50 Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas That Go Way Beyond Snow

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Winter weddings have a magical quality that sets them apart. The crisp air, snow-kissed landscapes, and cozy ambiance create a romantic backdrop for couples exchanging vows. But how do you transform this chilly season into a warm and enchanting celebration? Fear not! In this article, Viva Wedding Photography will delve into creative winter wedding decoration ideas that will infuse your special day with elegance, sparkle, and a touch of frosty wonder.

Winter Wedding Decor Ideas for The Ceremony

Winter Wedding Arch

1. Floral Winter Wedding Arch

Winter wedding decoration ideas with a floral arch
Winter wedding decoration ideas with a floral arch

Winter flowers are the perfect touch for a winter wedding, especially in December, January, or February. Elevate your ceremony by having your florist create a stunning floral arch for you to exchange vows in front of.

The use of winter-themed flowers may totally change the look of an altar, as seen in this winter wedding arch. This florist has expertly combined fresh foliage with dried flowers in neutral tones to craft a stunning winter decoration that has captured our attention!

2. Wedding Arch in White and Silver

Winter wonderland wedding ideas with a snowflake arch
Winter wonderland wedding ideas with snowflakes

Turn your wedding ceremony into a captivating winter wonderland by featuring a stunning white and silver arch embellished with delicate snowflakes. The pristine white and shimmering silver elements evoke the serene beauty of a snowy landscape, creating a picturesque setting for exchanging vows. With its snowflake adornments, this arch seamlessly integrates the magic of winter into your wedding, offering a timeless and elegant backdrop for your special day.

3. Flower Arch in the Snow

winter wedding decoration ideas outdoor with a floral arch
Flower arch for an outdoor winter wedding ceremony (Source: Brides)

Is there anything more beautiful than a gorgeous snow-covered floral arch in the background as you exchange vows with your partner? We’re currently in love with these winter wedding decoration ideas and can’t think of a more ideal winter wonderland background for your Christmas nuptial ceremony.

4. Moon Arch

Moon Arch for winter wedding decoration ideas
Winter wedding ideas for the ceremony arch (Source: Nouba)

Experience the magical allure of winter with the stunning moon arch, a celestial masterpiece that goes beyond traditional wedding decorations. This unique arch is adorned with twinkling lights and delicate white flowers, casting a soft and dreamy glow over your ceremony.

5. Red Floral and Foliage Arch

Festive winter wedding ideas with red floral and foliage arch
Festive winter wedding decoration ideas in red and green (Source: Rock My Wedding)

This enchanting arch, adorned with rich red blossoms and lush green foliage, stands as a testament to the beauty that the colder months can bring. Its vibrant hues add a touch of passion and festivity, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a bold and memorable winter celebration.

6. Dried Branch with Pampas grass

winter wedding decoration ideas with a boho branch arch
Boho winter wedding arch with branch and pampas grass (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

Adorned with intricately woven dried branches and ethereal pampas grass, this unique arch offers a bohemian and textural allure that beautifully complements the winter landscape. We’re into these winter wedding decor ideas for their ability to infuse a sense of organic charm into the frosty ambiance, creating a visually stunning and Instagram-worthy setting.

Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas for Backdrop

7. Fairy Lights Backdrop

Winter wedding ideas with a fairy light backdrop
Winter wedding ideas with fairy lights (Source: Hitched)

You undoubtedly already know this, but fairy lights are the most amazing way to set the mood in any area, particularly during the winter. If you’re having a winter wedding in December, we highly recommend that you have fairy lights available at the venue. There’s nothing more festive than the shimmering lights that remind us all of our Christmas tree.

This fairy light display of our client in Pittsburgh is truly enchanting, especially the stunning light backdrop at the end of their altar.

8. Light Bulbs Backdrop

Winter wedding decoration ideas at home with a Light Bulbs Backdrop
Winter wedding decoration ideas at home (Source: Koyal Wholesale)

For those who are not fond of fairy lights, consider using unconventional light sources for your wedding backdrop banner.  Think about suspending pendant lights and light bulbs from your backdrop to create a cozy atmosphere when the sun sets early. When used securely, candles placed in safe candle holders can also be suspended for a particularly romantic ambiance at your nuptials.

9. Velvet Wedding Backdrop

winter wedding decoration ideas with a velvet backdrop
Velvet backdrop for a winter wedding (Source: Wedding Forward)

For a winter wedding, a tulle wedding backdrop can create a beautiful icy look when styled appropriately. However, other fabric options work well for crafting a wedding backdrop banner too.  For instance, a moody wedding might be given a dramatic vibe by using thick velvet in jewel tones, while a rustic barn wedding would be well complemented with burlap.

10. Fireplace Backdrop

Winter wedding decoration ideas with fireplace
Winter wedding ideas with fireplace (Source: Brides)

Flower-filled backdrops are always popular, but there’s something especially warm about saying “I do” in front of a crackling fire. At this Philadelphia winter wedding, the bride and groom exchanged vows in front of a fireplace bordered by illuminated Christmas trees.

Winter Wedding Aisle Decor

11. Rug Aisle Runners

Winter wedding ideas on a budget with rug aisle runners
Winter wedding ideas on a budget with rugs (Source: Hitched)

Adding rugs and soft furnishings to winter weddings is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They heat up the room effectively, which is particularly useful if you’re having a wedding in an industrial venue that tends to get chilly in the winter. 

Aesthetically, these winter wedding decoration ideas create a truly warm and cozy ambiance, making your venue feel like a luxurious home away from home. It’s also an excellent way to bring color to a winter wedding setting without spending a bunch. 

12. Candle-Lined Ceremony Aisle

winter wedding decoration ideas with candles
Winter-themed wedding aisle with candles (Source: Northwest Focus Co)

Candles are the cream of the crop when it comes to winter wedding ideas for the ceremony aisle. This magical aisle idea, adorned with flickering candles that cast a warm and romantic glow, transforms your path to love into a captivating journey. A seasoned wedding planner recommends strategically placing candles to create a beautiful visual effect, enhancing the aisle’s beauty without overwhelming the space. 

13. Festive Aisle Decor

Outdoor winter wedding decoration ideas
Outdoor winter wedding decoration ideas (Source: The Knot)

Deck your winter wedding ceremony aisle with festive garlands, an effortless yet charming decor choice that instantly elevates the ambiance. Whether draped along the ground or suspended from shepherd hooks, these garlands infuse your aisle with a delightful touch of seasonal cheer. 

Winter Wedding Ideas for Ceremony Space

14. Frosted Signs

winter wedding decor ideas with a Frosted welcome sign
Frosted welcome sign for winter nuptials (Source: Etsy)

Thinking about the weather during winter weddings in January and February, frost and ice come to mind. So, incorporating frosted perspex for wedding signs and stationery can capture this wintry feel.

These signs feature a frosted, see-through background with plain white writing. Aside from serving as a welcome sign, you can also use it for your guest book table and table numbering system. A little bit of matching is nothing short of fun!

15. Christmas Tree Wedding Decor

winter wedding decoration ideas with Christmas trees
Decor ideas for Christmas weddings (Source: Pinterest)

If your venue already has Christmas trees as decor, plan a photoshoot in front of them; otherwise, inquire about bringing in your own for the wedding. These winter wedding decoration ideas are a wonderful way to include the festive atmosphere in your wedding album.

16. Faux Sheepskin-Covered Benches

winter wedding ideas on a budget with Faux Sheepskin-Covered Benches
Winter nuptial ceremony ideas with faux sheepskins

Looking for a personalized ceremony without needing special chairs for each guest? For those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, consider replacing individual seats with long, sturdy benches and adding faux sheepskins for a cozy touch. You might end up saving money by renting fewer pieces. These winter wedding ideas on a budget not only keep your loved ones warm but also let the scenery take center stage.

17. Provide Blankets for Your Guests

winter wedding ideas with blankets for guests
Providing blankets is a thoughtful winter wedding idea (Source: The Courtney Evett)

When temperatures fall below 60 degrees, adding an extra layer or two to stay warm is a good idea. Ensure everyone’s comfort by providing fleece blankets upon their arrival at the venue. Guests can cozy up during the ceremony and then keep the blankets as a special wedding favor.

18. Decor in an All-White Palette

all-white winter wedding decoration ideas
Winter nuptial ceremony in white (Source: Wedding Forward)

This all-white wedding theme is timeless, ensuring a variety of budget-friendly decor choices are available. Opt for a contemporary approach for a winter wedding by choosing minimalistic decor with cool-toned accents. Consider silver over gold. These winter wonderland wedding ideas will help cut down on expenses while maintaining a stylish appearance. 

19. Have an Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor winter wedding ideas
Outdoor winter wedding ideas (Source: Vogue)

Who says you have to stay indoors for a winter wedding? If you love the snow and the festive spirit of Christmas, why not tie the knot in a stunning outdoor ceremony? Imagine saying, “I do,” surrounded by sparkling white flakes and beautiful nature. It’s a magical way to celebrate your love and make your big day unforgettable. 

Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas for the Reception

Reception Space Decor

21. Hanging Flowers

winter wedding decoration ideas with hanging florals
Indoor decor ideas for winter weddings (Source: Rock My Wedding)

When it comes to wedding decorations, it’d be criminal not to mention the hanging flowers. Hanging winter-themed green foliage from your wedding venue’s ceiling can entirely change a room into a winter wonderland wedding scene. Hanging blossoms from the ceiling create the illusion that the room is smaller, making it feel more intimate and festive. Bonus: it will also save you time when it comes to decorating the tables.

22. Chair Decor with Faux Fur

winter wedding reception ideas Faux Fur warmers
Chair decoration ideas for winter weddings (Source: Green Wedding Shoes)

For those considering a winter wedding in a barn or semi-open space, the concern of guests getting cold may arise. A chic and practical solution is to include faux fur warmers on the backs of chairs. This simple décor will allow the overall setting of your venue to shine while also keeping your guests comfortable.

23. Statement Staircases

Winter wedding decoration ideas for a Statement Staircases
Winter wedding reception ideas with flowers (Source: Hitched)

Collaborate with your florist and venue to design a striking winter wedding-themed staircase for your grand entrance. In addition to solidifying your winter wedding theme, this will provide your guests with a fantastic opportunity to take stunning pictures (after you’ve taken yours, of course). Choosing fresh, white blooms that complement the time of year can truly elevate the space.

24. Twinkle Lights

winter wedding decor ideas with twinkle lights
Winter wedding ideas with twinkle lights (Source: Brides)

Fairy lights have a way of adding a touch of magic to any setting, particularly during the winter season. Whether indoors or outdoors, a string of sparkling twinkle lights can create the perfect ambiance for your wedding. One option is to hang them from the ceiling, use them in the table decorations, or create a grand canopy at the reception.

25. A Cozy Lounge Area 

winter wedding decoration ideas with a cozy lounge area
Lounge area ideas for winter nuptials (Source: Brides)

Transform your winter wedding into a haven of warmth and intimacy by incorporating a cozy lounge area into your reception. Picture plush blankets, faux fur throws, and comfortable seating arrangements nestled around a crackling fireplace, creating a snug retreat for your guests.

Viva Wedding Tips

Set up a station with hot cocoa, mulled wine, or a coffee bar. Include marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, and other toppings to make it a delightful winter treat for your guests.

Seating Arrangement Display Ideas

26. Jingle Bell Escort Cards

winter wedding ideas on a budget with jingle bell escort card display
Escort card display with jingle bells (Source: The Knot)

If you want to add some fun and cheer to your big day, jingle bell escort cards are great winter wedding decoration ideas. They add some charm and cheer to your décor, and they also serve as a playful way to get your guests involved. Your guests will love ringing these jingle bell escort cards at the reception when it’s time for you and your partner to share a kiss.

27. Silver and Charcoal Seating Chart

Winter wedding decoration ideas in cool tones
Winter wedding reception ideas in cool tones (Source: Pinterest)

Pairing silver and charcoal with other cool tones like ice blue creates a perfect winter wonderland wedding theme. This seating chart exemplifies how candles and existing venue elements, such as an exposed brick wall, can be utilized to create warmth and contrast.

28. Use Birch

winter wedding decor ideas with birch logs
Wedding escort card display with birch logs (Source: Brides)

Emphasizing natural details can evoke the ambiance of a winter woodland forest. The escort cards were delicately crafted from handmade paper, adorned with elegant calligraphy, and presented on split birch logs nestled within a natural setting of grass, moss, and branches. They’re really simple to make, so it’s the right choice if you’re looking for winter wedding decoration ideas at home.

29. Christmas Tree Escort Card Display

winter wedding ideas with Christmas Tree Escort Card Display
Escort card display idea for winter weddings (Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Consider tying elegant calligraphy escort cards with a luxurious velvet ribbon onto the branches of a Christmas tree for a wonderfully festive seating arrangement display! 

30. Use Pine Cone

winter wedding decoration ideas at home with pine cones
Seating arrangement display with pine cones (Source: Pinterest)

Simple, sweet, and freshly picked from the world just outside your door! Pine cones make a lovely addition to the reception, with their spiky outsides serving as ideal holders for place cards.

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Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas for The Tablescape

31. Fresh Mistletoe 

winter wedding reception ideas with mistletoe
Nuptial table decor with mistletoe (Source: Hitched)

How about adding a playful touch to your winter wedding in December with a sprig of mistletoe on each place setting? Using fresh foliage to decorate guest place settings is a lovely touch that can truly elevate the overall look of your reception tables.

32. Celestial-Inspired Place Setting

Winter wedding decoration ideas in the celestial theme
Winter wedding decor ideas in the celestial theme (Source: Pinterest)

A cosmic theme is one of the most enchanting winter wedding decoration ideas. Inspired by the starry winter skies, you can create a magical atmosphere for your special day. Details shaped like the moon and a color palette with metallic hues will assist in achieving an ethereal aesthetic.

33. Copper Cutlery

Winter wedding reception ideas with copper cutlery
Winter wedding reception ideas with copper cutlery (Source: Pinterest)

Opting for warmer metallic tabletop items and cutlery instead of traditional silverware to create a cozier atmosphere. However, rather than the usual gold flatware (which is still stylish), go for something more surprising. Flatware with copper and rust tones radiates modern elegance, especially when paired with winter foliage and natural textures. Feel free to mix and match all your metals without worrying about consistency.

34. Velvet Table Runner

winter wedding decoration ideas with velvet table runners
Nuptial table with velvet runner (Source: Wedding Forward)

When planning a winter wedding, anything velvet-related is always a safe bet. Consider reaching out to local event linen rental companies (or inquire with your wedding venue) to discover velvet table runners or tablecloths that complement your color scheme. Your table decor will exude a luxurious appearance once completed.

35. Use Pine Cones and White Pine

winter wedding ideas with pine cones and white pine
Reception table decor with pine cones and white pine (Source: Brides)

Bring the outdoors inside for your winter wedding decor ideas by using natural elements. Pine cones and white pine are classic winter decorations that can add a chic touch to your tablescape. You can use glistening snow-covered pine cones or go for a more natural look by including them in a garland runner.

36. Add Peppermint

Winter wedding decor ideas with peppermint
Winter wedding décor with peppermint (Source: Wedding Estates)

A winter wedding wouldn’t be the same without a peppermint treat. They are the perfect way to sweeten up your reception and get your guests festive. You just need to add candy canes to napkin settings and wrap them with pine garlands. Who wouldn’t love these cute and yummy winter wedding reception ideas?

37. Pomegranate Place Setting

Winter wedding decoration ideas at home with pomegranates
Winter wedding decoration ideas at home with pomegranates (Source: Wedding Wire)

Adding a personal touch to your place settings can really elevate your wedding tablescape, especially for a smaller, more intimate celebration. This winter wedding idea is simply lovely! Consider writing your guests’ names on pomegranates and showcasing them alongside fresh seasonal berries to craft unique place settings.

38. Greenery Garlands Across the Tables

winter wedding reception ideas with greenery garlands
Winter nuptial table decor with greenery garlands (Source: Bride & Blossom)

Instead of investing in separate centerpieces filled with flowers, consider draping greenery vines across your dinner tables. Adorned with tea lights, the ambiance is warm and romantic, ideal for those who lean toward winter wedding ideas on a budget.

39. Twinkling Candlelight

Winter wedding decoration ideas with candlelight for reception tables
Winter wedding decoration ideas with candlelight (Source: Rock My Wedding)

Elevate your winter wedding tablescape into a realm of enchantment with the mesmerizing allure of twinkling candlelight. Picture delicate candlelit arrangements interspersed with seasonal foliage and glistening accents, casting a soft and romantic glow over your reception. 

40. Tartan and Plaid

Winter wedding reception ideas with tartan & plaid
Winter wedding reception ideas with tartan & plaid (Source: Martha Stewart)

Tartan and plaid are trendy choices for winter weddings. They contribute a cozy and traditional feel to the day, complementing darker color palettes. This look can be incorporated into various decoration elements such as blankets, table runners, invitation suites, napkins, and even glassware and plates.

41. Mixed Textures

Winter wedding decoration ideas in different textures
Winter wedding ideas in different textures (Source: Wedding Forward)

One of our favorite winter wedding decoration ideas is to play with textures on reception tables. You can create a stunning visual appeal by mixing different fabrics and materials that suit the season. For example, you can combine fluffy and feathery fabrics with luxurious velvet for a cozy and elegant look. Or you can pair hardwood with linen drapery for a rustic and chic contrast.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

42. Winter Berry Decor

Winter wedding decoration ideas on a budget with winter berries
Winter wedding ideas on a budget with berries (Source: Hitched)

Consider using real (or fake!) winter berries as table decorations if you’re trying to keep your winter wedding budget in check. This spread demonstrates how basic centerpieces can deliver an equally powerful punch when done properly. 

43. Statement Florals

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas with statement floral arrangement
Statement centerpiece for winter nuptials (Source: Pinterest)

Weddings in the winter tend to be more formal than summer ones. Looking to make a statement with your winter wedding centerpiece ideas? Be bold and showcase dome-shaped bouquets in tall vases on your reception tables.

44. Dried Centerpieces

Winter wedding decoration ideas with dried centerpieces
Winter wedding decoration ideas with dried centerpieces (Source: Martha Stewart)

During the winter season, the variety of floral options may be more restricted, resulting in higher prices for fresh and vibrant blooms for your centerpieces. But don’t worry! You can use dried flowers in lieu of fresh ones. Dried florals on reception tables capture the simple elegance of the season and help you save a lot of money.

45. Bare Branches

Winter wedding decoration ideas with branch centerpieces
Winter wedding ideas on a budget with branch centerpieces (Source: ELLE Decor)

Who says that branches without leaves aren’t lovely? Decorative tree centerpieces adorned with tinsel or dangling crystals are a classy nod to the winter scenery. To make your own version of this enchanting winter wonderland wedding centerpiece, just suspend glass balls from tree branches and place them in the middle of each table.

Viva Wedding Tip

If you prefer a more stylized finish over a rustic look, consider spray painting the branches.

46. Potted Christmas Trees

winter wedding decoration ideas with Potted Christmas Tree centerpieces
Centerpiece ideas for Christmas weddings (Source: Color By K)

Winter is the ideal season to choose greenery over flowers. Include a touch of holiday spirit with potted Christmas trees. These unique winter wedding reception ideas will fill your venue with a delightful fragrance and can be given as a thoughtful gift to your guests at the end of the reception.

47. Votive Candles

Winter wedding centerpiece ideas with votive candles
Winter wedding centerpiece ideas with votive candles (Source: Bride & Bloom)

A simple arrangement of votive candles can instantly turn any table into a winter wonderland. For the most elegant look, combine candles of varying heights with shimmering vases made of milk glass, mercury glass, or frosted glass.

48. Timeless Green and White Flowers

Winter wedding decoration ideas with white flowers
Winter wedding decoration ideas with white flowers (Source: The Knot)

Green and white make for classic color pairings for wedding centerpieces, no matter the time of year. Consider selecting in-season flowers, such as anemones with a dark blue center, to enhance the winter theme of the arrangement.

49. Gold Candelabras and Tall Taper Candles

Tall taper candles for winter wedding centerpiece ideas
Tall taper candles for wedding table decor (Source: The Knot)

Long banquet tables allow you to showcase your winter wedding centerpiece ideas to their fullest potential. For a trendy and ultra-cozy effect, line the table with gorgeous gold candelabras, a table runner made of greenery, and little votives placed in mercury glass vases.

50. Rustic Lanterns

Winter wedding decoration ideas with rustic lantern centerpieces
Winter wedding ideas with rustic lantern centerpieces (Source: Pinterest)

This winter wedding decor is perfect for those who desire a more rustic style for their table decorations. This sophisticated and somber style is perfect for the colder months. As a centerpiece, it combines the cozy light of the candles with the delicate beauty of the flowers.

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Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by candles and fairy lights. Or dazzle your guests with metallic accents, crystals, and sequins that add some sparkle and glamour to your winter wedding. No matter what style or theme you choose, there are winter wedding decoration ideas that suit your vision and budget. Don’t let the cold and snowy season stop you from planning your dream winter wedding. Take these ideas from Viva Wedding Photography and transform your venue into a wonderland of beauty and romance!

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