37 Best 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him, Her & Couple

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You and your partner have shared 20 years of love, laughter, and challenges. This is a momentous occasion that deserves a special celebration. To help you find the perfect 20th wedding anniversary gifts for your soulmate, Viva Wedding Photography has curated a list of amazing options. These products will show your appreciation and devotion to your better half. Don’t miss this opportunity to make this day unforgettable. Read on and discover the best ideas for your anniversary.

What Is 20-Year Anniversary Symbol?

Traditional GiftChina
Modern GiftPlatinum
ColorEmerald green

If you are looking for the best 20 year anniversary gift ideas, you might want to start with the traditional theme of china. China reflects the beauty and delicacy of your romance, and it also gives you an opportunity to upgrade your kitchenware from the past 20 years.

Alternatively, you can opt for the modern theme of platinum, which symbolizes the strength and durability of your 20-year marriage. Platinum has many excellent gift options, such as shiny jewelry and elegant picture frames. You can browse our list below to find some inspiration for your loved one.

To make your gift even more special, you can also incorporate the 20th-anniversary color, flower, and stone. Emerald is both the color and the gemstone of this anniversary, and it represents the love and loyalty that you share. In addition, the day lily is the flower of this occasion, and it expresses your ambition and fulfillment as a couple.

20 Year Anniversary Gift for Your Wife

1. Platinum Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts With Diamond Ring
Traditional 20th Anniversary Gifts With Diamond Ring For Her

Reference price: $1.990,00 on Amazon

Offering this stunning diamond ring style makes her feel extra special on her big day. Made of 100% natural diamonds, this wedding ring will be a perfect addition to her jewelry collection and be cherished for years to come. For an even more romantic gift idea, your jewelry item could be concealed in flowers – a day lily – the traditional floral symbols for this 20th celebration.

2. Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings Platinum 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Diamond Stud Earrings Platinum 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $1099,00 on Amazon

If you are looking for a 20 year wedding anniversary gift that will dazzle her, consider platinum diamond earrings as one of her must-have jewelry items. A pair of brilliant round-cut diamond stud earrings will make her shine with their stunning sparkle and fire at every angle. These earrings will be eye-catching items that she can wear every day.

3. Citrine Pendant Necklace

Twenty Year Anniversary Gift - Citrine Pendant Necklace
Twenty Year Anniversary Gift – Citrine Pendant Necklace

Reference price: $128,99 on Etsy

The pendant, which includes the 20th anniversary gemstone, is a traditional and modern gift while still being a luxury item to celebrate this day. This stunning necklace is handmade with 100% yellow Citrine quartz stone with a delicate gold fill 14k chain. Thanks to its beautiful golden yellow shade, this necklace features magnificent micro-facets for a brilliant sparkle.

Moreover, it shines golden or brownish hues depending on the light, so you can add citrine gems to get stylish and sweet looks that suit all her closets on any special occasion.

4. Green Porcelain Ring Box

A ring box is a classic choice for your wife’s best 20 year wedding anniversary gift, and it will always bring a smile to her face. But this year, you can make it even more special by choosing a ring that matches the symbol of this anniversary.

Green Porcelain Ring for 20 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Green Porcelain Ring 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $14,99 on Amazon

It will be the perfect addition to her nightstand because of its unique design with green and gold florals. This stunning piece of china ring holder will be long-lasting and add an elegant touch to any home decor space. What a thoughtful anniversary gift for your wife that you should include on your wish list.

5. Purple Platinum Rose

Romantic Purple Platinum for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Romantic Platinum Rose For Her 20th Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $79,99 on Amazon

A purple platinum rose is an excellent idea that she may keep as an outstanding platinum 20th wedding anniversary gift for a long time. Because it is trimmed in platinum, this unique rose will be a perfect keepsake that reminds her of the happiness the two of you spent together whenever she looks at it. Or she can turn it into a stunning decorative item in her home when not in use.

6. China Dinner Set

China Dinner Set as 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
China Dinner Set 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $404.72 on Amazon

It’s time to update your kitchenware with painted-rim fine china mismatched plates, bowls, and cups. A romantic dinner is one of the momentous times you spend together as a pair. This set included 40 pieces of natural lightweight ceramic dinnerware in an elegant design that will be perfect for convenient dining and everyday use. Thus, these pieces of the best anniversary gift for your wife will elevate her dining experience.

7. Photo Plate

Photo Plate - 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Photo Plate 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $21,99 on Amazon

A plate crafted in china is a traditional 20 year anniversary present that is perfect for celebrating your love. This plate is made of high-quality porcelain, the stand has a wood grain finish and is available in different sizes, so it is perfect for commemorating years of love. It is also used to decorate your home, living room, shelf arrangement, or side table. Moreover, engrave her smiling face and wedding day on it to make a beautiful keepsake for her to enjoy life’s biggest moments.

8. Striped China Teacup and Saucer

20 Year Anniversary Gift - Striped China Teacup
Striped China Teacup For 20 Year Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $28.15 on Amazon

If your wife is into having a tea afternoon party with her friends, this set made of striped bone china will be precisely up to her hobby. They will find a heart carved on the bottom of the coffee mug, which will be a pleasant surprise. Include a lovely heart-shaped tea bag your wife will treasure as her favorite 20 year anniversary gift.

9. Royalty Porcelain Dinner Plates

20 Year Anniversary Gift With Royalty Porcelain Dinner Set
Traditional And Modern Porcelain Dinner For China Anniversary Theme

Reference price: $88,99 on Amazon (12 pieces)

Celebrate your anniversary by offering these dinner plates as traditional gifts for your wife. These stunning pieces of dinnerware are made of high-quality porcelain that is chip-resistant, durable, toxin-free, odor-free, and more sturdy than ceramic, so they will be long-lasting and will serve you for a long time.

The notable is the unique technology that makes our stackable dinner plates and bowls set have an elegant gray wave marble design. Moreover, the added gold-plated border design highlights the advanced feeling, giving them a long-lasting beauty that will never get out of date. This porcelain set is also microwaveable and dishwasher safe, making it a practical 20 year anniversary gift for everyday use by your tea lover.

10. Tea Pot

Elegant Tea Pot - 20 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Elegant Tea Pot For Her 20 Year Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $114,43 on Amazon (17 pieces)

You will never go wrong with these tea kettles as traditional gifts for her anniversary since they have the sophisticated air of a family treasure. This tea set is crafted of high-quality porcelain and features a conventional design with a gorgeous Greek golden essential design; it will create a stunning accent to any table setting. So the set comes complete with a teapot, sugar dish, and milk jug, so your wife will have afternoon tea with friends and loved ones.

11. Platinum Metallic Scratch Map

Platinum Metallic Scratch Map for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Platinum Metallic Scratch Map For 20th Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $36.40 on Letteroom

This platinum scratch map will be an interesting alternative gift for those who love to travel around the world. Customize the scratch coin and stickers to make it an ideal yearly anniversary gift that matches the modern themes of platinum symbols.

12. Thoughtful Wall Art Decoration

20 Year Anniversary Gift With Custom Canvas
20 Year Anniversary Gifts With Custom Canvas

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

This artwork is a wonderful way to celebrate the beautiful life you have created with your partner and spouse. Whether you give it to her on your anniversary or any other special occasion, she will treasure it forever. You can personalize this canvas by engraving it with your lovely wedding photos or some heartfelt quotes. This will make a perfect keepsake that she can display in her bedroom.

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20th Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

13. Platinum Ring

Platinum 20th Anniversary Gift Of Ring
Platinum 20th Anniversary Gift Of Ring

Reference price: $26,99 on Amazon

If you are looking for a twenty year anniversary gift that he will love, you might want to choose these rings. Made of 100% stainless steel, this ring is anti-perspiration, waterproof, durable, fadeless, and allergy. So your husband will keep it for a long time and will not change the color. What a modern gift that will align with the modern theme of this year’s anniversary.

14. China Pottery Delftware Cufflinks

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Cufflink For Him
20 Year Anniversary Gift Cufflink For Him

Reference price: $38,15 on Etsy

Consider it one of his favorite picks for the platinum 20th anniversary gift ideas. All cameo cufflinks are handmade, and each image is designed and carefully sealed under a glass cabochon and set into a cufflink by hand, giving a crystal clear result. Moreover, place these cufflinks in a black box to make them the perfect gift and ensure their safe arrival to him to use daily.

15. Genuine Watch Cogs

Genuine Watch Cogs for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Genuine Watch Cogs for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $41.85 on Notonthehighstreet.com

If your husband loves collecting watches, the real-watch cogs are the most popular anniversary gifts for him to wear daily or occasionally. These stunning cufflinks are made of high-quality tourbillon carbon fiber watch steampunk that will deliver a high-polish finish surface, glossy, super smooth, and comfortable to wear. With a heartfelt message from this item, you will show him how much you care after 20 years.

16. Platinum Ballpoint Pen

Are you looking for an anniversary gift for your husband, who loves to write anything? A unique platinum pen with your message will be the perfect gift he can receive for this milestone.

Ballpoint Pen Platinum - 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Ballpoint Pen Platinum 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $21,33 on Amazon

A personalized ballpoint pen with both initials is a great way to express how much you love him. Made of high-quality aluminum and constructed with poppy rubber and ballpoint pen refills, this pen will be long-lasting. Moreover, the elegant black lacquer finish with 23k gold-plated appointments will give a rich writing experience.

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17. “We Still Do” Custom Mug

Custom Mug For as 20 Year Anniversary Gifts
Custom Mug For 20 Year Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $13,95 on Etsy

Create a unique photo-attached mug as a sentimental gift for your loved one to remind his anniversary day. He will cherish this mug whenever he sips his favorite drink. So, add the statement “We Still Do” to make it more special on his 20-year anniversary day.

18. China Commemorative Ornament

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts With China Ornament
20 Year Wedding Gift Of China Anniversary Ornament

Reference price: $5,99 on Amazon

Choose this cute china home decoration with your name and wedding date as the best 20th anniversary gift. The notable thing is the use of vinyl stickers; compared to regular printing, these stickers make the text or photos clear, easy to read, and will not fade. This ornament comes in the perfect size and color, so it’s suitable to display on the wall as a memento of his special day or as an ornament for your home decoration. Hence, one of the signature items to reflect your china anniversary.

19. Candle Coromandel

Best 20th Anniversary Gift For Candle Coromandel
Best 20th China Anniversary Gift Of Candle Coromandel

Reference price: $352.36 on Amazon (3 pieces)

Consider this wonderful candle as a way to make an unforgettable day. Also, after the candle has burned out, you can use the china jar to hold pencils, rings, or a stunning flower vase. This ceramic vessel with a metallic floral design with thyme, lavender, cedarwood, incense, birch, and labdanum will give your couple a pleasant feeling when relaxing. Hence, this candle coromandel will be the perfect addition to your home decorations.

20. Five-Piece Place Setting

Ceramic Place Set 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Ceramic Place Setting For 20th Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $479.15 on Amazon

The floral symbol of emerald green dinnerware is the traditional 20th wedding anniversary gifts. Now is the chance to update your kitchenware with these pretty colocoloredad plates that your spouse will cherish for a long time.

These unique plates are made of 100% high-quality melamine that is BPA-free and has scratch-resistant colors, lasting even after years of food and dishwasher use. The notable thing is the European-inspired designs to create unforgettable culinary experiences. So, this elegant set is a great gift to make your dinner table more stunning.

21. Customized Whiskey Barrel

Customized Whiskey Barrel For Best 20th Year Anniversary Gifts
Customized Whiskey Barrel

Reference price: $85,00 on Uncommon Good

This perfect anniversary present of the oak barrel will surely delight the cocktail lover. If your husband wants to enjoy his crafted whisky, consider this item the best twenty year anniversary gift. Because of its tiny stature, he can take it anywhere if he wants to drink with his friends.

22. Danby 35-Bottle Wine Fridge

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Danby 35-Bottle Wine Fridge
Danby 35-Bottle Wine Fridge

Reference price: $375,03 on Amazon

Over 20 years of marriage, the two of you have tasted many bottles of wine. You may now keep his favorites in a refrigerator, always at the ideal temperature. This free-standing fridge can store up to 35 wine bottles with 5 slide-out wire shelves.

Moreover, there is an auto-cycle defrost and externally mounted rear wall thermostat so you can check and control temptation frequently. This intelligent fridge features a tinted tempered-glass door for UV protection and is shatter-resistant. As a result, they are always ready for your husband to enjoy a day with you and his friends.

23. Personalized Canvas For 20th Anniversary

Personalized Wall Art for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Wall Art 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

Choosing custom wall art to represent the duration you have spent together as a spouse is an ideal option. Adding the names, important milestones, and family members’ photos you cherish to complete the unique look. Your husband will use it as a home decor item to attract attention when guests come.

24. Custom Wedding Gift For Husband

Custom Canvas For 20 year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Custom Canvas For 20-year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

What better way to mark 20 years of marriage than with this custom photo frame, a thoughtful 20 year anniversary present for any couple. This frame lets you showcase your journey as a happy couple, from your wedding day to your latest adventure, with your heartful message as a backdrop.

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20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

25. Anniversary Willow Sculpted Figure

Willow Tree Hand-painted Sculpted for 20 Year Anniversary Gifts
Willow Sculpted

Reference price: $53,95 on Amazon

Hand-painted sculpted trees are a modern gift for any couple nowadays. It has no unique details, but it will show interpersonal interactions with the recipient. This statue shows a couple who are head over heels in love and immersed in a hug. Your spouse will cherish it as a reminder of their love.

26. Adorable Illustrated Card

Adorable Card Best - 20th Year Anniversary Gifts
Adorable Card Best 20th-Year Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $10.69 on Etsy

It is a magnificent premium card that doubles as a keepsake by including a glossy ornament that can be displayed long after the card has been forgotten. The ceramic decoration is hung from quality cream ribbon and consists of a beautiful bow.

Moreover, Blank on the inside, this A6 card is crafted from a high-quality cotton rag card and comes with a high-quality envelope. Add a handwritten note with your wish for them to have good fortune, making it the perfect 20th anniversary gift.

27. Couple Ring

Couple Ring Platinum - 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Couple Ring Platinum 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

In the modern sense, platinum symbolizes the enduring love of your marriage. So, after 20 years of marriage, the wedding rings are not as new as the first time you saw them; thus, getting your couple new ones is a great idea! Moreover, consider it one of the must-have items for anniversary gifts by year for couples.

28. Couple Ring Dish

Couple Ring Dishes as 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Couple Ring Dishes 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reference price: $29.40 on Uncommon Good

This vintage silver spoon-inspired ring dish has a unique twist by pressing the design into the platinum. Engrave their initials and wedding date to make a memorable present that they will appreciate your thoughts. Moreover, the perfect size will take up minimal vanity or dresser space, perfect for home decorations.

29. Trinket Wedding Ring Dish

Trinket Ring Dish Best 20th Anniversary Gift
Trinket Ring Dish

Reference price: &15,99 on Amazon

Personalized items are the best way to show someone how much you honor their anniversary. Make a statement in their house with this stunning white and gold dish. This ring dish is handmade 100% with premium quality white ceramic with solid construction and added gold foil letters. Moreover, the size is perfect for elegant decoration or a practical essential in their place. Not only storing her most precious jewels but also being a constant reminder of all their happy moments together.

30. Royalty Porcelain Tea Set

Royalty Porcelain Mug - 20 Year Anniversary Gifts
Royalty Porcelain Mug

Reference price: $75,99 on Amazon

This set of porcelain mugs is another perfect idea that should be on your list of china anniversary themes. If your other half has a modern style, they’ll love this matte beige vase with a chic diamond texture. This porcelain tea set is made of durable materials that will last long, even with the roughest use and exquisite colored glaze. With the pumpkin shaped with glittering gold trim, this set will surely add style class and serve as decor on their dining table. So, these traditional material items will enhance the flavor of every cup of tea or coffee they drink.

31. Floral Coffee Mugs

Floral Coffee Mugs Floral Gifts For 20 Year Anniversary
Floral Coffee Mugs Floral Of 20th China Anniversary Gift

Reference price: $39,99 on Amazon (Set of 6)

This set of four-bone china coffee mugs is one of the traditional 20 year anniversary gifts for couple who loves to drink tea daily. Moreover, they will be obsessed with this antique-style art print showing a tawny day lily. Thus, these personalized cups never fail to make a significant impression on couples whenever they use them.

32. Custom Anniversary Ice Cream Spoons

Custom Ice Cream Spoons Gifts For 20th Anniversary
Custom Ice Cream Spoons Gifts For 20th Anniversary

Reference price: $9,99 on Amazon (Set of 2)

These engraved spoons are fantastic platinum 20 year anniversary present ideas. This ice cream scoop is great for daily use because it is made of non-toxic and safe food-grade stainless steel with mirror polishing technology. Moreover, it features a laser engraving, smooth edges, is highly polished, and is not easily bent. With that in mind, these items are the perfect way to show that they were born to be happy couples for two decades.

33. Platinum-Rimmed Champagne Flutes

Platinum-Rimmed Champagne Flutes as 20 Year Anniversary Gifts
Gift For Platinum-Rimmed Champagne Flutes For 20th Anniversary

Reference price: $$24.70 on Amazon

Champagne flutes are a must-have item to honor your best 20th anniversary gift. Each glass features a dazzling platinum rim and a special effect that makes them sparkle in the light. Moreover, add the couple’s initials or anniversary day to add an extra special to these flutes. So this is your chance to raise the toast with these new champagne flutes on your anniversary night.

34. Personalized Platinum Record

Personalized Platinum Record For Couple's On 20th Anniversary
Personalized Platinum Record

Reference price: $55,00 on Amazon

The best 20 year anniversary present with this platinum record is a fantastic idea to present a couple who have finally reached their platinum status. Add a lovely statement in the middle of the metal’s record, gleaming with their name and wedding day at the bottom to complete its perfection.

This stunning record frame is constructed with a chunky wood frame with an aluminum chrome finish and perspex glass, durable and sturdy forever. Moreover, this tin plaque can be engraved with up to five lines / 50 words of text or a photo of your choosing, so consider their name, wedding date, or wedding song to make it more remarkable.

35. Custom Key Chain Keepsake

Custom Key Chain Keepsake as 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Custom Key Chain Keepsake

Reference price: $13.45 on Amazon

Are you seeking unique 20th wedding anniversary gifts as a keepsake for the couple? Then, the two pieces of the heart are hand-stamped with the couple’s names, and the wedding date is the way to go. Moreover, this unique keychain is made of high-quality stainless steel, a high hardness cold, heading metal, which gives a good appearance gloss, strong corrosion resistance, long-lasting, and no fading. Hence, this key ID tag is a particular commitment to reflect their enduring love.

36. 20th Wall Art Gift Ideas For Couples

Best 20th Anniversary Gifts Wall Art
Best 20th-Year Anniversary Gifts Wall Art

Reference price: $129.5 on Ohcanvas (The biggest size)

Celebrate your 20th anniversary by offering this personalized wall art to remind you of your memorable memories. This heartfelt item will bring your spouse tears when they receive it. Engrave their anniversary year or quote to make it more memorable in their home. What a great gift that they will cherish the thoughts you put into it.

37. Monthly Wine Subscription

Monthly Wine Subscription Best 20th Year Anniversary Gifts
Monthly Wine Subscription Best 20th-Year Anniversary Gifts

Treat a wine-loving couple to a monthly membership that will expand their palate and knowledge of wine. This 20 year anniversary present is a wonderful way to toast to their love and happiness with a variety of wines from around the world. Plus, you can add your own messages to each bottle for a personal touch that will make them smile.

Following our listed ideas above is a great way to say your time and effort with many traditional and modern themes. However, there is no need to follow our suggestions precisely, so remember that what matters is choosing a gift that your loved one will cherish.

Mostly, you can have romantic anniversary date nights at any luxury restaurant or a local concert by the time you’ve been married for 20 years. Or if you want to make something special or unique on that day, consider activities you enjoy doing together as a pair, such as getting a couple’s massage, picnic, or travel as an anniversary gift. For a remarkable anniversary year, take your loved one or couple back to the place you first met or where you proposed.

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A 20th wedding anniversary is a special occasion that deserves a memorable celebration. Whether you choose a traditional or a modern theme, the most important thing is to find a gift that reflects your love and appreciation for your partner. You can also spice up your anniversary with a romantic date night, a fun activity, or a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Viva Wedding Photography has curated a list of 37 best 20th wedding anniversary gifts to inspire you and make your anniversary unforgettable. We hope you will find this post helpful.

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