Wedding Checklist For Groom: No need to Worry on the Big Day

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You and your significant other have gone through many ups and downs on your path to love, but you’ve finally chosen to head home together. The day you tie the knot is one of the most memorable and significant of your life. From this point on, you will have a lifelong friend and partner by your side. Therefore every detail in your wedding must be well thought out and executed.

As a groom, it’s essential to be prepared to ensure everything goes smoothly. A checklist is a helpful tool to ensure that all necessary items are handled. Viva Wedding Photography has made a detailed wedding checklist for groom to help you remain on track and have a wonderful wedding day.

12 Months Groom Checklist

Determine A Venue For The Wedding

Locating a suitable wedding venue for the ceremony and the following party is a part that you should consider first. Temple of the Lord, Synagogue, or Highest Peak in the Himalayas? The most popular wedding months are May through September, so if you want one of the most excellent venues, you’d better start planning soon.

Find Your Groomsmen

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Select Your Groomsmen
Wedding To-Do List For Groom – Select Your Groomsmen

Selecting the best guys to stand as groomsmen is crucial to the wedding planning checklist. You can have the best man handle this for the best results, but doing it yourself is always the best option. Firstly, you need a groomsman proposal asking your friends to attend your wedding party.

Next, you must constantly contact and inform them of any wedding-related happenings. As the wedding date approaches, you must ensure they order their tuxedo and get it fitted.

Registry For The Gifts

It may seem crazy, but people will purchase your gifts the second you announce your engagement. If you want to avoid receiving inappropriate items, the next step in the wedding checklist for the groom is registering for the gift. In addition, you can sign up for anything from a new TV to useful home items.

9 Months Groom Wedding Planning Checklist

Manage The Guest List With Future Mrs.

Groom Wedding To Do List - Arrange The Guest List With Bride
Groom Wedding To Do List – Arrange The Guest List With The Bride (Source: Wedding Wire)

The wedding guest list is the most important item on the wedding checklist for the groom. The people who make it to your wedding will be just as significant to her as they will be to you. For this reason, you’ll need to help her choose wedding guests as part of your responsibilities.

If your parents want to invite any relatives from your family’s other side, they should hear from you about it. Have her review the guest list and cut it down to the number you can realistically host.

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Book Wedding Musician

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Hire Wedding Band
Groom Wedding Planning Checklist – Hire Wedding Band (Source: The Knot)

It will likely be up to you to select the entertainment, whether a band or DJ. Make sure to check references and/or listen to samples of their work before signing anything, and consult with the bride on this decision.

Choose Your Officiant

An experienced officiant can also help ensure the weddings run smoothly and professionally. They can help manage the timing of the ceremony, coordinate with other vendors, and provide a calming presence to help the couple feel relaxed and focused during the wedding ceremony.

Let’s talk to the right people in authority. Once again, you can choose a priest, rabbi, justice of the peace, or even an authorized Elvis impersonator. It’s up to you to choose whether an officiant can provide guidance and support in crafting a meaningful ceremony reflecting the couple’s values and beliefs.

6 Months Before The Wedding Party

Make Your Honeymoon Plans Now

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Plan Your Honeymoon
Wedding To Do List For Groom – Plan Your Honeymoon (Source: The Honeymoon Edit)

Consider this your reward for the time and effort you’ll have put in as the Groom-to-Be, enduring his bride’s endless questions and your checklists of things to do. Here you and Mrs. get to unwind after a tired wedding preparation process.

Everything from when and for how long the trip will be to where you will stay, what kind of activities you will engage in while there, obtaining any required travel documents (passports, visas, etc.), purchasing travel insurance, obtaining any necessary local currency, making any necessary reservations, etc. If you want to impress her immediately, have some champagne and roses delivered to her hotel room.

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Prepare For Travel To The Ceremony And The Reception

Imagine a stretch limo or a horse-drawn carriage. You can’t take the bus, so keep that in mind. Also, make travel arrangements for after the reception, whether to the airport or a hotel.

An elegant and reliable limo is ideal for a wedding party on an important day. Although most Grooms and Groomsmen drive their own cars to the wedding, renting a limo is an option in the wedding checklist for groom if you want to make an entrance of your own. As you will arrive before most of the guests, there is no need for any fanfare or grandstanding on your part.

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3 Months Before The Wedding Day

Purchase Your Wedding Band

Groom Wedding Planning Checklist - Shop For A Ring
Groom Wedding To Do List – Shop For Wedding Rings (Source: Lenox Jewelers)

You should also go out and shop for a ring, only this time it should be for yourself. You should give yourself a lot of time to locate the appropriate band, whether you go to the jeweler by yourself or with your wife.

Arrange Accommodation For Out-Of-Town Guests

If you don’t have a dozen spare bedrooms for your out-of-town guests, you should pick a hotel and book a block of rooms. Show your concern and appreciation for your guests’ presence by making sure they have a good time on your wedding day.

Choose Your And Groomsmen Attire

The next thing on the wedding checklist for groom is to decide on your special day attire and the attire of your closest friends standing by your side as best men. Before deciding on your wedding suit, it’s essential to consider the event’s theme and the venue’s aesthetic. Is it a lavish downtown ballroom, a cozy patio, or somewhere in between?

Consider the day’s aesthetic when deciding what to dress. Dressing up in a traditional black tuxedo is the way for a more sophisticated affair. A navy suit with a light-colored tie may feel more at home at a celebration by the water than a more formal three-piece suit. Maybe you’re bored of wearing the same old suit and want to show off your own style with patterned pocket squares or custom cufflinks. Your final outfit choice should reflect who you are and how you like to dress.

Send Out The Invitations

Wedding Checklist For Groom - Send Out Wedding Invitations
Wedding To Do List For Groom – Send Out Wedding Invitations (Source: Hitched)

The guest list must be finalized at this point, meaning it has been approved by the bride, groom, and both parents. Invitations should be sent out now. Remember to include a deadline for RSVPs and to follow up with any guests who haven’t responded by the deadline.

Write The Vows And Practice

Vows aren’t something to be taken lightly. Consult with the bride whether you intend to write your vows from scratch or use an existing template. Choose an approachable tone and a sensible framework to help everyone feel comfortable, then take the time to write and practice your vows. Never put it off till the last minute, or you risk disappointing her.

6-8 Weeks Groom’s Wedding Checklist

Make Sure You Take Care Of Yourself

Grooms’ wedding preparations are a for-real experience. The bride has too much and can’t take on any more work. As a result, it is incumbent upon you to straighten things out as much as possible.

Understand the nuptial’s underlying concept, and then seek an outfit that fits the bill as quickly as possible so that you can schedule fittings. To complete your ensemble, pick up a pair of shoes that match your bag and belt. Ease the mind of your bride-to-be.

Have a gleaming grin ready. Try drinking less coffee and using toothpaste designed to remove stains. Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? If you want whiter teeth, you can visit the doctor for professional bleaching or pick up a whitening kit at the store.

Get Presents For The Groomsmen

Groom's Wedding Planning Checklist For Groom - Buy Gifts For Your Groomsmen
Wedding Checklist For Groom – Buy Your Groomsmen Gifts (Source: The Knot)

The most significant men in your life deserve a token of appreciation for standing by your side on your wedding day, so be sure to shop accordingly. Such examples are personalized cuff links, monogrammed dopp kits, and initialed koozies for keeping drinks cold.

You needn’t buy everyone an identical present, either. Instead of cufflinks, the engraved glasses could be a better present for the groomsmen who enjoy whiskey but don’t care much for formalwear. This is the point that would be enjoyable.

Make Preparations For The Rehearsal Dinner

If you relieve your spouse of this responsibility, you will get husband of the year honors. Tell your lover to stop worrying about it because you’ve covered it. Get the word out to the officiant and the parents by informing them of the rehearsal dinner’s schedule.

Also, when planning, ensure everyone arrives at the venue on time by taking charge of transportation. Let’s have everyone have fun dancing with the bride before the wedding.

1-2 Weeks Wedding Checklist For Groom

1-2 Weeks Groom Wedding Planning Checklist
1-2 Weeks Groom Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Engage in some vigorous activity with your soon-to-be bride. However, before you do, you should have your marriage license.
  • Just don’t do anything illogical. But I hope you enjoy yourself a lot. This is your final hurrah before settling down with a wife, so go all out because it’s your bachelor party.
  • Tend to your relaxation. Double-check your honeymoon plans again, get a jump start on packing, and procure some travelers’ checks.
  • Give money to the man (or woman). Wouldn’t it be amazing if your wedding officiant presided over the ceremony so that they could help spread some love throughout our cold, lonely planet? No way. The best man should carry an envelope containing the monetary reward to the officiant after the ceremony.
  • Let your voice be heard. During the wedding reception, you will need to address the guests. You should start thinking about a thoughtful and witty toast for her family right now.
  • Bring the troops together. Prepare your guys for the rehearsal dinner by briefing them on the event’s specifics and having them press their monkey suits in advance. Also, it’s time for you to get a haircut.

Groom Checklist For Wedding Day

Groom Duties For His Wedding Day
Groom Checklist For His Wedding Day (Source: Brides)

Groom Checklist For His Day Of The Wedding:

  • Relax and deep breathe
  • It’s the final minute, so make sure everything is in order
  • Be stylish.
  • The bride deserves a heartfelt note before the ceremony.
  • The best man should have the rings.
  • Just say, “I do,” and you’ll have a fantastic time.

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, but with a wedding checklist for groom, you can stay organized and ensure that everything is taken care of. By following this comprehensive checklist of Viva Wedding Photography, you can make your wedding day a memorable and stress-free experience.

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