Top 29 Spectacular Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas On Budget

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Balloons are a popular item that people use to decorate many events. You could see them at birthday bashes, pep rallies, or school dances as a kid. So nowadays, many couples can use them for wedding balloon decor to get a modern touch. That’s why Viva Wedding Photography has gathered a list of ideas to inspire you. Check them out now!

Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas For Ceremony

Balloon decor ideas for the wedding ceremony are a unique way to greet guests. From the entrance or backdrop, balloons will add an elegant touch to your day. Consider choosing the color and shape to match your theme for a wedding. Keep reading these ideas below to get inspiration.

Ceremony Space Wedding Decor Balloons

1. Balloons Rainbow Installation

Innovative and aesthetically gorgeous, the Balloons Rainbow Installation is a unique way to decorate your wedding. The installation may be simply altered to reflect the concept and color palette of your wedding, giving the celebration a distinctive and unforgettable touch, whether you want to make an arch or a suspended display.

Rainbow Wedding Balloon Decor For Ceremony
Rainbow Balloon Installation For Weddings

Additionally, adding the Balloons Rainbow Installation over the reception table is a wonderful way to make a statement and unify the space. You can add extras like lights or garlands to make the installation even more striking.

2. Colorful Balloon Installation

Wedding Balloon Decor For Garland Wedding Entrance
Decoration Balloon Entrance Wedding

This idea is for you if you want to go beyond and make it different. Choose balloons with dark tones to enhance the contrast effects. Moreover, customize them into a particular shape, such as a circle or half of a circle, making a focal point at the entrance. Hence, one of the most fantastic balloon decor ideas should be on your list!

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Balloon

Floor-to-Ceiling Of Wedding Balloon Decor
Floor-to-Ceiling Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas

A floor-to-ceiling balloon is another way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. If you place them behind the dessert table, your guests will notice where the table is. Depending on your theme, you can select a bright pink or white tone to finish the look of your modern wedding balloon decor ideas.

4. A Massive Balloon Chandelier

Not every couple can afford this massive balloon chandelier for their wedding. The finished look will not disappoint you despite taking time and effort to prepare. The balloon chandeliers will be perfect for balloon decor ideas for weddings.

Wedding Balloon Decor Chandelier Over The Dancefloor
Balloon Decorations For A Wedding Chandelier Over The Dancefloor

Hang a bunch of white balloons from the ceiling to make it appear like you brought a giant soft cloud to your wedding day. Moreover, choosing the color that matches your wedding theme is up to you. Hence, this stunning idea will no doubt impress your guests.

5. Balloons Escort Card Display

Wedding Balloon Decor Escort Card Display
Wedding Decor Balloons For Escort Card Display

Use giant balloons in the ceremony to decorate your escort card or display the table number; that will be a great idea. Tie a colored ribbon for the balloon and add the card with your guest’s name to complete this lovely wedding balloon decor. Hence, these balloons will be eye-catching items that will surprise your guests, and they will find them helpful in finding their seats.

6. White Balloons Floating In Pool

Wedding Balloon Floating Over A Ceremony Pool
Wedding Balloon Floating Over A Ceremony Pool

Using these white balloons floating in the pool at a summer wedding will be perfect. This idea is fantastic for modern poolside weddings and open-air bars. Moreover, add lighting items, such as candles or lanterns, to finish the sparkling look of the evening balloon decorations for a wedding party.

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Wedding Backdrop Decorations With Balloons

7. Wall Of Pink Balloons Backdrop

Wall Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas For Backdrops
Wall Balloon Wedding Decor Ideas For Backdrops

With a wall of balloons covering the entire room, you will get a fantastic backdrop for your day. You may choose the color palette, such as the soft pink ones shown above, to greet your guests when they come in and match the wedding theme. Feel free to vary the sizes of the balloons to make them stunning.

8. Ombré Balloons Backdrop

Go Ombré For Wedding Balloon Decor
Go Ombré For A Wedding Balloon Backdrop

To create a big focal point in your wedding ceremony, choose the color with the ombre style to complete this design. Balloons can be used to construct this pattern, which is very simple. So, these ombré-like hues and shapes will be perfect for a photo booth of the wedding decor balloons.

9. Modern Balloon Backdrop Decor

Wedding Balloon Decor With Unique Shape
Balloon Decor Ideas For Weddings With Unique Shape

A multicolored balloon wedding balloon arch would be perfect in the shape of an upside-down V. Or customize it with another wooden frame shape to make your backdrop unique. Hence, this lovely backdrop will be the focal point where your guests will spend more time with you to take photos.

10. Oversized Balloons Backdrop

Create a focal point in your wedding ceremony with massive, gigantic white balloons to impress your guests. Customize large light-up marquee letters in the shape of your vows or initials to get a modern touch.

Backdrop With Oversized Balloon Decoration Ideas
Backdrop With Oversized Balloon Decoration Ideas

Moreover, adorn some small silver-colored balloons to highlight your wedding decor balloons. This way, as a result, your vow exchange will be a little more spectacular.

11. “Love” Balloon Wall Backdrop

Love Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas For Wall Backdrop
Love Balloon Decor Ideas For Wall Backdrop

If you do not have enough time to prepare something big like the above, consider using colorful balloons and sticking them into a white wall. This display will be a beautiful backdrop for your guests to take photos. Moreover, customize the words or initials into balloon shapes and hang them on the wall to add a unique touch.

12. Swan Sculptures By Balloons

Wedding Balloon Decor For Swan Sculptures Backdrop
Balloon Decoration Ideas For Swan Sculptures Backdrop

The swan is the traditional symbol of the marriage relationship in many countries. So, you can use colorful balloons and shapes to make a couple of swans for your balloon decorations for a wedding backdrop. Customize it with your favorite colors and sizes to make your backdrop impressive.

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Balloon Entrance Wedding Decoration Ideas

13. Balloons To The Back Of Car

Wedding Balloon Decor For The Back Of Car
Wedding Decor Balloons For The Back Of Car

Surprise your guests at your wedding entrance with this fantastic balloon-inspired car decoration that will be a hit. So, to have a classy look for your wedding balloon decor, attach some oversized balloons and tie them to the back of a vintage car or even a Vespa.

14. Millennial Pink Balloons Entrance

Millennial Pink Wedding Balloon Decor Entrance
Millennial Pink Balloon Entrance Wedding

A contemporary and chic way to add a splash of color to your wedding reception grand entrance is with Millennial Pink Balloons. Your guests are sure to be impressed by the combination of the enormous cascade of balloons and the welcome sign in color Millennial Pink. This is the ideal approach to spice up your special day with a little humor and fun.

15. Balloon Pillars For Wedding Entrance

These stunning balloon pillars are the best option as eye-catching items for ceremonies. Combine it with floral accents and lights inside the column to create a romantic touch.

Wedding Balloon Decor Pillars For Entrance Idea
Wedding Decor Balloons Pillars For Entrance Idea

Moreover, customize them with the “Just Married” statement on the topper balloon for a special touch. Hence, it is one of the simplest ideas to add to your list.

16. Full Balloon Entrance Wedding

Grand Entrance With Full wedding Balloon Decor
Grand Entrance With Full Wedding Balloon Decor

Fill the entryway of your ceremony with plenty of white balloons that will make your guests feel like they have been to a fantastic land. You and your spouse can take many beautiful photos together when standing in the center. Moreover, customize it by adding fresh flowers or greenery to make it unique.

Balloon Wedding Decor Ideas For Aisle

17. Fresh Greenery Aisle With Balloons

Simple Wedding Balloon Decor Aisle
Simple Balloon Ideas For Weddings Aisle

A simple way to make an aisle for balloon decorations for a wedding is to hang them with greenery. Line the walkway to the reception with dozens of round white balloons with a drape on the floor. We are sure the finished look will be spectacular and will never fail to make a massive impression on your guests.

18. White Balloons With Colored Streamers

Wedding Balloon Decor With Colored Streamers For Wedding Aisle
White Balloon Decor With Colored Streamers For Wedding Aisle

To highlight the moment you walk through the aisle, consider using the bright tassel streams and giant white balloons to create an elegant aisle for your day. Consider choosing the color to match your theme. These aisle markers represent the pinnacle of wedding balloon decor.

Wedding Balloon Arch Decoration Ideas

Arches are the most adaptable wedding decorations, but they are also expensive. But you can replace these high-end items with the balloon to make an amazing arch. Since it can draw attention to the entrance to the venue or frame the head table for your day, if you still do not know how to start, keep reading these ideas below.

19. Balloon Arch With Ombre Pink Color

This arch can serve as a backdrop and a centerpiece for your wedding reception. The ombre effect gradually changes from light to dark, giving the arch more depth and character. The combination of balloons and plants provides a lovely, natural sense, while the light pink tint adds a romantic and whimsical touch.

Wedding Balloon Decor Arch With Ombre Pink
Balloon Decoration Ideas Arch With Ombre Pink

Consider adding flowers in complementary colors or even fairy lights to the arch to further enhance its appearance and provide a bit of romance and enchantment to your big day.

20. Classic String of Balloon Pearls

Classic String of Wedding Balloon Decor With Pearls
Classic String of Wedding Balloon Arch Pearls

The straightforward, single-line design is simple to produce, and the black and white color scheme is a timeless and fashionable option to create a lovely backdrop for your wedding. Thanks to the traditional string-of-pearls balloon decorations, your wedding arch will be the center of your event, focusing everyone’s attention on the delighted couple.

21. Roses And White Balloons Arch Decor

Colored Arch Of Roses And White Wedding Balloon Decor
Roses And White Balloon For Wedding Balloon Arch

Using roses and a white-colored frame will create a lovely focal point for your wedding. Place and decorate the balloon in half of the frame; you can drape a white fabric in the other half. Moreover, use ivy garland to add a great finishing touch to your wedding balloon decor.

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22. Wedding Head Table Balloon Arch

A wonderful option to provide a focal point for your special day is to use a balloon arch for the head table at your wedding. It can be tailored to fit the wedding’s color scheme and placed in various ways to suit the setting you’re trying to create.

Head Table Wedding Balloon Decor Ideas For Arch
Wedding Decor Balloons Ideas For Arch

Consider including lighting or additional decor items, such as flowers or ribbon, to create a spectacular, eye-catching display to ensure the arch catches the eye and improves the entire appearance of the head table.

23. Traditional Entrance Arch

These enormous balloons in a spectrum of colors that are neutral in hue and go up an arch are also fantastic options for couples who prefer a more traditional arch.

Traditional Entrance Arch With Wedding Balloon Decor
Traditional Entrance Arch With Balloon Entrance Wedding

Adorn a floral arrangement at the end of the side to make it stunning balloon decorations for a wedding arch. Moreover, large balloon displays can also be set up down the aisle leading to the reception area.

22. Champagne Bottle Balloons

Another wedding sculpture is a champagne bottle, besides the swans mentioned above. Create a champagne bottle out of balloons to make a focal point in your day.

Champagne Bottle For Wedding Balloon Decor
Champagne Bottle Balloon Decor Ideas

This idea includes two golden bottles, and a shower of bubbles is poured, which will undoubtedly surprise your guests because of your creativity.

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Balloon Decor Ideas For Reception

Balloons may be used in various ways and can add color to your reception style. You may add them to the cake and guest book tables or go all out with arches and head table backdrops. So these ideas below will draw inspiration for you.

Wedding Tablescape Decor With Balloons

23. Garland of Wedding Balloon Decor

Garland Wedding Balloon Decor Tablescape
Garland Balloon Decor For Weddings Tablescape

The first thing on the wedding table you should consider is a table runner. Go beyond the traditional flower ideas and use balloons to create a stunning garland. Mix and match eucalyptus, flowers, and foliage in various hues and textures to complete the perfect wedding decor balloons.

24. Balloons Hanging Over Tables

To get an elegant effect and rustic vibe for your wedding day, attach tassels to balloons and let them float to the ceiling, as shown. Moreover, tie greenery or foliage to make a stunning ribbon for each balloon.

Wedding Balloon Decor Hanging Over Reception Tables
Wedding Balloon Decor Hanging Over Reception Tables

Make sure you choose a color scheme that complements your wedding table details. As a result, the array of balloons in this setting will create a coastal atmosphere that your guests will adore this idea and enjoy their meal.

25. Silver Heart Balloons

Silver Heart Tablespace For Wedding Balloon Decor
Silver Heart Balloons For Wedding Tablescape Decor

Silver heart balloons were included in your table arrangement to make a magnificent visual display and express your style and taste. This distinctive and memorable aspect will remain in your guests’ memories for years.

26. Personalized Balloons For Tablespace

The head table is the center of attention at a celebration. Create swags behind and around the table’s front to add an elegant touch. Large balloon forms will be draped behind the pair to create a focal point for your guests.

Head Table Wedding With Personalized Balloon Decor
Head Table Wedding With Personalized Balloon Decor

Customize these balloons with the words “Mr and Mrs” or your initials to make them unique. Moreover, add flowers and greenery and use lights to bring a fresh look in oft lighting to your table.

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Other Balloon Decorations For A Wedding

27. Elegant Wedding Balloon Centerpieces

Centerpiece Of Wedding Balloon Decor
Centerpiece Of Balloon Decor For Wedding Tablespace

What makes a stunning centerpiece on your table? It is all about using balloons to create an elegant focal point. As the images show, tie a balloon in a basket full of flowers and consider selecting a color to match your sleek wedding balloon centerpieces.

28. Classical Balloons Centerpiece

Classical Centerpiece Wedding Balloon Decor
Classical Centerpiece Wedding Balloon Decor

Using greenery in your balloon centerpiece might help improve your event’s natural feel. To add a splash of color, tie ribbons or tassels to the bottoms of the balloons. To create a romantic mood, use clear balloons packed with rose petals or add LED lights to the balloons.

Balloon centerpieces are inexpensive, simple to manufacture, and can be tailored to any wedding theme or color scheme. These are ideal for injecting some whimsy and fun into your special day.

29. Table Numbers With Gold Accent

Table Numbers For Wedding Balloon Decor
Table Numbers For Wedding Table Decor

The golden ribbon enhances and adds a touch of refinement to the whole look. The large white balloons make a bold statement and lend a whimsical touch to the wedding decor. This one-of-a-kind decor design is ideal for people searching for a modern and elegant take on traditional table numbers.

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Wedding balloon decor has become a popular trend in the wedding industry! You can use them to create any form from the wedding arch, backdrop, or aisle, and they never fail to make a huge impression on your guests. The collection of ideas from Viva Wedding Photography will assist you in making the decision. If you find this post helpful, please rate it 5 stars and leave your comments.

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