Winter Wedding Invitations: 30 Best Designs For Your Big Day

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The winter season is a beautiful time for a wedding. And no winter nuptials would be complete without beautiful winter wedding invitations. A winter wedding with a Christmas theme is always a great choice. It brings in the holiday spirit of the time before Christmas and the excitement of the New Year.

Choose an invite with a winter or Christmas theme to set the tone for your big day and match the winter setting of your wedding. Whatever your wedding theme, you’ll find the perfect invitation at Viva Wedding Photography. Designs range from Christmas wreaths and robins to simple and trendy snow-themed designs.

Fantastic Hues For A Winter Invitation

December weddings often stick to the tried-and-true color scheme of green and red, but November, January, and February weddings offer different options. Winter wedding invitation colors include navy, burgundy, emerald green, pink, ice blue, and neutrals (gray, taupe, black). Also, foil or shimmering ink can give your invitations a shiny sheen in shades of silver, gold, or even rose gold.

Popular Details For Invitation Designs In Winter

Many common themes for winter wedding invites are found in nature. If you want to go all out for a winter wedding theme, some common elements to include on invites are snowflakes, holly leaves, mountain landscapes, evergreens, and pinecones. The abstract watercolors, the dark floral themes, the plaid prints, and the greenery motifs are our favorites for a more understated look.

The Best Time To Send Out Winter Wedding Invites

Standard practice says that wedding invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the big day or even earlier if you’re having a destination wedding or inviting many people from out of town. The guests will have a lot of time to make arrangements and respond on time.

Our Favorite Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations You’ll Love

1. Invitations With A Painted Mountain Scene

Winter Wedding Invitations With Painted Mountains Motif
Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations With Painted Mountains Motif

The painted mountains motif works wonderfully for a rustic wedding in the woods. Your name and wedding information are shown in various typefaces against watercolor forests and mountains landscape.

There are six natural color palettes to choose from, ranging from lush green to magical blue, and all invitations are printed on textured paper. This mountain-themed wedding invitation is perfect for placing on the fridge of any visitor.

2. A Snow Day Invitation

Floral Watercolor Winter Wedding Invitations
Floral Watercolor Winter Invitations

The floral watercolor invitations show a reindeer beautifully jumping in the snow. The cool blues and shimmering silvers are perfect for a sophisticated, lavish holiday nuptial. You can print these invitations on both sides if you need more space to write information.

3. Sparkling Invitation

Winter Wedding Invitations With Fairy Lights
Winter Save The Dates With Fairy Lights

If you’re planning a wedding for the winter, but it’s too cold to hold it outdoors, consider using fairy lights to decorate the venue instead. Also, consider the invitation design featuring a string of lights dangling from the top to match your wedding theme.

The deep blue background of these simple, elegant winter wedding invitations adds sparkle without taking away from the information about the bride and groom. They are excellent for any event, indoors or out, and for any season, not just winter.

4. Floral-Themed Save The Dates

Floral-Themed Christmas Wedding Invitations
Floral-Themed Christmas Wedding Invitations

These elegant botanical wedding invites prove that floral designs are appropriate year-round, not only in the spring. The invitations are framed with watercolor peonies against a stark white background, and the rich mahogany colors stand out.

This wedding invitation comes in various colors and features a hand-painted floral design as a backdrop for the text detailing the wedding festivities. A textured flower design on the reverse of the invitation goes well with the modern typography used to convey your name, the date, and the event’s location.

5. Ombre-Style Invitation

Ombre-Style Winter Wedding Invitations
Ombre-Style Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

The traditional colors of the season, green and gold, are given a contemporary spin in this design. If you’re looking for a modern spin on traditional holiday wedding stationery, this ombre style and big type is a great choice.

6. Greenery-Themed Invitation

Greenery-Themed Winter Wedding Invitations
Greenery-Themed Winter Invitations

Seasonal greenery is beautiful and fitting for a wedding in the cooler months. Elegantly frame your information in style with these leaves of deep green on your winter wedding invitations. In addition, you can add your wedding date on the single-painted branch on the reverse.

7. Botanical Floral Invitations

Botanical Floral Winter Themed Wedding Invitations
Botanical Floral Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a formal wedding for the dead of winter? The wedding invitations are as simple and elegant as they come. Illustrated gray blossoms set off the invitation’s off-white background and the lettering.

8. Winter Woodland Theme Invitation

Winter Woodland Theme Wedding Invitation
Winter Woodland Theme Wedding Invitation

A deer, a stag, the moon, stars, and some towering pine trees decorate the cover of this lovely rustic invitation and response card. Every package has a lovely bohemian invitation, a reply card, and a band to keep everything together. You can’t pass up on this novel suggestion for your upcoming winter nuptials.

9. Wedding Invitation Featuring A Stag

Winter Invitations With A Highland Stag
Winter Invitations With A Highland Stag

This design is perfect for spring, summer, or winter weddings because it has a highland stag in three different color schemes. For a wedding in the country, we recommend the blue winter motif with holly, mistletoe, and snowflakes. These winter wedding invitations are beautiful; the color palette is perfect for a formal celebration, and the gold details are a lovely finishing touch.

10. Party Invitations With Red Berries

Christmas Wedding Invitations With Red Berries
Christmas Wedding Invitations With Red Berries

A few red berries around the invitation will add a splash of color without overwhelming the recipient. The warm white Mohawk paper with a matte eggshell texture gives this design an understated air of winter elegance.

11. Wedding Invitation With Snow Accents

Winter Wedding Invitations With Snow Accents
Winter Invitations With Snow Accents

Talk about a beautiful winter scene; this rustic decor looks like it was made of snow. This winter wedding invitation suite is gorgeous, right down to the craft card, brown twine, and snow-speckled tree envelope. It’s a great teaser for your wedding’s overall rustic vibe without giving too much away. We also like how the snow looks against the earthy tones of the scene.

12. Perspex Wedding Invitation

Perspex Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations
Perspex Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

What an excellent and novel plan for your wedding invites this winter! These winter wedding invitations made of Perspex have a frosted pattern that recalls the look of frost on a window on a chilly winter morning. There are different invitations, including ones made of transparent Perspex and ones with a festive green tint. The palette is perfect for a contemporary invitation fully embracing the holiday spirit.

13. Geometric Wedding Invitation

Geometric Wedding Invitation For Winter
Geometric Wedding Invitation For Winter

Some people might find it hard to see how this beautiful geometric wedding invitation fits in with the winter season. Still, we find the very subtlety of this style so enchanting. The effect is rich and wintery when combining deep royal blue with white lines and gold accents. If you’re planning a wedding for the winter or around Christmas and want invitations that aren’t too traditional, take a chance on these.

14. Invitations With A Printed-On-Foil Location

Christmas Wedding Invitations With A Printed-On-Foil Location
Christmas Wedding Invitations With A Printed-On-Foil Location

Imagine the wow factor of sending out invitations that are a personalized gold foil sketch of your wedding location. Your guests will appreciate the personalized touch and sneak peek of the wedding festivities in the invitation. There will be an immediate surge of enthusiasm for the next event, and everyone will be eager to learn more details.

15. Heavenly Wedding Invitations For The Cold Season

Heaven-Themed Winter Wedding Invitations
Heaven-Themed Winter Wedding Invitations

You can’t go wrong with a heavenly wedding theme in the winter, so if that is what you’re planning, why don’t go all out and select invitations that share the same design? The heavenly outfit’s rich emerald green and stunning metallic gold color scheme is to die for, and it’s a lovely reference to the subject of stars. We daresay that a wedding without a sprinkling of holly on the tables would fail to put guests in the holiday spirit.

16. Wedding Invitations In A Deep Emerald Green

Christmas Tree's Green Color Wedding Invitations
Christmas Tree’s Green Color Wedding Invitations

If you’re a minimalist couple, consider sending out wedding invitations that are elegantly plain and have a pretty cool typeface. Even though there aren’t any typical winter elements in the design, the deep emerald background makes it perfect for the holidays. The combination of the Christmas tree’s green color and the gold type is inspired.

These invitations are beautiful, but they have much going for them beyond their superficial appeal. How innovative to include a QR code for confirmation of attendance! And the visual schedule is fantastic, too.

17. Invitation Featuring Frosty Leaves

Winter Wedding Invitations With Frosty Greenery Design
Winter Invitations With Frosty Greenery Design

Finding the perfect layout for your leafy foliage can make it appropriate for use in the winter and spring and fall. These lovely winter wedding invitations have a frosty greenery design that perfectly fits the season.

Both of your names are displayed in a bold serif font at the head of the card in this straightforward wedding program design. The program’s corners are adorned with little sprigs of leaves, serving as a nice addition to your data. Upon flipping it over, you’ll find a pastel-hued back and a list of your bridal party members.

18. Framed Watercolor Invitations

Christmas Wedding Invitations With Painted Greenery
Christmas Wedding Invitations With Painted Greenery

“Something blue” is a must-have for any bride and groom on their wedding day. These ethereal invitations hint at winter with delicate blue watercolors that frame your wedding information like frozen leaves.

Inviting and delicate, this wedding invitation has painted leaves and sleek, contemporary text to announce the facts of your nuptials. A watercolor pattern in a similar but complementary color appears on the back.

19. Birch Tree Wedding Invitations

Winter Wedding Invitations With Forest Of Birch Trees
Wedding Invitations With Forest Of Birch Trees

This winter wedding invitation features rustic trees that frame your wedding information. All of your personal information, including name, wedding date, and venue, is presented in a variety of classy typefaces. A birch tree serves as a backdrop for your initials on the back.

20. Illustration Of A Mountain For A Wedding Invitation

Winter Themed Wedding Invitations With Snowy Mountain
Winter Themed Wedding Invitations With Snowy Mountain

Why not commemorate your white wedding with elegant invitations and programs? The snowy mountain setting is perfect for rustic winter wedding invitations.

Mountain pines and a rushing river decorate the bottom of this wedding invitation. Make it your own by adding your wedding information in a combination of blocks and calligraphy script. This invitation has a genuine, homemade quality thanks to the use of brown kraft paper & hand-drawn images.

21. Snowy Skyline Pattern Invitation

Snowy Skyline Pattern Winter Wedding Invitations
Snowy Skyline Pattern Winter Invitations

This location-inspired invitation has glittering pine trees that look like they’ve been dusted with snow and foil. It effectively uses a wide variety of font styles to convey important information about the impending event without overwhelming the reader. This winter wedding invitation with falling snow on evergreen trees is lovely for a nocturnal ceremony in a natural setting.

22. Festive Invitations

Christmas Wedding Invitations With Evergreen Wreath
Christmas Wedding Invitations With Evergreen Wreath

An evergreen wreath is the quintessential symbol of the holiday season. These holiday-themed invitations are a safe bet if you’re throwing a party. Our favorite features are the frosted flora and the swoon-worthy cursive font.

23. Invitation With A Marble Pattern

Marble Pattern Winter Wedding Invitations
Marble Pattern Winter Invitations

Modern winter wedding invitations are a great option if you’re throwing a party with a more up-to-date theme. This chic stationery has a marble pattern, making it look and feel very upscale.

24. Shimmering Gold Mountings

Metallic Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations
Metallic Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

Invitations for a winter wedding should always shimmer, and metallics are perfect. Sparks will fly as you and your loved one celebrate your love. The embroidered glittery garland at the top of the card serves as a wedding invitation in this set.

Your wedding information is printed in a color splash over a vintage-style font combination of sans-serif and script. Send your visitors an early preview of the festivities with this glittering stationery.

25. Vintage-Style Wedding Invitation

Retro-Style Winter Wedding Invitations
Retro-Style Wedding Invitations

This timeless stationery is perfect for the retro-obsessed. A wedding in the winter calls for wedding invitations in deep, rich colors like navy or burgundy to show visitors that this is a severe event.

In this sophisticated wedding invitation, your names appear in exquisite handwriting on a rich-colored background. The invitation’s reverse is as tastefully designed as the front, with a swirl pattern to match.

26. Invitation With Dramatic Vibe

Black Winter Wedding Invitations
Black Winter Wedding Invitations

An exquisitely Gothic atmosphere can be created for your wedding with black invitations. When painted in watercolor, a color loses any roughness it may have had and takes on a more ethereal, romantic quality. Use scarlet envelopes to add a dash of merriment without being too obvious.

27. Blue-Themed Wedding Invitations

Blue Winter Themed Wedding Invitations
Blue Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations

The icy blues of winter are reflected in this set of invitations. Envelopes made of Lucite and a laser-cut woodland design give a contemporary touch that goes well with the more traditional touches of cursive handwriting and wax seals.

28. Wedding Invitation Sketched By Hand

Hand-Sketched Winter Invitations
Hand-Sketched Winter Invitations

This wedding invitation, drawn by hand, is reminiscent of a snowy prairie landscape. It makes one think of a warm evening by the fireplace, with snow falling outside and various nocturnal animals scuttling about.

29. Minimalistic Style Invitation

Minimalistic-Style Winter Wedding Invitations
Minimalistic-Style Winter Wedding Invitations

Color blocking in snowy white and soft gray gives a traditional winter color scheme a modern twist. Minimalism as a style statement is a recent concept. Not only is this wedding invitation card style perfect for the winter, but it is also a stylish and beautiful option for the rest of the year.

30. Sparkling Snowflake Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Snowflakes Wedding Invitations
Watercolor Snowflakes Wedding Invitations

This invitation set brings the viewer to a wintry landscape. A refined color scheme of cool blues, crisp whites, and muted grays feels both serious and lighthearted. However, the watercolor snowflakes that frame the corners make an impression.

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It’s perfect if you’re having a winter wedding. It’s the year’s best and funniest, giving you many ideas for wedding planning. In addition, lovely winter wedding invitations are a must for a winter wedding. In our article, you’ll find various creative invitation options to consider. Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose the best design that suits your wedding theme at Viva Wedding Photography.

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