting home decor is perfect for their computer desk, shelf, or living room/bedroom.

Moreover, with its shiny and luxurious appearance, personalize their name or wedding day to add an extra special touch. The reverse of this coin has a lovely image of a couple gazing at the stars.

Reference price: $37,95 on Amazon

30. Hugging Couple Canvas Painting

Unique Couple Silver Canvas is the great gift
Unique Couple Silver Canvas is the great gift

Behold, the exquisite allure of a captivating canvas, adorned with a mesmerizing depiction of an embracing pair. A 3D-looking embracing pair canvas will add color to any room. Its presence shall bestow upon the room a resplendent tapestry of color, transforming the mundane into a realm of artistic splendor. Couples may use it to decorate their houses on their special day as one of the most unique 5th wedding anniversary gifts.

Reference price: $320,00 on Amazon (The biggest size)

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31. Custom Couple’s Four-Across Game

Custom Couple's Four-Across Game
Custom Couple’s Four-Across Game

Many enjoyable games are available for couples. But this is the most romantic and fashionable 5 year anniversary gift. Let’s personalize the wooden four-across game with two names, the wedding date or the anniversary date, and a sweet message to surprise the other half.

Reference price: $85,00 on Uncommon Good

32. Wooden Heart Serving Spoons

Wooden Heart Serving Spoons for the wood anniversary
Wooden Heart Serving Spoons

Heart-shaped wooden serving spoons for the fifth anniversary are both traditional and modern. This spoon is made from eco-friendly bamboo, a renewable resource, but also lightweight, resistant to high temperatures, and not easily deformed, making it very suitable for use as tableware.

This adorable heart-shaped spoon would seem to consolidate the love for family, lovers, and friends and is full of romance so that they will always feel the presence of “love” as you use it. Send these 5th anniversary gifts to each other and use them to make a home-cooked meal for your anniversary.

Reference price: $21.08 on Uncommon Goods

33. Mini Fire Pit

Mini Fire Pit for the traditional and modern anniversary gift
Mini Fire Pit for the traditional and modern anniversary gift

Instead of using propane or ethanol, give the couple this. Fancy fire gel will save them money. This fire bowl is unique because it uses corner-store isopropyl and rubbing alcohol as fuel, so there’s no smoke, odor, soot, or weird taste on the marshmallow.

It is an excellent anniversary gift if your lover prefers high-tech toys more to emotional ones. We are sure that they’ll love this portable fire pit. And so will your significant other if they want to roast marshmallows from the couch.

Reference price: $34,99 on Amazon

34. The Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub Caddy for Five Wedding Anniversary Gifts
The Bathtub Caddy Best 5-Year Anniversary Gifts

This wood anniversary present, a bathtub caddy, is ideal for any couple that enjoys quiet time in the bathroom. Books, smartphones, tablets, and even wine glasses may be propped up on it. An opportunity to develop romance exists now!

Reference price: $41,05 on Amazon

35. Engraved Chopsticks

Engraved Chopsticks for 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Engraved Chopsticks for Five Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Is the pair you admire one that enjoys eating Asian food? If so, engraved chopsticks are an excellent choice for their 5 year wedding anniversary gift. It’s a sweet way to express how kind and thoughtful you are.

These metal chopsticks are made of high-quality stainless steel with whole-body titanium plated, which is suitable for use on premium flatware. Moreover, they are designed with no peeling or discoloration after prolonged use and can be reused because they are sturdy, not easy to scratch, and safe for health. You have created something extraordinary by having their initials etched into the chopsticks.

Reference price: $17,98 on Amazon

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To sum up, the fifth year of a marriage is a great time to honor the bond you and your partner have built. Whether you select a traditional wooden present, a romantic trip, or a sentimental souvenir, the most essential thing on this particular day is to express your love and gratitude for your spouse.

With so many lovely and meaningful gift alternatives to pick from, you’re sure to discover the ideal present to make your fifth wedding anniversary one to remember. Read more about Viva Wedding Photography‘s articles for more ideas on your next special celebration!

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