6 Most Popular Wedding Months – How Come They’re So Well-Liked?

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Weddings are among the most memorable occasions in a person’s life, and choosing the perfect time to tie the knot is essential. Many couples choose to get married during summer, while others opt for a winter wonderland wedding. Let’s explore the most popular wedding months and why they’re so sought-after with Viva Wedding Photography!

1. When is the Wedding Season?

The most popular times to get married tend to be in the summer and early fall, though this does vary significantly from year to year. Based on research from The Knot, 43% of weddings in 2022 occurred from September to November.

most popular wedding months 9 1
What is the most popular month for weddings (Source: Hitched)

There has been a rise in the popularity of fall weddings in recent years, a trend that is expected to persist. This is may due to pleasant weather, beautiful fall foliage, and the peaceful period between summer and winter holidays.

Summer ranked as the second most favored season for weddings, with 28% of couples tying the knot between June and August.

2. What are the Most Popular Wedding Months?

2.1. October: Autumn Leaves and Cozy Gatherings

According to The Wedding Report, in 2022, October was the top wedding month, accounting for 14.9%. This is probably because a celebration during this month comes with the most picture-perfect backdrop packed with brilliant leaves.

October: One Of The Most Popular Wedding Months
The best month to get married is the October (Source: Wedding Forward)

If you are planning to host your big day this month, you will have beautiful seasonal décor choices. We really love the jewel-toned color palettes, luxurious velvet linens, and elegant centerpieces adorned with golden leaves. Plus, you can enjoy an autumn-themed menu with delicious flavors like apple, pumpkin, and maple.

2.2. September: End-Of-Summer Bash

In 2022, September is the second most popular month for weddings, accounting for 13.6 percent of all nuptials. Weddings at this time of year are perfect because of the mild weather and plenty of natural beauty that couples may enjoy. September signifies the shift from summer to fall, bringing a sense of anticipation with the changing seasons.

September: One Of The Most Popular Wedding Months
One Of The Most Popular Wedding Months is the September (Source: Georgimabee)

Depending on where and when you host your big day, you may have an autumnal wedding or an end-of-summer celebration. Parties under tents and outdoor ceremonies in the sunshine are both lovely. What we love the most about September is that it’s the perfect month for sunset shots and romantic dinners since the sun sets earlier due to daylight savings time. Any evening during this month will be bathed in a warm glow.

Viva Wedding Note

While many states of the country experience pleasant temperatures in September, the East Coast still faces the potential for storms. So, you should consider thoughtfully when holding a wedding this month.

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2.3. June: Love and Romance in The Air

June ranks third in one of the most popular wedding months, accounting for 12.5% of all nuptials. This is the perfect month for outdoor celebrations because of the pleasant weather and lower humidity compared to later in the season. With the sun setting later in the evening, plenty of sunlight will be available for taking photos.

June Weddings For Love And Romance
June is one of the popular wedding months (Source: Sainte Terre Love Story)

Not to mention, the surrounding scenery is in full bloom, so there are also plenty of seasonal flowers for your decor. Because most people don’t plan significant trips until later in the summer, more of your friends and family will be able to attend, whether they’re local or out-of-town guests.

2.4. May: Blooming Flowers and Budget-Friendly Options

Most Popular Wedding Months - May Is On The Top
May the best month to get married (Source: Inside Weddings)

May is fourth among the most popular wedding months. According to The Wedding Report, 10.9% of weddings occurred in May 2022. Compared to the chilly March and rainy April, the pleasant weather and flower blooms in May (including tulips, peonies, orchids, and valley lily) make it the best choice. Since May is a month linked with development and rejuvenation, getting married in May also brings good fortune to couples.

In addition to the lovely setting and auspicious meaning, May falls just before the peak of summer weddings, making hotels, venues, and airfare more budget-friendly.

2.5. July: Sunny Summer Celebrations

9.6 percent of weddings took place in July, making it the sixth most popular month for weddings. This time of year, similar to June, brings stunning natural light for photo ops, seasonal flowers for decorating, and fresh fruit and vegetables for cooking and drinking.

Peak Wedding Seasons For Happy Couples
July is one of the best months to get married (Source: The Knot)

Nonetheless, July is not as preferred as June due to the hotter weather in most areas, making it challenging to host outdoor events like backyard parties and garden gatherings. That said, the prediction highlights affordability in certain places. For example, July weddings in Palm Springs frequently come with a discount.

2.6. August: Beach Bliss and Tropical Dreams

August is the third summer month and ranks sixth in the list of popular wedding months, with a 9 percent share. In August, you can still enjoy the perks of June and July, like longer daylight hours, beautiful outdoor dining experiences, and the flexibility to travel when it’s less crowded. However, it ranks slightly lower compared to the other summer months due to the start of hurricane season on the East Coast. So, choosing an August wedding date can carry some risks.

July & August Weddings For Summer Lovers
August Weddings for Summer Lovers (Source: Martha Stewart)

Having said that, August does offer many advantages. Planning a wedding this month is a great way to celebrate the end of summer, with various venue options available. August weddings are a favorite choice for nature lovers seeking a summer setting, whether by the coast, at the beach, in a garden, vineyard, or family farm.

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3. What are the Least Popular Wedding Months?

The winter months are not prime time for weddings. The wedding off-season typically varies based on location, but it typically falls between the months of November through April. During these months, there is less demand for weddings due to the colder weather, holidays, and potential travel difficulties.

Off-Season For Weddings
Off-Season For Weddings (Source: David’s Bridal)

As a result, venues and vendors may offer discounts or lower rates during this time, making it a more affordable option for couples planning their wedding on a budget. However, it’s important to note that some locations, such as warm-weather destinations, may have a different wedding off-season due to weather patterns or tourism trends.

4. Tips to Choose the Best Month to Get Married

Your personal preferences are the most important factor to consider while deciding on the ideal month to tie the knot.

Consider exploring the less popular months, such as January, February, and November, if you are on a tight budget. Keep in mind that during the offseason, venues and vendors tend to offer more affordable prices, allowing you to save on various aspects such as catering, wedding planner fees, flowers, and other expenses.

However, if you have a long list of guests and would like to invite as many people as possible, consider scheduling your event in May, June, or October to align with their availability.

Attractive Aspects Of The Most Popular Wedding Months
January is the least popular wedding month (Source: Elle Decor)

When selecting a wedding theme, consider choosing a month that aligns well with your vision, such as October for a Halloween wedding or September for a late summer celebration.

For those planning a wedding on short notice, consider opting for a weekday celebration to secure a date during peak months. Alternatively, you might want to take advantage of choosing an off-season wedding month! A Friday wedding in February sounds perfect to us!

Every month comes with its own unique benefits and obstacles. Ultimately, the ideal wedding month is determined by your individual wedding vision and the location of your ceremony.

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Choosing the perfect wedding month is a personal decision that depends on several factors, such as weather, scenery, and budget. By considering these factors and exploring the most popular wedding months, you can select the perfect month for your special day. With this comprehensive guide from Viva Wedding Photography, you’re well on your way to planning the perfect wedding.

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