37 Most Suitable Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage in 2024

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Second time’s the charm! When love finds you twice, it deserves a double celebration. Whether you are the lucky couple or a happy guest, you may be curious about the best wedding gifts for second marriage and the gift etiquette to avoid any awkwardness.

Viva Wedding Photography has got your back with a list of gift ideas that will cater to any preference, budget, and occasion. From personal touches to useful gadgets, these gifts will help the couple affirm their devotion to each other for the rest of their lives. Check out these ideas below to get inspired!

Wedding Gifts for Second Marriages Etiquette: What to Avoid

You want to get a wedding gift for a second marriage, but you’re not sure what to give. There are some pieces of advice about it. First rule of thumb: avoid re-gifting that “oh-so-perfect” gift from their first wedding. It doesn’t matter how their previous relationship ended. This present should honor their fresh start and spark joy for their new journey.

Wedding gifts for second marriages etiquette
Wedding gifts for second marriages etiquette

These lovebirds probably have a home full of all the usual wedding registry items. So, how do you find gifts for the couple who has everything? Think beyond the ordinary—opt for presents that echo their unique bond. It would be best to consider personalized surprises, like custom wall art or experiences that suit their shared passions.

One last tip: although it’s not as popular for second marriages, you should nonetheless inquire as to whether or not the couple created a registry. Some couples post their wishlists, allowing you to see what they want. After all, every pair is a unique world with their own tastes and whims!

Thoughtful and Inexpensive Wedding Gift for Second Marriage

Finding the perfect wedding gifts for 2nd marriage doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet. With a budget of $50 or less, there are plenty of creative and meaningful gift ideas tailored for the happy couple. Here are some of the best ones that you can consider.

1. Personalized Doormat

Personalized Doormat For Second Wedding Gift Ideas
Personalized Doormat For Second Wedding Gift Ideas

If you’re searching for unique wedding gifts for second marriage, consider this doormat as the first thing to greet the guests. This entrance mat is 30″ by 18″ and roughly 3/4″ thick. This one is ideal if you want to replace your front or entry door with one. Having this doormat will remind them that their house is truly a home for them. Customize the name or wedding date to complete the unique look.

What we love:

  • Crafted from sturdy natural coconut fiber, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • All text and artwork are directly printed onto the mat, eliminating the use of removable decals for a permanent design.

Reference Price: 44.99$ On Amazon

2. Couple Bracelet

The Couple Bracelet Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage
The Couple Bracelet

Everyone has the chance to have another go at life and love! Giving them one of these unique bracelets for a second marriage is an excellent way to celebrate their delight in becoming a new family. A variety of personalization options are available for the bar, including the couple’s name, wedding date, and GPS coordinates. It’s available in four different hues to match any outfit.

What we love:

  • Featuring timeless style and long-lasting construction, it is suitable for any sex.
  • Handcrafted to order, each piece carries personal significance.

Reference Price: 22.20$ On Amazon

3. Photo Coasters

Photo Coasters Second Wedding Gift Ideas
Photo Coasters – Inexpensive Wedding Gift for Second Marriage

Wedding gifts for 2nd marriages should be thoughtful to show your appreciation. So if you want to give them a gift to serve as a keepsake in their home, these unique coasters are the way to go.

Offer them a set of four glossy coasters with custom lettering so they can flaunt their fantastic Instagram images or digital photos. If you want to give someone a truly unique present, have them write their message on coasters. Each coaster will look great on your coffee or kitchen table, thanks to the custom engraving and modern color palette.

What we love: Printed directly onto the high gloss surface, it’s heat-resistant, completely waterproof, and ensures long-lasting preservation of your photos for generations.

Reference Price: 20.78$ On Etsy

4. God Blessed Canvas

Personalized Canvas For Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage
Personalized Canvas

Show your second married couple how much you care with this beautiful canvas print by giving this work of art as a wedding gift for couples. This personalized wall art features your photo shown behind the texture of an old window, giving the impression of more space and romance in any room.

What we love: You can customize it with a thoughtful message and the couple’s wedding date to complete this stunning look.

Reference Price: 39.95$ On Ohcanvas

5. Silicone Bread Maker

Silicone Bread Maker Wedding Gifts for 2nd Marriage
Silicone Bread Maker

This silicone bread machine is ideal for a couple who enjoys baking daily. Fresh-baked bread has a beautiful aroma that makes the cooking process more accessible. So they can get a perfect loaf thanks to your wedding gifts for 2nd marriage.

What we love:

  • Bake multiple bread types in one pan thanks to its adaptable construction.
  • A partially closed design enables steam circulation, keeping dough moist and preventing dryness.
  • Crispy and golden-baked bread.

Reference Price: 28.00$ On Lekue

6. Custom Wine Box

Custom Wine Box As Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage
Custom Wine Box

If the couple is a wine lover, these wine boxes are the perfect gift ideas for second marriage. Add their name and pair it with their favorite bottles of wine to celebrate their day and share their delight with a glass of wine. Because it was made just for the couple, this item will be treasured for years to come.

What we love:

  • Constructed from robust hardwood.
  • Functions as both a decorative piece and storage for the couple’s favorite wine bottle.

Reference Price: 28.50$ On Etsy

7. Customized Lyrics Canvas

Customized Lyrics Beach Canvas - Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage
Customized Lyrics Beach Canvas

What could be a more thoughtful second wedding gift ideas than this personalized art? The remarkable thing is that you can customize their name and wedding date to add a personal touch. It will become one of the beautiful keepsakes they will cherish for a long time in their home.

What we love: Customizable with four images of the couple and a meaningful song that holds special significance.

Reference Price: 41.95$ On Oh Canvas

8. Personalized Candle

Personalized Candle Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage
Personalized Candle for Unique Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage

Go beyond the classic ideas to give the couple a set of candles that will be the perfect wedding gift ideas for second marriage! It will brighten their days and make their house seem more welcoming.

What we love:

  • 2-ounce high-quality white candle tins.
  • Fully customizable with names, wedding dates, or personalized messages.

Reference Price: 26.26$ On Etsy (a set with 12 pieces)

9. Personalized Passport Holder & Luggage Tag

Personalized Passport Holder Set For Wedding Gifts For 2nd Marriage
Personalized Passport Holder Set – Wedding Gifts For 2nd Marriage

What better way to celebrate a second marriage than with a gift that will take them on an adventure? Give them a set of passport holders and luggage tags for their honeymoon, and let them explore the world together. These items are not only practical and valuable but also personalized with their names. This will make them feel special and connected and also help them identify their belongings easily.

What we love:

  • Made of 100% leather-like PU with a Saffiano fine texture.
  • Features 5 separate pockets: one for a passport, three for credit/ID cards, and another for paper money.
  • You can choose from various font colors, and the background can be white, pink, or black.

Reference Price: 24.94$ On Etsy

10. Bicycle Bookends

Bicycle Bookends For Second Wedding Gift Ideas
Bicycle Bookends For Second Wedding Gift Ideas

The couples you know will appreciate this unusual home decor piece if they love reading books. What could be a more thoughtful present for them than a unique bookend? They will look fantastic arranged around beloved books in the workplace or even used to hold cookbooks in the kitchen.

What we love:

  • Bicycle bookends are crafted from hand-welded iron components that are powder-coated and affixed to solid bases to give a vintage appearance.
  • An analog clock is embedded in the front wheel, making it a distinctive and enjoyable gift for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Reference Price: 43.99$ On Walmart

11. Bathrobes

Bathrobe As Wedding Gifts for 2nd Marriage
Bathrobe As Wedding Gifts for 2nd Marriage

Elegant and luxurious are words to describe this modern bathrobe for the couple. They are not only fashionable, but they are also soft and warm for them to wear and go to sleep as well. Personalize them with the newlyweds’ names or initials to make unique wedding gifts for second marriage.

What we love:

  • Crafted from 100% Turkish terry cotton.
  • Features a belt loop and a spacious pocket for convenience.
  • The font style and color of the embroidered initials/name are both available to select.

Reference Price: 47.95$ On Etsy

12. Plant Subscription Boxes

Plant Subscription Boxes - Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage
Unique Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage – Plant Subscription Boxes

Looking for second wedding gift ideas for a couple who already have everything? So we highly recommend a plant subscription box as an ideal gift whether they are in their second marriage. They are perfect for inexperienced gardeners or people with bad green thumbs.

What we love:

  • Receive a new leafy companion every month, along with care instructions.
  • Multiple choices are available for both plant size and type to suit many preferences.

Reference Price: 15.99$ On The House Plant Box (for a small plant box)

13. Wine Carafe

Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage - Wine Carafe
Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage – Wine Carafe

This wine decanter is one of our favorite wedding gifts for second marriage that will make the couple fall in love. It will be a well-loved piece of crystal glassware item when not in use or a perfect thing for serving juice or lemonade. Thus, these wine carafes are a great way to bring people closer to their first dinner.

What we love:

  • Crafted with mouth-blown glass and an oval oak stopper, ensuring user-friendly handling and minimizing spills.
  • Lead-free, dishwasher-safe, fade-resistant, and fog-free for long-lasting use.

Reference Price: 49.99$ On Amazon

14. Wooden Wall Clock

Wall Clock as Gifts for Second Marriage
Wooden Wall Clock

Bringing together two families is much more complicated if they both get married for the second time. A timepiece item is a great way to express their love and care for their loved one. With this rustic handmade clock, they may be proud of what they have done for their married life.

What we love:

  • Feature a high-quality quartz sweep movement for precise, quiet timekeeping.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, they sport a novel, country-style, rustic number design.
  • Frameless design without a glass front, adding to its distinctive appearance.

Reference Price: 36.98$ On Walmart

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Second Marriages Older Couple

When you are looking for a gift for a couple who are tying the knot in their 40s, 50s or older, you need to think differently than for younger couples. They have their homes fully stocked with all the pots and pans they could ever use. That’s why the following personalized gifts and experiences are a perfect choice for them.

15. Monogram Whiskey Decanter Tray With Glasses

Decanter Tray With Glasses - Second Wedding Gift Ideas
Monogram Whiskey Decanter Tray With Glasses

Looking for something special for the couple to enjoy a good drink? Then get them this monogrammed decanter set because of its elegance and timelessness. A touch of flair will be added to any home bar thanks to its sleek and modern design!

What we love:

  • Glasses are customized with the recipient’s initials and name.
  • Conveniently presented on a portable tray for easy serving.
  • An attractive decoration for office or home space when not utilized for serving beverages.

Reference Price: 169.95$ On Amazon

16. Custom Canvas Star Map

Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage - Canvas Star Map
Custom Canvas Star Map

Customized star map canvas will make couples cherish it for a lifetime because it will recall all their happy memories together. So these unique wedding gifts for second marriage are magical to make their home or office look fantastic with this piece.

What we love: You can enhance its uniqueness by adding thoughtful sentences, making this personalized creation an even more exceptional and heartfelt memento.

Reference Price: 35.95$ On Ohcanvas

17. Custom Pillow

Custom Pillow For Gift Ideas for Second Marriage
Custom pillow for personalized wedding gifts for second marriages

If you’re looking for second wedding gift ideas, this couple pillow is an excellent way. Personalize them with images of the couple, their names, and the year of their marriage to add a touch of grace to any space in their house!

What we love:

  • Crafted from top-quality blended polyester fabrics, this item ensures durability and longevity.
  • Featuring a robust double-stitched zipper.

Reference Price: 17.99$ On Etsy

18. Wedding Keepsake Library

Wedding Keepsake Library - Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage
Wedding Keepsake Library

Do you have any gift planning for a bride-to-be in her second marriage? Then you’ve come to the right place because these library boxes are the perfect keepsake to create safe places for all their wedding souvenirs. With that in mind, they will cherish them as precious items to pass out next generation. So, customize it with their name or wedding date to make personalized wedding gifts for second marriages.

What we love: Vertical files, drawers, and over 50 labels ensure well-organized storage for essential items from the cake topper to the marriage vows.

Reference Price: 104.95$ On Savor

19. Custom Wood Cutting Board

Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage - Custom Wood Cutting Board
Custom Wood Cutting Board

If you’re looking for wedding gifts for 2nd marriage, a customized cutting board is a must-have. Made of maple or walnut wood, it will be long-lasting for a long time. Engrave their initials and wedding date to complete their unique look. What a wonderful present for both older and younger couples.

What we love:

  • Mineral oil finishes on cutting boards are entirely safe for use with food.
  • Multipurpose: The artwork will be laser-engraved on one side, while cutting on the other side is recommended.

Reference Price: 51.48$ On Etsy

20. Custom Engraved Champagne Flutes

Gifts for Second Marriage - Custom Engraved Champagne Flutes
Custom Engraved Champagne Flutes

Engraved champagne flutes are among the most beautiful second wedding gift ideas when celebrating a mature marriage. A pair of customized glasses with their names on them will add a special touch to them for special events in the future. With its beautiful engraving, this keepsake will last a lifetime and constantly remind them of their wedding day.

What we love:

  • They are a substantial 21cl in size while retaining a traditional design.
  • Dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

Reference Price: 12.08$ On Etsy

21. Museum Membership

Museum Trip as Wedding Gifts for 2nd Marriage
Museum Trip

When it comes to a second marriage, it might be challenging to get close to family members. So giving them a ticket to a museum of art as a wedding gift for 2nd marriage will be a good choice for connecting families with children.

22. Hotels and Resorts Gift Card

Gift Card is one of the wedding gifts for older couples
Hotels and Resorts Gift Card

Using gift cards to give as an extra wedding gift for second marriage is a beautiful idea. That’s why it is the chance to let them spend all their honeymoon costs without overthinking. Thus, it is time to celebrate their love in all its splendor!

23. House Cleaning Service

In the case of a busy couple, hiring a home cleaning service is the ideal solution. It can remove the stress from their lives, whether they are a mixed family or do not have children. A service provided by professionals for a month or longer will allow them enough time to settle in, thanks to your wedding gifts for 2nd marriage.

24. New Skill Classes

New Skill Classes - Wedding Gifts For 2nd Marriage
New Skill Classes

A chance to learn a new skill is always a great choice if you are looking for wedding gift ideas for second marriage. Cooking or making wine classes will be perfect for couples who want to get close to family members. So consider their preferences and send them a ticket to their favorite style.

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Practical Wedding Gifts for Second Marriages Young Couples

25. Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Sous Vide Precision Cooker For Gifts for Second Marriage
Sous Vide Precision Cooker For Second Wedding Gift Ideas

With a multifunction cooker, you can elevate the newlyweds’ passion to a new level. This high-tech kitchen gadget is what you’ve been looking for in a fantastic, cutting-edge wedding gift for a second-married couple.

This well-liked sou vide simplifies food preparation. It can carefully and evenly cook various foods, from meats and fish to vegetables, soups, and desserts. Since it has Bluetooth connectivity, you can start, pause, and check on your food using the Anova Culinary app on your smartphone.

What we love:

  • Easy to use: Attach the cooker to a pot, add water, place in ingredients, and switch it on—no complex setup.
  • Remote control via Bluetooth.

Reference Price: 128.19$ On Amazon

26. Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Gift basket ideas for second marriages
Gift basket ideas for second marriages

If you are looking for wedding gift ideas for second marriage, you might want to consider something that is not too extravagant or traditional, but still thoughtful and meaningful. Treat them to a nut and dried fruit gift basket that is healthy and tasty. This gift basket has a variety of nuts and dried fruits, such as almonds, pistachios, apricots, cranberries, and more. It meets their practical needs and shows your support for their healthy lifestyle.

What we love:

  • Beautifully arranged in an elegant gift box.
  • Variety of flavors: from savory and protein-rich roasted nuts to juicy and luscious dried fruits.

Reference Price: 29.99$ On Amazon

27. Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Marriage - Serving Board
Bamboo Lotus Serving Board

You are searching for wedding gifts for second marriage that will enhance their dining experience and impress their guests? Why not get them a bamboo cutting board in the shape of a lotus flower? This exquisite piece of art is crafted from natural bamboo and fine carpentry, giving it a graceful and elegant look. It is the perfect gift for the couple who loves to entertain and host fabulous parties.

What we love: Specifically crafted to accommodate an assortment of items, including cheese, crackers, veggie sticks, and a dish of hummus or dip, offering convenience for serving various appetizers.

Reference Price: 52.75$ On Uncommon Goods

28. Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker For Gift Ideas for Second Marriage
The Coffee Maker

Having a new cup of coffee is a great way to start a new day. So it’s an ideal choice to spend quality time together as married couples. Consider your budget when offering this suitable machine for wedding gifts for 2nd marriage.

What we love:

  • The automated on/off mechanism and intuitive lift/brew design make this a hassle-free appliance.
  • This model’s 40-ounce water reservoir makes it easy to create a four-cup carafe in just a few minutes.

Reference Price: 129.99$ On Walmart

29. Rooted in Love Swing Sculpture

Copper Sculpture Status as Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage
Copper Sculpture Status

This copper abstract sculpture is a standout decorative item that will impress the couple. It was created to honor love with firm roots that can soar to tremendous heights. It’s a lovely reminder of the importance of appreciating your time in each other’s presence.

What we love: Each item has a unique patina and swing because the manufacturer sculpts it by hand.

Reference Price: 131.88$ On Uncommon Goods

30. Automatic Yogurt And Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker - Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage
Ice Cream Maker – Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage

Giving the ice cream makers as wedding gifts will help to bring the family closer together without going out. It allows children to make and share their flavors. So, add this item to your list if you want the couple to get closer to the kids.

What we love: All you have to do is push a button to set the time, throw in your ingredients, and in about 45 minutes, you’ll have a frozen dessert.

Reference Price: 99.00$ On Pamperedchef

31. Swan Bowl Crystal

Gift Ideas for Second Marriage - Swan Bowl Crystal
Gift Ideas for Second Marriage – Swan Bowl Crystal

Swans are impressive creatures of love because of their beautiful look in any item. When it comes to unique wedding gifts for second marriage young couple, get them a pair of swan items to wish for a lifelong relationship.

What we love:

  • Made of 24% lead oxide crystal, it is perfect for holding drinks or serving as a lovely decorative piece in your house.
  • This cutting-edge style will astound you with its sharp definition and flattering form.

Reference Price: 87.50$ On Etsy

32. Stemware

Stemware Gifts For Wedding Gifts for Second Marriage
Stemware Gifts

Stemwares in various styles and colors will make excellent wedding gift ideas for second marriage. Whether they love to drink wine or whiskey, there is a great set for them to add to their collection.

This set has a strikingly tall and slim profile that is immediately noticeable. Each glass is as lovely as the others in this set. These high-end wine glasses will be the center of attention at your dinner party because of their eye-catching design and vivid hues.

What we love: The finest Italian-style glass is used to craft this hand-blown, lead-free crystal Bordeaux wine glasses.

Reference Price: $ On Amazon

33. Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Hockey Stick BBQ as Wedding Gifts for 2nd Marriage
Hockey Stick BBQ Set

When it comes to having a second marriage, if they are big hockey fans, they will be glad to receive this BBQ set. They are made of repurposed hockey sticks, sure to make them “wow.” Pair this grill set with spicy sauce to create unique ideas for wedding gifts for second marriage.

What we love: Created from eco-friendly recycled hockey sticks and high-quality stainless steel.

Reference Price: 50.69$ On Etsy

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34. Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Second Wedding Gift Ideas
Pressure Cooker Gifts For Second Marriage

This practical and sleek gadget is a must-have second wedding gift idea to make their cooking more accessible. It is an ideal way to save their time and effort and wants still to prepare a perfect meal for their loved one.

What we love:

  • Cook meals faster than traditional methods.
  • Offers multiple cooking functions, providing versatility in meal preparation.

Reference Price: 66.44$ On Amazon

35. Picnic Table Wine Carrier

Picnic Table Wine Carrier - Wedding Gifts For Second Marriage
Picnic Table Wine Carrier – Wedding Gifts For 2nd Marriage

This unique item is ideal for a romantic trip on a couple’s honeymoon. It has a big hole for a wine bottle and six smaller openings for wine glasses. A glass of wine and treats will be on this tiny table as they spend the afternoon together. This stunning serving table is capable of everything and more!

What we love:

  • Hand-polished to an exceptionally high standard, it offers a silky touch.
  • Gift-ready packaging.

Reference Price: 78.12$ On Etsy

36. Camping Gear

Camping accessories gear - second wedding gift ideas
Camping accessories gear – second wedding gift ideas

The whole family will appreciate receiving this proper kit as an inexpensive wedding gift for second marriage. Whether they are going camping or not, these items would be practical savers in any emergency case.

What we love:

  • Each utensil has a pouch to prevent smearing, scratching, and damage during storage or travel.
  • The gear is ideal for concerts, sports, hiking, boat cruises, climbs, and BBQs.

Reference Price: 36.99$ On Amazon

Frequency Questions Related to Gifts for Second Marriage

How to give a monetary gift for second marriage?

Some couples may prefer cash over physical gifts. Follow these tips to give an appropriate monetary gift for a second marriage without offending the couple or breaking the etiquette rules.

  • Find out if the couple has a preference for monetary gifts. Some couples may request a contribution to a charity or a special cause instead of gifts.
  • Choose an appropriate amount of money to give. There is no set rule for how much money you should give as a wedding gift, but you can consider factors such as your relationship with the couple, your budget, and the cost of attending the wedding. The average cash gift from a friend is about $79, according to CBS News. Family members usually spend almost double that.
  • Give the money in a creative way. If you want to make your cash gift more personal and memorable, you can present it in a creative way. For example, you can fold the bills into origami shapes, put them in a puzzle box, or hide them in a book. You can also buy a pre-paid gift card instead of cash and tuck it into a pretty wedding card.
  • Include a heartfelt note or card. Any gift should be accompanied by sincere wishes. Tell the couple how you feel and how you cheer for them and their future.
Monetary gift for second marriage
Monetary gift for second marriage

How to handle “No Gifts, Please” at a second marriage wedding?

When the couple says “no gifts, please” for their second wedding, the best thing to do is to honor their wish and show up empty-handed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t express your love and joy for them in other ways. You can send them a card or offer to lend a hand with some wedding chores. You can also check with them if they would appreciate a small or meaningful gift, such as a photo frame, a personalized item, or a homemade treat.

Another possible way is to make a donation to a charity of your choice or of the couple’s preference in their name. This way, you can honor their request while also supporting a good cause. You can let them know about your generous gesture by sending them the certificate.

Second marriage no gifts please
Second marriage no gifts please

If you are the one hosting and you want a second marriage “no gifts, please” celebration, you can phrase it politely on your invitations by using one of these examples:

  • No gifts, please. Instead, we would love it if you could make a donation to your favorite charity.
  • We kindly ask for no gifts. Instead, please consider making a donation to [charity chosen by the couple].
  • We are overjoyed to have you as our guests, not gifters. Please, no gifts.
  • Your presence is all we need, no gifts please.

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Finding the wedding gifts for second marriage may seem daunting, but they don’t have to be. Beyond tangible items, surprising the couple with activities tailored to their preferences can be a memorable gesture. The offerings showcased in this guide aim to inspire and assist you in finding that perfect gift, honoring the couple’s unique union in a meaningful and thoughtful way. We hope that the collection from Viva Wedding Photography has sparked your imagination and made your choice effortless.

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