98 fun Bridesmaid Group Chat Names to Boost Your Wedding Day

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Friends, new friends, and even relatives might all be included in the bridesmaid team. Even if you don’t know everyone on the team right away, a group chat can help you bond and be on the same page in no time.

But first, choose a funny or cute name for the wedding party to start the conversation with all the interest and attention. It may be easier when you have an excellent concept for the wedding theme or bachelorette party accessories.

And because a good name is the most important part of any chat, we’ll also give you our top picks for bridesmaid group chat names. Scroll down this article from Viva Wedding Photography to gather some sufficient ideas!

Tips To Name Your Bridesmaid Group Chat

If you’re having trouble deciding on a memorable name for your wedding party, here are a few suggestions to help you. When you think about group chat names for bridesmaids, bear the following in mind.

tips for choosing the best bridesmaids group chat name
Tips for choosing the best bridesmaids group chat name (Image: Social Bods)

Do Not Rush

Prepare in advance by taking as much time as you need. This will help you stay more organized in your job. Yet, remember that this is such an important matter; you shouldn’t forget it.

Use Cool And Catchy Words

The names for the bridesmaid group chat should have words that are worthy of attracting the participants’ attention the moment they hear them. That will make the event more exciting.


If you are planning a wedding with a theme, use words in the name that relates to the theme. For example, if your theme is a particular movie, use words that describe the characters in the film.

Use Simple Words

Make an effort to use expressions that are simple to understand and pronounce. It’s best to make your ideas as basic and straightforward as possible rather than using long, complicated words.

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Take Suggestions From Friends And Family

Choosing names for the bridesmaid group chat is a great opportunity to include others in the planning process. You will get a more significant amount of feedback as a result of this.

Avoid Lengthy Names

Short and sweet is always preferred when choosing group chat names for bridesmaids for the wedding party. If you go with a complicated name for your bridal party, don’t expect it to benefit you in attracting more people to be in it.

Avoid long bridesmaid group names
Avoid long bridesmaid group names (Image: Wedding Experience)

Do Not Copy Others

Do not choose bridesmaid group chat names that have already been used for your bridal party since this will likely be distasteful to your guests. As a result, please don’t act in such a way.

Use Memorable Words

If you want people to remember what you say, choose adjectives that are currently trendy. This will ensure that your bridesmaid group names sticks in the minds of your guests.

Related To The Bride-to-be

If you are the maid of honor taking charge of starting the conversation, consider metaphors that relate to the bride or her personality. The bridesmaids group chat name will become more familiar and important to the bride in this way. Thus, do your best to reflect the bride’s style.

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Take Reference From Books Or Movies

You may use the name of your favorite book or movie or a character from one of your favorite films as the bridesmaid group chat name.

Research And Brainstorm

Make use of online resources and gain as much knowledge as possible. Doing so gives you access to thousands of potential picks, from which you may ultimately choose a selection.

bridesmaid group chat names
Take advantage of the suggestion from Viva Wedding Photography (Image: Bridal Shower 101)

Make It Famous

Use the selected bridesmaid group chat names on invitations, share them on social media, and otherwise help them gain popularity. The celebration will be more exciting as a result of this.

Others Point

  • Be Meaningful
  • Do Not Use Bad & Offensive Words
  • Make Sure You Are Personally Happy With The Name

Bridesmaid Group Chat Names

bridesmaids group chat name recommendations
Bridesmaids group chat name recommendations (Image: A Fresh Event)
  1. After All Is Wed And Done
  2. Aisle Be There For You
  3. Aisle Walkers
  4. All Together Vow
  5. Any Hitch Way
  6. Assistants To The Bride
  7. Bach Made In Heaven
  8. Bae Watch
  9. Best Bach Behavior
  10. Birds Of A Feather
  11. Bling And Bubbly
  12. Bridal AF
  13. Bridal Bunch
  14. Bridal Clique
  15. Bridal Dream Team
  16. Bridal Entourage
  17. Bridal Friends Forever
  18. Bridal Par-Tea
  19. Bridal Posse
  20. Bridal Support Group
  21. Bride And Boujee
  22. Bride or Dies
  23. Bride Squad Goals
  24. Bride To Brie Clique
  25. Bride’s Baes
  26. Bride’s Minions
  27. Bride’s Peeps
  28. Bride’s Ride Or Dies
  29. Bride’s Wolf Pack
  30. Bridesfolk
  31. Bridin’ Dirty
  32. Cake ‘N’ Tears
  33. Cake Cake Cake
  34. Cake’s Already in Tiers
  35. Chat’s Got a Ring to It
  36. Doing Wed Comes Naturally
  37. Fiancée’s Fantastic Four
  38. Free Champagne!
  39. Friends For Wife
  40. Friends Of Honor
  41. Getting Into The Ring Of It
  42. Getting Maui’d
  43. Getting Meowied
  44. Going Along For The Bride
  45. Here Comes The Bride
  46. Here For The Bride
  47. Honor Guard
  48. I Do Crew
  49. I Do Mates
  50. It Just Got Real
  51. It’s Bride Time
  52. Let’s Party
  53. Let’s Guac This Wedding
  54. Let’s Spouse Things Up
  55. Mermaid To Be Bridesmaids
  56. Mermaid To Be Friends
  57. Mint To Be
  58. Miss To Mrs. Crew
  59. My Bridal Beaches
  60. Nacho Average Bridal Party
  61. On Cloud Wine
  62. On Her Side
  63. Only Gouda Wedding Vibes
  64. Partners in Wine
  65. Party People
  66. Party Starters
  67. Pizza Their Heart
  68. Ring It On
  69. Runaway Bridesmaids
  70. Sip Happens
  71. Team Bride
  72. The A-Team
  73. The Chosen Ones
  74. The Commitment Crew
  75. The Flockin’ Bridal Crew
  76. The Wedding VIPs
  77. Thee Stallions
  78. Three Musketeers
  79. Two Less Fish In The Sea
  80. Veil Bound Buds
  81. Warning: Bach Party Spoilers
  82. We Bey All Night
  83. We Have Matching Dresses
  84. We Want Cake
  85. We’ll Be There For You
  86. We’re Ready to Paaaarty
  87. We’ll Brie Your Bridesmaids
  88. We’re Gonna Ugly Cry Together
  89. Wedding Crashers
  90. Wedding Dream Team
  91. Wedding Hotline
  92. Wedding Planners
  93. Wedding Secrets Inside
  94. Wedding Vibes Only
  95. Whole Latte Love Here
  96. Wine-derful Wedding Crew
  97. You Can’t Sip With Us
  98. You Can’t Sit With Us

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How to Start a Bridesmaid Group Chat?

In most cases, the person who represents the relationship to all participants in the conversation should do so. As the bridesmaids know each other via the bride, the bride is the natural choice to start the group chat. However, if you do not have time for this activity, you may ask whether the maid of honor could do this.

When you’re ready to start your group after asking all of your bridesmaids, create the group and send out a message like:

“Greetings, friends! Welcome to my wedding party! I’ve created this group so that we can all keep in touch!”

How to start a bridesmaid group chat
How to start a bridesmaid group chat (Image: Weddings Online)

But if your wedding party members don’t know one other, an icebreaker in your welcome message might be a good idea.

“How are you all? Thank you for coming to my wedding party! Some of you in our group chat may not have known each other before, but I can’t wait to officially meet you, everyone! I’d appreciate it if you let others know who you are and how to get in touch with you.”

Alternatively, if you’re the maid of honor or bridesmaid in charge of the group chat, you may say:

“Greetings, and thank you for joining the [bride’s name] wedding party conversation! I am creating this group to plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and other activities. If you could all introduce yourselves, those who don’t have your contact information saved may easily find out who you are. Much appreciation! “

You are the glue that holds this group together, so it’s up to you to make connections and ensure everyone feels at home. After warming up the conversation, plan something fun like coffee, a spa day, or a movie night to get to know each other better in person. If you’re planning a big wedding with a lot of guests or your team hasn’t worked together before, this will come in handy. This is not only a superb method to get everyone on the same page and establish expectations before diving into the planning process, but it will also help you bond with your friends.

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In conclusion, you should feel free to have some fun and express your own sense of humor while coming up with bridesmaid group chat names. If you and your bridesmaids want to add some additional fun and camaraderie to the wedding planning process, think of a catchy and unique name for your group chat. Punny ones, ones that reflect the relationship or hobbies of the wedding party, or something more quirky or more pleasant are all viable alternatives.

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