33 Elegant Winter Wedding Invitations That Feel Magical

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As snowflakes dance and fireplaces crackle, love finds its way into the heart of winter. If you’re planning a wedding during this enchanting season, your winter wedding invitations set the stage for the romantic wonderland that awaits. Join us as we explore the artistry, elegance, and cozy charm of designs that evoke the spirit of love in every frost-kissed fold. Let’s find the best idea for your invites with Viva Wedding Photograph!

Winter Wedding Invitation Wording

Before jumping into beautiful designs, let’s take a moment to choose the proper wording for your wedding invitations. Whether you’re aiming for a touch of traditional elegance, a dash of modern romance, or a sprinkle of cheer, the right wording sets the tone for your entire celebration.

“Amidst the snow-kissed pines and the magic of winter, we invite you to celebrate our love. Join us as we exchange vows on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue]. Your presence would warm our hearts.”

“The miracle of Christmas and the magic of true love bring joy to our lives… You are invited to share our joy as we exchange marriage vows on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“As the snow blankets the world, we raise a glass to love eternal. Please join us for our wedding celebration on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue]. “

Winter wedding invitation wording
Winter wedding invitation wording (Source: The Knot)

“In the spirit of this holiday season, [Name(s) of Host(s)] request the honor of your presence at the marriage of [The Bride’s name] to [The Groom’s name] on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“As the snowflakes dance, we embark on a new journey. Please join us for our wedding on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“The greatest gift of all this season is love… The holy ceremony uniting [The Bride’s name] to [The Groom’s name] will take place on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“The weather outside is frightful, but our wedding will be delightful! [Name(s) of Host(s)] would like to invite you to share the joy when [The Bride’s name] exchanges vows with [The Groom’s name] on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“We have a very good reason to share the spirit this season. Please join us in celebration as we are united in marriage on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“As the frost settles on the world outside, we gather to celebrate love’s warmth. Join us on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue] as we begin our journey together. Your presence is our joy.”

Elegant Winter Wedding Invitations

1. Floral invite

Floral winter Wedding Invitations
Floral-themed invitation for winter wedding

These elegant botanical winter wedding invites prove that floral designs are appropriate year-round, not only in the spring. The invites are beautifully adorned with watercolor peony and protea flowers, creating a striking contrast against the crisp white background.

2. Greenery-themed invitation

Greenery-Themed Winter Wedding Invitations
Greenery-themed winter invitations

Cool-weather weddings provide the perfect backdrop for seasonal greenery. This winter wedding stationery features elegant deep green leaves that beautifully frame your details. Additionally, there is a unique, hand-painted branch on the back that can be customized with your wedding date.

3. Wedding invitation featuring a stag

Winter-themed wedding invitations With A Highland Stag
Winter invitations with a highland stag

The icy blue winter theme with stag, mistletoe, and snowflakes is perfect for a countryside wedding venue. With their subdued color palette and a touch of gold, these elegant winter wedding invitations are perfect for a sophisticated celebration. The contrast between the white and blue creates a stunning and elegant effect that will capture your guests’ attention. This invitation is also a great choice if you want to add some Scottish flair to your wedding.

4. Frozen leaves in watercolor

elegant winter wedding invitations in pale blue
Subtle winter-themed wedding invitations

Dive into the elegance of winter with invitations that wrap your wedding details in pale blue watercolors, evoking the enchanting imagery of frozen leaves. This dreamy design is a subtle nod to the snowy vistas that await, setting the stage for a winter wedding that’s as enchanting as a fairy tale. 

5. Dusty blue wedding invite

Elegant winter wedding invites in dusty blue
Elegant winter wedding invitations in dusty blue

Embrace the crisp blues of winter with this invitation suite. The lucite envelopes and the laser-cut forest print give it a sleek and contemporary look, while the cursive calligraphy and the wax seals add a touch of classic elegance. What a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles!

Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

6. Invite featuring frosty leaves

winter wedding invitations with frosty greenery
Winter invitation with frosty greenery design (Source: The Knot)

Who says you can’t have greenery in winter? With the right design, leafy foliage can look stunning and seasonal on your winter wedding invitations. These elegant invitations feature a frosty color scheme and a delicate leaf pattern that will make your guests feel like they’re stepping into a winter wonderland.

7. Winter woodland invite

Winter wonderland wedding invitations with painted mountains
Winter wonderland wedding invitations with painted mountains

This winter-themed wedding invitation features a serene and beautiful landscape of snowy mountains and pine trees, with details of the wedding event elegantly presented. The invitation has a tranquil winter vibe with shades of blue and white, creating a sense of depth and contrast. If you’re planning a woodland wedding, these ideas will make a perfect invitation for your big day.

8. Frosted acrylic invitation

Frosted acrylic winter weeding invitations
Frosted acrylic invite for winter nuptials

Transform your winter wonderland wedding invitations into a delightfully novel experience with the enchanting touch of frosted elegance. The frosted surface of this invite is reminiscent of delicate frost adorning a window on a crisp winter morning. This unique design adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your invitations, setting the stage for a celebration that captures the season’s magic.

9. A snow day invitation

winter wonderland wedding invitations in watercolor
Floral watercolor winter invitations

Invite your guests to a winter wonderland with these gorgeous watercolor invitations. Featuring a graceful reindeer leaping over a floral wreath, these invites capture the magic and beauty of Christmas. The cool shades of blue and silver create a sophisticated and festive atmosphere for your special day.

10. Watercolor snowflakes

Winter wedding invitation ideas with snowflakes
Winter wedding invitation ideas with snowflakes

You’ll be enchanted by this invitation suite that captures the beauty of winter. The colors of blues, whites, and grays blend together in a sophisticated and whimsical way. The corners are adorned with watercolor snowflakes that sparkle and delight. When you open this invite, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a winter wonderland.

11. Laser-cut snowflake invite

Laser-cut snowflake winter wedding invitations
Laser-cute invitation template for winter nuptials (Source: Etsy)

These elegant winter wedding invites are ideal for couples wishing for snow on their special day. The pop-up design features laser-cut snowflakes that sparkle with silver glitter and a glossy white ribbon that ties it all together. For couples seeking to encapsulate the magic of winter in their wedding stationery, these invitations promise to deliver a tangible and glittering preview of the frost-kissed celebration to come.

Formal Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations

12. Vintage-style invite

Vintage Winter Wedding Invitations
Vintage invites for wedding nuptials

For those with a passion for vintage items, this classic stationery is a perfect match. Indicate to your guests that the event is formal by sending out wedding invitations in a cool blue or deep burgundy hue.

13. Invitations with a printed-on-foil location

winter-themed Wedding Invitations With A Printed-On-Foil Location
Formal winter wedding invitation templates

How unique would it be to have a personalized gold foil sketch of your wedding location brought into invitations? As a bonus, it gives your guests a hint of what to expect at your wedding. Everyone will be filled with excitement and eager to know more details.

We’re big on the color of this set, as burgundy and gold make a sophisticated winter wedding color palette without being overly Christmassy.

14. Subtle flower invite

Elegant floral winter wedding invites
Elegant floral winter wedding invites

Planning a winter wedding with a black-tie affair? This minimalist wedding invitation is the epitome of classic and classy. The off-white invitation is beautifully adorned with soft gray floral illustrations and elegant typography.

15. Add a touch of velvet

velvet winter wedding invitations
Nuptial invites with velvet details (Source: Wedding Forward)

If your heart is set on warmth and luxury winter wedding invitation templates, why not add velvet to your suite? You can use velvet as a backing, a ribbon, or a detail on your invitation to create a contrast and a texture. Your guests will love the cozy and inviting feel of velvet when they open your invitation.

Rustic Winter Wedding Invitations

16. Rustic woodland invite

woodland-themed winter wedding invitation templates
Woodland-themed for winter weddings

If you’re dreaming of a rustic winter wedding, this woodland design is the perfect choice for you. This invitation combines the elegance of nature with the warmth of rustic charm. The illustration of a forest scene with two deer creates a romantic and serene mood, while the textured paper and cursive script add a cozy and personal touch. 

17. Snow accents

rustic Winter wedding invitations with snow accents
Winter wedding invitation ideas with snow accents

Snow lovers, rejoice! This rustic design is a winter wonderland in an invitation. The craft card and brown twine give it a cozy and natural feel, while the snow-speckled tree envelope adds a touch of magic and whimsy. This winter wedding invitation suite is a sneak peek of your rustic wedding theme, but it still leaves some surprises for your guests. We especially like the contrast between the white snow and the brown background, it looks so stunning and eye-catching.

18. Birch tree wedding invitation

Winter Wedding Invitation ideas With Forest Of Birch Trees
Wedding invitations with a forest of birch trees

This minimalist design featuring a birch tree motif is perfect for rustic winter wedding invitations. The event details and names are beautifully displayed in elegant cursive lettering, accompanied by a custom monogram on the back. To enhance the design, consider printing it on pearlescent paper for a shimmering and luxurious touch.

19. Hand-sketched invite

Hand-Sketched Winter wedding Invitations
Hand-sketched nuptial invitations

We can’t help being attracted to the rustic allure of a winter prairie on these intricately hand-sketched winter wedding invitation templates. Evoking the warmth of a fireside evening, the design paints a picturesque scene of serenity, where a soft blanket of snow envelops the landscape, and curious creatures roam just outside the window.

20. Pine branches

rustic Pine winter wedding invitations
Pine winter wedding invitations (Source: Hitched)

Nothing says winter like pine branches! This design will be perfect for your November wedding. The invitations feature pine branch figures that wrap around the edges, creating a festive and cozy frame for your details. We highly recommend printing this design on high-quality paper with a matte finish to give your invitations a rustic and elegant look.

Christmas Wedding Invitations

21. Festive invitation with red berries

Christmas Wedding Invitations With Red Berries
Christmas-themed invitations with red berries

Embrace the spirit of the season with wedding details elegantly wrapped in wintery sprigs of berries. The delicate intertwining of berries creates a visual poetry that mirrors the joyful atmosphere of a winter wedding. For couples seeking a festive flair intertwined with seasonal sophistication, these winter wedding invitation ideas offer a delightful sneak peek into the merriment awaiting their guests.

22. “Christmas holly” gatefold wedding invite

gatefold winter wedding invitations
Festive invites for winter nuptials (Source: Wedding Stationery – Tinyfox)

How about getting your guests pumped for your Christmas wedding with an invitation that resembles a gift? This luxury gate-fold card showcases festive rustic greenery and holly, opening to reveal a customized map and all the details for your special day. It is carefully tied together with a touch of rustic twine, resembling a festive Christmas gift.

23. Poinsettia wedding invite

Christmas wedding invitations with poinsettias
Christmas wedding invitations with poinsettias (Source: Etsy)

A Christmas-themed wedding wouldn’t be the same without a beautiful display of poinsettias. These flowers represent joy and prosperity, making them perfect for weddings. The brilliant red flower is paired with holly leaves and berries, pine cones, and fairy lights for an attractive Christmas wedding invitation design.

24. Flannel invitation

Flannel winter wedding invitations
Wedding invitation suite in the Christmas theme (Source: The Knot)

Planning a romantic mountain getaway for your wedding? Start by setting the mood with these textured plaid invitations. Because what screams Christmas more than comfy flannels? Pair the invites with forest-inspired RSVP cards adorned with a pine cone to enhance the rustic theme.

Modern Winter Wedding Invitations

25. Nuptial invite with geometric patterns

winter wedding invitation ideas with geometric patterns
Modern invitation suite for winter nuptials

Some people might find it hard to see how this beautiful geometric wedding invitation fits in with the winter season. Still, we find the very subtlety of this style so enchanting. The combination of dark royal blue, clean lines, and gold accents creates a luxurious and wintery ambiance. For couples who want a design that isn’t too traditional, these bold winter wedding invitation ideas will not disappoint.

26. Minimalistic style

Minimalistic winter wedding invitations
Minimalistic winter wedding invitations

Color blocking in snowy white and soft gray gives a traditional winter color scheme a modern twist. Never before has minimalism been so stylish. Not only is this wedding invitation card style perfect for the winter, but it is also a chic and beautiful option for the rest of the year.

27. Marble patterns

winter wedding invites with marble patterns
Winter invitation suite with marble patterns for weddings

Modern winter wedding invitations are a great option if you’re throwing a party with a more up-to-date theme. The chic stationery boasts a sophisticated marble pattern, elevating the look and feel to a level of upscale elegance. The modernity of these invitations seamlessly aligns with a stylish celebration, offering a refined aesthetic that resonates with contemporary trends.

28. Nuptial invites in emerald green

winter wedding invitations in emerald green
Emerald green invitation suite for weddings

If you’re a minimalist couple, consider sending out elegantly plain wedding invitations and have a pretty cool typeface. Even though there aren’t any typical winter elements in the design, the deep emerald background makes it perfectly seasonal. The Christmas tree green hue is stunning, and matching it with the gold lettering is truly brilliant.

Beyond their visual appeal, these winter-themed wedding invitations have a lot of great features. How awesome is it that RSVPs may be sent by QR code? Not to mention how much we adore the day’s visual schedule.

29. Add metallic elements

New Year-themed winter wedding invitations
New Year-themed wedding invites (Source: The Knot)

Enhance your invitation suite with these winter wedding invitations that add a touch of sparkle. What better way to ring in the New Year than with cascading gold metallics that scream “pop the champagne”?

Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas in Dark Tones

30. Sparkling lights

Winter Wedding Invitation ideas With Fairy Lights
Winter nuptial invite ideas with fairy lights

Winter might be too chilly for an outdoor wedding, but fairy lights can still create an elegant ambiance indoors. Featuring a deep blue background, these sleek winter wedding invitations provide a touch of sparkle while keeping your details the main focus.

31. Celestial theme

Celestial winter wedding invitations
Celestial wedding invitation ideas

You can’t go wrong with a celestial wedding theme in the winter, so if that is what you’re planning, why don’t go all out and select invitations that share the same design? The dark pine green background and stunning metallic gold accents work so well together, creating the illusion of the winter night sky with sparkling stars.

32. Invite with snowy skyline

Winter-themed wedding invitations for nighttime events
Winter-themed wedding invitations for nighttime events

This location-inspired invitation has glittering pine trees that look like they’ve been dusted with snow and foil. It effectively uses a wide variety of font styles to convey important information about the impending event without overwhelming the reader. This winter wedding invitation with falling snow on pine trees is lovely for a nocturnal ceremony in a natural setting.

33. Dramatic vibe

winter wedding invitations in dark tone
Gothic-inspired winter invites for nuptials (Source: Brides)

For those planning a Gothic wedding with a touch of romance, black invitations are the way to go. Watercolors soften the contrast of the black hue and create a dreamy effect. To spice things up, you can match them with crimson envelopes that add a pop of color and a hint of holiday spirit.

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As you finalize your winter wedding details, remember that your invitations are more than paper—they’re whispers of love and promises of joy. Whether you choose evergreen branches, crimson blooms, or a touch of regal gold, each invite carries the warmth of your union. So, dear couple, select the winter wedding invitations that resonate with your hearts, customize them with your love story, and let them flutter into the mailboxes of your cherished guests. Viva Wedding Photography wishes your big day will be as magical as the first snowfall!

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