39 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Invitations to Fall in Love with

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Embarking on the journey of planning a fall wedding? Well, the key to capturing the essence of autumnal romance lies in the perfect fall wedding invitations. Picture this – the rustle of leaves, the warmth of golden hues, and the promise of love lingering in the air. As you step into the world of wedding planning, make your first statement with invitations that echo the season’s charm. So, grab your favorite mug of apple cider, and let’s find the best idea for your announcement with Viva Wedding Photography!

Fall Wedding Invitation Wording

Fall weddings have a unique charm, and your invitation wording can capture that warmth and romance. Here are some delightful words for your autumn wedding invitations:

“As the autumn leaves begin to fall, we ask you to uplift us with your presence at our wedding ceremony.”

“The trees have burst into color, and our hearts are bursting with joy as we invite you to our wedding.”

“Join us on the beautiful fall evening of September 23rd to celebrate our nuptials.”

Fall wedding invitations wording
Fall wedding invitation wording (Source: Hitched)

“As we move into a new season, we invite you to join us as we begin our new life together.”

“Like the leaves in an autumn breeze, we’ve fallen … in love. Join us in celebrating our union on October 15th.”

“As the leaves dance their final waltz, we’ll be saying ‘I do.’ Join us on November 5th for our wedding.”

“Like the changing leaves, our lives are turning a new chapter. Join us as we exchange vows on October 20th.”

“Our hearts are ablaze like the bonfires of fall. Join us for a cozy evening of love and laughter on September 30th.”

“In the spirit of harvest and togetherness, we request the pleasure of your company at our wedding.”

Elegant Fall Wedding Invitations

1. Daisy Wedding Invites

elegant fall wedding invitations with white daisy
White daisy invitations for autumn weddings (Source: Pinterest)

A pristine white card, its surface graced by hand-painted daisies in soft hues. The font dances gracefully, announcing the union of two souls amidst autumn’s splendor. The envelope, too, bears a daisy motif, a promise of joy awaiting within. This invitation design is a choice that marries elegance with whimsy.

2. Invitation With Watercolor Florals

Fall Themed Wedding Invitations With Watercolor Florals
Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations With Watercolor Florals

The watercolor flowers and rust color scheme are perfect for fall, and the gold foil adds a touch of luxury. If you like the style but want the invitation to have a unique feel, you can change the shape of the paper.

3. Marble wedding invitation

Elegant fall wedding invitations with marble patterns
Elegant fall wedding invitations with marble patterns

Wow, look at this gorgeous wedding invitation. The hand-painted watercolor border and colors of burnt orange, dark green, rich brown, light pink, and beige stand out. The price of this invitation is reasonable. It also has some excellent features, such as bold script type and the look of metallic glitter foil.

4. Foil-Pressed Invitation

Foil-pressed fall wedding invitations
Foil-pressed fall wedding invitation ideas (Source: Minted)

Take your fall wedding from pumpkin spice to opulent splendor with our foil-pressed invitations – it’s like giving your wedding an Instagram filter in real life! Imagine each invite as a masterpiece, where delicate blooms and metallic shimmer join forces to redefine autumn elegance. It’s not just an invitation; it’s a symphony of style! So, why settle for basic when you can have invitations that are as dazzling as your love story?

5. Floral Branch Wedding Invitation

Fall wedding invitation templates with floral branch pattern
Fall wedding invitation templates with floral branch pattern

Don’t worry if vivid purple colors aren’t your thing. There are two equally stunning autumnal hues available for these classy wedding invites. You can choose a yellow or red theme, depending on the festive mood you want to create.

6. Paint-Stroke Style Invitation

Paintbrush Style Fall Wedding Invitations
Paintbrush Style Invitations for Fall Weddings

Long brushstrokes make beautiful florals in this simple yet elegant abstract wedding invitation. Against a crisp white background, a variety of modern fonts prominently feature your wedding information. The invitation’s reverse is a solid color that can be selected to complement the floral arrangement.

7. Dark Tone Invitation

Dark Tone Autumn Wedding Invitations
Dark Tone Autumn Wedding Invitations

Set the tone for your announcement with these elegant fall wedding invitations. They are both timeless and sophisticated thanks to the contrast between the vibrant garden blossoms and the plain block of color. This elegant invitation set is all the more classic using a simple typeface. Your initials will be emblazoned above a bouquet of flowers that will show on the reverse.

8. Vintage Invitations in Deep Blue

Vintage fall wedding invitations
Vintage fall wedding invitation templates

Inviting guests to a wedding in the fall? Why not use this classic design to convey the high class of the event? All the information is put in a stylish frame, so none of your guests will miss a thing.

9. Deckled edge invites

Deckled edge fall-themed wedding invitations
Deckled edge invitations for autumnal weddings (Source: Martha Stewart)

Autumn is known for its distinctive colors, as well as the charm of crunchy leaves, warm layers, and plush fabrics. The textured off-white paper with raw edges truly captures that feeling. Adorned with delicate dried flowers, the autumn vibes are truly captured.

Simple Fall Wedding Invitation Templates

10. Bohemian Wedding Invitation

Boho fall wedding invitations
Boho fall wedding invitation ideas

This invitation is simple yet striking. It has a terracotta border, a white overlay, elegant writing, and room for a picture of you and your partner. Its simple design and earthy colors would be perfect for a modern or boho wedding.

11. Starry Landscape Invitation

Starry Landscape fall wedding invitation ideas
Starry Landscape Autumn Invitations

Is there a country feel to your wedding? Guests will immediately feel the joy and originality of this invitation. This invitation is one of a kind, from the hanging mason jars and flowers to the sophisticated yet warm calligraphy. Your guests will love keeping it on their fridges before the big day. This is the perfect option for a garden or rustic barn wedding.

12. Minimal Wedding Invitation

Minimal Autumn Wedding Invitations
Minimal Autumn Wedding Invitations

These fall wedding invitations are ideal for your upcoming bohemian nuptials because of their simplicity and elegance. The warm rust color is a nice touch as a nod to fall. Also, they are made of recycled paper to help reduce paper waste and contribute to environmental protection.

13. Pair forest green and gold accent

Fall Wedding Invitations In Green
Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations In Green

Infuse your fall wedding with rustic opulence by opting for forest green invitations with gold letters, a breathtaking choice that perfectly encapsulates the season’s essence. The deep, earthy tones of forest green seamlessly paired with the lustrous allure of gold letters evoke a sense of autumnal grandeur, creating an invitation that is both sophisticated and inviting.

14. Chic Metal Wedding Invitations

fall wedding invitation ideas with chic metal details
Autumn wedding invitations with chic metal details

Including this trendy wedding invitation set in your big day is a must. In order to provide a context for all of your information, it employs graphic lines to form irregular forms (written in contemporary calligraphy).

The shimmer is both gentle and lively thanks to the copper and muted color scheme. The copper line design on the back of these fall wedding invitations makes them great for any theme.

15. Hillside Invitations With An Abstract Design

Hillside Autumn Wedding Invitations
Hillside Autumn Wedding Invitation Suite

These fall-themed wedding invitations have a creative, bohemian vibe and are sure to make an impression on your guests. Beautiful and captivating, the gamboge pattern shows the sun rising over a mountain range. The minimalist design is finished with a blend of bold and wavy lettering. They seem like the ideal choice for an outdoor event at the end of fall.

16. Invitations With A Botanical Print

Simple Fall Wedding Invitations With A Botanical Print
Simple Fall Wedding Invitations With A Botanical Print

In place of the common earth tones associated with the season of autumn, why not try a deep teal? This traditional wedding invitation features classic and elegant typesetting, perfect for a ceremony that will stand the test of time. Add sophistication to your invites with the dramatic flower backdrop to impress guests.

17. Soft Pink Wedding Invitation

fall Wedding Invitations in soft pink
Lovely Pink Wedding Invitations

Although pink probably isn’t the hue that first comes to mind when you think of autumn wedding invitations, we don’t see why not. If you adore rosy hues, there’s no need to hold back. Look at this lovely pattern in soft pink and terra-cotta colors that remind you of the changing seasons.

18. Autumnal arch wedding Invitation

Simple fall Wedding Invitations in the form of arch
Simple Arch Wedding Invitations (Source: Picky Bride)

Inviting guests to a wedding with geometric designs is on-trend. And this one-of-a-kind invitation shows just how modern (yet classic) the style can be. The fall-themed wedding invitations look so elegant and clean. The earthy tone is perfect for an autumnal event, yet they would work well in any season.

19. Use Terracotta and Sage Green in a Set

Autumn wedding invitations in sage green and clay tone
Autumn wedding invitations in sage green and clay tone (Source: One Fab Day)

Green symbolizes growth, renewal, and the lushness of nature, while terracotta evokes grounding and stability. Together, they form a palette that mirrors fall’s changing landscape—vibrant yet grounded. We especially love the surface texture of these handmade papers, as they bring a rustic vibe to the whole stationery suite.

Rustic Fall Wedding Invitations

20. Barn Door Invitations

rustic fall wedding invitations in the shape of a barn door
Barn Door Wedding Invitations (Source: Etsy)

Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the extraordinary with Barn Door invitations! Why settle for the same old when you can have an invitation that opens up like a barn door – literally! Two gorgeous wooden panels reveal all the deets about your big day when you swing those “barn doors” wide open. The rustic vibes are so real you might just feel the crunch of leaves under your feet.

21. Autumnal Meadow Wedding Invitation

Meadow Autumn Wedding Invitations
Meadow Autumn Wedding Invitations

For a wedding in the middle of the fall, look no further than this invitation. The bottom of this invitation is painted to look like a lush meadow. The hand-illustrated paintbrush writing is pressed in bronze foil for a luxurious finish. You can make the perfect card by choosing color schemes, foil shades, and silhouettes. We assure you that your guests will remember how thoughtful and creative this invitation was.

22. String Lights Wedding Invitation

simple fall wedding invitation with String Lights
Autumn Invitations With String Lights

This invitation could be perfect for your wedding if it takes place in late October. With watercolor leaves and pretty string lights at the top of the card, it perfectly shows late fall and early winter. Round off the invitation’s corners instead of keeping them square for a more festive look. And consider adding gold foil to bring an opulence touch to your rustic fall wedding invitations.

23. Kraft Paper Wedding Invitation

Kraft Paper Autumn Wedding Invitations
Kraft Paper Autumn Invitations

The tactile allure of kraft paper exudes an authentic rustic vibe, inviting guests to experience the coziness of the season without compromising style. We’re into this fall wedding invitation idea due to its ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics with a budget-friendly price. Is there anything greater than getting the best of both worlds?

24. Rustic laser-cut wedding invitations

Laser-cut fall wedding invitations
Laser-cut wedding invitations for autumn nuptials (Source: Designed with Amore)

Wooden fall wedding invitations offer a truly distinctive way to impress your guests. This invitation is crafted from real wood veneer and includes lace laser-cut gatefolds, a corresponding reply card, and a vellum belly band with a personalized tag to tie the suite together.

25. Autumn woodland wedding invitation

Rustic fall wedding invitations with woodland figures
Rustic fall wedding invitations with woodland figures (Source: Sienna Mai)

This invitation, adorned with intricate forest motifs and warm autumn hues, paints a vivid picture of a woodland fairytale, setting the stage for a wedding that seamlessly fuses nature’s charm with the sophistication of rustic aesthetics.

26. Mushroom wedding invitation

fall wedding invitation ideas with mushrooms
Mushroom invitation suite for fall nuptials (Source: Etsy)

Mushrooms, those elusive forest dwellers, symbolize mystery, resilience, and hidden treasures. Their delicate caps peeking through fallen leaves evoke curiosity and wonder—a fitting motif for a fall wedding. Imagine an invitation adorned with whimsical mushrooms, their spores dancing across the paper. It’s an ode to both rustic charm and the magic of the woodland.

Our Top Pick Fall Wedding Invitations

27. Wildflowers Invitation

Wildflowers Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations
Wildflowers Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations

With this eye-catching design, inviting guests to a fall wedding couldn’t be easier. On a gray background, red and yellow wildflowers create a dramatic effect that looks like an autumn sunset. All the other invitation cards in the set have the same theme, but each handles it differently. This lets you enjoy the same beautiful design and color palette in different ways.

28. Invitation With Leaf Wreath

Autumn wedding Invitations With Leaf Wreath
Autumn Invitations With Leaf Wreath

Leaves are a must-have for any collection of fall wedding invitation templates. You can frame your wedding information with a wreath of vibrant autumnal leaves. It will give your invites a one-of-a-kind style that’s perfect for the autumn season while still including all the details your guests will need.

29. Dried Flower Wedding Invitation

fall wedding invitations with dried flowers
Dried Flower Invitations for Autumn Nuptials

You can find beautiful fresh flowers in the fall. But you can also find superb dried flower arrangements. This elegant and classy wedding invitation is a combination of dried flowers and modern calligraphy. The fall wedding invitation ideas take their cue from the changing seasons and will impress your guests at first sight.

30. Maple Leaf Invitation

Autumn Wedding Invitations With Maple Leaf
Autumn Nuptial Invite With Maple Leaf

These fall-themed wedding invitations feature a vintage maple leaf illustration in warm autumn hues—think rust, burnt orange, copper, harvest gold, and cream. But wait, there’s more! These invitations aren’t just fall-themed; they’re fall-tastic. The glittery finishing touches are like the confetti that Mother Nature forgot to throw.

31. Pumpkin Wedding Invitation

fall Wedding Invitation ideas with pumpkin
Pumpkin-Themed Wedding Invites

Why not make your stationery based on your favorite fall memories, like going to a pumpkin patch? Despite their high-quality appearance, these pumpkin-themed wedding invites cost less than $1 apiece. So don’t rush to ignore this idea when choosing an autumn-theme wedding invitation.

32. Earthy Florals Wedding Invitation

fall Wedding Invitations with Floral Patterns in Earthy Tone
Autumn Wedding Invitations with Floral Patterns in Earthy Tone

Show your affection with a bouquet of colorful boho flowers. These flowery wedding invites will make a bold impression at your forthcoming garden party. Big, beautiful flowers in the color you choose are arranged in a golden foil arch. The particulars of your celebration are detailed in a sophisticated serif font inside the arch.

33. Halloween-inspired Wedding Invitation

Halloween-inspired fall Wedding Invitations
Wedding invites in the dark tone (Source: The Knot)

Are you planning a Halloween wedding that’s both scary and gorgeous? Then you’ll love this invitation design. It has a black and gray background that makes the burgundy-pink peonies pop. The peonies add a touch of elegance and romance to the dark and mysterious theme. These fall wedding invitation ideas are perfect for couples celebrating their love with a gothic flair.

34. Floral Wedding Invite

Floral Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations
Floral fall wedding invitation templates

When it comes to wedding invitations, floral patterns never go out of style. Picture this: delicate blooms—roses, dahlias, and chrysanthemums—entwined with autumn leaves, creating an enchanting tapestry. These invitations evoke the season’s romance, where every petal seems to carry the warmth of the setting sun.

35. Pampas Invitation

Pampas Grass Fall Wedding Invitations
Pampas Grass Wedding Invitations

This invitation will blow your guests away. This invitation will blow guests away. Its bright bouquet of botanical leaves and pampas grass is perfect for fall wedding invitations with a more artistic, boho vibe. You can choose one of seven natural colors for the backdrop or enter your own color scheme.

36. Pair reds and oranges

Ideas for autumn wedding invitations
Ideas for autumnal wedding invites (Source: Brides)

Reds and oranges are classic autumn hues, and this invitation suite incorporates both colors along with lovely florals in the lining for a vibrant and contemporary take on a rustic aesthetic. With its vintage-inspired wax seal and stamps, this design exudes a rustic charm. The addition of a playful illustrated map and bold typography gives it a modern twist.

37. Burgundy invites

fall wedding invitations in burgundy
Fall-themed wedding invitation in burgundy (Source: Beacon Lane Wedding Invitations)

As previously stated, red is possibly one of the most “fall” hues. For a late autumn wedding, choose black and deep crimson as your invitation colors. While black and red may appear more wintery, selecting the appropriate shade of burgundy—such as this one, which almost leans toward rust—is critical.

38. Falling leaves invitation

fall wedding invitations with falling leaves figure
Falling leaves invite ideas for weddings (Source: Autumn Bliss)

We adore the exquisite dance of leaves gently cascading, elegantly captured on each invitation, setting the stage for a wedding celebration that echoes the poetry of nature. That’s all the embellishment required for fall wedding invitations. The variety of spice-colored hues available for the background is truly lovely.

39. Art Nouveau Wedding Invitations

fall-themed wedding invitations in Art Nouveau style
Autumnal wedding invitation in Art Nouveau style (Source: The Knot)

We are absolutely smitten with these horizontal invitations, showcasing a whimsical botanical border that perfectly blends Art Nouveau with a touch of autumn forest vibes. The orange colorway exudes an earthy charm reminiscent of a fairytale book cover. The font used to display your names in the center is truly unique, adding a touch of vintage sophistication.

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Whether you opt for the rustic allure of autumn leaves or the sophistication of foil-pressed designs, your chosen invitations become the storytellers of your love narrative. So, embrace the season, infuse your style, and let your fall wedding invitations be the opening notes of a symphony that celebrates your love amidst the beauty of autumn. Viva Wedding Photography hopes these ideas have helped you find the right design for your invites!

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