Make Your Own DIY Wedding Invitations With Our Tips & Ideas

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Do you and your partner like to work together and want to show individuality in every part of your wedding stationery? You will love our best advice for making DIY wedding invitations.

Viva Wedding Photography has a lot of inspiring ideas and new ways to design beautiful DIY invitations. It starts with making the invitations and ends with adding little touches to professionally made stationery that give it a

Fantastic Pros Of Homemade Wedding Invitations

Many stationers offer files that can be downloaded, changed, and printed from home. If you’re on a tight budget for your wedding, you can choose a semi-custom invitation over a fully personalized invitation suite. The lowest price is the most significant benefit. You can print your own materials instead of hiring a professional printing firm.

A great way to save money and time on your wedding plans is to print your own invites from an accessible template. Then customize them with all the important details of your wedding. If you planned well, you could finish it by early evening.

Before Making Invitations, Remember These Tips

1. Estimate The Expenses

Determine The Costs Of DIY Wedding Invitations
Determine The Costs Of DIY Wedding Invitations

Home printing still has some associated costs, especially if you want to use premium paper or particularly pigmented or opaque ink.

Consider the invitation’s size, the paper it will be printed on, whether the invitation will be folded or left flat, and whether a belly band or other embellishments will be used.

Don’t forget to buy stamps and envelopes. Considering these factors, you can see if the savings are worth ordering from a professional.

2. Think About Your Style

Don’t waste hours looking for the perfect invitations before you decide on a theme and design. Do you prefer sophisticated minimalism? Vivid and eye-catching? Are those watercolors? Don’t rush into looking through designer profiles without first considering your possibilities.

3. Make A Timeline And Preparation

When compared to professional printing services, doing it yourself to print invitations can save money. The process of printing at home might be challenging, so give yourself plenty of time, patience, and grace.

4. Select The Paper

Choose The Paper For DIY Wedding Invitations
Choose The Paper For DIY Wedding Invitations

We recommend upgrading from the standard printer paper to something more substantial. A thicker paper will typically have a more opulent feel. You might also use a textured material, like linen or felt.

Let’s visit a print shop or stationery store specializing in paper to make a selection. Before purchasing an entire ream, be sure the paper feels excellent in your hands and that you’ve tried numerous possibilities in your home printer.

5. Don’t Forget About File Types

If you want to minimize back-and-forth with the designer, be sure to specify in advance what print-ready file format you require. The quality of a printed PDF will be superior to that of a JPEG. However, specific file formats are needed for various printing options, such as those available online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

Stunning Ideas For DIY Wedding Invitations And How To Do

1. Hand-Painted Invitations

Make use of your artistic skills by making hand-painted wedding invitations at home. A few watercolor splatters won’t do for these invitations. They need more creativity and attention to detail. You’ll want to use high-quality acrylic paints and variable-sized brushes.

Hand-Painted DIY Wedding Invitations
Hand-Painted DIY Invitations

How to do:

  • First, choose a pattern that fits with the style of your wedding and is easy enough for you to make. Get some scrap paper and try it out a few times before you try something more complicated, like the leaf pattern above.
  • Next, your chosen designs can be drawn using a fine paintbrush. Give the paint time to dry between coats, and then go back and add depth and variety.
  • If you let it dry, you’re finished. If you’re having trouble painting a complex design, try something straightforward. You can make it look like it was painted by hand with little work. Simply use brushes of different sizes to add splattered brush strokes to the corners and layering metallic colors on top.

2. DIY Wedding Invitations With Ribbon

If you aren’t feeling too crafty, don’t fret. A simple ribbon or bow can give a festive touch to pre-made invitations! It’s a brilliant plan to use your wedding’s color palette.

DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas With Ribbon
DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas With Ribbon

How to do:

  • You’ll need ribbon or thread in the right color and quality to go with your design plan and cutters for the fabric.
  • Think about how you want to fasten the ribbon or thread to the invitations before you cut it. It can be tied in a bow in the center or threaded through a hole.
  • After you’ve got the look you want, cut the ribbons or thread to the correct length. Make sure to cut diagonally so that the edges don’t fray. When securing the bow or knot, including any labels or tassels you desire. So easy, right?

3. Wedding Invitations With Watercolor

Watercolor is fantastic because it’s simple, and there’s no wrong or right way to do it. It’s not meant to appear perfect, so even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfers can pull it off, we swear!

Watercolor DIY Wedding Invitations
Watercolor DIY Wedding Invitations

How to do:

  • You’ll need a little paintbrush, water, watercolors, and paper of professional quality. If you’re using tube paint, squeeze out a small amount of each color onto a card piece. This will make blending the colors much simpler.
  • Next, you need to wet your paintbrush thoroughly, and then you can dip it into your selected paint color. To achieve a two-tone effect, the original color should be dabbed into the secondary color with the wet brush.
  • Brush the watered-down paint onto the card in a zigzag pattern to make spots with many colors. You can get more of a specific color by dipping your wet brush into a pot of unmixed paint, but try not to be too neat about it. The key is to make it look like you didn’t even try.
  • If you want to add flair to your painting, try dipping your brush into a pot of unmixed color and flicking it around your finished work with your finger.
  • Then, after it has dried, you may enjoy the results! Creative, instant invitations that are sure to make an impression.

4. Wedding Invitations With Flowers

Consider adding dried or pressed flowers to your DIY wedding invitations to add extra flowers to your big day. That’s a lovely method to personalize pre-made or pre-printed wedding invites. You only need some dried or fresh flowers, hammers, strings, and wax seals.

DIY Wedding Invitations With Flowers
Homemade Wedding Invitations With Flowers

How to do:

  • First, decide which flowers you want to be hammered. And then put their heads on the cards (a watercolor card works best). After putting the flowers where you want them, hammer them flat into the card to get their natural colors to show.
  • Next, take off the flowers, and there they are! You’re wearing patterns of flowers. If you don’t want to break your flowers apart with a hammer, use dried flower buds instead and glue them to your invitations with wax or ribbon.

5. DIY Calligraphy Wedding Invites

Why not learn calligraphy if you aren’t sure you can make all of your own DIY wedding invitations? It’s perfect for those who want to be creative with invitations without giving up style.

Calligraphy DIY Wedding Invitations
Calligraphy DIY Invitations

How to do:

  • You will need a set of professional-grade, water-resistant card stock and a set of modern calligraphy pens in the color of your choice. It’s best to use a pencil to make a rough outline of where your letters will go.
  • Use a calligraphy pen to add your letters, ensuring they all fit neatly into the space allotted. If you’ve taken the time to learn each name or statement before writing, you can keep a copy of your practice work next to the card for quick reference.

6. Hand-Stamp Wedding Invitations

Use a custom stamp instead of paint or glue to make your own wedding invitations look like they were made by hand. You can use some foam and ink to create your own stamp, or you can buy one already made with your initials or wedding date.

Hand-Stamp DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas
Hand-Stamp DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

How to do:

  • You’ll need stamp foam, scissors, a craft knife, a printer, any color ink you like, and putty spray.
  • First, create a printout (or sketch it by hand) of your desired stamp pattern in the size you’d like it to be used. Your design could be your initials, or it could be very elaborate.
  • Cut out the design carefully and remove any extra paper around your initials before spray-gluing them to your Styrofoam. Trace your pattern and cut it out carefully.
  • Different letters will have to be snipped out. Then, once the glue has dried, you could dip the stamp into ink and use it to personalize your DIY wedding invitations.

7. DIY Wedding Invites With Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to your DIY wedding invitations and other paper goods. It can be purchased quickly and conveniently online, adding an instant air of luxury to your beautiful wedding invites.

Gold Leaf DIY Wedding Invitations
Gold Leaf Homemade Wedding Invitations

How to do:

  • You’ll need flakes of gold leaf or metallic gold paint, glue for crafts, and phytoremediation of dried leaves. Put your actual, dry leaves in the desired arrangement on the card.
  • After deciding where you want the leaves to go, paint or dip them in gold paint, then carefully press them into the card. It is acceptable if not all of the surface transfers to the paper; an imperfect appearance is a goal!
  • Hang it up to dry, and you’re finished. Easy glitz may be achieved without breaking out the paints by applying craft glue to the edges of your invites and pressing on gold leaf flakes.

8. Wedding Invitations With A Wax Seal

If you’re new to DIY wedding invitations, a wax seal is a simple way to add a polished touch. They won’t break the bank, are easy to make, and will make a royal statement to your guests.

DIY Wedding Invitations With A Wax Seal
DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas With A Wax Seal

How to do: 

  • You’ll need light from a candle or teapot, wax for seals, a measure of one teaspoon, and your chosen postage.
  • To begin, get your stamp to the right temperature for use. Follow up by placing seal wax onto a spoon and heating it over a tealight. The wax should be melted slowly and carefully until it is entirely smooth.
  • Then, slowly and carefully pour the wax over the pointed end of the sealed envelope. Stamp your rubber onto the wax. To avoid dragging the wax, raise it straight up until it is nearly set.

9. DIY Photo Wedding Invites

DIY Invitations With Photo Wedding
DIY Wedding Invitations With Photo Wedding

The best way to add a personal touch to your save-the-date cards is to print a photo of you and your partner against a transparent background. One option is to include a cute picture of the two of you. Another is to include a picture that is both creative and related to your topic.

Also, for those who haven’t mastered Photoshop, the challenge with transparency is to have the image be black enough to be readable but light enough that it doesn’t obscure the text. It appears that 30% to 40% opacity is optimal, depending on how dark the image is.

10. Handmade Lace Wedding Invites

The wedding invitations will look complete once you add hot glue around the edges and wrap them in lace. Retro, boho, rustic, and one-of-a-kind are just some of the aesthetics this complements. Add some texture and effort, and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the final product.

Making their own is an excellent option for couples who don’t want to spend much money on their wedding invites but still want to send them out. You can choose from various online templates and ideas to create your own invites.

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As a bonus, it will fit your preferences and budget nicely. If you’re planning a wedding and want inspiration for DIY wedding invitations, Viva Wedding Photography has you covered. Our sincerest wish is that our ideas will be a source of inspiration.

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