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The summer season is a favorite time for weddings and with good reason. The summer months offer many beautiful options for your wedding day. It comes from great weather and bright colors to fresh, in-season foods and flowers.

If you’re planning a wedding this season, the summer wedding invitations you send out are essential. They will help establish the event’s vibe, whether a garden party, a party on the water or a trip to a tropical locale. Summer’s bright, sunny colors are a given, but many additional possibilities exist. You can make your invitations more romantic using textured paper or a gilded pattern.

In search of the ideal suite to announce your wedding plans? Viva Wedding Photography‘s examples of wedding invitations are ideal for a summer wedding.

Fantastic Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can’t Ignore

1. Orange-Themed Wedding Invitations

Orange-Themed Summer Wedding Invitations
Orange-Themed Summer Invitations

You need not go as far as Seville to have a Spanish-style wedding. Let the stylish orange theme of these summer wedding invitations help you set the mood for a wedding with a Mediterranean flavor.

This stunning invitation features a modern outline of your event details in the black text against a painted orange branch backdrop. A spotless white background on the front and a classy green block design on the back.

2. Vintage Feel Invitations

1970s-Inspired Summer Themed Wedding Invitations
1970s-Inspired Summer-Themed Wedding Invitations

Looking to add some vintage flair to your special day? Get everyone in the mood with this 1970s-inspired wedding stationery. Their natural tones and watercolor flourishes make them ideal for a carefree summer wedding.

Like a well-made antique, your romance will stand the test of time. Your wedding information will be displayed in bold serif and basic fonts and framed by vintage-inspired curving lines on these invitations. Your invitation suite is complemented by watercolor brushstrokes on the back, bordered by classic lines.

3. Floral Wedding Invitations

Flowery Pattern Summer Wedding Invitations
Flowery Pattern Wedding Invitations

This invitation has been described as colorful, lively, and attractive. It has a flowery pattern of ink brush strokes surrounding your name and the event’s details. The font used to display your wedding details is sleek and contemporary. The color on the reverse matches the rest of the pattern.

4. Moutain-Themed Wedding Invitations

Moutain-Themed Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas
Moutain-Themed Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas

Being in love is a thrilling experience. This wedding invitation in the past style will help you remember your special day. It shows a peaceful mountain scene and elegant vintage type. Your details are printed in cute typefaces, and there’s room for personalized greetings on the back of each card.

If you and your partner like to try new things, these mountain-themed summer wedding invitations are just what you need. This one is for those considering having your wedding in a natural setting.

5. Invitation Like A Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass Summer Wedding Invitations
Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Now that you’ve found your traveling partner, it’s time to go on the trip of a lifetime. The design of old airline boarding passes was the inspiration for this invitation.

It has all the essential details about the big day written in a classic typewriter font with bright accents. On the right side, you can give your guests more information, like the event’s location, date, and time.

6. Sunflower Wedding Invitations

Sunflower Summer Themed Wedding Invitations
Sunflower Summer-Themed Wedding Invitations

Sunflowers are the perfect summer symbol, so these invites are so great. These summer wedding invitations are suitable for a rustic wedding in a barn or on a farm.

They have romantic calligraphy and sunflowers that were painted by hand. In a classic serif typeface, your name and event information appears below. Information on the card is printed in a cursive script that looks natural and flows well.

7. Gilded Floral Patterns Invitations

Summer Wedding Invitations With Floral Designs
Wedding Invitations With Floral Designs

Accentuate the beauty of your love story by framing it in a suitable manner. The information about your wedding will be written in bold and soft serif fonts in the middle of a floral, geometric frame on this invitation. Depending on your taste, the back has a single block of color in soft or dark tones to match the flowery pattern on the front.

8. Wildflower Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Flowers Summer Wedding Invitations
Watercolor Flowers Wedding Invitations

Why not use the fact that wildflowers bloom best in the summer as a theme for your summer wedding invitations? Wildflowers can grow in the unlikeliest of settings, and so can love. There is a beautiful depiction of colorful flowers next to your information on these wedding invites. These are set in a traditional serif typeface with a touch of script.

9. Contemporary Artistic Invitations

Modern Artistic Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas
Modern Artistic Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas

The presence of genuine love enhances everything. On this modern invitation, your name and the name of your future spouse stand out against a big ampersand. The rightmost corner features an arched type. A modern font displays your name and wedding information at the bottom.

10. Greenery Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Leaves Summer Wedding Invitations
Watercolor Leaves Wedding Invitations

Sending a message accompanied by flowers can make a strong statement. The watercolor leaves on this invitation make it classic and up-to-date. The front has a template in a matching color. In contrast, the back is written in modern calligraphy with cursive flourishes to draw attention to the details of your big day.

11. Palm Wedding Invitations

Palm Frond Summer Wedding Invitations
Palm Frond Summer Wedding Invitations

These palm frond wedding invitations are a beautiful choice for your summer wedding. This stationery is appropriate for a garden or beach ceremony. The details of your wedding day are written in calligraphy and a simple typeface on a watercolor greenery background. Your initials are surrounded by palm and fern foliage for a stylish touch on the reverse.

12. Invitation With Tropical Theme

Tropical-Themed Wedding Invitations
Tropical-Themed Wedding Invitations

Inviting guests to a wedding in the summer doesn’t require an explosion of color. This pattern will never go out of style because of its elegant double-lined border and pretty pastel colors. Stunning monstera leaves form a tropical border around your wedding information in these lovely invitations.

The rest of the text, including your names, is set in a beautiful sans-serif typeface, making for a very modern and sophisticated presentation. Your monogram is set against a painted landscape of tropical foliage on the card’s reverse, extending the theme of casual sophistication.

13. Beach-Themed Wedding Invitations

Beach-Themed Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas
Beach-Themed Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas

These beautiful invitations are the perfect finishing touch for a beach-themed summer wedding. This cutting-edge layout is as refreshing as beautiful, thanks to coral and aquatic plants.

This wedding invite is printed in several different traditional fonts. Above the wedding day specifics, your names appear in bold. The beach concept of the invitation is continued on the back with a watercolor wash pattern.

14. Minimal Wedding Invitations

Minimal And Chic Summer Wedding Invitations
Minimal And Chic Wedding Invitations

We hope these stylish summer wedding invitations with the heading “At Last” in modern handwriting and muted colors will make you happy. Your day’s events are written in a formal serif font on a white background. Also, your initials are printed in a neutral color block on the back.

15. Rustic-Chic Invitations

Rustic-Chic Summer Themed Wedding Invitations
Rustic-Chic Summer-Themed Wedding Invitations

Using these rustic-chic invitations for your summer wedding is a great way to set the tone for the event. Customization begins with the shape and color scheme you select. Even though it uses simple, rustic botanical designs, your wedding invitation is incredibly refined and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

16. Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Sunset Watercolor Summer Wedding Invitations
Sunset Watercolor Wedding Invitations

If you use colors that look like a sunset, your summer wedding invitations will have a warm, summery feel. When your guests open the envelope, the creative design will blow them away. The abstract painting comes in different colors. And your wedding information is written in simple, elegant font against this background.

17. Pastel Color Wedding Invitations

Pastel Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas
Pastel Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas

Bright colors aren’t the only option for the summer. If pastels are more your style, go for it! Think of using a muted, passionate color palette with a touch of texture, and put the spotlight on you and your significant other in a cute drawing.

18. Tropical-Themed Invitations

Tropical Feel Summer Wedding Invitations
Tropical Feel Wedding Invitations

You can’t create a tropical feel with anything but bright pinks and greens, can you? Do not make an assumption. This set of wedding invitations was made for a wedding in the tropics. The colors are calm blues with a hint of gold.

19. Invitations With The Wedding Venue Illustration

Invitations With The Wedding Location Illustration
Invitations With The Wedding Location Illustration

Watercolor landscapes of the wedding location are a great way to set the mood for a destination wedding. It will help set the tone for your summer wedding. We like how these summer wedding invitations are filled with great nautical details that make us think of the beach.

20. Colorful Monogram Wedding Invitations

Monogram Summer Themed Wedding Invitations
Monogram Summer-Themed Wedding Invitations

Adding your monogram to the invitations is a beautiful way to make the event more memorable. In honor of summer, you should choose a bright color instead of the usual monochromatic monogram. This design would be great for an outdoor wedding with beautiful colors and flowery details.

21. Neutral Color Wedding Invitations

Summer Wedding Invitations In Neutral Colors
Wedding Invitations In Neutral Colors

In honor of your summer nuptials, why not use a color scheme that takes cues from the sand dunes? When designing your invitations, try to use neutral colors and unique patterns. Feathers add a charming touch to any boho-leaning stationery suite, whether used as a design element or as a three-dimensional accent.

Plaids with subdued tones are the best bet for maintaining a refined air. This invitation set was made to look like the landscape of a sandy wedding venue, and it does so well.

22. Moody Hues Wedding Invitations

Summer Wedding Invitations In Gloomy Colors
Summer Wedding Invitations In Gloomy Colors

Summer party in gloomy colors? Of course! Using floral illustrations, jewel tones, and black pencil drawings together is a beautiful way to set the mood for an outdoor wedding.

23. Colorful Palette Wedding Invitations

Colorful Palette Summer Wedding Invitations
Colorful Palette Wedding Invitations

You and your spouse may enjoy plenty of water, sunlight, and vivid colors at your summer wedding. Capture that spirit with a vivacious design heavy on picturesque coastal touches. Your guests will be thrilled with this invitation and excited about your upcoming summer wedding.

24. Invitations With Lakeside Illustrations

Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas With Lakeside Illustrations
Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas With Lakeside Illustrations

Watercolors are a lovely addition to any celebration. They are especially fit for a beach wedding on a warm summer day. This lovely suite has beautiful pictures of the happy couple and breathtaking pictures of a lake.

25. Gold Accent Wedding Invitations

Gold Accents Wedding Invitations
Gold Accents Wedding Invitations

Always use plenty of gold accents to maintain a timeless look. This lovely invitation suite was used to invite guests to a summer wedding at a French château. A beautiful design was achieved by combining gold flourishes in the illustration with the gold accents in the design itself.

When is the best time to order wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations should be ordered as soon as possible to avoid last-minute panic. It’s always better to start early because it takes time to get ideas, look at designs, and decide on the final phase. Before you send your finished design to be printed, a trusted family member or friend should look it over to ensure everything is perfect.

What is the recommended quantity for wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations come in groups of 10, and you can order a maximum of 1,000 per order. You should expect 87 people, order 90 invitations, etc. If you’re unsure of the exact number, a good rule of thumb is to order 10–20 more than you think you’ll need.

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The invitations to a summer wedding must be appropriately themed to set the tone for the event. Summer wedding invitations provide you with free reign to express your creativity. Viva Wedding Photography has provided a list of potential choices. Here are some examples of invitation designs we hope may serve as inspiration.

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