Wedding Checklist For Grooms: A Complete Guide to Your Duties

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Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. As the groom, you likely want to ensure everything runs smoothly while making the experience memorable for your partner. But where do you even begin? Don’t worry! This comprehensive wedding checklist for grooms will keep you organized and confident throughout the process. Let’s check with Viva Wedding Photography!

Wedding Checklist for the Groom PDF

wedding checklist for the groom pdf

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist Before the Big Day

12 Months Out

1. Decide who’s paying & Set a budget

Creating a budget requires you and your partner to reach a consensus on the source of funds and determining the spending limit. This is a crucial topic to address both before and during the wedding planning, especially if the couple is covering all the wedding costs. Creating a budget and mutually agreeing on it will guarantee a smooth booking process, resulting in a joyful and worry-free wedding week without unexpected expenses.

wedding checklist for groom - decide who's paying
Setting a budget is the first task on groom wedding checklist (Source: Brides)

According to tradition, the bride’s family typically covers the wedding expenses, while the groom’s family is responsible for the rehearsal dinner. Nevertheless, in today’s world, personal decisions are diverse and subjective. It’s becoming more common for couples to cover most expenses themselves, with some receiving financial help from their parents to use as they desire, whether for the wedding or other purposes like a house down payment.

2. Divide responsibilities

groom wedding planning checklist - divide responsibilities
Evenly divide responsibilities between you and your partner (Source: lufu weddings)

It’s time to pull out the groom wedding planning checklist and assign tasks to everyone involved. It is essential to ensure that planning responsibilities are distributed as evenly as feasible. Consider hiring a wedding planner if you or your future spouse are unable to divide responsibilities equally.

3. Communicate with your family

Being a groom involves mediating between your future spouse and your side of the family to maintain harmony. If your mom wants to add her friends to your guest list at the last minute, you will be the one to address the situation with her, not your partner.

4. Book a wedding venue and choose a date

wedding checklist for groom - booking a venue
Booking a venue is among groom things to do before wedding (Source: Antonis Kelaidis)

To finalize the date for your nuptials, booking a wedding venue is an essential task on the wedding checklist for grooms. Choose a venue that truly reflects your style and makes you both happy. Also, ensure your VIPs are available on your chosen date before signing any contracts.

11 Months Out

5. Choose your officiant

An experienced officiant can also help ensure the weddings run smoothly and professionally. You can choose a priest, rabbi, or justice of the peace. They can help manage the timing of the ceremony, coordinate with other vendors, and provide a calming presence to help the couple feel relaxed and focused during the wedding ceremony.

6. Book wedding music

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Hire Wedding Band
Wedding checklist for grooms – Hire Wedding Band (Source: The Knot)

This task should be a top priority on the groom wedding planning checklist. As the most sought-after wedding bands tend to fill up their schedules quickly, so it’s advisable to secure your date with the band as soon as you finalize your venue. Similarly, this applies to your ceremony music and DJs if you plan to include them.

7. Research photographers & videographers

With the plethora of options available for documenting your special day, it’s important to take the time to explore different wedding photographers and videographers to find a style that suits you best.

8. Invite your wedding party

wedding checklist from groom - Select Your Groomsmen
Selecting groomsmen is among groom things to do before wedding

Invite your closest companions to stand by your side as groomsmen. These guys will support you throughout the wedding process, so choose people who are close to you and who you can rely on.

Not sure how to approach them about standing by your side? Perhaps you could consider giving them a card and a bottle of whiskey, or at the very least, giving them a phone call. Make sure to communicate any upcoming travel arrangements and significant expenses since this will help them assess whether or not they can afford to attend the wedding.

9. Contribute to the guest list

Groom Wedding checklist - Arrange The Guest List With Bride
Wedding checklist for grooms – Arrange The Guest List With The Bride (Source: Wedding Wire)

Arranging the guest list is likely one of the least enjoyable responsibilities on the groom’s wedding checklist. But picture arriving at your wedding day, only to be greeted by a group of strangers congratulating you as you make your way down the aisle. Not so awesome, is it?

So ask yourself: Who do you consider essential on both sides? Who is included in the second tier or “do not invite” list? Make sure to provide your input on the guest list, as it will play a crucial role in deciding the venue. Don’t forget to collaborate with your family to ensure the invite list stays manageable, gather addresses, and address any guest-related conflicts.

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10-9 Months Out

10. Book hotel room blocks

 wedding checklist for groom - Booking hotel blocks for guests
Groom wedding planning checklist – Booking hotel blocks for guests (Source: Love My Dress)

Reserving a block of rooms is advisable for those inviting many out-of-town guests. This shows your hospitality and ensures your loved ones have a comfortable place to stay during the wedding weekend. Look for hotels that are conveniently located to the wedding venue and offer group discounts.

11. Schedule your engagement photo session

Engagement photos are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and capture some beautiful memories as a couple. You can use these photos for your save-the-dates or wedding website.

8 Months

12. Create the wedding registry

groom wedding planning checklist - create the wedding registry
Create the wedding registry with your future wife (Source: Ballard Design)

It may seem crazy, but people will purchase your gifts the second you announce your engagement. If you want to avoid receiving inappropriate items, the next step in the wedding checklist for grooms is to register for nuptial gifts. In addition, you can sign up for anything from a new TV to helpful home items.

13. Build a wedding website

While adding a wedding website to the groom wedding planning checklist may seem like an extra task, the benefits of having one are definitely worth it. It serves as a central hub for your guests to conveniently access essential details not provided on your wedding invitations, including dress code, transportation, hotel accommodations, and more.

14. Send out save-the-dates

wedding checklist for groom - sending out save-the-dates
Sending save-the-dates is among groom things to do before wedding (Source: Truly Engaging)

Save-the-dates are usually sent out in advance to allow guests to mark their calendars for your wedding day. Not informing your guests in advance could lead to them making alternative arrangements, such as going on extended trips or accepting other wedding invitations.

In addition, it’s a nice place to put a link to your wedding website so that guests may visit your registry (which will be useful for pre-wedding celebrations like a wedding shower) and stay updated on wedding details.

Viva Wedding Tip

Consider sending out save-the-dates earlier than usual for those planning a destination wedding.

15. Plan your honeymoon

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Plan Your Honeymoon
Groom wedding checklist – Plan Your Honeymoon (Source: The Honeymoon Edit)

Planning the honeymoon is a traditional groom’s wedding responsibility, but it should be a shared task with your spouse. You both should be thrilled with your unforgettable journey, after all.

Viva Wedding Tip

If you’re leaving the country for the honeymoon, check your passport validity and renew it if necessary.

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16. Buy wedding insurance

Emergencies can happen unexpectedly, so even though we hope you won’t require wedding insurance, it’s a valuable investment to consider.

7-6 Months Out

17. Plan rehearsal dinner

Groom wedding checklist for rehearsal dinner
Groom wedding checklist for rehearsal dinner (Source: Wedding Spot)

The rehearsal dinner is generally planned and hosted by the groom’s family; if this applies to your case, it’s time to begin the preparations. Some families are very proactive, while others may require some encouragement to start. In any case, make sure you and your spouse agree on your plans for this pre-wedding celebration.

18. Order wedding attire

When it comes to groom attire, there are plenty of options to choose from. Will it be a tux, suit, shirt and slacks, kilt, or perhaps something entirely unique? Uncertain about your outfit choice? Allow your wedding style and venue to influence your decisions, along with what makes you feel most confident. Consider whether you will rent or purchase your attire.

wedding checklist for groom - order wedding attire
Groom wedding checklist with nuptial attires (Source: Brides)

And don’t forget the groomsmen’s suits. Your groomsmen and you don’t need to wear identical outfits, but theirs should complement yours. Collaborate with your side of the wedding party to determine their attire and how they will ensure their outfits are ready for the big day.

19. Arrange transportation

This is one of the traditional tasks on the wedding checklist for grooms: scheduling wedding-day transportation, such as a limo, party bus, shuttle, etc. It also involves arranging the logistics.

20. Shop for wedding bands

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Shop For wedding bands
The groom wedding planning checklist – Shop For Wedding Rings (Source: Lenox Jewelers)

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some ring shopping! When you visit the jeweler, whether alone or with your partner, allow yourself enough time to choose the comfortable wedding band that matches your style since you’ll be wearing it for a lifetime.

5-4 Months Out

21. Order wedding invitations

Request a sample invitation when placing your order to make sure the design and wording align with your preferences. Make sure to order extra invitation suites in case errors occur. Also, think about how you will address all the envelopes and calculate the required postage.

22. Plan the wedidng bar

wedding checklist for groom - plan the bar menu
Planning the bar menu is among the groom things to do before wedding (Source: Wedding Spot)

Whether choosing your own wine (and scheduling a tasting!), artisan brews, or unique cocktails, adding some variety to the basic bar menu is a great way to make your day more memorable.

23. Create the playlist

Attention all music enthusiasts: this is your moment to stand out! Make sure to select songs for key moments on the wedding day, such as the first dance, as well as some of your favorites that you would like to play at your wedding party.

3 Months Out

24. Buy gifts for groomsmen

Groom's Wedding Planning Checklist - Buy Gifts For Your Groomsmen
Wedding Checklist For Groom – Buy Your Groomsmen Gifts (Source: The Knot)

Be sure to show your appreciation by giving a thoughtful gift to the significant men in your life who have supported you throughout your wedding journey. There is a wide variety of presents for the groomsmen, such as engraved whiskey glasses, koozies to keep drinks cold, cufflinks with initials, and embroidered kits.

25. Send out wedding invitations

Wedding Checklist For Groom - Send Out Wedding Invitations
Groom things to do before wedding – Send Out Wedding Invitations (Source: Hitched)

For a destination wedding, invites should be sent out 12 weeks before the wedding day. Eight weeks is a good time for a local event. Not only does this provide your guests with ample time to adjust their schedules, but it also allows you to request RSVPs from your wedding guests earlier while adhering to proper invitation etiquette.

2 Months Out

26. Schedule an attire-fitting

Choosing and purchasing your wedding-day attire is just the beginning – ensuring it fits properly is crucial before the big day. Collaborate with a tailor to ensure your outfit fits you perfectly.

27. Attend the bachelor party

Groom wedding checklist for 2 months before the big day
Groom wedding checklist for 2 months before the big day (Source: Brides)

Your guys took the lead in preparing your bachelorette party, and now it’s time to relax and celebrate with your closest friends.

1 Month Out

28. Obtain the marriage license

A marriage license is the official document to seal the deal! This is a crucial task on any wedding checklist for grooms, so don’t forget to research the requirements in your area and apply for your marriage license well in advance.

29. Create the seating chart with your fiancée

wedding checklist for groom - create a seating chart
Create a reception seating chart with your partner (Source: Symphony Events)

Deciding who sits where at the reception may not be one of the most exciting groom things to do before wedding, but it is definitely a crucial one. It’s important to take care of both your and your partner’s friends, as well as ensuring that your family’s guests are seated correctly.

2 Weeks Out

30. Practice your vow and the speech

wedding checklist for groom includes preparing the vows
Groom wedding checklist for 2 weeks before the big day (Source: The Knot)

Your vows are not anything to forget on the wedding checklist for grooms. It’s important to have a conversation with your bride about whether you will be writing your own vows or using traditional ones. Choose an approachable tone and sensible structure for writing and practicing vows early. Avoid leaving it until the last minute, as it may lead to disappointing her.

31. Track down RSVP

Your responsibility does not end with sending out the invitations; it continues with tracking RSVPs from your side of the family. Marking off confirmed attendees should be a top priority for any groom planning a wedding. Keep track of their whereabouts and confirm their accommodation arrangements, transportation, and other matters.

32. Buy a wedding gift for your partner

groom wedding checklist includes giving a gift to the bride
Give your parter a present before the wedding (Source: House of Aroma)

Find gifts that will hold special meaning for her. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Anything that is lovely and sincere will suffice.

Make sure it’s beautifully wrapped and arrange for it to be delivered to her the night before the wedding. Or you can give it to her while she’s preparing for the wedding day. Another way is to begin your wedding night by exchanging gifts.

1 Week Out

The week before the wedding is all about final confirmations and getting yourself prepped for the big day.

33. Share final headcount

After receiving all the RSVPs, it’s important to provide the final guest count to your venue, caterer, and other vendors.

34. Have final meetings with your vendors

groom wedding planning checklist - Schedule final meetings with vendors
Schedule final meetings with your vendors (Source: Pinterest)

Even though you have been collaborating with your wedding vendors over the past year, you will probably need to schedule a few phone calls and meetings in the final days to ensure all the details are in place.

35. Pack your bags

It’s advisable to pack three bags: one for the wedding day, one for the wedding night, and one for the honeymoon.

36. Get your haircut

Wedding checklist for groom in 1 week before the big day
Wedding checklist for groom in 1 week before the big day (Source: Bloomberg)

It’s best to avoid getting a new hairstyle before the wedding as there won’t be enough time for it to adjust to your face. Schedule your haircut for a week or 5 days prior to the wedding, or just opt for a trim.

The day before

37. Organize payments and tips

Many suppliers will require payment in whole or in part on the wedding day. Make sure to have each payment organized in labeled envelopes if you’re paying in cash so they are ready to hand out. Don’t forget to assign this task to your groomsmen on the big day, and remember to leave some money for tips.

38. Attend the rehearsal dinner

wedding checklist for groom includes attending the rehearsal dinner
The final task on groom wedding planning checklist (Source: LLG Events)

Relax and enjoy yourself, but be sure to stay within limits. Tomorrow is going to be a significant day for you!

39. Rehearse the ceremony

Have a ceremony rehearsal so that everyone is clear on their roles for the big day.

Groom Wedding Day Checklist

40. Manage your side of the family

Once again, as the captain of the guests from your family’s side, you may need to handle some unexpected situations with your family. Has your cousin missed his early flight? Did your mother and aunt have an argument? It’s important to address minor issues promptly to prevent them from affecting the rest of your day and keep things running smoothly.

41. Give out groomsmen gifts

Groom wedding day checklist - Give gifts to groomsmen
Groom wedding day checklist – Give gifts to groomsmen (Source: Blue Linden Weddings)

Give your groomsmen presents as you get ready for the big day, and have a few beers to alleviate any pre-wedding anxieties. We suggest doing it in the groom’s room at the venue or the groom’s suite at the hotel so that they can keep the presents safe until after the wedding is over.

42. Have fun

After months of careful planning, the big day has arrived. Make sure to savor every moment. Appreciate your new spouse and cherish the moment with your loved ones. After all, you only have one wedding day in your life, so make the most of it!

Wedding Checklist for Groom After the Big Day

43. Return clothes

If you rented a tux or suit, make sure you return it to the store in a timely way. You should be aware of the deadline for returning your clothing items to avoid incurring a fee. If you’re leaving for your honeymoon and won’t be able to return the items on time, delegate the responsibility to your best man or another groomsman.

44. Make a wedding photo album

wedding checklist for groom after the big day
Groom’s duties after the wedding (Source: Brides)

After receiving your photos from the photographer, it’s time to create a special keepsake for yourself and your loved ones! Consider selecting your cherished photos from the special occasion and compiling them into a book to showcase on your coffee table or present to your parents as a thoughtful birthday or holiday present. Is there anything more valuable than the gift of memory?

45. Write thank-you notes

Remember to express your gratitude by sending thank-you notes to your friends and family members, whether they gave you cash or registry items. It’s best to do it soon after the wedding. Set a goal to write five a day after the wedding to make it more manageable for yourself.

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By following this comprehensive wedding checklist for grooms, you’ve tackled every detail and are now fully prepared to walk down the aisle with confidence. Remember, the most important thing is to relax, enjoy the moment, and celebrate your love with your partner. These memories will last a lifetime, so take it all in and savor the joy of your special day. Viva Wedding Photography wishes you a stress-free wedding planning process!

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