40 Best Short Wedding Hairstyles That Make You Stunning On Your Day

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It may seem difficult to find short hairstyles for weddings, but there are actually a lot of classic and modern options out there. Short wedding hairstyles can range from elegant and simple to sophisticated and refined. Having short hair on your wedding day shouldn’t restrict your creative juices, whether you’re more of a traditionalist, a free spirit, a bold beauty, or a modern romantic. Stick to effortlessness, ease, or edge while planning your wedding day appearance, just as you would for a night out.

Whether your wedding day attire requires daytime chic or a black tie affair, check out these 40 short wedding hairstyles. Viva Wedding Photography gives you all the hair inspiration you’ll need for a stunning bridal style that doesn’t necessitate long locks.

Short Hair Updos For Wedding

Messy French Roll

Short hairstyles for weddings: messy french roll
Messy French Roll Is A Prevalent Short Hair Wedding Updo – Photo by: Hair Adviser

This is among simple and beautiful short hairstyles for weddings that look great with any kind of bridal gown. A bridal hairstyle does not have to be tightly knotted or strongly sprayed. You don’t have to conform to other people’s expectations about conventional bridal hairstyles. If you want to keep your hair natural for your wedding, just do what you want.

Short Rolled Updo With Hairpins

Short hairstyles for weddings: rolled updo with hairpins
Rolled Updo With Hairpins Is One of The Most Well-liked Short Hairstyles for Weddings – Photo by: Hair Adviser

The current wedding fashion scene has witnessed a rise in the popularity of low updos. These elegant hairstyles have become the go-to choice for brides seeking a chic and sophisticated look. Creating low updos can be as simple as gently brushing your hair back, twisting, and securely it in place. The incorporation of this particular style infuses a sense of romance into the overall wedding aesthetic.

Disheveled Low Updo

Short hairstyles for weddings: Disheveled Low Updo
Disheveled Low Updo For Short Wedding Hair – Photo by: Pinterest

A disheveled low updo is a hairstyle that incorporates a messy texture to create a fuller and more voluminous look for those with thin hair. You can make this hairdo by creating a small and loose bun or knot at the nape of the neck. The simplicity yet elegance of this style would highlight the beauty of any bridal dress, making it one of the most common short hairstyles for weddings.

Wavy French Roll Short Updo

Short hairstyles for weddings: wavy french roll
Wavy French Roll Is A Great Choice For Short Hair Wedding Updo – Photo by: Hairstylery

This is yet another variation of the French roll updo, and it gives your short hair some wave texture. You can give your hair a romantic wave effect on your own or ask a professional hairstylist to make a stunning updo highlighting your long neck and gemstone earrings.

Wavy Messy Updo With Fresh Flowers

Short hairstyles for weddings: wavy messy updo
Wavy Messy Updo For Bridal Hair – Photo by: Fab Mood

The messy wavy updo has been a highly sought-after short hair wedding updo in recent years. Not only is this hairstyle effortlessly romantic, but it also offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Elevate this hairstyle with fresh flowers to bring a rustic vibe, making it a perfect choice for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Tuck in some flowers, succulents, air plants, or any greenery of your choice to make a statement and add a touch of femininity to your bridal hair. Brides typically rock the same flowers in the bouquet and hair for a coordinated look. If you have a specific color scheme in mind, it’s a good idea to stick with flowers of those hues.

Loose Bouffant Updo With Flowers

Short hairstyles for weddings: loose bouffant updo with flowers
Fresh Flowers Make The Loose Bouffant Updo More Stunning – Photo by: The Knot

A loose bouffant updo with flowers is one of the most beautiful and elegant short hairstyles for the bride. It combines the classic bouffant style with a touch of natural beauty provided by the flowers. This hairstyle creates a romantic, effortless look that is perfect for brides who want a soft and feminine feel.

Remember to use hairspray and bobby pins to secure your updo in place throughout the day. This will ensure that your hairstyle stays put and looks flawless.

No-Frills Rolled Updo For Short Locks

Short hairstyles for weddings: no-frills rolled updo
No-Frills Rolled Updo Is A Beautiful Short Hair Wedding Updo – Photo by: Hair Adviser

A “no-frills rolled updo” is a simple and elegant hairstyle option for short locks. It involves creating a natural-looking canvas for a stylish accessory, such as a veil or hairpin. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings where you want to keep it simple yet sophisticated. 

Feathered Updo 

Short hairstyles for weddings: feathered updo
Short Hairstyles For Weddings: Feathered Updo – Photo by: Latest Hairstyles

A feathered updo hairstyle can give you a vintage vibe on your wedding day. Feathering makes messy look elegant and fine hair appear fuller. 

If you find yourself unsure about how to style your short hair wedding updo attractively, look no further, as this hairstyle is tailored just for you. Any mistakes or flyaways can land themselves in the overall charmingly relaxed and elegant style. 

French Twist Updo

A more mature appearance can be given a classic and elegant touch by styling short hair in a French twist updo. You should apply a very light finishing hairspray to tame flyaway for a more polished look, and avoid using heavy or wet hairsprays, which will cause pieces to split and detract from the overall smooth and polished elegance.

Twisted Bouffant Updo

Short hairstyles for weddings: twisted bouffant updo
Twisted Bouffant Updo Is Ideal Choice For The Bride With Short Hair – Photo by: Hair Adviser

This is a combination of a twisted hairstyle and a voluminous bouffant. If you have short hair but want to give the illusion of full hair, this wedding hairstyle is perfect for you. 

Remember to consider your hair texture, length, and personal style when attempting a twisted bouffant updo. Practicing the hairstyle beforehand or seeking professional assistance to ensure the desired result may be helpful.

Bun Hairstyles For Wedding Short Hair

Soft Low Bun With Wavy Top

Short hairstyles for weddings: soft low bun with wavy top
Soft Low Bun With Wavy Top Hairstyle Works Well With Any Bridal Style – Photo by: Wedding Forward

This short hair wedding bun can add some texture and volume to your hair, especially if you have fine or thin hair. The waves can create a soft and feminine vibe, while the bun can keep your hair out of your face and show off your neckline.

A soft low bun with a wavy top is a versatile and timeless hairstyle that can suit any wedding venue and season. Whether you are having a beach, garden, or indoor wedding, this hairstyle can complement your surroundings and atmosphere. 

High Messy Curly Bun

Short hairstyles for weddings: high messy curly bun
Short Hairstyles For Weddings: High Messy Curly Bun – Photo by: Pinterest

These days, more and more young ladies want to look natural and effortlessly beautiful without trying to go the extra mile even for their wedding. So, instead of fussy hairstyles, many choose this simple short hair wedding bun to go with their bridal dress.

A Low Bun With Face-Framing Curls

Short hairstyles for weddings: a low bun with face-framing curls
Short Hair Wedding Bun With Face-Framing Curls – Photo by: Wedding Forward

Keep a gentle and ethereal look by opting for an easygoing low bun. This hairdo allows shorter locks to whimsically fall around the bride’s face, framing her gorgeous features. The carefully crafted density of these pieces also creates a lovely aesthetic without overpowering the beauty of bridal earrings.

Elegant Twisted Bun

Short hairstyles for weddings: elegant twisted bun
Elegant Twisted Bun For Wedding Look – Photo by: Latest Hairstyles

Creating an elegant and refined hairstyle that complements a sophisticated and classy wedding gown can be effortlessly achieved with the incorporation of delicate twisted buns. This exquisite updo not only exudes a sense of grace and style but also adds a touch of glamour to your overall bridal look.

Low Chignon Bun

Short hairstyles for weddings: low chignon bun
Low Chignon Hairstyle Is A Classic Short Hair Wedding Bun – Photo by: Wedding Forward

Few short wedding hairstyles are as timeless as a low chignon, a traditional twist on the low bun. It not only elegantly brings you features of the bride’s face but also is a stunning way to show off the neckline of your gown. This hairdo can be taken to the next level as a bridal hairstyle with the addition of a crystal hair accessory. 

High Messy Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Low and loose isn’t the only hairstyle to get an effortless aesthetic. Pile your curls high atop your head for a very retro-glam style. In more detail, you just need to curl your hair with tongs, tease the roots to add some volume, and then twist everything up, leaving some shorter hair around the front. What a great option for short wedding hairstyles!

Textured Low Bun

Short hairstyles for weddings: textured low bun
Short Hairstyles For Weddings: Textured Low Bun – Photo by: Brides

You will be surprised to know that this easy and effortless wavy bridal hairstyle can be created on as short as shoulder-length hair. This style might be a good option if you are a sucker for texture and bohemian mood. Wear it with or without a veil, but a beautiful headpiece is certainly a must.

Low Bun With A Veil

Short hairstyles for weddings: low bun with a veil
Short hair wedding styles with veil – Photo by: Brides

The versatility of this short hair wedding bun makes it the perfect choice to complement any bridal style. The veil serves as a captivating accessory that beautifully accentuates the bride’s hair, allowing it to take center stage at a romantic, windy wedding venue.

Ballerina Bun 

Short hairstyles for weddings: ballerina bun
Short Hairstyles For Weddings: Ballerina Bun – Photo by: Martha Stewart

In many cases, the simplest hairdo can convey the class and sophistication that even the most intricate hairstyles can’t exude. Add fashionable hair accessories, like pearl pins, to the mix to take your look to the next level. Remember to keep it simple yet charming, and let your hair be the star of your big day.

Short Bob Hairstyles For Weddings

Side Part Bob Hairstyle With Jeweled Barrette

Short hairstyles for weddings: side part bob with jeweled barrette
Short Hair With Jeweled Barrette – Photo by: Etsy

Short bob hairstyles for weddings can have either short or deep side parts. It draws attention to your undercut, braid, or greatest facial features. The textured deep side part is a great way to achieve a trendy, fresh, and attractive bridal look. 

But if you want to channel a chic and super sophisticated wedding hairstyle, consider loose-end curls with a glamorous side part secured with a jeweled barrette (like one with rhinestones).

Loose Waves Bob Hairdo With A Flower Tiara

Short hairstyles for weddings: loose waves bob with a flower tiara
Loose Waves Short Bob Hairstyles For Weddings – Photo by: Pinterest

Wedding hairstyles do not have to be complicated. Consider airy, gentle waves in your bob cut with a stunning flower headpiece if you handle your own hair and makeup. For the best appearance, use white wildflowers, although any color scheme will work with this style.

Natural Volume Bob 

Short hairstyles for weddings: natural volume bob
Effortlessly Beautiful Look with Natural Volume Bob – Photo by: Wedding Forward

In these short-feathered hairstyles, volumized natural wedding hairstyles for bob look lovely. To create a thicker and fuller illusion, move the bob away from the face and make a small stack at the crown. If your bob is fine and thin, keep it blunt and chin-length with no face framing to add volume and sleekness. 

This short wedding hairstyle is ideal for forest-themed, woodland, rustic, and laid-back celebrations.

Natural Textures With A Diamond Tiara

Short hairstyles for weddings: natural textures with a diamond tiara
Diamond Tiara is one of the most common short hair accessories for wedding – Photo by: Twigs & Honey

This hairstyle is a celebration of the bringing together of two strikingly distinct aspects: a relaxed haircut that accentuates the natural texture of a bride’s hair and an impressive diamond tiara that serves as the focal point of the overall look. Together, these two features create a simple yet outstanding wedding hairstyle.

Formal Bob Hairstyle With Veil Hat

Short hairstyles for weddings: formal bob with veil hat
Classy Short Hairstyle For Weddings – Photo by: Wedding Forward

This hairdo bears a resemblance to the iconic styles donned by the poster girls in the 1960s. A small formal veil hat, such as this fascinator, is the way to go if you want to add an extra level of elegance and sophistication to your look on the day of your wedding.

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Braided Short Hairstyles For Wedding

Short Wedding Hairstyle with Fishtail Braid

Short hairstyles for weddings: fishtail braid
Fishtail Braid Is A Great Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair – Photo by: The Right Hairstyles

Fishtail braid works wonderfully with short hair since it doesn’t require a lot of lengths to stay in place. Dress your hair up with stunning accessories or things casual by pulling the braid a little to make it look messy. Create beachy waves as a final step to complete your perfect short wedding hairstyle.

Loose Side Braid 

Short hairstyles for weddings: loose side braid
Short Hairstyles for Wedding: Loose Side Braid – Photo by: Pinterest

If you want to look natural yet unfussy on your wedding day, this hairstyle is created for you. The side braid adds interest and attractiveness to your short hair, while the ruffled waves make you appear sweet and feminine. This hairdo also enhances your beauty in wedding photos by framing your face and drawing attention to your best features.

Asymmetrical Braided

Short hairstyles for weddings: asymmetrical braid
Adorn Your Asymmetrical Braid With Short Hair Accessories For Wedding – Photo by: The Cuddl

Asymmetrical braided is ideal for women who want to give the appearance of having a full head of luscious long locks. But it is also among the great choices of short hairstyles for weddings. Short hair with an asymmetrical braid adds a touch of sophistication and romanticism to the overall look. To avoid flyaways, you can use shorter layered pieces to add volume and texture to the braid while maintaining an elegant look. 

Romantic Braided Crown  

Not only is this one of the most bohemian hairdos around, but it is also one of the simplest hairstyles for wedding short hair to recreate at home. A short, romantic braided crown with pinned ends is beautiful yet polished enough to ensure it would hold up for a night of dancing! 

Short Hairstyle With Infinity Braid

Short hairstyles for weddings: infinity braid
Short Wedding Hairstyle With Infinity Braid – Photo by: The Right Hairstyles

Do you want a cute and easy wedding hairstyle that works for short hair? We’ve got you. The infinity braid is a lovely sign that would look great on a bride in a floaty silk dress or a bridal jumpsuit.

Chain Braided Style with Curled Ends

Short hairstyles for weddings: chain braided hairdo
Wedding Hair with Chain Braided Style – Photo by: Pinterest

The chain-like twist can give your short hair an eye-catching and edgy aspect, and the curled ends can add some bounce and movement to your overall style. This is a short wedding hairstyle that can make you stand out from the crowd and reflect your personality, giving you an appearance that is unique and unforgettable.

Half-Up Hairstyles For Wedding Short Hair

Bouncy Dirty Blonde Half-Up

Short hairstyles for weddings: bouncy dirty blonde hair-up
An Easy-to-do Hairstyle for Wedding – Photo by: Hair Adivser

This is a cute updo to pop your short hair, as it adds some bounce and highlights your hair features. Star by pulling off curls at the bottom and adding some backcombing at the top. Finally, some interwoven side tresses are all needed to make your wedding hair fabulous

Half Up Wavy 

Short hairstyles for weddings: half-up wavy
Half Up Wavy Is A Simple Wedding Hairdo – Photo by: Short Hair Styles

Try this shoulder-length half-up style if you’ve grown your hair a bit longer. Even for a beginner, this is a simple hairstyle to master. Curl your hair and braid it into a thick twist braid. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a glitzy hair accessory.

Half-Up Hairstyle With Veil

Short hairstyles for weddings: half-up with veil
Half Up Hairstyle For Any Weeding Theme – Photo by: The Knot

You can’t go wrong with a half-up hairstyle for your wedding day. It’s extremely flexible and flattering, complementing any face shape and being both easy and comfortable to wear. To say the least, one of the best short hairstyles for the bride is a combination of chunky braids and delicate waves.

Delicate Half-up Style

Short hairstyles for weddings: delicate half-up style
Half Up Hairdo Look More Elegance With Short Hair Accessories For Wedding – Photo by: The Latest Hairstyles

This wedding hairdo is the perfect choice for a bride with short hair. With all the twists and textures of this hairstyle, a half-up style is recommended to give you a more formal finish on your wedding day. Make sure to wear a lovely crown to feel like the stunning bride you are.

Trendy Short Hairstyles For Weddings

Old Hollywood-Inspired Curls

Short hairstyles for weddings: Old Hollywood Hairstyle
Old Hollywood-Inspired Wedding Hairstyle – Photo by: The Latest Hairstyles

When it comes to short wedding hairstyles inspired by Old Hollywood, length is completely optional as this style is something for everyone. So, this classic hairdo would work well for any wedding look, even if you are not in the Rapunzel league.

Achieve a stunning throwback style by requesting huge, bouncy curls. To achieve a gentle appearance, pin your hair to one side and embellish it with a glittering barrette.

Rocker Chic

Short hairstyles for weddings: Rocker chic
Rocker Chic is an Impressive Hairstyle for The Bride – Photo by: Brides

Take note of this statement updo, which is suitable for shorter hair and stronger personalities. This crocheted faux hawk is an ideal combination of elegance and edge, giving you the perfect bridal look. Consider wearing your short hair with edgy makeup and accessories to create a rebellious but stylish image.

Vintage Short Hair Look

Short hairstyles for weddings: vintage style
Vintage short hair for wedding day – Photo by: Pinterest

Fill your vintage heart with the classic beauty of flaunting bouncy waves. Brush curls into a shoulder-length bob cut to create a wavy pattern. This style is simple to make and requires only a finger brush to maintain throughout the day.

Natural Coils

Short hairstyles for weddings: natural coils
Natural Short Hairstyle for The Bride – Photo by: Loverly

A bridal hairstyle that emphasizes the texture and flow of your voluminous curls is a lovely way to celebrate your natural beauty and allow your hair to do the talking. Do away with the bother and go for a carefree, effortless look that will highlight your hair. 

Full Hairpiece for a Very Short Hair 

Short hairstyles for weddings: full hairpiece for a very short hair
Short Hair Accessories For Wedding Make Your Look More Attractive – Photo by: Brides

Very short hair wedding styles are best styled with a floral or jeweled hairpiece, as styling options are extremely minimal for this hair length. Bridal headpieces can be understated and classic, or they can be more daring and expressive of the bride’s character. This bride’s gilded detail is undeniably on trend and adds just the right amount of enchantment. 

Curl Pixie Wedding Hairstyle

Short hairstyles for weddings: curl pixie style
Curl Pixie Hairstyle For Wedding – Photo by: Pinterest

Even with short hair, especially a pixie cut, you can have a beautiful wedding hairdo. You may add a touch of sophistication to your bridal hairstyle by creating soft and delicate waves in the top layer of your hair with the help of a professional stylist. 

Attach a veil to the back of your head to create the illusion of a long hairstyle hidden beneath. This design is both current and classic, making it suitable for any bride who wants to stand out on her wedding day.

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If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably noticed that short hairstyles for weddings are far from lacking in variety. There’s no rule that says brides have to have long hair. Viva Wedding Photography hopes that at least one of these examples will inspire you to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle that will make you feel confident, beautiful, and unique on your special day.

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