33 Elegant Church Wedding Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Day

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A church wedding decor will be the best choice if you are planning a traditional wedding. As a church is rather formal, you may be thinking about how to find the perfect balance between classic and modern, elegance and simplicity. To help you handle this challenge, Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of ideas for your church wedding. Let’s scroll down to find the best for you!

Church Decor for Wedding Entryway

1. Cascading floral installation

church wedding decor with cascading floral installation
Bold church wedding decorations for the entrance (Source: Brides)

Enhance the entrance of your church wedding by creating a stunning floral haven. Adorn the exterior with a magnificent cascading floral installation. Picture a mesmerizing scene where vibrant blossoms cascade like a gentle waterfall, enchanting your guests and infusing the atmosphere with a delightful blend of romance and elegance.

2. Frame the church door with flowers

Church decor ideas for weddings with fresh flowers
Church decor ideas for weddings with fresh flowers (Source: OneFabDay)

Magnificent and historic architecture probably doesn’t need much ornamentation. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add eye-catching blooms. If you have always dreamed of making a bold statement with your entry, now is the perfect opportunity to realize your church wedding decor ideas. For a truly breathtaking church entryway, consider combining large flowers with delicate wispy blooms.

3. Adorn the railings with foliage

church wedding decor with foliage for the railings
The church railings are wrapped with greenery (Source: Martha Stewart)

If you’re seeking a means to include some greenery in church decor for wedding entrances, magnolia leaves are a stunning choice. Think of draping this magnificent foliage over the church railings for a beautiful, organic appearance. This entrance decor idea brings a touch of nature to the architectural elements, creating a harmonious blend between the man-made structure and the natural world.

4. Door decoration with wreaths

Elegant church wedding decoration ideas with flower wreaths
Elegant church wedding decoration ideas with flower wreaths (Source: Pinterest)

A charming church deserves decor that is beautiful equally. We adore the lovely appearance of two wreaths on the doors, crafted from a delightful combination of eucalyptus, boxwood, and larkspur. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, sprinkle in some peonies and ranunculus – because every charming church entrance deserves a vibrant touch that says, “Let the celebration begin!”

5. Entrance arrangement with garden roses and greenery

entrance church wedding decor with greenery and garden roses
Entryway with greenery and flowers arrangement (Source: Brides)

To make your entrance church wedding decor inviting, sometimes all you need is a simple yet enchanting arrangement that whispers elegance without screaming extravagance. Just use some foliage and garden roses to create a natural and charming appearance. It will look like the flowers are climbing up the steps to greet your guests. What a simple and lovely way to decorate your wedding venue!

6. The welcome sign matches the church door

Modern church wedding decor with rose gold welcome sign
Modern church wedding decor with rose gold welcome sign (Source: Brides)

Don’t forget to extend a warm welcome to your guests who have traveled to attend your wedding! Adding a beautiful sign embellished with a few flowers is certain to be effective. We adorn how the rose gold sign flawlessly complements the church’s exterior, creating a stunning display.

7. Add anthurium wreaths to the front gate

Anthurium wreaths for church wedding decorations
Anthurium wreaths for church gate (Source: Brides)

There are numerous straightforward methods to personalize your church wedding decorations. If you decide to forgo the garlands for the church door, consider hanging them on the gate instead. The guests were warmly welcomed as they entered the church through beautiful gates adorned with anthuriums. This delightful touch will introduce them to the wedding’s color palette in a charming manner.

8. Floral arch

Church wedding decor ideas with entrance arch
Church wedding decor ideas with entrance arch (Source: OneFabDay)

Are you ready to make an entrance? Undoubtedly, both you and your partner will already look stunning in your attire, but why not enhance the wow factor even further? A beautiful arch of fresh flowers will make your church entryway look like a fairy tale. It’s the perfect way to impress your guests and set the mood for your wedding.

9. Hang floral installations

Church wedding decorations with hanging flowers
Church wedding decorations with hanging flowers (Source: Hibiscus Floral Design)

Nothing says grandeur like a church with big and bold doors. They set the tone for your wedding and invite your guests to join the celebration. To make your entrance even more spectacular, add some hanging flowers on both sides of the door. They will create a stunning contrast and draw everyone’s eyes.

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Hall Church Decor Ideas for Weddings

10. Oversized planters

Church wedding decor ideas with large planters
Church wedding decor ideas with large planters (Source: Brides)

If you prefer a minimalist floral arrangement with greenery and white flowers, consider using large planters to create a bold visual impact. As you can see in this picture, the couple is framed by four larger-than-life planters, which are balanced out by several smaller boxed arrangements on the ground. What a timeless church wedding decor!

11. Pillars topped with flowing displays

church wedding decor for church pillars
Church wedding decorations for pillars (Source: Pinterest)

Hanging floral arrangements from the pillars of the church hall will draw the eye and give the room a lively feel, highlighting the building’s architectural elements. With flowers and greenery softly cascading downward, this décor idea transforms ordinary pillars into gorgeous focal points. 

12. Play with eucalyptus

Church wedding decoration ideas on a budget with eucalyptus
Church wedding decoration ideas on a budget with greenery (Source: Brides)

Want a natural look? If the interior of your church is predominantly adorned with wood tones, you may consider incorporating elements that bring more vibrancy and vitality. Embrace the use of ample eucalyptus in your decor without hesitation. Is there an additional bonus? Using fewer flowers can help you save money on your budget compared to using a large quantity of them.

13. Decor with pampas grass

Modern church wedding decor with pampas grass
Modern church wedding decor with pampas grass (Source: The Copper Quail)

Make a bold statement in your celebration by incorporating the ethereal beauty of pampas grass into your decor. This trendy and bohemian element adds a touch of whimsy and texture, creating a captivating atmosphere within the hall. From oversized arrangements to subtle accents, pampas grass adds a sense of movement and lightness that complements the formality of the setting.

14. A greenery wall

church decor ideas for weddings with a wall of greenery
Church wedding hall with a wall of greenery (Source: Brides)

If you are getting married in a historic church, it is likely that you would prefer not to add anything that would detract from the chapel’s intricate details. An amazing wall of greenery enhanced the décor while preserving the historical significance of the church’s elements. Whether you opt for an entire wall covered in vines and leaves or strategically placed panels of greenery, this concept will surely create a stunning backdrop for your church wedding decor.

15. Use palm leaves to make a statement

Simple church decor ideas for weddings with palm leaves
Simple church decor ideas for weddings with palm leaves (Source: Brides)

Do not hesitate to bring the outside indoors! If you are planning a tropical or beachside reception, consider enhancing your ceremony space by incorporating large palm leaves. This will help create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere for the whole celebration. Moreover, this is one of our favorite church wedding decoration ideas on a budget, as palm leaves would not cost you too much money when compared to flowers.

16. Minimal decor

Minimal church wedding decorations
Simple church wedding decoration (Source: Tie the Knot Scotland)

Minimal church wedding decor doesn’t mean sacrificing style; rather, it focuses on intentional choices that highlight the architectural features of the hall while creating a tranquil and timeless ambiance. We love the idea of adding a beautiful bench to enhance the overall aesthetic. It would be a simple yet stunning setting for your ceremony.

17. Floral backdrop

Stunning church wedding decor with a floral background
Stunning church wedding decorations with a floral background (Source: Brides)

Many churches are renowned for their exceptional architecture and lavish gold decorations. Even if you’re getting married in a stunning church, don’t be afraid to make it uniquely yours. A floral backdrop featuring verdant foliage and delicate white flowers will work perfectly! This decor idea not only adds a touch of romance and beauty to the space but also creates a captivating setting for your special moments.

18. Window view frame

Elegant church wedding decoration ideas for windows
Elegant church wedding decoration ideas for windows (Source: Brides)

If you are planning to say “I do” in a beautiful church or chapel with stunning window views, you might want to consider allowing the surroundings to speak for themselves. Whether it’s delicate vines, potted plants, or small arrangements strategically placed along the windowsills, these simple green installations bring the outdoors in, creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior environments.

19. Use long-stemmed flowers

long-stemmed flowers for modern church wedding decor
Long-stemmed flowers in church wedding hall (Source: Brides)

Nothing makes your modern church wedding decor stand out more than long-stemmed blossoms. Tall and graceful flowers such as lilies, orchids, or calla lilies can be arranged in tall vases or standalone installations. Aside from emphasizing the hall’s height and adding an air of formality, these long-stemmed flowers have the dual effect of drawing attention upward. 

20. Elegant chandeliers

church wedding decor with hanging chandeliers
Wedding decor with chandeliers (Source: Unsplash)

If you desire a more sophisticated ambiance, you may want to consider adorning the church with hanging chandeliers. This option is ideal for a formal wedding or one that embraces a vintage theme. Chandeliers are a great way to glam up any room and can be mixed and matched with other decorative elements to make any design scheme pop. Adding crystals, beads, or flowers to a chandelier is another great way to personalize it.

21. Hang string lights

Decor ideas for church weddings with string lights
Decor ideas for church weddings with string lights (Source: Rock My Wedding)

For smaller wooden chapels, a great option is to hang string lights with exposed bulbs across the top of the seating area. The soft glow of the lights creates a cozy atmosphere, casting a gentle luminosity over the wooden surroundings. This simple yet captivating addition transforms small churches into intimate spaces, setting the perfect stage for a wedding ceremony brimming with rustic charm and timeless romance.

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Church Wedding Decor for Ceremony Aisle

22. An aisle with greenery

church wedding decor with greenery aisle
Church wedding ideas with greenery aisle (Source: Ruffled Blog)

If you are unable to bring many decoration items into the church, particularly those that require hanging, tying, or taping, there is still an alternative available to you! We really like the concept of placing simple greenery along the aisle to introduce a vibrant touch of color and a sense of vitality.

23. Decorate with baby’s breath displays

Ideas for church wedding decor with baby's breath flowers
Ideas for church wedding decoration with baby’s breath flowers (Source: Pinterest)

Baby’s breath is often overlooked, particularly in the context of weddings. Truly, it is perfect when you require a subtle touch of white. Forget the big blooms; it’s time for baby’s breath to steal the spotlight and show everyone that small wonders can make a big impact! We adore the appearance of these charming installations that elegantly mark the pews for a lovely church wedding decor.

24. Lanterns lining the aisle

Church decor for wedding aisles with lanterns
Church wedding aisle with lanterns (Source: The Knot)

Are you looking to add something distinctive to your church wedding decorations for the ceremony aisle? Floral installations may not be the best choice, especially for those aiming to create a countryside or rustic atmosphere. Consider illuminating the path to your wedding vows with a touch of warmth and nostalgia by lining the church aisle with charming lanterns.

25. Pews adorned with dried flowers

dried flowers for modern church wedding decor
Dried flowers for church pew decor (Source: Brides)

Maintaining simplicity does not imply that you cannot incorporate vibrant elements. Just look at how dried flowers can spice up your modern church wedding decor. Tie them in small bundles and hang them on the pews for a rustic touch. Trust us, these dried blooms will make your guests say “I do” to your style.

26. Decorate pews with eucalyptus garland

elegant church wedding decoration ideas with eucalyptus garland
The church pews are adorned with greenery garland (Source: Pinterest)

Consider draping eucalyptus garlands elegantly down the chapel pews to create an aisle of subtle elegance. By using this décor idea, the aisle may be transformed into a route of refined beauty with a touch of natural elegance. The eucalyptus garlands bring a breath of fresh air and a pleasant aroma to the ritual path, whether they are adorned with little flowers or left to stand alone.

27. Pew vases

simple church wedding decor with pew vases
Simple church decor for wedding aisle with pew vases (Source: Pinterest)

Ensure the vibrancy of your floral arrangements throughout the ceremony by securing petite vases to the ends of every pew. These charming vases, thoughtfully placed along the aisle, serve as both practical and aesthetic elements, preserving the freshness of your chosen blooms. 

28. Attach little bouquets to the pews

Mini bouquets for simple church wedding decor
Mini bouquets for chapel pews decor (Source: Pinterest)

Add a whimsical touch to your ceremony aisle by tying little bouquets to the benches. Mini bouquets of daisies, wildflowers, or roses provide a colorful and beautiful decoration that goes well with the happy event. As you make your way down the aisle, the little bouquets will become symbols of your love and the blossoming adventure that awaits you.

29. Wedding aisle pew veil

Elegant church wedding decoration ideas with draping fabric
Elegant church wedding decoration ideas with draping fabric (Source: The Interior Collections)

Enhance the sophistication of your church aisle by elegantly draping the pews with flowing fabric. The draping will add a touch of luxury to the decor, whether you go for sheer fabrics for a more romantic feel or rich colors to match your theme. Just picture the fabric swinging softly as you go down the aisle, a subtle touch of movement and elegance that perfectly complements the moment’s importance.

Church Wedding Decor for Altar

30. Fill the altar with pillar candles

church wedding decor for altar with candles
Candles for wedding altar decor (Source: Brides)

Transform your wedding ceremony into a scene of enchanting warmth and timeless elegance by adorning the altar with an abundance of pillar candles. As you stand at the altar exchanging vows, the soft light of the candles envelops you in a warm embrace, turning the sacred moment into a luminous celebration of your everlasting commitment.

31. Flower accent on the wooden cross

Church wedding decoration ideas on a budget with a wooden cross
Church wedding decoration ideas on a budget with a wooden cross (Source: Pinterest)

Enhance your wedding altar’s rustic charm and natural beauty by incorporating a flower accent on a wooden cross. The idea for this altar decor seamlessly combines wood’s natural simplicity with fresh flowers’ refined beauty. The result is a captivating focal point that is both visually stunning and grounded in its aesthetic appeal. 

32. Lucite cross filled with blooms

church wedding decor with flower-filled lucite cross
Ideas for a church wedding with the transparent cross (Source: Brides)

Looking for elegant church wedding decoration ideas for the altar? If so, you definitely can’t overlook this beautiful flower-filled cross. The transparent lucite allows the flowers to seemingly float, adding an ethereal and modern touch to the sacred space. Whether adorned with roses, lilies, or a selection of your favorite blooms, this altar decor idea merges the purity of the cross with the beauty of fresh blooms, creating a stunning and meaningful focal point.

33. Use two statement vases of flowers

Two statement vases of flowers for church wedding decor
Wedding altar with two statement vases of flowers (Source: Marry Me Tampa Bay)

Make a bold and symmetrical statement for the ceremony by placing two large and striking vases filled with vibrant blooms on either side of the altar. Whether the vases hold towering arrangements of roses, cascading orchids, or a mix of seasonal flowers, they become majestic focal points that frame the sacred moment with natural beauty. 

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The ideas are endless when it comes to church wedding decor. Following our suggestions, you can create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere that impresses your guests and makes your wedding photos look amazing. Don’t be afraid to be creative and express yourself as long as you respect the church’s rules and regulations. Viva Wedding Photography hopes you enjoyed this article and found the best decor idea to nail your upcoming big day.

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