40 Stunning Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas On the Latest Trend

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The wedding aisle decor is one of the most fantastic aspects of your ceremony. Have you planned any ideas for your aisle to surprise your guests? What do you want to make your ceremony stand out? Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of ideas for you to get inspiration on this post to make your decision easier. Check them out now!

Indoor Wedding Aisle Ideas

Your ceremony is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the event. So, the thing that will attract your guests’ attention is your wedding aisle, so make sure you have an idea to make it unique. Do not worry; these ideas below will inspire you.

Simple Wedding Aisle Decorations

1. Aisle With Glass Flower Vases

Simple Wedding Aisle Decor With Glass Flower Vases
Simple Aisle With Glass Flower Vases

The aisle is lined with glass vases and filled with white, crimson, and pink flowers in this idea. The light source will add an elegant touch to your day, while glass elements will bring the outdoors in, creating a refreshing and warm affair. Plus, they are easy to set up and take down, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of decorating.

2. Wedding Aisle With Warmth Candles

Wedding Aisle Decor With Warmth Candles
Wedding aisle decorations on a budget with warmth candles

Nothing says romance like candles lining your wedding aisle. We love these ideas as they are budget-friendly and easy to arrange. You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy flowers or decorations to wow your guests. Just light up some pillar candles, add some greens, and sprinkle some flowers along the aisle, and you’re good to go. 

3. Aisle Garlands of Greenery

Wedding Aisle ideas with Garlands of Greenery
Wedding Aisle with Garlands of Greenery

Who needs bundles of greenery when you can have garlands of vines? Garlands are a great way to decorate your wedding aisle, as they add a touch of nature and whimsy to your indoor ceremony. Your wedding aisle decor indoors will look like a magical secret garden with these lovely garlands.

Viva Wedding’s Tips

You can choose from different types of vines, such as ivy, fern, or eucalyptus, and mix and match them with flowers, ribbons, or lights. Just be careful not to trip over them, or you might end up in Narnia.

4. Lush Flower Arrangement For Aisle

Lush Flower Arrangement For Wedding Aisle Decor
Lush Flower Arrangement for Ceremony Aisle

The elegance and beauty of lush flower arrangements for the aisle can add to any wedding. Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies are all popular choices for aisle arrangements, and they can be put together to make beautiful, eye-catching displays. Also, drape the stage in flowers along the walkway to create a beautiful theme for a wedding look.

Viva Wedding’s Tips

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, or lilies can cost anywhere from $4 to $20 per stem, depending on the type and season. If you lean toward wedding aisle decorations on a budget, you may want to consider some cheaper alternatives, such as carnations, daisies, sunflowers, or baby’s breath. These blooms can cost as low as $1 to $3 per stem.

5. Geometric Lanterns Lined Up the Aisle

Wedding Aisle Decor With geometric Candles
Ideas for wedding aisle decor indoors with lanterns

According to wedding planner Audrey Lawrence, “Geometric lanterns are a great way to add dimension and interest to your space, and they can also double as centerpieces for your reception tables. Hexagons, triangles, or diamonds are trending shapes this year. I often use these lanterns to decorate the aisle of minimalist and elegant weddings.”

6. Floral Installations For Aisle

Two Statement Floral Installations For Wedding Aisle Decorations
Two Statement Floral Installations For Indoor Wedding Aisle

The simple wedding aisle decor with eye-catching floral arrangements is a nice touch. To make a statement, opt for two large floral installations at the end of the aisle. They will frame your special moment and draw everyone’s attention. Plus, they will look great in your photos. Just make sure to pick a color that complements your theme.

7. Hydrangea Aisle Pillars

Wedding Aisle Decor with Floral Pillars
Ideas for Nuptial Aisle with Floral Pillars (Source: The Knot)

A classic look for your wedding never goes out of style. And these elegant wedding aisle decor indoors are proof of that. Just imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by white hydrangea bouquet pillars. They are the epitome of elegance and simplicity. And they will create a stunning setting for your big day. 

Church Wedding Aisle Decorations

8. Balloons For Aisle Wedding

church wedding aisle decorations with balloons
Balloons Decoration for Church Wedding Aisle (Source: Bubblegum Balloons)

Who says balloons are only for kids’ parties? They can also give your wedding church a more festive and lively look. And your guests will be impressed by your creative wedding aisle decor ideas.

Viva Wedding’s Tips

You can choose bubblegum or transparent balloons filled with confetti, glitter, or smaller balloons to make your aisle stand out.

9. Aisle with Flower Petal Scatter

Scatter Petals for Wedding Aisle Decor
Scatter Petals For Indoor Aisle Decoration

Who doesn’t love petals? They are the perfect way to add some romance and beauty to your wedding aisle decor. And you can customize them to suit your wedding theme. Whether you want a pop of color or a subtle touch, you can choose the flowers that match your vision.

10. Mason Jars For Aisle Decoration

Church wedding aisle decorations with mason jars
Church wedding aisle decorations with mason jars

Mason jars are not just for storing jams or pickles. They can also be used to create simple and charming wedding aisle decor. All you need is some flowers and some creativity. Fill the mason jars with your favorite blooms, then attach them to the seats or hang them from stakes along the aisle. They will add a touch of rustic elegance to your church wedding decor. And they won’t break the bank either.

11. Lanterns And Greenery Aisle

Wedding Aisle Decor With Lanterns And Greenery Garland
Wedding aisle ideas with lanterns and greenery

What could be more romantic and intimate than exchanging your vows surrounded by greenery and lanterns? These simple wedding aisle decor elements will create a cozy and magical atmosphere for your wedding aisle and make your ceremony even more special and memorable.

Viva Wedding’s Tips

Use the same type of greenery for both your ceremony aisle and other decor details in your church hall to create a cohesive look.

12. Aisles With Hanging Flowers

church wedding aisle ideas with draping fabric
Church wedding decor with draping fabric (Source: The Interior Collections)

Want to make your church wedding aisle decorations look more sophisticated and luxurious? Try draping the pews with some gorgeous fabric. You can choose from different fabrics and colors to suit your style and theme. Go for sheer fabrics if you want a romantic and airy vibe, or select rich colors to make a bold statement.

13. Taller Blooms For Wedding Entrance

Simple Tall Blooms For Wedding Aisle Decor
Simple Tall Blooms For Ceremony Aisle

If you want to wow your guests with your wedding aisle, you can’t go wrong with delphiniums. These tall and elegant flowers will create a stunning contrast with the surrounding setting, especially when you get married in a church. They will give your ceremony decor a fresh and vibrant look.

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Ideas for Wedding Aisle Decor Outdoor

Outdoor weddings are a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some extra flair to your ceremony aisle. There are plenty of creative and easy ways to decorate your outdoor aisle and make it stand out. Here are some of our favorite wedding aisle ideas you can try:

Cheap Wedding Aisle Decorations

14. Greenery Garland

Greenery garland On The Floor For Wedding Aisle Decor
Greenery garland on wedding chairs

You might have seen a garland lining the floor, but have you ever thought about lining the chairs? Choose a line of greenery or flowers and tie it on the top concern of the chair, making a lovely aisle for your day. Just ensure your guests can get in and out of their chairs without tripping over something.

15. Mini Bouquet Aisle Marker

Wedding Aisle Decor With Mini Bouquets
Aisle decor ideas with bouquets attached to chairs

One of the simplest and most charming ways to create your wedding aisle decor outdoors is to use mini bouquets as aisle markers. You can attach these tiny bunches of flowers to the chairs or poles along the aisle. They will add a touch of color and freshness to your ceremony venue. One of our clients used mini bouquets made of lavender and baby’s breath for her rustic wedding, and they looked amazing.

16. Aisle With Ribbons On Chairs

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Ideas With Ribbons On Chairs
Outdoor Wedding Aisle Ideas With Ribbons On Chairs

Wedding aisle decor outdoors can be completed beautifully with just one item. Can you believe it? All you need is just some ribbons or tulle sashes. Tie them around the backs of the chairs along the aisle, and watch how they transform the look of your venue. The key is choosing a ribbon color that complements your theme but contrasts with the chairs. For example, if you have white chairs, you can go for a bright or pastel color.

17. Vintage Rug Wedding Aisle

boho wedding aisle decor with Vintage Rugs
Boho decor ideas for wedding aisle (Source: Stages Great Events)

If you love the bohemian and eclectic style, you’ll adore the wedding aisle decorations using vintage rugs. This is a creative and unique way to decorate your outdoor celebration with colorful and patterned rugs. For a rustic-chic look, shop at thrift stores in your area for one-of-a-kind pieces and decorate the aisle with dried flowers.

18. Aisle With Greenery Bunches

Cheap Wedding Aisle Decor With Greenery Bunches
Cheap Aisle Decoration With Greenery Bunches

Want to add some freshness and flair to your wedding aisle decor outdoors? Try tying some colorful ribbons and fragrant eucalyptus to the sides of the chairs. This is a simple and fast way to make your aisle look more inviting and elegant. The ribbons will add some pop and sparkle, while the eucalyptus will fill the air with a lovely scent.

19. Custom Aisle Runner

Custom Aisle Runner For Outdoor Wedding aisle decorations
Outdoor wedding aisle decor with a custom aisle runner

A custom wedding aisle runner is a great idea for outdoor events because it can add some contrast and texture to the ground and protect your shoes and dress from dirt or grass stains. Plus, you can keep it as a souvenir of your big day. How awesome is that?

20. Pumpkin wedding aisle

Fall Wedding aisle decor ideas with pumpkins
Simple wedding aisle decor ideas with pumpkins (Source: Petal’s Edge Floral Design)

For those planning a wedding in the autumn, incorporating pumpkin decor can be an excellent way to capture the essence of the season. If you’re not into orange, consider using gourds, squash, and pumpkins in green, yellow, or white hues.

21. Fern Aisle Decor

Cheap wedding aisle decor outdoors with ferns
Cheap wedding aisle decor outdoors with ferns

The aisles of this wedding ceremony were adorned with lush ferns, creating a beautiful garden-inspired atmosphere. Not to mention, the average cost of eucalyptus stems is around $3 per stem, while the average price of fern is about $1. Therefore, if you need a lot of stems to decorate your aisle, ferns may be a more economical option.

22. Pair Copper Chairs With Clear Vases

Copper Chairs for simple wedding aisle decorations
Copper chairs for a wedding ceremony

The copper chairs with glass vases containing monstera leaves are perfect choices for wedding aisle decorations on a budget. The chairs are so captivating that they effortlessly steal the show, leaving no need for additional embellishments along the aisle.

23. Pampas Grass Ceremony Aisle

Boho wedding aisle decor with pampas grass
Boho wedding aisle ideas with pampas grass (Source: For Your Party)

One of the most popular wedding trends is the pampas grass aisle decor. This simple yet elegant decor idea uses tall, fluffy stems of pampas grass to line the aisle and create a natural, bohemian vibe. Pampas grass is easy to find, inexpensive, and versatile. You can use it as it is or mix it with other flowers and greenery to add some variety and charm. 

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Rustic Wedding Aisle Decor

24. Potted Plants for Wedding Aisle

wedding aisle decorations on a budget with Potted flowers
Garden wedding ceremony aisle with potted plants (Source: The Knot)

Need some inspiration for DIY wedding aisle decorations? If you possess a knack for gardening, then this idea is tailor-made for you. Potted plants are a practical choice as they can be easily reused after the wedding.

25. Aisle With Garland On Stone Tiles

Wedding Aisle Decor With Garland On Stone Tiles
Nuptial Aisle Garland On Stone Tiles

You can use garland for a wedding aisle decor idea that is elegant and timeless. This is a simple and classic way to decorate your outdoor wedding aisle with a garland of greenery and flowers that runs along the edge of the stone tiles. The garland will add some color and freshness to your venue, while the stone tiles will create a smooth and sturdy walkway.

26. Glass Hurricane Lanterns

Glass Hurricane Lanterns for Wedding Aisle Decor
Glass Hurricane Lanterns For Wedding Aisle

Immerse your outdoor rustic wedding in a warm, rustic glow with the captivating charm of glass hurricane lanterns as aisle decor. Nestled along the aisle, these lanterns evoke a rustic elegance that perfectly complements the natural surroundings.

27. Tin Buckets with Flowers and Greenery

DIY wedding aisle decorations with tin buckets
DIY wedding decoration with tin buckets

Nothing says rustic charm like tin buckets filled with fresh blooms. These wedding aisle decorations on a budget will add a touch of nature and color to your ceremony. You can easily DIY this project by getting some tin buckets from a craft store or online and filling them with flowers and greenery of your choice. Voila! You have a beautiful and charming wedding aisle that will impress your guests.

28. Aisle With Rustic Tree Stumps

Simple Wedding Aisle Decor with Rustic Tree Stumps
Simple Wedding Aisle Decor with Rustic Tree Stumps

This is a creative and eco-friendly way to elevate your outdoor wedding aisle decor with tree stumps of different sizes and heights. You can place them along the aisle and top them with candles, lanterns, flowers, or any other decor you like. The tree stumps will add some texture and charm to your venue while also creating a natural and cozy vibe.

29. DIY Painted Quotes Aisle Decoration

DIY Painted Quotes for wedding Aisle Decorations
Outdoor wedding aisle decor idea with painted quotes

To embark on this delightful DIY journey, choose quotes that hold special meaning for you and your partner, paint them onto wooden boards, and strategically place them along the aisle. This creative endeavor not only offers a visual feast but also serves as a tangible representation of the couple’s unique journey.

Viva Wedding’s Tips

Consider using weather-resistant materials like wooden boards or canvas, opting for a color palette that complements your wedding theme, and practicing your brush strokes before committing to the final design

30. Barn Door Entryway Decor

Barn Door Wedding Aisle Decor For Outdoor event
Barn Door at the Ceremony Aisle Entrance

Your wedding day can have a hint of vintage beauty and charm if you use salvaged doors as the backdrop for your ceremony. To give the doors a lush, organic appearance that is appealing and romantic, a variety of flowers, vines, and foliage can be used as decorations.

Other Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas for Your Ceremony

Glamorous Wedding Aisle Decorations

31. Expensive Wedding Mirror Aisle

Expensive Mirror Wedding Aisle Decor
Expensive Mirror Aisle Ideas for Weddings

This aisle idea is the way to go if you want to create a romantic and unique look for your wedding ceremony. Use the mirror as your floor to make perfect wedding aisle decorations. Moreover, add more flowers, candles, and lanterns to add an impressive touch.

32. All-White Aisle Ideas

All-White Wedding Aisle Decorations
Ceremony aisle with white flowers

If you’re a fan of sleek and contemporary elegance, you’ll adore the all-white aisle décor theme. These wedding aisle ideas use only white flowers, candles, and other decor items to create a simple but luxurious look. It’s a classic and chic style that never goes out of style.

33. Gorgeous Wedding Aisle With Hang Chandeliers

Wedding Aisle Decor With Hanging Chandeliers
Hanging chandeliers above the nuptial aisle

One of the most elegant and romantic ways to decorate your wedding aisle is to hang chandeliers above it. The chandeliers will add some light and elegance to your venue while also making your aisle look more festive and luxurious.

34. Cherry Blossom Tree-Lined Wedding Aisle

Luxury wedding aisle ideas with cherry blossom trees
Show-stopping aisle decor with cherry blossom trees (Source: Hitched)

If you are dreaming of a fairy-tale ceremony, you might want to consider having a cherry blossom tree-lined nuptial aisle. We suggest choosing a wedding venue with natural cherry blossom trees or renting artificial ones if they are not in season. You can also jazz up the trees with some lanterns, ribbons, or crystals for that extra wow factor.

35. Bundle Flowers For Aisle Outdoors

Bundle Flowers For Cheap Wedding Aisle Decorations
Bundle Flowers for Wedding Aisle Decorations

Immerse your ceremony aisle in nature’s vibrant beauty with bundles of flowers. This whimsical wedding decor transforms your walk down the aisle into a fragrant journey, surrounded by lush bundles of flowers delicately arranged along the path.

Viva Wedding’s Tips

For those with a creative flair, consider a DIY approach by gathering locally sourced flowers or opting for silk blooms for longevity.

Unique Wedding Decoration For Aisle

36. Monstera Leaves

beach wedding aisle decor with Monstera leaves
Monstera leaves attached to the ceremony chairs

If you want to keep it simple and stylish for your beach wedding, monstera leaves are the way to go. These big and beautiful leaves have a unique shape and texture that make them stand out from the crowd. They also match perfectly with the ocean breeze and the tropical vibe.

37. Flowers on Acrylic Stands

Modern wedding aisle decor ideas with acrylic stands
Modern nuptial aisle decor with acrylic stands (Source: The Knot)

Want to wow your guests with modern and sleek wedding aisle decor? Then you need some acrylic details. These clear and classy stands are perfect for showing off your gorgeous flowers without taking up too much space. And if you really want to turn up the chic factor, go for an all-white arrangement of anthuriums. These exotic and elegant flowers will look like they’re levitating on your acrylic stands, creating a stunning visual effect.

38. Pineapple Aisle Décor

Tropical wedding aisle decor with pineapple
Tropical wedding aisle with pineapple

For fun, fruity, and simple wedding aisle decor, why not try pineapple aisle décor? Pineapples are not only delicious and nutritious, but they also symbolize hospitality, friendship, and warmth. They can add a tropical and whimsical touch to your wedding ceremony, especially if you have a beach or destination wedding. One of our clients shared: “We had our wedding in Hawaii, so we used fresh pineapples as aisle markers. We carved out the tops and filled them with colorful flowers. It was so easy and fun to do.” 

39. Wedding Aisle over a Pool

poolside wedding aisle decorations
Decor ideas for poolside wedding aisle (Source: Wedding Forward)

This is a unique and stunning wedding aisle decor idea that can create a magical and dreamy atmosphere. Our wedding photographer, Ryan Ray, captured this amazing scene at a Moroccan wedding: “The couple had a transparent platform suspended over a shimmering pool, and they decorated it with lanterns, candles, and rose petals. It was a breathtaking and romantic sight.”

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40. Boxed Flower Wedding Aisle

Wedding aisle ideas with boxed blooms
Wedding aisle ideas with boxed blooms (Source: Pinterest)

If you appreciate the aesthetic of abundant flowers yet desire a more structured and polished aisle, one option to consider is arranging the blooms in wooden boxes. One of our clients opted for this arrangement, bringing a sense of order amidst the cascading designs.

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There are plenty of ways to make the wedding aisle decor stand out on your day. These ideas, from the simple to the rustic concept, are perfect for indoor and outdoor venues. Viva Wedding Photography hopes this list of ideas will assist you in finding the best one. You will not go wrong with our suggestions. Please rate this post with 5 stars if you find this post helpful.

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