43 Simple Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas for an Intimate Affair

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Backyard wedding decor has become popular since it is affordable and accessible. Remember that there are countless wedding ideas to turn into whatever you desire. So that’s why Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of ideas to make your decision easier. From a wild organic atmosphere to an elegant tented event, our post will help you find the best one. Check them out now!

Backyard Wedding Ideas for the Ceremony

Backyard Ceremony Area Decor Ideas

1. Backyard Pool Wedding

Pool backyard wedding decor
Backyard Pool Wedding Ceremony

Convert your pool into a show-stopping of your backyard wedding decorations. A temporary pathway can be used as the aisle during the ceremony. It can then serve as both the entryway to your reception and another purpose. Going all out with a dance floor constructed over the pool is another option.

2. Drape Some Greenery

Backyard Wedding Decorations for tent with greenery
Drape Some Greenery For Backyard Ceremony Ideas

When it comes to soaring decorations, tents are the way to go. For an extra touch of coziness and closeness, use it to your advantage by making a fanciful canopy out of draped textiles and verdant, intertwined foliage. So that the stunning ceiling decoration can take center stage, stick to a muted color scheme throughout.

4. Take advantage of the surrounding

Simple backyard wedding decor on a budget
Simple backyard wedding decor on a budget (Source: Martha Stewart)

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful backyard with lush greenery and flowers, you don’t need any complex decor. Opt for simple yet elegant decor items with neutral colors, allowing the greenery and open sky to be the main focal points. Consider utilizing natural materials such as wooden accents, burlap, or linen for a rustic touch. These backyard wedding decor ideas will make your wedding look like a dream come true without spending too much time and money.

5. Have a plan for rainy days

Transparent tent for backyard wedding ideas
Transparent tent for backyard nuptials (Source: Town & Country Magazine)

Although we may wish for clear skies, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Prioritise having a plan for rainy days before focusing on your plans for sunny occasions. This will assist you in mentally preparing for any potential bad weather on the big day. Having a tent ready in advance is a common precaution for outdoor at-home weddings.

Backyard Wedding Decor For Welcome Signs

6. Personalized Wood Wedding Signs

Personalized Backyard Wedding Decor for Wood Welcome Signs
Personalized Wood Backyard Wedding Decor Signs

DIYing your wedding sign is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your yard for your wedding. Let your imagination run wild with a scrap of wood. Depending on your preference, you can personalize this board with your name, wedding date, and other pertinent details. An admirer of rustic decor can’t overlook this concept.

7. Fabric Welcome Signs

Small backyard wedding ideas with a fabric welcome sign
Small backyard wedding ideas with a fabric welcome sign

Fabric signs may have the same rustic vibe as wooden ones. So, add a splash of color to make a stunning sign for your backyard wedding decorations. This banner-style sign is embellished with flowers and uses the one phrase that wraps up the entire nuptial experience: Best Day Ever. You can also put it on a wine-hued banner to greet your guests at the celebration.

8. Simplicity Welcome Sign

DIY backyard wedding ideas with a wooden welcome sign
DIY backyard wedding ideas with a wooden welcome sign

A welcome sign doesn’t need to have a lot of text on it. So, the rich wood textures are the popular choice for a low-cost welcome sign. And to make it more personal, you can add some greenery and fabric that match your wedding theme. Put it next to the guest book table and let your sign do the talking.

9. Classical Copper Welcome Sign

Classical Backyard Wedding Decor Welcome Sign By Copper
Copper welcome sign for a wedding at home

This concept is for you if you love rustic wedding styles. Using copper signs and putting some greenery alongside the frame will be a good choice. It’s one of our favorite small backyard wedding ideas as it is so simple to set up and can go well with any setting. This design can also serve as a bar or seating chart for your reception.

10. Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign

Backyard Wedding Decor For Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign
Ideas For Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign

Sophisticated and elegant are the words to describe this welcome sign. This frosted acrylic sign will look amazing when placed with some greenery and foliage. One thing we really like about this sign is that it’s durable and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged when being played outdoors.

Arch Decors for Backyard Nuptials

11. A Rustic Wedding Arch

Simple Wooden Arch For Backyard Wedding Decorations
Simple Wooden Arch For Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

When planning your backyard wedding decor, consider erecting a trellis that you can use as part of your arch. Please place them in a wooden frame and drape a white fabric over them to finish the look. It will be a lovely arch to make your vow exchange a little more spectacular.

12. Natural Arch Of Greenery

Natural Greenery Arch For Backyard Wedding Decor
Natural Greenery Wedding Arch For At-Home Wedding Decor

Why spend a fortune on fancy decor when you have nature as your ally? A green backdrop of trees and plants will make your backyard wedding decorations look like a fairy tale. And to make it even more magical, you can create an arch of green leaves and white flowers. It will frame your ceremony beautifully. And for a finishing touch, you can place two fern stumps on each side of the arch. They will add some texture and harmony to your decor.

13. Tree Arch with Draping Fabric

Backyard wedding ideas with Simple Fabric Arch
Simple Fabric Arch for Your Outdoor Ceremony

A large and lovely tree in your backyard is a gift for your wedding. You can use it as a natural arch for your ceremony. Just drape some fabric over the tree branches, and voila! You have a breezy and beautiful space to say, “I do.” This is one of the easiest and prettiest backyard wedding decor ideas you can try.

14. Two-Piece Wedding Arch

Two-Piece Arch For Backyard Wedding Decor
Two-piece arch for backyard nuptials

If you want to create a modern look for your decor, then this idea will no doubt please you. An old-fashioned white-painted wood wedding arch with flowering branches in jugs and mosses on the ground is perfect for a springtime outdoor ceremony.

15. Copper Wedding Arch

Copper For Backyard Wedding Decor Arch
Copper For Decorating A Backyard Arch

Opting for a copper wedding arch as the centerpiece for a backyard wedding decor brings a distinct blend of sophistication and rustic charm. To elevate the aesthetic, floral arrangements or draped fabric can be incorporated, enhancing the arch’s visual appeal. Additionally, adding string lights or lanterns can infuse a romantic glow, transforming the backyard into a captivating wedding venue.

16. Wood Log Wedding Arch

A Rustic Backyard Wedding Decor For Woodland Arch
A Rustic Wedding Arch with Logs and Blooms

A simple bouquet can be a focal point for backyard wedding ideas of the arch. All you need is wood and flowers to make it unique. Using a runner of petals will blend in with the surrounding environment and attract the guest’s attention.

17. Layer Textures Of Flower Backdrop

Backyard wedding decoration ideas with floral arbor
Backyard wedding decor ideas with floral arbor

The use of flowers and greenery will be the perfect choice for any wedding arch. There’s no need for any adornments when you have a spectacular floral arbor like the one at this Red Barn ranch wedding. Because of its attractiveness, this idea will draw attention and make it more memorable for your guests.

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Small Backyard Wedding Ideas for the Ceremony Aisle

18. Simple Aisle With Hurricane Lanterns

Backyard Wedding Decor Aisle With Hurricane Lanterns
Backyard wedding decoration ideas with hurricane lanterns

To draw the attention of your guests during your ceremony, dress the aisle with glass hurricane lamps and candles to brighten your aisle. Battery-powered candles are also perfect if you do not allow open flames. The result will be an elegant look for your day.

19. Tree Stumps For Backyard Aisle

Backyard Wedding Decor ideas with Tree Stumps Lined Aisle
Tree Stumps Lined Wedding Aisle

Decorate these tree stumps for your backyard wedding ideas, which will never fail to make a huge impression on your guests. Moreover, use flowers or fresh foliage, such as these eucalyptus bunches, to put on top of them. Floating candles and lanterns are optional to create an elegant touch for your day.

20. Ribbons On Chairs For Aisle

Backyard wedding decor on a budget with ribbon aisle marker
Backyard wedding decor on a budget with ribbon aisle marker

The benefits of using ribbons lie in their simplicity and versatility, allowing for easy adaptation to a smaller space. They add a whimsical touch to the aisle, creating a visually appealing pathway without overwhelming the intimate setting. To personalize the decor, you can add small floral accents for an extra touch of charm.

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21. Vintage Rugs For Wedding Aisle

Backyard Wedding Decoration for ceremony Aisle with vintage rugs
Vintage Rugs Using For Backyard Wedding Aisle

When it comes to outdoor wedding decor ideas, use vintage carpets of different sizes and colors to make your aisle unique. The rugs will make navigating a muddy path or a grassy aisle easier! Consider mixing and layering rugs of different sizes and patterns to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

Viva Wedding’s Tip for DIY Enthusiasts

You can explore thrift stores or online marketplaces for budget-friendly vintage finds, ensuring a diverse and personalized collection.

22. Petal Lined Wedding Aisle

diy backyard wedding ideas with floral petals aisle
Outdoor Wedding Aisle With Floral Petals

Nothing is more timeless than these backyard wedding decoration ideas with rose petals. Simply use white petals to lead the way you walk down the aisle. Consider a generous scattering of petals or creating a specific pattern along the aisle to maximize the visual impact.

Backyard Wedding Decor for the Reception

DIY Wedding Escort Card Display

23. Clothesline Escort Card

Clothesline Escort Card Display In Backyard Wedding Decor
Clothesline Escort Card Display In Backyard

Make a statement escort card out of your clothesline with this super-easy idea. It connects each card to a dangling tassel and hangs the whole thing from the ceiling. The visual of this backyard wedding decor will leave a huge impression on your guests.

Viva Wedding’s Tip for DIY Enthusiasts

Consider incorporating decorative elements such as greenery, flowers, or string lights along the clothesline to enhance the visual appeal. And make sure cards stay secure, especially if the display is outdoors or subject to windy conditions.

24. Greenery Leaf Escort Cards

DIY Backyard wedding ideas with greenery leaf escort cards
DIY Backyard wedding ideas with greenery leaf escort cards

The use of leaves as escort cards not only adds a botanical element but also serves as a sustainable and budget-friendly backyard wedding decor. Add some white calligraphy and stick them by a lovely knot, making it the perfect escort card display for your intimate gathering.

25. Rustic Framed Wire

Wire Chic Escort Cards Display For Backyard Wedding Decor
Wire Chic Escort Cards Display For Decorating A Backyard Wedding

A framed wire is the most popular choice for making a stunning escort card when you’re about to have backyard wedding decor on a budget. To realize these backyard wedding decoration ideas, you will need to add some white buds and blue splashes of color, then put some little clothespins and place greenery to highlight them.

Viva Wedding’s Tip for DIY Enthusiasts

Pre-plan the layout and arrangement before securing the cards to the wire, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing display.

26. Bohemian Macrame Escort Card Display

Backyard Wedding Decor with Macrame Escort Cards Display
Macrame Escort Cards Display for At-home Nuptials

Enhance your backyard wedding ideas by using natural accents that will be an ideal choice. Macrame escort card display is a creative and stylish way to show your guests’ names and table numbers at your wedding reception. It adds a touch of boho-chic flair to your venue and complements any rustic or natural theme. However, it also requires some skills and patience to make the macrame knots and hang them on a wooden frame

27. Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses

Ideas for Backyard Wedding Decor with Pink Salt Shot Glasses
Pink Salt Shot Glasses for a Casual Wedding in Backyard

Want to spice up your backyard wedding decor with a dash of salt? Try using Himalayan salt shot glasses as your escort cards. These stunning salt crystals will make your guests feel like royalty as they sip their drinks from them while finding their seats. Whether you choose tequila, margarita, or something else, these glasses will add a subtle saltiness and a pop of color to your beverages. Plus, they are easy to make and reuse.

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Backyard Tablescape Decoration Ideas

28. Bring Trees Inside The Wedding Tent

Rustic Backyard Wedding Decor with Trees Inside Tent
Trees Inside Rustic Backyard Wedding Tent Tablescapes

Bringing trees into your tent will be a fantastic idea that will never fail to impress your guests. And to make it even more glamorous, you can add some gold lanterns and flowers. This will add some warmth and elegance to your rustic setting. Your guests will be wowed by your ‘tree-mendous’ backyard wedding decoration ideas.

29. Tablescape With String Lights

small backyard wedding ideas with String Lights
A Wedding Tablescape With String Lights

Nothing sets the mood like some twinkling bistro lights. They can transform your backyard wedding decor into a magical fairyland. Hang them over your dinner table to create a cozy and romantic ambiance. Or wrap them around the tent poles to add some sparkle and drama. Don’t worry if lighting is not in your budget. You can find cheap and cheerful bistro lights online or at your local thrift store.

30. Eucalyptus Table Runner

Eucalyptus table runner For Backyard Wedding Decor
Eucalyptus Runner for Table Decor in a Backyard

Opting for a eucalyptus table runner for backyard wedding decor on a budget not only brings a touch of natural elegance but also offers several practical benefits. The lush greenery of eucalyptus creates a refreshing and timeless aesthetic, effortlessly blending with various wedding themes.

Viva Wedding’s Tip for DIY Enthusiasts

To ensure the eucalyptus stays fresh throughout the event, mist it lightly with water and keep it in a cool place until just before the reception.

31. Long Banquet Tablescape

Backyard Wedding Decor with Long Banquet Tablescape
Long Banquet Tablescape For Backyard Wedding

Backyard wedding decor is the perfect place to have dinner that will bring everyone together. So, if you want to do it in a family-style setting, use long banquet tables to create a pleasant space for your day. Think about embracing long table runners adorned with greenery or flowers, complemented by candlelight for a warm and inviting glow.

32. Elegant Place Settings

Elegant Place setting ideas for backyard wedding decorations
Place setting ideas for backyard weddings (Source: Martha Stewart)

Prepare to discover a hidden gem: A backyard wedding decor on a budget can exude elegance like no other. Create a captivating ambiance for your reception with the use of textural place settings. The table was adorned with ornate chargers, each topped with gilded china, creating an extra unique ambiance.

33. Potted Plants Table Centerpiece

DIY backyard wedding ideas with potted plant table centerpieces
DIY backyard wedding ideas with potted plant centerpieces (Source: The Knot)

Opting for potted plants as table centerpieces in backyard wedding decor brings a fresh and eco-friendly approach, seamlessly integrating nature into the celebration. To create a stunning display, you can mix and match different types of potted plants, such as succulents, ferns, or flowers. And to make it smell as good as it looks, you can add some herbs like lavender or rosemary to your pots. They will fill the air with a lovely aroma and a hint of flavor.

Viva Wedding’s Tip for DIY Enthusiasts

You can personalize the pots by painting them in their wedding colors and adding handcrafted tags with guests’ names and table numbers.

34. Garden Romance Tablescape

Garden Romance Tablescape for Backyard Wedding Decor
Garden Romance Tablescape In Backyard

On a budget, a lush garland for backyard wedding ideas will be the perfect option for table settings. Add some flashes of pastel blooms and candelabras to create a romantic scene. The contrast between the soft, powdered tones of the wood furniture is breathtaking and will capture your guests’ hearts.

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Backyard Wedding Decorations for the Drink Bar

35. Rustic Cart With Fruity Drinks

Rustic Cart With Fruity Drinks for backyard wedding decorations
Simple Backyard Rustic Cart With Fruity Drinks

What’s a summer wedding without some refreshing drinks? To quench your guests’ thirst, serve them some fruity beverages in a handmade wagon. This will add some rustic charm and nostalgia to your backyard wedding decor. And for an extra touch of sweetness, pour your drinks into mason jars. Whether you choose iced tea, lemonade, or something else, these jars will make your drinks look and taste delicious

36. Self-Serve Beverages On Ice

Self-Serve Beverages On Ice for Backyard Wedding Decor
Self-Serve Beverages On Ice On Backyard Decor

Having the self-serve beverages on the ice will no doubt surprise your guests when they come to your wedding. Stock a bar cart with bottles of bubbly to take things to the next level with your outdoor wedding decor.

37. Wine Barrels Bar

rustic backyard wedding decor with wine barrels bar
Ideas for a backyard wedding with wine barrels bar

The wine barrels bar stands out as a quintessentially charming and versatile choice for backyard wedding decorations, infusing the celebration with rustic allure. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, barrels provide a sturdy and versatile base for a bar setup, ensuring a durable and well-supported structure. Consider incorporating a variety of beverage options, including wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails, to cater to diverse tastes.

38. A Bar Truck

Backyard Wedding Ideas With a Truck Bar
At-home Wedding Ideas with a Truck Bar

Surprise your guests with delicious late-night drinks with a bar truck. Choose from your favorite juice to ice cream as part of your backyard wedding ideas. The mobile will transform into a visual centerpiece, providing guests with a stylish and Instagram-worthy photo point. For a DIY twist, couples can customize the truck further with handmade signs, offering a personalized touch to the drink menu

39. Circle Bar Station Display

Backyard Wedding Decor with Circle Bar Station Display
Circle Bar Station Display for Backyard Nuptials

To bring the minimalist look of the outdoor bar station, display all the beautiful glassware on a statement shelf, such as this circular piece. Enhance the visual appeal by adorning the station with hanging greenery, decorative lights, or a personalized monogram at its center. By doing so, you can make sure the bar goes well with other backyard wedding decoration ideas.

Other Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas for a Relax Affair

40. Set Up a Lawn Game Area

backyard wedding decor for the lawn game area
Wedding Lawn Game Area in the Backyard

Discovering enjoyable ways to keep your guests entertained is a top priority when planning a backyard wedding reception. And there’s nothing quite like a good round of classic lawn games. It’s also a chance to add a personal touch to your backyard wedding.

41. Chill Lounge Area

Backyard wedding decorations for the lounge area
Backyard wedding decorations for the lounge area

Do you want to bring the indoors out? Then why not turn your outdoor space into a stylish lounge area? It’s a simple way to add some class and comfort to your party. All you need is some furniture that you already have, either outside or inside. You can have fun mixing and matching different pieces, colors, and fabrics to create a unique and cozy look. Your lounge area will be perfect for your guests to chill and chat.

42. Single-serve Ladder Dessert Station

small backyard wedding ideas with a Single-serve Ladder Dessert Station
Dessert station for a small wedding at home

The ladder dessert station is one of the most creative DIY backyard wedding ideas. It’s a simple and fun way to display your favorite desserts on a wooden ladder. We recommend selecting a sturdy ladder and securing it safely before adorning it with an array of single-serve desserts such as cupcakes, mini pies, or jars of mousse.

43. Camping Tent In Backyard

backyard wedding decor ideas with a camping tent
Small backyard wedding ideas with a camping tent

If you prefer a camping tent, consider renting a big one for your big day. Upholstery, soft couches, and even a chandelier are all you need to complete this elegant look. Remember to place a personalized chair couple in the center for couples when greeting your guests.

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Backyard wedding decor is perfect if you want to make your big day memorable while saving money. Why? This idea is adorable and convenient and will capture your guests’ hearts when they come in. And if you do not know how to start your list, Viva Wedding Photography has created a list of ideas to nail your day perfectly.

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