30 Amazing Wedding Pool Decor Ideas & Guides For Your Day

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Pool parties are a great idea for summer weddings, and wedding pool decor can make the party even more impressive. Picture a dance floor with a serene display of floating flowers, gently flickering candles, and the ethereal ambiance of shimmering reflections. Every gentle wave and shimmer fills you with a sense of passion. Here are some fantastic wedding pool decoration ideas that will make your event and reception by the water stunning and unforgettable. Keep reading posts from Viva Wedding Photography to get more inspiration and essential points for your big day.

List Of Ideas For Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

Gorgeous Floating Pool Decorations For Wedding

The pool floating decorations for weddings complement the elegant white scheme flawlessly. The pool will beautifully capture the glimmering light, transforming your day into a dazzling spectacle that will add a unique touch of elegance to enhance your poolside wedding ceremony. Or you could add some chandeliers, flowers, and flowing fabric to create more ambient lighting. To save up your time, scroll down and enjoy our fantastic ideas.

1. Pool Wedding With Floating Petals

Wedding Pool Decor With Floating Petals
Petals Floating Pool Decorations For Wedding

When it comes to wedding pool decoration ideas, one of the simplest ways is to use floating petals. You need to complete this fabulous look by choosing your favorite flowers in different colors and separating them to get the perfect petals.

2. Floating Bouquet Of Flowers With Candles

Floating Flowers With Candles For Wedding Pool Decor
Floating Flower Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

These flower arrangements with candles are a great choice to make your wedding pool decor stunning. Tie your flowers as a bouquet and place a candle in the middle to finish its look. Moreover, choose artificial flowers if you can’t afford expensive fresh flowers.

3. Lush Floral Floating

Lush Floral Floating For Wedding Pool Decor
Lush Floral Floating For Pool Decorating Ideas For Wedding

The bouquet of roses and peonies will create an elegant touch to your poolside wedding decor. Moreover, place the candle in the lantern in the center to create a charming touch on the pool. Remember to choose the more full and “blousy” roses to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

4. Floating Flowers with Lotus And Lily

Floating Lotus and Lily For poolside wedding decor
Floating Lotus and Lily For Pool Decor For Wedding

In addition to the beautiful roses, water lilies, and lotus flowers would make fantastic options for your poolside wedding reception. These will bring a sophisticated and vibrant element to your wedding photos. Furthermore, they are an affordable choice that fits within your budget.

5. Flower Ball Floating

Floating Flower Ball For Wedding Pool Decor
Flower Ball Floating Pool Decorations For Wedding

Consider incorporating floating flower balls for your wedding pool decor. They can add a touch of elegance and beauty to the overall ambiance. They will create focal points and make sure your guests are warmly welcomed. They are also referred to as kissing balls or pool pomanders.

6. Lanterns For Poolside Decor Ideas

Floating Lanterns For floating pool decorations for wedding
Floating Lanterns For Poolside Decor Ideas

As the sun sets and darkness descends, the ethereal glow of floating lanterns will transform the atmosphere of your nighttime poolside wedding ceremony. These enchanting lights will captivate your guests and add a mesmerizing focal point to your pool. In addition, this concept should be at the top of your list when bringing your pool to life due to its cost-effectiveness.

7. Floating Bamboo-Inspired Lanterns

Floating Bamboo-Inspired Lantern For poolside wedding decor
Floating Bamboo-Inspired Lantern For Wedding Pool Decor

Looking for unique wedding pool decoration ideas? Then use these bamboo-inspired lanterns and make them float on the pool that will be a fantastic idea you have never thought of before. Moreover, fill it with candles to make your wedding day look great.

8. Toys Decor

Toys Decor For Wedding Pool Decor
Toys Decor For wedding pool decoration ideas

Everything about the floating pool decorations for weddings is endless, so using these amusing pool toys will be a hit for your wedding day. You may not imagine how these different shapes and colors of toys will no doubt surprise your guests at first sight.

9. Floating Monogram Items

Floating Monograms For poolside wedding decor
Floating Monograms For Decorating Pool Wedding

Another floating pool decor for wedding ideas is to have monogrammed items. You can make them with flowers, leaves, candles, or other decorations and float them over the pool. Consider the color you choose that should match your wedding theme.

10. Monogrammed Initial Letter Floating

Initial Letter Floating For Wedding Pool Decor
Initial Letter Floating For Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

Adding a touch of elegance and personalization, these monogrammed initial letters are a wonderful option for enhancing the ambiance of a poolside wedding reception. Therefore, they will serve as a prominent centerpiece in the pool, capturing the attention of your guests.

11. “Hula Hoops” Circle Decoration Ideas

“Hula Hoops” For floating pool decorations for wedding
“Hula Hoops” For Wedding Pool Decor

It appears that hula hoops have become a popular choice for wedding pool decor. Select your preferred flowers, arrange them in a circle, and allow them to float gracefully. Consequently, they will appear absolutely stunning and be the talk of the town on your special day.

12. Decoration With Floating Balloons

Floating Balloons For poolside wedding decor
Floating Balloons For Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

Floating balloons for poolside wedding decor have become popular because they are easy to make and affordable. Choose from various colors and shapes to finish your pool look. Moreover, they are simple to clean up after your celebration, so you can consider this economical option.

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Hanging Items For Wedding Pool Decor

Besides the floating items you’ve already seen, there are other exciting ideas that you should definitely consider. The lights are absolutely crucial in transforming the pool wedding venues and creating a vibrant atmosphere. By choosing the right lighting style, you can truly illuminate your space. Continue reading these ideas below to discover the most promising one.

13. Simple Lights For Poolside Wedding Decor

Wedding Simple Lights For Wedding Pool Decor
Wedding Simple Lights For Poolside Decor Ideas

One easy method to liven up your wedding pool decor without letting anything float is to use lights as decorations. Consider adorning the trees with delicate fairy lights or elegant string lights to create an atmosphere of refined charm.

14. Canopy Of Lights Cascading

Canopy Of Lights Cascading For Wedding Pool Decor
Canopy Of Lights Cascading Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

Consider making a shimmering canopy over tables for light poolside wedding decor. You can customize it with the curtain lights to create the focal point that will bring a cozy feeling for all your guests. Moreover, for an added elegant touch, place some candles for poolside decor ideas.

15. Palm Tree Wrapped In Rope Lights

Palm Tree Wrapped In Rope For floating pool decorations for wedding
Palm Tree Wrapped In Rope Decor For Wedding Lights

String the rope lights into the tree for poolside wedding decor that will brighten up your head table wedding decor. Hence, this idea will undoubtedly wow your guests when having a party under a bunch of lights.

16. Candlelit With Strings Lights

Candlelit Canopy Of String Lights For Pool Decor
Candlelit Canopy Of String Lights For Pool Decor

By incorporating candles and stunning chandeliers, you can create a captivating ambiance for your wedding pool area. These delightful additions to your wedding pool decoration ideas will add a touch of warmth and charm, leaving your guests pleasantly surprised.

17. Paper Lanterns Hung Above a Pool

Lanterns Hung Above A Floating Pool Decor Wedding
Lanterns Hung Above A Floating Pool Decor Wedding

If you have a penchant for creativity and want to explore new possibilities, consider adorning your ceiling with hanging lanterns to transform your space into a breathtaking oasis. Various options are available to complement your theme, such as geometric, rustic, or paper lanterns.

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Other Wedding Pool Decorations Ideas

There are a plethora of fantastic ideas to make your poolside wedding ceremony truly unforgettable, so don’t limit yourself to the traditional floating and hanging decorations. We guarantee that these suggestions, ranging from the dance floor to the wedding arch or bridge, will delight you and your guests.

18. Classical Pool Cover Dance Floor

Classical Wedding Pool Decor Top Dance Floor
Classical Pool Cover Dance Floor

Surprise your guests on your special day by creating a dance floor above the pool for a party night when everyone wants to spend time together. Hence, it is the most incredible wedding pool decor that you need to consider within your budget.

19. Poolside Altar Decor Idea

Wedding Pool Decor For Altar
Altar Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

Since many guests will gather on your special day, seeing the couple at the ceremony can be challenging. Put the wedding arch as the poolside wedding decor that will attract all your guests’ attention. Moreover, decorate it with white clothes and flowers for a more exquisite touch.

20. Simplistic The Wedding Arch

Simplistic Flowers Arch For Wedding Pool Decor
Simplistic Flowers Arch For Pool Decorating Ideas For Wedding

To keep your wedding pool decor simple, make your wedding flower arch with a few pieces of cloth draped over a wooden frame. Adorn your arch with white roses that will bring it to life and catch the guests’ eyes.

21. Reception Table Surrounding The Pool

Reception Table Surrounding For Wedding Pool Decor
Reception Table Surrounding The Wedding Pool Ideas

Organize your reception tables in a U-shape to make a strong impression on all your guests so they can get closer to the wedding party. For extra flair, place your sweetheart’s table on a raised platform to attract all the attention.

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22. Wedding Poolside Photoshoot

Poolside Photoshoot For Wedding Pool Decor
Poolside Decor Ideas For Photoshoots

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a backdrop for a pool ceremony; use the reflections in the pool to capture all your memorable moments. Place some lanterns and candles to add an elegant touch to your day. Hence, this fantastic poolside wedding decor idea will not disappoint you.

23. A Bridge Pool Wedding

A Bridge For Guests For Wedding Pool Decor
A Bridge Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

Instead of using a pool to divide your wedding space, you might have a bridge over the pool for your guests to go across and gather with you. Moreover, place a trail of greenery to make an adorable wedding aisle. Consider using these old wooden frames to make this bridge look rustic.

24. Dance Floor And Tent

Wedding Pool Decor Dance Floor Or Tent
Poolside Wedding Dance Floor Or Tent Decorations

Having your dance floor or tent will make your guests enjoy your wedding without being afraid of bad weather, and they can spend time together on the dance floor. So the combination of floor and tent for wedding pool decoration ideas is perfect for a late wedding party.

25. A Plexiglass Dance Floor

A Plexiglass Dance Floor For Wedding Pool Decor
A Plexiglass Pool Cover Dance Floor For Wedding Ceremony

You can hire a plexiglass pool cover dance floor from the wedding venue to complete this fantastic idea. To make it more attractive, place the colorful floating flowers on the water. The notable is the simple white circle arch in the center, making the focal point for your wedding day. Hence, this idea will make your guests want to dance at first sight.

26. Poolside Lounge Seating Decor

Wedding Pool Decor With Lounge Seating
Poolside Decor Ideas With Lounge Seating Relaxation For Guests

During your poolside wedding ceremony, choose lounge seating to create a relaxing space for your guests. The reception can be held away from the pool if there is enough space at your venue. Moreover, you can make use of your furniture to provide a different vibe from the poolside setting.

27. Luxury Aisle Over The Pool

Luxury Aisle Over The wedding pool decoration ideas
Luxury Aisle Decorating A Pool For A Wedding

The aisle along the middle of the wedding pool decor is something different. It will be the perfect idea many couples want to make come true for their day! Moreover, adorned with massive flowers that will make your vow exchange a little more spectacular.

28. Pool Party-Themed Cocktails

Wedding Pool Decor Party-Themed Cocktails Ideas
Wedding Pool Decorations With The Party-Themed Cocktails Ideas

Your pool cocktail table decorations will be the eye-catching items on your wedding day. Moreover, include some tropical fruits that will attract your guests to gather with you. Hence, placing some floating items to create some funny pool games for your guests.

39. Decorative Barrier Around The Pool

Decorative Barrier Around the Wedding Pool Decor
Decorative Barrier Around the Wedding Pool Decoration Ideas

A barrier around the pool will keep everyone safe if you decide to have a wedding pool decor. Using florals, candles, and greenery around the edge of a pool is always a perfect choice. You can also line the outside of the pool with tables and chairs so that guests, even the children, don’t have access to the water.

30. Pool-Inspired Cake Decoration

Pool-Inspired Cake For Wedding Pool Decor
Pool-Inspired Cake For Your Wedding Pool Decorations

You can extend the theme of your poolside wedding decor with a beach-inspired wedding cake. Moreover, customize this cake with your name or wedding day to make it look unique. So if you want to keep your wedding cake as simple as your wedding theme, the all-white cake topper is the way to go.

Some Points To Remember For Your Poolside Wedding Reception

Are you already planning wedding pool decor? Here are some essential things to assist you in holding a safe and remarkable wedding day. Keep these points in mind to create the most spectacular and safest pool wedding of the year.

Pool Wedding Venues And Vendors

Location, capacity, and structure are some points you should not ignore when decorating a pool for a wedding. If possible, choose a pool facility with plenty of walking space and a pool barrier. Please recheck all the elements a week before your day to ensure everything is safe. Lastly, you must explain your wishes to the venue’s owner to avoid unexpected things.

Safety Comes First

If you’re planning to have pool decorating ideas for a wedding, make sure there are lifeguards on duty in case of a medical emergency. Consider hiring nannies to keep an eye on the children or including a kiddie pool as well. Find out if there are enough towels, dry clothes, and a first-aid box for wedding pool decoration ideas.

Requirements For Clothes And Accessories

Please remind your guests to dress requirements before they come to your wedding pool. Nonetheless, keep a backup pair on hand in case someone forgets. Give accessories to your guests, such as floral tiaras, giant glasses, and other items. These things will assist your guests in some cases.

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If you think that wedding pool decor is only for couples with their pool, this post will change your mind. Celebrating the special day poolside is the most popular trend, so there are endless options for you to choose from. Look at the ideas above from Viva Wedding Photography and decide which ones you’d like to use for your big day. One more thing is to keep in mind these essential points for a safe and remarkable wedding pool day.

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