Wedding Invitation Stamps: Modern Guides to Choose Your Special Designs

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You’re throwing a beach party, a contemporary art gallery gala, or a beautiful garden party? The invites you choose will set the tone for the entire event. Style is the first thing people notice about an invitation.

However, there are other ways to make an impression on them. Envelopes and postage can also be decorated in a variety of creative ways. Viva Wedding Photography gives excellent suggestions for wedding invitation stamps. Let’s look into it right now!

Our Guidance For Selecting Wedding Stamps

Wedding Invitation Stamps
Wedding Postage Stamps

Have you ever felt lost when trying to select the perfect stamps for your correspondence? Take cues from the wedding theme, if there is one. Whether you’re looking for a stamp with a design inspired by nature or one with a festive theme, you’ll find plenty of unique possibilities at the USPS online store.

You may choose to highlight the significance of the venue hosting your wedding. Stamps honoring individual states are available from the US Postal Service on a regular basis, but you’re free to get imaginative! Having a Hawaii wedding? How about wedding postage with an image of a palm or the sun?

Choose stamps that represent your marriage in some manner as an alternative. As an example, you could pick a pattern that features the coordinates of the place you two first met or where you went on your first date.

You may also get a stamp that represents a hobby or interest that the two of you enjoy, such as hiking, astrology, or animals. If you haven’t found “the one,” go with a safe bet and pick a symbol of love.

Our Top Wedding Stamp Picks That Surely Impress Your Guests

1. Modern Design Stamp

Modern Style Wedding Postage Stamps
Modern Style Wedding Postage Stamps

Trying to get a contemporary look? Use a contemporary stamp instead. Look for a pattern or set of colors that stand out and go well with your fantastic invitations.

2. Pastel Color Wedding Stamp

Wedding Invitation Stamps With Muted Colors
Wedding Stamps With Muted Colors

Keeping the wedding colors soft and pastel? Make sure the whole invitation suite has a consistent theme. Select wedding invitation stamps with understated designs and muted colors for the best results.

3. Floral Invitation Stamp

Floral Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations
Floral Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations

Flowers are a classic addition to a wedding, no matter the style. You can choose options that mimic the flowers you want to use on the big day. You can also fill each envelope with a different flower for a colorful effect.

4. Wedding Stamps In Different Shades

Wedding Invitation Stamps In Different Colors
Pretty Stamps For Wedding Invitations In Different Colors

No need to feel guilty for being creative with your wedding invitation stamps. After all, no unified solution may present itself. Consider using a small number of colors or a set theme to make your presentation more attractive.

5. Tropical-Themed Wedding Stamps

Tropical-Themed Wedding Invitation Stamps
Tropical-Themed Invitation Stamps

Do you think finding wedding stamps with a tropical theme that match your invitations will be hard? Quite the contrary! Find patterns with tropical plants to show that your party will be held among palm trees.

6. Nautical-Themed Stamps

Nautical-Themed Wedding Postage Stamps
Nautical-Themed Wedding Postage Stamps

Arranging a ceremony with a nautical theme? Whether your ceremony is formal or more relaxed, wedding invitation stamps featuring a lighthouse are a lovely choice.

7. Botanical Pattern Wedding Stamps

Botanical Pattern Wedding Invitation Stamps
Botanical Pattern Invitation Stamps

Arranging an outdoor event at a picturesque location? Search for complementary stamps. The devil, as they say, is in the details. Envelopes for invitations can be given new life with the help of a lovely botanical pattern.

8. Invitation Stamps With A Desert Theme

Desert-Themed Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations
Desert-Themed Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations

Do you want to make the most of your wedding setting? Find a variety of wedding invitation stamps that fit the area, whether you’re sending invites for a destination wedding or a party at home.

9. U.S. Postal Service’s Love Stamp

Love Wedding Invitation Stamps
Love Wedding Stamps

Need an easy way to show your affection? Try a splash of color. The U.S. Postal Service’s love stamp series features various artistic interpretations. While the model shown here may no longer be available, you can always compare it to the latest iteration to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

10. Neutral Color Stamps

Wedding Invitation Stamps In Neutral Colors
Pretty Stamps For Wedding Invitations In Neutral Colors

You probably didn’t realize this, but the face value of a stamp never changes. You can use pre-canceled stamps if you put on enough to cover the current postage rate. Create a remarkable effect using a wide range of wedding invitation stamps in muted tones.

11. Wedding Stamps With Artwork

Artwork Wedding Invitation Stamps
Artwork Wedding Stamps

One of these couples decided to spread the word about their fancy estate wedding by putting art on the invitation envelopes. A touch of romance could be felt with the addition of these eternal stamps.

12. Butterfly Invitation Stamps

Butterfly Wedding Invitation Stamps
Butterfly Wedding Invitation Stamps

Invite more people to your event by pointing out the natural beauty there will be. Putting these old butterfly stamps on a handmade brown envelope made it look beautiful.

13. Monogram Wedding Stamps

Monogram Wedding Invitation Stamps
Monogram Invitation Stamps For Wedding

You have a fancy party in the planning stages. Pick wedding postage stamps that match the sophistication of your correspondence. Use a custom stamp to show your initials alongside your significant other’s.

14. Colorful Invitation Stamps

Colorful Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations
Colorful Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations

Are you making a splash with color on your special day? To set the tone, don’t forget to acquire matching postage for your invitation suite. The wedding invitation stamps added vibrant color to the watercolor lettering on these envelopes.

15. Wine Grapes Stamps

Wine Grapes Wedding Invitation Stamps
Wine Grapes Wedding Stamps

This stamp looks like an invitation because it has a design that looks like a bunch of wine grapes. Start by looking through your stamp collection for inspiration. And then use what you find to create the rest of the invitation. It’s amazing how well all of these pieces fit together.

16. American Barns Stamps

American Barns Wedding Invitation Stamps
American Barns Wedding Stamps

These wedding invitation stamps honor American barns’ unique architecture and long history. Every element represents each of the four specific seasons. The soft light and golden hues of autumn surround a spherical barn. In the summer, a gambrel-roofed barn. A forebay barn in the spring and a western barn in the winter.

17. “Thank You” Invitation Stamps

"Thank You" Wedding Invitation Stamps
“Thank You” Wedding Stamps

The words “thank you” are written in cursive. And a beautiful flower pattern winds around, with gold foil highlighting the words. Before making the final art digitally, the stamp designer made hand-drawn sketches of the calligraphy.

How To Utilize Stamps to Make Invitations Stand Out?

Use a limited color scheme

Choose One Color For Wedding Postage Stamps
Choose One Color For Wedding Postage Stamps

We should stick to one color for a simple, elegant, cost-effective aesthetic solution. Even though the designs on the stamps don’t have to do with weddings, the overall effect is one of class and professionalism. With this method, you can choose from a broader range of stamps and mix new and old ones. It won’t change how your stationery looks.

Put stamps across the top of the envelope

Arrange Stamps Across The Top Of The Envelope
Arrange Stamps Across The Top Of The Envelope

If your wedding invitation envelope has 4 or more stamps, you should line them up at the top instead of cramming them all into one corner. This gives calligraphed labels more room on the front of the envelope. This also makes it easier for postal workers to determine how much the stamps are worth.

If you’re serious about stamp stacking, you should talk to a calligrapher ahead. The text will need to be written at an unusually small or large size. However, you can avoid problems by aligning the wedding invitation stamps over the top.

Arrange them from lowest to tallest height

Put Stamps From Lowest To Tallest Height
Put Stamps From Lowest To Tallest Height

There is a wide range of stamp sizes and shapes to choose from. If you plan to use more than one stamp and want them to look better together, you should order a few sample stamps and spend time trying different ways to arrange them.

You can also put the stamps vertically over the envelope, starting on the left and working your way to the right. This is a simpler option. It will appear more deliberate if you arrange them this way.

Put stamps in a horizontal stack

Put Stamps In A Horizontal Stack
Put Stamps In A Horizontal Stack

A single horizontal stamp will be noticeably shorter than a vertical stamp. But these two stamps can be stacked so that the total height is about the same. Using this method, it’s easy to keep the size of a larger stamp line the same.

How Much Do Wedding Invitation Stamps Cost?

Cost Of Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations
Cost Of Postage Stamps For Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation stamp prices might vary based on several factors. As a first step, consider the size, shape, and weight of the mail you intend to send. Postage costs will increase for invitations that are bulkier or have unusual dimensions. Other crucial considerations are the destination and how quickly it can be delivered.

We recommend sending wedding invitations first class to give guests plenty of time to react and prepare. However, this will increase the cost of your stamps. Sending invitations beyond the United States will also increase the cost of shipping.

First-class wedding invitation stamps weighing up to 1 ounce range in price from $0.58 to $0.6. These stamps are also valid indefinitely (more on that in a second). Stationery weighing between one and two ounces requires two first-class stamps, which will set you back $0.78.

Wedding Invitation Stamps
Expenses For Wedding Postage Stamps

This may not seem like a lot, but if you’re buying stamps for a hundred invites, that’s a difference of twenty dollars. Envelopes must be paper, rectangular, flat, and letter size or smaller, or you will be charged a higher rate. In addition, they shouldn’t be fastened together with anything, like string, buttons, clasps, or wax seal wedding invitations. Postage costs will increase if the dimensions of your invites are beyond the norm.

Considering the above, where can I purchase wedding invitation stamps at the lowest price? If you don’t want to spend more money on stationery, you should use plain paper envelopes with no extras like ribbon or string. Otherwise, you’ll have to add an outside envelope to every invitation. Pay close attention to the weight and shape of the invitations you choose for your wedding if you haven’t already done so.

Wedding stamps can be purchased in bulk online to reduce shipping costs. You can also buy postage at any US Post Office location to minimize shipping charges. Last but not least, if you buy stamps forever, it’s best to stock up early because their face value won’t change no matter how much postage goes up.

One of the most amusing parts of planning a wedding is making invitations. Using unique wedding invitation stamps is another fun way to impress your guests. The options for your invitations are wide open. You may get great inspiration and practical advice for making your invitation stamp at Viva Wedding Photography. There are many options, and we wish you the best of fun in deciding which is the right one.

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