30 Fun Wedding Reception Activities To Make Your Day Special

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As a married couple, you want your guests to have a great time on your big day. Wedding receptions are the perfect opportunity for newlyweds to celebrate their love with family and friends. To make your big day memorable, it’s important to plan some fun and exciting activities that will keep your guests entertained. In this article, Viva Wedding Photography will share 30 wedding reception activities that will be a hit.

Lawn Games For The Wedding Reception

Your guests will be delighted all afternoon and evening with these traditional lawn and tabletop games, whether they prefer corn hole, croquet, or life-size board games.

1. Game Of Connect Four

Connect Four Game For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas
Connect Four Game For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas (Source: Escape The Routines)

Everyone, young and old, will want to check out the giant version of this timeless pastime. Consider adding a special touch to the Connect Four game by adding your name, wedding date, or a heartfelt remark. You can even select a bespoke game board designed specifically for your wedding and its color scheme.

If you have a lot of people over, you could host a Connect Four tournament and provide the winner with a gift. As a result, this can be a great method to start your guests talking to one another and having a good time.

2. Ring Toss Game

The carnival staple ring toss will bring out the competitive nature of your guests. Guests and wedding party members might have more fun playing a “Who will I get paired with?” game with their names written on bottles or rings.

Ring Toss Games For Wedding Guests
Ring Toss Games For Wedding Guests (Source: Pinterest)

You’ll need supplies for a Ring Toss game as one of your wedding reception activities. Obtaining some rings is the first step. Plastic rings, wooden rings, or homemade ribbon rings made from cutting strips of ribbon and tying them into circles are all viable options.

The next step is to select a target. A Ring Toss game board, a wooden post with hooks, a stand with pegs, etc. Finally, you’ll require room to lay out the game’s components. The ideal location would be a large outside space where people can mingle and have fun.

3. Jenga

Everyone loves the iconic block-stacking game Jenga. The classic tabletop version injects an air of whimsy and fun into any outdoor or tented celebration. You might also step it up by purchasing a life-size set of blocks for you and your loved ones to construct, destroy, and rebuild upon.

Jenga Game For Wedding Reception
Jenga Game For Wedding Reception (Source: Wedding And Event Creators)

Customizing the Jenga blocks with the newlyweds’ initials or wedding dates makes the game more suitable for a wedding. Fun wedding-themed tasks might also be written on the blocks, such as “kiss the person to your left” or “do a silly dance with the bride/groom.”

One of Jenga’s greatest strengths is its appeal to players of many ages. Playing is enjoyable for people of all ages, and it may be used to bring people of different generations together for some friendly competition.

4. Badminton

Why not install a badminton court if you have the room? Regardless of age, guests will have a great time with this popular game and its lightweight, portable equipment.

Game Of Badminton As Wedding Activities For Guests
Game Of Badminton As Wedding Activities For Guests (Source: The Knot)

If the guests at your wedding don’t know one other very well, a game of badminton is a terrific icebreaker. It’s a lighthearted and relaxed approach to making conversation. It’s also a terrific way for them to burn off some of the calories they consumed at the wedding reception.

5. Game Of “Corn Hole”

Couples who want their wedding reception activities to feel like they were planned all along will find corn hole the ideal lawn game.

Game Of "Corn Hole" For Wedding Party
Game Of “Corn Hole” For Wedding Party (Source: DIY Design Company)

Cornhole boards can be rented from a party supply store or made by the bride and groom to complement the wedding’s color scheme or theme. You may make the boards even more special by adding your names and the wedding date. This game will keep guests entertained and engaged, creating lasting memories for the wedding couple and their guests.

6. Croquet

A game of croquet is one of the fun wedding reception activities for anyone. Request that visitors take a mallet and start a match on the grass. The reception area, or a nearby garden, is ideal for a croquet court. You can play croquet anywhere with just a few friends and a set of mallets and balls.

Croquet Games For Wedding Guests
Croquet Games For Wedding Guests (Source: Combermere Abbey)

The fact that it doesn’t take much energy to play a game of croquet is another one of the sport’s many appealing features. Playing won’t be too taxing for older guests or those who don’t want to dance all night, and attendees can participate while still in their wedding gowns.

7. Massive Checkers

Giant Checkers is very like regular checkers but on a much bigger board. Players use their hands to move the enormous pieces around a massive checkered board. This life-size prop improves the action and provides a fantastic photo chance during the game. Order a giant checkers mat online (or make your own) for a picnic blanket and kick off the party in style.

Giant Checkers - Fun Wedding Reception Ideas Activities
Giant Checkers – Fun Wedding Reception Ideas Activities (Source: Pinterest)

Giant checkers’ versatility as an indoor and outdoor game is one of its many advantages. It’s a fun way for guests to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at a wedding ceremony or reception held outside. Guests at indoor weddings can play the game at a special station set up for the occasion.

8. Game Of Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a sport that may be played competitively or casually and doesn’t involve much physical exertion. Guests can take it easy and enjoy the game at their own leisure.

Bocce Ball Game For Your Party
Bocce Ball Game For Your Party (Source: Spirito Toscano)

A bocce ball court may be quickly set up on any patch of grass. No need for a court; put out some balls and scorecards and watch the competition.

Playing bocce ball with your guests is one of the amazing wedding reception activities that might provide some memorable snapshots. You can put up a photo booth near the bocce court with entertaining items for your guests.

9. Large Dice

Use a giant set of dice to shake things up! Unexpected wedding activities for guests like this are great for fostering conversation and making new friends.

Giant Dice As A Funny Game For Wedding Guests
Giant Dice As A Funny Game For Wedding Guests (Source: Martha Stewart)

The game requires two huge dice (each measuring about 3 inches in diameter) and a scorecard. To win, players must match the numbers they roll on the dice to those on the score sheet.

The score sheet can be customized to match the colors and style of the event. Another option is a personalized score sheet featuring the newlyweds’ names and amusing anecdotes.

10. High Striker

High Striker Games For Wedding Guests
High Striker Games For Wedding Guests (Source: Pinterest)

This traditional carnival game to determine the strongest will have guests clamoring for a chance to swing the implement.

The High Striker game suits all ages and skill levels, making it an excellent way to unite strangers. Guests can compete to see who can ring the bell the hardest, lending a spirit of friendly competition to the occasion.

Table Games For Wedding Guests

Guests can also be entertained at their reception tables with various games. Guests who don’t know one another well can get to know each other while playing a game of cards at the reception table.

11. A Wedding-Related Game Of Mad Libs –

Editable wedding Mad Libs are available for free download and can be distributed to guests at the reception. It’s a great ice-breaker for a group setting and will give you belly laughs when you read it together afterward. Another option to make sure everyone has a good time at the reception is for the emcee read off a few of the funniest responses.

12. Marriage Facts And Fictions

Marriage Facts And Fictions For Wedding Reception Activities
Marriage Facts And Fictions For Wedding Reception Activities (Source: Wild Bloom Design Studio)

Put a cute sheet with questions related to the two of you at each guest’s place setting. The questions can be multiple-choice, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank. The questions can be completed at the guests’ convenience, and the emcee can then read off the responses. Whoever at a table gets the most questions right wins the centerpiece.

13. Photo Search Quest

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas Activities - Digital Scavenger Hunt
Fun Wedding Reception Ideas Activities – Digital Scavenger Hunt (Source: Martin James Photography)

Make a list of 20 things that should be photographed at your wedding (the couple kissing, a guest cheering, a group selfie, etc.), and then send those who attended a digital scavenger hunt. This will offer your visitors something to do, and in the end, you’ll have even more photos from the event.

14. Do You Dare?

Dare Games For Wedding Guests
Dare Games For Wedding Guests (Source: Not On The High Street)

Dares are a great way to get your reserved guests moving and having fun. Include easy dares on the back of their identification cards or inside handmade fortune tellers, such as “Taking a selfie with the most adorable individual at your table,” “Kiss a person next to you,” or “Take a shot with a person you don’t know.”

Whoever at your table completes the most dares triumphs. Since you’ll authorize the dares, you may make them as mild or extreme as your guests feel comfortable.

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Wedding Reception Activities And Games For Large Groups

Group games are a great way to keep the fun going at a wedding reception, whether it’s indoors or out. Consider some amazing activities below to organize for your guests at the wedding.

15. The Fun Wheel

The Fun Wheel For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas
The Fun Wheel For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas (Source: Deep Blue Photography)

Create a bespoke activity wheel that guests can spin at the reception to get involved and have fun. This unique choice features options like “Bride and Groom Kiss,” ” Choose a Couple to Kiss,” and “Show Us Your Top Dance Moves.”

16. A Game Of Shoes

A Game Of Shoes For Wedding Entertainment
A Game Of Shoes For Wedding Entertainment (Source: Brides)

We always have a great time playing this at wedding receptions. The happy couple faces their guests while seated back-to-back. One pair of shoes and a matching companion are shared between two people. The host, who can be the emcee or a part of the wedding party, will ask the following questions, and the pair will simultaneously raise the shoe that represents their answer. The entire shoe game should take no longer than 15 minutes.

  • Which one of us initially declared our love for the other?
  • Was it you who initiated contact?
  • Who has a superior style?
  • Who has superior dance skills?
  • Whoever’s phone is always more charged wins?
  • Which one of you has the better cooking skills?
  • Who did the best academically?
  • Which person do you care about beyond all others? Etc.

Even if your guests don’t participate in the game, they’ll get a good chuckle from your candid responses, which will shed light on how you feel about yourselves and each other.

17. Find The Words

Unique Word Hunt For Wedding Reception Activities
Unique Word Hunt For Wedding Reception Activities (Source: Weddings Online)

You can entertain guests all night by turning a chalkboard into a fun and unique word hunt. If you want to make your version of a word search, the secret is to use permanent paint for the lettering and chalk solely for circling the words. Guests will appreciate your effort to personalize their experience by including information about both of you.

18. Artistic Dart Board

A dart art station is a great pastime for creative couples and guests to enjoy during the daytime hours of a wedding reception. A big, blank canvas mounted on the wall can be the canvas if water balloons loaded with paint are attached. Put up a dart shooting area at a respectable distance; nobody likes paint splatter on their best attire. You and your loved ones can make a one-of-a-kind work of art by throwing darts at a canvas filled with paint balloons.

19. Make A Snapchat Wedding Reception Geofilter

If you’re a regular user of Snapchat, you know that the app automatically updates with location-based filters whenever you enter a new location or attend a new event. The technical term for these is geofilters; making a unique one for the wedding activities for guests couldn’t be simpler.

Snapchat Wedding Reception Geofilter
Snapchat Wedding Reception Geofilter (Source: The Knot)

The cost of a filter depends on its scope and the length of time it is active. A personalized filter that takes up roughly 20 square feet of your reception area will only cost you $5 an hour to get made. Create a sign for your Instagram-savvy guests, and watch them start snapping away!

20. Costumed Photo Ops

Costumed Photo Booth For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas
Costumed Photo Booth For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas (Source: Smart Booth Images)

Playing dress-up is one of the funny wedding reception activities. All ages enjoy a photo booth with a fun theme. There is a wide variety of options for guests to take pictures of themselves and each other. And, of course, the more props, the better the party!

21. A Place To Play Video Games-

Video games with tiny prizes for the victors are appropriate for a wedding reception. Classics like Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero are great for getting people up and moving in a multiplayer setting, but avid gamers may want to bring their favorite party games.

22. Setup For Board Games

Station Of Board Games For Wedding Guests
Station Of Board Games For Wedding Guests (Source: Pinterest)

Provide a variety of fast, multi-player board games to keep your more reserved visitors entertained all night long. Yahtzee, Uno, Scrabble, and Life are all excellent choices.

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Other Amazing Wedding Activities For Guests

23. A Reader Of Tarot Cards

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas - Have A Tarot Reader
Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Have A Tarot Reader (Source: The Honeycombers)

You don’t need to be an expert in astrology to appreciate an aura reading. As a fun alternative to the dance floor, have an astrologer or tarot card reader available to your visitors. Warning: if you use these wedding reception activities like this, you might see lengthier wait times than at the bar.

24. Real-Time Artist

Get A Live Artist For Your Wedding Party
Get A Live Artist For Your Wedding Party (Source: The Knot)

Getting a live artist for your big day would provide excellent value for money. Guests will enjoy watching the scene come to life on canvas as they go to the bar or take a break from the speeches. In addition, towards the end of the reception, you’ll have your unique wedding portrait.

25. Fire Dancer

Have A Fire Performer To Surprise Your Guests
Have A Fire Performer To Surprise Your Guests (Source: Flickr)

Do you wish there was a way to wow your guests at your wedding reception? A fire performer is one of the great wedding reception entertainment ideas to consider. Having a fire dancer at your wedding is a unique and exciting concept, but due to the inherent dangers of fire, you should first check with your wedding venue to see if this is allowed and, if so, what safety measures must be taken.

26. Karaoke

Karaoke Wedding Activities For Guests
Karaoke Wedding Activities For Guests (Source: The Knot)

A romantic wedding love song is a great way to start the party. After belting out your favorite tunes, encourage your guests to join in. It’s also a way for them to show their love and congratulate you on the most important milestone in your life.

27. Artisan Tattooist

Do you want to show your loved ones your passion for tattoos? Then, hire a tattoo artist and set up a tattoo parlor as one of the unique wedding reception activities. The tattoo artist can assist you and your future spouse design matching tattoos that celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

Have An Artisan Tattooist At Your Wedding
Have An Artisan Tattooist At Your Wedding (Source: HuffPost)

After you and your spouse have created your tattoos, everyone in attendance can select a design that is unique to you two. Guests can get henna hand designs done by a professional henna artist, or you can set up a temporary tattoo station.

28. Amusement Ride

Amusement Ride For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas
Amusement Ride For Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas (Source: Little But Fierce Photography)

Amusement park rides are a great way to relive your childhood and keep the party going at your wedding reception. Before renting any rides for your wedding, check with your reception hall and wedding coordinator to see whether they are permitted. If renting rides isn’t an option for your wedding venue, an amusement park is a fantastic alternative for the ceremony or the reception.

29. Temporary Gambling Den

Have A Little Casino Set Up For Wedding Party
Have A Little Casino Set Up For Wedding Party (Source: Hitched)

Do you hope to have a lavish wedding? If you’re throwing a party for those over 21, a little casino set up in a corner is a fun and appropriate addition. It will seem and feel like you’ve transported the casino floor from Las Vegas to your wedding reception hall.

30. Magician

Magic Show For Fun Wedding Reception Ideas Activities
Magic Show For Fun Wedding Reception Ideas Activities (Source: Best Day Ever Venues)

Guests of all ages will enjoy a magic show during your wedding reception. Having a magician perform at your wedding is a terrific way to excite the crowd and provide your photographer with plenty of material for the photo album.

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In conclusion, your wedding reception is a special day for you and your partner, but it’s also a time to celebrate with your friends and family. Incorporating these wedding reception activities into your celebration will ensure your guests have a memorable and enjoyable time. Whatever you choose, these activities will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

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