47 Festive Fall Wedding Decor Ideas for an Unforgettable Day

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As the leaves adorn themselves with vibrant hues and a crisp breeze gently whispers through the air, it is undeniable that love permeates the autumn atmosphere. If you have chosen the fall wedding decor for your big day, you’re in for a treat. Let’s discover the most playful and picturesque ways to weave the season’s magic into your day. No matter where you are in the wedding planning process, this list for Viva Wedding Photography will surely spark ideas for a fairytale ceremony and reception.

Decorations for a Fall Wedding Ceremony

Autumn wedding arch

You can incorporate an autumnal ceremony arch in a variety of venues. From outdoor spaces to banquet halls, a focal point, this drama will bring an air of romance no matter where it goes. You will find your guests gathering near this gorgeous decor just to have their photos snapped.

1. Branche arch

Fall wedding decor ideas for the ceremony arch
Subtle fall wedding decor ideas for the ceremony arch – Photo by: Brides

Are you planning to have an indoor wedding and want to incorporate the beauty of autumn into your decor? There is no reason why you can’t bring all that stunning foliage indoors, as demonstrated by this simple yet beautiful ceremony setup. We like how the warm hue of the branches complements the room’s weathered brick walls and wooden window paneling.

2. A-frame wedding arch

Fall wedding decor with A-frame arch
A-frame for fall wedding arch – Photo by: Etsy

The idea for this fall wedding decor is both simple and effective. The best part is that you can easily create the structure for an A-frame wedding arch yourself. Once you have your florist create a few arrangements to enhance the space, you’ll be all set. Your guests will be impressed by your creativity and skill, and you’ll have a beautiful focal point for your vows. Don’t settle for a boring arch – make your own and make it fabulous.

3. Pampas grass arch

Fall wedding decoration ideas with pampas grass arch
Wedding pampas grass arch – Photo by: Pinterest

Pampas grass is a popular choice for boho nuptial-style aesthetics, but it also lends itself beautifully to autumn wedding decorations. One of the things we love about it is that you can achieve a significant impact at a relatively low cost. That’s why a wedding arch with pampas grass can be the chic focus of interest during your reception without costing a fortune.

4. Fall flowers arch

Fall wedding decor with floral arch
Fall wedding decorations for the arch with autumn florals – Photo by: Pretty Collected

Floral arches create a romantic ambiance for wedding ceremonies. Enhance the festive atmosphere by incorporating seasonal leaves and branches into your decorations.

We’re really into the concept of showcasing a single variety of flowers that is currently in season. Choosing a bundle of white mums is an excellent option, but you can achieve a similar appearance by using any in-season variety, such as marigolds or dahlias.

Fall wedding aisle decorations

5. Pumpkin lined aisle 

Fall wedding decor for the ceremony aisle with pumpkin
Fall wedding décor ideas with pumpkin – Photo by: Brandon Scott Photo

Enhance the ambiance of your walk down the aisle by incorporating a tasteful fall aesthetic. Create a charming, farm-like ambiance by combining various shapes and sizes of pumpkins. You might want to add seasonal greenery at the base to effortlessly create a seamless blend. The comforting colors of fall will create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, making them feel right at home.

6. Pampas grass aisle

Pampas grass aisle for autumn wedding decorations
Pampas grass aisle for autumn wedding decorations – Photo by: VintageBASH

Improve the ambiance of your wedding aisle by incorporating pampas grass wedding décor, which adds a distinct and intimate touch. Put them in gold urns of moderate size among other flowers. A walkway lined with orchids, hydrangeas, and pampas grass would appear like something out of a dream.

To highlight the most significant area of the wedding ceremony, consider placing taller versions of the same arrangement in large vases at the end of the aisle, near the altar. These fall wedding aisle decorations will effortlessly catch the eye and draw attention to where the vows are exchanged.

7. Rustic vases

Fall wedding decor with rustic vases for the aisle
Fall wedding aisle decorations with rustic vases – Photo by: Pinterest

Celebrations in the cool months call for the country chic style. Create a beautiful and sophisticated aisle for your ceremony by adorning the space with carefully positioned wooden elements and rustic vases. This combination will provide a natural yet elegant ambiance. These items are the spark plugs that set an autumn celebration ablaze.

8. Mum aisle markers

Potted mums as aisle markers for a fall wedding decor
Autumnal wedding ideas on a budget with potted mums – Photo by: The Knot

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to spice up your fall wedding aisle decorations, look no further than potted mums. They come in a variety of colors and can be used as aisle markers to make a strong visual impact. Plus, they are quick and easy to set up. No need to fuss with vases, ribbons, or candles; they can shine on their own,

Autumn wedding aisle runner

9. Wooden aisle runner

Autumn wedding decorations with a wooden aisle runner
Autumn wedding decorations with a wooden aisle runner – Photo by: Carats & Cake

Begin your journey down the aisle with the earthy charm of a wooden runner. Imagine the rustic allure underfoot as you make your way toward forever. This sturdy choice not only complements the season ambiance but also adds a touch of timeless elegance. Each step resonates with the whisper of nature, creating an intimate connection with the surroundings.

10. Jute aisle runner

Fall wedding decor with jute aisle runner
Fall wedding decorations with jute aisle runner – Photo by: The Knot

For a bohemian twist that seamlessly blends with the autumn landscape, consider a jute aisle runner. The natural fibers evoke a sense of simplicity and organic beauty, providing a warm look for your ceremony. As you tread on this textured path, you’re not just walking toward your beloved; you’re strolling through a tapestry of love, nature, and the unique charm that defines fall weddings.

11. Customized linen aisle runner

linen aisle runner for a fall wedding decor
Linen aisle runner for autumn nuptials – Photo by: Pinterest

Picture a pathway adorned with a linen aisle runner, where softness meets sophistication. The gentle touch of linen adds a subtle grace to your walk down the aisle. It’s like dancing on a cloud, where the fabric mirrors the delicate essence of autumn. This fall wedding decor brings an airy, ethereal quality to your ceremony, perfect for couples seeking a blend of comfort and refinement.

12. Vintage rug aisle runner

Fall wedding decor with vintage rugs
Fall wedding decor with vintage rugs – Photo by: The Barn at Sparrow Creek Ranch

Step into a world of timeless romance with a vintage rug aisle runner, where every step echoes the tales of a bygone era. Lay down a rich tapestry of colors and patterns that not only graces your path but also narrates a story steeped in history. Whether you choose a Persian masterpiece or a bohemian patchwork, each rug becomes a chapter in your love story.

13. Fall leaves aisle runner 

Decorations for a fall wedding with fall leaves aisle runner
Wedding aisle runner with fall leaves – Photo by: Wedding Wire

Nothing screams the season spirit like a walk through a colorful carpet of autumn leaves. As you take those memorable steps down the aisle, be embraced by the warm, earthy tones of rust, gold, and crimson leaves scattered along the path. You’ll hear the leaves crunch under your feet as you make your way to your partner, adding some natural sound effects to your big moment.

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Fall wedding backdrop ideas

14. Nature backdrop

Fall wedding decor with nature backdrop
Utilize nature’s beauty when having outdoor nuptials – Photo by: Brides

When planning a wedding in a location with abundant trees, it is advisable to avoid incorporating excessive details that may overshadow the natural beauty of the surroundings. Instead, opt for fall wedding decorations that enhance the natural beauty. A simple ceremony setup with ghost chairs and wooden benches is all you need to create the wedding of your dreams in the beautiful autumn season. 

15. Velvet backdrop

Velvet backdrop for fall wedding decor
Fall wedding backdrop with velvet – Photo by: Etsy

Elevate the ambiance of your fall wedding with a touch of opulence by choosing a velvet backdrop. The lush, rich texture of velvet adds a layer of sophistication and warmth, making it an ideal choice for autumn celebrations. Add personalized monograms, hanging florals, or fairy lights to transform this luxurious fabric into a canvas. These additions will not only frame your ceremony beautifully but also create a romantic atmosphere for exchanging your vows.

16. Woven tapestries 

Autumn wedding decorations with woven tapestries
Woven tapestries for a wedding ceremony backdrop – Photo by: Temu

Unleash the artistry of woven tapestries to craft a backdrop that tells the tale of your love. Choose fabrics with intricate patterns and fall-inspired colors, creating a visually captivating scene. These tapestries, woven with romantic strands, serve as more than just eye candy; they are the weaving together of two lives. Enhance the decor with florals, greenery, and soft lighting for a bohemian and enchanting atmosphere that perfectly befits a fall celebration.

Fall Wedding Decor for The Reception

Seating arrangements

17. Pumpkin place cardholders

Fall wedding decor with pumpkin cardholders
Fall wedding decor with place cards in the shape of pumpkin – Photo by: Amazon

Greet your guests and guide them to their seats with a delightful touch by using pumpkin place cards. Miniature pumpkins serve as both charming decor and personalized name tags. To achieve a cohesive look, consider selecting small varieties or painting them in your wedding color palette.

18. Pomegranates place setting

Fall wedding reception ideas with pomegranates
Fall wedding reception ideas with pomegranates – Photo by: Country Living

Are you not a fan of pumpkins? Consider choosing a fruit that is in season instead. How about incorporating place settings that feature pomegranates with elegantly calligraphed names? As guests find their places, they will be captivated by a celebration that exudes elegance and the rich beauty of the fall harvest in even the most minor details.

19. Tree slice place cardholders

Fall wedding decor with tree slices
Autumn wedding decorations with tree slices – Photo by: Pinterest

Elevate your table settings with a touch of woodland whimsy using tree slice place cards. As guests find their seats, they’re greeted by a personalized piece of nature, creating an intimate connection to the rustic elegance of fall. With names delicately inscribed on these wooden canvases, your seating arrangement becomes a gallery of personalized charm, where every guest is assigned a place as special as the love being celebrated.

20. Apple place cards

Fall wedding decor idea with apple place cards
Festive fall wedding ideas for place cards – Photo by: Country Living

Using clove-adorned apple place cards is a wonderfully fitting way to welcome guests to their designated seats warmly. An additional benefit of this fall wedding decor idea is that they have a pleasant fragrance.

To create your letter, start by drawing it on a piece of paper. Once you have finished drawing, carefully cut it out. Finally, use tape to attach the letter to an apple. To trace the outline of the letter onto the apple, gently prick along its outer edges using a straight pin. Take off the paper and carefully insert cloves into the apple, making sure to stay within the outlined area.

21. Fall seating chart

rustic seating chart for fall wedding decorations
Seating chart idea for an outdoor wedding in the fall season – Photo by: Rustic Wedding Chic

If you want to avoid the hassle of having your wedding guests search for a small place card amidst a sea of dozens, consider creating a simple seating chart instead. Not only will it enhance visibility, but it will also bring an additional stylish element to your autumn wedding decorations.

Ideas for fall wedding table decorations

22. Hanging foliage

Fall wedding decor with hanging foliage
Fall wedding reception ideas with hanging foliage – Photo by: Brides

Enhance your wedding tablescape to create a memorable dining experience. Direct your gaze towards a breathtaking display of foliage that rivals the most magnificent autumn trees. Enhance the ambiance with candles placed below, eliminating the need for any additional items on the table.

23. Leather place setting

Fall wedding table decorations with leather
Fall wedding table decorations with leather – Photo by: Etsy

What better way to bring beauty and elegance to your table than a stunning leather decoration? As shown here, we use a leather placemats, napkin holders, and coasters, creating a cohesive look. The earthy tones of leather seamlessly blend with the autumnal palette, adding a touch of coziness and refinement to the celebration. These leather accents serve not only as functional elements but also as stylish decorations for a fall wedding.

24. Feather tuft

Fall wedding decor with feathers for reception tables
Menu decorated with feathers – Photo by: Pinterest

Elevate the texture of your fall wedding decor by applying feather finishes. Decorating menus with a feather tuft is a tasteful way to enhance the presentation of guests’ plates. Incorporating not only the colors found in nature but also the patterns adds a unique touch to the overall experience.

25. Amber glassware

Fall wedding decor ideas with amber glassware
Fall wedding decorations with amber glassware – Photo by: The Barn at Hight Point Farms

Infuse your wedding tables with amber glassware’s warm and inviting glow. Take your table settings to the next level with these golden-hued vessels’ rich, earthy tones, casting a spell of autumnal enchantment. From goblets to champagne flutes, amber glassware adds a touch of vintage elegance to your reception. Imagine the flickering candlelight reflecting in the golden depths, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

26. Sunset terracotta table linens

Fall wedding table decorations with linen
Wedding table decorations with linen – Photo by: The Wedding Playbook

Incorporate earthy tones and rust shades into the color palette of your autumn wedding decorations. The combination of these hues with wooden textures and string lights creates a particularly pleasing aesthetic. You can never make a mistake when you choose to follow your instincts.

Fall wedding centerpiece ideas

27. Pumpkin centerpieces

Fall wedding decor with pumpkin centerpieces
Fall centerpieces with pumpkin for an autumnal wedding – Photo by: Brides

It is impossible to overlook pumpkins when it comes to fall wedding table decorations. If you’re not a fan of the typical orange pumpkins, consider incorporating white pumpkins into your table settings. Fill a stone urn with these elegant pumpkins to create a chic and stylish tribute to the season.

28. Fall foliage

Fall wedding decor with red maple branches
Stunning fall wedding décor with red maple branches – Photo by: Pinterest

Embrace the beauty of lush foliage with stunning table arrangements that exude elegance and vibrancy, even without the presence of blooms. Choosing this kind of centerpiece may seem dramatic, but it offers a wide range of vibrant colors and textures that are sure to please.

29. Vintage lanterns and greenery 

vintage lanterns for fall wedding decor
Ideas for reception table decor with lanterns – Photo by: Pinterest

Enhance the uniqueness of your wedding venue by acquiring captivating lanterns from antique stores. Covering the cords can be a simple do-it-yourself project. All you need to do is wrap greenery or flowers around the base of the lamps. These fall wedding table decorations are particularly suitable for couples who have a vintage, bohemian, or whimsical wedding style. 

30. Dried wheat stalk

Fall wedding table decor with wheat stalks
Perfect fall wedding centerpieces made of wheat stalks – Photo by: Temu

Capture the spirit of autumn with these centerpieces made from dried wheat stalks. Bundle together golden sheaves of wheat, secured with twine or ribbon, to create a striking focal point for your tables. Dried wheat not only adds texture but also symbolizes abundance and prosperity, making it a meaningful centerpiece choice.

31. Candles centerpieces

Autumn wedding decorations with candles
Table decorations with candles – Photo by: Wedding Forward

Transform your tables into a sea of soft, flickering light with candle centerpieces that cast a warm glow on your autumn wedding decorations. Create a visually captivating display by combining candles of different heights and shapes. Whether you go with classic taper candles or prefer the rustic charm of pillar candles, you’ll create an intimate and romantic atmosphere that sets the perfect stage for unforgettable moments.

Fall wedding decoration ideas for reception chairs

32. Floral chairs decorations

Chair sashes for fall wedding decor
Chair decorations for a fall wedding – Photo by: Pinterest

Flowers are a must-have for any wedding, but they can do so much more than just sit on a table or frame an arch. If you want to make your decor extra special, why not use flowers to decorate the seats at the reception? You can use any flowers you like, but we recommend choosing ones that match your theme and the season. For example, you can use sunflowers, dahlias, or chrysanthemums for a warm and cheerful look, or roses, orchids, or lilies if you’re into a more elegant and romantic one.

33. Woven blankets

Fall wedding decor ideas with blankets
Fall wedding decoration ideas with blankets – Photo by: Brides

Guests’ comfort is always a priority. However, if you are getting married during colder temperatures, it becomes even more important to be extra attentive to how your attendees might feel during the celebration. Everyone spends a considerable amount of time at their dinner table, so it’s a good idea to provide blankets that may double as both a decorative accent and a toasty favor.

34. Terracotta cheesecloth chair sashes

Terracotta cheesecloth chair sashes for fall wedding decor
Chair sashes for wedding decor – Photo by: Rock My Wedding

Elevate your fall wedding chair decorations with the soft and warm embrace of terracotta cheesecloth chair sashes. These fall wedding decor ideas add an element of understated elegance, casting a gentle glow reminiscent of autumn sunsets. Drape the cheesecloth along the back of each chair, allowing it to flow gracefully. Consider securing the sashes with delicate florals or foliage for a bohemian touch.

Fall wedding wreaths

35. Greenery wreaths

autumn wedding decorations with greenery wreaths
Greenery wedding wreaths with autumnal details – Photo by: Southern Living

While fall color is universally adored, it’s important to remember that a touch of green can also have its own special place in autumn wedding decorations. Fall wreaths adorned with lush greenery create a stunning visual contrast when placed against charming white doorways with a rustic touch. These green elements can be enhanced by incorporating vibrant seasonal colors to attract attention.

36. Dried wheat wreaths

dried wheat weath for fall wedding decor
Wedding wreath made of dried wheat – Photo by: Etsy

Crafted with golden sheaves of wheat intertwined with twine or ribbon, these wreaths effortlessly bring a sense of rural elegance to your fall wedding decorations. The golden sheaves of wheat create a warm and earthy atmosphere, welcoming guests to a celebration. Each turn through the venue becomes a journey through fields of gold, where love is celebrated amidst the rustic beauty of bountiful harvest.

38. Sunflower wreath

Fall wedding decoration ideas with sunflower wreaths
Gorgeous fall blooms for a wedding wreath – Photo by: Temu

Embrace the radiant charm of nature by incorporating sunflowers into your fall wedding reception ideas with a wreath made of them. Sunflower is a beautiful symbol of sunny days, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the sunflower also represents the everlasting joy and brightness of love that is shared on your big day, making the wreath a meaningful and beautiful decor item.

37. Leaf fall wreath

Fall wedding decor ideas with leaf fall wreath
Fall wedding decoration ideas with autumn leaf wreath – Photo by: Pretty Collected

Celebrate the season’s beauty with a leaf fall wreath, where nature’s hues paint a vibrant masterpiece. Created from various autumn leaves, these wreaths capture the spectrum of reds, oranges, and yellows that define the season. You can hang them as striking focal points or scatter them throughout your venue to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. 

Fall wedding cake ideas

39. Semi-naked cake

autumn wedding decorations for a semi-naked cake
Wedding cake in fall theme – Photo by: Whipped Bakeshop

Embrace fall rustic charm with a semi-naked wedding cake that seamlessly marries simplicity and elegance. Unveil layers of moist cake delicately adorned with a thin layer of frosting that allows the natural beauty of the cake layers to peek through. This design is one of our favorite fall wedding ideas as it captures the essence of autumn’s organic beauty.

38. Black wedding cake with autumn flower accents

Fall wedding decor for a black wedding cake
Non-traditional fall cake in black for weddings – Photo by: Brides

Don’t be afraid to incorporate black into your fall wedding decor if you’re not a fan of traditional wedding cake. The dark canvas is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant and earthy tones of fall flowers like burgundy dahlias, golden chrysanthemums, and deep red roses. The juxtaposition of the dark cake and the vivid blossoms creates a visually striking and utterly memorable focal point for your fall celebration.

40. Fresh fall fruit decor

fall wedding decoration ideas for a wedding cake with seasonal fruits
Fall decor for a wedding cake – Photo by: Wedding Forward

Elevate your fall wedding cake with a burst of freshness and vibrant colors by incorporating a bounty of seasonal fruits. The juxtaposition of the sweet, moist cake layers with the natural juiciness of the fruits adds a refreshing and visually stunning element to your wedding dessert. This is one of the best fall decor ideas if you want an eye-catching cake for your dessert table.

Other creative fall wedding decor for the reception

41. Apple cider

apple cider for fall wedding decor
Apple cider for autumn nuptials – Photo by: Southern Living

Incorporate the bounty of the harvest season by using apples to accompany serving displays. This simple and budget-friendly idea adds a touch of elegance to your decorations. Furthermore, cider is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. To elevate your seasonal choices, consider offering a cider toast as an alternative to Champagne.

42. Fireplace focal point

Fall wedding decor ideas for fireplace
Rustic fall wedding ideas with fireplace – Photo by: Pinterest

Improve the comfort level during cocktail hour by maximizing the use of the venue’s fireplace. Create a soothing atmosphere for guests to unwind and stay cozy by incorporating candles, greenery, and a subtle hint of floral elements. The photo ops at this meetup spot are going to be superb.

43. Mobile bar

Fall wedding decor with mobile bar
The mobile bar is one of our favorite outdoor fall wedding ideas – Photo by: Green Wedding Shoes

Explore unique fall wedding decoration ideas by turning the mobile bar into an ideal focal point, ensuring a delightful and stylish touch to your festivities amidst the autumn landscape. You can choose from different types of mobile bars, such as a converted caravan, a horse trailer, or even a bicycle. Whatever you choose, they can be both a fun and festive way to spice up your wedding reception.

44. Rustic photo display

Fall wedding decor ideas for photo display
Wedding guest book table with rustic photo display – Photo by: Country Living Magazine

Displaying old family photos is a brilliant fall wedding decor idea that complements your guestbook table. To create an antique ambiance, utilize vintage flower frogs as photo holders. Position them underneath glass cloches and bell jars to complete the look.

45. Autumn wedding lounge

Fall wedding reception ideas for lounge area
Fall wedding reception ideas for lounge area – Photo by: Nashville Bride Guide

Transform your reception into a cozy haven with a fall-themed cocktail lounge. Picture plush seating adorned with warm-hued throws and pillows, nestled under the canopy of autumn leaves. As the sun dips below the horizon, the lounge comes alive with the soft glow of string lights, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Consider serving signature fall-inspired cocktails- think spiced apple cider martinis and cinnamon-infused bourbon delights.

With these fall wedding decoration ideas, lounge space becomes more than a seating area; it’s a retreat where guests can savor the season’s flavors and toast to the love that fills the air.

46. Tented light strands

fall wedding decor with tented light strands
Idea for autumn wedding light decorations – Photo by: Carats & Cake

In the fall, the sun sets earlier, making good lighting essential for your nuptials. However, this doesn’t mean that the lighting cannot also be aesthetically pleasing. 

To create a truly stunning ambiance, consider adorning a transparent wedding tent with numerous elegantly draped LED string lights. This will give the impression of celebrating beneath a magnificent starlit sky, adding a touch of enchantment to your special day. This fall wedding decor idea is equally stunning when used with a standard marquee or sailcloth tent.

47. Pumpkin-inspired guest book

Fall wedding decor ideas with pumpkin guest book
Autumn wedding ideas with pumpkin guest book – Photo by: Etsy

Transform the traditional guest book into a charming keepsake with a pumpkin twist by using the pumpkin wedding guest book. Display a selection of pumpkins, each one inviting guests to leave their warm regards and blessings. As the pumpkins gather well-wishes, they become not just a guest book but also delightful autumn decor. After the celebration, you can preserve these pumpkins as tokens of love on your special day.

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As we end this list of fall wedding decor, one truth remains clear: Autumn is a symphony of love and design. From the crunch of leaves beneath wooden aisle runners to the warmth of a fall cocktail lounge, every detail paints a picture of rustic elegance. Viva Wedding Photography hopes your wedding party will be as beautiful as the love blossoming in the heart of autumn!

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