37 Appropriate Wedding Gifts For Coworker Getting Married

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Your colleague is tying the knot, and you’re on the hunt for the ideal wedding gifts for coworker. Relax! Choosing the perfect present doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Let Viva Wedding Photography guide you through this stress-free process. Whether you want to go for something personal, practical, or fun, we have some great ideas for wedding gifts that will make your colleague smile. Just keep reading and discover our amazing suggestions.

Wedding Gift for Colleague Female to Make Her Feel Special

1. Hand-Holding Craft

Hand Holding Craft - Wedding Gifts For Coworker
Hand Holding Craft for Female Coworkers

Almost every workplace has female employees who love building up their families. And if she has everything she needs for life, then let’s think about some of the best wedding gift ideas for coworker that she’ll appreciate, such as this handmade interlocking hands as an everlasting memento.

What we love:

  • Captures intricate details and fingerprints with precision due to its unique rubbery cast.
  • It can make a stronger cast than other craft brands.

Where to buy: Luna Bean Store on Amazon for about $51.03

2. Wedding Memories Keepsake Box

Memories Keepsake Box For Wedding Gifts For Colleague
Memories Keepsake Box For Wedding Gift For A Coworker

You want to express your affection and support for your coworker who is getting married, but how? One of the best ways is to choose wedding gifts for coworker females that capture the essence of their big day. These handcrafted gift boxes are filled with personalized items that reflect their personality, style, and love story. They will cherish these boxes as a beautiful reminder of their wedding day and your friendship.

What we love:

  • Handcrafted keepsake boxes made from untreated wood and intricately laser-etched with care.
  • Rustic elegance design.

Where to buy: SUNDAY’S DAUGHTER store on Not On The High Street, about £36

3. Her Favorite Perfume

His/Her Favorite Perfume For Wedding Gift For A Coworker
Her Favorite Perfume For Wedding Gift For Colleague Female

Choosing a perfume or a set of scents for a small wedding gift for coworker keeps them always smelling clean and fresh. Hence, when choosing the perfect scent, you must consider their preference.

What we love: Starting with a prominent contrast, this fragrance combines the fresh, light scents of bergamot, fig, and bay leaves with deep cedar wood, vetiver, and musk scents. The scent is wrapped up with a tobacco-bay leaf crescendo by a unique extract of black tea leaves.

Where to buy: Liberty London, about £157.00

4. Plant Vases Decor

Plant Vases Decor Wedding Gifts For Colleague
Plant Vases Decor On The Office Table

To bring their office desk to life, placing a plant on the table will help your coworker relax after hard-working hours. Made of metal, these geometric vases will be a hit on your excellent wedding gifts for coworkers list that you should try.

What we love:

  • Electroplated in brilliant rose gold for a stunning visual appeal.
  • Thin metal brackets with geometric patterns.

Where to buy: FSyueyun Store on Amazon, about $30.00

5. Preserved Roses Gift Box

Preserved Roses as Wedding Gift For Coworker
Preserved Roses

Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and beauty, and every woman deserves them on any occasion. That’s why a black textured box of roses is a wonderful wedding gift for a coworker who’s about to say “I do”. You can choose preserved roses that will last for years and add a message for your coworker to share your heartfelt wishes for her marriage life.

What we love:

  • Expert florists arrange 100% natural roses in that box.
  • Each rose is hand-picked at its peak freshness.

Where to buy: Eterfield Store on Amazon

6. Personalized Couple Wall Art

Wall art is one of the wedding gift for colleague
Personalized Couple Print Love Couple Wall Art

If you’re still scrambling to find an inexpensive wedding gift for coworker, then a canvas is the way to go. With that in mind, this classic song lyrics wall art has an irresistible appeal. So, add the names of the married couple and the wedding day to make it more memorable.

What we love:  It can be personalized with the couple’s names, a meaningful quotation or message, and even a memorable date.

Where to buy: at Ohcanvas for about $35,95

7. Workspace Monitor Stand

Wedding gift for colleague - Workspace monitor stand
Workspace Monitor Stand Gift For Coworker

To help your colleague have a clean desk at the workplace, a check stand is suitable for setting up workstations with computers or other items. So they will never mess up their table thanks to your thoughtful wedding gift for coworker. How practical this appropriate gift is!

What we love:

  • Versatile stand designed to accommodate monitors, laptops, printers, fax machines, game consoles, and various devices.
  • It is made of solid materials, and can easily hold up to 66 pounds.

Where to buy: at DAC Store, about $49.99

8. Monogrammed Robes

Monogrammed Robes - Wedding Gift Ideas For Coworker
Wedding Gift for Coworker Female – Monogrammed Robes

These luxurious robes are a lovely addition to spice up the newlywed’s honeymoon. When they get out of the shower, they’ll feel like they’ve stepped into a spa. For the best wedding gift for a coworker, personalize them with their initials in their favorite color.

What we love: The names are double-stitched for long-lasting quality.

Where to buy: GiftsbyMandR on Esty, about $73.09

9. Personalized Lunch Box

Personalized Lunch Box - Wedding Gifts For Employees
Personalized Lunch Box – Wedding Gifts For Employees

If you’re looking for a thoughtful wedding gift for a coworker who loves to pack their own gourmet lunch, these insulated lunch bags are a great option. No more bulky boxes or plastic containers – this bag has multiple sections to keep everything fresh and organized. Choose their favorite color and add their couple’s names to make it unique.

What we love:

  • Features a silicone ring encircling the top lid and sturdy clamps for added seal and freshness.
  • Spacious 1200ml capacity allows for a substantial lunch to be conveniently carried and enjoyed at the office.
  • Constructed with safe-for-consumption stainless steel.

Where to buy: at YourniqueDE on Esty for about $19.66

10. Customized Clipboard

Wedding Gifts From Company - Customized Clipboard
Customized Clipboard Wedding Gifts For Coworkers

Consider these lovely clipboards your best wedding gift from company to employee if they use them as a portable workstation whenever needed. Customize it with their favorite color and add their name to make it more stunning.

What we love:

  • A perfectly sized clipboard is designed for mini memo sheets.
  • It offers stability for writing tasks by securing sheets in place and providing a sturdy writing surface.
  • Includes a pen loop to take the pen easily.

Where to buy: Mochi Things shop for about $7.95

11. Electric Massagers

Electric Massagers - wedding gift from company
Electric Massagers

Getting your coworker an electric massager is a perfect choice for a wedding gift from company to employee. This gift will help the newly married couple relax and unwind after a long day. Moreover, because of its portability, they can take it to work, or anywhere they want.

What we love:

  • Six interchangeable heads target specific areas of sore muscles.
  • Different massage speeds make for a soothing massage that keeps bones from hurting.

Where to buy: Buy on Desertcart, about $325.90

12. The Most Wonderful Thing Canvas Prints

Wonderful Canvas Prints Wedding Gift Ideas for Coworker
Wonderful Canvas Prints

Undoubtedly, wall art may significantly impact a couple’s bond. A wedding gift for colleague who already has everything is this perfect customized canvas. If you’re looking for a unique wedding present, consider this one to serve as a keepsake in a coworker’s home. Personalize it with their names and the date to make a unique gift for the groom and bride!

What we love:

  • Feature vibrant colors and lifelike imagery, ensuring stunning visual appeal.
  • Crafted with high-quality materials and printing techniques.

Where to buy: Oh Canvas, about $39.95

13. Customizable Mouse Pad

Wedding Gifts For Coworker - Mouse Pad
Wedding Gifts For Coworker – Mouse Pad

Giving a wedding gift to colleague, these mouse pads are a kind gesture to replace their old ones. Choose their favorite color and add their initials or photos to make them unique. So, this customized pad will brighten up their workspace or home table decoration.

What we love:

  • Anti-slip base.
  • Available in various sizes to suit many needs.

Where to buy: CCCVDesigns store on Etsy, about $22.88

14. Personalized Notebooks

Personalized Notebooks as Wedding Gifts From Company
Personalized Notebooks as Wedding Gifts For Coworker

Taking notes is an important thing that every officer needs to do, no matter whether they write in a book or on a laptop. Add an extra special touch to it by engraving her initials on the cover so they will appreciate the thought you put into it. This is one of the best wedding gifts from company that you can give to your coworker who is getting married soon.

What we love: Ensures durability with a permanent vinyl cover, hardcover, and spiral spine.

Where to buy: Sweetpeaadditions store on Esty, about $11.28

15. Monogram Tea Towel

Wedding Gift for Colleague - Monogram Tea Towel
Monogram Tea Towel For Coworker

If you are seeking a wedding gift for coworker female, then look no further than this idea. Tea towels with a family member’s name are the perfect addition to their collection. Choose from high-quality brands to enhance their experience and make them fall in love with the cotton towel gift idea.

What we love: The design is cut from professional-quality heat transfer vinyl.

Where to buy: at Delightfultowelshop on Esty for about $12.52

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16. Personalized Pillow

Personalized Pillow - Wedding Gift For A Coworker
Personalized Pillow – Wedding Gift For Colleague Female

Giving a pillow to a happy couple with everything is a simple and kind gesture. Customize it with their initials to make it a unique wedding gift for coworker. These items will bring immediate warmth and comfort to help them sleep better. The shape of this pillow is perfect for a decorative accent that shows off their own style.

What we love:

  • Made of cotton that wicks away moisture and feels like high-end linen.
  • Filled with allergy-resistant polyester.
  • Note that pillow covers may display variations in appearance on different screens.

Where to buy: ChillAxDesignShop, about $15.66

17. Nonstick Round Dutch Oven Pot

Nonstick Pot is a Wedding Gift For Colleague
Nonstick Round Dutch Oven Pot

When it comes to cooking, a cast iron cookware set is your best option for your last-minute gift to a foodie buddy. Hence, it is also an excellent way for them to spice things up for beginning a new marriage life.

What we love:

  • Made of durable cast iron and has a naturally nonstick finish.
  • It is great for roasting, slow cooking, simmering, sautéing, baking, and more.

Where to buy: at Crock-Pot Store on Amazon, about £48.46

18. Sleep Mask With Headphones

Sleep Mask With Headphones - Wedding Gifts For Employees
Sleep Mask With Headphones – wedding gifts from company

Sleep deprivation may lead to weariness when they work without a break. So your coworker’s rest will be a bit more tolerable with the help of this sleep eye mask thanks to the mask’s function. Moreover, it will block out light and other visual disturbances to help them sleep better. This sleep eye mask is a wedding gift for your coworker that you can never go wrong with.

What we love: Effortlessly connect via Bluetooth to stream your preferred music, podcasts, calming rain sounds, or any audio of your choice!

Where to buy: from Zenful for about $64.99

Wedding Gift for Colleague Male That He Will Use Every Day

20. Personalized Leather Desk Pad

Personalized Leather Desk Pad For Wedding Gifts from Company
Personalized Leather Desk Pad

Making each coworker’s desk stand out with this lather pad is a great gift for coworker’s wedding. It will be helpful to use daily and keep all items safe in one place. Add their initials or wedding date to create a personal touch that they will be reminded of whenever they use it.

What we love:

  • Made from a single piece of full-grain leather, the best leather you can find.
  • Its expansive surface covers your desk, providing ample space for your mouse, keyboard, or laptop.

Where to buy: on Ugmonk for about $185.00

21. Customized Wine Bottle

Gift for Coworker Wedding - Customized Wine Bottle
Customized Wine Bottle

Nothing beats opening a bottle of wine or champagne as a wedding gift for a coworker to honor a joyous occasion. Newlyweds will have a blast at this elegant reception thanks to your customized wine bottle.

What we love: It is ideal for an invitation to an engagement or other special event. Just replace the sample text in the three spots with your own, and then stick the label on the bottle of wine you want. You can have an engagement invitation that is very modern and looks great.

Where to buy: on Zazzle, about $5.80

22. Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

Wedding Gift for Colleague - Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer
Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

Isn’t it strange that a hammer would be an appropriate wedding gift for coworker male? The hammer with lovely engraved words makes this present all the more special. So, it can be used as a standard tool in fixing or repairing, but it has an entirely personal touch that makes it different from others.

What we love:

  • It has a solid wooden handle that is smooth and easy to hold.
  • The forged steel metal head is excellent for hammering nails and other woodworking tasks.
  • Its split end is perfect for extracting misplaced, bent, or broken nails.

Where to buy: On Personalized Gifts Shop, about £11.95

23. Travel Tumblers

Travel Tumblers For Wedding Gift Ideas For Coworker
Travel Tumblers For Wedding Gift For Colleague Male

Gifting two tumblers to a colleague for daily use is one of the wedding gifts for employees. These white or black items with a magnetic cover will avoid any evaporation situation that could hurt them.

What we love: The double-walled, vacuum-insulated design, made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, keeps your coffee hot for up to six hours or your soda pop cold for a whole day.

Where to buy: Home Wet Bar, about $29.95

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24. Photo Magnets

The Photo Magnets - Wedding Gift For Coworker
Wedding Gift for Colleague – The Photo Magnets

Capturing all your happy moments with your coworker is a great way to build your relationship. So, have you considered keeping these photos as a keepsake of all their memories? All you need to do is choose their favorite photos and turn them into magnets to decorate the fridge.

What we love: Picture magnets are very adjustable and may be customized with images of the couple, their family, friends, and pets.

Where to buy: on Etsy, about $8,84

25. Customized Desk Calendars

Desk calendars as wedding gift ideas for coworker
Customized Desk Calendars – gift for colleague marriage

Gifting a desk calendar is a terrific way to keep track of important dates, whether in the office or at home. It will also show off the most treasured memories they will never forget. Turn their favorite photos into a lovely desk calendar as a gift for a colleague’s marriage, which they will cherish forever.

What we love:

  • Personalize desks, shelves, or any flat surface with photo desk calendars for a distinctive touch.
  • They are available in two compact sizes and have a built-in stand that makes them easy to show off.

Where to buy: You might buy on Vistaprint for about $10.00

26. Rustic Window Flowers Canvas Print

Rustic Flowers Canvas Print - Wedding Gifts For Coworker
Cotton Flowers Canvas Print

Finding the perfect wedding gifts for colleagues to show your support for their love can be tricky. That’s why this canvas is a wonderful option for your coworker to cherish as their priceless memory. You can customize it with their favorite photos and some romantic wedding quotes to make it more special.

What we love: Customizable with the couple’s names or wedding dates, making it a unique and meaningful present.

Where to buy: at Ohcanvas, about $39,95

27. Personalized Floral Wine Glass

Wedding Gift for Colleague - Floral Flutes
Personalized Floral Wine Glass

Champagne glasses are the perfect addition to any wedding celebration. So you take this moment to the next level with the new wine glasses detailed with vintage gold flowers and personalized, making them the perfect wedding gift for a coworker.

What we love:

  • Crafted from pure crystal.
  • Features an engraved birth flower corresponding to your birth month on one side.
  • It can be personalized by adding a short message of up to 50 characters in a modern font on the other side.

Where to buy: CherishUs store on Esty, about $38.89

28. Foam Seat Cushion

Wedding Gift for Colleague - Foam Seat Cushion
Foam Seat Cushion

If your company’s chairs are not always the most comfortable, this will cause many problems with their back. So now replace them with new ones as a perfect gift, showing work colleagues how much you care about their life. Afterward, thanks to your engagement gift, they’ll have better posture while working.

What we love:

  • Orthopedic design provides relief from lower back strain, offering both comfort and support while seated.
  • Traditional gel foam assists in weight distribution and posture enhancement.
  • Featuring a U-shaped aperture, it relieves pressure on the tailbone.

Where to buy: at the Linenspa Store on Amazon, about $19.99

29. A Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a wedding gift for a colleague
A Fitness Tracker Gift To Your Colleague

Fitness-related items are always the perfect gift for someone who cares about their health. So if your coworker is a fitness enthusiast, this modern watch is an excellent choice to keep their health better every day, along with their smartphone.

What we love: It helps you make the best decisions for your body, mind, and health by showing you how your activity, sleep, and stress are related.

Where to buy: at the Fitbit Store on Amazon for about $99.95

30. Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gift Basket - Wedding Gift Ideas For Coworker
Coffee Gift Basket – Wedding Gift Ideas For Coworker

Nothing says congratulations like a beautiful set of coffee basket as a wedding gift for colleague. This gift will keep them caffeinated and happy for a week without leaving their home. They will appreciate your thoughtful gesture and enjoy their coffee break.

What we love: This set includes a Starbucks-roasted, premium ground coffee mug, an easel-ready canvas desk print, a plush Small Coffee ornament, and other items.

Where to buy: DellaCartaDecor store on Etsy, about $36,40

31. Throw Blanket

Blanket is one of wedding gifts for coworker
Blanket is one of wedding gifts for coworker

Offering a white blanket is one of the popular choices for any newlywed. With a cozy blanket for cuddling, these best wedding gifts for coworkers will put a good mood on their first wedding date night. It’s too sweet!

What we love: They are made of 100% polyester, giving them a soft feel that will give your room more depth.

Where to buy: Modesto Furniture Store, about $192.00

32. Relaxing Candle

Relaxing Candle - Wedding Gifts For Coworker
Relaxing Candle – Wedding Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Thanks to these scented candles as marriage gift ideas for friends, your colleague will appreciate the chance to relax and re-energize after a hard day at work. Moreover, put your wishes on the candle’s label to show your affection and support.

What we love:

  • Hand-poured 7.2 oz Standard Candles presented in amber jars reminiscent of an apothecary style.
  • Features a distinctive kraft label and a brass lid, adding a signature touch to the popular-sized candle.
  • Versatile for use on dressers, countertops, nightstands, and various other spaces.

Where to buy: on Boheme Collective, about $32.99

33. Non-Stick Waffle Maker

Non-Stick Waffle Maker is a Wedding Gift For Coworker
Non-Stick Waffle Maker is an Inexpensive Wedding Gift For Coworker

With this small waffle maker, married life becomes easier for newlyweds. It has a flip handle to guarantee that the nooks and crannies are cooked thanks to these modern functions. So what could be a more thoughtful present for your coworker than this high-quality cookware?

What we love:

  • It has a cooking surface that is reinforced and filled with diamond particles. These particles form a structural matrix, which makes the coating stronger and better at not sticking over time.
  • It’s Oster’s most durable nonstick pan so far.

Where to buy: at Oster Store on Amazon, about $37.99

34. PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

UV Sanitizer - Wedding Gift For Colleague
UV Sanitizer Gift

The wedding gifts for coworker is endless with high-tech items. So sanitizer uses UV technology to disinfect the most used home items is a fantastic idea. Moreover, this box can charge phones, television remotes, and gaming controllers thanks to the two built-in ports.

What we love: Equipped with Qi wireless charging technology inside, this compact case conveniently fits into purses, backpacks, or briefcases.

Where to buy: From PHONESOAP, about $100

35. Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charger For Wedding Gifts For Coworker
Wireless Phone Charger

If you have a colleague who is always working from home, you might want to surprise them with a practical and lower-priced gift like this wireless phone charger. This device will ensure that their phone never runs out of battery while they are busy with their online tasks and meetings. No more tangled cords or messy desks—just a sleek and convenient charger that will keep them connected and productive. This wireless phone charger is a great wedding gift for a colleague who values efficiency and convenience.

What we love:

  • Charging station compatible with Qi-enabled devices, including iPhones, for seamless charging.
  • The ideal angles keep your watch, phone, and AirPods in place securely, and the basement is the perfect place to hide your charging wires.

Where to buy: on eBay for about $32.00

36. Modern Coffee Maker

Modern coffee maker is a wedding gift for a coworker
Modern coffee maker is a wedding gift for a coworker

No matter their day, your coworker always needs a hot cup of drinks to help them focus on their work. So go beyond those items above; an expensive coffee maker will surely surprise them when they receive your small wedding gift for coworker. Besides, it is also considered a housewarming gift that most people like.

What we love: This product has a feature that turns off the coffee maker 90 seconds after you’ve made your last cup. This saves energy.

Where to buy: from Keurig Store on Amazon, about $88.49

37. Conversation Game

Conversation Game For Small Wedding Gifts For Coworker
Conversation Game

These cards are more than just fun and creative; they are also meaningful and valuable wedding gifts for coworker male. Communication is the key to a happy marriage, and these cards will inspire them to share their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. This gift is ideal for a romantic date night or a cozy evening at home.

What we love:

  • 100 question cards crafted from 300gsm card stock, ensuring high-quality printing and longevity.
  • Packaged in a unique tuck box with shrink wrap for secure storage.

Where to buy: from OUR MOMENTS Store on Amazon, about $2.93

FAQs about Wedding Gifts for Coworkers

How much to spend on wedding gift for coworker?

A typical range might be between $50 to $100, but this can vary based on personal discretion. Determining the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift for a coworker largely depends on your budget, relationship with the coworker, and regional customs. A general guideline is to consider spending an amount within your means that shows your appreciation for the coworker and their special day.

How much should I spend on a coworker wedding gift not invited?

When buying a wedding gift for a coworker not invited to the wedding, there’s no set amount or obligation to spend. You might consider a thoughtful gift within a budget you’re comfortable with, typically ranging from $20 to $50. Personalized gifts, a contribution to a group office gift, or a small token of congratulations can be appropriate and considerate gestures in this situation.

Should a company give a wedding gift to employees?

While there’s no universal requirement, many companies choose to acknowledge significant life events like weddings to show appreciation and support for their employees. These gifts can foster a positive work environment, reinforce employee morale, and demonstrate the company’s commitment to its workforce. However, the value of wedding gifts from company should be fair and align with company policies to prevent feelings of bias or unfairness among employees.

Wedding gifts from company
Wedding gifts from company for employees

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This Viva Wedding Photography list will help you find the most appropriate wedding gifts for coworker. Additionally, these items will be sure to nail the success of their big day and make them feel loved and valued. No matter what you have to give them, they will be grateful in the same way as you put the thought into your thoughtful gift.

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