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When it comes to wedding invitations, postage stamps are more than just a way to mail them. They are also a way to express your personality, style, and theme. Postage stamps for wedding invitations can add a touch of elegance, charm, or whimsy to your envelopes, depending on what you choose. But how do you select the suitable postage stamps for your invitations? And where can you find the best postage stamps? In this article from Viva Wedding Photography, we will answer these questions and more so you can make the best decision for your invites.

1. What types of stamps can you use on wedding invitations?

1.1. Forever stamps

Forever postage stamps for wedding invitations
Forever postage stamps for wedding invitations (Source: Sell Forever Stamps)

Wedding Forever stamps are wedding-themed variations of the ordinary Forever Stamp, which cover the cost of first-class postage indefinitely, regardless of future price increases. These stamps have no expiration date or denomination and are likely the type you already have on your desk. They will cover envelopes that weigh one ounce or less. 

Forever Stamps are available in various designs, some falling under the “Love/Wedding” category with beautiful flowers and other fitting motifs. If you come across a design you like, it’s a good idea to purchase it now, as designs can sell out or change.

1.2. Postcard stamps

Wedding postage stamps for save-the-date cards
Wedding postage stamps for save-the-date cards (Source: )

Stamps designed specifically for postcards—which are lighter and sent without an envelope—are called postcard stamps. With all the potential embellishments, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using postcards for your wedding invitations. However, they may be used for save-the-date cards. Wedding postcard stamps are priced approximately 15 cents lower than a Forever Stamp, making them the most budget-friendly choice.

1.3. Vintage stamps

Printed on printing presses that are no longer in use, vintage postage stamps for wedding invitations have a distinct look and feel compared to their modern-day counterparts. These stamps date back decades or perhaps a century. Due to their meticulous preservation, antique stamps can fetch a premium price compared to modern stamps.

Vintage postage stamps for wedding invitations
Vintage invitation stamps for weddings (Source: The Everyday Details)

For those aiming for an Old World or romantic aesthetic on their wedding invitation, modern stamps may not complement the desired vibe. Maybe you have a particular color or theme in mind, but none of the current options match your vision. Here is where vintage stamps come into play.

2. What size stamps do you need for a wedding invite?

The USPS states that a single 63-cent stamp is enough to mail a letter weighing up to one ounce, which is about four sheets of conventional 8.5 by 11-inch paper standard paper (sent in a rectangular envelope). The envelope’s dimensions should be 5 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches in width, with a maximum size of 11.5 inches in length and 6 ⅛ inches in height. Once sealed, the envelope must not exceed a thickness of 0.25 inches. 

the required size of wedding invitation stamps
The size of postage stamps needed for wedding invitations (Source: Brides)

Due to factors such as the use of thicker cardstock, the inclusion of three-dimensional decorations like wax seals, and the usage of non-rectangular forms like circles and squares, these standard parameters do not often apply to wedding invites. For a successful delivery, it’s recommended to seek guidance from a post office professional to ensure your invite reaches the intended recipient without any issues.

3. How many stamps do you need for a wedding invitation?

When sending out wedding invites, the amount of postage stamps needed is proportional to the weight and size of your fully stuffed envelope. For standard-size letters weighing under one ounce, a single Forever Stamp is sufficient to cover the mailing cost. When dealing with an irregularly shaped envelope or one filled with extra details and decorations, you may need to add smaller denomination stamps, such as 20 cents, along with your Forever Stamp to cover the additional weight.

required number of postage stamps for wedding invitations
The number of stamps needed for wedding invitations (Source: Flourish Fine Writing)

When purchasing postage stamps for wedding invitations, don’t forget to consider the rest of your stationery suite. If you’re mailing save-the-dates and RSVP cards, you’ll need to get stamps for those as well. This implies you’ll need a minimum of three stamps per invitation suite. We highly recommend buying a few extras in case you make any mistakes when addressing your invitations (since calligraphy can be challenging).

Viva Wedding Tips

Because weight readings can vary from one post office to the other, and the distance between a piece of mail’s origin and destination zip codes might influence the cost of mailing it, overstamping wherever possible is suggested. The additional padding will help guarantee that your invitations reach distant destinations successfully.

4. How much do postage stamps for wedding invitations cost?

4.1. Standard pricing

Calculating the total cost of wedding postage stamps involves considering several factors. Think about the dimensions, shape, and weight of your mail first. For those who have their hearts set on a groovy hexagon shape or opt for ultra-thick and luxurious cardstock, be prepared to pay extra for postage. 

prices of postage stamps for wedding invitations
Postage for your wedding invitation stamps (Source: Jen Simpson Design)

The next things that affect the wedding invitation postage are the destination and the urgency of delivery when sending mail. To ensure that guests have ample time to respond and prepare, it is advisable to send your invitations first class, even though this may require a slightly greater expenditure on wedding stamps. Similarly, if you’re sending invitations outside the United States, postage will be more costly.

Alright, here are the standard prices for each type of postage stamp; take them as a starting point when calculating your overall cost:

Postcard stamp$0.51/piece
First-class forever stamp$0.66/piece* (standard size, under one ounce)
$0.90/piece (read: between one and two ounces)
$1.14/piece (read: over three ounces)
*A forever stamp for letters sent outside the US can clock in at around $1.50.

Vintage stamps were typically issued in lower denominations, requiring you to use multiple stamps to mail your invitations properly. Stamps from the past 10 to 20 years are usually more abundant compared to those from earlier eras. The more unique a style, the higher the price tag. Plan on budgeting around $8 for the front of one envelope once everything is taken care of.

Viva Wedding Note

In order to qualify for these prices, your envelopes need to be flat, rectangular, letter-size, and made of paper. Avoid including any attachments like string, buttons, wax seals, or clasps.

If your invites aren’t standard size or have decorative embellishments, you might expect to pay a little more for postage. This is because the envelopes will need to be hand-canceled. 

4.2. Cost when having hand-canceling

If you’re a newbie in the world of wedding invitations, you may wonder, “What does hand-canceling mean?”. In brief, a piece of mail will undergo a “canceling” process once it is ready to be sent out. Typically conducted by running the mail through a machine, this process places black lines and symbols over the letter’s postage stamps to prevent their reuse.

Wedding invitation postage when having hand-canceling
Wedding invitation postage when having hand-canceling (Source: Martha Stewart)

However, the automated process can cause damage to bulkier envelopes, leading stationers to prefer hand-canceled envelopes. Hand-canceling involves using a rubber stamp to individually hand-stamp each envelope with the cancellation markings, done by either the sender or a USPS employee. Not only does hand-canceling improve the piece of mail’s protection, but it can also enhance its overall appearance. A hand-cancel stamp with the city and state the envelope was mailed from gives it a classic appearance.

Please be aware that there will probably be an additional charge per envelope for the hand-cancel service. Keep the additional $0.40 per envelope in mind while making your budget.

5. How to save money on wedding invitation stamps?

Tips to minimize the cost of postage stamps for wedding invitations
Tips to minimize the cost of postage (Source: Fine Day Dress)

Your invitation envelope will be classified as a parcel mailing when it exceeds a certain weight and thickness. On average, a parcel mailer typically costs around $5 per envelope. To reduce the wedding invitation postage, consider using single-ply paper, avoiding embellishments like wax seals and ribbons, and limiting inserts to an invitation, details card, and RSVP envelope (if you’ll use one). By doing so, sending out your invitation could cost as low as 90 cents.

6. How to elevate invitations with stamps?

6.1. Stick to a single color palette

Postage stamps for wedding invitations in a color palette
Postage stamps for wedding invitations in a color palette (Source: Etsy)

To achieve a unified appearance that is both simple and cost-effective, we recommend concentrating on one color scheme. It appears very polished and cohesive, even if the stamp designs are not directly related to weddings.  This method also gives you more leeway when picking out stamps, and you can even combine modern and vintage designs without ruining your stationery design.

Viva Wedding Note

No need to be concerned about combining new and vintage stamps. You can mail the letter as long as the total value of all the stamps you used adds up to the correct amount.

6.2. Place stamps across the envelope’s top

Lay wedding postage stamps across the top of your invitation envelope
Lay stamps across the top of your invitation envelope (Source: The Knot)

If you are attaching four or more stamps to a wedding invitation envelope, it is recommended to line them across the top of the envelope rather than clustering them in a corner. This setup simplifies the process for postal workers to calculate the total postage and allows for more space for beautifully written addresses on the envelope. 

6.3. Arrange from shortest to tallest

Arrange your wedding postage stamps intentionally
Arrange your wedding postage stamps intentionally (Source: Minted)

Stamps are available in a range of sizes and orientations. For those who plan to use multiple stamps and desire a carefully arranged cluster, it may be beneficial to order a few sample stamps and experiment with various configurations before deciding on the best one.

For a simpler method, consider arranging the stamps on the top of your envelope from shortest to tallest, moving from left to right. This setup will appear the most deliberate.

6.4. Stack horizontal stamps

Horizontal postage stamps for wedding invitations
Horizontal wedding postage stamps (Source: Sal Studios)

Horizontal stamps may appear shorter individually, but they can stack effectively in pairs to match the height of a vertical stamp. This approach provides a simple way to maintain consistency in the size of your stamp line.

7. Where to buy postage stamps for wedding invitations?

7.1. Post office

Buy wedding invitation stamps at the post office
You can buy stamps for wedding invites at the post office (Source: The US Sun)

The post office is the most reliable place to buy stamps for your wedding invites, especially if you’re in a hurry or want to avoid shipping issues.


USPS is one of the best places to buy postage stamps for wedding invitations
USPS is one of the best places to buy budget-friendly stamps (Source: LiveAgent)

The United States Postal Service is the most apparent and cost-effective option for buying stamps. Visit USPS to explore the wide range of options in different themes, colors, and current price values.

For those planning a wedding a year ahead, it’s a good idea to order a stamp catalog for the calendar year of the wedding to explore upcoming options. 

7.3. Amazon 

Amazon is where you can buy wedding postage stamps
Amazon is where you can buy your wedding postage stamps (Source: CNN)

Amazon offers a wide variety of modern stamp options and excels in bulk purchases and speedy shipping. However, avoid purchasing stamps from the site if they are still available through USPS, as the costs may be marked up.

7.4. Etsy

You can buy postage stamps for wedding invitations on Etsy
You can buy postage stamps for wedding invitations on Etsy

Etsy has the most selection of stamps if you have a certain color scheme or theme in mind. Another great reason to check out the site is the selection of rare and unique state stamps. These might be a great way to personalize your postage.

7.5. Little Postage House

Little Postage House is where you can purchase wedding invitation stamps
Little Postage House is where you can purchase wedding invitation stamps

In addition to a large selection of stamps featuring various cities, states, and landmarks, they also have wedding invitation stamp collections that are organized by color or theme. 

7.6. Magnolia Postage

Magnolia Postage offers various vintage postage stamps for wedding invitations
Magnolia Postage offers various vintage stamps (Source: )

For those in search of vintage postage stamps for wedding invitations, Magnolia Postage offers a variety of charming options, with values ranging from one cent to over 30 cents.

8. Wedding Stamp Ideas for Your Invitations

8.1. Flower stamps

flower wedding invitation stamps
(Source: The Knot)

8.2. Tropical-themed stamps

tropical-themed postage stamps for wedding invitations
(Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper)

8.3. Custom postage stamps

Custom wedding postage stamps
(Source: The Knot)

8.4. Match the theme of your invitation

blue postage stamps for wedding invitations
(Source: The Knot)

8.5. Botanical pattern stamps

Botanical wedding invitation stamps
(Source: Pinterest)

8.6. Vintage postage stamps for wedding invitations with artwork

vintage postage stamps for wedding invitations
(Source: Pinterest)

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Postage stamps for wedding invitations are a small but important detail that can make a big difference in your wedding planning. Choosing suitable stamps for your invites can make a lasting impression on your guests and set the tone for your wedding. Viva Wedding Photography hopes our tips and advice will help you find the best stamps for your announcement!

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