30 Stunning Spring Wedding Invitations that Leave You in Awe

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Want to greet your wedding guests with a hint of springtime? Of course, the invite to your wedding is the perfect opportunity to do just that! With spring wedding invitations, you can impress your guests and get them psyched for your big day. Viva Wedding Photography has gathered swoon-worthy ideas to inspire you. From watercolor flower suites to modern seasonal designs, we are sure you will be able to pick the right one!

Spring Wedding Invitation Wording

Before diving into the enchanting designs for your wedding invitations, let’s pause and explore the poetic words that will grace your springtime celebration. Whether you’re hosting an intimate garden affair or a breezy outdoor soirée, these wordings will set the tone for your joyous occasion.

“Like butterflies emerging from their cocoons, our love takes flight. Join us on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue] as we embark on this beautiful journey together. Your presence would be our greatest blessing.”

“The daisies of the field are as fresh and perfect as our love… Please celebrate with us the freshness of new life and new love as we [The Bride’s name] and [The Groom’s name] exchange wedding vows on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“Our love blossoms together! We invite you to be with us as we begin our new life together on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

“Spring brings new beginnings, and ours starts with ‘I do.’ You’re cordially invited to witness our union on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue].”

spring wedding invitations 28 1
Spring wedding invitation wording (Source: Papier)

“In a garden where daffodils sway, and butterflies dance, we’ll say ‘forever.’ Please join us on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue] as we create memories amidst nature’s embrace.”

“Like butterflies emerging from their cocoons, our love takes flight. Join us on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue] as we embark on this beautiful journey together.”

“Blossoming love is in the air! Join us as we celebrate the union of [Couple’s Names] amid the beauty of spring. Save the date for a blooming good time on [Date] at [Venue].”

“The season of love is here, and we’re saying ‘I do!’ Join [Couple’s Names] as we celebrate our wedding on [Date] at [Venue]. Your presence will make our spring celebration complete.”

“Love is in full bloom! Please join us as we exchange vows and embark on this beautiful journey together. [Couple’s Names] invite you to share in the joy on [Date] at [Venue].”

Floral Wedding Invitations

1. Elegant watercolor flower patterns

Trendy Wedding Invitations
Elegant nuptial invitations with watercolor flowers – Photo by: Wedding Wire

This idea is perfect for couples wanting to add artistic flair to their wedding invites. Watercolor flower patterns can create a soft and romantic look that matches the spring season. Consider incorporating your chosen wedding color palette into the flowers, creating a cohesive and visually stunning ensemble that sets the tone for a memorable celebration.

2. Sweet pea floral

Elegant Wedding Invitations
Floral wedding invitations in pastel pink – Photo by: Etsy

Nothing says spring like sweet peas. This wedding invitation features a delicate floral pattern that’s simple yet elegant. If you’re looking for a fuss-free design with a touch of charm, this is the one for you.

3. Romantic wisteria patterns

Trendy Wedding Invitations
Wedding invite idea with wisteria patterns – Photo by: The Knot

Wisteria is more than just a flower. It’s a symbol of love and happiness. That’s why this wedding invitation is so special. You’ll see the graceful vines hanging from the top and wrapping around your initials and wedding date, making them stand out. This invitation is a beautiful tribute to your spring romance.

4. Lovely lavender

spring wedding invitations 26 1
Spring wedding invitation templates with lavender decor – Photo by: Etsy

Infuse a sense of tranquility and sophistication into your spring flower wedding invitations with this idea. Lavender, known for its calming fragrance and timeless elegance, graces the invitation in a delicate arrangement. When opting for this design, consider the texture of the paper and the choice of printing techniques to add a tactile element that complements the visual appeal.

5. Heavenly hydrangeas

spring wedding invitations 28 1
Spring-themed invitations with hydrangea pattern – Photo by: Alannah Rose

This concept is an excellent choice if you’re looking for spring wedding invitation ideas that exude opulence and charm. Hydrangeas, with their lush and abundant blooms, symbolize gratitude and heartfelt emotions. You can incorporate metallic accents, such as gold or silver foil, which will elevate the invitation’s overall aesthetic, adding a touch of glamour that befits a grand celebration.

6. Floral embraces acrylic invitation

Spring Wedding Invitations
Acrylic invitation for spring nuptials – Photo by: CardsWith

If you’re looking for elegant and eye-catching spring flower wedding invitations, look no further than this acrylic design. It features gorgeous floral illustrations in vibrant colors that pop against the clear background. These invitations are not only elegant and chic but also durable and easy to mail. Trust us, these invitations are blooming amazing!

7. Pastel colors

Rustic Spring Wedding Invitations
Spring flower wedding invitations in a pastel color scheme – Photo by: Freepik

You can’t go wrong with pastel colors if you want floral wedding invitations that radiate warmth and happiness. This adaptable theme allows you to mix and match different pastel tones, from blush pinks to mint greens, to achieve a gentle and pleasing look.

8. Lush spring blooms

Spring Wedding Invitations
Stunning spring flower wedding invitation – Photo by: Minted

If pastel colors are not your cup of tea, why not spice up your wedding invitations with bright and beautiful flowers? This idea will make your guests’ eyes pop with the stunning and colorful blooms, leaving high expectations for a lively and enchanting celebration ahead.

9. Cherry blossoms

spring wedding invitations 9 1
Spring flower wedding invitations with cherry blossoms (Source: Papier)

Embrace the enchanting beauty of spring with these cherry blossom invitations—an exquisite choice that captures the essence of this blooming season. Adorned with delicate and graceful cherry blossom motifs, these invitations transport your guests to a world of floral splendor. The soft pastel hues and intricate detailing evoke the romance of springtime, making them an ideal choice for a whimsical and joyous celebration.

10. Bright tulips in citrus

spring wedding invitations 29 1 1
Spring wedding invitation templates with tulips (Source: Vogue)

Bursting with the lively hues of citrus-inspired tulips, these invitations radiate energy and warmth, infusing your event with a sense of joy and renewal. The vivid colors and intricate tulip designs create an atmosphere of blooming beauty, symbolizing the renewal of love and new beginnings.

Botanical Spring Wedding Invitations

11. Spring wreath

Rustic Spring Wedding Invitations
Lovely invite ideas for spring weddings – Photo by: Basic Invite

Who says wreaths are only for winter? A botanical spring wreath design will prove them wrong with its fresh and lovely flowers. This design will stand out from the crowd, especially in this fantastic dusty blue hue. So, if you’re seeking an invitation that whispers of spring’s awakening, consider this design for your invites.

12. Secret garden invitation

Spring Flower Wedding Invitations
Garden-inspired spring wedding invites – Photo by: Basic Invite

Invite your guests to a magical event with these spring-themed wedding invitations. Inspired by the classic novel The Secret Garden, these invitations feature delicate flowers and branches that frame your wedding details whimsically. You can also customize the color scheme to match your wedding theme, whether sage green, pink, or any other pastel hue.

13. Botanical and gold invites

spring wedding invitations 11 1
Spring wedding invitation ideas with botanical decor – Photo by: knotandfleur

Too much color can be distracting. That’s why a gold and white palette with green leaves illustrations is perfect for elegance. This beautiful design has a hint of nostalgia that will appeal to the classic couples out there.

14. Oversized botanical design

Rustic Spring Wedding Invitations
Spring wedding invitation templates with botanical decor – Photo by: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Oversized flower designs are one of our favorite spring wedding invitations since they are so eye-catching and striking. These modern botanical wedding invitation designs are so cute! We adore how they mix modern features with classic florals. Is the text on the RSVP card too large for the botanical print? Excellent! What a clever way to put a modern twist on classic botanical invitations!

15. Monstera leaf details

Spring Flower Wedding Invitations
Spring-themed wedding invitations with Monstera decor – Photo by: Etsy

Step into the lush embrace of nature with monster leaves, an enchanting botanical spring wedding invitation idea that brings tropical elegance to your celebration. This invitation design features intricately illustrated monstera leaves, capturing the essence of verdant beauty and organic charm. The distinctive, bold greenery lends a touch of exotic flair, making it a perfect choice for couples envisioning a vibrant and unique botanical theme for their special day.

16. Palm trees wedding invitation

Elegant Wedding Invitations
Tropical-themed invitations for spring nuptials – Photo by: Etsy

If you’re dreaming of an island getaway for your spring wedding, why not make your invitations match the vibe? Show off some tropical flair with palm trees in soft pastel colors that celebrate the season. These invites are like a mini vacation in an envelope!

17. Enchanting eucalyptus

Elegant Wedding Invitations
Spring wedding invitation templates – Photo by: CardsWith

These cards use foliage as a design element, with eucalyptus branches framing your information against a white backdrop. They’re perfect for couples who love nature but don’t want to go overboard with floral motifs. Plus, they smell great, too! (Just kidding, they’re printed on paper. But you can always spray some eucalyptus oil on them if you want.)

Rustic Spring Wedding Invitations

18. Cactus wedding invite

Elegant Wedding Invitations
Stunning wedding invitation with cactus patterns – Photo by: Etsy

Have you ever considered having your wedding in the middle of the desert? Cactus flowers should inspire you. The background of these invitations was a pattern of subtle cactuses, while a different kind of cactus provided a splash of color on the inside of the envelopes. And it came with wedding stamps depicting adorable little cacti to match!

Viva Wedding Tip

Consider combining textured paper with subtle embossing to mimic the feel of desert sand and bring an earthy tactile element to the invitation.

19. Wood-inspired invitations

Trendy Wedding Invitations
Rustic Spring Wedding Invitations – Photo by: Pinterest

You can use different textures in your invites. Even though this design uses a standard white background and light-colored lettering, it has been given a special touch. The vital particulars stand out with stunning clarity against a wooden background adorned with a luxurious velvet band.

20. Wildflower invites

spring wedding invitations 32 1
Lovely spring-themed invitations with wildflowers (Source: Pinterest)

Embrace a diverse color palette inspired by the wildflowers, allowing for a playful and eclectic mix of hues. Including watercolor elements can add a touch of artistic flair, creating rustic spring wedding invitations that feel like a stroll through a blooming meadow.

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Modern Spring Wedding Invitation Ideas

21. The happy couple’s illustrations

Elegant Wedding Invitations
Spring wedding invitations with the couple’s illustrations – Photo by: Etsy

Make your invitation design pop with the Illustration of you and your partner in watercolors. The use of watercolors lends a dreamy and artistic quality, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking a contemporary and personalized touch for their special day.

22. Modern design

Spring Wedding Invitations
Modern invitations for nuptials in the springtime- Photo by: Brides

For a more contemporary feel, consider opting for stylish, sleek spring wedding invitations that showcase your unique style. Picture elegant silhouettes, striking patterns, and geometric shapes that will impress your guests and establish the perfect ambiance for your wedding.

23. Blue watercolor

Trendy Wedding Invitations
Trendy wedding invitation with watercolors – Photo by: Pinterest

Invite your guests to a seaside wedding with these stunning spring-themed wedding invitations. The invites in this suite were a somber shade of blue, but the use of pastel colors and watercolor drawings created a lovely springtime aesthetic. They’re the perfect blend of sophistication and fun.

24. Simple black and white

Trendy Wedding Invitations
Minimalist invites for spring nuptials – Photo by: Etsy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless choices of colors and styles for your wedding invitations, why not go for a classic and timeless option? A white background and black typography can never go wrong. They create a clean and elegant look that suits any wedding theme. Plus, you can mix and match serif and sans-serif fonts to add some contrast and sophistication.

Vintage Spring-themed Wedding Invitations

25. Handwritten accent with floral invitation

Rustic Spring Wedding Invitations
Simple invitation ideas for weddings in the spring – Photo by: Percolator Press

You don’t have to drown your invitations in flowers to make them look springy. Sometimes, less is more. Choose an invitation with a graceful handwritten font and work with your designer to sprinkle some floral accents here and there. They will add a touch of freshness and beauty to your invitations without overpowering the whole design.

26. Classic and chic

Spring Flower Wedding Invitations
Spring wedding invitations with simple decor – Photo by: The Knot

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to announce your big day, this is perfect for you. It features a minimalist design that lets the most critical details shine. We love the lovely floral ampersand, which adds a touch of romance and highlights your initials. They’re the ultimate invitations for the modern and chic couple. (And they’re easy on the eyes and the wallet, too.)

27. Toile wedding invites

spring wedding invitations 29 1
Vintage toile wedding invites – Photo by: The Knot

With these exquisitely designed invitations, your guests will feel like they’ve been invited to the most opulent ball. A sense of old-world charm is embodied in the delicate linework, which features birds, butterflies, and meandering grape vines. Your names are front and center on a swaying banner that looks like a ribbon, and words to your guests are conveyed in the script that seems like it came from an antique. The vintage elegance of these spring wedding invitation templates truly leaves us in awe.

28. Nouveau wedding invitations

spring wedding invitations 31 1
Nouveau wedding invite suite with wildflower (Source: The Knot)

These charming invitations seem straight out of a storybook. Imagine mystical tree hollows inhabited by woodland creatures and winding meadows evoked by the winding blooms. Every bloom is thoughtfully placed, creating an organic feel complemented by the timeless Art Nouveau font that adds an old-world vibe to the invites.

29. Bring butterflies into your design

spring wedding invitations 33 1
Spring-themed wedding invitations with butterflies decor – Photo by: Freepik

This invitation design features delicate illustrations of butterflies fluttering amidst intricate vintage-inspired details, evoking the romance and elegance of a bygone era. The incorporation of butterflies symbolizes new beginnings and transformation, making it a meaningful choice for couples embarking on their journey together.

30. Scalloped edge

spring wedding invitations 30 1
Scallop-edged spring wedding invitation templates (Source: Brides)

The unique scallop-edged design adds a touch of sophistication, invoking a sense of nostalgia while remaining utterly contemporary. Not to mention, the enchanting blend of pastel hues, an elegant script font, and charming spring illustrations come together seamlessly, creating an invitation that resonates with the timeless beauty of the season.

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Spring wedding invitations capture the season’s essence with vibrant colors, delicate floral motifs, and fresh designs. They set the tone for a joyful and romantic celebration, inviting guests to share in the couple’s love and the beauty of nature. We hope that these ideas from Viva Wedding Photography have helped you find a perfect design to announce your bid day!

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