44 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts to Congrats Them In 2024

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Nobody wants to give boring presents to anybody nowadays. That’s why personalized wedding gifts are the hottest trend this year. But what if you’re clueless about what to get for your special someone or your favorite couple? Don’t fret! Viva Wedding Photography has got you covered. We have curated a list of awesome ideas to help you choose the perfect product.

Top 44 Trendy Personalized Wedding Gifts In 2024

Meaningful Personalized Wedding Gifts for Bride

1. Personalized Wedding Hanger

Personalized Weddings Hanger
Personalized Weddings Hanger

Are you looking for custom wedding gifts for the bride-to-be? The appropriate hanger for her particular dress is adorned with a flower or ribbon. Personalize it with her name from several wood and wire alternatives. It is perfect for the most important dress she’ll wear once in her life!

What we love:

  • Featuring exquisite calligraphic typography on the name bar.
  • Tips: Choose from various hues to match your party’s theme and decor.

Where to buy: MoodForWoodBridal store on Esty, about $21,40

2. Monogrammed Makeup Bag

Monogrammed Makeup Bag For Personalized Bride Gifts
Monogrammed Makeup Bag For Personalized Bride Gifts

The bride-to-be will enjoy having a cosmetics bag throughout the wedding and honeymoon. They’re big enough to store the essentials for her honeymoon, including cosmetics. This vegan leather bag may be customized with a name or monogram and is available in various colors.

What we love:

  • Featuring multiple compartments and a wide opening for easy access.
  • Made of easy-to-clean PU leather with a waterproof lining to protect your products.

Where to buy: HogarEspana store on Esty, about $10,20

3. Handwriting Cuff Bracelet

 Engraved Wedding Gifts Handwriting Cuff Bracelet
Handwriting Cuff Bracelet

This handwritten cuff bracelet is one of our most popular personalized bride gifts. A beautiful bracelet with a personalized message will wow her the first time she sees it. You can customize it on the front or rear of the cuff with your handwriting to convey your emotions.

What we love:

Customizable with handwriting from any cherished old message.

Where to buy: You may buy at CentimeGift on Esty for about $51,46

4. Personalized Satin Robes

Personalized Wedding Gifts Satin Robes
Personalized Wedding Gift Satin Robes

A luxurious satin robe is a must-have for the bride-to-be wedding’s day preparations. This one is unique since it has the bride’s name and wedding date stitched on it. Create a unique robe for the bride by mixing and combining colors to fit her wedding or personal style.

What we love:

Made from the finest satin, this exceptionally soft material exudes a subtle sheen.

Where to buy: JoyfulTidingsBridal store on Esty, about $23,49

5. Customized Platter

Customized Platter - Personalized Wedding Gifts
Customized Platter for Personalized Wedding Gifts

These customized platters are always mentioned when discussing graceful customized wedding gifts. Since it is elegant, timeless, and unique, this handmade dish is a treasured item. It can be personalized with their initials and wedding date to become the keepsake that the couple will cherish for many years.

What we love:

You may serve food safely on this plate that measures around 11.75 by 7.75 inches across its broadest points. It was crafted entirely by hand, then hand stamped, kiln fired, glazed, and refired.

Where to buy: Buy at Susabella on Esty, about $92,85

6. Acrylic Clutch

Acrylic Clutch - Personalized Wedding Gifts
Acrylic Clutch for Personalized Bride Gifts

This vintage-modern customized acrylic bag is all about beauty. It has an internal mirror that makes checking lipstick a breeze on a particular day. This is a wedding gift for bride from groom she’ll want to keep for years to come.

What we love:

Finding a perfect accessory for any celebration other than a delicate acrylic purse is difficult since it can be personalized with the bride’s and bridesmaids’ names and phrases, making it a unique and considerate gift for other occasions.

Where to buy: Nutari store on Esty, about $14,26

7. Personalized Lingerie Set

Personalized Lingerie Wedding Gift Set
Personalized Lingerie Wedding Gift Set

How can you discover ideal personalized bride gifts? Think about how lingerie with rose lace details is sexy and attractive. It’s the perfect outfit for the bride-to-be to wear on her wedding night or honeymoon.

What we love:

Personalized pants are a great way to commemorate the joyous day of your wedding with your closest female friends and relatives.

Where to buy: Buskocrafts store on Esty, about $6,22

8. Short PJ Set

Short PJ Set Monogrammed Wedding Gifts
Short PJ Set Monogrammed Wedding Gifts

Pajamas are the perfect way to pamper the bride-to-be ahead of her big day. This lovely set has a sexy or girl-next-door vibe, making it an eye-catching and cozy wedding gift.

What is love:

The pinnacle of practicality and chicness! They offer the relaxed comfort of pajamas while still looking good. The velvety smoothness of satin sleepwear feels incredible on the skin and makes getting into bed feel like a luxurious experience.

Where to buy: Buy for 8 sets at SelineLounge on Esty, about $205,16

9. Rectangle Jewelry Box

Rectangle Jewelry Box Personalized Bride Gifts
Rectangle Jewelry Box

A customized rectangular jewelry box is one of the best custom wedding gifts you can give to a bride. This silver jewelry box is engraved with her monogram or a heartfelt message from you, making it a personal and unique gift. Every time the bride wears her jewelry, she will see this item and think of you.

What we love:

An ideal gift for your bridesmaids is a monogrammed rectangle jewelry box. This huge silver jewelry box with an engraved nameplate can store your treasures in style. It is tasteful and would not look out of place on a dresser or nightstand.

Where to buy: The Wedding Outlet, about $41.95

10. Mini Oval Locket

Mini Oval Locket - Personalized Bride Gifts
Mini Oval Locket For Personalized Bride Gifts

Consider this little oval locket as a solution if you’re stuck for personalized wedding gifts. You might offer the bride an oval locket necklace to symbolize your love or friendship. This fantastic item will remind her of you every time she wears it.

What we love:

Made of 18-karat rose gold is the ideal place to save photographs of loved ones. Chevron embellishments give it a unique geometric style. The top edge of the locket can be used to slide in photos or a note.

Where to buy: Blue Nile, about $897

11. Personalized Sweatshirt

Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Sweatshirt
Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Sweatshirt

These custom sweaters are pretty pleasant to wear! They’ll become her favorite daily item. Since they are comfortable to wear, the bride may also wear these sweaters on her wedding day or her get-ready day.

What we love:

This sweater can monogram your initials or the name of the person you want.

Where to buy: United Monograms, about $28.99

12. Customized Beach Hat

Customized Wedding Gifts Beach Hat
Customized Beach Hat

These beach hats are the perfect way to announce the bride’s engagement to the rest of the world. They are the ideal commitment for a newlywed couple in a tropical location for their honeymoon.

What we love:

Make a hat for each bridal party member to ensure that the bride, her attendants, and the mothers of the bride and groom all seem like they belong together. Complements the towels and sunglasses beautifully for a memorable honeymoon set.

Where to buy: Hooray Days, about $20.45

13. Scented Candles

Scented Candles For Personalized Wedding Gifts
Scented Candles For Personalized Wedding Gifts

Look no further than this list of last-minute wedding gift ideas. These personalized frosted glass candles will show her how much you care. It would be lovely if the label also had your handwritten greeting and the wedding date.

What we love:

These natural candles with strong scents and personalized messages make great gifts.

Where to buy: LindsayLucasCandles store on Esty, about $12,54

14. A Monogrammed Mug

Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Mug
Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Mug

If you want to prove to the bride that you’re more than just a friend, you may do it with a thoughtful wedding present. This custom mug looks and feels more costly than it is. It will make her mornings much more pleasant.

What we love:

With bright colors, initials, and gold accents, our ceramic mugs make great gifts.

Where to buy: Rifle Paper Co, about $14.00

15. A Constellation Necklace

A Constellation Necklace Personalized Bride Gifts
A Constellation Necklace Personalized Gifts

Want to show your appreciation? Offer her this zodiac-inspired necklace! When she opens this present, she will likely exclaim, “Wow!” if she is the kind of person who is interested in the zodiac. These one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry are excellent, fashionable personalized bride gifts.

What we love:

This necklace style is boho and hippy; its materials are copper and rose gold.

Where to buy: You might buy at the Ringcrush store on Esty for about $18,52

16. Personalized Earrings

Personalized Bride Gifts Earrings
Personalized Bride Gifts Earrings

Look at these studs! They will make everyone look at the bride and help her stand out on her big day. The bride can wear them repeatedly because they have a classic style.

What we love:

It’s pretty, you can wear it daily, and it won’t hurt your skin. Also, each necklace is made by hand.

Where to buy: YDGJewelryHouse store, about $22,37

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Awesome Custom Groom Gifts To Celebrate His Big Day

17. Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks - Custom Groom Gifts
Personalized Cufflinks for Custom Groom Gifts

This set takes personalization to a whole new level. Besides a unique message, you may have your handwriting on his cufflinks. What is a more meaningful custom groom gift to wear on his wedding day than it?

What we love:

With his initials, the silver monogram finish is a great way to make a thoughtful and stylish gift. You can add his initials (two to three letters) and choose between 925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated, or white gold plated.

Where to buy: Customforu store on Esty, about $42,79

18. A Monogrammed Leather Keychain

Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Leather Keychain
Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Leather Keychain

This leather keychain will help him find his keys in his coat pocket, work bag, or weekend backpack. These budget-friendly wedding custom groom gifts are perfect for his big day.

What we love:

This leather key chain will look great whether you’re off to the office or out for a night on the town. This stylish item will help you locate your keys quickly and efficiently whenever needed.

Where to buy: TheImprintCo store on Esty, about $21,53

20. Engraved Pocket Knife

Engraved Pocket Knife for Custom Groom Gifts
Engraved Pocket Knife for Custom Groom Gifts

What is one of the most thoughtful personalized wedding gifts you can offer the groom? Consider this practical, customized pocket knife. Which guy does not carry a pocket knife? At critical moments, he’ll need it so that he may put it in his back pocket.

What we love:

Knives Personalized as Gifts Handmade men’s boyfriend’s gift for him, fathers day gift, engraved pocket knife. Material: stainless steel with a wooden grip.

Where to buy: BlacKnife store on Esty, about $41,74

21. Engraved Wallet Card

Engraved Wedding Gifts Wallet Card
Engraved Wedding Gifts, Wallet Card

These wedding gift engraving ideas ensure the groom remembers you when he brings these cards. This item as a gift for son on the wedding day will remind him of his importance in the family and make him feel unique. Because of its stainless steel construction, the card will last for a long time.

What we love:

It’s easy to personalize this metal wallet card with your writing and select from several designs.

Where to buy: QingSeCrafts store on Esty, about $13,96

22. Monogrammed Foam Slippers

Monogrammed Foam Slippers
Monogrammed Foam Slippers

Whether on his honeymoon or watching TV with his wife, he may have cold feet. A pair of foam slippers are must-have customized wedding gift for the groom.

What we love:

Gold vinyl makes a gold laurel frame and one initial on these soft slippers. The slippers are made of memory foam and have a rubber sole. They come in white and black. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Where to buy: Sewingseamsco store on Esty, about $31,30

23. Personalized Wooden Humidor + Cigars

Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Wooden Humidor + Cigars
Monogrammed Wedding Gifts Wooden Humidor + Cigars

The smoking of a cigar is considered a rite of passage in the culture. What better time than purchasing a box of cigars for the tobacco connoisseur? All his groomsmen will be able to utilize this celebration present after the wedding.

What we love:

In addition to the exquisitely carved glass top, this authentic cigar box humidor features a hygrometer, humidifier, and divider. Featuring a cedar interior and your choice of an elegant black matte or rosewood piano finish. The bottom is protected from scratches by a layer of black felt. Our cigar humidor box is 11″ x 9″ x 2.75,”

Where to buy: theweddingpartystore on Esty, about $73,02

24. Groom Boxers and Socks

Groom Boxers and Socks Personalized Wedding Gifts
Groom Boxers and Socks Engraved Wedding Gifts

These monogrammed boxers and socks show where he belongs. Pre-wedding jitters might be eased with one of the funniest custom groom gifts. As a bonus point, he’ll look great in them.

What we love:

The attractive wedding gift for the groom is stretch-fit men’s black boxer shorts and socks. Beautiful wedding memento with the words “My Gorgeous Groom” printed on the waistband and the wedding date and couple’s names printed on the thigh.

Where to buy: WeaselandStoatLtd on Esty, about $40,06

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25. Personalized Groom Hanger

Personalized Groom Hanger
Personalized Groom Hanger

This is an excellent idea for a wedding morning present. Not only will he be using this hanger on your big day, but it will also serve as a remembrance in his formal wear storage area.

What we love:

The letters are meticulously carved into the wood to add to the high-end aesthetic. Each one is finished by hand and has a distinct character thanks to its organic makeup.

Where to buy: Leftcoastoriginal store on Esty, about $16,35

26. Custom Stainless Steel Watch

Custom Stainless Steel Watch
Custom Stainless Steel Watch

Besides his suit, every guy should have a wristwatch in his jewelry box. Any outfit would be incomplete without it! It’s also a great wedding gift for the groom as it can be personalized with his name and wedding date.

What we love:

It has a three-eye design, a calendar function, and a luxury pointer, all in a waterproof case and won’t scratch. You can write up to 20 characters per line in Roboto font on the back of the watch.

Where to buy: 4LovebirdsShop on Esty, about $54,75

27. Tie Patch

Tie Patch - Custom Groom Gifts
Tie Patch for Custom Groom Gifts

A tie patch lets you sew your affection into his wedding outfit. Giving the groom-to-be this little but heartfelt gift on his wedding morning is a sweet gesture.

What we love:

Printed on a machine-washable and iron-safe 100% cotton colorfast sheet.

Where to buy: ShannahJSmith store on Esty, about $15,93

28. Personalized Watch Accessories Storage Case

Personalized Watch Accessories Storage Case
Personalized Watch Accessories Storage Case

Many guys have an obsession with collecting timepieces and other accouterments. And if they’re collectors, they’ll appreciate a place to store and showcase their treasures. This elegant box is one of the most personalized wedding gifts to keep all his items safe.

What we love:

This watch box is a designed, high-end organizer that will last a lifetime because it is made of naturally durable Acacia wood. It is comfortable to touch and easy to clean because the interior is lined with smooth, soft velvet.

Where to buy: SHANIKStore on Esty, about $88,27

29. Personalized Flask

Personalized Flask - Custom Groom Gifts
Personalized Flask for Monogrammed Wedding Gifts

Have his initials engraved on the side of a stainless steel flask to give him a unique keepsake. Fill it with whichever delicious beverage you think he’ll like the most.

What we love:

Your gift will surely be appreciated when recipients see the meticulous attention to detail provided by professional laser engraving. Custom Engraving and a Wide Range of Color Choices are Available!

Where to buy: WeddingsDecorandMore store on Esty, about $12,27

30. Monogrammed Pocket Watch

Monogrammed Pocket Watch
Monogrammed Pocket Watch

In the 20th century, people stopped wearing pocket watches in public. Despite this, they are still one of the most beautiful custom groom gifts. This pocket watch will remind him of his best day. Thus, he’ll always wear it.

What we love:

High-quality wood ensures that this item will last and look great for years. You may put your spin on things with the high-quality laser engraving procedure.

Where to buy: CarvingGIFT store on Esty, about $13,25

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Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts For Couple

31. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board - Personalized Bride Gifts
Custom Cutting Board – Personalized Bride Gifts

Offer them a customized cutting board, which everyone will love. With this one, you can customize both the size and the material. Personalize the cutting board by adding their initials or wedding date to produce a magnificent item they’ll display for years.

What we love:

These sturdy boards were made to cut on, but they’re also pretty enough to use as a charcuterie board to serve meats and cheeses at your next dinner party. The untreated wood is accessible on the blades and strong enough to last a long time.

Where to buy: DesignsByCouth store on Esty, about $60,54

32. Custom Coasters

Custom Coasters - Personalized Wedding Gifts
Custom Coasters – Personalized Wedding Gifts

Gift these personalized coasters with initials or an unforgettable wedding date to someone who might use them. Add a bottle of wine and a set of delicate wine glasses for one of the best personalized wedding gifts ever.

What we love:

It included materials like solid walnut wood and faux leather. Sets of leatherette coasters come with a stand, while wooden ones are packaged in a presentable box.

Where to buy: You may buy on Copper Fox Co. for about $29.00

33. Personalized Pushpin World Map

Custom Groom Gifts Pushpin World Map
Personalized Pushpin World Map

This personalized map will help the couple keep track of upcoming events. The framed, historical-inspired map is customized with the couple’s names and wedding dates. It contains 100 pushpins to indicate their wedding, honeymoon, and vacation plans. We are sure it might be their new house’s most meaningful home decor.

What we love:

This framed and mounted print of Wendy Gold’s world map with a vintage look is personalized with your name and your wedding date. Use the 100 pins to mark your hometowns, honeymoon spots, favorite vacation spots, and more.

Where to buy: Wendy Gold store on uncommon goods, about $170,24

34. Monogrammed Marble Wine Chiller

Personalized Wedding Gifts Marble Wine Chiller
Monogrammed Marble Wine Chiller

Consider these unique personalized wedding gifts – marble wine coolers. It will keep their favorite cold wine frozen for hours while they sip and socialize. Small things may often have a significant influence!

What we love:

  • Made from polished marble and sits on a natural acacia wood base.
  • Put a monogram into the marble to make a beautiful gift for wine lovers and people who like to entertain.

Where to buy: Mark and Graham, about $75

35. Personalized Wine Serving Tray

Personalized Wine Serving Tray
Personalized Wine Serving Tray

This serving dish is perfect for a couple that appreciates elegant entertainment. The personalized tray accommodates 4 stemmed wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Serving beverages is made more accessible than it has ever been with them. You’ll get extra points if you offer it with their preferred Cabernet.

What we love:

  • Made of a synthetic material that doesn’t show water spots, is easy to clean, and is strong enough to be used daily.
  • Each leatherette piece is made with great skill, and its unique beauty and style will impress whoever gets it.

Where to buy: Creon Leather Co store on Esty, about $48,05

36. Custom Wall Sign

Custom Wall Sign - Custom Groom Gifts
Custom Wall Sign for Custom Groom Gifts

This wall sign would be a meaningful, personalized wedding gift for a happy couple. It’s the ideal house accent for the newlywed couple and a powerful symbol of their commitment to one another.

What we love:

The Elaborate Family Name Sign can be personalized with three lines of text and a central initial.

Where to buy: Uniquely Special Gifts, Sale price about $86.95

37. Personalized Framed Door Mat

Personalized Bride Gifts Framed Door Mat
Personalized Framed DoorMat

This simple and effective personalized doormat is perfect for newlyweds. You can customize a hand-screened doormat with initials or an address to wow the happy couple.

What we love:

These personalized all-weather door mats are the most stylish and durable ones on the market. Every mat is made to order, and you can change your looks to suit your needs.

Where to buy: Go Brand Direct, about $139.00

38. Wine Gift Box Set

Wine Personalized Wedding Gift Box Set
Wine Personalized Wedding Gift Box Set

There’s no boring wedding present regarding wine, and this wine gift box set is no exception. These cases with wine gear are terrific personalized wedding gifts for a couple. If they wish to save a bottle of wine for an anniversary, they may do so in the exquisite box.

What we love:

You may put two first names and the engagement date on the front of the box. Underneath, there’s room for a message of congratulations, like “Congratulations on your engagement.” Also, these modern wine boxes for one bottle are made only from sustainable pine wood and are FSC-certified.

Where to buy: StagDesign store on Esty, about $35,11

39. Leather Bound Journal

Leather Bound Journal Wedding Gift Ideas
Leather Bound Journal Wedding Gift Ideas

We’ve got a leather-bound diary recommendation for those who love leather products. This journal would be a memorable customized wedding gift for friends.

What we love:

The cover of the recipe book is made of wood (birch plywood) and coated with a special oil made for wood. This oil not only makes the product look great, but it also protects it by getting deep into it.

Where to buy: JoshuaHouseCrafts store on Esty, about $37,87

40. Wood Wedding Quote Box

Wood Wedding Quote Box Customized Bride Gifts
Wood Weddings Quote Box

One of the most classic personalized wedding gifts is a lovely keepsake jar. It’s the perfect spot to put wedding photographs and memorabilia. This box’s design used stamped reclaimed wood, which makes it cozier and more creative than others

What we love:

Personalized with any title, surname, wedding date, or quotation. The box has a front and top clasp for closure—a felt-covered interior.

Where to buy: Personalization Mall on Esty, about $70,96

41. Decanter Set

Decanter Set Engraved Wedding Gifts
Decanter Set Engraved Wedding Gifts

Their jaws will drop when they see this set in person for the first time. Each one is inscribed with the recipient’s name. Hence, the decanter and glasses would make their wedding day more memorable. This set will be a continual source of joy and inspiration for years.

What we love:

Made by hand with solid borosilicate and lead-free glass, the design is delicate but strong, so you can always feel classy, safe, and secure.

Where to buy: Brook Stone, about $69.95

42. Personalized Shadow Box

Personalized Wedding Gifts Shadow Box
Personalized Shadow Box

How perfect these customized wedding gifts are! This personalized shadow box will be a wedding souvenir for a married pair. It will remind them of their commitment and devotion to one another. It’s a wedding present that will become more meaningful for the newlyweds!

What we love:

Alternatively, for a wedding guest book, you could use this beautiful customized shadow box to make a special keepsake to remember your wedding. You may also change the year and the two lines of text on the shadow box.

Where to buy: Home Wet Bar, about $69.95

43. Customized Wedding Clock

Customized Weddings Clock
Customized Weddings Clock

You can’t go wrong with this lovely wedding clock, which will bring a smile to their face every time they look at it. A new customized clock is a perfect gift for the happy couple to show how much they mean to each other. This wedding gift idea for older couples can provide them with a lifetime of happy memories.

What we love:

This clock looks great in any home because it is made of natural oak and has a simple, stylish design.

Where to buy: SundaysDaughterUK store on Esty, about $41,00

44. Leather Luggage Tags

Leather Luggage Tags Monogrammed Wedding Gifts
Leather Luggage Tags Monogrammed Wedding Gifts

Gift the newlyweds these personalized faux leather luggage tags for their first journey together. These tags can help them keep track of their bags no matter where they go: across the world or to the U.S. You can also refer to this idea for wedding favors for your guests.

How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Gift?

No rules exist regarding how much to spend on a wedding present. This depends on your relationship, finances, and other relevant factors. We’ll give you an estimate based on the couples you know. Noting that our suggestion is only a guide.

If a close friend or cousin is getting married, get a big gift. You may spend $100 to $180 on a gift. Spending $100-$150 on each gift for your boss is a good starting point. $75 to $120 for each colleague, depending on the region. Lastly, a distant cousin’s or friend’s wedding requires a thoughtful gift. We suggest between $50 and $100.

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This list from Viva Wedding Photography includes presents for the happy couple and those for the bride and groom. They may serve several purposes while being on-trend, affordable, eye-catching, and functional. These suggestions apply to both traditional and modern weddings. Add your heartfelt message on personalized wedding gifts to put a grin on their face!

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