Top 40 Wedding Send-Off Ideas To Make Your Exit in Style

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All eyes are fixed on you as you gracefully walk down the aisle, elegantly have your first dance, and joyfully cut into your wedding cake. Why should the final moments of your special day be any different? In this article, you’ll explore some of the most creative and exciting wedding send-off ideas guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Viva Wedding Photography has compiled a list of top-notch choices to consider — everything from ribbon wands and dazzling sparklers to a sea of balloons is all fair game. What is the one thing that all of these ideas have in common? They’ll make sure the party goes out with a bang. So let’s dive in and explore the most exciting wedding send-off ideas out there!”

Unique Wedding Send-Off Ideas

1. Smoke Bomb

Wedding send-off ideas: Smoke bomb
Smoke bombs wedding send-off ideas – Photo by: Rock My Wedding

A smoke show during the daytime is a cool concept that will make you and your partner shine like true rock stars. Give your guests smoke bombs they can hold in their hands, or have a professional set them off at the right time. Experience the exhilarating sensation of dashing through vibrant clouds of color, ranging from delicate wisps of smoke to a captivating, full-blown background. Take great pictures with your wedding guests or wedding party, or you can even time it so that your getaway car drives through the mysterious haze. 

Things to keep in mind if you’re considering this type of send-off idea:

  • Get your wedding venue’s approval and use them in outdoor settings only.
  • As smoke bombs can stain clothes, notify attendees before the event. 
  • Inform your wedding photographer about your smoke bomb idea in advance.

2. Mini Beach Ball

fun wedding send-off ideas: Mini Beach
Mini beach ball wedding exit – Photo by: The Crescent Beach Club

Are you in the midst of organizing a picturesque beach wedding? Consider using this delightful wedding send-off idea for your event. No matter where you hold your nuptials, tossed mini beach balls will surely create the feeling of a tropical getaway or a dreamy destination wedding. This carefree style will keep your farewell cheerful while also adding an outstanding splash of color to the images of your departure.

3. Swords Tunnel

Salute with swords is one of unique wedding send-off ideas
Salute with swords is one of the unique wedding send-off ideas – Photo by: Brides

This send-off, also called the Arch of Sabers or the Arch of Swords, is a well-known military wedding custom meant to honor and protect the newlyweds. Right after the ceremony – typically outside the wedding venue – several service members line up in pairs and make a tunnel of swords for the couple to walk under. If you or your partner are in the military, this no-mess wedding send-off is made for you.

4. DIY Flags

Wedding exit ideas: DIY flags
What is more special than making your departure with DIY flags? – Photo by: Brides

This is just one of our flag-inspired wedding send-off ideas. Give your guests small flags with joyful words on them, such as “hooray,” “cheers,” and “congrats,” so they can wave them as you leave the wedding and take them home as a memo after the party.

5. Tinsel Streamers

Wedding send-off ideas: tinsel streamers
Wedding exit ideas: Tinsel streamers – Photo by: Everly Studios

Walking out of the reception venue through a swarm of streamers shot out of cannons is a thrilling and sentimental way to end the nuptials. Tinsel streamers are a timeless classic, but you also have the option of choosing more modern colors to match your wedding’s aesthetic.

6. Blowing Bubbles

fun wedding send-off ideas: blowing bubbles
Make your escape impressive with bubbles – Photo by: Abernethy Center

Bubbles, which are glimmering, incandescent, and ethereal, are a timeless favorite. They have been used for a very long time as one of the most unique wedding send-off ideas. The finest things about bubbles are that they are affordable, simple to use, and leave no mess afterward.

A picture-perfect backdrop for photos and videos can be created by having friends and family blow bubbles as you make your departure. Also, with bubbles, adding the wonder of childhood to your wedding send-off is easier than ever.

7. Butterflies

Send-off ideas for wedding: Butterfly release
Release butterfly is among unique send-off ideas for wedding – Photo by: Brides

Releasing butterflies into the air following the exchange of vows as a symbol of new beginnings and happiness to mark the beginning of your married life together. The butterflies will flit between you and your loved one before taking flight, leaving behind a magical moment to cherish forever. 

However, the topic of doing a butterfly release has attracted plenty of heated debate, as there are valid concerns regarding its ethicality. We recommend that you look into butterfly releases and find out which companies put the butterflies’ safety first. Another alternative is to provide your guests with paper butterflies to toss in the air as you pass through your ceremony doors.

8. Champagne

Wedding send-off ideas: Champagne shower
Why not incorporate champagne into your wedding send-off ideas? – Photo by: Western Wedding Magazine

On the day of your wedding, nothing will make the celebration feel more festive than Champagne. In addition to enjoying this beverage during your cocktail hour or reception, you can also involve some members of your wedding party to open a bottle and spray you and your partner during your exit. Just know that this wedding send-off idea could result in a sticky mess, and flying corks could be dangerous for those nearby.

Creative Wedding Send-Offs

9. Paper Airplane

Wedding exit ideas: paper airplane
Using paper airplanes is one of the most creative send-off ideas for weddings – Photo by: Pinterest

If you and your partner share a sense of adventure, having guests toss paper airplanes while you bid adieu could be a fun and meaningful way to start your life together. Paper airplanes are not only an affordable and enjoyable option for a wedding send-off, but they also provide an opportunity for guests of all ages to express their creativity.

We suggest placing a note on each table that includes information about your send-off plan and the supplies available for guests to use. Your friends and family can tap into their inner child by working on their airplanes during breaks from dances, food, and drinks! To add some variety, you can also offer guests extra supplies such as colored paper, glitter, and markers for writing fun messages.

10. Cheerleader Pom Pom Shakers

Fun wedding send-off ideas: pom poms
Fun send-off ideas for wedding: Pom poms – Photo by: Pinterest

A fun alternative to traditional wedding exit ideas is to have guests cheer and wave pom poms as you make your grand exit. This option is perfect for lovebirds who met during college and want to embrace a touch of nostalgia. Additionally, it is a delightful concept for any couple who are passionate about sports and wish to infuse their big day with elements from their favorite team.

11. Instruments

Wedding send-off ideas: tambourine
Carry a tune on your wedding send-off ideas with an instrument – Photo by: The Magnolia Venue

Make your ceremony or reception exit truly unforgettable by having your guests create a lively atmosphere with percussion instruments! This playful concept is particularly suitable for casual, outdoor weddings that take place during the warmer months. Tambourines and maracas are two of our top picks in this category. Guests will appreciate receiving one of these, which may be customized with a monogram, as a memento of your special event.

12. Bell Wands

unique wedding send-off ideas: bells
Let your creativity flow with bell wands – Photo by: The Knot

Do you want to avoid any after-wedding exit mess? Consider using this indoor wedding send-off idea: provide your guests with small bells (or cowbells for rustic or country weddings) for them to ring. You may make the bells more unique by decorating them with tassels, ribbons, or stickers.

13. Doves

send-off ideas for wedding: dove release
Unleash Doves is among creative wedding send-off ideas – Photo by: Lovely Dove UK

Another symbolic way to celebrate your marriage is by releasing doves into the sky after your ceremony. This tradition symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, a harmonious household, and everlasting love. As with butterflies, the safety of the doves should come first.

14. Cotton Candy

Wedding send-off ideas: cotton candy
Bring a sweet touch to your exit with cotton candy – Photo by: Brides

If you’re looking for sweet and nostalgic wedding send-off ideas, consider using cotton candy as a delightful prop. By using these delightful sugar spheres, you can add a burst of color, texture, and youthful enthusiasm to your departure. Not to mention, your guests will have the opportunity to enjoy these treats after you’ve left.

15. Napkins

Send-off ideas for wedding with napkins
Send-off ideas for wedding with napkins – Photo by: Uniquely Set Event

Have your guests whip around monogrammed napkins or hankies as a fun activity at the end of the ceremony or reception. We prefer the ones made of fabric because you can bring them home and reuse them, but the ones made of customized paper also work well.

16. Rainbow Confetti

Wedding exit ideas: rainbow confetti
Wedding exit ideas with rainbow confetti – Photo by: Martha Stewart

While metallic confetti will add a touch of glitz and glamour to your special day, a toss of rainbow confetti will infuse your nuptials with vibrancy and playfulness. Give your guests confetti poppers to launch during the recessional to create a memorable start to your life as a newly married couple.

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Fun Wedding Send-Off Ideas

17. Glitter and Confetti

Unique wedding send-off ideas: glitter and confetti
Combine glitter and confetti in your exit – Photo by: Rocky Mountain Bride

Get the best of both worlds by having your guests shower you with glitter and confetti as you make your exit. Consider choosing large-size glitter instead of regular glitter to ensure that it stands out more in your wedding photos. Additionally, it aids in expediting and simplifying the clean-up procedure. 

Warning: This wedding send-off idea may require some extra time and effort for you and your partner to remove all the confetti and glitter, as they tend to stick to hair and skin.

18. Choreography

Fun wedding send-off ideas: adding choreography
Add choreography on your way out is among fun wedding send-off ideas – Photo by: Brides

Having a group of professional dancers escorting you will make your escape an unforgettable experience. Fortunately, there is no need for you to memorize the choreography in order to participate. Experience the joy of being at the forefront of this parade, where you can enjoy a personal and intimate performance. Feel free to dance along to your heart’s content while your guests follow behind you.

19. Balloons

fun wedding exit ideas with balloons
Fun send-off ideas for wedding with balloons – Photo by: Foto Bohemia

Walking through a sea of balloons on the way to the reception is a carefree and playful way to begin the new chapter of your life together. Ask your guests to throw the balloons in your direction while you and your spouse try to avoid them or hit them back. If your ceremony is held outdoors, you have the option to include a balloon release as part of your departure.

20. Second Line

Send-off ideas for weddings: Second Line
Wedding exit ideas: Second Line – Photo by: Ruffled Blog

A second-line parade is a tradition in New Orleans weddings, where the newlyweds and their guests joyfully take to the streets to celebrate. The parade is frequently led by a grand marshal and accompanied by a brass band. In the traditional procession, the newlyweds take the lead, holding parasols or umbrellas. 

If you and your partner are music enthusiasts or planning to have your nuptials in the southern region, a second line will definitely liven up your walk from the ceremony venue to the reception. 

21. Flags

Wedding send-off ideas: flags
Use flags is a fun wedding escape – Photo by: Pinterest

You may inspire a sense of patriotism in your guests while also personalizing your exit with the help of flags and pennants. You can consider selecting simple flags in your wedding colors and engraving them with your custom monogram. Alternatively, choosing flags that show support for your favorite sports team or alma mater is also a fun wedding send-off idea.

22. Ribbon Wands

Fun wedding exit ideas: Have your guests wave ribbon wands
Fun wedding send-off ideas: Have your guests wave ribbon wands – Photo by: The Kent Wedding Centre

A rustic and whimsical touch to your wedding can be achieved by providing guests with ribbon wands to wave as you leave. Ribbon wands look like streamers but won’t leave any mess behind. 

DIYing one of these colorful wands is easier than you would think. All you need to do is select your preferred combination of ribbons and then tie them on dowels, creating a visually captivating and dynamic setup that is perfect for photography.

23. Colorful Sprinkles

Wedding send-off ideas: colorful sprinkles
Shower the bride and the groom with colorful sprinkles – Photo by: Pinterest

One of the sweetest wedding send-off ideas is to give guests rainbow sprinkles. Sprinkles are the ideal size for a toss that will be captured in a photograph. They are of a size that does not cause any distortion in photos or obstruct the faces of the happy couple.

If you want to try this concept at your wedding, you can pass out sprinkles in either baggies or cups. Have a large number of guests? We suggest setting up a sprinkle bar for your guests to scoop their own sprinkles before your grand exit!

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Exit Ideas

24. Lavender

eco friendly wedding send-off ideas: Lavender
Lavender tossing wedding exit ideas – Photo by: Pinterest

A lavender toss is one of the most romantic, environmentally friendly wedding send-off ideas we’ve seen. The last moments of your wedding will have a relaxing and whimsical atmosphere thanks to the flowers’ calming aroma, earthy texture, and light purple color.

To reduce the use of disposable packaging, we recommend placing all the lavender buds in a basket or bowl for guests to access easily. Want to go for a more organized way? Create individual cones using recycled paper for your guests to grab!

25. Fresh Herbs

Wedding send-off ideas: fresh herbs
Tossing fresh herbs – Photo by: Brides

The tradition of guests showering the newlyweds with fresh herbs is one of the most popular eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas. This departure plan is not only beneficial to the earth, but it also has a wonderful aroma thanks to the use of freshly cut herbs. Thyme, sage, mint, and rosemary are some of the most popular herbs for bridal garlands. You can find all of these options at your neighborhood grocery shop or farmer’s market.

A plus point of this idea is that many of these herbs carry symbolic meanings, which adds thoughtfulness to the final moment of your special day. For example, mint is often associated with virtue and wisdom, while rosemary is commonly regarded as a symbol of loyalty.

26. Rose Petals

eco friendly wedding exit ideas: rose petal toss
How romantic rose petals wedding exit is! – Photo by: Ruffled Blog

Rose petals have long been a popular choice for a wedding send-off. You may want to consider incorporating a variety of colorful blooms to enhance the occasion even further. 

Purchase elegant pre-filled sachets or a large quantity of durable freeze-dried roses. You can also consult with your wedding florist to discuss fresh petals for the exit toss. Another option to consider is using faux flower petals. These are particularly suitable for indoor ceremony exits as they can be easily swept up afterward.

27. Eucalyptus

send-off ideas for wedding: sprinkle eucalyptus
Eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas: Eucalyptus tossing – Photo by: James and Kerrie Photography

A great alternative to using flower petals is to scatter eucalyptus leaves, which also provide a lush and beautiful effect. These aromatic greens are perfect for creating a rustic atmosphere or enhancing the botanical ambiance of a garden-themed wedding. Not to mention, Eucalyptus facilitates a more rapid cleaning procedure and is environmentally sustainable.

28. Human Tunnel 

Fun wedding send-off ideas: human tunnel
A human tunnel is one of the wedding exits that leave you no mess- Photo by: Pinterest

Prepare to duck as you run down a human tunnel while holding hands with your new spouse. The nicest part about this wedding exit idea is that it doesn’t call for any special equipment or materials.

29. Rice

Toss rice is a wedding send-off idea
Toss rice is among eco friendly wedding send-off ideas – Photo by: Brides

A rice toss is a traditional part of many weddings that dates back to Roman times. As a cultural practice, showering the newlyweds with grains of rice is believed to bring fertility and prosperity to their marriage. This exit idea is easy on the wallet and will lend your wedding photos a dramatic flair. 

Rice might cause people to slip and fall when they step on it. So, it is important to warn your guests about this danger, especially if the send-off occurs on pavement, wood, or tile surfaces. In addition, check to see if the venue permits it.

30. Birdseed

unique wedding send-off ideas: birdseed toss
Wedding escape with bridseed – Photo by: Brides

This eco-friendly wedding send-off will be appreciated by the birds. Cups or cones, like those mentioned above, can be used to hold the birdseed. We recommend considering an alternative to throwing rice during the earlier part of the day when birds are still active and looking for food. This can be beneficial as it helps with the cleanup process.

31. Fall Leaves

eco friendly wedding send-off ideas: toss leaf
Eco friendly wedding send-off ideas: Toss fall leaves – Photo by: Elevate Photography

One of the most delightful aspects of autumn is the arrival of the stunning foliage. If you are planning a fall wedding, consider collecting leaves for a unique and cost-effective exit toss idea. Your guests can shower you with stunning fall colors, creating a breathtaking moment. Make sure the leaves are dry, as it will make them easier to toss when the time comes.

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Wedding Send-Off Ideas at Night

32. Sparklers

Wedding send-off ideas: sparkler
Wedding send-off ideas at night with sparklers – Photo by: Pinterest

Ending your wedding with sparklers is one of the best nighttime wedding send-off ideas for a grand and spectacular exit. These dazzling flames can be used to jazz up a formal occasion or lend a touch of whimsy to a more laid-back event. To make them stand out, try holding them up against the night sky or coordinating them with the brilliant lights of a cityscape backdrop. 

Before purchasing sparklers, it is important to verify whether sparkler send-offs are permitted at your venue and comply with all fire ordinance regulations.

33. Glow Sticks

Wedding send-off ideas at night: glow stick
Nighttime wedding send-off ideas: Using glow sticks – Photo by: Nelya Photography

If your wedding venue prohibits the use of sparklers for the exit, fear not! You can still end the night on a bright note with glow sticks. They serve as a fun way to transition and get everyone excited for the wedding after-party. The classic wearable glow sticks are perfect for this occasion.

34. Fireworks

Wedding exit ideas: fireworks
Light up your wedding night with fireworks – Photo by: The Knot

Do you look for dramatic wedding send-off ideas at night and don’t mind sticking to a specific budget? Then, lighting up the skies with a beautiful display of fireworks is a splendid way to conclude the festivities. This popular wedding trend will create a fairytale ending for your perfect day, accompanied by stunning photos to capture the magic.

Ask the fireworks staff if they can incorporate your names or a simpler option, like your wedding colors, into the performance. Keep in mind that fireworks can be a fire hazard, so make sure to get permission from your wedding venue beforehand.

35. Cold Sparkler Machines

Wedding send-off ideas at night: cold sparkler
Install cold sparkler machines to have mind-blow wedding exit ideas – Photo by: Pinterest

If fireworks are not affordable, an alternative option is to use cold sparkler machines, which create a similarly impressive visual display. You can use these ground installations to illuminate the path leading to your reception site or to frame the exit. This way, you can enjoy the sparks of light as you make your escape.

36. Phone’s Flashlight

Wedding send-off ideas: cell phone
Have your guests turn on the flashlight is a brilliant wedding send-off idea – Photo by: Pinterest

If you’re not planning an unplugged wedding, it’s likely that your guests will already have their cell phones out to capture pictures of your special day. Take advantage of that. Kindly request your guests to take out their phones in order to provide light as you make your way down the ceremony or reception exit. For a more enchanting capture, consider having your wedding send-off take place at night, allowing your photographer to better capture the magical moments.

37. Lightsaber

unique wedding send-off ideas: lightsaber
Lightsabers will make a sparkly exit at any nuptials- Photo by: Pinterest

Why not consider this awesome wedding send-off idea if you are a huge “Star Wars” fan? At the end of the ceremony or reception, hand out lightsabers to your guests and have them line up on either side of you and your partner. You can walk through a colorful and dramatic tunnel created by the sabers, making for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

38. Foam Flow Sticks

Wedding send-off ideas at night: foam flow stick
Wedding send-off ideas a night: Use foam glow sticks – Photo by: The Knot

Foam glow sticks are a unique combination of lightsabers and traditional glow sticks, making them a creative choice for a wedding send-off. Foam glow sticks are designed to be larger in size, allowing them to be more visible on camera. Additionally, these glow sticks can be customized according to individual preferences. Moreover, numerous online sellers offer foam glow sticks that can flash multiple colors.

39. Sky Lantern

Wedding exit ideas: sky lantern
Release lantern while you bid adieu like a scene from fairy tales – Photo by: The Knot

This wedding send-off idea is perfect for couples who plan to conclude their reception at sunset or later, allowing them to embrace the enchantment of the nuptials fully. Paper lanterns are not only stunning when floating in the sky, but they also capture their beauty perfectly in photographs. 

Some believe that sky lantern ceremonies bring good luck and symbolize new beginnings. This belief stems from the traditional practice of attaching notes containing prayers, blessings, or requests to the lanterns. The goal of this rite is to release lanterns that float to the sky, where the gods can receive and fulfill the wishes of the releasers. So, before releasing your paper lanterns into the night sky, it would be a thoughtful idea to have everyone write marriage well wishes on them during the wedding reception.

40. LED Balloons

Wedding send-off ideas: led balloons
This is one of the most romantic wedding send-off ideas at night -Photo by: Pinterest

Balloons play a significant role in numerous important celebrations and milestones throughout one’s life. Why should you miss out on these party mainstays just because you’re having an evening wedding? Adding LED balloons to your party exit is a creative way to enhance a classic party element. These balloons create a captivating floating display that emits a mesmerizing glow in the dark that is sure to be a party hit.

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and your wedding send-off should be just as special. With so many unique and unforgettable wedding send-off ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect way to end your wedding day with a bang. From tossing flower petals to waving sparklers, there are countless ways to make your wedding exit leave a long-lasting impression in your guests’ minds. So get inspiration from Viva Wedding Photography’s list of send-offs to create your own departure!

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